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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 1, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 1, 2013

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  1. First!!


    • Tony, you sly dog, you.

    • I was so close! My life is a failure!

    • Confucius say.

      Man who Comes first…Has Woman with an extra 59 minutes left.

      • :D And we do know he was a wise man.

      • Hahaha!

      • Lol!!!

    • I was here about a half hour before your “first”.
      I prefer to be last. Many of the last shall be first.

    • Taking nothing away from your “first”, Stark.
      You being first sets the right tone anyway.

  2. Good morning ladies and gents!

    So, since we’ll be getting a Batman reboot at some point in the next few years, what story line(s) from the comics and/or graphic novels would you like them to draw inspiration from?

    Who would you cast for some of the characters? Personally, I want Cranston as Gordon.

    Even though we WON’T be getting an X-Men reboot anytime soon, what would you do with a reboot? What comics and/or graphic novels would you like them to draw inspiration from?

    Who would you cast for some of the characters?

    • I don’t read any of the graphic novels but I’d love to see a new villain that wasn’t in the Nolan movies. Killer Croc, Hugo Strange, or the Riddler would be cool to see.

      I’m not going to guess on the cast though. By the time this happens there will probably be all new up and coming actors.

    • I feel CBMs need to stop drawing from the comic stories and blaze their own trail. When drawing from comic stories there is always backlash from it not translating perfectly.

      • @Aaron:

        I’m going to agree here… which is one of the few good things Nolan did. Unless there was some comic where the League of Assassins targeted Gotham because it Sin City that I don’t know about.

        Or even create an original villain so we “won’t see what’s coming”.

    • I don’t want any Batman solo films anymore for quite a while. Like maybe 2020. I’d rather him be used in all films for the DC shared universe.

      In regards to X-Men — No reboot either. Start the House of M series and just eff stuff up. It will also be a great crossover for the MCU.

      • After the quicksilver debacle, I don’t think a crossover will ever happen… Fox could have easily not included him but not it appears they are just adding him in to the movie after Whedon wanted him.

        • @Kyle

          If Quicksilver is going to be in Avengers 2, how old is he going to be? In DoFP… we know its setup in the 70′s. So tack on 30 or so years? Even Peters is 26 but looks like he is 12. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who is 3 years younger, looks like he is 30 something.

          Even then, time travel is being introduced. All bets are now off.

      • I’m guessing we will see Batman soon, but it will be awhile before he gets his own movie again.

        When they do, I they should follow something along the lines of the Arkham video games. Those games NAIL Batman and all who are associated with him.

    • I’ve needed a break from X-Men films for a while now. No more for a good long time please.

      When/if they did come back, I’d want to focus on making a grittier version, with a ton of blood and a berserk Wolverine blurring the line between right and wrong, and the rest of the X-Men (Cyclops, in particular) dealing with that.

      I want to see an actual fight between the two, using their full powers (over Jean of course) with Wolvie’s skeleton showing at some point. ;)

      • Dude, I’m just praying that I get pleasantly surprised by whatever DoFP turns out to be.

        Out of all the properties, X-Men = my favorite. FOX = not my favorite.

        • I officially have no hopes for DoFP. So who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised, but I highly doubt it.

          I am expecting to to be at least somewhat impressed by The Wolverine. Although, that version of Silver Samurai just looks, well, bad. I guess this is Fox we’re talking about after all…

    • I hope that WB comes to their senses and does everything possible to NOT reboot Batman and stick with what brought them to the dance!

  3. @Rocco ” Cyd was feminine perfection in motion.” — You haven’t meet my wife ;-)

    @Kahless — What did you think of those 2 films you downloaded?

    • I respectfully disagree with Robert Palmar. Yes, Cyd Charisse was very talented, but the most perfect figure ever in Hollywood belongs to two women: Ginger Rogers and Paulette Goddard. Now excuse me while I mop the drool off my keyboard…

      • If these women can only be seen in black and white during their good time, I disagree with both of you.

        • What the?! Your Scranter license has just been revoked! :)

          • Sorry. I like my women in full color and HD. LOL.

            • You might need to tell your wife about your other women.

              • Oh, Palmar. You slay me.

                • That’s my job, petaQ!! :-D

                  • +1

          • :D Perfect use of “Scranter” too. As I would expect from you.

        • Fantastic Voygage….Raquel Welch.

          If anyone…wants to debate me on this.

