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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 15, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 15, 2013

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  1. So who thinks Apocalypse will be teased, Thanos-style, as the main baddie at the end of X-men: DoFP? Setting up the Trank-fansticfour crossover?

    • I think thats exactly what theyll do. Esp if they moving qith an x-force.. It could be their main baddy (or at least his minions) kind of like magneto has been for the xmen.

    • I can’t wait to see what they do with that…

      … I hope they don’t go Apocalypse right away only because of the comparisons he’ll draw to the Mad Titan.

      Or maybe FOX does just that for that very reason…

      Whatever. If I get to see a proper Dr Doom vs. X-men/FF storyline at some point I’ll be pretty stoked.

      • Ooo Doom. Fox foes have some rather big league villains at its disposal. Hopefully they make the most out of it.. This time around.

  2. Will there be a 3rd Kill Bill coming out any time soon?

    • No. There never should’ve been 2. That’s one story in 2 parts. I doubt Tarantino would ever return to that well. I’d rather a Vega bros. movie, fill in the back story of Reservoir dogs and pulp fiction.

      • I think he said he might do a sequel years later with the children of the characters, the daughters. Although Bill’s been killed.

        • I’ve read the same. That would be potentially epic.

          • ‘Kill Baby-Mamba’ is a potential title for it.

            • I was thinking ‘Kill the Bride’ would be a cool title. After all, she did invite Vernita Green’s daughter to come find her if she felt like seeking revenge.

              • I think it’d be awesome if he called it “Kill Beatrix” or “Kill Kiddo”.

    • I loved Kill Bill. Especially the soundtrack.

      • The Throwback Bruce Lee Game of death track suit!

      • Gross…

  3. Watched Warm Bodies yesterday. I was expecting something terrible, but it was kind of fun.

    • Ha! Did the same, actually a great movie. Predictable but still very fun and well done/shot.

    • I saw it the first day in theaters. I thought it was very well done, I just wish there a bit more comedy from ‘R’, he made me laugh every time.

    • Yup I really liked it!

    • It looks like a hit or miss movie. The wife doesn’t want to see it. So that was the deciding factor to not watch it. Maybe Ill rent it from Amazon.

  4. I saw Pacific Rim over the weekend, and it was great. I havn’t seen a packed out theater that into a movie since The Avengers. People were clapping, cheering, standing and cheering. It was fun to watch the people having fun watching the movie. The audience was really enjoying themselves. I would have to say it was a crowd pleasing movie. On the way out people were saying they couldn’t wait until the next one, and neither can I.

    Great summer action popcorn movie!

    • That’s what people said about Grown Ups 2 LOL

      • +1

    • “On the way out people were saying they couldn’t wait until the next one…”

      Yeah. Good luck with that.

      • Must of been a small theater, not one theater in my town sold out any showing. Besides grown ups

        • Right on. I was at a big IMAX theater and it was about 2 thirds full.

          I’m with Stark, though. Pacific Rim was PERFECT for IMAX 3D. The sound was thunderous and the FX and even the 3d was loads of fun.

          But unfortunately, it under performed (as we all know) at the box office and it’s gonna be an uphill battle if there is ANY chance for a follow up.

        • Yeah, the theatres I went to was only half full when I went to see PR and some people even walked out half way into the movie. When the wife took me to see Grown Ups 2 it was packed so I wasn’t at all surprised when the numbers came out.

          • I went to go see PR on Friday night and there only 9 people in the theater including myself (9:30pm showing). Of course I didn’t care because it almost felt like I had my own personal home theater.

            Side note: Grown up 2 was completely packed. The 7:30 showing of it was letting out the same time I was going to see PR and the crowd coming out was huge and it was all different age groups. Kids, teen, parents and young adults.

    • It was in one of the smaller theaters no doubt, it wasn’t a big one by any means, but there weren’t too many empty seats. I’d love to see another one, but who’s knows?

      • Stark we disagree often, but id also love
        To see another.

        • ****SPOILERS BELOW ********

          IM A JERK SORRY

          **** PACIFIC RIM SPOILERS *******

          ****** FORGOT THIS WAS OPEN MIKE **************

          ********MY BAD**************

      • My theater was an IMAX dome and it was about 4/5 full I’d say. Good crowd just a handful of open seeats.

