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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 30, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 30, 2013

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  1. Ok, I am not trying to be a d*** or wind up the fanboys in anyway….. But, who thinks Man Of Steel is gonna suck the fat one this June?
    You know Zack Synder’s track record. Sexy, stylish, but no substance…..
    Is it going to be like Green Lantern or Matrix Reloaded??
    What do you think?

    • It’s the only Superman movie to so far capture my interest to actually watch it. Now, Zack Snyder is a very talented man IMO. I loved “300″ and thought “Watchmen” was decent

    • Watchmen was a great movie from a difficult source material. And no matter what, Man of Steel will be fun to watch.

    • I think it will probably be the first Superman movie WITH substance.

      • Amen to that!

      • I really hope so!

      • Yup.

    • I still have my reservations with MoS – especially the fact that Snyder is directing – but from what I’ve SEEN, it looks awesome.
      What I’m HEARING and READING about the movie is another story though. Some interviews reassure me the movie will be good, but then another cast or crew member comes along with something to say and it makes me hesitant again…
      But at this point it doesn’t matter though. I’m decided. I know I’ll be seeing the movie on opening day. I don’t need any more trailers or interviews to help me make up my mind. Is it going too be great or fantastic? No one will be able to say until the movie’s been released, but I know I’ll enjoy it regardless… I mean, the scenes where Supes is flying or fighting will be worth the price of admission alone.

      • I actually agree with you up to the point of seeing it on opening day. I think I will wait until it is out possibly BluRay.

        Will it matter in the grand scheme? Probably not but until they stop giving comic book properties to people that want to create ‘visions’ I will continue to do this. ;)

    • i think you are wrong, but it’s all unknown at this point. the trailers have me excited for this

    • lol “Pubes”. I thought my name was awesome.

      This is the first Superman movie to have me excited. Probably because I am such a DC and JL fan and Ill admit it. I respect your opinion and share my same hatred for The Avengers and TDK trilogy lol.

      • Cheers….
        Don’t get me wrong… while I am not a huge Superman fan. For some reason MoS has really got me going and i hope it does well…. the last time i got over the top pumped up for a movie was for The Matrix Reloaded and that was the biggest letdown of my life!!

        • The Biggest let down for me was the remake Friday the 13th.

          • I can agree on that one & Nightmare On Elm Street remake. Zombie’s Halloween 2 beats both of those by miles.

    • Not saying it will suck, but i have yet to see anything to win me over.

    • Nope. I think it’s gonna be great!

    • i hate to say it, but I tend to agree with you.

    • Green Lantern or Matrix Reloaded? Both movies weren’t any good, so that’s not much of a choice? ;)

      Definitely going to watch it. I like the fact that the director/writers are trying to do some thing a little different. Sucker Punch was Snyder’s only flaw so far.

      • The Sucker Punch trailer was epic, the movie was awful!

        • sucker punch was written by snyder tho, still had re

        • Heh, indeed! I thought the trailer was awesome, sold me on the movie, then I went into the theatre and…

          almost walked out. There’s actually a story in there, but it’s mired by special effects and style over substance shots. If you don’t care about the characters/story, then what’s the point?

          I’d rather play a video game than watch it, if you know what I mean…

          • I totally agree, I was so disappointed, the story was bland and was just hurried along to get to each set piece, which meant nothing, they was no connection with the characters, nothing ever really felt at stake!

            When compared to a movie like Inception, which had similar themes, it was like a fart in the wind! Shame

      • chetc – I agree about Sucker Punch, but I haven’t seen the owl guardian movie he did. Was that one any good?

        • Never saw it (not my cup of tea).

          So it might be another “flaw” or “feather” in his cap, who knows?

        • Solid animated film, beautiful animation

    • Well im more anxious to see Ironman 3 than MOS.

  2. finally saw the hobbit, sadly i missed out on the 3d imax, but it was a great film and i think jackson hit another home run. i know there have been complaints about stretching this into 3 films, but i ask whats wrong with more story? it’s an adaption, and using the appendices as material for the 3rd film and making up the rest i think will work, given jackson & co.’s previous work with middle earth.
    i do have to agree with SR’s review about the part in the story where they are talking about the one ring did slow the film down, but not much. also the score i thought was terrific! glad the wait between 2 & 3 is only 6 months.

