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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 9, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   January 9, 2012

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  1. Anyone has any idea if the second season of ‘Game of Thrones’, which will be based on the second GRRM book in A Song of Ice and Fire, ‘A Clash of Kings’, will have elements also from the third book in it, like the first season had bits and pieces from the second book?

    • probably as needed, like in the first season with clash of kings. something like that probably won’t be known until the spring.

  2. they should choose kingpin as a villain in the marvel-universe,he can play in spiderman,x-men,thor,cap,avengers and of course if they would make a reboot of daredevil! one of marvels greatest character,the mobster who grew up in poor and hard childhood and became the boss. he´s got no superpower,just a strong,big human with brain. i found him better then dc´s lex luther.

    • I think Nicolas Winding Refn would be a great choice to direct a ultra-violent DAREDEVIL reboot. With the Pusher series and Drive, it all fits, but would he? or does the studio already have someone else in mind?

      It’d be nice to see an early Matt Murdock story, speed through the accident so its not “another origin” pic, have Typhoid Mary as the main antagonist and bring in Kingpin at the end. Matt is half drunk while crime-fighting, it’d be cool to see Matt pounding back about 15 beers and saying to himself, “I’m going to go out and kick the crap out of some criminals” funny, kickass style.

      But a Daredevil film needs: Alcoholism, Domestic Disturbances, street rapes, heavy brutal violence, injustice and despair, but miraculous compassion. In other words… a european film. lol

      • it worked in ´kick-ass´,but you know,for a marvel-film they would hold the violence low,for rated-13 in cinemas.because for toy-merchandise and so on. but the last animated´ hulk vs…´series were very brutal,especially vs.wolverine.

    • Fox has the rights to the Kingpin, hence why he appeared in Daredevil.

      • James Gandolfini from the Sorpranos would be an excellent wilson fisk aka:kingpin

        • That casting is great, but would Gangolfini go for it after so many years of being “the gangster”? He’s not the superhero movie type.

          • I dont know, I never watched American History X and said, “That guy should play the hulk” or saw the movie Not another teen movie and said, “He would be a good human torch”.

            So, if the story is good and the pay is efficient, then I think he would go for it, but I don’t know the guy, so maybe not.

            Ill still cross my fingers and hope that they give him an offer IF marvel gets back the rights of course.

  3. Would anyone think a Daredevil vs. Batman fight be good? The Man Without Fear against The Most Feared Cape of them all. I think theres a good conflict there knowing Daredevil is agile as Batman is & would be able to dodge whatever Batman throws at him. No matter how stealth & silent Batman is Daredevil could focus on his heartbeats on his his location. Of-course Batman could always have gadget to undo Daredevil’s sense of sight.

    • That would be a good fight.

      • Of course you’ll have those people appear who will say “Batman would crash Daredevil. He beat Superman!”

        • Batman > any1 else. It is known.

          • Come on dude…
            Batman is an awesome superhero (one of my favorites), but you can’t possibly say that Batman can beat the Hulk, Wolverine, Thor or Super-Man (without using kriptonite).

            Batman’s good, but he’s still a man. Thor is a god, the Hulk is literally an unbeatable rage monster (that only gets stronger the angrier he gets), Wolverine can’t die, and Super-Man is… well, SUPER-MAN 😉 — Sure, Batman kinda cheated that one time by using Kriptonite, but without it… he would have been pretty screwed – IMAO.

            • Can’t you cut wolverines head off?

              • No, because his backbone and skull are laced with adamantium.

                  • Sure, but try to aim between those bones. Nearly impossible. And you´d probably by dead before you can try.

          • What about Batman vs. Goku? Batman may have had a chance before he trained under 100 times earth’s gravity but not anymore. And since he can turn Super Saiyin in a second, Batman would be complete toast. Goku moves so fast you can’t see him, and he has instance transmission. And if Goku uses his kaokin attack, goodbye Batman.