        Definitely not a perfect movie, but perfect for 3D and one of largest screens you can possibly find.

        Was I the only one reminded of Team America?

        What about Independence Day? The ending is straight ID4. Think about it-

        ID4:Sneak in alien vessel to launch/detonate nuke.
        PR:Sneak behind alien vessel to launch/detonate nuke.

        Even the shot of the alien face going “oh s**t” before detonation…

        …either way, Pacific Rim was fun. On IMAX 3D a solid 5/5. Everywhere else… 3 out of 5 at best I’d say.

        • ****** END SPOILERS **************

          ******* SORRY **********

          ******* DON”T LOOK UP LEATHERO*************

          ****** END SPOILERS *****************


          • Although I appreciate the post warning… I read it via email. Don’t worry though, I don’t mind the spoiler. If it was Star Trek… Then there would’ve been bloodshed lol.

            • You speak like a Klingon but you look like a petaQ!! 😀

              • Kahless… I don’t even know what to say LOL

          • Using an alien to sneak past the aliens to get to alien headquarters is a much more specific example than the ones you gave Jeff…

            Hell, even Charlie Day says some of the exact lines from Independence Day after he “links” with the alien brain, the same way Bill Pullman did.

            And none of those movies you listed feature an alien face giving you the “oh s***” right before something explodes in their face.

            Yeah. It has much closer parallels to ID4 than you think.

            • No, I was referring to the detonation of a device to render the portal/space station/mother ship/My Mother in Laws girdle inert.

              But if you want to get technical.

              World War Z
              Walking Dead

              I know ID4 had so much taken from other movies.

    • I haven’t seen PR yet. But at 38 mil, I don’t believe it sold out a theater. Def not in my town where theaters are a dime a dozen. I saw 2 movies this summer opening weekend, and the only sold out movie was MoS. I’m sure IM3 was also but I missed that.

    • my theater was sold out too and there was some clapping, but I was one of the few girls in the screening. odd

    • I absolutely loved this movie! There were at least 5 times in the movie where my jaw was just hanging open. Simply awesome!

    • @Stark – I convinced the wife to go to Pacific Rim after Doug Loves Movies on Friday night. I had to take kid watching duties on Saturday with my lack of sleep and I owe her a couple of nights out to do whatever she wants, but it was totally worth it. This is a monster movie that you have to see on the big screen. It won’t be the same on home video.

      I’ve seen three major movies (that I wanted to see) this summer. Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, and Pacific Rim. I liked them all for different reasons. Iron Man was a great action film that took some ballsy chances with the source material. Man of Steel was the visual spectacle that I’ve been wanting from a Superman movie. Pacific Rim is the best monster movie that I’ve seen on screen in a long long while. I was disappointed with Cloverfield and of course Godzilla 1998. This was pretty awesome. And Charlie Day was channeling Rick Moranis in his science character role.

      Lastly, my showing of Pacific Rim had a handful of people (11 pm showing) and one of them was a f###### toddler! Then, a family with a 4 year old and probably a 7 year old came in. WTF people! I have kids, I take them to kid appropriate showtimes for kid appropriate movies. Toddlers should not be in a movie theater until 1:30 am watching giant monsters devouring cities.

      • @ Professir P.

        I’m glad it worked out so you could see both. I had a crying kid or two also, I could believe they brought him. I liked Cloverfield, but you’re right, this was better.

        • The viral marketing hyped me up so much for Cloverfield, but I wasn’t impressed. It could be that my future wife was with me on our first movie date, and she got motion sickness and didn’t tell me because she knew I was excited for that movie. (she’s a keeper)

          Also, I recommend listening to Doug Loves Movies this week. They talk for a good 15 minutes about Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3.

  5. Had an idea for MOS2 to get Krypto the dog in the show. Say one of the uncoded eggs from the birthing chamber is found by A stray dog. The dog sniffs it,licks it or pees on it. The egg asorbs the canine DNA and develops into A dog. It’ just an idea they’ll never use.

    • Or use the DNA from the Codex in Kal’s cells to bring a Kryptonian dog to life. Although I got a feeling some badass villain will use it to create an army of Kryptonians. Now that I think about it MOS actually opened the door to so many possibilities.

