Open Discussion – July 11, 2012

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comic con open discussion Open Discussion   July 11, 2012

Get ready for our uber-Comic-Con coverage from San Diego! Most of our team is there and we’r ready to forego food and sleep to bring you tons of coverage. icon biggrin Open Discussion   July 11, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 11, 2012

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  1. Saw Amazing Spider Man last night in IMAX 3D and I gotta say it was pretty awesome. I dont care about the changes in the origin story or all the little “tweaks”. overall it was a great story and the emphisis on character developement was a huge hit. My only problems i had with it was the end credits extra scene. was that really ELECTRO like everyone was thinking or was it someone more obscure like MEPHISTO?

    • “like MEPHISTO”

      I THINK you meant to say Mysterio, right?

      • Pretty sure he meant Mephisto (one of the Devils in Marvel). Wouldn’t make sense though since there was no mention of the supernatural and the movie was more science based.

        • And I think he’s more of a Thor villain, which means Sony doesn’t own the movie rights.

        • I was going to say it would be impossible anyway because Sony doesn’t own the character BUT they do own Ghost Rider still and that IS part of that franchise. So at the very least they could use Mephisto if they wanted (but I agree it’s highly unlikely)

    • I thought it was great also!! I don’t nessasaraly think that villain was Electro, just because there was lightning dosn’t mean he created it. Then again it very well could be him. I don’t know if I want to see Electro in the movies, because that effect would be hard to pull off and it might look bad/weird.

      • Hollywood pulled that effect off to perfect in Gremlins 2 ;)

        • *perfection (edit button ~ :D )

    • I totally agree I watched TAS in IMAX 3-D at the midnight premier and really liked it. The end credits scene also made me think it may be electro but also thought it might be mysterio by the way he appeared and vanished. My thoughts is maybe Webb is building up for a showdown with the sinister six. I think that would be epic for the 3rd spidey film.

      • I watched TAS last night and I really hope the next villain is Mysterio I’ve been wanting to see how they would adapt him to the big screen

  2. my money’s been on mysterio since i saw the movie on the fourth. the eccentric mannerisms including the man’s cackle of a laugh, and the fact that he seems to vanish in and out of the cell made up my mind. i may be wrong, though.

    • That is defiantly a possibility, and a showdown between Spiderman and Mysterio would be awesome!!

      • I have to say I’d love to see Mysterio on the big screen.

        • That guy seemed pretty old for Mysterio, but then again he is a master of special effects. Maybe that was suppose to be the Chameleon in the form of Norman Osborn.

        • I agree, Mysterio would be an awesome villain to bring to life on the silver screen.

    • Didn’t Webb say that Mysterio is one of his favorite villians?

      • Mysterio would be awesome to see yet so would electro and I’d love a scorpion appearance.

        And of course venom done right.

    • But how would Mysterio walk through a wall? He creates illusions but doesn’t have any power. And what connection would he have with Connors, or Oscorp that he’s THAT involved to know about Peter and his parents?

      My guess would be Osborn, or more likely some Osborn servant or muscle who maybe isn’t from the comics. Electro is a sensible guess too, and I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t be older.

      Or it’s the guy who shot Uncle Ben, Joe Chill.

      • How? Easy, they just do what they did for TASM and ignore/twist things to their own ends. So they just “give” Mysterio the ability to teleport. They just make it stolen Oscorp tech again like everything else.

  3. The international trailer for ‘Gangster Squad’ dropped.


  4. Ben, kofi, Rob and Anthony,

    Hey guys just wanna say that I absolutely love the screenrant underground podcast!! I’ve only just started listening to them with the avengers one a while back but they are great! I love hearing the banter from you guys as well as your insights on movies. You Guys have great chemistry to listen to. Good work guys keep them coming and have fun at comic con

    • I started with that episode too. Afterwards, I went back and listened to the episodes with movies I saw in the theater. Now, I listen on a weekly basis. I listen to a lot of different podcasts and the mighty avenger is right about your chemistry. It makes it fun to listen to. The only thing that I’d prefer is if the Underground was available on the Zune marketplace, so I could download each episode to my phone. (not your fault…mine for getting a #^@$!*& Windows phone)

      • Where can you down load them?

        • iTunes or search Screen Rant Underground here on the site.
          I’ve listened to almost all of them and it’s always a good time…

          • Thanks! Listening to the Avengers one now, have others in waiting.

      • I agree I never miss a episode now. The amazing spiderman one was awesome too. They shared similar opinions as me.

        • Thanks, guys! Glad you enjoy them. :-D


      • I’ve actually submitted the show to the Zune Marketplace but never followed up. Once we’re back from SDCC, I’ll check in with them.


    • They are pretty awesome.
      I usually only listen to the podcasts that feature movies that I’ve seen though, but lately I’ve been listening a bit more regularly…

    • Thanks Mighty Avenger! Glad you’re enjoying the show!

  5. How this for the trilogy?

    The Amazing Spider-Man

    The Spectacular Spider-Man

    The Astonishing Spider-Man

    • I really believe it’s going to be TASM 2. They need to save some for when they reboot in 10 years.

      • Just doesn’t sound great does it…

        The Amazing Spider-Man…2

        • “Amazing Spider-man: 2 da max!”

        • Good point. They could make it ASM with a smaller 2 above right to the “Man.” Like it’s “Amazing…squared.”

        • How about going back to the 50′s and just do……

          “Spider-man vs (insert villain name here)”

    • The Great and Powerful Spiderman…

      No, that would be Oz. How about…

      The Wonderfully Magnificent and Stupendous Spiderman?

      That’s the ticket!