            Did someone say something about us being nerds? 😀

        • @ INK

          That’s pretty much true. Like my friends, i find Batman beating Superman in conflict, what’s a good word for it? Lousy imo for now. I mean take away Superman’s powers by kryptonite or even Red Sun rays, he’s no fighter really. Kinda like any human Green Lantern without their rings.

          • Question, why are they fighting? One is possessed like the girl in the excorsist? A misunderstanding (batman thought he saw daredevil kill an innocent bystander? Maybe it was bullseye wearing a daredevil costume?)

            Why would they fight? Because that would basiclly tell me who wins.

        • Batman beat Superman because he used Kryptonite. So he cheated.

          • Not really. Anyone that knows Batman is that he’s a dirty fighter, unlike Superman.

            • Sure, but Superman can move faster than Batman can think. He´d be effed without Kryptonite.

              • …so Batman levelled the playing field.

              • one of the best fight of bat and sup was in frank millers ´the dark knight returns´ but they are good friends,sup wouldn´t injured him too strong! i don´t remember,but in the comic his funeral was a fake(of batman),and sup have stand behind the funeral guests,or something like that . me,stupid have sold the comic 99,bought it 92,could kick myself for that.

                • murdock,

                  Yeah, great fight in that story.

                  Usually these “vs” ideas make me roll my eyes but for some reason this morning I’m enjoying this one.

                  The super-speed argument is a good one, and what about Iron Man vs Bats? Both super-intelligent (Iron Man moreso in the comics) – my first reaction is IM would win that one.


                  • hi vic!hope you are now healthy,after your surgery. thing ,i always don´t find the right words,that i wanna write,because my english/u.s. isn´t so good!

                  • Yes, Iron Man would totally win that fight. Stark is way more intelligent than Wayne. Plus, he can fly.

                  • Iron man without extremis or his armour is a goner.. Stark takes every problem as a technical one, He is always thinking about the weapons, technical aspect, electromagnetic spectrum, nanites and (LOL!!) gamma nullifiers. And in Extremis, he injects himself with extremis to enhance his thinking power.

                    But Bat’s sees every problem in every aspect.. no wonder he is dubbed that greatest detective in the WORLD ( from Ra’s). Hell.. he prepared a journal of weakness for every member of JLA.. so no wonder he would have considered Stark.. he would have planned every move of stark.. and he would give stark the impression of he is loosing and slowly take away everything from him and BAMM!!! one final F Y! and down goes stark.

                    and MARVEL-VERSE & DC-VERSE wise .. Batman is the #1 intelligent, cautious and damn sure to know ur weakness… But stark is not the #1 intelligent is Marvel verse.. Hank Pym and Reed richards beat stark…

                  • Hey Vic!
                    Hope you’re feelin’ better.

                    A fight between Iron Man and Batman would be incredibly close IMO, but in the end, I think Iron Man would beat Bats…

              • hi scape!have you watched the germ.trailer for t.d.k.ris.,the voice-over from bane (very mechanical,like a cyborg or cylon)is the bomb,

                • I´m so not interested in this movie. So no, I haven´t seen it. And I´ll probably won´t watch that movie until it´s on TV.

              • @ Scapegoat

                You do have a point. Superman could get a good distance start & with a fast blow knock down Batman even with Kryptonite. Aslong Superman doesn’t get shards stuck in him & strong enough to make it, he go fly towards the sun for a recharge. To be honest, Superman could be Batman. He just isn’t willing to kill as much as Batman is. Batman is if theres no other choice. Superman not only could use his powers to kill Batman, but use surroundings & anything around them aswell. It was all how the writers wrote it obviously.

                • Batman killed in the comics?

        • Bane could have killed Batman but instead wanted him to suffer. The only problem I see Daredevil having is multiple sonic sources, like the organ in the Cathedral in the movie; Batman probably has something that can create that type of effect.

    • I try not to think of anymore Marvel vs, DC, it’s such a tease. Alas.