          Google Raquel Welch…Fantastic Voyage and get back to me.

          • I don’t have to google it, I remember the film, and that figure. The lady was slammin’!

        • Black and white adds mystery. I prefer it, actually.

      • Jane Mansfield.

        Raquel Welch….Anyone ever see Fantastic Voyage?

        Bridget Bardot.

        Jane Seymour.

        • Jane Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe were amazing. She alone would rival almost anyone around today. I won’t even go into how perfect Marilyn was.

          • Sophia Loren was no slouch either.

            • Of course. Sophia. Yes. Plus her attitude, all too inviting:

              “Sweethearts worship my long sexy legs, I adore being lusted after.”
              — Sophia Loren

            • @ FILTHpig

              + 1
              Great call with Sophia!!

          • Marilyn’s magic radiates on oil and canvas just as it does on celluloid.
            And most of all in the flesh, herself, the living embodiment and
            fulfillment of every fantasy created in the images of her.
            A pin-up like no other. She was what you imagined.

            • Shoot me, yell at me, beat me up, take away my scrantership, but Marylin is ugly. Her acting was terrible. She grosses me out.


              • WTF!

              • I think the Arizona heat has fried his brain.

                • It did hit 119 degrees on Friday…

              • @ L. Cheerio

                ??? Gross’s you out?!?

                -100 :(

                • Its true. There is nothing IMHO that is appealing about her. Maybe her hair. She had a good makeup artist.

              • For crimes against femininity, and affronts to classic beauty,
                the Scrantonian Science Council sentences you
                to 300 cycles of somatic conditioning.



                  The trolls were right, your a pack of fools!


                  • :D :D

                • “The Scrantonian Science Council”

                  It’s the SSC! Run!!!!

                  • Right. It would even frighten the NSA :D

                • No, I say we sentence him to 3 weeks of doing toe nails clipping of people over 80.

                  • That would be considered as cruel and unusual punishment.

                    • @ Jeff W

                      That’s too much!!

                      That grosses me out.

                  • So you are wanting me to clip the nails of the women you find attractive? *Dum dum chhh!*

                    • DUDE!

                      How much dirt did you find on me!

                      :::cleaning Hard drive::::

                    • Dirt… well I won’t get into that. Just make sure you clean your driveway more often.

                • Or Ill just stay home with the most beautiful woman in the world LOL.

                  • Phantom Zone sentences are irrevocable.

              • I agree about her acting, but WTH!!!! The woman was gorgeous! Dude, you are beyond blind. Your Scranterosity has been diminished. :-D

                • Scranterosity! Great word!

                  So far today, we’ve created:
                  1. Scranter license
                  2. Scrantership
                  3. Scrantonian Science Council
                  4. Scranterosity
                  5+. ????

                  • Scrantonian Institute for Higher Film Critique?

                  • I’ve noticed a little Scrantercanery myself.

                    • *ahem*

                      Scrantercanery = Scranters involved with chicanery.

                  • I’m too lazy and will not be defining all of these on Urban Dictionary :)

                    • @ Jeff W, Dr Mindbender, and Professor Procrastination,

                      You guys crack me up!

                      P.S. (@ Professor Procrastination) I voted for Scranter on Urban Dictionary. Thanks again for submitting it!

                    • I just voted as well. I didn’t know there was voting involved LOL.

                    • I did not know you could vote either.
                      And so I did too. Voting more than
                      once is possible on another visit
                      assuming the cookie cleaning.

                    • Or change in IP Address however they work it.

                • Blind no. I just have different taste. Even the wife doesn’t find her attractive.

            • @ RP:

              Sorry, but for me, Betty Page trumps Marilyn as the ultimate pin-up queen!

              • I do love Bettie and as for pin-up queen she is number one.
                I was referring to Marilyn’s early pin-ups with Earn Moran
                and as far as actually being a pin-up fantasy in real life.

                • Gotcha. Sorry.

                  • No sorry needed. I needed to clarify.

      • @$2

        It is ok, I think Raquel Welch had the perfect body.

        @Leather Cheerio..Yeah, I got your Color and HD Format for you in Fantastic Voyage.

        All the Women today in Hollywood are beautiful but they lack the Curves of Women of the past.

        I do not think if you date a hollywood type, and take them to dinner they order Diet Water and a leaf of lettuce.

        Give me a Woman who orders…A Whole Pizza.. not sliced and folds it in half and goes to town.

