Open Discussion – July 16, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 16, 2012

While the event may be behind us, we still have plenty of Comic-Con news, interviews and videos to come – we hope you enjoyed our coverage this year, gang!

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 16, 2012

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  1. With TDKR said to be based on A Tale of Two Cities, I wonder if that’s going to make Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character the Sydney Carton of the film. Guess we’ll soon see….

    • Sydney character comes off to me as Bruce Wayne IMO Especially since Bruce has been a self imposed exile and not in the best of moods.

      • While I don’t disagree, I cannot see WB allowing Nolan to let Bruce Wayne suffer the same fate as Sydney. An original character, on the other hand, maybe one who’s also in love with Miranda Tate could serve that purpose and allow Batman to reclaim the role of guardian.

        • Possibly. Maybe one we havent seen. As of right now Bruce Wayne fits that role the most IMO.

          JGL seems to be a lot more positive. Like a young idealistic reflection of James Gordon.

          • I’ve been trying to avoid as many of the featurettes as possible, unless they’ve been trailers shown in theaters, so I’ll take your word for it about JGL. One particular scene in the trailer caught my attention and reminded me of a scene from the 1935 film of AToTC.

    • My guess has been the connection to A Tale of Two Cities
      will be more metaphorical than literal with no character being
      a Sydney Carton but broad strokes of the plight of the powerless
      versus the power elite is where the film will draw its main similarities.

      • That does sound more plausible and more in-line with the groundwork laid by the first two films, specifically Batman Begins. I’m glad you recommended the movie. I enjoyed it.

        • I’m glad you liked the film, Jason, and thanks for letting me know.
          I was hoping you would like it and I was curious if you saw it yet.
          You already know its one of my faves and I’ll be watching it again.

          • Definitely enjoyed it. There’s something magical about the classic films. Sadly, I don’t think Hollywood could tell the tale the way it did then.

            • Magical, yes that’s the word is it not. Once upon a time.
              No, sadly they don’t and can’t make them like that anymore.

              With A Tale Of Two Cities I found I liked it more the more I
              watched it and that rarely of ever happens with films today.

              And there is the great star of the golden era Ronald Colman
              who made Sydney Carlton real and hauntingly unforgettable.

  2. My excitement level for Phase 2:
    Before SDCC- Thor 2, IM3, Cap 2, GOTG, Ant-Man
    After SDCC- Cap 2, Thor 2, Ant-Man, IM3, GOTG

    Seriously stoked for Winter Soldier. Glad they are hitting that up with the second movie! Also the Ant-Man footage sounds awesome.

    • It’s tough for me…
      IM3 had some awesome stuff (like the Mandarin reveal and the character development and relationship progressions that RDJ talked about), but it also had a few farts (like the new armor and the description of the footage where the suit flies at Tony with little rockets and hits him).
      Thor 2 is kinda the same… the new title doesn’t reveal any spoilers (certainly not like Cap’s), but at least we got a bit of confirmation that he’ll be going to other worlds… like the erm, dark world.
      Cap’s new title has pushed up my interest, but the choice of director(s) still has me worried.
      I’m much more hyped for GotG now. The concept art looks amazing and the title/logo alone just gave me a geekgasm ;)
      As for Ant-Man. Disappointed that they didn’t really give new details on the characters or a release date but you’re right, that footage sounds awesome.

      • I also can’t believe not a SINGLE person actually confronted Wright and asked him point blank if Ant-Man was going to feature Hank Pym or Scott Lang!
        Such a simple and straight forward question for anyone who knows the character.

        • Questions I would have asked Wright:
          “Will the movie be about Hank Pym, Scott Lang, or Pym in the past and Lang in the present?”
          “Any idea on when you’ll start filming?”
          Questions I would have asked RDJ:
          “How do you deal with being so awesome?”
          Questions I would have asked Feige:
          “Da hell man?! Where’s Black Panther?!!!”
          “Will Joss Whedon be returning for Avengers 2? – and if not, da hell man?!!”

    • What I would like to see more than Marvel getting the rights back is that it’s the same universe between companies. If Marvel gets the rights back, it’ll be 5 years (if not more) before we get a DD movie. They might recast Scarjo by then.