      • I tend to agree Pitt Man, but it is fun to imagine another Marvel VS DC like they had in the 90’s…

        Thor VS Green Lantern (A hammer made out of metal from the gods, and a hammer made out of solid green light)
        Hawkeye/bullseye VS deadshoot/green arrow (closest one IMO)
        Sentry VS Superman
        Hulk VS Doomsday (round one, hulk, round two, doomsday cant die that way again and kills hulk)
        She Hulk VS Wonder Woman
        Spiderman/Captain America/Wolverine/Punisher VS Batman
        Silver Surfer VS Darkseid
        Ms Marvel VS Power Girl
        Dr. Doom VS Lex Luthor (Ego VS Ego)
        Green Goblin VS Joker (crazy S.O.B’s right here, could be entertaining, WOULD be violent)

        • That Ms. Marvel/Power Girl showdown would be fun.

        • I would also be interested in a Mr. Fantastic/Lex Luthor showdown.

        • A GrandMaster/Guardian of the Universe match-up would be great, as well.

        • Here’s how I think those fights would play out and who’d win…
          -Thor Vs Green Lantern: Thor wins
          -Hawkeye Vs. Green Arrow: THAT would be awesome to see. I can already picture it now… both firing arrows at each other at the same time, and the arrows just hitting each other head-on — the fight would probably end in a tie.
          -Sentry Vs Superman: Superman of course!
          -Hulk Vs Doomsday: Hulk SMASH!
          -She-Hulk Vs Wonder Woman: tough one… I would have said She-Hulk, but lately, she’s been kinda sloppy in the comics (I’d go with Wonder-Woman)
          -Spiderman/Captain America/Wolverine/Punisher VS Batman: Spider-Man and the Punisher would lose against Batman (IMO), but Cap would still have a pretty good chance while Wolverine would ~obviously~ mop the floor with Bats 😉
          -Silver Surfer Vs Darkseid: Darkseid would win IMO
          -Ms. Marvel Vs Powergirl: TIE! Now let’s see the fight again! 😛
          -Dr Doom Vs Lex Luthor: DOOM is SUPERIOR! DOOM defeats ALL!
          -Green Goblin Vs Joker: (depends on which Green Goblin it is). If it’s the ‘Ultimates’ version, then I’d go with Green Goblin, but if it’s the Marvel U/616, then Joker would wipe the floor with him.

          • Hahaha. Want a bunch of nerds, all of us.

          • I forgot this little mix up…
            Batman VS Black Panther

            Like the way you think Avenger 😉

          • -Ms. Marvel Vs Powergirl: TIE! Now let’s see the fight again!

            Worth repeating. Although I would say the She-Hulk vs. Wonder Woman deserves multiple viewings as well. 😀

        • I rather a Michelle pfieffer as Catwoman vs Linda Carter as Wonder Woman. Wreste. In an inflatible pool. With lots of Jell-O.

          And Jessica Alba as Mrs Fantastic and Scarlett as BW as the B show. hahaha triple entredre. For the clever.

          • You know, you come up with the dirtiest scenarios. Keep ’em coming. 😀

            • hahaha its how my mind works. ElderKhan.

              BTW got my first Star Trek taste via 2009 reboot. Cool flick. Im pro anything that advocates relations with green skinned women and Zoe Saldanna in skin tights despite my immense hatred of pony tails. StarTrek:Motion Picture is on HBO so imma catch that when i can.

              • You should really watch First Contact. IMO the best ST movie.

                • No. Both The Wrath of Khan and The Voyage Home were better.

              • Saw Trek: MP again last night. It’s not as boring as I thought; maybe I’m getting old. Trek 5 is still the worst.

                • I was just gonna watch em all in order cuz I still have no idea who anyone is.

                  • Many thought that Trek 3 was boring but I actually enjoyed it; Trek 2, 4, 8, and the last movie are the best (although I felt 6 was really good as well). If you really want to know who the characters are, I would suggest watching the old episodes; you really get the history of the characters from that.

          • @ Ignur Rant

            Lol. Loser bares all for the fans!

            • humina humina humina

        • Thor VS Green Lantern
          Godly Power Vs Will Power.. tough its a tough call Thor IMO can beat GL.

