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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 10, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 10, 2013

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  1. 1 day 9 hours 41 minutes until the 7:00 showing op P Rim

    • I’ll be watching PR on opening day as well.

    • YESSSSSS! Watching it in IMAX! If only the theater had Lux seats….

  2. Here’s to no drama in todays Open Discussion.

    • @ Leathercheerio

      + 1,000,000

      • I’m timing your posts. :|

    • @ Sonny

      That’s Nam-Ek. You can learn more about him in the prequel comic.

      • ^^ that’s weird, not what I meant to do.

        But yeah, no drama… and perhaps not bringing up some drama related things might be a good idea too, eh?

        • @ Dr. M


          • *proper bow*

    • Guess this is a bad time to say.

      I have completed my Secret Lair.

      I have implemented my plan for world domination. By infusing the feed for cows with a mind controlling chemical, that is activated upon cooking or pasteurization.

      I have implanted tiny nano robots into the minds of every bovine in the world.

      My Battle Armor is complete.

      My Mignons are ready.


      • @ Jeff W

        Just be careful. FOX hired me to do something similar with raccoons, in what was supposed to be a false-flag attack against Disney.

        3 months later and we are still cleaning up garbage-pail-pickings all over Cobra Command Center.

        • @Dr.Mindbender.

          See, that is the beauty of my cows.

          They will drop, but it it will grow plants, flowers and what not.

          Taking over the World, in a Environmentally friendly way.

      • That’s OK. I’ll just hit them with an EMP before grilling them. :-D

        • @Kahless.

          Wont work!

          As an EMP wont work…I have shielded them with Brillantium! (My own design…Patent pending.) IMPERVIOUS TO EMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @leathercheerio no doubt, sir. I like to be positive.

  3. Anyone have any experience with Sideshow Collectibles/Hot Toys related products?

    Are they really as good as they appear to be?

    • I’ve bought many things from them, and yes, they are very high quality. Kind of stuff that when your friends come over will make them insanely jealous. :)

      • Thanks, Vic!

        Yeah, I think I’m going to jump off the deep end here, and make a purchase. Better start saving those pennies, I guess!

  4. I’m just curious, but would anybody be interested in a reboot of the old sci-fi character Buck Rogers?

    I’m not talking about a campy, silly reboot, but a genuine serious reboot. It wouldn’t be like the old TV show with Gil Greard, although that was fun, but a genuine reboot.

    I wouldn’t want it on the Sci-Fi channel, I’m talking about a motion picture. If think it would be cool.

    The problems however, are that the space/Sci-Fi genre is so full already, especially with the new Starw Wars movies coming, etc. that I don’t k ow if there is room for a new Buck. Who would play him is another question.

    The other show I would like to see rebooted into a movie would be Space:1999, updated of course to a future date.

    Anybody have any thoughts on Buck Rogers, or any old Sci-Fi shows you would like rebooted?

    • I just want some recent shows to come back, like:

      Stargate Universe (can someone Kickstarter that?)
      Sarah Connor Chronicles
      Lost (with a proper ending) :)

      As for old shows, Buck Rogers would be interesting. Haven’t there been some movies that have dealt with the same type of story (like Demolition Man)?

      As for Space 2999, isn’t that just similar to Star Trek Voyager and the aforementioned Stargate Universe?

      I think any old show/movie can be rebooted into a movie, heck, they rebooted Lost in Space and Total Recall (which I actually liked). How about Logan’s Run?

      • Yes to Logan’s Run.

        Ken Levine of Bio Shock fame is now involved in the script. If you’re a fan of the game, then it might be of interest to you.

      • +10 million for Sarah Connor Chronicles. I loved that show. It really meant a lot to me.

      • @bignerd – I just listened to How Did This Get Made’s podcast about Demolition Man. It was pretty great…the podcast I mean.

        As for television revivals. I’d like to see Wild Wild West (nothing to do with Will Smith’s version of James West) return to television…or at least bring back something similar like the Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.

        As well as Reaper and the Good Guys. And the usual suspects of Firefly and Jericho.

      • With you on The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I recently watched both seasons for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by how well written and acted it was. The season two finale took it in a very intriguing direction, and we never really found out what Catherine Weaver’s true agenda was (not to mention Shirley Manson wore some damn fine outfits as well… :-) ).

