Open Discussion – January 6, 2012

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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 6, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 6, 2012

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  1. I’m surprised at how many people are happy with the recent news that Akira is on hold. Yeah, I don’t want the film to be made either, but the article even said the film isn’t dead. I expect to hear news that another screenwriter will be hired to make some rewrites very soon.

  2. I think CGI Hulk doesn’t seem to work on the big screen – Just thinking about what he’ll look like in the Avengers – the last two movies were great & the effects excellent – but I think it always looks a bit cartoon-like & looses something. As a Hulk fan for 40yrs I always dreamed as a kid of seeing him on the big screen.
    When the TV show first came out – I remember thinking – oh – it’s a man dressed up & painted green – But they delivered a classic Hulk with a low budget.
    I would love to see a Hulk in the future who is played by an actor wearing make-up etc like Hell-Boy – who can give the Hulk some personality – something that the movie version lacks.
    Is there still talk of a TV series returning ?!

    • The closest (IMO) you will get is Hellboy. To have someone wear something akin to the “Thing” suit (or even Hellboy) on a Hulk level would be almost impossible.

      The next closest thing would be a complete hydraulic assisted shell (Think Ripley) with a man in it. However I don’t think they could make it fast enough.

      I know they had a robot Hulk made but overall CGI (again IMO) is the best way to go.

      The Bana hulk was too bright for my tastes but for its time was great. H2 was even better.

      • Far from “impossible”. Just think how the Lord of the Rings was able to make some actors appear small and others large. A little trickery with the camera is all that is needed…plus, someone today with the physique of young Arnold or Lou Ferrigno.

        • Making a size change keeping everything in proportion is a lot different then adding a ton of muscle mass.

          I dont care how big Lou and Arnold were they (even using LotR filming) would never look or come close to representing the Hulk. Especially when you want them to transform and or test how unlimited that strength barrier is. Once that is going on you HAVE to add CGI and half and half would look worse.

          I dont see the Hulk as a real live person. The only time it would have human interface is with what they are doing with the mo cap.

          CGI the hulk and mo cap it to a human.

    • The previous two Hulks were CGI, but Ruffalo´s Hulk will be CGI combined with motion capturing. Like Ceasar in ROTPOTA. So I guess the next Hulk will be a lot better than the last two.

      • ^
        As a comic book fan, I’ve always wanted to see the HULK on screen in live-action (I wanted to see the raging beast so massive, you’ll pee your pants if you even come close to him) – not a tall guy painted green.
        I loved the Hulk’s skin color in The Incredible Hulk, but IMO, he was a bit cartoony (at times it looked a little unreal).

        The CGI/mo-cap that they’re doing on Avengers is a great idea (that small glimpse we saw in the trailer looked really realistic IMO).
        Of all the live-action Hulks we’ve seen, I’m certain the one from The Avengers will be the best.

  3. I hope so, i watched the pilot the other night and IMO the story still stands up BUT we all saw what happened to wonder women (so glad i found a copy)

  4. I checked out a couple films this week and both were not what I expected
    Insidious was the 1st and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not a fan of the Paranormal Activity films so when you consider who was involved with making this I just thought it would be more of the same but for me there were plenty of creepy/scarey moments and even though it got a little hokey torwards the end I was still engaged enough to really enjoy the film throughout.
    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!
    And I loved for once that when a family thought their house was haunted they got out of there right away.
    Also, it’s 3 days later and I still can’t get the image of the old lady out of my head from the first few minutes of the film.
    The 2nd movie I watched was Attack The Block and it pains me to say I didn’t like it at all. All signs pointed to it being right up my alley and I was excited to see it but it completely fell flat for me. Maybe I’ll give it a 2nd go later today but I doubt my opinion will change…
    Anyone else see these? And what are your thoughts?

    • Insidious was good all the way to the last 15 minutes then it was like are you kidding me? I haven’t saw PA 3 yet but PA 2 was garbage & i do wanna see Attack The Block b/c screenrants review of the movie had me curious so im looking forward to that very soon.

  5. Hey ranters how is everyone doing, anyone planning on watching The Devil Inside the trailers look pretty good but I haven’t read the review about to do just that.

    • The review is up and it sounds like a pass for me.