          Hawkeye/bullseye VS deadshoot/green arrow
          Hawkeye Vs Green Arrow.. old ollie vs clint.. the fact is.. clint has a barge load of trick arrows up his sleave, but ollie doesnt need them. clint is cocky there i said it. and ollie is cold blooded (he shot GL for chris sake). So i say Ollie if and ONLY IF clint doesnt have his goliath power.. Else the other way round.

          Sentry VS Superman
          Man whose power is of a million(?) exploding suns and a man powered by red sunlight!!.. AWESOME.. epicness flies everywhere.. crowds cheering.. who is gonna win.. sadly being the Agoraphobic and Schizophrenic. he would never turn up to the fight. But on power level i think sentry can control molecules so maybe he can make the air around supes filled with kypto?. But my call is supes.. he is more durable and kick ass :)

          Hulk VS Doomsday
          Nuff said.. Hulks the Chuck Norris of Marvelverse.. Ref. World War hulk, he ass kicked both black bolt and sentry. He became the strongest being at the end. Doomsday would never stand a chance.. Hulk would break dooms day by simple saying “Hulk must break you” 😛

          She Hulk VS Wonder Woman
          tough call 😛 no idea maybe WW ?

          Spiderman/Captain America/Wolverine/Punisher VS Batman
          Spiderman Vs Batman.. Gets spiderman into an arena where his spider senses are nullified. silently makes sure webshooters are clogged. BAMM!!!.. 1 for Bat.. 0 for Spidey
          CA vs Batman… Batman again.. Might find a loophole in super soldier serum
          Wolverin Vs Batman.. 😐 .. Beer vs Brain ? nahh… Bats again
          Pusnisher Vs Batman.. Batman is enraged by the sheer presence of punisher.. he would bash him to pulp.. and tell him.. “I will let you live ur life, as a way for you to know how much it needs to be treasured”

          Silver Surfer VS Darkseid
          Silver Sufer.. Dude went against Thanos and Galactus.. But I think i read (dont know) darkseid kicked silver surfers backside in a comic.. dont know which one.. silver surfer won again orion.. and lost to darksied..ergh!!.. but he is more powerful now

          Ms Marvel VS Power Girl
          Who the hell cares who wins 😛 .. i would would love watching em go at each other :) .. the Epicest cat fight of them all

          Dr. Doom VS Lex Luthor
          BEST of Vs.. i really cant say who wins.. really.. its unpredictable ?

          Green Goblin VS Joker
          Joker dude is more badass. i vouch for him..

          • Dude, how could Batman possibly beat Wolverine?
            (And IMO, Cap would have a pretty good chance of doing it himself).
            But seriously, Wolverine can’t be defeated! Wolverine would KILL Batman in a matter of minutes.

            • b/c its the comics and and there is no such thing as limits.

              • Well, by that logic, I could just say “Squirrel-Girl could ~easily~ beat the Hulk”.
                No. There are still limits: That’s why there’s the strong and the weak (that’s why there’s a difference between Galactus and the Mole Man for example).
                Batman is awesome, but Wolverine is an unbeatable mutant who has Adamantium claws, a healing factor and no “moral-code” like Batman (i.e. even though Batman is one of my favorite heroes, and Wolverine isn’t really, Wolverine would still kick Batman’s *ss)

                • @TheAvenger

                  dont Know who squirrel girl is but I bet she could beat the Hulk given a creative enough writer. These hypothetical “vs” are fun but when people start saying there is no way so&so can beat so&so it becomes a joke. Comics stretch the limits of characters every other story. There are no set boundries. I just like to point out the humor on making a definite conclusion from convoluted source.

        • Didn’t they do a crossover where Joker teamed up with Carnage?

          • I think that you may be thinking of Amalgam… They mixed heros/villians from DC and Marvel, ie:wolverine and batman became “Dark Claw”

            And if so, Joker was mixed with sabertooth and became Hyena

    • It would be a good fight, but come on, we all know who would win… Batman could beat Daredevil any day 😉

  4. Does any one know when the limited edition Harry potter BluRay set comes out this year?

    • @The mighty avenger

      There is no news about it yet, so my guess is around November,around the holidays :)

      • ahh u was hoping for it sooner. I’ve been waiting for the big set to actually buy it. But thanks.