    • there were no posts when i started my comment, so sorry about the sudden subject change :)

    • I prefer the style of the LOTR films. The white orc from the hobbit did not do it for me, too much CGI.

      • i agree it did look a bit cartoony, but what surprises me about that is how more realistic gollum looked in this one. i guess thats where more time was spent on the f/x. but even with that, i still found it as good as the previous trilogy and think the slight change in tone reflects the different tone in the books

        • I think this new trilogy will be better than LOTR, everything that kind of annoyed me about those movies seems to have been amended with the Hobitt

          Bilbo is a much better hero than Frodo, who lets face it, did nothing but moan and get carried by Sam for 3 movies!

          Plus I love that Thorin still has to prove himself and the white Orc didn’t get it when you thought he was going to, plus that chase through the goblins caves, omg amazing!

          • *hobbit

          • I disagree completely, thorin is a boring flat version of aragorn. And though bilbo is far more compelling that frodo, it all felt the same to me. Ive seen a 3 films already about a hobbit overcoming his fears. What the trilogy had was beautiful craftsmanship and vivid landscapes. The hobbit had landscapes but lacked any craftsmanship its a shame he replaced beautiful makeup and costumes for poor cgi and 3d.

            • agreed. The orcs in the LOTR trilogy were great. The make up was much better than the new CGI orcs.

            • I think the hobbit was always going to be similar to fellowship and the LOTR with it introducing so many characters, setting the story and them beginning their journey, I think it was inventive and looked amazing, those mountains fighting was unbelievable, I saw it in 2D so maybe that makes a difference, I think I had low expectations and was massivley surprised

              What excites me is what we have coming up, with Smaug and the Battle of the five armies!

              • Agreed. The movie was far better than the 65% the critics gave it on Rotten Tomatoes, as the 81% it garnered from fans on the site attests. I saw it in both 2d and 3d and loved it in both, but unfortunately, I have not been able to see it at the new 48 fps, as it is not being offered at that speed anywhere around me. It has already made more money than either of the first two installments of LOTR, so that also says something about the fan support. It should easily break the one billion dollar mark in February, after it opens in China.

  3. So who thinks (like i do) that sequals are doomed!

    for a sequal to take place, the initial movie has to have been well loved. thus, the second has to top it to succeed. repeats of themes from the first movie end in accusations of copying, and likewise, deviation from the first movie are generaly frowned upon.

    can anyone think of a sequal that was criticaly recieved as well or better than the original?

    • spider-man 2
      the dark knight
      die hard with a vengeance
      toy story 2
      empire strikes back
      T2 judgement day

    • The Empire Strikes Back
      Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
      The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises
      Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers & Return Of The King
      The Godfather Part 2
      Terminator 2
      The Bourne Ultimatum
      Quite a few Bond sequels
      Quite a few Harry Potter sequels
      Some might say Spider-Man 2 (although I personally didn’t like the whole trilogy – same goes for the X-Men trilogy)
      Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
      Toy Story 3

      …those are only a few that come to mind right now.

      • Quite a lot of them actually!

        It’s prequels and origin stories that usually suck!

        • Watch the Star Wars prequels if you want to, but don’t go into them with any sort of preconceived notions about what they are going to or not going to be. They have their good moments in setting up the story for the original trilogy. With that said, it’s not absolutely necessary to watch them to follow the original trilogy. Watch them if you want to, feel you need to, or are a completionist who prefers to know the whole story.

          • Sorry, meant the above to be farther down. Why don’t we have an edit button?

    • Heh well i guess i got told!Clarification: I speak only of #2 movies. true sequals. most times the third movie is awesome.

      I based my assumption on: Lord of the rings, Matrix, Ironman, Sherlock homes, Bond (daniel craig) Harry potter, etc.

      I havent seen any : Die hard, Toy story, Star wars, or godfather.(Aaand i just dwindled in everybodys estimation) :)

      • No way man you are lucky, I would love to be able to erase parts of my mind and go and watch those movies again for the first time! You are in for a treat!