    • The Arachknight.

    • And don’t forget “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man: Spidey in da hood!.”

    • Web of Spider-Man.

      And it would be cool if they built up to “Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man!”

    • Peter Porker and the Amazing Spider-Ham

      • Sony’s gonna use every part of this “pig.”


    The villain Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in Star Trek II is, in fact…

    a slimmed-down Newman from Seinfeld who delivers intergalactic mail but goes postal.

  7. Hoping we get the first Superman trailer (most likely a teaser) at Comic Con and any news about the Justice League movie and how they will go about it. I personally hope they go the marvel cinematic universe route and give the superhero individual movies.

    I think they will reveal the next Marvel movies officially, I want it to be Guardians Of The Galaxy and either Doctor Strange or The Hulk. They can save Antman and Ultron for the third phase of the Avengers, we have Thanos as the villain now.

    I have no doubt that Sony and Marvel/Disney will come to an agreement to get Spiderman involved in Avengers sometime but i dont think they would say anything this year, i think it would be awesome to get Amazing Spiderman into the marvel universe, if 1 and a half billion at the box office doesn’t convince you nothing will.

    • iAgree that DC should take the Marvel route and start with individual movies first, such as the Flash and Wonder Woman. If they immediately start with Justice League, I’m worried most of the movie will be spent just introducing the characters.

      I’m pretty sure Guardians of the Galaxy is nearly set in stone (iPersonally am not that excited), but I’m not too sure on another Hulk movie and Dr. Strange. With the phase 2 avenger movies, iBelieve they should take this opportunity to introduce more members, such as the Back Panther.

      • @Jokerz

        Yes and thats why I think DC should do a JL movie trilogy like LotR, filmed back-to-back-to-back. By setting the movie as one story, split into three films you get all the characterization needed with no rush or anti-climatic endings. The best thing, is that allows for a truly memorbale antagonist.

    • Thanos in Avengers 2 would leave us with no climax for 3. Once you have introduced the top bad guy, it’s all downhill from there.

      No, they need to keep building the anticipation in Avengers 2 and GotG and THEN hit us with full Thanos in Avengers 3.

      • thanos is already involved. have you seen the avengers.

        • You aren’t getting it. Change the word “introduced” in my post with “used” if that makes it more clear.

  8. I’m so looking forward to the Firefly panel at ComicCon (at least reading about it).

    It will be great to see the crew back together (at least some anyways).

    I KNOW that they aren’t going to be bringing it back. But I can’t help but have this small sliver of hope that just maybe Serenity just might make another appearance. My inner geek can’t help it.

    Either way “…I don’t care, I’m still free, you can’t take the sky from me!”

    • Concur with you wholeheartedly. Now that Joss Whedon has more clout and money, I don’t see why he couldn’t push for a sequel to Serenity. Would love to see the crew in action again, particulary Captain Malcolm Reynolds and River Tam. They are still young enough to reprise their roles, so I hope they do it!

    • Wouldn’t it be the most awesome thing ever if Whedon announces that Serenity 2 is in the works! ;)
      I know it probably won’t happen, but a geek can dream can’t he?

      • I have to admit I’ve thought about it a couple of times and that would be something special.
        Can you imagine the reaction of that at Comic-Con? They’d have to have paramedics on hand because people would be freaking out and passing out like teenagers at a Justin Beber concert. :)
        Then once the news broke the web would shut down. It would be crazy…
        Now that I think about it, I have my 1st idea for a movie. It would Chronicle the 24hrs after Serenity 2 is announced. :)

  9. Hey gang,

    If any of you are going to be at Comic-Con this week, we’re having a meet-up on Friday night at 10P PM. We would LOVE to get together with you!

    Details here:


    • Would love to Vic, but can’t be there … unless Screenrant needs a professional photographer? WInk Wink Hint Hint … HIRE ME ALREADY!!!!! :)

    • Would love to Vic, but I’m on the East Coast, so it’s a no-can-do for me. Can’t wait to hear about it, though, especially any news about The Hobbit and the Firefly/Serenity reunion (and hopefully sequel).

  10. @DrSamBeckett:
    Here’s some good news for you…
    Zimmer says he’ll be doing a more original score for MoS – and not like his score for the Dark Knight movies.
    He also acknowledges John Williams’ work and talks a little bit about what he (Zimmer) thinks of him (Williams).

    • Cool. I hope they find a way to include Williams score, like they did with the new Star Trek, it would be nice.

      By the way, trailer will be out very very soon. As in the next few days!

  11. in case you guys couldnt figure out what to buy me for Christmas…..

  12. Been catching up on movies I missed in theaters:

    1. Chronicle – I thought the shaky camera style would be hard to watch, but it wasn’t an issue, and I thought the movie was great. I heard a rumor a sequel is planned. I don’t see why.

    2. Tron: Legacy – I enjoyed it, especially seeing Flynn’s Arcade come to life again. The visuals were fun to watch; I imagine they would have looked much cooler on the big screen. I found the first movie on VHS at a yard sale for a quarter, so I’d like to watch them in order now.

    3. The Adventures of Tin Tin – Watched this with the family, and we had a lot of fun. The animation, characters, and the mystery kept us all entertained. We watched the special features, and I enjoyed seeing Peter Jackson as Captain Haddock. It would have been great to see him play the part in a live-action version.

    • Ah, I believe that was Andi Serkis playing Captain Haddock, not Peter Jackson. Jackson co-directed the film with Steven Spielberg. I agree with you, though…it was an excellent movie.

    • Oh, I get what you mean now. Yes, Jackson did a little “cameo” as Captain Haddock.