        I ask cuz I watched all the films over the weekend cuz I had gotten deathly Hallows part one an two on blu ray for Xmas.

        Well I hope there’s news soon.

  5. Has anyone heard of or read the books “Vellum” and “Ink” by Hal Duncan? I just started the former. They’re really interesting, and my boyfriend says they have tremendous potential for TV adaption.

    Also– unrelated, but I hope Fincher signs up to direct the other two Stieg Larson movies. Do you guys hope that too?

  6. I used to have Punisher War Journals #6 & #7, whatever happened to them? The memory loss as you get older is really… what was i saying? Was that the first legit wolvie/F.Castle combo story?

    • If they weren’t stored away in my attic I’d take them out and read them. But …

      • It’s a good time for some spring attic cleaning, don’t you think? wink, nudge. Solve my conundrum Ink, don’t make me search online, it takes forever. lol.

        • For inspiration and motivation to do something about overcrowding on every level, watch Hoarding:Buried Alive on TLC… it’s addictive and at least makes you think twice about what you buy and haul home, even groceries!



            Geesh I didn’t know my wife would be on here today.
            J/K :)

        • I have been wanting to frame some comics … hmmmm ….

      • Ink, I hope your comics aren’t exposed to changing temperatures, moisture, rodents, etc. in your attic. A friend kept his in the attic, and a squirrel got to some of them, making confetti for a nest and leaving “presents” in a few of the boxes.

        • Those poor, poor lil comics… just sitting there… when a giant furry beast attacks them!
          The HORROR!
          OOOHHH, the geeky HORROR! :(

        • $2

          Bagged, Boarded, Boxed and “Toted”. I think they’ll be OK. But you have made me a little nervous, thanks. :)

  7. Is anyone else irritated that pay TV is now so filled with commercials and analog TV signals are basically non-existent such that “free” local TV is a joke? As a boomer, I remember when cable talked us into paying for TV programming because it was commercial free. Now, I’m paying DISH for 250 channels of mostly crap and I am about ready to toss the whole system into the yard and go back to Walden’s Pond. BTW… DISHnet is set to have another contract war here in the PacNW with this time local KOIN CBS programming supplier so like two years ago, we may all go 6 months or more without CBS shows. Last time around, it was war with Fisher Broadcasting and we all lost ABC programming for nearly a year (the whole third season of LOST, etc… very frustrating). It’s a love hate relationship with TV/Movies etc. Hollywood can’t make a decent movie to save their souls most of the time and TV is becoming unaffordable or at least not cost effective to have around. Thank God for hard copy printed materials still being available (curses to the Kindle promoters!)

    That’s my rant.


    • Word.

    • I know what you mean.

    • And that is a few reasons why I watch my TV on the internet. 30 sec to 60 sec ads :) and high speed internet is cheaper than cable or dish services.

  8. Any news on the Wolverine I haven’t heard anything in a while, also is the deadpool movie still being developed these are two movies I have high expectations for especially the Wolverine after the way xmo turned out I hope its done way better and shows wolverines violent animal side & his beserker rage.

  9. People are getting excited b/c WB wants Jonathan Nolan to rewrite Akira. Guess what, he couldn’t even polish the script for Terminator Salvation.

    • @ Ghost

      Lol. I got Terminator Salvation & Jonathan Nolan wrote that film? You gotta be (beep) kidding me.

      • No, he rewrote TS in the same way that WB wants him to rewrite Akira. In other words, there’s nothing to get excited about. Sure, I enjoyed TS as a mindless action flick, but the story was all over the place and made as much sense as the “story” for Transformers 2.

        • @ Ghost

          Oh, i see. Think WB had a had in why TS turned out the way it did? Because they they’ve made franchises go from great to bad. I enjoyed TS more than T3 as i thought that film was more about action. That’s just me. Like Cameron i was skeptical about both films really, but enjoyed them more than i thought i would.

