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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 6, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 6, 2014

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  1. This may be the year I switch my preference from films to TV completely.Loads of quality and not a remake in site.

    Loving Arrow at the moment,surprisingly good.22 episodes in a box-set great value for money.

  2. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started the habit of seeing movies during the day as oppose to night showings. I find the experience more peaceful as I’m least likely to get annoyed by teenagers and parents of young kids who typically go in the evening.

    Does anyone else have a preference? Day or Night showings?

    • I’m all for matinees. It comes down to money for me, so I always go the cheaper route. When it’s not a film I’m dying to see, I wait until the movie hits the local two-dollar cinema.

      Also, I dislike being in a crowded theater, mostly because when the audience laughs or screams, I’m not able to hear any dialog that may immediately follow. Nothing against others having a good time; I just don’t like to miss anything.

      • @ $2

        Im like you. Around here, even the matinees could end up being crowded. Depends if I wanna go opening weekend for that movie. I leave a hour atleast to try to get one of my favorite seats,lol.

    • There was a time that the monstrous size of the premiere crowd caused not even so much as a batted eye from me or my movie-going buddies (to date myself, movies like 8 Mile, X2: X-men united, The Matrix (part 2 or 3), The Ring, Star Wars Episode III). But I have to agree with you, the last time I did anything resembling going close to the premiere was going to a movie the first Sunday it was out. The wife and I (sometimes a couple of friends too) will wait at least a week on any and every movie. There was a brief period of time there where neither of us had the typical 9-5/weekends off job so going to see a movie at 2pm on a Weds was a regular kind of thing. THAT has infinitely ruined us now that the weekends are pretty much when we can go again.
      Could be age or increasing ticket prices (or both) but we’ve noticed our movie-going decreasing gradually due to this preference to not have to be around everyone AND THEIR BABY. I think I would pay a surcharge at a theater if they had a CPS worker on retainer at all times in the theater.

    • I like a crowded theatre and the excitement of an opening, but I prefer going to matinees for sure. I try to catch a Saturday or Sunday afternoon show on opening weekend, to get the best of both worlds.

      • i usually go a week after opening to avoid crowds, but i did try once to go to a opening night for Attack of the Clones with people dressed up as Darth Maul, lightsaber fights in the aisles…it was a great experience with everyone clapping and chanting when the Star Wars logo came up on screen, by the end of the movie it felt really uncomfortable…like a funeral hahaha never again!

    • I go to matinees. Normally, I hit the early morning shows, the first showing of the day…with my daughter. My reasoning? The men’s room. When I take my preschooler into a stall to go potty, I prefer it to be semi-clean.

      Without the kids, the wife and I go to the early evening shows and then catch dinner afterwards. Then, you miss the crowded dinner scene.

      Alone…occasionally I’ll catch a movie by myself. That is usually a mid-afternoon mid-week showing. That happens roughly once every five years. TDKR was the last time…my wife was pregnant and did not want to sit in a theater. I took off work early one day and was home in time to help her feed our daughter.

    • For me its whatever’s most convenient.

      I like having a full theater cuz that’s a cool dynamic to have for an action film for example. You get to hear/see the audience’s reaction and whatnot. That’s a fun part of the experience.

      At the same time though, I could do without all the noises of candy wrappers, kids, and talking during the movie. That kills the experience for me.

      Its a mixed bag.

      Day or night I guess I like a showing to have a fun audience that is considerate about the movie-going experience. That’s just a hard combination to find haha..

  3. It’ll have to depend on the movie for whether or not the night showings are better to attend than the day. I fi agree with the first statement…. 2013 was a year for television. Im particularly enjoying the new cw show the originals! Its such a step up from the vampire diaries. Their themes have more substance!

    • I agree. With series like The Originals, The Tomorrow People, Arrow and some others coming up I am becoming a CW fan more and more now. Who would of thought, LOL. 2013 was indeed though the year of TV and I just hope the big screen films can step up their game. For myself, my TV viewing experience has been great in 2013 and I can only see my series manager on my DVR only expanding in 2014

  4. I just bought and watched Kick-Ass 2 again and enjoyed more the second time. Its not as good as the first but I really enjoyed the hell out of it. Here’s hoping for a third.