        • christina hendricks in 1st 2 seasons of mad men

          • Christina Hendricks?

            Who is that?

            If you talking about the cleavage that is on Mad Men? That’s her name????

      • I said may have had the greatest figure. Cyd is in the argument.
        I like your submissions. Let’s not forget Rita Hayworth too.
        And there’s Marilyn Monroe. There’s always Marilyn.

        • Cyd.

          She was perhaps the most balanced…Near Perfect body….But it was her legs that was the most out standing feature about her.

          Plus, she could dance with the best of them.

          Ginger Rogers, her looks and body were second to her dancing ability.

          Grace Kelly, she had flat out beauty, which IMHO is unmatched by any women of her time, and pretty much this time.

          Now as for the Present.

          Jennifer Lawerence is perhaps the most noteworthy with her talent, look and against the Hollywood type of body.

          • I agree with your description of Cyd, Jeff.
            As for the most beautiful, I call Ava Gardner.

            Amongst today, although she is a little older now,
            I would put Monica Bellucci as the most beautiful.

            • @Robert Palmer

              Ahhh Ava Gardner….She was Beautiful.

              I might have to rethink this list..But Grace Kelly, she is from y area and we Philly Peeps stick together.

              Personal Bias here.

              • Grace was a classic beauty. I do love her too.

            • Monica is ravishing!!

          • This is one of those times when I can say I’m not embarrassed for being the “young” one in the bunch.

            In regards to dieting… There is nothing wrong with cheat meals as long as you exercise daily.

            • Did you google Fantastic Voyage?


              Nothing wrong with being on the other side of Mid 40s…Oh look…I see 50!

            • I am altering my weight and diet.

              Trying to bring my weight down to about 230-240 range.

              My Six pack turned into a mini keg a few years ago..need to get it back.

              • Lean and mean is what I shoot for these days.
                I cut back on the bulk and just think being fit.

              • During the wifes pregnancy, we both gained 50+ lbs. She lost it all of course. I’m still struggling. I didn’t gain mine the good way either. So I’m having a hard time losing it. Not sleeping doesn’t help either lol. Got up to 275. Down to 245. Just weight myself lol. Still have another 20. Doubt it will come of anytime soon.

                • How tall are you, LC?
                  I’m 6’2″ @ 200 lbs. Never been more than 210 lbs.

                  • I’m 6’4″ shoes off. In high school, I was 215. Active and playing football. After serving and a lot of drinking/bad eating, gained to what I’m at now. Meet my wife. She helped me drop down to 225. Good eating habits, and a lot of exercising. Post pregnancy, barely have time to exercise and sleep like 2 hrs a day. I’ve lost this much just by eating healthy but it still goes up and down. That’s why I don’t see myself losing it soon since I can’t train anymore.

                    • Well, you can carry more at 6’4″.
                      But 245 is probably too much more.
                      Unless you are a NFL type 245 pounds.

                      If you can limit calories, that does still work.
                      Which is very hard to do this time of year.
                      1500 calories a day will mean a pound
                      or so off a week if you can do it.

                    • I was abnormally skinny in highschool.

                      I was 6’3 freshman year and weighed 205.

                      By the end of High School I was 6’5 215…..

                    • That’s not skinny. Thats average weght LOL. Abormalliy skinny would be 6’3″ and 160 lbs.

                    • @Rocco

                      I am no NFL player but I did play football the majority of my youth. And wrestled amateur. I have pictures of myself and family in my twitter which is embedded in my name so you can get the idea. Wide shoulders, big chested. I carry the weight pretty well but definitely could drop back down to 225.

                    • 225 sounds like your optimal weight to shoot for.

            • You just have to be a fan of old Hollywood
              to know they had the most beautiful women.
              Many of whom were long before my time too.

              • +1!

            • I am too young to remember Fantastic Voyage, but I did Google Rachel.

              Not bad, but I prefer today’s Hollywood figures. Less is more for me, in certain areas. ;)

              Salma Hayak is about as full figured as I want to go. Make that a young Salma, not today’s older Salma. :)

              I know how you guys feel, I too am on the way down in the weight department. Lost a little drive to train and run the last few months but I’m back at it now. A few extra pounds can add up quick but they can also kill you.

              Mr. Palmer is right, lean and mean is the way to go.

              • There isnt even many women in today’s Hollywood era that I would find amazingly attractive. It has nothing to do with weight either. Just how they all present themselves. Isla Fisher and Zooey Daschenal (sp) were the closest for me in the last 10 years. All others… meh.