        You’re right, Voyager and SGU had much the same Lost In Space setup as Space: 1999. New BSG too, to a certain extent, and Ronald D Moore was certainly inspired by the idea that Moonbase Alpha was being guided by some unknown force, possibly God (although that was only touched on a couple of times in the first season and completely abandoned by the disastrous season two).

    • Absolutely.

    • Not sure about Buck Rogers. You could say that Farscape already updated the “contemporary Earthman in futuristic world” scenario, but that was ten years ago now. So many different directions to go in. There’s a new four-part Buck Rogers comic book coming out from Howard Chaykin that looks like he’s gone back to basics with the concept: as with the original newspaper strip, Rogers fought in WW1, and by the 25th century the US has been conquered by China. Could be interesting.

      Archaia has just put out an excellent Space: 1999 graphic novel called “Aftershock And Awe”, the first half adapting the original “Breakaway” episode, the second set on Earth showing the cataclysmic effects of the Moon leaving orbit. By 2012 the remaining population is living in a few protective domed cities. It also makes a point of being set in a similar kind of alternative universe to Stephen Baxter’s “Voyage”, where Kennedy wasn’t assassinated and the manned space program never wound down.

      So it could still work as a period piece. Whatever the case, just keep the Eagles exactly how they are!

      • @ the big dentist

        Good info, thanks.

        Absolutely keep the Eagles the way they were!! One of my favorite spaceships ever, but not as cool as a Starbird. :)

        • Had to google that one, I’m ashamed to say – nice, kind of a Y-Wing look to it!

    • I was kinda hoping Star Lord in GOTG was gonna be like Buck Rogers. (The 70′s tv show version, because that’s what I’m most familiar wth.)

    • I would be down for a Duck Dodgers reboot…

      • that’s quacktastic

      • In the 25 1/2 Century? :-)

        • Why are you posting on an old OD? Is the age kicking in? LOL JK

          • I can say the same thing about you. :-D

            You know what they say, memory is the 2nd thing to go. I can’t remember what the first thing is. :-P

  5. I hope Vin Diesel doesn’t get a Marvel role, I am not a fan. I hope The Wolverine is as good as that fight scene looked, and I hope Idris Elba is somehow able to kickstart his career into high gear. I think he would make a great 007. I am really anticipating Bond 24 and 25 for their story arc. I hope they wrap up the Quantum conundrum. (ha) The organization had (has) so much potential as a central antagonist, but QoS was terrible (save for Jack White, imo.) I hope they can wrap up that storyline. I may be a little bit of a Nolanite, but if he did his one little trilogy after Craig a la Batman, that would be great. The zero gravity fight scene in Inception reminded me of 007. I would love to see Bond a little bit more grounded, like he was in Casino Royale. My prerequisites for this Nolan trilogy would be that 007 would have to be Tom Hardy, and Michael Caine would be in some capacity, like an MI-6 official. Maybe JGL or Jeremy Renner could appear as a CIA operative, like the American answer to 007. This trilogy would also be in its own little universe and canon, too, and that should be stated right off the bat, so the series could return to its over-the-top roots afterwards with no problems. This is just my pipe dream, however. If that doesn’t happen, go with Elba.

    • What spandex would Vin play? The only Marvel character I can think of that looks like him is Absorbing Man.

      I think The Rock would make a great Luke Cage/Power Man.

      • @ Big Nerd

        I like the Rock, and think he’s better than Diesel, IMO. I can see using Diesel’s voice for a character, just not his acting.

        Groot comes to mind for Diesel.

        Great call on the Rock for Luke Cage.
        I think the Rock would fit in well in a CBM.

        • Woudn’t Diesel be the absolute perfect Absorbing Man?

          • Yeah… The Rock is half black/half Samoan. I think he would make a great Luke Cage.

      • No to Vin Diesel in a Marvel movie (any CBM imo) and a big NO to The Rock as Luke Cage (Luke Cage is supposed to be African American)

        Terry Crews would have made a good Cage in his younger years, but sadly that time has passed :(

        • @The Avenger:

          The Rock is half African American.

          If you’ve seen the recent bald versions of Luke Cage, almost a dead ringer for the Rock.

          But Terry Crews would also be a great pick (I wish Crews had become a big comedy/action star like Arnold, he’s hilarious).