  5. I hope all you Scranters are having a great start to 2014!

    Call me Johnny-come-lately, but I started watching Breaking Bad this weekend and really enjoy it. A neighbor told me not to give up because the first two seasons are quite slow. I’m almost halfway into the second season, and I’m very happy with the pacing; I don’t think it’s slow at all.

    I also saw American Hustle and thought it was a really great film. Christian Bale and Amy Adams were fantastic. I also thought Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence did a superb job. Next up is The Wolf of Wall Street.

    • I’ve just smashed through the first three seasons of Breaking Bad myself. Most impressed, and I don’t find the pacing slow at all either. Unlike some shows that I enjoy but can only watch a couple of episodes of in one sitting, I’ve found this compulsive matchsticks-under-the-eyes, five-or-six-in-a-row stuff. Bryan Cranston’s gradual unleashing of the amoral Heisenberg personality into the naive, well-meaning world of Walter White is totally compelling. I think I’ve done pretty well in managing to avoid all internet chat thus far of how it ends, too.

      Currently working my way through a complete run of Columbo as well. A wonderful bit of ’70s nostalgia. That’s definitely not a show for the “attention-challenged”; no car chases, no explosions, no violence (other than the initial murder), and not even the standard police procedural element of mystery. Just solid writing and character acting. I’m up to the second season episode with John Cassavetes and Blythe Danner – the latter thin as you like, running round a tennis court, and yet apparently five months pregnant with Gwyneth Paltrow at the time. It’s striking just how much Paltrow resembles her mother back then, and Blythe Danner still looks fantastic now at 70 years old.

    • You are in for a treat my friend!! Breaking Bad is a very good show through and through. Every season has a bunch of scenes that are absolutely genious. Just wait, it gets better and better.

      I also thoroughly enjoyed American Hustle. Christian Bale is amazing. That dude is a chameleon. When Robert Deniro met him on set he didn’t recognize him. They had to introduce him twice! The rest of the cast too but I loved Bale in particular.

      WoWS is cool. Its got a lot of nudity and f-words in it so be ready for that. Its an adult film in every sense of the word. Its good though. You’ll likely enjoy it.

  6. Anyone watched Batman 89″ for it’s 25th anniversary?

    • Heck yes!

    • I caught a little bit of it on AMC the other day. I saw my favorite scene where Jack Napier falls in the thing of acid and then later when he breaks the mirror laughing. :) Love those scenes.

      • @ movieDude

        I never forget those scenes. Nor the joy buzzer scene where he fries the guy and the laugh Nicolson had thoughout. Winged freak, terrorizes, wait till they get a load of me, ha ha ha. ” As my doctor always said.” If you gotta go, Go with a smile,hahaha”

  7. $2- Breaking Bad is an amazing series! Don’t be ashamed that you came late! Better late than never! My favorite season is 3! I hope you enjoy it! I just recently watched all of Dexter (now on Netflix) and came out with an interesting feeling about it!! Lol (lol but for real its an okay series…I saw where the hype came from but really its an okay series, with a lot of missteps! But its worth a watch if you have Netflix!)

    Insufferable deadpool- kickass 2 was an okay film. I own the movie and I’ve only watched it once or twice vs. Kickass where I watched it more than once! Its tough with kickass 2 for me because after I watched it I had this “is that it feeling?!?!?!!!!” I really expected different outcomes and a longer storyline to Jim Carey’s character!

    Frank Castle- I haven’t watched Batman 89! Is that with Adam west because that Batman is just not my Batman! Lol

    • Batman 89′ dude. Tim Burton directed it. Michael Keaton starred as Batman. Jack Nicholson was the Joker. Is this ringing any bells?? I grew up on that Batman. Good stuff.

  8. I just can’t see Dwayne Johnson as Green lantern!!! I just can’t, I really hope this Batman vs. Superman movie doesn’t suck! They should really wait for to introduce any other superheroes of the DC universe and just focus on the ones they have!

  9. I just can’t see Dwayne Johnson as Green lantern!!! I just can’t, I really hope this Batman vs. Superman movie doesn’t suck! They should really wait for to introduce any other superheroes of the DC universe and just focus on the ones they have.

