Open Discussion – January 30, 2012

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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 30, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   January 30, 2012

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    • ItΒ΄s been confirmed that Red Skull will not appear in The Avengers.

    • Marvel doesn’t own the rights to Namor if I remember correctly.

      • Marvel does.

        • Are you sure? Because last I heard was that Universal was still wanting to make a film on the character, which was why he could appear in Captain America. But that was three years ago. There’s been nothing else mentioned since then, and SR’s article didn’t make note of that either.

          • Crap, I mean *couldn’t*

          • Marvel owns the rights to Namor…
            Sure of it.

    • “who would be the back-up baddie in Avenger’s”
      No one ever said there was going to be a back-up villain…
      All we know is that it’s Loki and his army (which will be some sort of alien race – or group of alien beings or something like that). Other than that, I’m pretty sure no one said anything (official) about another “villain”.

      So… even IF Loki’s army turns out to be some sort of Atlantean army, it still doesn’t mean Namor will make an actual appearance.
      The Leader… really wasn’t an Avengers villain (can’t even remember a comic where the Avengers went up against him — only in the tv show to my knowledge), so as much as I want the Sterns character from TIH to fully evolve into the Leader… I don’t think it should happen in this particular movie.
      As for the Red Skull: there have been rumors, but like Scape said, it’s been confirmed that he won’t be in the movie (then again, it was also “confirmed” that Jackman wasn’t going to have a cameo in First Class… look how that turned out ;)) — but still, Feige denied it, Weaving denied it, and even if they hired someone else, we would have had some casting info by now.

      Just my 2 cents…

        • As a Marvel fan I also want The Avengers to have as many awesome comic book stuff possible (i.e. as many references, cameos, villains, etc. as they can fit into the movie), but as a fan of movies (and someone who likes to think he knows a bit about movies) I’m really nervous that too much stuff (too many villains, references, cameos, etc.) might ruin the overall success of the movie. It makes it all the more likely to be a sloppy mess of a movie that’s way to “busy” for anyone to know what’s going on.

          So yes, I also want a few surprises, but I want the movie to be “simple” enough for the central idea (of a movie about a group of superheroes saving the planet) not to be lost in the midst of unnecessary villains, cameos, easter eggs, future tie-ins and references.

    • They can easily bring Megatron and the others back to life.

    • They can always make it a prequel on cybertron that shows how the war took its toll on their homeworld leading up to transformers 2007 but that would mean no human actors for three quarters of the movie I don’t think they’d go that route but I could be wrong imo I think it would be awesome to see them on cybertron fighting to save their beloved homeworld they could even work the events from the first teaser trailer into the films ending bridging the prequel with the first film.

      • Make it that Unicron brought them back or a prequel to the third one.

        • The problem with Unicron is scale. It took them everything they had just to animate Devastator, and he’s not even one fourth the size of Unicron. But if they took idea from Transformers Prime, then it could work.

      • The problem with that is the film would be budget. The movie have always a big budget around $200+ million. For it to be on Cybertron, the studio would have to make it cost the same as Avatar. It would have to make the same money as Avatar to be a success. That’s why we have soo many scenes with the humans in these movies.

  1. Watched Warrior over the weekend again. I think its making its way into my top 15. The final fight between the brothers is just amazing with Brenden at the end telling Tommy, “It’s okay. I love you.” it makes me get all goosebumpy. I would say on emotional level, it’s better than Rocky.

    • Warrior is a great film, possibly the best of last year.

    • ya that’s a really good movie, i think tom hardy was great in it. I feel he should have been nominated for best supporting actor at all the award shows, not nick nolte

    • I agree with you I’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of the walking dead since the last episode aired its also one of my faves too and underworld was awesome hope they make a sequel to awakening I’m definately down for some more selene/Kate action. :)

  2. If they can get started on Godzilla, and both it and Pacific Rim are hits, Legendary is going to have a good hold on the giant monster films.

    • I agree I am very much looking forward to see what Pacific Rim will be.

