Open Discussion – January 8, 2014

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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 8, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 8, 2014

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  1. Happy Open Discussion Wednesday! First I hope Apolcalypse will be seen in his mutant glory in X-Men:DOFP sequel.

  2. Anyone else tuning into Klondike this month?

    • Well, after a few days of subzero, here we are finally sitting at a balmy 15 degrees(F)!

    • Normally, -4 degrees would make me miserable, but I am welcoming it after the last few days.

    • Up here in Wisconsin I’m just hoping it stays above zero.

  3. I dvr’ed Intelligence last night, has anyone seen it? Is it worth watching (no spoilers please)?

    I really need to catch up on SHIELD, I don’t want to watch the “Coulson” ep until I do.

    I saw Gravity in theaters over the weekend because of the re-release… I can understand the Oscar buzz. It should be scifi though, almost every “action” scene was impossible. They even stole a scene from Mission to Mars.

    • Re; Intelligence, I saw that ending coming miles away. (I don’t know if that’s because I write for my own amusement or [more probable] that the ending is just cliche.)

      Its been compared to Chuck, Jake 2.0 and even Person of Interest. Its none of these, but parts of them.

      Short version; Spec Ops “crazy guy” (yea, I have a bone to pick about that one) gets a chip implanted in his head, now he can access the computers, pull up information about people and places etc. Now he needs a body guard, enter Secret Service agent from Pres. Protection Detail. (and she didn’t apply for the position, bone number two to pick.) Forced relationship in three, two… (yea, that didn’t work in season two of Human Target.[Never Forget]) Add special effects for when he accesses information and there’s your show.

      Some shows start off with a bang. They hook you in the first few minutes and run, some get off to a slow start and build to a good show. This is somewhere in between. Add to that it will be up against The Blacklist monday nights, doesn’t bode well.

      I could go into my various gripes and bones to pick, but I’ll skip that for now.

      Shield; THAT’S how they brought the Son of Coul back???

      • Short answer; you’ll have to watch it to find out if you like it.

    • What do you mean “almost every action scene was impossible”?

      • @moz:

        Without spoiling it for everyone, in certain action scenes, with that type of debris moving at that speed, and all the impacts on sharp objects, it’s impossible for anything to stay intact, space suits especially… not a single tear.

  4. So why was the ‘view all’ removed from sections that have multiple pages (or did I miss this in another discussion)? I had received a response in another thread yet it was from a non SR rep.

    • Sorry Aknot, we need the page views. I checked out a lot of mainstream media news site to get a feel for what was out there and most of them don’t offer that option either.

  5. So happy that both Justified and Person Of Interest return last night!

    • And they were both amazing as usual!

      • Haha, hell yes. And Shameless season 4 premier as well.

    • So many shows, so little time.

      Luckily I upgraded to a new DVR so now all these overlapping shows can be recorded at the same time (6 at once!).

      Hopefully I can to Justified tonight.

      • Wish I could afford DVR. :(
        I’m still using Old Faithful, my VCR to tape shows. I do have Verizon TV, so using On Demand to watch shows is very nice. Stupid budget!

        • My only problem with OnDemand is most don’t let you fast forward and all their commercials are for that particular network’s shows.

          • I totally agree, but I’ve learned to live with the commercials by being a mute-button master.

  6. all I know is I will never buy LavAzza. that ad is driving me bonkers!!

    • The Fresh Step one that plays automatically is so annoying too.

  7. Has anyone see The Wolf of Wall Street yet? I saw it last night, pretty great and hilarious. A bit long though and really wanted more Matthew Mcconaughey aha.

    • I’ve seen it! Caught it on boxing day and quite enjoyed it. The whole cast was really cool, especially Leo, Jonah Hill, Shane from The Walking Dead, and the dad from Super 8. Everybody else was awesome too.

      Have you read about the backlash the film is getting? There’s been a handful of articles about it here on SR. I find that interesting.

      Personally, I can definitely see why people think the film is a bit excessive. But I disagree with the people who say that the film glamorizes the lewd lifestyle that Belfort leads. The movie just presents the stuff he did in a way that’s entertaining. You can tell when he crosses the line. The film doesn’t do anything to hide that.

      • Most of those people griping are the sort who can’t read between the lines, can’t grasp overall context. The whole point of the movie was their behavior and actions were gross and over the top, but because it takes some processing of the film within their own brains to grasp that, it was totally missed by some people. The film wasn’t glorifying it…it was designed in a way where you would think and feel “oh my god, what are these people doing?” Very weird that many of the people who picked up on that didn’t put it together that it was the intended reaction and it meant the film was successful, not inappropriate or glorifying.

  8. Good morning all…..


    I argree with you 100% on Gravity, it was, IMO, amazing.

    I need to catch up on SHEILD myself, I’m a little behind. Well actually, a lot behind.

    Just a thought but..
    I am so hoping that the Avengers 2 filming in South Africa leads to a Black Panther sighting, at least a cameo; how great would that be? :)

    @ Paul or Vic
    Why do we have to re-type our info for every comment, and why can’t we still reply to other comments on the mobile site?

    • Appreciate the love and thoughts Tony, but I still haven’t posted yet today haha. Sorry to steal the love, BigNerd.

      • Sorry LC, I thought that was you! My bad! Let me correct that:

        @ Big Nerd

        Ok, all set now! :)

        • I don’t even look like LC.