        Same goes for some movies I wish I had never seen lol

        I’d recommend watching Star Wars from episode 4 A New Hope because if you watch it from Episode 1 then you wont be blown away by one of the biggest reveals in movie history when you watch episode 5 Empire Strikes Back

        • While I agree with MonkeyFascist that if you watch the prequels with no preconceived notion or awareness of the original trilogy, they probably aren’t that bad (personally I’ve always wanted to watch the prequels with someone who hasn’t seen the originals before and get their take), I think you hit the biggest factor. That scene at the end of ESB was such a game changer and a shock for me as a kid and I’d hate to see that ruined for anyone. The prequels sort of go out of their way to let you know that Anakin will be Vader or that Luke and Leia are siblings and seeing Padme give birth and name them ruins it for anyone who hasn’t seen the OT. I sort of wish they had been more subtle with that, maybe show her giving birth and then have Bail and Obi Wan each say they’ll take a child without a name reveal.

          • Heh well now i know what happens i guess i dont even need to watch it. :P

            • That’s why I tried to be pretty vague! Doh!

            • Sorry about that. Re-reading my comment I can see it is sort of a spoiler. I guess I’m just so used to everyone already knowing. They are still worth watching though, particularly the OT as they hold up really well when you consider they’re over 30 years old.

              • Not a prob. i already knew generaly the anekin/vader connection. just joking wicha!

          • one viewing method for the SW flicks is what i’ve seen called the hatchet version. watch them in the order of ep 4,5,2,3,6, leaving 1 out entirely, but i think at best watch the trailer or some kind of re-edited cut version of 1, or at least read a spoiler free synopsis of the main points. i may try this this weekend.

        • @Dr Kenneth Noisewater

          I found this on the web last week and it sounds like a great way to watch the Star Wars films, best order to watch them in (and don’t watch Episode One at all):

          A New Hope (episode IV, the one people mean when you say “Star Wars”), The Empire Strikes Back (episode V), Attack of the Clones (episode II), Revenge of the Sith (episode III), Return of the Jedi (episode VI).

          Basically you have the original trilogy with a big two-film flashback at the cliffhanger at the end of Empire. And no Phantom Menace at all.

          • That’s a great idea, someone should take the time to edit all that together to make one big coherent movie!

            Just make Vaders ghost Sebastian Shaw at the end of Jedi, it infuriated me to see that changed to that other douche!

      • Dude! Watch Die Hard and Star Wars (not the prequels). Toy Story is pretty good for what it is, too. You can skip the Godfather, though. Brando’s overacting with tampons in his mouth totally ruins it. Highly overrated.

        • Why don’t you like the Godfather, does it insist upon itself? Do you love the Money Pit?

          Sorry, couldn’t resist when I read your comment. Not a personal attack, just a reference to Family Guy.

          • Huge Family Guy fan here, but for the life of me I can’t remember that joke… do you know what episode that reference is from?

            • That´s from the episode where they´re trapped in the panic room which fills with water.

              • @Scapegoat & TheLostWinchester: thanks guys!
                Weirdly, I’ve seen that episode quite a few times. Can’t believe it slipped my mind like that!

          • Don’t worry, I didn’t understand it as a personal attack. ;)

            I know that my opinion about the Godfather isn’t very popular, but I can’t help it. I never understood the fascination for that movie and I really found Brando’s portrayal of Corleone quite obnoxious and so distracting that I couldn’t take the rest of the movie serious anymore. Or to put it with Peter Griffin’s words: didn’t care for it. :D

            • I find many of Brandos performances to be rather obnoxious, as if he was too good for the movies he was in, maybe it’s just me

              • You are probably right. He was perfect in Apocalypse Now, though. ;)

                • I quite liked him in the role of ‘Jor-El’ in Superman: The Movie, he played that rather well.

                  And I quite liked his performance as Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, especially the speech he gives to the crowd after Caesar’s slaying in the senate.

        • Thanks man! Die hard is next on my agenda.

      • Watch the Star Wars prequels if you want to, but don’t go into them with any sort of preconceived notions about what they are going to or not going to be. They have their good moments in setting up the story for the original trilogy. With that said, it’s not absolutely necessary to watch them to follow the original trilogy. Watch them if you want to, feel you need to, or are a completionist who prefers to know the whole story.

