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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 28, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   January 28, 2013

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  1. WWE Royal Rumble Spoiler

    I don’t know if PPV counts as tv but the Rock won the WWE championship, if anyone cares. Wonder how long that’ll last since he’s a working movie star.

    • Didn’t deserve a title shot to begin with. Pretty much anyone is forced to job to The Rock every year he makes his short-lived appearences. Gets old, I stopped watching WWE about 3 months ago because it wasn’t even close to entertaining anymore

    • I stopped watching about 10 years ago. The talent of the roster in WWE is laughable. The talent 10 years ago was pretty amazing. I’ll always be a Rock fan though. He sure is entertaining.

      • I stopped watching wrestling when I hit puberty. 😉

        • Oh, aren’t you a riot 😉 I just love watching the people react. However, its not even entertaining anymore, thus the lack of reaction. So in other words, no point in caring to watch

        • It’s for the kids most definitely. But I’m 20 and still watch it – I guess I’m a kid at heart hehe. Idk, I just find something entertaining about it so I can’t complain – except for the fact that the divas are treated like crap. I mean they get like, zero face time. Plus I find it funny that the nerdy girl A.J is a psychotic whore.

          • It wasn’t always for kids, thats why they had to switch the ratings. WWF and early WWE was just fun to watch 2 guys beat the hell out of each other, even if you knew it was fake.

              • “Get the f#$@ out!! – Angry CM Punk Fan

              • OMG! No wonder why some folks make fun of wrestling fans.someone give that dude a chill pill! LOL!

  2. Sorry, I did try to space out the spoiler alert from my paragraph but it didn’t work when I submitted my comment.

  3. If “Back to the Future” were ever to be remade (which I hope it will not), who would be your cast?

    For me, and this is not complete, it would be:

    Marty McFly – Andrew Garfield
    Dr. Emmett Brown – Jim Carrey
    George McFly – Bo Burnham
    Lorraine Banes – Kristen Bell
    Biff Tannen – Channing Tatum

    • Channing Tatum might be a little questionable but beside that, the other people would be perfect

      • Look and attitude would match quite well…Channing doesn’t seem the BOISTEROUS type, however…so I understand why you say that.

      • I was originally going to say Chris Zylka, but then I figured this would’ve been something I had seen before 😉

    • I may be laughed at for this, but I could see Zac Efron being Marty. The guy is pretty charasmatic and looks like he’d still be in high school.

      • Eh…Efron is…okay, he’s one of the few Disney actors I can actually sort of like in other things. But for Marty? Nah, I don’t think people would accept that

  4. I watched so many DC animated movies this past week. my favorite one by far is Justice League: The New Frontier :) I loved everything about it, all characters had enough screen time and surprisingly they managed without much help from Superman hah. amazing movie!
    and I fell in love with Ripper Street – lovely BBC show. last night’s episode was fantastic! Jerome Flynn and Iain Glen are incredible actors! I recommend this show to everyone! :)

    • I loved Justice League The New Frontier, I thought the portrayal of Batman was spot on just about perfect.

  5. In a recent “Open Discussion” people were complaining about toy company movie spoilers (releasing images or actual product clearly revealing characters, sets, or scenes from not-yet-released films). Yesterday, I was at Toys ‘R Us looking for a present, and what do I see staring me in the face (looking UP at my face, actually)? The more-gold-than-red Iron Man from IR3 with a Gatling-styled, arm-mounted missile launcher! Of course, I suppose it’s just a preview item (which many companies, nowadays, do to build up interest in the forthcoming line. The only reasons I mention it are that, of course, we had so recently brought up this very issue (WE have seen the armor already in images on this very site; the general public, has NOT) and…it was just so damned BIG (its size surprised me, if it is, indeed, a preview release)!

    In the grand scheme of things, does this matter? Nope. It just tickled me… :)

    • Oops…ignore the extra parenthesis between “preview item” and “which many”.

      Typing: Joy o’ my very existence.