  6. Does anyone know the current status of Mel Gibson’s proposed epic viking movie? Would love to see it happen, but unfortunately, he still seems to be persona non grata among the Hollywood hypocrites.

    • I replied to someone else on another thread about the whole “Hollywood hypocrites” matter, so I do not wish to restart that whole back-and-forth. Suffice it to say that, while the Hollywood power brokers may not be saints (or, often, particularly bright), there are actually other possible (I think PROBABLE) reasons for Gibson finding it so difficult to get back into the popular celebrity flow…The main one is that his insulting an entire of an entire religion/ethnic group left large wounds.

      • …sigh…ignore “of an entire”…

      • Well, people’s inability to forgive says just as much, if not more, about them…

        • That may be, but it still does not mean Gibson is having his difficulties because of Hollywood or any hypocrisy. Ultimately, he made his own choice.

          • We’ll have to agree to disagree. Gibson was wrong to say what he said, but I think many in Hollywood are wrong for blacklisting him. The guy has a very accomplished career, and his actions, working with people of all races and creeds his entire life, should mean more than his words, uttered when drunk. So much for the “tolerance” which the “elite” and “enlightened” crowd purport to uphold. They prove themselves to be the bigots that they believe him to be.

            • Fair enough.

  7. Anybody have any idea when Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy goes wide, or wider?
    The latest ads keep saying “everywhere today”, but its theater count is about 805, and the closest film showing it is over 200 miles away. Anyone knows if its adding a several hundred more screens within the next few weeks?

    • It’s playing in the theater about 2 miles from me, and I have a free movie coupon; so guess what I’ll be seeing this weekend? :-)

  8. I just rented a movie called SUPER, it look’s like a grown up version of Kick-Ass so i’ll have to see if it’s any good b/c i did enjoy kick ass & at the time i knew nothing of it as i know nothing of this except for maybe a preview from awhile back.It’s really more like a independent film so i hope i like it.

    • You didn’t think Kick-Ass was grown up?

      • I meant the lead character is a adult kick ass since kick ass himself is only a teenager.

    • I watched it a few weeks ago. Very good movie IMO.

  9. That nun on top of the home page is freaking me out.

  10. Anyone getting tired of the whole are house is haunted or my relative is possessed films yet? It seems like there are two or three a year now and they all seem to be the same.

  11. @Kahless

    Yeah yeah just keep rubbing it in. I probably won’t get to see it until my local theatre starts playing the academy award nominated films. Or until it becomes available to rent.

  12. Go and spam somehwere else.

    • moin,scape..,schöne grüsse murdok!eeh..doesn´t hulk look like in the promo-pics,where you see hulk in 3 positions?i hope,he will be look exactly like in avengers-pics.

      • I´m pretty sure he does. I mean, what´s the point of releasing those pics and then have him look differently?

  13. Just finished watching Sherlock on Netflix. I liked it, just wish we didn’t have to wait till May for season two.

    Also, when is that rumered “Green Lantern review” podcast going to be available?

    • You don’t have to wait til May to watch the new season of Sherlock,Goggle is your friend.

    • Yea google A Scandal in Belgravia (Season 2 Ep1). Really great episode with an Irene Adler also starring.

      I think S2E2 is also online now too.

  14. So uh…does anyone know if this ‘Project X’ movie from Todd Phillips is supposed to be a comedy or like a cloverfield ripoff? I love the found footage genre but after seeing the trailers for both ‘Chronicle’ and ‘Project x’ in front of the devil inside (which was already a miserable experience) i just..i think i’m reaching my end. The only positive thing for me about ‘The Devil Inside’ is that now everyone will stop hating ‘Apollo 18′ so much

  15. Anyone gonna see that film about Bin Laden’s death? Kinda seems like they’re holding it off closer to 2012 election to better Pres.Obama’s chances of another term. Sony is a big supporter of the President so go figure. People wonder how much detail the film will reveal of everything, especially when the film opens world-wide.

    • Not planning on seeing it.
      It’s great that he’s dead and everything (and I have nothing but respect for the brave guys who risked their lives to make sure that bas-tard got what he deserved), but I can’t imagine why they needed to make a movie about it…

    • I doubt they will put into the film what really led to his capture: the interrogations and work of the men and women before the current President’s term. The real heroes are the soldiers but I doubt the movie will show it that way.