          • ya know, it’s kinda bizarre you talking about other hot women, with your wife as your avatar (who, and no disrespect intended, is kinda hot too). maybe you should have both of you in your avatar pic. just sayin’.
            does she ever read this site?

            • @Jeffro

              If you are referring to me? If so? Katee has no problem, as much she would kick me to the curb for the following.

              The Rock
              Sean Connery
              Daniel Craig
              Idris Alba
              Chris Pine
              And…I do not watch TRUE BLOOD with her…period.

              Oh and if this matters….Katee would kick me out of the car if she knew she had a chance for an hour with Vanessa Williams.

            • I think there is a difference between admire and desire.
              Our fellow married Scranters would have a problem
              if they were actually lusting after these women.
              An appreciation of the female form is allowed.

              • “Our fellow married Scranters would have a problem if they were actually lusting after these women.”

                …especially since a good portion of these women are dead. That’s necrophilia and that’s more than a problem ;)

                • LOL good one!

    • I would expect you to feel that way about your wife.
      And so would your wife. And girlfriend for others with those.

      No one calls me Rocco, you know. Rock yes. Robert too. Rocco no.

      • If you are asking me to not call you Rocco, then I will stop. If you are asking me to join the crowd, then sure I guess. But why would anyone want to do that?

        • No, you can call me Rocco. It is my middle name.
          I thought I gave might have given the impression it
          was commonly used for me and it is actually not and
          you using it stood out as being different and distinctive.

        • I should also point out my grandfather insisted
          on always calling me Rocco and I loved him dearly.

          • Rocco is an awesome name. I think I prefer to use that. :)

            • That’s an upgrade :D You did not think it was “cool” last Open thread.

      • How about I call you targ, petaQ, tirzah??!! :-D

        • Well, I’m not sure what that is or means exactly :D

          • Believe me, you don’t want to know. :-P

            • Bing translate would only tell me one of those words. :(

              But, I did learn how to communicate with you:

              nuqneH. pong ghojmoHwI”a’ procrastination. bIpIv’a’?

              Apparently, their is no Klingon word for procrastination.

              • targ is a Klingon animal, usually a pet. Klingons also consider the heart of a targ a delicacy

                petaQ is a Klingon curse, loosely translated “animal”

                tirzah is another Klingon curse

                • petaQ was the one that was translated with Bing. It said a word that means “A child whose birth lacks legal legitimacy” I’m not sure if I’d get flagged for moderation for actually typing it.

    • Haven’t seen them yet. I don’t know if I’ll watch DotD during the week, as I’ll be going to bed soon after; I tend to have dreams about the last thing I see on TV and I don’t think flesh eating zombies would be a good dream. :-P I will check out Boondock Saints (hopefully today).

      BTW, Kahless is anticipating I won’t like Boondock Saints, so he is sharpening his bat’leth when he talks to you. :-D

      • You and me both. I’ll offer cover support if it’s bad.
        I expect to get to Boondock Saints later this week.

        • Given that Boondock Saints is a cult classic, I dont expect anyone to like it. So tell it to me honestly with no sugar on top and not in a “critics” perspective LOL.

          • Actually, you liking it means there is a good chance I will.
            And you read my clarification above on Rocco, I presume.

            • Yeah … My phone is acting up. I’ll reply more at work.

              • Ah yes, phones. A pain to post sometimes.
                Thanks for letting me know you saw the reply.

  4. I rented Superman Unbound over the weekend. It was another great WB/DC animation production. It even had a mid-credits scene. It was actually better than MoS.

    So, after being very disappointed in MoS, I was thinking that the story line in Superman Unbound would make a great sequel to and make up for MoS in a lot of ways.

    Brainiac was great in the movie, as was Supergirl. Using this story, at least as a premise for a MoS sequel would really be amazing and could really tie up a lot of things from MoS.

    Simce a lot of it takes place in space, Green Lantern could be introduced, as could Martian Manhunter to some degree.

    Really, there are only a couple of things from Superman Unbound that would have to be altered or eliminated.

    IMO, WB/DC’s greatest strength is in their animation movies. The writing and character development are way better than their live action movies and I think the live action studio heads should start tapping into the vast talent over in the animation department.

