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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 29, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 29, 2014

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  1. Did anyone see “Girl Most Likely” this past year? Still can’t get over how bad it was.

  2. What’s up ranters! Been awhile since I’ve been up here. I will pose this question. Between the swordsman and wonder man who would you put on the Avengers roster for Avengers 3? We’re gonna leave black panther out of this discussion cause he’s always in almost every discussion.

    • I’m not sure about new characters, but if they are going against Thanos, I really want EVERYONE there. War Machine, Winter Soldier, Falcon, etc.

    • Not the Swordsman because his sword was forged from The Mandarin’s magic. And since we all know how that one went….

      Wonder Man would work for me… if they change his name or just call him by his real name then sure but “Wonder Man” would sound corny in a universe where everyone goes by their real name.

      • I would go with Wonderman as well but I would want him to keep his semi villain roots. It would work for him to just use his real name and have a few japes here and there about calling him Wonderman.

  3. Wonder Man definitely….assuming they also put up the Vision.

  4. I’d vote for Wonder a side question is anyone watching Intelligence? Seems like I am not hearin much in SR about it. I have enjoyed the show so far (though I hear ratings are down).

  5. Dream cast for Fantastic Four, I wanna here them. Go!

    • Kate Upton for Sue Storm. Let’s be honest. It’s going to be a crappy movie. Might as well get two really awesome things to look at during it. :)

    • I would bring back Michael Chiklis for Ben Grimm. Only good thing about those movies. Other than that, I dunno. Don’t care enough about the new one to come up with ideas.

    • The Fantastic Four could be really, really awesome….take them out into the Negative Zone…the FF are always best when its doing the family thing against the fantastic. I think going up against Annihilus would be insane to see on the big screen.

      And cast some actors who can actually act….I would cast Naomi Watts as Sue, Ron Perlman for Ben, Perhaps Adrien Brody as Mr. Fantastic and and perhaps Ryan Kwanten as Johnny…

    • To be honest, I really have never been a fan of F4. Although the first 2 films were corny, I liked them for what they were. Better then the 90′s attempt. For the characters, in their perspective roles, I thought were good. Especially Dr. Doom. He was great.

    • not a fan of FF…i just Dr Doom but since you asked

      Tony Sirico for Mr Fan
      Stephen Curry for Human Torch
      Meagan Good for Invisible Woman (i just want to see her in tights)
      Lou Ferrigno for Thing

    • Younger FF Cast:

      Mr. Fan. Ben Wishaw
      Sue Maggie Grace(or Saoirse Ronan)
      Johnny Miles Teller(or Mr.Fantastic)
      Thing Woody Harrelson
      Doctor Doom (Karl Urban or Josh Duhamel OR Gerard Butler)

      Best cast imo… What you guys think of it? Let me know!

      • Holy crap… Kristen Bell as Sue Storm FOR THE WIN!

        • I’m surprised how much I’m thinking of this…

          Mr. Fantastic-Ben Wishaw
          Sue———–Kristen Bell
          Johnny——–Miles Teller
          Thing———Woody Harrelson
          Doctor Doom—Russell Crowe

          There. Done.

    • Mr. Fantastic – Adrien Brody
      Sue Storm – Charlize Theron
      Johnny Storm – Aaron Paul
      Ben Grimm – Michael Chiklis
      Victor Von Doom – Ron Pearlman

      • Only good one of yours (imo) is Sue. Other than that, no, just no. Ron Perlman would suck as Dr.Doom. If ANYTHING, he should be Mole man LMAO!

  6. who thinks we might see Archangel, Rogue, Gambit, and Sinister in the future in X-men Apocalypse, as well as the past maybe 80′s Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Nightcrawler, Juggernaught, Sabertoothe, and Blob? They could actually have some of the future X-men Time travel by a Mutant who can Time travel bringing Colossus, Iceman and Rogue back where she meets Gambit for the first time, and we could finally see Colossus go up against Juggernaught but have to be a team to defeat him.

    • I think we deserve to see a legit Gambit. What they did to him in origins was a joke. In fact, he has such a rich backstory, I think he could easily carry his own origin film.

  7. You think John Travolta would make a good Lex Luthor?

    • @ cody

      That would be nice but he has to “Greese” his hair! Get it?

      • I actually dont get it, I think he looks good bald.

        • He was in the movie Grease in the 70′s and it was designed to be a funny but romantic musical. Of which they (the gang he was in) were known for putting what was called grease in their hair due to the style of the 50′s

          • yes I know that but your joke had nothing to do with what i said, why would he have to grease his hair when the character has none.

            • It was supposed to be sarcastic, dry or dark humor.

    • I think it’s a great idea. Kind of…

      I’m torn. I find him great as a villain in Face/Off. But then I think of Battlefield: Earth.

      What are your pros for him being LL?

  8. Alright, it appears as though DC might actually be listening to my demands. First I recommended that they make a Batman vs. Superman and have a Flash TV show but I also said Hour-man too. I then stated that there should be a Constantine TV show because Harry Potter fans will flock to it without question.

    So here are my last few pieces of advice and fellow Ranter’s tell me what you think.