  6. So with all this talk about PR being original, would you rather have a PR with a sequel or the rebooted Spiderman

    • Rebooted spiderman, it has more potential, since PR had no clear setup to a sequel. Not to mentiom tho an original idea which i greatly appreciated, it never strived to be more than a popcorn flick when its science and mythos could and should have been delved into more.

      • I agree. While I did enjoy PR, all it really was was just a visual effects film with no human development. With TASM I feel because of the human element it gives off more of a connection.

    • How about Spiderman battling those Giant Robots and creatures just the way they rendered them in PR?

      That’s a flick I would see more than once in IMAX 3D.

      • I would go for that. Human hero battling robots battling monsters and in comes the Avengers

        • Well, come on! Let’s get together and write that script!!

      • If we’re going to have comic characters battling giant robots I’d just assume have it be the X-men fighting Sentinels.
        Here’s to hoping X-men DoFP surprises us all AND we get an awesome X-men vs Sentinel scene.


    • I’d rather see a new Spider-Man movie. Non Peter Parker. Use the black kid or something. Garfield ruined Parker (for me).

      • Word. Would love to see an “adult” or older Peter Parker for a change. Just to mix things up.

        Tired of the teenage years Spiderman, and I already grew up with the character when Tobey Maguire was playing him.

        • Yes. Adult spiderman would be interesting.

          • @ Bellcure

            A adult Spider-Man is what I would prefer. Not Spider-Boy from high school.

            • Hehe spider-boy. I get the coming of age angle the studio loves to do as it plays well for kids etc but agreed, him being an adult would be fresh for the big screen. Perhaps big the time they complete the current arc of 3 or four movies with the current version.. I mean by the 4th or any more after (assuming its not rebooted) hes have to be a full on adult.

              • My issue isn’t really with Garfield; it’s the fact that they based these new movies off of “Ultimate Spider-Man”, a very polarizing series of stories. Had they gone the REAL ASM route, I probably would’ve liked TASM a lot more.

                But they didn’t, and it’s a shame there is support for doing an USM series in film. They only did a few things right in the long run, one of them being Venom (Eddie Brock from the USM, not the Harry Osborn cartoon one).

  7. So I’m a huge Predator fan and there was a recent poster released from the Predators movie facebook page (owned by 20th Century Fox) which had an infrared aerial view of San Diego and a tagline that read “There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man…We’re all gonna die.” They’re saying it’ll be announced at Comic Con (see: view of San Diego)

    Problem is, there’s a chance that it can be a video game or something…anyone else see this? Thoughts? I’m praying to god it’s a new movie that’ll be in the works soon but I don’t want to get my hopes up…

    • @Ronnie — I saw that on their Facebook page! I hope its something along the lines of a movie. IMO, Predator never gets old. Not even the AvP movies, as terrible of a story the sequel was.

      • Agreed! I say drop Tom Hardy, Benicio Del Toro, Frank Grillo, Idris Elba, Karl Urban, Joe Taslim and other tough guys in and have Brody be their new Fishburne (minus the crazy) and teach them how to survive and get off the planet. But one can only dream of a cast so good lol

        Dammit, I said I wouldn’t get my hopes up…okay…calming down ha

      • “Ahnuld” trying to revive his acting career with yet another one of his old movies? I just wanna see the predator homeworld.. If there is such a place.

      • @ Stark

        Did you like Predator 2?

        • @ Wally West

          Not really. It was no where near the original IMO. The AVP movies were meh, but Predators I really enjoyed. I liked Adrien Brody’s character. It’s from that role that I think Brody would make a perfect Snake in the Escape from New York remake/reboot.


          • I liked Predator 2 as it was nice attempt to be different from the original. After reading what role Arnold would play into it, it’s great he chose T2 instead. The Predator had something to prove by taking itself to the city so it thought. Gary Busy & Danny Glover, Bill Paxton, & Maria, forget her last name did a good job.

            I like the first AVP as it served as a decent prequel cross-over film. But AVP-R had a bad cast & was too dark during some of the action scenes. Some of the action was good & a brief glimpse of the Predator’s home world could of been something to benefit from in one more film.

            • I forgot about Predators. I liked it & it was good but not great paying homage to the original while offering some new stuff. I just wonder if they make another film to it,otherwise I feel like the franchise is left on a cliffhanger sorta speak.

    • O…M…G…All hail Predator!! I sure hope it’s a new movie as well.