    Whenever I sit down to watch a WB/DC animated film, I know I’m going to be entertained and satisfied. With their live action stuff, not so much. It a crap shoot at best, 50/50 maybe. Using the animation side of things to help the live action side would help WB/DC make some of their best CBM ever.

    • I agree as well. WB/DC’s animation (Warner Premiere?) Is way better than their live action movies. I’ll also add the same for Marvel. In comparison, all of Marvel’s animation far succeeds the films that they have made. Ultimate Avengers was amazing for character development where as The Avengers was “well, we already know the characters, so lets let them just go at it”.

      • L. Cheerio

        I’ve always thought the opposite. I thought Marvel’s live action movies were far better than their animated ones. I’ve always thought Marvel could do better in the animation department.

        I also always thought that WB/DC animated movies were far better than their live action movies. I have yet to see a bad animated product from them.

        The people at WB/DC animation are very talented. If Marvel animation had that kind of talent, it would be amazing. I’m kind of hoping with Disney owning them now, they might improve.

        • You are right on Marvel’s animation, Stark.
          Maybe you’re right too Disney could fix that.

        • @ Stark

          I bet DC’s animated universe will be better than it’s live-action universe.

        • @Antonio

          Looking at the movies in direct comparison for what we have.

          The Avengers<Ultimate Avengers
          Iron Man 3<Invincible Iron Man – Mandarin character
          Hulk & TIH<Hulk VSThor>Thor:Tales of Asgard – I didn’t care to see a teenage boy Thor

          Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme was awesome. Next Avengers was a cool tale. Ultimate Avengers 2 was okay. I liked the intro to Black Panther though.

    • Well, yeah.

      These characters work and function a lot easier as cartoons than they do in live action. Go figure.

      For me, MoS was a a breath of fresh air. It looked and felt different than what we have been used to. It was able to inject some more fantastic elements into some real world settings. I absolutely loved how it looked like a cross between Chronicle and District 9, which gave the whole movie a more “physical” feel, if that makes sense.

      I loved the way the music synced with the action…

      …and that action. My god the action. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my favorite part about comic book movies is seeing the characters in action. I can only shake my head in shame when I read someone trying to sound smart and proclaiming “the story suffers because of the action.” I’m sure that’s the case in plenty of movies, but this is Superman… the guy who first debuted in a publication known as ACTION COMICS. When it comes to Superman, (and all other “power” based characters, for that matter) THE ACTION IS THE STORY. If you aren’t displaying the fact that he flies, has lazer vision, is crazy strong/indestructible and what not… then you aren’t telling the story properly.

      So… again, I like what DC has done here and made sure to take a route that distinguishes them from the competition.


      …this pseudo-serious approach does paint them into a corner with a few characters. I can see Namor working for Marvel. I just can’t see Aquaman working for DC. I’m guessing a few other characters won’t make the cut too. That’s sure to tick plenty of people off, but hey it is what it is I guess.

      I would prefer the variety between two properties than having both appear like the same thing. That’s just me though.

      • Agreed with almost everything.

        ” I’m guessing a few other characters won’t make the cut too.”

        Including Aquaman, why can’t these characters exist? It’s a real world consequential environment with supernatural/fantastical beings.

        • Aquaman is a tough sell, if you get down to the ‘why’ of it, is all.

          Not only that, you have current pop-cultural pinning the guy as the butt of all superhero jokes.

          Family Guy, South Park, Robot Chicken.

          The South Park one is genius. They literally put an Aquaman character (Seaman) on their team of deities just for the purpose of making fun of him.

          • My favorite tv shows include 2 of the 3 you listed. Don’t care much for SP. So I know the references. But I still have yet to hear a credible reason for why it can’t happen. Cameron was jokingly attachedto direct in Entourage but that’s because he was semi interested in doing it. He was attached to direct Fathom. If he can want to do it, then I think the world can accept it.

            • I don’t have any reason for ‘why’ it can’t happen, but then again I also don’t have a credible answer for ‘why’ Atlantis is necessary. What vital purpose does Atlantis serve? You have to get clever with real world relevance to a place like that.

              • I think what makes him interesting is the fact that he is a King. None of the other male characters are a King. His pride will stand out. Like Thor.

                • His pride of being king of the ocean? What does the king of the ocean do? Rule over the fish? Thank goodness we have that. If we didn’t have someone to rule over the fish…

                  I’m not trying to be rude. It is just in my most humble opinion, that when you strip everything away from Aquaman and bring it to the ‘why’, you realize just how silly Aquaman is.