      • @ Kyle

        If possible at all one day, id like to see Marvel/Disney get the rights to X-Men & Spider-Man franchises. Guy can dream right?

        • I don’t think the X-Men will ever happen. They churn out so many movies and they are going to start spinning off more and more characters.

          Spidey I could see. But it’ll be years down the road. Since they have to make a movie within five years, there will come a time where they just can’t reboot it anymore and five years will pass.

  3. My personal highlights of Comic-Con.

    -MoS Trailer & Poster – I believe in Superman.
    -Thomas Jane returns as Punisher in short film. Didnt See but hopefully he will star as the character again.
    -Awesome Halo live action trailer. Search Forward onto Dawn.
    -Child Make-a-wish inspires Del Toro to finish Hellboy trilogy
    -RDJ entrance into IM3. It was that good lol.
    -Godzilla Teaser poster.
    -Details on del Toro’s Monster vs Giant Robots ‘Pacific Rim’
    -1930 Japenese Batman anime. Sounds weird but the footage is cool.

    Were there Any other highlights that intrested my fellow ranters? Anythinf i need to check out?

    • From what I heard the clips shown for The Hobbit was pretty amazing soo that is getting me pretty pumped

    • Surprised it wasn’t AC/DC playing when he came in instead of that terrible music they had playing.

    • I’ve never played the game but watched the link and thought it looked great.

  4. Anyone know if they will begin shooting Season 6 of True Blood before Anna Paquin gives birth? Outta curiousity, does mostly everyone hate Superman wearing the yellow belt & read briefs as part of his costume no matter how modern it could be designed & made onto film? Im just curious, not wanting to start somthing personal conversations here.

    • Wearing a costume of any kind is ridiculous, so if you gonna do it why not stay true to form.

  5. Anyone who was at Comic-Con, is there any news on a possible continuation of Firefly/sequel to Serenity. In the article on the Firefly panel, and in the YouTube video of the event, I did not see any direct question made. One would think that, with Whedon’s clout and money, and the increase in the fanbase over the years, at least a sequel to Serentiy would be on the table…

  6. I watched the IM3 and MoS panels (‘geektyrant’ posted the full panels – movie footage excluded – on youtube it you guys want to check it out).
    I have to say, I enjoyed IM3′s panel a lot more. All the announcements, RDJ’s entrance, the footage descriptions, the joking between the cast and director (loved the bit about how long it takes to get out of an IM suit).
    The MoS panel on the other hand didn’t really reveal anything new (besides the disappointing news that Williams’ score won’t feature).
    Zack Snyder also had a hard time… [gestures with hands and makes weird noises]… talking… and um, getting words… to ye know, come out of uuuum… his mouth ;) – he’s not usually like that in interviews.

    On another note, what’s up with the Cap 2 title!! Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Is it just me, or does that kinda imply that the Winter Soldier will become Cap? – personally, I’ve grown quite fond of Evans’ take on Steve Rogers and I think there’s more that can be done with that character.
    If I had to guess, I’d say at the end of Cap 2 WS realizes the error of his ways (fights the brainwashing with help from Cap) and dies trying to correct all his wrongs (you know, the classic “sacrifice” shtick) or he’ll end up working for SHIELD. I’m fine with both of those options, but I don’t really want to see him as Cap just yet…

    • I didn’t take it as WS becoming Cap. I took it was WS is the next hurdle for Cap.

      I read that Shane Black took a dig at Spidey 3. Was that in the panel?

      • Yeah… and for some reason the crowd “boo’d” him when he did it (I thought he was hilarious.)
        He was basically talking about how many characters and story elements are in IM3, and how they mesh and interlock together really well and went on to say “unlike Spider-Man 3 where they’re all separate”.
        I thought the panel was really fun and hilarious to watch (can’t imagine how awesome it must have been in person)
        You should check it out.

        Also, in the MoS panel, you can see a grown man cry because he got too emotional seeing Snyder and Cavill on stage (the host ran up and gave him a hug)… if you want to watch that as well ;)

        • “Also, in the MoS panel, you can see a grown man cry because he got too emotional seeing Snyder and Cavill on stage”

          Sweet Jeebus. The wussification of the American male continues.

