Open Discussion – January 9, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 9, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 9, 2013

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  1. Watched Dredd.

    Liked it.

    • I got it in the mail yesterday. I opened the box. Haven’t watched it yet. Probably going to wait til this weekend to watch it with the wife. BUT disc 3 and 4 of Smallville Season 1 comes in later today. I’m really excited for that!

    • Dredd was a lot of fun. I thought they did a great job of bringing the comics to life. The soundtrack is also very good!

      • Did you hear that some of Dredd’s soundtrack was (reputedly) inspired by one of Justin Bieber’s songs slowed down to 800x its original speed? True story…

        • Aaaaaand Dredd Blu-ray cancelled. I can’t have that! :D

        • :o

          I didn’t know that. I wonder which song(s)? I can say that the soundtrack never sounds anything like pop music. I listen to fast-paced tunes when I run, and my favorite that keeps me going is “She’s a Pass.”

        • Inspired by… not “featuring” (thank God)

          it is on Wikipedia…hence the reputedly :)

    • I’ll be picking up my Dredd Blu-ray copy tomorrow, I’m eager to watch it. I re-watched justice league: crisis on two earths, DC has done a great job with their animated films. I wish Marvel would also expand their animated films.

    • It’s decent, but the story seemed to be lacking something. Can it be said that the story is indicative of the books, or are the book stories better?

      • Compared with the comic stories you could regard the movie as a “day-in-the-life” stripped-down minor episode, necessary because of the low budget and the need to distance itself from the cluttered 1995 film. Urban’s Dredd was spot-on, though, and that’s a big achievement in its own right, as the comics can switch from deadly serious to satire to outright farce, and his characterisation has usually been kept to a bare minimum: he’s a kind of OTT anchor point around which the insanity of Mega-City One rotates.

        Olivia Thirlby was a perfect Anderson as well, and you’d have seen more of her in the now highly unlikely sequel, as that would apparently have tackled the Judge Death storyline (undead Judge from another dimension where it’s a crime to be alive – which gives you some idea of the weirder elements that might have been lacking in the movie).

  2. @Scapegoat: I posted the picture of my wife on my twitter and linked it to the last open discussion. Kept it up for about 24 hrs. I thought it would be too weird to be displaying her on this site for too long haha. Granted, she is a model and those photos are available basically anywhere thanks to the internet but still was weird. So hope you enjoyed the proof!

  3. Uggh! i just saw trailers for “the Host” “beautifull creatures” and “Warm vomit”… uhhhh i mean bodies… in front of the Hobbit. :)How come stupid films like these still remain popular? I thought i was done with my girlfriend dragging me to see horrid films once the “Twilight saga” finished… now i have at least four more…:( maybe it is time to reconsider my future with her…

    • “Warm Bodies” doesn’t look all that bad. I mean, it’s intentionally supposed to be some sort of a Comedy and I respect that. I have no respect for “Twilight” because it acts like it’s a big deal because of the story behind it all, but in the end it’s just eye candy for females.

      • yeah @superedje101 I totally understand the hatred for twilight and stuff.. Beautiful Creatures does look pretty terrible, but I’m with @ACW on warm bodies. I watched the first 4 minutes online and it was intriguing and kinda funny. The trailer for the host looks way more interesting than any of the twilight books. I’m not saying it won’t be an abysmal movie but at the very least Saorise Ronan is a waaaay better lead actress than Kristen Stewart imo..

        • Whew! does this mean i can maintain both the relationship and my sanity? ;)

  4. Does anyone think that superhero movies will eventually fade away?

    • I think the rate of them coming out will slow down but they won’t go away

    • In my opinion, the worldwide dynamics of the early 2000′s gave birth to the superhero movie which afterward blosomed into the genre we know today. Following worldwide turmoil caused by national and natural disastors,(9/11,and katrina for example), people needed something to inspire them… to give them hope(or a few laughs) unfortunatly, thy neglected religion and turned instead to the “superhero”. in cinema, audiences were given a positive (though flawed) example which appealed to them. thus, it is my belief that the superhero genre will only grow until people do not need them anymore. :)

    • Superhero movies, yes. Comicbook movies, no.