                  If Atlantis is spun as this vital establishment that is keeping, say… some dimensional portal from opening and releasing Chtulu or something… then you have a more functional ‘why’ for Aquaman.

                  • Take a look at his powers and abilites.

                    Then read about the Trident of Neptune. I’d post both links but it will flag for spam if I do. There is a link under his weapons section.

                    He is a genuine B A M F.

      • Your right on the action was amazing i want to see superman fight im glad i didnt see him save an airplane and give a lecture of how flying is still safe. Even the ending he was put in a corner and had to make a choice and felt bad about the choice zod had him make. But wouldnt the sun have healed him i was just wondering

    • What was so great about Superman Unbound?

      • I was thinking the same thing. The movie was OK, but I felt MoS was better.

  5. I picked up Dredd on Saturday night and showed it to a friend who had not seen it. Within minutes he is amazed at how serious and violent the movie is. He went on to explain that he thought it was going to be the camp fest that the Stallone vehicle was.

    • Show him Dolph Lundren’s Punisher.

      • Lena Headey owns roles like that.

      • Oh my, been so long since I watched that on TNT as a kid.

  6. R.I.P Jim Kelly. True pioneer and major influence on many Black cultural characters. From Luke cage to black panther to blade, they definitely had a relation of many attributes from Kelly. Know doubt we’ll always remember his immortal words from enter the dragon “man you look like you came out of a Comic book! “

    • Indeed. He will be missed.

      “I’ll be too busy lookin good”

    • That’s “Man, you come straight out of a comic book!” Get it right next time. :-D

  7. What do people think to wb/dc trying to get a flash movie done? (Flashpoint animated movie is on the way after all)
    I’d like to see how they would handle his powers in live action (speed force might need a little explanation to average movie goers) but also, I’d like to think that flash could do what Green lantern couldn’t and mix the more serious tone of dc live action movies while providing a bit more genuine humour (not as much as a marvel film)
    But also with aquaman (having to shake off the running joke thing and the underwater scenes would need to look really good or it opens up the problems that GL had with cgi) and Wonder Woman (female super heroes don’t tend to do so well on their own) being much riskier characters to translate and batman being done very recently (remember the backlash that the amazing Spider-Man film got for rebooting the character to soon) it seems to me that flash could be next logical step for a solo film

    • As a movie, I would probably avoid the Speed Force… and time travel.

    • If SEGA doesn’t do the video game adaption, society will boggle my mind for eternity

    • @ JLAvdngers88

      I would have like to have seen a Flash movie from WB/DC before we got two diffrent versions of Quick Sliver.

      I think the Flash can be done effectively and well on the big screen, just so long as doesn’t come across cgi cheesy like Green Lantern. His story is sound and entertaining, but as always, the right actor is going to be key.

      I think it might be awhile before we see him though. It would seem that a proper Green Lantern movie needs to be made first.

      • I forgot about the quicksilver twins that fox and marvel/Disney have coming out,
        although given that one is unlikely to be more than a cameo (Fox) and for the avengers 2 I expect more focus will be put on Scarlett witch and her powers than on quicksilver, both approaches lack a certain focus and could result in cheaper/easier cgi for the super speed power as well as potentially lacking any character development (marvel can’t go into too much detail with quicksilver/Scarlett witch due to the question of character rights,

        there could be a chance for wb/dc to really ‘one-up’ marvel, by coming up with a good quality (that’s the trick) flash movie
        Like you say the story is sound, so if they pick the right actor, let the cgi team really focus on how to show the speed, (imo effects like the stuff used in dredd if used very sparingly could illustrate to some degree how the world looks to flash, but it wouldnt need more than a scene or two and could put an interesting spin on how to do super speed, perhaps when he get his powers have a thing where it looks to him like the world is slowing down then bring in the fact that its not the world slowing down but he is now super fast)

        I’d really like green lantern to be done well, although the film did have its problems I really liked sinestro and wouldn’t mind seeing the sinestro corps against the green lanterns in movie form, trouble is the cgi factor it would be very hard to really show the green lantern corps without it being cgi heavy

        @bignerd, I agree that time travel should be avoided (at first, the flashpoint comic is a really good time travel story) but I don’t see how they could have flash without speed force, particularly if its a solo outing

      • i wish netflix had the reruns of the 90′s show. man, that was some good tv back in the day. i loved that show.

