Open Discussion – July 13, 2012

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comic con open discussion Open Discussion   July 13, 2012

We’re deep in the heart of San Diego Comic-Con coverage and we hope you’re enjoying it! Tomorrow will be a big day with major panels in the biggest venue in the convention center: Hall H. We’ll be bringing you the latest on Superman: Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, The Hobbit, Pacific Rim – and more!

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 13, 2012

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  1. Gooooood morning screenrant. Any one here think we will get a teaser for the man of steel with the TDKR?? I mean, it’d be kind of crazy for them not to, wouldn’t it?

    • We’re already expecting the first teaser, likely posted on the internet at some point, from what Screenrant has reported, so I’m sure that we will. And, yes, it would be downright crazy not to take advantage of it.

      • There’s a lot of buzz currently that it is indeed attached to TDKR

    • I thought it was confirmed. 1 minute and 29 second teaser.

      • you have an ad embedded in your post? Not cool.

      • ok, there was an ad but now it’s gone.

    • I’m pretty sure the man of steel teaser will be attached to TDKR, it just wouldn’t make sense for DC/WB to not go that route.

    • Even if it does leak, i’m gonna avoid seeing it until i watch the Midnight DKR

  2. How much of a box office drop-off will Amazing Spider-Man have this weekend?

    Or,…will Garfield hate Mondays?

    • I expect a 50-55% drop. 30-35 Million is hopeful due to Ice Age 4.

      • I was thinking 45%, but I was being a little generous. This is really the last weekend before it has the legitimate excuse of TDKR.

        • I think the 50-75% drop is what could be expected with Ice Age 4 and Savages hitting the theaters today. After this weekend I expect ASM to be a thing of the past with TDKR. Looks like early reviews are saying it’s the best film of the year hands down with Tom Hardy as Bane providing a performance that could only rival Heath Ledger’s Joker performance. I am totally syched for this movie

          • Zach Pincus says : “The Dark Knight Rises is not only easily the best Batman movie yet, but now one of my favorite movies I’ve ever seen. It was unbelievable!”

            @cmfcknw says : “Critic after The Dark Knight Rises screening: “If this does not break the mold and win Best Picture, no comic book movie ever will.”

            Tom McAuliffe says : “Just finished the screening of Dark Knight Rises…so much awesome…can’t wait to see it again. And again.” He later adds, “To your original question – there are things I criticize in every film, but this one measures high on many measures. There will be some surprises but not big ones, the beauty of the film is how well it tells the story. Tom Hardy was incredible as Bane, the storyline was fantastic. I think the Joker is far more iconic than Bane, with more memorable quotes, but this story was great, including Bane’s origin. Godfather 3 never happened. Xmen 3 & Spider-Man 3 were awful, this film was the perfect final chapter in the trilogy.”

          • jared where are you seeing these reviews i would LOVE to read some

            • It’s on moviehole’s website. So far the reaction is saying it’s a masterpiece

              • much thanks my dude

    • prob between 50 and 60%

  3. Good morning fellow screen ranters.was thinking DC/WB should make a plastic man movie with ed helms as plastic man.

    • that would be funand entertaining gilm. good idea.

      • I’d rather see that as opposed to his reported Vacation reboot.

    • That would be more entertaining than a Lobo movie but yet……


    Went and saw Amazing Spider-Man. I gotta tell ya, I was expecting a few things and the subtle twists they used were brilliant. Suddenly, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man isn’t as great as I remember. I know the reboot was supposed to be ‘darker’ but it was actually more realistic. Spidey’s origin is very, very (ad nauseum) well known and the subtle things they did to bring us that origin with a modern telling and yet still hitting all those keystones (the thief, the wrestling ring, etc.) was really cool and refreshing. I was SO dreading another Spidey origin rehash.

    Now, here’s where the writers and Webb made a great decision: They didn’t kill Lizard and it’s OBVIOUS that this is set up to be a trilogy. Raimi killing Goblin in Spider-Man was a boneheaded mistake. Also, the ASM team did very well in laying out the ground work for Goblin’s arrival: OsCorp, Osbourne is sick, there’s a conspiracy with Richard and Mary Parker who may or may not be dead (don’t believe everything the Bugle prints!) and the man-in-shadows at the end still has me puzzled. ME! I am puzzeled and intrigued by a Spider-Man movie! That’s fantastic!

    I loved the high-octane, normal speed Spidey/Lizard fight at the end. No slo-mo! I read the comic books, they’re slow enough! And Webb and Garfield did a BRILLIANT job of making Spidey a hyper-agile, spider-sense using, crazy-acrobatic, web-slinging maniac superhero that grows through the film. From the subway fiasco to the skateboarding realizations, the webbing, the hard lessons, the watershed bridge event to the school fight to the other hard lesson and into the very final scene with Gwen, Peter/Spidey grew and grew and grew without taking cheap shortcuts.