  10. Moviedude and frank Castle: oh yeah!!! Lol for some reason when someone says 89 Batman my mind always goes to Adam West! Yeah I’ve seen Tim burton ‘s batman so many times!! Just name a scene, just name it and we can talk about it!! Lol my favorite batman other than christian Bale…Michael Keaton! Keaton is also one of my favorite actors! Lol so yeah Keaton’s Batman! That scene when Jack Napier falls in the acid and breaks the mirror in the following scene is classic! I like to refer to the overall feel of the movie that resulted from the world Burton created!! Of course a world inspired by the comics but still, such a dark Gotham!! I loved it!! The scene when keaton and Napier face off in bassingers apartment….have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?!?!!! Come on you want to go nuts….let’s get nuts!!! Lol classic!!

    JaredDac: I’m looking forward to the flash series! I’m definitely interested in how its going to turn out!

    Is anyone watching American horror story Coven? Also would anyone recommend a binge watch on the wire or sopranos? I’ve actually tried binge watching the sopranos and it just didn’t happen for me! I got stuck on the third episode of season 1. I decided to postpone the sopranos and finish dexter and now that I’m done with dexter im wondering about the wire!

    • haha I’m glad you remember it man. better than I do apparently :/

      Yeah I love the visual aesthetic of the film. Batman: TAS had a visual style extremely reminiscent of that of Burton’s Batman films with the art deco cityscapes and character designs. I love love love it!! I actually just got volume 4 of Batman:TAS for christmas so thats cool :) technically the episodes in volume 4 aren’t from Batman:TAS but from The New Adventures of Batman and Robin. I’m still pumped to finally own them though :D

  11. @ movieDude

    I too glad People behind Batman:TAS took inspiration from Burton’s films. Loved how Gotham looked in TAS as Burton’s films. Gotham looked good in Batman Begins but not in the last two films as it looked clean, safe.

  12. Movie dude: its alright man! That movie is just awesome to sit through sometimes when the mood hits you!

    The BTAS batman is awesome through and through! I will say the pre adventures of batman and robin as a journey wasn’t my favorite overall but there are individual episode that were A-MAZING! Particularly the episodes involving twoface, clayface, raz aghoul, mad hatter, clock king, and scarecrow. But in my opinion when the BTAS goes to adventures of Batman and Robin they totally up there game….the episodes… Commissioner Gordon finds batgirl (aka his daughter Barbara Gordon) dead, and goes after Batman, the joker episodes are all better! The episodes of batman and dick Grayson going at it, the superman and batman crossovers, the Harley Quinn origin story!!! Just the overall journey of the adventures of Batman and Robin are more enjoyable to sit through over and over again. Again its all quality I’m just talking about my favorite episodes and the settle differences btw the two. Also in some characters like the joker the btas pre batman and robin adventures were better (animation wise) but overall also the batman and robin adventures poison ivy, and scarecrow just looked better! But agian Jems can be found in both!

  13. I would encourage anybody to really check out the worlds finest podcast on earth 2. Net the show! Its on iTunes! It goes through the btas and justice league and unlimited, teen titans, superman animated adventures, and lastley but definitely not least Static Shock. They also go through reviews of 89 batman through dark knight rises. They are good and I enjoyed there extensive look at the material. Theses are all old broadcasts so they should still be available.

  14. Have you guys seen Michael Bay’s stellar performance at a Samsung CES presentation?


  15. I finished Doctor Who on Netflix last night!! Wow. Never in my life would I think that I’d be addicted to that show…but alas, I am. Next step, Season 7 on Hulu Plus. Then, I’ll have to buy some specials and maybe the second half of season 7 on Amazon.

  16. The lost Winchester: Michael is a joke, thus should prove it! Lol he’s a professional, he should have what he’s gonna say already in mind, the teleprompter is a last case scenario. He has lost a lot of respect in my eyes!

    Professor procrastination: I just started watching doctor who, I’m on season 2 I’m still not hooked yet, eckleson is good but I’m still not hooked! What episode hooked you?

    • Honestly, it was hard to get through that first series, but once David Tennant arrived the show picked up. I had heard that prior to watching it, but I wanted my viewing to be complete and it does help to know more about Rose within those first episodes.

      I’d say the series one episode titled Father’s Day, the series one finale, and the Christmas special all really kept me watching. Then in series 2, the episode titled The Girl in the Fireplace hooked me for good.