    • Weekend at Bernies 2 and Mannequin 2: On the Move

    • These days now, i do. People ethier love it or hate it on the net,not much space for between for studios. They tend to respond how people reactic to people’s opinion of the film. Take Spider-man 3, it made money but wasn’t well concieved by fans so they chose to reboot the franchise. Samething with Batman & Robin even, it made money but was overcome with alot of negative reviews by critics/fans both that a already planned 5th film was cancled & that franchise was rebooted.

      Even Superman Returns i think brought in money as it outgrossed X3 that year but the film’s gross wasn’t enough for WB & it had mixed reviews.

      I guess it depends on the studio, how much the film makes, and how well people react to it.

    • If Kevin Conroy is Batman, the movie is worth watching

    • That is awesome!!!

    • Sith. I was hoping for a different voice actor. I have been enjoying Bruce Greenwood a lot.

      • Bruce Greenwood does a pretty awesome job at voicing Batman/Bruce Wayne, but IMO there’s no beating Conroy’s iconic Batman voice.

        When I read my Batman comics, I always pretend it’s Conroy speaking – same goes for Mark Hamill’s Joker :)

        • @ The Avenger


  4. So I’m digging up an old discussion:

    Should the next 2 Bond films go back to Quantum? They’re said to be linked together.

    I personally don’t see it happening because:

    -”Quantum of Solace”, while an acceptable Bond film overall, didn’t leave off on a cliffhanger.

    -Greene told Bond everything he wanted to know about Quantum, the organization should’ve been taken down immediately knowing the pace and intelligence of MI6.

    -”Skyfall” does not appear to be anywhere near the time frame of “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace”, with an aged and far more experienced Bond.

    -Wasn’t Greene the head of Quantum to begin with? He was the one giving out all the orders to the members at the Opera House and now he’s dead.

    -Bond has forgiven Vesper and himself, the motive for revenge is now gone because he chased Quantum to destroy it even after he was debriefed from the mission.

    • I like that they have come full circle and set the series back where it started, a male M, Moneypenny and that cool leather door!

      I think it may be cool to remake or update some of the movies that we have seen before, with fresh takes on Villains and scenarios, such as Thunderball or Goldfinger, although I know remakes usually suck but with decent directors like Sam Mendes they could be awesome!

      I’m sure what ever direction is taken it will be enjoyable

    • Im old. I want the cat and bald man. It doesnt need to be the same names but nods would be nice.

      I always thought the Quantum was a front for something bigger…. They were taking sections of everything that pertained to world domination. Water being one.

      Anyho it would nice to see.

    • MrWhite still needs to die. Quantum needs to come back as a reformed SPECTRE.

  5. So I am about to start Season 3 of Smallville. First 2 seasons were teenage dramatic. Almost too much for my taste. But I got through it. I did learn weird things though. Superman’s eye lasers are caused when he gets “flustered” for a woman aka Lex’s fiancé. 2 of the sons from Home Improvement have shown up as bad guys. Same with Bobby Drake (Iceman). Can’t forget Amy Adams either since she is playing Lois in the new MoS movie. Thought Id share that.

    • 2 seasons down, 7 more to go :) I hope you find that the show gets better as the seasons continue. Oh, and do you find Lana annoying or is it just me?

      • Lana is fine with me. It’s Chloe that I want to punch in the ovaries.

        • I felt the same way in the first few seasons. Once they leave high school though it switched, Lana got real annoying and I warmed up to Chloe.

      • I couldn’t decide who was more annoying between Chloe or Pete actually,lol. But Chloe grows up when they leave Smallville. Season 3 grabbed my attention more than the 2nd. They do get better till Lex leaves but the remaining seasons have their moments till he does infact returns & Wow,lol.