    Also, thank you VERY much for giving us Flash Thompson and Gwen Stacey. Thank you for teasing the Daily Bugle without forcing that whole scene into the film. And thanks for letting us get to know Uncle Ben before he died. That was a LOT of attention given to a doomed character and his lack of final words was a brilliant move, too. I hated seeing him go down but putting his final words in a voice-mail was modernly cool.

    Anyway, I loved it and I can’t wait to see the next movie.

    The man in the Shadows? If it wasn’t Osbourne, then who was it? Mysterio? It’s gonna take a real set of cajones to bring that villain to life without a huge helping of cheese! Someone else suggested Vulture. No thanks. That dude was old BEFORE he was the vulture! Kraven? too well dressed but wouldn’t that be interesting…

    • You sir, are a genius. Couldn’t have said this better myself. thank you for showing the haters whats up.

      • So was it a bonehead idea to kill off Green Goblin in the comics? I mean dead is dead in the Marvel universe. Ben’s last words were “hey”. As for putting them in an unfeeling recorded message i would have to say fail.

        One could say he grew to fast and lessons learned that quick my not be learned in the long run.

        I went in and supported this movie from the get go. Imho it fell short of Sam 1 and 2.

        • They could bottle that phone message as high-fructose corn syrup.


          I still maintain that the whole idea of Peter realizing consequences was not actually played out in the context of this movie. Peter is acting out of revenge for now, and he’s basically “good.” I think they are planning his growth into a “hero” to play out over time, because that’s what they’ve said. Or I’m giving them too much credit and they simply dropped another plot point.

          I don’t like the movie at all, but I’m willing to see what they do next. I do think that playing things out over time gives room for growth with his personalities and powers. The movie has the feeling that it’s being pulled around by different demands, so I don’t know if we’ll get a clear singular vision. Not based on this so far.

          I’m loving Raimi more than ever if that’s possible. I actually watched 3 for the first time since it came out, and I loved it again without reservation. All the goofy stuff is hilarious. I do think there are other interpretations of Spider-Man we could have, but Raimi had a clear idea and made sure to remind us this is a fantasy. I actually like that. Going “realistic” with Spider-man is inviting inspection that it might not sustain. “Logic” questions become fair game.

    • Dude, u just hit the nail on the head, that was the best way they could reboot this movie, and I dont see why anyone wudnt like a thing abt this movie or wud feel they left anything out except if u want it to be 4hrs long, all u said is exactly what I thought, only problem is his mask coming off in the middle of the street, today, that wud have been all over youtube, raimi made that mistake in all his movies, webb shudnt do the same

    • I think the guy at the end of ASM is Electro, he arrives with a flash of lightening and leave the cell in the same way

    • I totally agree and I also liked that by the end of the film the villian wasn’t killed off. I enjoyed the Raimi spidey films but just didn’t like how at the end of each of his films the villians were killed off.

    • I just saw the movie for the second time today and it’s still great.
      Definitely one of the better CBMs I’ve ever seen.

    • For me, what cued the idea that there will be sequels was the 15 minute long back-story about the parents at the front of the movie. When that story went absolutely nowhere I was like, “Hmmm. I think they’re going to make sequels.” Did anyone else catch that? When a bunch of other plots were left dangling throughout the movie I became more and more certain. :)

      • Yeah, the story did leave a few threads dangling (in one particular case, literally: the guy in the limo).

        But with the money the movie’s making and a sequel already scheduled, I’m sure they’ll clear things up.

        Still, I’ve always said that a movie should be able to stand on its own two feet, and while there was a few things that still need clearing up, I think overall they did a pretty good job with telling the story – my opinion of course.

    • Could you ooze and gush about this movie any harder?

      I’m sorry but it suffered from a lot of issues (some of which you like but I didn’t) so it was far from the perfection you map it out to be.

  5. There was a new Skyfall trailer shown last night, apparently it is IMAX exclusive at the moment. Here’s to hoping it finds it’s way online soon!

    • I hope so. By the sounds of some online chatter the trailer was pretty awesome

      • Is the casting news about Q new information? Just saw a headline earlier this morning.

  6. I heard the Dredd preview went pretty well too. One of the guys that is down there that was weary of the film said that after the preview he felt a lot better about the film and how this version of Dredd is “darker and has a lot more balls than the Sly version”.

    • A twilight saga of Dredd would be better then the Sly one. From the trailer i saw i was not that impressed.

      • I wasn’t either so the fact that there is an “overwhelming sense getting it right” is rather interesting.

    • I heard that Dredd was “insanely hardcore and gory”. Which is good to hear, hopefully the story isn’t so terrible that it ruins the movie. But from the early reactions that I’ve read (not many, honestly) it was a well executed action film with good use of 3D. Hopefully there’s some merit behind those statements.

  7. I wanna thank all of the screenrant staff for bringing us the great coverage of comic con for those of us that weren’t able to be there. Screenrant is the best movie and tv review site and more on the net imo keep up the great work guys all us ranters greatly appreciate it.

    • +1

    • Screenrant is the best!