  10. If anyone is interested, I still feel like I’ve gone from a buff dude to an 80 year old man. Feeling a bit better, but a LONG way from where I was. A very, very long way.

    So if things are slow or off a bit, don’t blame our crew, blame my lack of attention/oversight while I try to recover.


    • Don’t worry about it. I hope you feel better soon.

    • As Clint Eastwood said in Unforgiven, Vic, “We all got it coming, kid.” Get well soon.

    • 80 year old man? Really? When was that picture taken? I wouldn’t have guessed… Congrats

    • Glad to hear your doing better but still recovering vic its understandable these things take time and even while your still not at 100% you and the staff at screenrant still manage to keep the info rolling in keep up the great work and get well soon. :)

    • the first thing is that you get well!you and the screenrant-crew are the best.

    • While we all feel the loss of your absence the site stumbles on until your recovery is complete. Get well soon my internet friend.

    • Take all the time you need, Vic – you’ve got a good crew holding the fort for you.

    • Yea its like Vic is an elder Cleon fron The Warriors. of course I am taking the role of Cochise.


    • Vic, please, do not push yourself. You have a competent crew working for you. Take it easy, buddy.

    • No worries, Vic. As Luke said, “Take care of yourself, Han.”

    • get well soon sir :)

    • The site is in good hands, Vic, but it is good to hear that you are getting better even if it is slowly. Take it easy and come back on your time, we’ll still be here!!

    • The site’s doing fine Vic.
      Get well soon.

  11. Oh Yea.cWTched the new episode of SHERLOCK BBC HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE (all caps are warranted) and it was awesome as usual. Some great insults thrown out by Sherlock. Suggest you watch via scowering the net or asking me for a link.

  12. Oh Yea. WTched the new episode of SHERLOCK BBC HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE (all caps are warranted) and it was awesome as usual. Some great insults thrown out by Sherlock. Suggest you watch via scowering the net or asking me for a link.

  13. Haywire, so far, is looking good; I’ve seen only good reviews. I have been interested in this film since I saw the first trailer; and let’s hope she kills Tatum very early on in the film. 😀

    • You can tell a difference when someone knows how to fight. Her kicks and punches look like she really kicked those guys *ss. There is a power to them others who are just acting like fighters do not possess.

    • Yea one of my most anticipated movies of 2012. McGregor, Banderas, Douglass, Fassbender and a Tatum death scene all in one flick. Now if they cld somehow get 1986 Optimus Prime in there IM GOLDEN.

  14. Does anyone know if marvel will still get the rights back for fantastic four and daredevil if fox doesn’t make a reboot with them in the next two years? Im sort of getting impatient.

    • I’m pretty sure the rights to FF revert back to Marvel this year (yeah! :D) – and if not, it’ll definitely revert back in 2013 (unless Fox could develop, shoot and release an FF movie in that time – which they can’t.)
      So we could actually be expecting an FF movie (produced by Marvel Studios) for 2015!

      I’m not sure about Daredevil, but I think that property is still hanging around at Fox for a while still (I believe a reboot is in development).

      • Fox executive already confirmed they’re moving forward with the Fantastic Four reboot. Sorry, it looks like Marvel won’t be getting the rights back anytime soon.

        • There were some rumors a while back… but nothing has come of it.
          They don’t have actors, they don’t have a director and they don’t even have a script yet… (writing a script takes a while and the production process generally takes about a year – i.e. they won’t have enough time) – so I really doubt they are actually doing the reboot.

          P.S. To my knowledge, thy never said they were “moving forward” with the FF reboot, Fox only said that they are “focusing” on it (and that doesn’t mean much considering that Fox also said the’re “focusing” on X-Men 4, Wolverine 2, Deadpool, X-Men: FC 2 and the Daredevil reboot…)

          • as long as they have a film in development, then they’ll keep the rights.