  8. Welp, I finally gathered enough people and equipment to start my web series “Peter Parker: Spider-Man”. Should be fun exploring the evolution of the universe, we are starting with more modern takes on some of the earliest ASM stories (mostly dialogue and a few tweaks to outfits and characterizations, the plots are still the same but we didn’t want to do something like the 60′s Ock).

    We managed to have a tailor sew together a Spider-Man suit reminiscent of Steve Ditko, it is fabric and not spandex. Glass lenses with white mesh underneath, much like the TASM 2 eyes (but these are more Ditko shaped rather than, say, John Romita Jr. or Mark Bagley).

    Excited to start soon! :D

    • Yeah, that doesn’t sound like fun at all…


      • Actually, we’re looking for someone to voice over either Rhino (the guy we got has the perfect build, but his voice doesn’t quite match and hewants someone to do his lines) or Venom (I want a distinct voice that is different from our Eddie Brock, slightly modifying it to sound more alien-like while at the same time crossing the vocals to define the “we” in “we are Venom”).

        So if you’d like, I can send you pieces of a script and all you’d have to do is record the lines, send it to me, and it will end up in editing until the time comes to piece it in. We will most certainly credit you first in the end credits as it serves as a major help in making PP:SM work.

        Just throwing that out there for you and others :)

    • that sounds awesome man!! post links when you finish pleeez so I can watch!!

    • @A&W Root Beer — Congrats buddy. I am looking forward to watching the series. If I had the time of day, I’d lend a hand in the voice-overs. Unless you want faint toddler screams in the background.

      • Hey man, it’s going into editing anyways. I’m insanely good at working my way around sound bits and we’re not doing Rhino or Venom for QUITE a while (we intend on making our way through the ASM story from start to finish, including a different ending to the “Dying Wish” storyline ASM #700, but skipping minor stories we feel are not necessary and maybe returning 30 years down the line for “Spider-Man: Reign”).

        So really, we aren’t in a rush for doing this as it is a project that is pure fun. Whether you feel up to it is perfectly up to you as I understand your responsibility as a parent.

        I’d just really enjoy if we got some members from Screen Rant involved in this as you guys really are my 2nd family and I trust the majority of you to add compassion into these small things :)

        • Awwww…. how do I add a blushing face LOL.

    • @ACW – very cool. When it’s up, throw me the link and I’ll post it on my blog. You’ll possibly get two or three more views. :) Possibly

  9. I really like how Legendary is becoming the “genre” studio:

    Look at all the films they’re developing:

    Mass Effect
    Pacific Rim
    Grant Morrison untitled project

    They seem to be attracting good writers/directors. Hopefully, the films will turn out to be just as good or promising.

    • Problem is none of those films are box office gold, many actuallu have little appeal

      • True, but at least Legendary is giving us some alternatives.

    • A lot of CBM and VG adaptations don’t need giant budgets to be made. Like you said, as long as there is talent behind the camera, it will let the talent in front, no matter how unknown, do very well.

  10. Green lantern wasnt that bad to me. it just semed he was trying to hard to get a laugh which was annoying and took away from the film. Aquaman could work if they base it off the new 52 story. A hero movie is only as good as the bad guy he goes up against. Provide a good bad guy and a good story and any comic book movie will be good. If aquaman goes against black manta, or ocean master it could work if he is just saving trapped dolphins and whales and fighting pirates and polluters it will suck.

    • I’ve been kind of spazzing over what Scarlet witch will look like I really felt that X-Men three the last stand stole a lot of the thunder from a potential scarlet which character by having the Phoenix appear in her outfit like she did which was very reminiscent of the Scarlet witch and also having her be a daughter figure to magneto in that movie so anyway I can’t imagine the Scarlet witch being in pink tights I’m wondering if it was my suggestion whenever Scarlet which uses her powers the thing around her head should appear in maybe she should appear and her scarlet which form how about about that and I wish is not walk around in pink tights all the time. I’m really hoping they are playing up the middle illness angle which was I thought the best part about the Phoenix in the last stand correction: mental illness. I wish I had a Scarlet witch around to cast a hex on my iPad and make it dictate correctly

  11. Is anyone else excited for Supernatural season 9? If so, what would you like to see happen in future episodes?

  12. On Youtube earlier, I found what I thought was an interesting tidbit: “A Psychoanalysis of Clark Kent (Superman)”. It’s just over 5 minutes and gives a hint of why Superman should not be considered a lost cause in terms of trying to come up with worthwhile stories…for those that continue to think that Kal’s physical invulnerability and array of powers make him a dull character.