        • Why are you so against Vin getting a part in the MCU? You never know, maybe it’ll cascade him into a better actor when he know’s who he’s up against (RDJ, Sam Jackson, Robert Red, Glenn Close, Benicio Del, Chris Pratt, Tom Hiddleson, Anthony Hopskins, ect…)

          You never know.

          But as it stands right now, Marvel wants him (and he um.. ‘needs’ them), there’s nothing anyone can do about it now, even if you don’t want him in the MCU. A deal is bound to be made with them at some time in the future, or maybe a deal has already been struck, and his inclusion will be announced at SSCC.

          • IMO he’s just a horrible actor. Besides, I can’t think of a single comic book character he’d be right for.

            As for The Rock, he would make a great Lobo, but he’s wrong for the part of Luke Cage imo.

            • I think he’s a pretty great actor. It’s just that the films he’s in that make money don’t really stretch his abilities. Check out “Find me guilty”, he’s got a lot of charisma in that.

              Also, I heard he’s not taking any payment for the new “Riddick” movie. He’s doing it because he loves the character and wants to give the Riddick fans a new film. For any hollywood star to refuse a big paycheck to allow a film to be made is cool in my book.

              • Being a nice/cool guy isn’t the same as being a good actor though.

                I really like Vin Diesel as an action star. He’s very charismatic and he seems like an all-round nice guy, but some actors just don’t “fit” with certain genres imo.

                I wouldn’t want Steve Carell playing Zemo in a Captain America movie, and I wouldn’t want Arnold Schwarzenegger playing… oh, let’s say Mr Freeze ;)

                • Although I agree with what you are saying… that certain people just don’t seem right for certain roles… BUT if we all judged that way, we wouldn’t have certain characters right now.

                  Who would want to hire a drug addict loser like Robert Downey Jr to play a genius playboy?

                  Why would you pick a broadway singing aussie to play the toughest mutant Marvel has (Wolverine)?

                  Or a brittle frail old man (Ian Mckellen) to play Marvel’s greatest/strongest villain?

                  Surfer to play Thor? Heath Ledger to play Joker? Really?

                  We wouldn’t have much of a universe if we all thought that way.

                  • Actually, I was fine with all those casting choices – aside from Heath Ledger (who’s performance, I think it’s safe to say, surprised EVERYONE).

                • @the Avenger – What? Arnold looks like a scientist. We learned that in Junior. Why couldn’t he play the role of Dr. Victor Fries?

                  @Cheerio – Sir Ian Mckellen did a fine job, but I still think that wasn’t the best casting (on looks alone). Magneto should be a chiseled man with long silver hair….like a Clooney or a Steven Lang…not an old man playing chess in the park.

                  But now we have Fassbender, so all is forgiven…for now.

      • I would not Vin in one Marvel role. Black Bolt. figure that one out.

      • I would not mind Vin in one Marvel role, Black Bolt. figure that one out.

        • But Black Bolt doesn’t talk.

          (slaps head)

          Ah, I got ya! :-D

    • @1015

      I’m still holding out hope that he is Vision. That kind of role would be perfect for him:

      Marvel: Vin, can you act like a robot?

      Vin: ….

      Marvel: WOW! THAT’S FANTASTIC!!!

      Vin: Huh? What? Oh, were you guys talking to me?

      • @MindBender:

        Ahh… the Vision is actually a good choice for Vin (the Vinsion).

        Maybe start him off as Wonder Man (and the rest is history).

        • The timing though… smart money is that he has something to do with Guardians of the Galaxy.

        • @ BigNerd

          I agree about Vin being Vision. Only maybe just have him built by Ultron.

  6. I loved both shows as a kid (Buck and Space 1999), but I don’t think there’s enough interest in them right now to make them into full blown movie productions.

    Reboot them for television? Sure. FYI, Space 2099 is currently in the works (google it for more info.). They attempted to bring back Buck Rogers (starring Gil and Erin from the TV show as Buck’s parents) as a fan made production (ala Star Trek Phase 2), but it failed to get off the ground.

    • I guess any old show that had some success past one season will eventually be considered for a reboot to TV or film.

      I want to see $6mil Dollar Man come back (not that subpar Bionic Woman), but I guess it would be $6bil Dollar Man.

      Love Boat anyone? Heh.

