Open Discussion – January 4, 2012

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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 4, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 4, 2012

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  1. Had a dream they released a trailer for the ‘Superman’ and ‘Godzilla’ movies…

    • hey vic when can i start looking out for your guys big annual movie breakdown of the upcomming year? I looked at the one you made for 2011 all the time to know what was comming out.

      • kyak,

        Came out today.


    • it’s been a bit quiet on the superman:man of steel front lately…hoping for a poster and maybe a teaser or trailer soon.

      • Rumor was floating around yesterday that Bradley Cooper will play Lex Luthor in the film, but I wouldn’t put much credibility on that.

  2. Any news on the Resident Evil Retribution trailer?

  3. While Vic is recovering from hip surgery the staff at SR must have sold all the ad time to Shark Night popups! lol.

    on a serious note,

    I think Spidey should be more “cartoony” than the rest of the superheromovies, dark and gritty worked in the comics, shortly, but they always came back to the lighthearted wisecracking socially clumsy spidey. The colorful world of Raimi was a great Spidey environment, I just think Spidey 3 ruined the greatness of Spidey 1 and 2 and Toby was never quite right in the part.

    Mind, Kraven’s Last Hunt is one of my fave storylines in the comics, and its about as dark as can be, it worked in the comics. I think it might be fine for a solo spidey movie that never intends to be a sequel, to have a dark story and spidey but not a trilogy/franchise. Dark spidey for 3 films? He aint batman.

    • They switched to the Devil Inside pop ups. lol

      • I know they can be annoying – but we try to limit them to almost always movie-related ads, audio off by default and easy to make disappear.


    • Agreed. Spidey/Peter Parker should be a more lighthearted funny character. That’s why I loved his comics and cartoons growing up. Calling a character, like the Rhino, chuckles or pickle-puss while almost being smashed is classic Spiderman humor. In one issue I read shortly after seeing Burton’s Batman as a kid, had the best line…
      Crook: Who are you?
      Spidey: I’m Batm…err… Spiderman!

      Classic Bat…I mean Spiderman using pop culture for humor. Still, I wasn’t a fan of Raimi’s films because it felt more like a Power Rangers episode with a guy in a Spiderman costume filling in for the Rangers…come on, the Green Goblin looked like most of those silly Power Ranger villains. I liked the characterization of Peter Parker/Spiderman at times, but Toby McGuire wasn’t my ideal candidate for the role (I still own all 3 films since I’m a fan of the character). Perhaps, I’m judgmental since Spiderman was my favorite childhood comic. I am looking forward to the new direction this movie takes even with all talk about it being more dark, and I’ll reserve my judgement until I actually see and hear Spidey in action. I just hope the film is dark, gritty, and witty.

      • ^ I completely agree.
        Spider-Man IS lighthearted, funny, character (even in the face of death).
        Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to a have a depressing, emo-like, Spider-Man doesn’t know what he’s talking about IMO.

        • @ b-list, TheAvenger & foopher

          I agree with your agreements.

          And B-List, regarding Raimi’s spiderfilms, when Spiderman 1 first came out, remember? the world had been waiting for a spidey movie for deacades, then it was FINALLY HERE! Nowadays I can see the weaknesses in the films but back then… any spidey was good spidey.

          If THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN gets a sequel it’s likely to be darker and grittier, from Lizard to Venom to Carnage to a rebooted Gobby in part 3 and Gwen’s death to finish the trio, even more grittier-er-er, and er. I think I’ve got grit in my teeth. gritty!

          • I remember when they came out. I was smiling for days afterwords…maybe weeks or months. At the time, I thought it was a bit cheesy, but I wasn’t going to say a word because I wanted more Spidey flicks. And I got my wish with 2 more movies and another franchise starting :) After the Amazing Spiderman franchise is done, I can’t wait for the Spectacular Spiderman reboot or the Web of Spiderman…endless possibilities all because I didn’t complain about the 1st one (back then of course)!

  4. we need a write up on world war z, if it hasn’t been done. i just about this adaptation today when i read that brad pitt intended on making a trilogy (like the book, i guess?). marc foster is supposed to direct the first one, and i’m sure the sequels will be greenlit if it does well. it will be a story of a zombie war after the zombie apocalypse or something like that. anyone heard anything?

    • world war z will be out on december 12 2012

  5. I’d be interested in getting better picture of how studios decide to spend on PR/marketing for their movies. Dedicated sites/viral marketing seem to only get at a small minority. For all the tie-ins etc, the general public still seems to base their decision to see a movie almost solely on the 2min official trailer.

    Side note just saw, Warrior and felt it was one if not the best movie of 2011 and yet dint do much at the box office whomever cut that trailer should never work again (the brother vs brother angle in the trailer made it sound stupid yet the actual movie was anything but).

  6. Any news on the Predators sequel? The last thing I heard was that they wanted to make one, and that was like a year ago…

    • I really want a Predators sequel. I mean the movie was a financial success and didn’t even have that many stars in it. I think what they should do is get an elite cast – not expendables classic action guys elite, more like what you would classify Gerrard Butler, Tim Olyphant, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joel Edgerton, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy etc – and have them be the new prey that drops in and about halfway through the film they meet up with Royce and Isabelle. There is definitely an audience for a bigger budget Predators film I think, just leave out the aliens and create a cool cast of actors who people recognize and want to see more of.