  13. So just read through the article about Bale again trying to tear down the rumors of him and C Nolan reprising their Batman.

    “I have no information, no knowledge about anything. I’ve literally not had a conversation with a living soul. I understand that they may be making a Justice League movie, that’s it… It’s a torch that should be handed from one actor to another. So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with.”

    So that quote doesn’t dispute the fact that they still can’t continue with the trilogy already intact. In fact, that almost confirms that they are.

    Think about it… with Nolan producing Man of Steel… and more likely other films in the future for WB/DC, why would he rewrite the entire character again? Bale was the least interesting part of their trilogy. I’m all for another actor. Just no more origin and don’t act like the last decade didn’t happen along with the last movie less than 2 yrs old.

    Something Ive been thinking about as well. How cool would it be in the next MoS movie to have Bruce Wayne/Batman be in it and NEVER tell us. He could be just creeping around in the background of the movie and we never know its him. Like him walking around The Daily Planet just checking out Kent and Lane. Maybe White gets out of the meeting with someone, and all you see is him shake hands and walk away, back of head showing the entire time and it never be revealed until The World’s Finest comes out. Or him just walking around Metropolis. And whenever Batman does show up, never take him out of the suit. Imitate the growl. Its honestly not hard to sound like Bale’s growl LOL. The world would stand in their seats. Don’t credit him in the movie either.

    Ive had a lot of time to think of this. I think it would be cool. KInd of like how they wrapped up the FATF franchises with the death of Han. (Its not a spoiler that Han died).

    What do all of you think?

  14. I liked that article. Are you looking for criticism for that one blog or for other reviews?

  15. Hmmm, why not do a Batman Inc. theme to integrate both the MOS universe and the Dark Knight?

    Nolan was fond of saying that Batman is a “symbol”; now, I haven’t read Batman Inc., but found the idea to be interesting, and could be used as a bridge between both universes.

    Assuming Christian Bale never wants to wear the mask again, his Bruce Wayne could remain in the shadows, essentially building Batman Inc. behind the scenes. Another Batman could be appointed to watch over Gotham City (whether that be John Blake, or someone new), and would ultimately butt heads with the MOS Supes ala Worlds Finest.

    Conversely, if Bale wants in again, then the idea still holds, only this time Bale plays a more prominent role (I think he is done with the character, BTW)

    What do you think?

    • @Chet

      From reading about Batman, Inc. It comes across like Batman’s own version of The League of Shadows. I am one of the people that don’t agree with that point of the story. That Batman is just a symbol and anyone can be him. Eventually he will die so I understand that the mantle can be taken over, but I don’t think that a bunch of dudes running around wearing hockey pads *See TDK* is a good idea. Bruce Wayne is a fundamental member of the JL and deserves his time. If he does retire AFTER the fact, then sure. But I don’t see him hanging up his cape and cowl yet. And as for Bale, he can disappear. If his heart isn’t into the character anymore, then I don’t want to see him be the character.

  16. Man of Steel current numbers.

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $248,577,596 47.8%
    + Foreign: $271,700,000 52.2%
    = Worldwide: $520,277,596

    • Projected to be number 2I read for the year behind Iron Man 3.
      Man Of Steel should not be compared to IM3 though since
      it was a superhero film and Iron Man 3 was a comedy :D

      • *number 2 I read*

    • yep, I really misjudged that one in my Summer Blockbuster Fantasy League. Better luck next year for me :(

    • From what I’ve read, it’s projected to do 650 to 700 million.

      • I read that too. I think it has a shot at
        800 mill after the entire International run.

  17. @EVTM – I liked the article showcasing under-watched films available on Netflix. Then, I went and read a couple of your reviews. Honestly, everybody reviews films, music, television, and so on. I used to write reviews for my college newspaper. I can’t stand doing it because everyone views and interprets differently (that is the beauty of being human). My issue with writing my own movie reviews is that all I want to be is entertained when at the cinema…and at times, I can be thoroughly entertained by watching my cat chase a laser pointer.

    Keep doing articles like this Netflix one (and thanks for including Safety Not Guaranteed). Stop reviewing blockbusters. That’s my two cents…but the main thing is to continue writing. Don’t stop. Don’t be lazy like a certain blogger I know….it’s me.