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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 31, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 31, 2014

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  1. I was bored last night so when I saw Gravity was playing again in my area I figured I’d go check it out again…
    I liked it even more the 2nd time. There was only 2 other people in the theater and they were sitting down in the lower level so I had the entire stadium seating to myself and with any other movie I wouldn’t even notice something like that but with this movie in particular it actually added to the experience.
    I don’t want to post spoilers but I will say that if you still haven’t seen this movie and it’s playing again near you you HAVE to see it and 3D is a must.
    I never saw Avatar in the theater so IMO Life of Pie was the holy grail for 3D. When I saw that I really thought it was the apex of what 3D could be and really thought it would be a long time before it was topped but in reality it only took about a year because Gravity is now the be all end all 3D movie experience.
    The review here by Kofi and the conversation on the podcast really nails the experience. The story is probably 4 star worthy and there are a few moments that may ask you to suspended disbelief a little farther than you may be willing but overall as an experience there’s nothing like it and there never has been.
    As far as I’m concerned the 3D age of movies has reached it’s high point. There’s everything that came before Gravity and now we’ll see what’s next.

    • Also,
      The 12 minute + tracking shot that opens the film is the reason Alfonso Cuaron has and will win every directing award for 2013.
      The next 75 minutes or so of the movie are amazing but that opening sequence might be the most awe inspiring 12 minutes in movie history. Simply brilliant.

  2. Good Morning all…..

    Happy Friday!! :)

    I was asked these questions and I thought they were good ones so I’d like to ask them to all of you.

    Which movie/production team has more pressure on it to produce a home run with their movie, Star Wars 7 or Batman Vs Superman?

    Both will make a ton of money, but both have the future of their franchises hanging in the balance as well. If SW 7 is bad, it’s bad news for SW all around. If BvS bombs, it’s bad news for the future of any DCCU.

    The second question was, which group do you trust more to produce the home run needed for their respective franchise, WB/DC and their team (Goyer, Snyder, etc.) or Disney/Lucas film and thier team (Abrams, Kennedy, etc.)?


    • Happy Friday, Stark!

      Nice question. I really feel like SW7 has more to lose in this. DC is slowly attempting to build a universe but SW7 already has that established universe. It’s trying to take it into a new direction with more and more films. At the end of the day, DC can always just reboot like they usually do, but SW is attempting to expand. If they fall flat, all of their new attempts will already be drowning.

      I do however have more faith in JJ. I love his work and am incredibly excited for his take on the franchise.

    • Happy Friday to you too Stark!! Holy crap its already Friday… This week went by fast.

      I say there’s more pressure on BvS to be awesome. Allow me to explain…

      Phantom Menace came out in 1999 and it underwhelmed audiences, but Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith still made a $hit ton of money. Superman Returns came out in 2006 (that’s the year it came out right?) and audiences were lukewarm about it, it made decent money but not fantastic numbers. There weren’t any sequels or nothing after that.

      I agree that both will do well, they’ll make back their budgets and everything. But I think that SW is more of a cashcow than supes (and/or Batman) and for that reason there’s more pressure on supes to perform.

      Personally I trust JJ and his team. I dig the Star Trek reboot and JJ’s other films a lot more than MOS. and I liked MOS!! Just personally I have more faith in JJ and his team.

      • Also if BvS fails that puts all the JL plans in jeopardy.. SW7 has a lot less pressure imho.

          • Thats what I’m saying dude they already DID fail (in the opinion of many) with phantom menace and the prequels, but everything turned out fine. Box office receipts were great and the hard-core fans dug the films anyway.

            • If the film doesn’t hold up quality wise, I don’t see it making much profit, man. The prequel trilogy made just a little over half of what the original trilogy made after inflation. Either way, I’m betting Abrams will deliver!

            • personally i think the amount of hype was not worth the pay off, especially with Phantom Menace which is essentially a origins story, and most origin stories in a series tend to underwhelm, unless you enjoy them like i do (not Phantom Menace thought ha more IM, MOS and Cap etc.)

          • I don’t think they’ll be able to ignore BvS if it fails. I mean, in that movie alone they’re introducing all Wonder Woman and the new Batman as well as forwarding Superman’s story as it is a sequel. I think if they screw this up, there won’t be many DC films coming out for the next 10 years or so.

            As for Star Wars, I find people nowadays are more judgmental towards movies and won’t hesitate to ignore a big franchise like Star Wars if it doesn’t entertain them. Though I don’t think that will happen. Abrams is one talented filmmaker so I have no doubt he’ll succeed with this movie.

            • sure they can…they ignored Nolans Batman, they ignore Green Lantern…they haven`t created a universe as deep as Star Wars has is all i`m saying.

              both franchises have alot riding on this but i think Star Wars has no way of going back to the drawing board, they can`t ignore the previous movies know what i mean.

    • BvS for sure has more pressure. The Star Wars brand has proved you don’t need good movies to be succesful eg. 1-3.

    • I definitely think that Star Wars has a lot more pressure to deliver and is the bigger risk. Batman and Superman have obviously been around longer but it’s pretty arguable that Star Wars has a much larger and wider fanbase. Most were disappointed by the prequels, and let’s face it, it’s impossible to live up to the brilliant masterpiece that was the original trilogy. And there are a lot of Star Wars fans out there that are really into the EU, so if these rumors about it all being scrapped are true, Disney will be making one of its biggest mistakes of all time.

