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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   July 11, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 11, 2014

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  1. Im Batman!

    • Hail Hydra!

    • I am Ironman.

      • Ironman is a Klingon? I did not know that.

        • Better than a Ghostbuster. :-)

          • Them’s fighting words…but Klingons scare me, so I’ll give you this one.

  2. I’m going to a movie this weekend. The question is which one…

    Edge of Tomorrow – 3 1/2 stars from SR
    22 Jump Street – 4 stars from SR
    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – 4 1/2 stars from SR

    and then there is the longshots…

    Snowpiercer – 4 1/2 stars from SR (the wife has no interest in this)
    Transformers Age of Extinction – 3 1/2 stars from SR (I have no interest in this…except for Dinobots!)

    What should I do?

    • I have seen Edge of Tomorrow and 22 Jump Street and I enjoyed both, but I am more hyped about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I would go to that one!

      I would avoid Transformers so they understand they have to do something better.

      • Yeah, Transformers won’t happen. I just wanted to add that because it has the same rating as Edge of Tomorrow and I’ve been told by a lot of people to see one of those films and avoid the other.

        The wife wants Apes. I’ll only go if we go to the 21 and older theater. I’m not a fan of opening weekend and teenagers…I’ve gone into detail about that before 😉

        • Are teenagers interested in Planet of the Apes movies?

          • How should I know? Am I writing a thesis of teenager behavior? I have no idea how those kids today think with their social media quarrels, strange fads (I mean at one point I had a slap bracelet!), taking pictures of their food…they’re crazy man. And should not be trusted. Just like those apes!

            • Hahaha

              And they will inherit the earth… just like the Apes! The end is nigh!

            • Well your slap bracelet was useless unless you had the air pump shoes and pogs to go with it.

              Kids these days. If I wanted to text my friends I had to ask my mom to get off the phone so I could dial up online, then if by chance my friend was online as well I could send them a message through AIM.

              • HA! I had the Reebok pumps! My little brother had the pogs. AIM didn’t exist until my 20s though…but I remember calling and bumping my friends off-line and then quickly redialing before they logged back in.

                • you’re a monster Professor.

                • Wow…memories…I had reebok pumps, pogs, and I even remember when slap bracelets were banned at my school because they cut people.

                  • and I’m the monster…

                    @Aaron – this guy turned a slap bracelet into a shiv!

                    • That’s nothing compared to interrupting a friend in the process of downloading a low quality clip of the Pam & Tommy Lee video on dial up. :)

                    • Pixilated porn! The good ol’ days 😀

              • AIM? Hail Hydra! #itsallconnected

                • HA! That’s great! I can’t believe I missed that connection. Well, I can believe that since we’re all incompetent over here at HYDRA HQ.

                  • COBRAAAA!!!!

          • My teenagers age.

    • I’m going to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes this weekend. but I have most on your list already. If you have not seen Edge of Tomorrow, you need to! It’s a great Sci-Fi, and for me it was the same “this is so cool” feeling I had when I first saw “Minority Report”.

      • basically, its between those damn dirty apes and Tom Cruise. The wife said NO! to Snowpiercer. 22 Jump Street looks funny, but it’s not a must-see on the big screen. And even with Dinobots, Transformers is a big NO!!

        • I went and saw Transformers in IMAX just because DoTM was the second (to Avatar) best 3D IMAX (visually speaking only) movie I had seen. I was not disappointed. Ben summed it up perfectly in T4 podcast, that the “Transformers movies have made their own audience” and I am not afraid to admit I’m in that group. But yes all the grips are more than justified.

          I can’t wait to see Apes! I waited until the first one released on Blu-ray before I saw it. After Tim Burton I felt “really, your trying again?” But man was I impressed with that film after seeing it. The acting, drama, pacing, special effects, it had it all.

          • Did you not see Gravity? Avatar and Gravity were two films that were defined by their 3D IMAX experience. Take that away, and they aren’t that spectacular of films.

            But I understand your Transformers argument, I feel as if the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a great 3D IMAX experience even though I know the script had issues.

            • I have not seen Gravity yet. I didn’t go to IMAX for that one because… well… I was scared. The previews I saw gave me so much vertigo I skipped it and still haven’t gotten around to watching it at home. I don’t doubt that it was an experience.

              • There was one scene that really got the butterflies going with motion sickness. But other than that, it was fine. It wasn’t nearly as nauseating as Cloverfield.

                • You guys are wimps. 😛

                  • It’s true!