  8. Seeing how animated movies are doing so well, maybe it’s time to rethink about doing a superhero or sci-fi movie as an animated one.

    The budget is smaller, you can do special effects easier… and you can draw in that money crowd… children.

    Of course, you would have to get the content rated down to G or PG (although there is probably an argument for PG-13 or R animation).

    Since The Incredibles seemed to go over well with both kids and adults, maybe a spandex or sci-fi movie in the similar vein? A nice mix of action and comedy could work. I wouldn’t mind a Justice League animated movie actually (since there was a run of Justice League in the comics that had comedy in it, as did the Superman/Batman comic).

    • Marvel is doing one

      • Big Hero 6? I was thinking something more mainstream, but that’s a start.

    • I loved the Incredible’s! Someone around here called it the best Fantastic Four Movie around and it’s hilarious and true.

      Would love to see DragonBallZ handled in this manner also.

      • The Incredibles was absolutely incredible (No pun intended…okay maybe). If they handled Dragonball Z like that, I have no doubt in my mind it would be great. Though I’ll always wish they can make a live action version.

        I’ve always wanted someone to make a film with animation similar to the animation used in some of the Batman video game trailers, I thought those were awesome. Though, I think it would take a lot of resources and time to make a full fledged film with that type of CGI.

    • I think I’d be half and half with you on the animated features involving Superman, Batman and everyone. While it certainly opens dozens of doors, I think it’d be best to stick to having someone physically play the character through live action. It limits what can be done in the film, but in my opinion, no one can replace a real person wearing the cowl, cape and suit.

    • I’m assuming we are referring to CGI animation, and not plain old cartoon animation since we already and still get our fair share of these, right?

      I don’t think it’s a bad idea but I’m pretty sure the desire for live action outweighs a CGI movie. I’ll take both. But I want live action. Personally, I don’t care for CGI films. I don’t think the Incredibles was anything “incredible” visually speaking. Toy Story, Monsters, and all those… they could be basic animation, and Id be just as happy or thrilled.

      Live action… seeing our comics and cartoons come to life… that’s where its at. Making it feel real and as if it could actually happen in our world that we live in.

  9. I was just wondering, did Star Wars A new hope have “episode 4″ attached to it when it first came out?

    • yes

    • Not at first, but it was attached soon after the release. I did see it in theaters as a kid, but I don’t remember if it had the “Episode IV” but it did have the scrolling words. I got mad at my Mom because I thought I’d missed another movie because she hadn’t let me go see it (I was always begging to see Monster and sci-fi movies, which were strictly B-movie at the time, but my parents wouldn’t let me).

    • Correction, the “Episode IV: A New Hope,” wasn’t added until a 1981 re-release. I vaguely remember my friends and I remarking on the addition we hadn’t notice in the dozen first viewings.

      • Thanks alot! I was just trying to figure out of Lucas thought that far ahead. i figured he added it later since he is always “improving” the originals.

        • According to Wiki, he had always meant ANH to be Episode IV (of 9) but the studio thought it would confuse viewers. Empire had Episode V on the crawl and that did end up confusing audiences not “in the know” thinking there were 3 movies they missed between ANH and ESB. He then added it to the 1981 re-release.

        • Take it from a “BigNerd,” ben, Lucas did plan to make it the middle part of a longer series. He said (in an interview on the 1990’s VHS release) that he felt the first part was too dark and character driven, so he moved along to the “second act.” Really, the whole venture was in doubt, so I think he was planning Star Wars as one movie, but more if possible.

  10. Anybody catch Beware the Batman over the weekend?

    • No how was it? I wasnt very interested

    • I watched and enjoyed beware the batman.

    • it wasn’t bad. A little diffrent take on a few aspects, but overall I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

    • I didn’t. I have it on the recorded on the DVR though but I am just trying to get over the whole CGI thing. The trailer just looked wierd to me. I will check it out tonight though

    • Didn’t really enjoy it as much as the previous Batman shows though I’ll give this a couple more episodes because it has some potential. Alfred took a bit of time getting use to but in the end I thought he was pretty cool. Katanna looks like she’s going to a blast as well.

      • @ ColdSc

        Do you think Katanna will be BatGirl eventually? I was kind of thinking she might.

        • @Stark

          I was thinking the same thing .