      • Actually, with inflation, the $6 million dollar man is now the $34.8 million dollar man. ;)

  7. LOL 6 billion dollar man! I like it, although should it be serious or just a comedy?

    So many old shows to pick from: Street Hawk, Airwolf, Automan, etc.

    • @chetc:

      I would like to see it a bit more humorous (it did have some light parts) but the Steve Austin purists would probably be screaming “Blasphemy!”.

      I guess Jake 2.0 was similar (even had a Lee Majors episode) and even Chuck, but I would like to go back to more mechanical implants (I think even the Bionic Woman reboot used nanobots). Keeping him mostly human would be better than giving him super nanites that healed his injuies (Revolution?).

      Austin should be an air force pilot recruited to the FBI or CIA who almost gets killed on his first big assignment. Think 007 but US-based and you can even have a Q-like Dr. Rudy Wells who gives Austin different bionic upgrades based on the mission. And of course, the big bads will include Fembots and we have to see Bigfoot in at least one episode (hence why it should have a comedic slant).

      Google tells me there is a Kevin Smith comic called The Bionic Man which has a humorous slant… I guess I’ll check that out.

      • @BigNerd,

        Agreed that it should be more humorous (since the original wasn’t that serious to begin with).

        Bigfoot! My recollection may be foggy, but I do recall that Bigfoot made an appearance on that TV show. Good catch!

        Finally, thanks for the heads up on the Kevin Smith comic book. There’s a free preview available on Comixology, if you want to check it out before committing any funds to it.

      • @Big Nerd.

        Actually, Six Million dollar man, is one of those shows that was campy to begin with.

        To make it today, would probably be more serious.

  8. Watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night. It’s a lot funnier than I expected, and weirdly, RDJ wasn’t the funniest guy in the movie! That honor goes to Val Kilmer – the guy really surprised me.

    It does take a while for the movie to get traction though, and at times the pacing was off, but other than that, it was great! Definitely one of my favorite buddy-cop movies now.

    • It is a fantastic film, and I just CANT see the mis-step that Shane took with Iron Man Three. Don’t get me wrong, the film itself is good fun, but it doesn’t envoke the drama that Iron Man had. The writers of the first Iron Man move are virtually unknowns, and made an amazing script.

      I don’t know how people see Shane’s complete disregard (but homage) to the first 2 Iron Man films as anything other than a joke.

      From my knowledge, and viewership of the film multiple times (and when I mean multiple, I mean 6-10 times) It seems as though the film sets out to show Tony isn’t just a man in a can, and that people from his past could really bite him in the butt because of the alliances and playboy in him made him have ‘demons’.

      Just my thought on the matter, nothing solid.

      But as it stands, the film isn’t terrible, it’s no Green Lantern, or early Batman Forever. It’s a solid piece of cinema.

      But, can someone explain to me what Killian’s motives were, and what his ultimate goal was?

      • @Nick:

        “But, can someone explain to me what Killian’s motives were, and what his ultimate goal was?”

        Yeah, to me, it seemed like he just wanted to get into Pepper’s Potts. :)

        Seriously though, I think it was explained that Killian wanted to control the US through the VP.

        • @ Big Nerd

          I think you’re right, he wanted control. His flirting with Pepper was just to dig at Tony.

          Although I liked IM3, there was a lot wrong with it that I didn’t care for; a fire breathing Killian was just one of them.

          • As for the fire breathing, that was actually a nod to Extremis in the comics.

            They could have left it out, but you know how everyone loves Easter eggs.

            • @ Big Nerd

              Right, but to the general audience, I think it came across as silly/far fetched.

              I will say though, I did enjoy Guy Pearce’s performance over all. He’s a good actor IMO.

            • Mr. Black picked the stupidest thing of the Extremis arc to emulate. It was supposed to deal with trans-humanism and how far could Tony go before he ceased to be human. Where does the man begin and machine end? It barely touched on this and then subverted it completely by having him remove the arc reactor. It was all terribly executed. “I Am Iron Man!” LOL. Same for Demon in a Bottle. Favreau wanted to get deeper into the alcoholism angle, but Disney made him pull punches for the kids. I understand accessibility, but dumbing down classics to the point where they’re unrecognizable is messed up. Better to just come up with original stories. I think the execs are giving kids less credit than they deserve.

              • The Disney merger happened after Iron Man 2. Paramount was distributing at the time.

                • Thanks for the heads up.