    • well, I doubt the general public will care about the new Iron Man suit or understand it at all. I got asked recently by a boyfriend of one of my friends why the costume in the trailer has so much gold. he himself came to the conclusion that they changed it out of boredom hah

      • True enough…being a geek can be very involving. 😉

    • I think he looks like a walking advertisement for Vanilla Coke

    • I wouldnt say toy lines are always in line with the film. Before thre dkr their was a
      White batsuit

      • Oh, I know…but this was the particular suit from the trailer and images…not that the “man on the street” would know that, of course.

  6. Top 10 favorite movie franchises!

    Mine would be
    1. Star Wars
    2. Marvel Cinematic Universe
    3. Batman (especially Nolan’s trilogy)
    4. Lord Of The Rings
    5. James Bond (007)
    6. Indiana Jones
    7. Harry Potter
    8. Aliens
    9. Toy Story
    10. Pirates Of The Caribbean

    Honorable mentions to the Terminator, Die Hard, Star Trek, The Godfather, Back to the Future and Men In Black

    • 1.) James Bond 007
      2.) Ghostbusters
      3.) Harry Potter
      4.) Men In Black
      5.) Batman
      6.) Spider-Man
      7.) Toy Story
      8.) Halloween
      9.) Star Wars
      10.) Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel Studios)

      • Boy, these were difficult to place in any order…

        1. Middle Earth (LOTR and The Hobbit)
        2. Clint Eastwood Westerns
        3. Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry
        4. Star Trek
        5. Star Wars
        6. X-Men
        7. Indiania Jones
        8. Die Hard
        9. Terminator
        10. Marvel

        11. Batman
        12. Jurassic Park

    • 1.) Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel Studios)
      2.) Batman
      3.) Spider-Man
      6.) Jurassic Park
      7.) Sherlock Holmes
      8.) Toy Story
      9.) Tron
      10.)Pirates Of The Caribbean

    • 1) Marvel Cinematic Universe
      2) Star Wars
      3) Lord of the Rings
      4) Pirates of the Caribbean
      5) Spider-man
      6) Jurassic Park
      7) Batman
      8) Fast and the Furious
      9) Beverly Hills Cop
      10) Oceans 11,12,13

    • 1. Harry Potter
      2. Middle Earth (to include “The Hobbit”)
      3. Dark Knight
      4. Indiana Jones
      5. Toy Story
      6. Cars
      7. Men in Black
      8. Star Wars
      9. Star Trek
      10. Twilight

      My list centers around my interest in a given franchise’s established world and/or conceptual structure, not necessarily the quality of the films…and NO, I do not like SPARKLY VAMPIRES or creepy, stalking hundred-year-old teenagers. The cinematic Twilight DOES, however, set up a fascinating sociopolitical system and mythology (sparkling aside, of course) for its supernatural denizens.

      • I was including The Hobbit as part of LOTR, but yeah, “Middle Earth” is a better way of summing it up.

      • heh! gotta laugh appriciatively that you qualify the last one.

        I myself like the idea of a pack of shapeshifters and vampires continualy feuding, plus the mythology… for me it is only in the abstract though. wouldn’t watch it…

    • 1)Lord of the Rings
      3)Batman (nolan)
      4)Justice League (I am pretty sure)
      5)Bond 007
      6)Harry Potter
      7)Marvel Phase 1
      9)Pirates of the Carribean
      10)Despicable me

    • In no particular order

      A. Indiana Jones
      B. Lethal Weapon
      C. Die Hard
      D. Jurassic Park
      E. Alien/Predator (Stand alone and mixed franchise)
      F. Lost Boys
      G. Terminator
      H. Pirates of the Carribean
      I. Star Trek (new and old)
      J. Batman

      • Can’t say that I cared much for the Alien/Predator cross-over films all that much, it’s not that exciting watching two equally ‘alien’ character’s fighting it out.

        Predator Vs Human or Alien Vs Human, far more interesting due to the mismatch in both cases.

        It’s a shame that the ‘Matrix’ trilogy isn’t really worth putting on a list like this, the first film was brilliant and showed that sequel’s had great potential. They just screwed them up so badly it was embarrassing.