            • ASM2 was very dissapointing for me even with the 3D… unfortunately the razzle dazzle didn’t manage to distract me or compensate for the flaws…

              • Electro was cool in 3D and the Times Square scene was visually astounding, IMO. And to be fair, I had been drinking. 😉

                • That explains a lot haha

                  Now seriously, the Times Square scene was pretty cool indeed, but I was never on board with the development of Electro (not visually, that was dope). I found it goofy and too cartoonish… It reminded me of Edward Nigma in Batman Forever, which is obviously not meant as a compliment.

                  And don’t get me started on Rhino…

                  • I forgot about Rhino…and I agree about Electro being underdeveloped…and ghost Dennis Leary being silly…and the we’re off again/on again relationship was unnecessary…and the Goblin angle was just thrown in there to move the franchise towards a sinister six film. I know the script was bad. But, I really liked the visuals and special effects. And, it wasn’t nearly as bad as Spider-Man 3…AMENSIA and dancing!

                    • Well, that’s the thing, it felt a lot like: you are gonna get the Sinester Six whether you like it or not, or whether it is the best for the story or not. The movie was clearly a bridge towards the next and they missed a chance imo.

                      On the other hand Spiderman is just the coolest so it always has an appeal. I really like Andrew Gardfield as Peter Parker. Toby Maguire was never convincing for me. I found him dull, boring and nothing like the Peter Parker from the comics. Andrew Gardfield gives the character that spark and live that it needs.

                      I am really rooting for Marvel and Sony reaching an agreement for a crossover. Spiderman in the Avengers would be the boooooomb!!!

                    • I don’t see Kevin Feige giving Avi Arad the proverbial hand job and putting the Sony-owned Spider-Man front and center in the film. And I don’t think Avi Arad will change his stance.

                      But we can all dream.

                    • I know it is a long shoot, but the rumours around this have intensified following the box office numbers of ASM2. Sony is financially in trouble and they were hoping for more.

                      I don’t think it is going to be easy, but it could be in the art of the possible not now but 2-3 years down the line.

                    • Ah and it is also important to remember that while the movie rights belong to Sony, the merchandise belongs to Disney. That’s why you can see Spidey at the Disney stores.

                      So more Spiderman toy sales benefits Disney not Sony. Sony just keeps the box office, so these two studios are closer than it seems despite Feige and Arad relationship.

                    • So, it’s no risk…all reward for Disney? Kids won’t understand that the Spider-Man action figure in the Disney store isn’t related to the Sony movie. They’ll just want the Spider-Man figurine.

                      In my opinion, Sony has everything to gain while Disney has nothing to lose. For this to work, two movie studios will have to put they’re egos aside and that just doesn’t happen in Hollywood. Of course, I have no experience in giant corporations, film marketing, or movie making. So, I’m the last person who should be giving out an opinion on this subject.

                      However, I never thought I’d see any of my favorite characters on the big screen as a child. And now, I’ve had 5 Spider-Man films, an Avengers team-up, a bunch of the X-Men films…so anything is possible. All you have to do is BO-LIEVE! (for all the WWE fans out there)

                    • Not all the reward would be for Disney and that would be precisely the sticky point.

                      Right now on Spiderman movies the split is very clear: box office for Sony and merchandise for Disney.

                      But if you have Spiderman show up in an Avengers movie, the question would be: how do you split the box office? Do they do 50%-50%? two thrids-one third? you could make a case for who is bringing more to the table (i.e. Avengers did $1.5bn and Spiderman never crossed the $1bn).

                      That same question goes to how they split the cost of production of course.

                      Merchandise will surely stay with Disney so nothing to discuss there.

                      I am sure they will be though negotiations, but I think it is doable because it is a win-win. They both would reduce the cost of production by sharing it and the box office numbers would surely rocket in such event. Cost down, income up. It is a no brainer, but greed is always an issue to agree on terms.

                    • Tough negotiations… ains

    • Also, while I’m on the topic of SR movie reviews, would there be any possible way to put the reviewer’s name beside the star rating on the movie review page?

      I know certain reviewers mirror my own tastes more than others. For instance, Kofi reviewed all the movies I posted above except Transformers…that was Ben. So, I know that the 3 1/2 star rating for Edge of Tomorrow and Transformers isn’t the same since each reviewer has their own scale based on their likes. Placing your own ideals and perspective into a review of a film is part of being a critic, and as a reader, it is my duty to know which critic I side with more.

      A lot of times, I’ll go to the movie review page and just look at the star rating, so knowing who rated what without reading the review (not a fan of reading those until I’ve seen the film) would be something I’d appreciate.

      • Second.

      • I am not sure I follow you… I think you already have that. When you click on the review the first thing you see is the “published by” bit and then you just have to scroll down ignoring the text to the see the number of stars.

        I guess you mean on the review section where you just have the pic and the stars.