    • I agree with other commenters who say SWVII has more to lose than BvS.

      It’s a trilogy and has to continue on the same story set forth by the 1st chapter (well, it doesn’t HAVE to).

      Whereas with BvS, it’s more self-contained.

      However, neither will bomb. Even if both have the worst story, acting, costumes etc… they will make bajillions. Just chalk it up to “The Twilight Effect”.

      As for your second question, that’s tougher because there is a genre and legacy difference. I think it’s a tie.

    • Because who cares about the fantastic four when you have avengers.

    • I don’t know about Woody Harelson for that role but the others seem okay. I’m very anxious to see who they end up casting.

  3. So this is random but I noticed that Taylor Lautner has pretty much fallen off of the face of the earth (a tiny role in a terrible movie for all of 2013 is the last thing released he’s been in). Any possibility that his ‘Tracers’ movie will go straight to DVD?

    I can’t see it getting a theater release but then again The Legend of Hercules did so…

    Anyone have any insight on this? Is his career over? I’m just curious is all.

    • Lautner was only known for being guys with abs in Twilight so yes Id say his career has jumped the shark unless he finds a way to show his worth.
      Maybe restart with indie films like everyone does when they want to be taken seriously.

      • Wasn’t he also SharkBoy?

        I thought he might make it as a young action star… but I guess not.

    • Thumb war to see who changes has to change thier name?

    • Thumb war to see who has to change thier name?

  4. I have been suffering from significant nerd rage over all the xmen news lately… I think after the horrible misuse of the entire franchise with Xmen 3, they should’ve just done the same as spiderman and superman and rebooted the whole thing. Which they sort of did with First Class, but not really. Instead choosing to do DoFP and tie the 2 together. It was an ambitious concept that I was excited about and looked forward to seeing an end result that put us back with the original cast but with certain errors corrected ie Cyclops and Jean being dead or essentially erasing the events of X3. Then the announcemen t o f Apocalypse came and I was thrilled , imagining a movie with the corrected cast squa ring off against one of the xmens greatest foes… Until Brian Singer’s reveal that the movie would feature the First Class installment instead which is where my nerd rage kicked in. What’s the friggin point of including the present/future cast in DoFP only to ultimately abandon them after they’re done?? Why have the inexperienced and lesser known or liked First Class rotation go up against a villain not only too powerful for them to believably overcome, but also tied so closely to other characters and story arcs like creating Archangel or his connection to Cable, Bishop etc? And if they ultimately were plannipng not to return to the current day iteration than why not just erase it all and do First Class the right way and have Cyclop s, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman and Angel and go from there?

    • DoFP is probably going to reboot everything,
      They know Jackman, gandolf and picard are getting too old.

      • At least that would be doable to me, if Apocalypse starts reintroducing characters that were from the orignal cast but in the proper way, I could potentially get on board with the idea

  5. watch Man of Tai Chi last night and it was not bad movie considering it was a martial arts movie.

  6. So it is sounding like it’s official, Batman vs Superman did, in fact, get pushed back to 2016.

    Michael Wilkinson, one of the people who is also working on the Batman/Superman/Wonder Women design already confirmed on IGN that it’s been pushed to May 6, 2016.

    • So here’s more to add from an article I read today

      Here’s a roundup of the latest:

      - The movie’s release date, which was set for the summer of 2015, has now been pushed back to May of 2016.

      - Filming, including the Detroit shoot, was to begin in February but has also been pushed back to the spring at the earliest. Some production publications now have the start date pushed all the way back to “Summer, 2014″.

      - Batman Vs. Superman will be filming under the working title Sage and Milo and the company Crown City Pictures.

      - When filming does start one of the locations is expected to be a former Girl Scout Camp off of Caley Road in Metamora Township where they will build a temporary structure.

      - Director Zack Snyder was spotted scouting locations on the campus of Michigan State in East Lansing, Michigan. He was specifically looking at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, a modern Zaha Hadid-designed building, with unusual angles and lots of glass-and-steel.

      Henry Cavill has been spotted in Detroit and Deadline is reported the movie’s “main players” are starting work right away but that doesn’t mean they have started principal photography. The movie has been in pre-production for a couple of months in the studio in Pontiac, MI so they may be doing fittings or rehearsals there, but it doesn’t necessarily mean filming is underway. Both the Michigan Film Office and WB have said filming has been delayed

    • I honestly thought you were joking lmao.

  7. At least Jeremy Irons as Alfred could work…

  8. I recently watched the first episode of Black Sails and thought it was alright. I believe it can definitively get better, but it wasn’t the worst first episode I’ve seen. Did anyone else check it out?

  9. So again WB/DC re-enforces my feelings that they are feeding of off fan boy reactionism to generate buzz.

    I feel that they feel they will prove everyone wrong with their off kilter casting and would have to agree that they will.

  10. If by any chance anyone working on the DCCU reads this single comment amid an ocean (pun) of suggestions on the internet…

    If they are indeed working on an Aquaman script I’ve got some inspiration for you other than the typical Greco-Atlantean folklore.

    In Salvador, BA, Brazil (born and bred) there’s this culture goddess, Iemanja, from the Candomble religion (borrowed from the African Yoruba) who is revered at least 3 times a year by seafarers, fisherman, and people who typically live close to the ocean. Some interesting stuff to get the creative juices flowing. Do some research. And you’re welcome.

  11. Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead. Drug overdose, apparently. :(