    • BTW, its even harder to do this then list a top ten of favorite movies lol

    • 1. Star Wars (don’t include the prequels)
      2. Lord of The Rings (haven’t seen The Hobbit so not included)
      3. Alien (1-4, although 3 and 4 are a bit iffy and not as good, but
      better than Prometheus)
      4. Star Trek (Fav’s are 4, 6, 8, 10 and JJ’s Star Trek)
      5. James Bond
      6. Indiana Jones
      7. Pirates of The Caribbean
      8. Die Hard
      9. Back To The Future
      10.Jurassic Park

    • 1. Ghostbusters
      2. Star Wars
      3. Muppets
      4. Spider-Man
      5. Marvel Universe
      6. Die Hard
      7. National Lampoon Vacation
      8. Indiana Jones
      9. Police Squad AKA the Naked Gun
      10. Terminator
      11. Rocky
      12. Austin Powers

      I could keep going…this is hard to narrow down…Fletch, Batman, Harold & Kumar, Bill & Ted, X-men, Emmanuelle, Predator, Gremlins, and the Alien franchise are all honorable mentions.

      • Geez…I forgot about Police Academy and Superman. Very tough to pick out favorite franchises because while I love the franchises most the time they have at least one movie that I can’t stand. (Star Wars Episode I, Rocky V, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Spider-Man 3, etc.)

        • @Professor Procrastination

          Not surprised you forgot about Police Academy, I wish I could erase the memories. They were funny initially (at least the first couple) but there were so many of them they almost became a self parody, and time has not been kind, now they just seem stupid.

          Superman 1 & 2 were great, after seeing 3 & 4 though I wish they’d just stopped. So agree that most franchises have at least 1 that sucks big time, sad that The Matrix Trilogy had 2 out of 3 that sucked.

          The Animatrix was good though, some solid and well told stories.

  7. Who else thinks they should reboot Brokeback Mountain or just put together a sequel with Andrew Garfield and Ryan Gosling with rated R sex scenes? Mmmm yummy 😉

  8. ^Troll?

    I’m pretty excited for Warm Bodies, sure it looks like it’s marketed to the teen or ‘Tween’ audience, But I feel as though it looks like an original and very fun spin on a tired genre.

    Although, I will admit the fact that no reviews have been made yet is a very bad sign.

    • I’m excited too. most of my girl friends seem disgusted by it, but I plan on seeing it.. lets hope it’s a nice surprise :)

    • There is one review on rotten tomato

      • haha actually most of the chicks that I hang out with are super excited for that movie haha. idk why, none of them like walking dead, which I love. I’m mildly interested. I think it will be a fun movie, the premise is really silly, the movie definitely wont be like a tour de force or anything but I’m kinda pumped for it.

  9. This has kind of been on my mind a bit since seeing the trailors for Man of Steel. We didn’t see any shots or scenes of Clark as a “bumbling” reporter with the trademark glasses that hide his identity as Superman.

    Do you think that Zack Snyder has removed the Clark persona from this iteration of the character and once he becomes Superman he’s JUST Superman, no secret identity?

    I wonder if anyone else has brought this up, as Snyder has made some changes to the lore. Perry White, is black, Jimmy Olson is now Jenny Olsen. (Just to be clear, I have no issue with those changes)

    • Considering it’s a full origin story, and judging from the trailer from half a year ago it looks like a good deal is spent on Clark growing up, he may not get the reporter job until later on in the movie, if at all.

      We know this is somewhat a film about Clark finding and deciding who he is and who he is going to be, so we can know for sure that he hasn’t mastered the persona of his secret identity quite yet, even if he did have to learn to hide and suppress it back in Smallville.

      Largely, it looks as though the theme to this movie isn’t just what I stated before, but is also how we, as Americans and as humans, deal with living in a world with a god-like being.

      I’m sure we’ll see Clark get the reporting job and start working on his secret identity, but my guess is that that is a small plot point in this first film.

      • Since this is a more serious/gritty take on the character, do you think the secret identity is even needed? Personally, I’m not sure. I think the idea of hiding behind a pair of glasses would seem kind of tongue in cheek for the realistic tone they are going for. In fact, I think the world would accept him more quickly if he came out if he didn’t hide who he was and who raised him and with the values that the Clarks raised him with.