      I just watched Predators on tv last night and man it was entertaining. The franchise has so much more potential though.

  7. Hey has there been any updates about the uncharted or assassins creed movies?
    Haven’t heard anything in awhile?

    • Spider-Man and the X-Men franchise doesn´t belong to Marvel Studios. They changed the SM actor because it´s a reboot.

    • Neither. I’d choose The Hobbit first and foremost. Then, the Dark Knight Rises, followed by The Avengers. Of course, a private screening would take away the excitement and fun of seeing them with a larger audience.

      • A little off topic since the question was between two comic book movies not to offend you in your choice though the hobbit is on my list of most anticipated movies coming out this year but it releases in Dec. nearly at the end of the year where the movie choices in my question are closer by their release dates but good choice though I’m eager to return to the world of middle earth once again :)

    • ^ Yup… you guessed it: The Avenger would be my first choice – even though I’ll already be able to see it of April 27th :P sorry, couldn’t resist bragging one more time)

      P.S. @ VADER’s 501st: I really like how you’re so courteous and respectful towards both films (these days, all I see is ‘The Avengers’ Vs. ‘TDKR’) — but seriously, it’s been a while since I saw someone else who’s REALLY excited for TDKR AND The Avengers… it’s always “TDKR will rule and Avengers will suck” or “Avengers is gonna be sick and TDK will bomb” — for some reason, it’s always a friggin’ competition.

      • I understand what you mean I don’t see the need to be disrespectful when some one disagree’s with something you like, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, its always this vs that or this is better than that I don’t know how many times I’ve heard DC is better than Marvel and vice versa, it is possible to like both and imo both have a great lineup of great characters, my thanks on your reply AVENGER
        now assemble :)

      • even though I’ll already be able to see it of April 27th

        You know, you’re really starting to get on my nerves! :-D

        All this competition stuff is a drag. Why can’t we all just be excited for both films? I really wish both films make the EXACT same amount of money….$2 billion globally.

    • VADER’s 501st…

      I agree with both your choice and your reasoning. I am looking forward to both films, but Batman is my favorite comic book hero. I trust Nolan’s ability to deliver on this final film in the trilogy, based on his previous two efforts. As for Joss Whedon, I have enjoyed most things he has created and released and have no doubt that he can pull out a great, fun superhero film. That’s why both films are two of my five most anticipated films for 2012.

      Well said, defender of the Dark Lord of the Sith :)

      • Thanks archaeon, Lord Vader is not very forgiving as seen in empire strikes back lol.

        • He’s more forgiving than Kahless.

          And remember that the next time you throw away my gagh, petaQ!!!


  8. Hey Vic, if you’re still sidelined from your procedure, I recommend watching “300″, coupled with beer and ribs. That should take away the pain, and if it doesn’t, you’ll think less of it!

    • I wonder what side effects alcohol has, mixed together with the medication Vic has to take…

      • Scape,

        I’ve actually started tapering off pain meds – HATE the way they make me feel (other than dulling pain).


        • When I was in the hospital a few years ago (surgery on my balls [long story]), the medication was the best about it. But I guess everyone would think that way if you had pain like someone is kicking you between the legs 24/7…

            • Oh, it was awful. And the morphine lowered the pain, but it didn´t make it stop. So I was in constant pain for about six or seven weeks until it finally healed…

              • Ok guys, when you think you are having a bad day….. :-D

                Dude, that sounds like worse than a nightmare. You must have felt like the blind man suddenly given sight when it was over.

  9. Whats up with a Voltron Movie and I am Legend 2 lets go already!!!

    • Rather see Hancock 2 but that’s my request.

      • I’d rather see a sequel to Hancock as well.

        Voltron is going to be just like Transformers, but with Voltron instead. It likely will make a lot of money, but it will be mind-numbing journey through what Hollywood executives think that teen boys like.

        Unfortunate, because there’s so much there in the Voltron storyline to make it a mature, classic sci-fi movie. Instead, it will be used to sell toys, hours of mindless action and virtually non-existent plot.

  10. What would a I Am Legend 2 be about? If I remember correctly they discovered the cure and then Will Smith’s character died, right? And the two kids/teens got away to that isolated military base with the cure.

    So I’m just curious as to what a sequel would entail.

    • It’s suppose to be a prequel from my knowledge.

      • I am Legend completely missed the entire point of the story. Its not about finding a cure. Its about a man fighting “monsters” out of hatred until his hatred changes him into a true monster and the “monsters” victims.

  11. What’s going on with Paradise Lost? Please tell me it’s just stalled not over with cause I was extremely looking forward to that film.

  12. @Ben

    Spot on review for Tucker & Dale. I saw it (Netflix stream) and it was what I would call a very entertaining and enjoyable movie.

    • It´s one of the funniest movies I´ve ever seen.

      • I was quite surprised. I was thinking stupid camp and sophomoric humor. Nothing like that.

        Wife said she hadn’t heard me laugh like that in a long time.