        • Honestly, I don’t think so. I find she’ll more or less replace her for the time being but to put on the bat cowl and all, I just don’t see it happening. Although we’ve only seen one scene of her so it’s hard to say. I’d rather have her be her own thing, maybe Barbara Gordon comes along later. It would be interesting to see the chemistry between them both.

  11. Anyone catch Dexter last night? Last night’s episode along with the preview for the next episode has me rethinking about the end now.

  12. Just a knee jerk reaction but since comedies have been doing very well at the box office recently could the audience saturation for action, scifi, and cbm movies be reaching a peak? Since the beginning of the year we have seen a steady stream of these movies and we still have, not necessarily in order ‘Wolverine,”The Seventh Son,”Riddick,’ ‘OldBoy,’ ‘Kick Ass 2,’ ‘Red 2,’ ‘Elysium,’ The Hunger Games,’ ‘Thor: The dark World’ and maybe to a lesser extent ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ depending if you bundle a property that has equal amounts of adventure and action…

    • I think some of them will do well. It all depends on the script/story along with word of mouth. The Hunger Games has a huge following so I think it will do okay(not as good as the first). Thor 2 looks promising so we shall see. OldBoy is a wildcard. Red 2 might do okay but don’t really know. Kick Ass 2 is another wildcard out there. They might have waited too long to do the sequel. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has a huge following so I have no doubts about that movie doing well

      • Yeah most can agree working with an established property and movies with a good story do well but despite those things are audiences growing tired of the action, scifi, cbm tropes? We’ve had quite a few since the beginning of the year. When one falters, even for a week as ‘Pacific Rim’ has done over ‘Grown Ups 2′ I start wondering about whether there’s a pattern to be understood we haven’t seen before. It seems easy to say it’s been a banner year for what used to be niche movies. The reasons could be easier to explain than what’s been proffered like, mates want payback for enduring all the serious testosterone heavy movies they’ve had to sit through this year…

        • I don’t think they are tried of the genre. I know tons of people that will be seeing Wolverine, The Hunger Games, and The Hobbit. I think the biggest issue with PR was that there wasn’t anything that connected to the general public. Most of them don’t find Robots vs. Monsters interesting. Had it been the human race vs. Monsters I think it would have been better recieved. It’s all based on branding to the general public and PR just didn’t have that. Paired with a weak script/plot, bad word of mouth from the “general public” and you get these results in which GU2(which has a huge brand) beats out PR.

          • Well I guess we’ll see how well ‘Wolverine,’ ‘Red 2,’ and ‘Elysium’ do given what we’ve seen this far. Thanks for the replies… :)

    • I thought Hangover 3 didn’t do too well.

      I’m actually looking forward to RED 2, but not in the theaters.

      • Interesting point looking forward to seeing how ‘R.I.P.D.’ does against ‘Girl Most Likely’ or perhaps more relevant ‘Wolverine’ against ‘The To Do List’ or ‘Disney’s Planes’ against ‘Elysium’ being that ‘Girl Most Likely’ has a limited release…

        • I think Wolverine might not be too bad. It’s starting to seem like it might be good.

          • @ Stark

            I wonder what the X-Men’s costumes will be like if they’re not black leather anymore. I wonder if they’re like Storm’s or if that’s just for the future setting in X-Men: DOFP.

          • I am really looking forward to The Wolverine. Everyone involved in the movie look promising. Judging by all the interviews and behind the scenes info, it seems as if they really tried their best to make this the best Wolverine film possible. Even if it bombs, the fact that they tried means something in my book.

    • This is YTD Top Ten Worldwide BO Gross.

      1 Iron Man 3 — $1,211.5
      2 Fast & Furious 6 — $704.2
      3 Man of Steel — $619.1
      4 The Croods — $581.9
      5 Oz The Great and Powerful — $491.9
      6 Monsters University — $474.2
      7 Despicable Me 2 — $471.6
      8 Star Trek Into Darkness — $446.9
      9 World War Z — $423.0
      10 G.I. Joe: Retaliation — $371.9

      I think we are safe. I don’t see a saturation.

      • @ LC3000

        Are those the top grosses so far or is that it for each film?

        • That’s the results as of yesterday, when I posted it. A few of those are still in theaters.

  13. Anyone been watching True Blood lately? Season imo has been better than season 5. Especially with things revolving around Warlow & the night w. sookie’s parents on the bridge.