              • @ Naledge

                While I do think the majority of IM3′ s problems lie at the feet of Shane Black, it does take a special or diffrent kind of director to make a good CBM. As popular as the genre is, the pool of directors that can pull off a good CBM seem to be relatively small.

                It just didn’t seem that Black had a firm grasp of the material or the characters to me, and in the end, did or made what he knew best. I would not want to see him do another CBM in the future.

          • @ Stark

            I understood why, but hated what they did with the Manderin.

            • @ Wally West

              While I didn’t hate it, it was a bit strange to me. Other things about it bothered me more.

        • It’s kind of ironic if you think about it: in their efforts to prevent from using a stereotypical villain (The Mandarin being an evil Asian guy with magical powers), they went with a male Caucasian mad scientist who wants to take over the world


      • @ Nick

        One of things that really, really bugs me about IM 3 is that I interpreted a pretty deep and profound message in the movie that I still haven’t seen brought up, perhaps because this sort of thing is best not brought up but at least acknowledged.

        On that note, this is as much as I’ll get into it-

        Did anyone else pick up on the whole “Sell the world a terrorist who actually isn’t the real terrorist, he’s just a diversion” message?

        Now take a look at who this Mandarin closely resembles…

        • OMG…he looked like Mahatma Gandhi

          • :D

        • Well It was hardly subtle. Pretty hard to miss, but didn’t do the movie any favours IMO. Yet another waste of Ben Kingsley’s talents.

      • @ Nick

        By example like Edward Nygma from Batman Forever,i think his motive/goal was to have Tony to give him the time & money needed for him to show what his extremis tech. can do.Tony of-course was distracted to not wanna talk business & thought maybe the guy was a lost cause. Killian may of been attracted to Pepper, but I doubt he cared for her that much knowing what he did to her to get at Tony.

    • I love that movie and all of Shane Black’s work. It’s genius.

  9. Who’s the massive guy who beats the crap out of Kal? Never got his name.

    • Uh, Zod?

      • Nope. The really big guy who tag teams with Faora.

    • @ Sonny

      That’s Nam-Ek. You can learn more about him in the prequel comic.

      • Thanks Doc:)

      • Just looked this up, but Nam-ek, in the film, was a CGI creation.

        I always assumed it was just some 7 foot guy they found some where, but IMDB doesn’t list an actor attached to the role.

        • If it was some 7 foot guy they just found somewhere we would still be reading about it.

      • I believe Nam-ek is also supposed to be the reboot of Non (from Superman II).

        Comic lore is sketchy on this because the comic Nam-ek is nothing like the MoS one, and he seems more like Non from Supes II (a violent silent giant).

  10. I have tickets to see Doug Benson’s podcast Doug Loves Movies this Friday, but I also wanted to see Pacific Rim. I don’t think the wife will go to a late showing of Pac Rim after Doug…

    now this should have been the plot to The Dilemma

    • @ professor

      Making the wife happy is always the smart move, PR will be there on Saturday. :)

      • yes, but the sitter won’t. Either way, I’ll disappoint the wife…forcing her to go to a late movie or leaving her alone with the kids the next day. Which one is worse? :)

        • if you can, get another sitter for Saturday, and take her with you. It’s only for a couple hours.

          • I wish it was that easy. The sitter is the kids grandparents. My wife won’t hire an actual babysitter. Finding daycare during the work week was so extremely difficult. She’s a bit overprotective. So, if I want a night out, I need my wife’s parents to be available too (my family lives two states away)…and her parents are very social people. I saw Man of Steel on a Monday night because that was the only day grandma was available for a three week stretch :) I still haven’t seen Star Trek because our schedules never worked out (#2 on my top 5 to see this year on my blog).

            The Dilemma! :)

            • That’s why a theater that has a childcare room would make so much money.

              If Ikea and Living Spaces (local furniture stores) can do it for free, why not a movie theater that charges for the service?

              • Genius idea! Still wouldn’t fly in my household, but it could help so many others. Not to mention all the people who drag their kids to movies that they shouldn’t be at.

                I saw a 3 year old at the Expendables 2. Seriously…WTH

                • Yeah… there was a 6-mo old at our viewing of Despicable Me 2. The mom would occasionally have to leave because he/she was crying.