          Queens circa 2000 cellphone

          • I am Queens Boulevard…

            • @ Big Nerd

              I’ll have to take my sunglasses off before I check out the comments. Ha!

    • argree – to argue while still agreeing with another’s opinion – argree

      • So what if you disargree? :)

        • Then, you are a troll. Or a fanboy. Or a fanboy zombie troll. I think.

          I’m just glad that internet comment sections are here to teach me and all the children of the world correct social etiquette, rational thinking, and sensible behavior.

    • Morning, Stark!
      Black Panther in A2 would be AWESOME!

    • Probably because it’s easier to break working things than fixing broken things. :D

  9. @Stark
    I’m hoping for a cameo. BP deserves an origin movie. I’m surprised he didnt get a movie sooner.

  10. Anyone heard from Robert Palmar? I don’t recall him posting in quite some time. I really hope everything’s okay.

    • @ $2

      I haven’t seen Robert Palmer since I think late Noverber or erly December. At lest not in he O.D. anyway. Isn’t he fom Australia?

      • I could’ve sworn in NY.

      • I think he’s in NY.
        Are Paul or Vic able to contact him just to touch base?
        I just find it odd that he posted frequently on SR and then weeks of nothing.

        • There are a lot of regular Scranters who haven’t been around as much lately…the Avenger, Scapegoat, ACW, Doctor Kenneth Noisewater, Kahless, Jeff W., and probably others. The OD is a ghost town.

          I’m not sure why but I comment less nowadays. I used to attempt some humor in my comments on articles, but anymore I get berated and called a troll or fanboy for any sort of opinion made. So now, if I do comment…it’s a quick “I like it” or “Good show ol’ chap” type of comment. Honestly, I comment more on the articles with 10 or 20 comments than those with 368.

          Plus, the mobile site is too glitchy for me. And I’m lazy and don’t want to fill out my comment info every single time…I have a very long screen name that is easy to misspell.

          • I still don’t understand why Vic hasn’t addressed the issue of retaining comment name information.

            It’s been like a month now and I know that I comment less because of it.

            It’s bad enough you can’t edit, now it’s even harder just to comment.

            • I know I have also had some difficulty with commenting over the last month or two, with problems both typing and submitting, which have been quite frustrating. I alerted Vic to it, and I know he was attempting to diagnose and fix the problem. I don’t think it has been resolved yet, though, as I still experience it from time to time. No doubt, it has affected others as well, which may influence how often they post.

            • Yeah, if they remove the View All option, because they need the page views, you’d think they’d also need the page views of people returning to previous topics and to post some more comments in a hassle free manner. I must say that I also think twice now before commenting on anything or revisiting comment pages ever since the name and the email address don’t get remembered anymore.

              Plus I can’t really keep track of the topics that I posted anymore, because in order to get those topics shown under “Manage your subscriptions” it must know who I am, which it doesn’t anymore.

          • When I was more active on this site, I was working 3rd shift and had all the time in the world to just do whatever I want because its dead at my work during that time. Now that I am working a normal schedule, its balls to the wall busy. I still read but I don’t have much time to be active anymore.

            Agree about the mobile site. Its more of a pain to use. I use the app to read the articles now and that doesn’t include the comments. Ah well.

            • Understandable about the work/shift LC. It’s been extremely busy here at work for me lately. This week, we’re short staffed with the flu epidemic and overworked. So, I’m in the office (staying warm) and answering phones…while looking at Screenrant and getting paid overtime. MHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…I shouldn’t maniacally laugh. I’ll inherit this business someday.

              I used to check things out on the mobile site at home after the kids went to sleep, but it’s a pain to comment with it…especially since now I have to fill in every comment field every single time. Not fun to type on an android and switching multiple boxes leads to accidently clicking the “manage your subscription button” and loosing everything you’ve typed (when using desktop version on your mobile device since you cannot reply directly using the mobile site). You said it best. It is a pain.

              Vic, wouldn’t you be getting more revenue from your ads if the page refreshes with every comment post? Wouldn’t it be in your best interest to fix the mobile site and/or the comment entry boxes?

          • @ Professor P

            I’m with you on all your points. The mobile site issues have to be addressed, it’s bad, and this has been going on for months. As far as re-entering our info every time to comment, that is getting old as well. I wonder what’s going on around here.

            • Join Us, Stark! Join the dark side. Hail HYDRA. It’s lonely over here at HYDRA HQ.

              BTW, I created a blog called HYDRA HQ. I’ve yet to post on it because, well, read my name and focus on the second word. So anybody want to write for HYDRA?

        • Email one or both. They contacted Kahless for us when he went awol but that was also for a health issue he had mentioned to us.

  11. Finally saw We’re the Millers this past weekend. As a comedy movie it was funny but not as the same level as This is the End. Also watched Elysium and good as it was, could been a little better.

  12. Why do all TV shows with attractive actresses nearly always cut away or go out of frame right when they’re about to show some amazing booty in tight pants?

    Cutting out the best part of the shows…t’s a conspiracy!

  13. What does everybody think about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing Amazo?

    • I don’t think anything, because I never heard of that character. :D

  14. Scranters –

    I have added another term to the Urban Dictionary: FoX-Men Universe

    Normally, it takes a few days for the editors over there to add my submissions, but today it took less than 15 minutes. I made up a good one.

    Hail HYDRA!

    • The one time I added something to Urban Dictionary, they posted it almost immediately. It was kind of nice.

      “twat cred” btw

      • @Ken – I like your definition of Justin Bieber. ;)

        • Oh.