  6. Bend me over a chair, and call me suzi. EVIL DEAD remake :)
    I couldn’t be happier… This film scared me so when I saw it arround 85, actually I got so scared I taped over the copied movie. Since then I bought on VHS, nothing like a scary movie to get a girl closer (or so I thought arround 14yo), then I bought on dvd, then I bought the S.E on DVD with commentaries, an absolutely hilarious/intresting cambel track, and interesting raimi track made this a treasure for me, and I guess I’ve been following the movies of raimi, tapert and Cambel ever since, even got hold of some s***** bootleg of ‘whitin the woods’ to see what they did on 8mm (they have grown a bit..)
    Anyway, I’m rambling… …I’m just so happy to see my all time favorite movie soon to be released… :)

  7. I was thinking (dramatic pause), wouldn’t it be awesome if they gave us a Wolverine costume in the upcoming ‘The Wolverine’ by mixing the yellow&blue costume (or yellow/brown) with the style of a samurai armor? Wolverine mask reminds me of a Samurai face mask and I think it could work with the story as it would show that Wolverine has stopped being a ronin and has beoame a samurai. Meaning he was lost with out a purpose and master but now has ideal and goal to fight for again. Plus It would be awesome to see him rock it in Days of Future Past since he doesn’t wear a traditional X-Men uniform in the comics.


    • Thats actually a fantastic imagining, now that I have compared the mask to the helmet :D

    • I would love to see the classic outfit. Lots of people have said that you can’t do that in movies but look at The Avengers. They owned it and pulled it off. Do the classic costume!!

      • None of the outfits in Avengers are the classic versions lol

        • By classic, I mean out of the comics and generally known. Not original. Should have clarified.

        • Hey now IM1 had a classic… :D

      • If anything, The Avenger’s proved that Spandex looks ridiculously silly on the big screen. Captain America looked much better in TFA. The TFA suit struck a balance between function and fantasy. First Class alao had fantastic “costumes”.

        • I was very disappointed in the Cap’s Avengers costume. I though it looked silly. TFA nailed it.

          • I thought Cap’s Avengers suit looked pretty good, atleast in any the scene where he wasn’t wearing the mask/cowl part.

    • I would like to see that done. Mask & all. Especially if they’re changing the costumes & doing away the black leather ones where they all almost looked like they wore the same costume.

      • I liked the leather costumes, not going to lie. They’re a team, it’s supposed to look like a group attire. I don’t get the big gripes aside from being “comic accurate”. Ask anyone who doesn’t read the comics off the street if they like the costumes and they’ll likely say yes because…it wasn’t that bad.

  8. Why do, when making a note of how great a movie is or that someone likes a movie, they refer to it in the past tense? “insert movie title” was great/awesome/decent/adjective of choice. I liked “movie title of choice”? Why? It makes no sense to refer to such in this manner, when what is being said about it is still true, and not past tense.

    • It’s because when making that statement, they are referring to their thought while watching the movie which is now in the past. B-)

    • Because the past tense of the person who watched the movie. Despite the movie forever being in existence.

      Like, saying ” The Steak dinner you had the other night, was the best you ever had.” Despite the fact, you have had Steak Dinner from the same restaurant in the past.

      But everyone is not going to have the same view as you are, so to each person the point of the movie is different, and will be viewed as such. Despite how a movie is, some will like it, some will loathe it, some will pick it apart.

      • In a sense, what you are saying is that because the movie is not currently being watched, it’s no longer a great movie or something that sucks? I am not referring to people’s different views or feelings about a movie, just the fact movies are quite often referred to in the past tense when being talked about instead of the present tense.

        To go off on a tangent, it’s like saying “He had a blue sweater.” when the subject still has a blue sweater or “She had red hair” when the subject still has red hair.

    • They are relating to their experience of said action at that time.

      When I watched that movie it was great.

      I am watching the movie it is great.

      You could say I watched that movie, it is great. However you are denoting an opinion. When you say WAS great you can always fall back and say… well it was great when I watched it…. :D

      • I suppose that helps to make it a little more sensible.

      • LOL that’s what I was trying to get at.

    • from now on, for your benefit, when talking about a movie, we shall all now say, “i saw (title), it is a/n (adjective)film.”

    • That is such a strange question to ask

      When a person is describing any event they have experienced they are refering to it from their own point of view and how they have perceived it, accessing their memory bank to retell the tale, watching a movie and then talking about it is not something that is currently happening like a breaking news story, it has been recorded and edited more than likely over 6 months to a year ago, then had to be viewed in its entirety for an opinion to be made

      People refer to most things in past tense when they are describing things that have happened, unless you are making a prediction for the future, ‘that movie sucked’ ‘that movie will suck’ that’s just how language works

  9. Question of the day at Work.

    Which Car currently being produced, or coming soon would make a good Batmobile for the reboot of the franchise.