    • I thought last nights episode was done pretty nicely. So far I am thinking this season is actually nice with the whole Bill and now Warlow getting involved

      • @ Jared

        Same here. They’re getting off on the wrong foot,lol

    • ScreenRant is my favorite TV/movie site but they need to be more consistent with their TV reviews.

      I don’t think they have done articles on True Blood or Dexter lately.

      • @ BigNerd

        I don’t think so neither. I read on some other site HBO plans to have a 7th season. But still no word if it’s gonna have 12 episodes or 10. Could be a rumor I think since the 6th season is halfway through.

        • How many more seasons do you think TB could do?

  14. USA Today headline: ‘Grown Ups 2′ pummels ‘Pacific Rim’ at the box office

    Since when is a 4.2 million difference a pummeling? I haven’t seen a pummeling like this since early June when Now You See Me pummeled After Earth by 1.8 million.

    Seriously though…how? Sandler? really? come on now.

    • That Adam Sandler is one funny guy LOL

  15. I’m pretty sure I heard a rumor somewhere that the next Marvel Hulk movie (whenever that could be) could be largely based on ideas from the current “Indestructible Hulk” series, such as Bruce Banner working for SHIELD, SHIELD using the Hulk for whatever missions they need him for, etc.

    Does anyone who has read any of the Indestructible Hulk comics (or are otherwise knowledgeable of it) think it would work?

    • The Hulk is indestructable. That thar can get boring…that’s the character’s biggest challenge.

      • But Banner isn’t, so that’s where the character development is.

        One of the big issues I had with The Avengers is how the Hulk was inconsistent. The first time we see him, he is mindless and out of control (trying to kill Black Widow for who knows what reason). The next time, it seems like he’s under control, fighting for the good guys and even getting in some well thought out and timed violence (punching Thor, thrashing Loki). Was that conversation with the janitor some type of epiphany for Banner?

        I hope for another Hulk movie.

        • @ BigNerd

          Loki had influence over Banner since he arrived on the helicarrier. As he passed w/ guards & smiled at Banner, you noticed Banner rubbed his eyes. Then when everyone is arguing with each other,Banner didn’t realize he picked up Loki’s staff. It was obvious he was still under loki’s control as the Hulk because he tried to calm himself.

  16. The summer of 2013 is half way over,and I’ve seen most the “big” movies that are out,(Star Trek ITD,F&F 6,Iron Man 3,etc) and so far my favorites are Man of Steel(one of the best superhero movies,ever IMO) and Pacific Rim, the best giant robot/giant monster movie ever made…so far

  17. 1. Wolverine looks aged (like 90s dated) and not nearly gritty enough. It has no sense of place and I grew up on Wolverine comics and like HJ.
    2. Rumor has it the new Predator “movie” is a game.
    Bring back original Pred. Super Preds s@ck.
    3. Pacific Rim is worth a big screen ticket. Go.

  18. Hey , they should make the next man of steel movie about lex trying to tract mar’sn man hunter down from some secret gov. ( Area 51) to take superman down, and (Batman) trying to monitor lex. They should start adding more characters . Thx guys love the podcasts


    So… DoFP is set to be yet ANOTHER Wolverine and The X-Men movie. Not that I am upset about that… but really? They can’t bank on any other character?

  20. JGL as Dr Strange? Sorry, I can’t buy into that. I could buy into the dream list of what a lot of the other people are saying like Neeson, Cumberpatch, Depp, and others. Hugh Laurie is a hilarious option but he is a good actor. Although incredibly old, Jeremy Irons would be a good choice. Maybe Alan Rickman. I just feel that Sorcerer Supreme needs to have a voice that is overwhelming. JGL doesn’t have that.

  21. Well, he isn’t going to direct but he is definitely going to be the new enemy.

    Sylvester Stallone ‏@TheSlyStallone 5h

    Mad Max vs Barney Ross……

    He should’ve said “Martin Riggs”. I’d be more optimistic about that!

  22. I’m thinking that the plot for The Wolverine is being used in part as an excuse to keep having Hugh Jackman play Wolverine for as long as he wants.

    It sounds like he’s going to at least age normally from now on. So concievably Hugh could go on playing the character even as he (the actor) ages into his fifties.