  5. Who is Rick Flag from the Suicide Squad I mean I looked him up but couldn’t find much info about him. Do you think that Rick Flag should lead the Suicide Squad or Deadshot?

    • Deadshot should lead

  6. This website needs a forum ;)

    • Or an enema. :-D

      • Haha, Your post reminded me of the jokers line from Burtons batman “this town needs an enema”

        • That’s where I got it from. :-P

      • THATS IT!


        I know that was directed at me you Romulan Lackey! :)

        • Oh no you didn’t!

          Your blood will pave the way to the future!!!!


          • ewwwwww.

            Going to be a short future! :)

        • sounds like a brilliant woman!

          • COMIC BOOK FAN SUPREME. She found reading and relating to comics makes it easier for her to communicate with Children who are about to undergo surgery on their brain, or have a limb reattached. She wrote her dissertation on the effects of The Comic Book Hero. She knows if a child can be led to believe they can have an super life after surgery, they are not as scared.

            She often ask the parents on what heroes the child likes, a few months ago she had a 10 year old boy come in to remove a tumor on his brain, and the kid was scared. She had her entire staff dress up as The Avengers, when the kid was put under anesthesia, just enough to make him awake, but not quite aware. All the Kid knows is he had The Avengers in his room walking him to surgery, they said they will be here waiting for HIM To lead them into battle.

            They changed into scrubs went in, performed the 4 hour surgery, and they had some of the hospital staff dress up again as The Avengers.

            She is that special when it comes to her patients, she makes them feel as comfortable as possible.

            My Mom will debate any of us on Comic and Sci-Fi Movies and hold her own, because she not afraid to get down with it.

        • That should have been ID, NOT IDEA…What I get for sneaking away in my moms office to get away from the function.

        • Time to start the “Jeff W Mom Fan Club”. :-)

  7. Just bought Superman 1 and 2 on DVD. havent watched them yet. and im also halfway through season 9 of Smallville. I also just recently bought Superman Returns. I gotta say, all this superman stuff i am checking is slowly making Man of Steele creep up my Most anticipated films of 2013 list. Especially considering about 6 months ago MoS wasnt even on that list and now its in the top 10.

    Also bought Looper, The Prestige and Sunshine but I have only had time to watch Sunshine. Sunshine was… different then i thought it was gonna be, but still pretty good. Some of the science didnt seem very accurate, but im use to that with films such and The Core and others so it didnt bother me to much.

    • ooo…I really enjoyed The Prestige.

  8. Just watched Hangover 2 for the first time this weekend, WOW was that awful! That movie didn’t know which way it was going. Here’s Hoping 3 is better, or at least as good as 1.

    Rerun of Arrow tonight, but it’s an AWSOME episode if you didn’t see it yet, “years end” with the dark archer!

    • Arrow doesn’t come back until next week. That was a rerun that you saw tonight.

  9. When more Superhero movies flop,
    It will slow down.
    But, Superhero movies will NEVER go away.

  10. I am SOOOOO looking forward to a Wolverine trailer!

    Any time now!!!

    Note> The hobbit’s worldwide take is now just above Inception’s. next challenge: “Transformers: Revenge of the fallen.”

    • Same. I wanna see Wolverine in action!

  11. I recently discovered redlettermedia’s Star Wars prequel trilogy reviews on youtube. I now feel dumb for ever liking the prequel trilogy (except for Revenge of the Sith, which I still like)

    Have you guys seen this videos? Probably the hardest I’ve laughed in a while.

    • They’re brilliant, and most importantly the guy knows what he’s talking about filmwise. His demolitions of the Star Trek movies are also great, and I say that as a huge ST fan. Check out the four solid minutes of questions about Prometheus too. :-)

      • Yeah I know! He’s so knowledgable and the whole “Harry Plinkett” persona is brilliant, cuz that way he doesn’t sound like either a d-bag critic or a supernerd. The voice does get annoying after a while, but he’s so freaking hilarious. And he makes really really good arguments at the same time.

        Never saw Prometheus, and only saw the new Star Trek, so I don’t know if I’m gonna check those out, but I’ll see.

        • Oh right, definitely don’t worry about those if you haven’t seen the films then – particularly Prometheus – spoilers throughout!

          • Figures. I do plan on seeing Prometheus eventually, although I heard it was very disappointing.