            • they could just as easily announce a writer today, tomorrow, or next week. they executive even said “they’re working on it”. but honestly, lossing fantastic four wouldn’t be a loss for fox anyway. both of the films were only moderately successful, and the property itself isn’t that popular. they’re obviously working on getting another x-men film or daredevil out first.

              • And im not too keen for anything to return to Marvel. They are far from 5/5 and have very narrow mind on their films. FF4 might not be much different under Marvel House but no way to Daredevil. I see them doing no justice to the character.

                BTW DareDevil Director Cut is actually a good (dare i say great) film. Much better than theatrical. It was pretty gritty and serious minus that one seasaw fight with Jennifer Gardner.

                • While you might say they have a “very narrow mind on their films”, others might say “they know what they want and care about the characters and their stories”
                  It’s all just a matter of opinion.

                  P.S. I’ve never seen the director’s cut of Daredevil… any idea where I might be able to get my hands on it?

                  • Honestly I think both are true. They care about their films but are still very cookie cutter at the sametime with two of them being exceptions.

                    On Daredevil.. Its on TV alot over here but you can find it on DVD easily.

          • @ TheAvenger

            I been waiting for news on X4. Almost seems like it’s bound to be cancelled.

  15. Fox is moving ahead with both reboots. We should be hearing something about Daredevil soon.

    • I actually saw some concept art for Daredevil a few weeks ago. But as far as I know, Fox doesn´t have any plans for FF yet.

      • I’d love to see that concept art…
        Do you perhaps have a link?

  16. this was just tweeted by Katee Sackhoff
    Thanks for the patience guys…I can finally confirm that I will be in the next Riddick movie…As if you hadn’t figured that out yet!

    hell ya

  17. Ok comic book fans here’s a question for you. Who’s the most powerful comic book character in all the DC/Marvel universes? And I’m not just talking about strength, but agility, power, cunning, etc.,

    • Green Lantern IMO. If only he could keep his will power up, then he could beat ANY superhero. Yes, I went there.

    • In the Marvel universe, you have some insane cosmic people. I forget the guys name but he is a god of another universe.

      • It just came to me; his name is the Beyonder.

  18. I’m going to say Ghost Rider because all he has to do is hit anyone with his penance stare and they immediately are conflicted with all the guilt for all the things they’ve ever done wrong. Or however it works.

    • @ Brandon

      I remember a episode of the 90’s F4 animated series when Thor & Ghost Rider made cameos. Ghost Rider used his penance stare on Galactus to stop his attack on earth. But Galactus would be back afterwards.

      I know theres a long list but imo, i don’t think there’s any winners. Some are stronger than others & can only take so much from their enemies.
      As Arnold would say from Predator, ” If it bleeds, we can kill it”. Lol.

  19. So who’s gonna be honorary deputy in vic’s temporary absence?

    How about Rickster? like mayor for a day. lol

    • The only way to have a proper leader is to fight to the death! We must have the KlinZha Kinta contest to decide!!

      That would be kind of hard to do over the internet, Kahless.


  20. @ Pitt Man
    Maybe they could each have a day?

    • why not? I know Rickster probably has more time on his hands since the end of the pottermovie era, sorry it’s sad, I know.

      Hey, to all commenters, if screen rant was a government, and we were the congress/cabinet/parliament, what would your position be?

      I’m an independently contracted efficiency expert, that’s right… I’m streamlining. lol

      I think Dr. Sam and Scapegoat should be secretary of state and minister of foreign affairs respectively. Brandon, you?

      • Senate majority leader for me.

        • Okay, so you like to do nothing… okay good…I was thinking more secretary of defence shared between you and Kahless but he can handle that position alone.

          I dub thee Majority Leader Ink. (I have no real authority here so until an official SR writer usurps this ridiculous subject, I have the sword, and I’m handing out titles! lol)

          • “Okay, so you like to do nothing” — best comment of the year so far 😀 (I almost fell out of my chair laughing)

            @Pit Man: out of curiosity, what role/job would you ~bequeath~ on to me?