    • Agreed. Just don’t call us for bail money if the party gets too wild. :)

      • Ha ha, thanks, guys!

        And if anyone is actually at Comic-Con right now, don’t forget to join us for our meet-up at 10 PM tonight.


        • Did you manage to catch “Dredd”? I guess not, because it hasn’t really been mentioned. I’d like to see what you guys at SR think of it. We, in the UK, get “Dredd” before you guys, so I’ll probably have seen it by then.

        • Hey Vic… Are you going to have any coverage from the Firefly panel?

  8. What are people thinking about the new Q in Skyfall being so young? Some people I hear are very skeptical. Thoughts ranters?

    • Dont know why people are skeptical. His age is no big deal. He will be less of a mentor (if you could ever really call Q that), and more a colleague Bond gets into battle of wits with. One things for sure — He will easily be better than John Cleese’s R. Hated that, and the super dependent on gadgets type Bond.

      • In the early bond films Q wasn’t much older than Bond, but obviously because Bond kept getting younger that soon changed.

    • I really dont care about the age of the guy. As long as it is acted correctly. I just hope that Bond does not become too deendent on his gadgets. But other than that i think the movie looks good.

      • I agree with both of these comments. Hopefully they won’t veer too far off into geekdom (like die another day) by being too gadget laden. I felt the same way with MI: Ghost Protocol. Cool gadgetry, but just way too much of it IMHO. I also think having a young Q will dissuade hardcore fans from making critical comparisons between this new actor Ben Wishaw and Desmond Llewelyn (now that’s a hard name to spell).

  9. Just pre-booked by special screening tickets for TDKR.
    It’s still two days after you guys get to see it, but at least I don’t have to wait a whole extra week! 😀

    • I’m happy you’ll get to see it around the same time as the rest of us.
      Otherwise you’d have to avoid a lot of discussion that will be happening here.
      Im super excited!!
      I watched Batman Begins again last night and I’ll watch The Dark Knight tonight to get all caught up. Actually who am I kidding??? 😉 I’ve watched both so many times that I didn’t need to catch up. I just needed a Batman fix :)
      1 more week folks…

    • @ The Avenger
      Awesome glad you don’t have to wait a whole week. :)

      @ Kevin7
      I watched Batman Begins last night and watching The Dark Knight as we speak. I can’t wait for TDKR then after finally seeing the film I’ll be eagerly awaiting its arrival on Blu-ray. 😀

      • Same here…
        I hope it comes out bye Christmas. More importantly it better be loaded with extras. I only have the basic Blu-rays for BB and TDK so I’m hoping the box set is loaded.

        • I’m also looking forward to see what they put together for the box set. I hope its an epic collectors edition. I remember when the dark knight was released, they had a limited edition with a batman mask and also one with the joker mask as well. I’ve also seen a limited editon with the bat-pod that was pretty awesome.

          • I’m pretty sure the BatPod special edition had the most as far as extras.
            My step brother has the one with the Batman mask and I was really let down with what it included. Only a few short making of’s and a few other things…
            Anyways… I don’t know why I’m complaining? I’m sure the box set will be awesome. I’m just in official Batman mode and counting down until Friday…

            • Same here I’ve avoided any and everything that is TDKR till after watching it at the midnight premier. Cinemark will be handing out exclusive TDKR IMAX 12:01 posters .

  10. So, who’s watching the season premire of Breaking Bad Sunday?
    I never get this excited for the premire of a TV show but BB is a game changer…
    The past 4 seasons are the most tense, gut wrenching seasons of TV I’ve ever seen and I’m positive that will continue. I’ve already loaded up on smokes because I’m sure I’ll be chain smoking like always. I know it’s terrible to do but that’s how crazy the show gets.
    If you haven’t yet watched it Netflix streaming has seasons 1-3 now with season 4 being added Sunday. I promise anyone that hasn’t watched it yet that you’ll love this show. It’s a shame only 2-3 million watch each week because it’s bye far the best show on TV right now. And I watch a lot of really great TV.

  11. i hope we hear news on Godzilla and i hope we get a new Doctor Who trailer and maybe some returning cast announcements!

  12. Can someone please, PLEASE cover the Berserk panel today? You guys cover DC animated movies all the time, why not cover an newly released animation trilogy of one of the best selling manga of all time?

    • Meaning the Berserk panel at SDCC today obviously….

  13. AMC will be premiering a 4 min trailer for season 3 of the walking dead. The trailer will be aired during the premier of small town security this Sunday at 8pm central time can’t wait!!!!

  14. Just saw the walking dead season 3 preview on youtube. It’s making me jones even more for october. It’s named, “season 3 comic con trailer: the waling dead

    • I saw it earlier as I got an update on my facebook from screenrant since I like their page. The trailer is awesome I heard it would air this sunday but to my surprise I didn’t have to wait till then. 😀

  15. Just saw the walking dead season 3 preview on youtube. It’s making me jones even more for october. It’s named, “season 3 comic con trailer: the walking dead”