    • I’ve been a godzilla fiend since I was little. maybe I have a thimg for smelly. sweaty. little Japanese men in foam rubber suits, I’m also hells excited about pacific Rim

  3. I just want to point out my hatred for Groupon. Groupon now ranks with Garry Marshall on my list of Friday night fun killers. Instead of watching the Chuck series finale on Friday, I was forced by my wife to see “One for the Money” (AKA the new Katherine Heigl crapfest) because she got a low-priced tickets on Groupon. If you get the chance to see this movie, don’t.

    On a happier note (yet sadder), I did finally see Chuck on-line on Saturday. I’m going to miss that show.

    • Hopefully she rewarded you for your “kindness” to go watch said movie and not keep you as a b-list porn extra.

      • Rewards were received πŸ˜‰

  4. Question at work today:

    If you could create the dumbest movie sequel, what would it be called?

    Driving Miss Daisy 2: The Cemetery
    Star Trek 2: Planet Kardashian (My apologies to Kahless.)

    • The Dark Knight Rises. Sorry, but I’m still not sold on that title.

      • I’m not a fan of the title either… (TDKR is my second most anticipated movie of 2012, and I think it’s going to be a record breaker, but I hate the title almost as much as I hated the trailer).
        I just don’t get it…
        If “the legend ends” (as emphasized in the trailer… A LOT), how can the Dark Knight “Rise”? – I mean, there are rumors that Bats will die in this movie… how can he “rise” if he dies at the end?
        Things can’t “end” and “rise” at the same time… it just doesn’t make sense IMO.

        Maybe I’m missing something….

        • Harvey Dent said “The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.”
          So after a really dark night (the Joker’s reign of terror and Dent becoming Two-Face), 8 years of peace time happens (the dawn) and then in this movie night rises again (things are going to get ugly, my guess is Bane does some not so peaceful things). Night rises.

          As for the legend ends, Bruce Wayne dying seems fitting, but it could just mean that Gotham defeats Bane without Bats so he isn’t needed anymore.

          That’s my take on the title. Who knows if I’m right…besides Christopher Nolan.

          • I’ve been wondering what the title means as well. I haven’t seen any previews, and the only thing I know is that the movie takes place eight years after the second film. Is it simply that the Batman quits/retires and “rises” by returning to fight crime? It can’t be that easy.

            I remember an episode of Batman Beyond where Bruce Wayne took a few Lazarus pit dips, making himself younger. Maybe if Ra’s al Ghul returns (which would be cool) and Batman dies, he could rise by resurrection through a pit? But that sounds corny. Besides, I’m sure there’s something you guys know from the trailer/movie news that I don’t. The “not knowing” bugs me, but I can’t give in now.

            Ask a silly sequel question, get some serious answers! :-)

      • Go see Anne Hatheway film’s Havoc and Love & Other Drugs and you’ll know why the dark knight rises.

        • Haha!
          Best comment of the day! πŸ˜€

    • Homer Alone (Simpson’s 2 or Home Alone 5)
      The Godfather 4: Pizza Party
      War Chicken (sequel to War Horse)
      Horse Run (sequel to Chicken Run)

    • Lethal Weapon 5: Shh,Bingo is in Session.

      • Lethal Weapon 5: Grandpa Riggs πŸ˜›

    • Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Oh, wait….. πŸ˜€

      And Kahless wants to say something to you.


      Okaaaayyy. I guess he just wanted to grunt. 😎

      • Avatar 2: The Search for More Money
        Apocolypto 2: 2012, Paybacks a B****
        Die Harderer
        The Expendables 2: More Old Guys, Less Language and Action

        • Nice Spaceballs reference with that Avatar title. =)

          • Lol thanks, it’s does fit

      • I was wondering when you’d show up. πŸ˜€

  5. With the SAG & DGA awards over the weekend it looks like The Artist will continue to roll into The Oscars making this one of the least competitive Oscar races in recent memory.
    I haven’t seen The Artist yet so maybe when I do I’ll feel that it’s worthy of all the awards but I am disappointed that there is really no other films to get excited or passionate about.
    People and critics loved The Help but it really didn’t blow me away so even if that pulled off the upset it wouldn’t be all that interesting.
    Has anyone here seen a film that they think was overlooked and should be getting more awards attention?
    Number 1 on my list would be 50/50.