            • Minister of Kickin’ a**

              • Sweet.

          • Secretary??!! Emperor is more like it, petaQ!!

            We don’t have emperors, Kahless….well, not yet.


      • @ Pitt Man

        Id like to think of myself Secretary of Defense.

        • A human…Secretary of Defense??!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I didn’t know worms had a sense of humnor!!


        • Exchequer, you can handle the money, the piles and piles of money in The united republic of communist capitalist right and left wing state and provinces of Screenrantia. Where Nerds to control the world! MooooHaaaaaaaa!!

      • I can’t believe nobody said Commissioner of the F.D.A. so that they could administer the drugs to all the ranters.

  21. can´t wait till may,just about 4 months and then at first´the avengers´,if joss whedon dissapoints us,he should buy a ticket to moon! it must be better,then every fan exepted,and the hulk must look perfect now after two movies! and of course t.d.k.r. i trust nolan,i think it will be his masterpiece. let us pray that the most anticipated movies,won´t dissapoint us.

    • @ murdock

      Don’t take this the wrong way, but why do you get your hopes high? I only speak for me when i say i don’t have high hopes for Avengers or TDKR. Aslong as they turn out to be great films to enjoy. The Hulk looked better the 2nd time so id like to assume he’d still look great. TDKR i don’t have hopes neither. The trailers didn’t really thrill me like most. TDK was mostly good because of the Joker but i find it what it was all hyped up to be overall. I hope Tdkr does bring the trilogy full circle with Batman Begins.

      • Lately, I’ve been saying to my friends that I’m probably going to like TDKR more than The Avengers (this coming from they guy who’s name is “TheAvenger”).
        The reason being: my hopes/expectations for The Avengers are unimaginably high, while my expectations for TDKR are very, very low (thanks to the trailer – which I personally disliked… A LOT).
        So unless The Avengers ends up being “the best movie of all time”, I’m always going to feel a bit let down (don’t get me wrong though… I’m PRAYING that it’ll rock the cinematic world ;))

        But yeah, at this point, all I can do is wait for more trailers and count down the days until each movie hits cinemas.
        P.S. 107 days and 17hrs to go until The Avengers!

        • 107 days and 17hrs to go until The Avengers!

          That reminds me; didn’t SR used to have a countdown to very anticipated movies? I think 2 countdowns would be a good idea…well, 3 if you count the end of the world. 😛

        • Hey avenger im sure it’ll be a few surprises in the film & heavy in action but after that i say…uhhhh

      • at the beginning i am always optimistic,and then i read the reviews,if the rev. is good or bad from good sources(of course screenrant-reviews),i´ll watch it(the movies) to proove it for me. especially avengers is a dream since 30 years for me,that´s why i don´t wanna be dissapointed.

        • @ murdok

          My friends & i are always optimistic in the beginning about every movie we look forward to. I read the Before & After reviews with the Before reviews only to see whats to expect anyone, can’t say the same for my friends. I try not to read find out too much about the film like TDKR. It’s why im glad they havn’t shown or reveal much of The Avengers because i like to be surprised. As for After reviews after the film is released, i will have my own opinions as anyone about the film. I been waiting for a team-up film to happen so i too don’t wanna be disappointed. Like TDKR, im sure The Avengers will turn out to be a great film.

  22. Anyone got a email mentioning Invitation to

    • I meant to ask if anyone got a email w/ Invitation To Connect to LinkedIn?
      By Vic Holtreman.

      • No, but I keep getting one from someone I don’t know.

      • I did and gladly accepted…

    • I got it yesterday, and accepted.

      • @ Kahless

        Whats it about? I havn’t accepted it yet because i didn’t wanna get a virus.

  23. This is BY FAR the geeky-est ‘Open Discussion’ I’ve ever seen…

  24. I got a question for those who watch True Blood. Which character or Guest Character would you see yourself as whether if was past or pleasant? Id see myself as Alcide.

  25. If they plan to make a sequel to Killer Klowns, who would everyone would like to see in the film whether it’s a role or cameo?