                  Our local homeowner associations has Parent Night’s Off two Saturdays a month where you can drop off your 3-12 year old from 6p-11p (for a fee). We used it once and it worked out okay. A local gymnastics center also offers a similar service two Fridays a month (the kids are tired by the time we pick them up). Both places feed them (usually pizza) and runs about $25 for the 1st and more than half off for siblings.

                  It’s tough with kids, that’s why most of the movies we ever go to the theaters for are G or PG. Rated Rs are DVD/Netflix and after 10pm. :)

                  • Yep, very tough. Last year was the first time I saw more children’s movies in the theater than movies that I wanted to see (I didn’t say adult movies because that sounds like pornography)

                    After 10….the movie better catch my interest quickly, otherwise I’m falling asleep ;)

                • @ Big Nerd

                  that is a great idea!!

                  I love kids, but they just don’t belong everywhere, especially at the show watching EX 2!!!! Holy Cow!!

                  @ professor

                  You have a real problem there. My best advice, ask your wife what she wants to do,and go with that. At least you cant be blamed for making the wrong choice! :)

                  • Tony, you’re not married are you? She’d blame me for going along with her choice instead of voicing another option. ;)

                    As Rube said in Major League 2:
                    Women. Can’t live without them, and they can’t pee standing up

                    • @ Prof

                      Ive said that line more than once,lol.

                    • @ Professor

                      Wow, was it that obvious? :)

                      No, I’m not. I do have a longtime girlfriend however that I am very commited to, but the thought of marriage kind of makes me nauseous. Well, actually, it makes me outright sick; I don’t even like going to other peoples weddings, they remind me of funereals, something is coming to an end at both.

                      But still, if she makes the choice, how can you be blamed? It seems logical, but then again logic and women don’t mix well do they? :)

                    • Stark, now, you’re getting it! I cannot confirm or deny that allegation.

    • Aren’t you the king of your castle?! What kind of man are you?! Grow some….(SMACK)

      Oh, honey, I didn’t know you were home. It’s OK; me and the Professor always joke around like this. Dinner will be ready soon.

      (wife leaving)

      Grow some…well, those things that make you male.


      • :D I don’t need to grow any…my wife keeps mine secure in her purse. ;) BTW, your wife sounds lovely.

        • She is a b…(wife frowning)…lovely…beautiful…person. I could not exist without her. (wife walking out door) Could someone locate my mancard, please. :-P

  11. On the topic of reboots, will we ever see one for Star Trek Next Generation?

    I assume it will have to be after the Star Trek run is done (maybe after the 3rd since trilogies are so vogue, and then if JJ is still attached, after Star Wars 7-9).

    Who would you recast as Picard, Riker, Data, Troi, Dr. Crusher, Wesley Crusher, Worf and LaForge?

    JJ should just combo it… Star Wars: The Next Generation.

    • I want one so bad its not even funny. Either on film with the new canon or just a reboot of the TV series since they are in fact 2 separate things. Thank you CBS. As far as casting… Lets have Tom Hardy reprise his role as Picards clone, this time just play Picard lol. I’d have to do a lot of thinking for this though. Never thought of a reboot cast.

    • @BigNerd:

      Funnily enough, Screen Junkies did a video for your exact question. Check it out:

  12. Gawd, I hope not. Will we then see a reboot of DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, etc.?

    Focus on making the current Star Trek the best it can be. In my mind, they’ve still got ways to go before I consider it better than the prime universe with the original cast.

  13. okay, I’m a newbie here and haven’t been thru a lot of Comics but I love the Superhero Genre and Scranting is One of the best Things. now, Three Things I need to know,
    1. Where was Dev-Em in the Man of Steel? Was he one of Two Guys, Jor-El killed in d starting?
    2. Kal-El was First Spotted on a Real Life Vessel named ‘Debbie Sue’. A Google Search on Debbie Sue gets Us to Susan ‘Sue’ Dearbon Dibny, Elongated Man’s Love Interest. Its too much to ask for, but Can it be a Reference to Another DC Character? I’m just Speculating.
    3. Finally, With “Keep Calm and Call Batman” Sign-Board in One of d End-Scenes, doesn’t it Imply ‘The-ManOfSteel-Universe’ is already in terms wid The Caped Vigilante Batman? And, Where was he then when Zod came to Earth?
    Ohh man..I sooo wanna See Batman and Superman on screen Together!! :D

  14. So I just read the article about Arrow being super stoked and excited in regards to wanting to play a role in a JL movie. I think that’s awesome. His character would fit right in. The only thing now is to reference the events of MoS into the series. Either they start that now in season 2 or they wait until the near end or start of season 3. Arrow could evolve and expand a bit more as well later in the series to fit more characters and heroes of the DC universe. What are your guys thoughts?