    • Gotta say im least excited for Winter Soldier. Personally, I have not at all liked the Bucky/Cap relationship in the film. They have cheapened his death and made the missed date more detrimental.

      In the comics, Bucky heroically and famously sacrificed himself to save Cap, which was a huge moment and his death has always haunted him. Sorta why he wears the bright color uniform to draw fire (also to inspire) on himself to save the soldiers/heroes he is fighting with.

      In TFA, he makes a big episode about saving him but then his death scene and his reaction with Hayley Atwell was pretty emotionless. I thought it was a big deal. Your best friend since childhood, who saved you constantly and you could n’tsave him. I’d cry if that was my friend and carry it with me all my life. Evans doesnt. But what really bugged me was in The Avengers, Evans is hitting the punching bag and having flashbacks of his convo with Hayley Atwell & missed date. What about your best friend!?

  7. Just 3!!! days left for The Dark Knight Rises It’s gonna be awesome!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!! :D

  8. Here is my theory on the end of TDKR, batman dies sacrificing himself to take away the fusion bomb thing, but Bruce lives but leaves and fakes his death as batman and Bruce Wayne separately

    • I haven’t watched Leverage in a few years so this one caught me by surprise. I’ve been impressed by the work of Laz Alonso.

      • Alonso, like many who have been mentioned for the part, is just too old.

    • Where have you been? He has been on the “short list” for a while now. ;) All he has to prove is, can he do the accent?

      And Hodge is right and one reason why I thought Black Panther should be made into a movie, because there is no ethnic diversity out there in the comicbook movies right now. Plus he would add that same element to The Avengers.

      If Hodge is this excited/interested, does that also mean he would like to play the part? That’s the one thing he didn’t say.

      • I know… he’s been on my “short-list” too for a while (ever since ‘mace’ first mentioned him), but it wasn’t until I read this interview that I realized how passionate he is about the character.
        So what I’m saying is that NOW he’s my #1 choice for the role (just like Yvonne Strahovski is my #1 choice for Ms Marvel).

        He has previously expressed interest in playing the character, but it wasn’t until now when he made it clear WHY he thinks this movie should be made.

        As for the accent, I remember a Leverage episode where he did an African accent for one of their “jobs”/heists/cons. Don’t ask me what the episode was or how he did overall because I can’t remember… I do remember however, that it wasn’t terrible (I always remember the terrible/bad accents).

        • have u heard about what Marvel Co-President Louis D’Esposito said about Guardians Of The Galaxy and Black Panther movie.

          heres what he said

          about Guardians Of The Galaxy

          “That would be Marvel in space,” he said. “That’s a great concept and a great idea, and potentially one of our films in the future.”

          about Black Panther

          “He has a lot of the same characteristics of a Captain America: great character, good values,” said the Marvel exec. “But it’s a little more difficult, maybe, creating [a world like Wakanda]. It’s always easier basing it here. For instance, ‘Iron Man 3′ is rooted right here in Los Angeles and New York. When you bring in other worlds, you’re always faced with those difficulties.”

          sorry but Louis D’Esposito is an fricking idiot for saying that. to me i found his comment out of line. they the fricking Studio who did Thor and they made Asgard. how is it difficult to make Wakanda. maybe he is saying Black Panther might not work cause they got to hire alot of black actors for the role.

          • I read that interview on CBM, and I agree. Shooting a movie in Africa or creating the world of Wakanda IS NOT more difficult than creating a WW2 period setting with high-tech elements as well, or making freakin’ Asgard!

            He’s just making up excuses… :(

          • Wow, that comment is completely stupid.

            So you can do “Marvel in Space” which has ZERO grounding on Earth but yet you can’t do Wakanda?

  9. I was hoping for a Blank Panther announcement at comic con. :(

  10. Has anyone else noticed that several cast members of Spartacus were on Legend of The Seeker.

    I started watching it on netflix because I liked the books( quit after 3 episodes, not a good show) and noticed at least 4 Spatacus cast