    • I agree with 50/50 joseph gordon levitt was outstanding and in my mind far better than clooney in the decendents

  6. “Star Trek 2: Again”

    “Wall Street: Death and Taxes”

    “Ferris Bueller: Bueller? Bueller?”

    “Scary Movie: Yes, We’re THAT Greedy”

    Fun, fun in the afternoon :)

  7. “Debbie does Denver”
    “Debbie does San Diego”
    “Debbie does Detroit”
    “Debbie does New York”
    “Debbie does Tampa Bay”
    “Debbie does San Francisco”
    “Yes, Debbie is a whore”

  8. Whats up with the DVD/Blu Ray Breakdowns? I feel like you guys havent done it for a couple weeks now

    • @Nick – I was doing them for several weeks but then I had an illness in my family that took up most of my time. I will try to get them back on schedule in February.


      Paul Young

      • Hope whoever was ill is better now Paul.

  9. Saw Red Tails over the weekend. Good visuals, could have had better acting. If they could somehow merge the HBO movie with Red Tails, it would be the perfect Tuskegee Airmen film.

  10. Throughout January a lot of mid-season shows returned and debuted. I just wondered what mid-season replacements everyone is enjoying.
    For me, “Being Human” is the one I’m happiest about returning…followed closely by “30 Rock.”
    As for new shows, I really like the “Bones” spin-off, “The Finder.” The pilot didn’t really impress me, but the second episode was a lot better and the third episode was really quite enjoyable. I also thought the “Touch” pilot was different yet very interesting with a few plot holes that I noticed. I’ll wait for a few more shows before I pass an official judgement for that.

  11. Does anyone else think that Chronicle looks like it’s going to be terrible? Even in the previews the acting is terrible. Definitely going to be avoiding this one.

    • Andy S,

      I have yet to hear one negative thing about Chronicle from my movie site brethren.

      Take that for what it’s worth.


  12. saw 7- yeah, we went there!

  13. I went to see the artist, I was very let down, there was no orchestra and band playing before the show, no news reel to tell us whats happening in the world. They had two films before it the new Charlie Chaplins film the kid, and the new Laurel and Hardy one which is a must to see.

    The new Marx Brothers film looks good its called duck soup Charlie Chaplins new one looks good to it could win the oscars. ———— only kidding folks I loved the artist it was a great experience I hope they do more like it in some way.

    Would they ever redo an oldie in the same way like how about a Norman wisdom film redone in black and white with some really good comic actor could it work. I think of his classic trouble in store it had everything in it and i think inspired many comedy’s of the future who knows.

    did anyone enjoy the Artist,, all the best keep up the good work screen rant a.. a,, the best Dvalley

  14. Some where talking about the Avengers earlier and i was reminded of a news feed last year that the Director of Captain America i cant remember his name, but he was expressing an interest in doing a Bobba Fett movie

    When i read it I was like Oh God That would be great has there been anymore about this I would love to see get made, we could do with something fresh from the star wars universe like this.

    I think Star Wars needs a fresh return to the big screen in some shape or form. I love Star Wars I really really do I think of the way Star Trek has reinvented its self many times over its incredible.I wish George would take a risk like star trek and get a few a more made. either a Bobba Fett movie or something after the RTJ something really good.

    tho George Lucas has many reasons for doing what he does at the moment with the development of Star Wars, but please God something fresh in the Star Wars line for the big screen. I know for one I am looking forward to the tv series in the future who knows maybe that might spawn some great Star Wars stories back to the big screen.

    If he was to hand the franchise over to someone else to direct and continue I think those guys that done Star Trek the new one would fantastic along with the guy who done Captain America.

    All the best keep up the good feeds here I love reading them.. all the best Dvalley

  15. Does anyone know what movies are getting Super Bowl spots?

    Also: Time to put up the Green Lantern podcast!

    • Pretty sure The Avengers will get a spot.
      The Dark Knight Rises won’t have one though… (confirmed)

  16. E.T. part II – The Revenge.

    • I had an bad idea about a billionaire who lost his parents and decides to dress up like a bat (because he was afraid of bats and thinks everyone else is to) and fight crime. What a lame idea. πŸ˜€