    1. Tie in the movie universe with the TV universe.

    2. Make a Phantom Stranger and The Spectre Movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Vandal Savage.

    3. Finally reboot the Green Lantern and give everybody a reason to stop bashing the Lanterns.

    • @Writer – Long time since you’ve been seen around here. Or its me that isn’t around here much. Either way, good to see ya.

      1. I whole-heartedly agree that they should be connected ONLY because I want to see Stephen Ammell’s Arrow on the big screen. If they don’t add in Green Arrow or Flash into the JL, then sure, keep it separate. But people watch these shows. You’d be separating the fan base. Not combining.

      2. Agree. Their should be some B movies on the DC roster. The Spectre would be cool.

      3. Agreed but reboot him in the JL continuity. Not solo again.

      • @ LC

        I definitely see your point on the third one. A Green Lantern movie alone would turn off allot of people but if it revolves around the Green Lantern Corps as opposed to a particular Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) then maybe it could still be a standalone movie but it would have to be more of a team. I guess like a Fantastic Four movie only you would exclude Earth and instead of the fantastic four you would have Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, John Stewart and maybe a couple of memorable alien Lanterns? I don’t know really how this would be viewed but it would and could be cool if done right.

        • Its almost like GotG. Something involved in the same universe but also completey separate because its off world. But again you’re dealing with a $150M budget and a risk that once before failed.

          I would love to see a GL Corps movie. It would be amazing.

  9. Also, how ’bout the der Ninja Turtle designs, pretty cool.

    • Totally Surprised! Even with Shredder. I think they look fantastic. Maybe a little too much on the mature side though? Like they are too intense? As long as they still eat pizza and make me laugh i’ll be fine.

  10. i don’t know if anyone else is excited for Season 2 of Vikings but the promo got me all excited again

    • Yes, I cannot wait. The one with the battle scene is just epic.

  11. I have a question, why doesnt put the latest open discussion on the sidebar?

  12. All the talks of turmoil and pushed back production are a smoke screen:

    If you don’t feel like clicking the article, Henry Cavil is in Detroit right now where he will be for the next 10 MONTHS( T-E-N 0.o ) shooting.

    No conflict. No turmoil. No delayed production. If production was delayed, he wouldn’t be in Detroit right now.

    • I don’t know, that “report” sounds like a lot of rumor and unsubstantiated BS to me. It sounds like DC fan boys reaching to me. For all we know Cavil could be scouting locations with Snyder. Who knows, it’s WB, who can predict what they’re going to do when they don’t even know? Cavil didn’t look to be in Superman shape in that photo, that’s for sure.

      And even if that “story” is true, it just makes the statement released from WB a week ago a bunch of BS then. I’m sticking with the “WB is still confused and doesn’t know what they are doing.” line of thinking, there are too many reports to substantiate that more than this “report”.

      (Good reporting by Batman news by the way, ask a bunch of people in a bar what’s happening. Isn’t it like 12 below in Detroit this time of year anyway?)

      • HA!

        Oh ScreenRant, you are so ScreenRant…

      • From the reports I have read lately, it’s being said that Cavil is in Detroit with Snyder and no Batfleck. They also reported they were seen taking pictures, shooting short clips of different locations. To me, it sounded like they were doing some scouting than anything else. Who knows though. They have been pretty tight secretive about it all like Bay is with the whole TMNT design….well, until it “leaked” LOL

        • I live in Grosse Pointe (a suburb just north of Detroit), and there was a little blurb in one of the local papers over the weekend about Snyder and Cavil being here checking out locations around Detroit. They were even spotted at the auto show that just ended. According to the article, shooting doesn’t start until mid May at the earliest. There was no mention of Ben Affleck or any film crews being here yet.

          • Uh-huh. The news that somehow missed the internet. The auto-show with no camera phones insight.

            The ‘local paper’ which shall remain nameless.


            Try again.

            • It’s actually all over the internet. One site shows him at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University with pictures of him with Tom Izzo. They have them “preparing to commence production in Michigan by this May, after initially planning to begin principal photography in the first quarter of 2014″(also on Cavill’s site). Lots of information starting to pour out. After a meeting with WB/DC/Directors, Matthew Goode is a name that has come up. For what role, no one knows but he is now somehow connected to the film. Ineteresting. Also, this is new from last night but according to WB’s site, the offical release date for this movie now is May 6, 2016. So is it delayed again or what?

  13. “Sly Cooper” became my most anticipated movie of 2016 as of yesterday when I woke up to that trailer.

    Just saying :)


    Has anybody else seen the new X-Men: DOFP photos???

  15. So I posted this a few days ago and for those who missed it here it is again I hope you enjoy it my friend Caleb really is amazing! The second video some fan made a duet video and its really awesome too check them both out!

    Posted January 27th Open Discussion: I thought I would share this with some of y’all this is my friend Caleb Hyles doing a male cover of the song Let It Go from Frozen its pretty amazing so if any of y’all have seen Frozen and really liked the song y’all should check it out and share it with some of your friends hope y’all enjoy!

    • oops I posted it backwards sorry the first video is the fan made duet and this one is the original enjoy!