    As much as I like the Tumbler, I think a car more realistic, but without the bat motif.

    My Choice would be The Upcoming Acura NSX.

    • I really dislike the Tumblr. Call me old fashion but I love Burton’s Batmobile. The NSX to me isn’t manly enough. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sick as hell, but I imagine a girl driving it or some lil boy out of Tokyo Drift. This car needs to scream MAN and doesn’t look like it will do a back flip if rear ended.

      With that said, I have no effin clue.

      • @Leather Cheerio.

        To me, I want a Batmobile that can outrun anything on the street, and hide in plain sight.

        The Tumbler, I like it, but it was a rolling brick.

    • There is only one suitable choice after the Tumbler… The Lamborghini Ankonian

      • @ Ignur Rant

        Yeah, that will work! ME LIKEY!

      • @ Ignur Rant

        Nice one, also like the Ferrari FXX EVO.

        • Hey man, that looks absolutely epic, but it’s something Bruce Wayne would drive – not Batman, IMO.
          I just want a sleek, sexy Batmobile that can do just as much destruction as the Tumbler… is that too much to ask for? ;)

          • My Father, before he died, bought the Reventon and ordered the Aventador. He never got to drive either of them, but they were both paid for, and they are both in Storage. He had a Countach and Murcileago which mom and I both sold at auction.

            He loved his Lambos. But Ankonian would have made him sell ME To get one!

  10. Anybody watching the Office this season? I’ve been impressed. It seems to have hit a good stride as it gets closer to the end. A couple other shows that have improved this season are Supernatural and Family Guy. All three of these shows I watched out of habit for the last couple of seasons, but all of a sudden, I’m actually looking forward to seeing new episodes.

    • I have enjoyed the new episodes of The Office. They lost traction after Steve Carell left. Ed Helms is great but they tried to repeat the quirky boss thing and it didn’t work. With the added new characters and just going off the dynamic of the workers interactions, I am laughing much more. I am as well very disappointed that The Farm was not picked up.

      • I think it’s the best it’s been since season 3 or 4.

    • so, I watched this week’s Family Guy on my lunch break. I retract my earlier statement.

      • Family Guy is one of the many show’s that I am constantly about 2 years behind on. But there always seems to be those episodes that they just phone in.

  11. Just saw the first episode of ‘The Following’ and holy bananas! That was probably the most intense 40 minutes of television I’ve seen the past year.
    Can’t wait for the next episode!

    • I’ll be checking that out now.

    • It’s on my queue. I guess I should get around to watching it.

  12. Soo, I watched Daredevil and was overall pretty impressed! Bull’s-eye was horrid, but that was just Colin Farrell. Electra was not extremely sexy, but she carried the part reasonably well. Ben Affleck was “kinda sucky” to quote Scott Pilgrim…

    Ahh! Darn! I mentioned The Name.

    O great Jeff W! Please mingle mercy with your just wroth! Neglect not the reading of our rights! Make our trip the noose a comfortable one, we beseech thee!

    • Out of all the crappy SH movies I think this is the less crappy. Im sorry to say and laugh if you will but I enjoyed Ben as DD/MM and would like to have seen him do another.

      I think he was a little stiff as it wasn’t his type of movie. The costume itself (IMO) was fantastic. I was leery at first however seeing it again (especially on BR) its on eof the best.

      I concur on the Bullseye and Electra.

      • @ Aknot

        Ive seen plenty of crappy SH movies. But i have admit the ones i hated i thought were worser than Batman & Robin despite it’s campyness. Films Ang Lee’s Hulk, Ghost Rider 2, Supergirl Blade Trinity. I couldn’t finish watching Elektra. This just me i guess.

    • I was disappointed about Daredevil at first, but it really grew on me with repeated viewings. I like it.

      It’s a smaller and more personal superhero movie than most and, because of that, somewhat lacks the epic proportions of other comic book movies that seem to be the main appeal for most people. They didn’t level half the city, they didn’t fight on top of the Statue of Liberty, there were no big explosions. Just some guys beating each other up in a bar, in a church and in an office building. Not everybody’s cup of tea, I suppose.