        • Yep, the review page when you click MOVIE REVIEWS on the menu bar. I go there when I’m going to a movie and look at the number of stars. I rarely read actual reviews before seeing the film. I also avoid watching too many trailers/TV spots and definitely do not read trailer break-down articles. The less I know about a film, the more I enjoy it.

          • Understood, but come on man, then you are just one click away from that “published by” bit. Anyway, of course feel free to ask SR :)

            • That’s what I currently do. I just wanted it to be more “user friendly” and I’m that user…who is lazy. (hence the user name)

    • Yesterday I saw EoT for the second time. Total blast! I like to avoid the crowds, so I’d see it while many will probably be at DotPotA.

      • That was my thought too. I want to see both of those films, but I find the theater with less distractions is easier to immerse myself into that world.

        But my wife really liked Rise of the Planet of the Apes, so I do have to keep her happy too.

      • I’ve seen EoT twice as well. It’s such a fun movie to watch. Definitely worth multiple viewings.

    • Yesterday I saw EoT for the second time. Total blast! I like to avoid the crowds, so I’d see it while many will probably be at DotPotA.

      Have fun!

    • @ Professor,

      I’ve responded to you twice, but my posts aren’t showing up. ???

      Anyway, yesterday I saw EoT for the second time. A total blast! I like to avoid the crowds, so I’d see it while many will probably be at DotPotA.

    • Wow youre way behind
      22 jump street is my favorite movie of the summer so far
      edge of tomorrow is fun
      but Im going to see apes this weekend

      • It’s summer and I’m outside a lot, camping. Plus, we went on a family vacation…and I’m married with kids. So, I only go to the ones that are must-see on the big screen.

        I want to see all of these at some point. It’s a matter of time management and which one I need to see on the big screen.

    • I’ve seen all those except TF4. I would go with DOTPOTA or EoT for sure. DOTPOTA is probably a better movie, more complete with emotional moments and highs and lows and everything, but I found EoT to be a more enjoyable film experience.

      Snowpiercer is awesome but its soooooo different. If you would’ve told me the ending of the movie going in I would not have believed you for a second. It does not play out like a usual summer blockbuster, and I thought that was really cool, but others will probably dislike it for that same reason.

      • I don’t want to discount 22 jump street at all, it was hilariously awesome, but if you only have time for certain movies in theaters, see the popcorn-flicks like DOTPOTA and EoT.

        • That’s my thought too. 😉

      • I really want to see Snowpiercer. It was at 3 AMC theaters around Minneapolis, but now it’s only at one with 2 show times. So, if I don’t go this weekend, I probably won’t get to see it in theaters.

        I’m not sure if I can convince my wife into the Tom Cruise movie. I hope I can. Otherwise, it’s Apes at the bar/theater.

        • Good luck!! You’ll love EoT, but DOTPOTA is awesome too. You can’t go wrong really.

          I had to hunt down Snowpiercer in this one theater in Salt Lake City. I think it’s only going to play there. Maybe it’ll expand later. The Raid 2 did that. But yeah, if you miss it no worries, you can always catch it on bluray.

        • If you have DirecTV, Snowpiercer is available on pay-per-view. I’m planning on watching it sometime this weekend. I already missed seeing it at the one theater that was playing it.

    • Of your first 3, Edge (which I’ve seen) or Apes (which I haven’t seen but I liked Rise).

      Would not see a comedy in the theaters anymore, sometimes the audience laughter helps but it also masks other lines in the movie.

      Of your longshots… TF. The big screen loves Michael Bay.

    • Well, thanks everyone for your input and the decision would have been tough, but I just found out over lunch that our babysitter backed out (damn those in-laws for having a life). So, it looks like no theater experience for me once again this weekend. But, on the plus side, Snowpiercer is available through VOD on Amazon.

  3. So if Superman is killed by Doomsday in BvS, I feel it would give a legit reason for the formation of the JL. Then you can have it all hit the fan when Darkseid invades an there is no Superman. Then in the third act Superman comes back to life to save the day.

    That how I see it playing out if Snyder does go that way.

    • @Aaron, I really doubt they would kill Superman but it could be interesting. If they do, I doubt even more that they would let arguably their biggest character not be in the movie for most of it. Good thing we have quite a few more years to speculate!

      • I doubt and hope Snyder does not go that way as well. I think it would be cool, if they do plan on using Darkseid for JL, to make an adaption to the animated “Superman Batman Apocalypse”. I think that would put a better personal element to the story as apposed to just a “the bad guys invade Earth” plot.

        • Wouldn’t they using Darkseid just look like they are ripping off Marvel movies since most of the movie going audience are not going to be as comic savy?

          • It’s a very legit argument at this point. And that is why I used an “if” with Darkseid. I’m sure their are plenty of story’s that could be drawn up for JL without Darkseid.