    • I agree, he would fit right in with WB/DC’s darker tone, but as to how the events of MoS would play into that, hmmmm, good question.

      They can’t be separate if it’s the same universe, so the first contact aspect of MoS would need to show up in Arrow I guess. That would blow the ” no superpowers” rule for Arrow right out of the water.

      Once that cat is out of the bag, anything would go on Arrow. I think WB/DC would run into the same problem of having grounded realisim in a comic book world that they’re facing now in some aspects.

      • What problems are they having, I don’t see any problems? Anyway, Arrow can’t fit with MoS or the expanded DC universe. There are no superpowers. Also, I do not see a TV show fitting into a cinematic universe hand in hand. It’s too much of a jump to make. Low budget to extremely high budget, that sorta thing.

        • …but isn’t that the whole point of the S.H.I.E.L.D. show coming up soon?

          • Yeah…. but that’s Disney, the company that spent $400 million for the rights to star wars, and SHIELD is being made specifically for the purpose of introducing characters to the movies. Arrow is not a bridge for the DC universe, it is a TV show based off a character from DC.

            • not $400,000,000. $4,000,000,000. billion. [name that film] “That’s nine zeros son.”

        • Correct. There wasn’t any superpowers before MoS. This is post MoS. All bets are off now.

          In regards to budget… if Smallville can pull off 10 seasons, and they could’ve gone longer but chose not to, then I think Arrow can do just fine.

      • “That would blow the ” no superpowers” rule for Arrow right out of the water.”

        Seriously… why does everyone keep bringing this up? This isn’t against you personally Stark, but where the fudge is the rule book that was established for this TV series and where is the clause that says none of these things can be changed or else penalized in death?

  15. Man the Entertainment weekly cover showing Jamie foxx as Electro looks sick! Can’t wait for Amazing Spiderman 2.

  16. Anyone gonna see the new Robocop film? I think i’ll pass. The way he looks is someone in costume. Peter Weller’s Robocop looked more like a cyborg built. Peter even moved as if he would be a cyborg. This new Robocop looks as if it should go up against the Terminator from comics & games.

    • @Wally West,

      Regarding the new Robocop, I’ll watch it, as I absolutely loved the original, and want to see how they interpret the character this time around for modern audiences. As with most films, the 1st one was simply the best, with the rest of the line up (ie. 2, 3, TV series) getting progressively worse and worse as time went on.

      I don’t expect much from it, but I hope to be surprised by the outcome.

      • @ Chetc

        Loved the original but thought 2 was good as 3 was ok. The tv series I bought as collector’s item because I liked the show when I was younger. Some episodes were good but of the series wasn’t. Probly why I didn’t bother w/ Terminator:TSCC with it ending on a cliffhanger. Tv shows were censored more in the 90′s.

        I don’t expect much from the new film neither. If I watch it, it will be from the red box on dvd.

        • @Wally West,

          What did you think about that Robocop Prime Directives mini series (not the TV series, mind you).

          I thought it was OK, as if they tried to course correct the franchise. Having seen their TV efforts, however, I’m now a big believer that Robocop should remain on the big screen (and remain rated as a hard R film, and not PG or PG13).

    • @Walter — I’m going to give it a chance. I gave Total Recall a chance so I figure I owe it to Robocop.

  17. Question for everyone. Whether it’s a animated version or live-action actor, which Bruce Wayne/Batman would you see yourself as? For me id see myself as Bruce Wayne/Batman from Batman:TAS.

    • Neither cause I don’t have any of the entangibles that would require me to fight crime.

    • I’d have to go animated Batman as well. More so (even though it’s the same) from the animated films like Doom or Public Enemies.

  18. Anyone know why you cant cycle through the top stories on the home page anymore? Is this a bug or did they intentionally change it to be this way??

    I find it really annoying actually ;/

  19. Even though I may be a little late, I just want to let you guys know that I love the new logo.

  20. I love that Summer Glau is coming to Arrow. I just hope she leaves her curse at home LOL. She was the reason I loved SCC so much.