  4. Aaron that could work.

  5. I first reported my transplant to SR Open Discussion 3 weeks ago, and here’s my update.

    Today I’m 3 weeks out from my kidney transplant. Things are going well, I’m not suffering most of the nasty side effects the meds can bring, except getting hot and sweaty from even walking my dog. I could be having hand tremors or insane nightmares or mood swings but I’ve lucked out in that department.

    There’s still some pain but it’s getting less and less, and my mobility and recovery are overall ahead of schedule. I can eat what I want, drink however much fluid I want, and I don’t have to go to dialysis anymore. Best of all my brain is working better, with all those toxins that have built up being long ago flushed out of my tissues.

    • Glad to hear you’re recovery is going well. Welcome back!

      • *your – for an English major I make a lot of typos, but this one is unacceptable.

    • Way to go Ken!

    • @Ken:

      Good to hear your recovery is going well.

    • Dialysis is no vacation. I have 2 jobs and then I go to the nocturnal shift for dialysis; it’s really difficult to sleep in that chair. Of course my family hates it because I’m barely home but I have to work more because my wife lost her job. I still haven’t gotten on a transplant list yet but I will.

      • Dialysis sucks, in so many ways. I don’t even bother trying to describe it anymore.

        I did nocturnal for a year, besides being better for you it frees up more time for day activities. But I had to get out of it because I wasn’t sleeping for more than 4 hours, and then had to go to work all day. Sleep deprivation can make a person go nutso.

        Get on that list. I had high antibodies making a match much more difficult, and it still only took a year on the wait list. I procrastinated getting on the list for a long time before that (personal reasons) but I regret that now.

      • Kahless,

        I’m not sure it will work on Klingon biology, but Dr. Leonard McCoy of Starfleet has a pill that can cure your kidneys. He’s a doctor, not a diplomat, so I am sure that he would be willing to share his medicine. :-)

        Seriously though, good luck and I’ll send some good juju out your way.

        • “Dealing with mediaevalism here! Dialysis…Fundiscopic examinations!”

          I need all the juju I can get, so send away. :-)

  6. How can you sleep at night when there is women and children being slaughtered?

    How can you let it happen?

    I live in Asia, i have no power to stop it.

    But you, you live in America. Your country got Israel’s back. United Nations rests in your country.

    Please, please, do something… Stop this genocide. There are little children, pure souls… Innocent. Blown to pieces by explosions and rockets. I beg you my friends, help them, stop it.

    • Melatonin helps, but it’s still difficult.

      I understand your outrage, but a movie site isn’t the proper forum for this particular issue.

    • To be honest there are much worse genocides going on the world, on a much grander scale that no one seems to care about and that would require attention first. What’s going on in Israel and Gaza right now it small time stuff in comparison. How could you sleep with that murder going on for decades?

      Other than that I agree with the Prof. Wrong site to raise that issue.

      • Nobody can change what happen in the past. But people could always change what happen in the now.

        That’s what happen right now. Now. Not yesterday.

    • @ Kirk

      A lot of countries don’t wanna see America be world police, as do I.

  7. Educate myself? And you seem to have a lack sense of humanity.

    That Professor guy is a worth better person than you.

    • No, I’m just not a hypocrite. I care for all people equally, for better or for worse, and don’t try to make people feel guilty on a movie and TV site. I wouldn’t have said anything, hadn’t you pulled that “how can you sleep at night” crap.

      • p.s.: what I’m getting at: when you say that kind of stuff to others, you better be a friggin’ saint who is working for the WHO or UNICEF every waking hour of the day. I highly doubt you are, though…

        • No. I am not working for any god forsaken world caring organization. Damn United Nations hadn’t lift their finger. It is just so saddening to see the news and the footage. It’s 2014 and the whole world was like turning their ears and eyes away. You educated so much can you tell me why is that? Why there is almost no international pressure at all?

          UNICEF cares for children? Tell that to Gaza.

          • Because there is no oil in Israel.

            I know it makes you mad, and the stuff that is going on in the world is maddening indeed, but we are as powerless as you are. The only way to come out safe and sound when you witness insanity every day, while you can’t do anything about it, is turning a blind eye and ear to it. Denial is the cure, in 2014 as in any other year in human history. Whe can’t force our governments to do anything either, because all of us only live in faux democracies.

            I read Homeland Security has ordered 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition, enough to sustain a hot war for 25 years. Looks like the US are more concerned about their own people making trouble (probably rightly so, considering the widening gap between rich and poor) than about what’s going on in the rest of the world.

  8. I just realized that the Edgar Wright “Ant Man” will forever be the memory of what could have been. Just like Edward Norton being in “The Avengers.”