        • yeah I think it’ll be great whether he has the dual-persona or not. That’s another thing that I thought was kinda cool about avengers, there arent really any secret identities. Every knows Tony Stark is Iron man, Jeremy Renner is always Hawkeye, Scarjo is always black widow, same goes for Thor and Capt America, Bruce Banner is kinda out in the open too.

          It gives a little bit of narrative freedom cuz you dont have to deal with all the scenes about the secret identity like in spiderman or batman. Not that the secret identity scenes are bad, it just gives more freedom to do other cool scenes.

  10. So I heard over the weekend that in there was originally a Clark kent cameo planned for green lantern. He was suppose to be one of the contenders for the ring. I think that would have been awesome if it was cavils Clark. It would have a been a good small connection to justice league. It’s not that green lantern was a horrible movie I mean it wasn’t good but IMO I was a fan of Reynolds as Hal Jordan. I thought e did good the movie suffered from bad writing and a director that didn’t care about source material and characters

  11. After hearing about The B in Apt 23 being cancelled, I was talking with some friends about this, and we all were complaining how ABC shows episodes out of order that screw with the timeline of employment, relationships, and James Van Der Beek’s Dancing with the Stars gig. I noticed the same practice with Happy Endings too and my friends mentioned some other shows on different networks that I don’t watch. My wife swears Ben and Kate has done it too, but I don’t think it does…but I don’t really pay that close attention to that show. Anybody else notice this trend? It’s extremely annoying in my opinion.

      • I hear thats what happened with firefly. luckily i bought the dvd before i ever watched the show, and everything was put back in order for the dvd.

        • I was late to Firefly. I watched it on Netflix, so it was in the correct order for my viewing too.

          • yeah i just dont understand why the network or whatever would want to air them like that. what sense does it make? does it somehow make more of a financial sense to them? i dont see that being the reason though. I think they just like to screw with the fans like that.

  12. Just started watching Stargate: SG1 this weekend. About done with the first season. Not overly impressed yet. it seems like another star trek series. But i will continue watching. Hopefully it improves.

    Also finally watched the first two Superman films (actually the Richard Donner cut of the second one, which i heard is better than the original cut). i think the first one was better. I think ill avoid the 3 and 4 since ive heard they are atrocious. unless someone can convince me otherwise that they are worth taking a look.

    Other movies i watched this weekend: Behind Enemy Lines, Wrong Turn 2, Big Trouble in Little China and Last Action Hero. All good movies except WT2, first one was way better.

    • oh you better avoid Superman 3 and 4. they really are that bad!
      I don’t think Stargate SG1 is like Star Trek, it’s too militarized, but I’m a huge Trek fan so maybe I’m not objective hah

      • Thanks for the tip about Sups.

        what i mean by it being like ST is they go to new worlds and encounter new problems similar to ST. Im sure once i get into season 2 or 3 it will start to look different to me but as of right now thats what it reminds me of.

        • you have a point there, sure. I tried watching Stargate SG-1, but it really didn’t work for me.. I saw the movie and the first 3 episodes. maybe I’ll give it another try after a while. but I was planning of checking out Farscape more

          • “Farscape” is great, BUT make sure you watch the telefilm that came out AFTER the show’s cancellation, so you can get closure.

            • thanks :)

        • As the seasons progress, the story becomes much more involved. It’s an an excellent series if you stay with it through Season 2, when it found its stride…both IMO and (I believe) according to critical reaction.

    • Never seen superman returns. But my friend at work says it has really bad parts but so does every superman movie. Aka the time he throws his logo…. but he says people give it a lot of crap when really its unecessary but not bad

      • I actually saw superman returns before Sups 1 and 2 and Smallville. now im interested to watch it now after having seen all those others. and idk, it wasnt the best superhero film, and it was kinda cheesy, but so was the original superman. So i would like to watch it again now to see if my view has changed at all.

    • Personally, I liked Stargate Atlantis to all the other incarnations, but as with anything, it is a matter of preference.

    • superman 3 is better than 4, and i think is watchable only because there’s red kryptonite in it and it gets some interesting reactions from supes. it also has richard pryor in it. it’s good for a 1 or 2 watch, but thats about it. i have never sat thru the entire film for #4. i should 1 day so i can judge it in it’s entirety. by the 4th one, i think everybody involved was in it because of obligations. the film makers even did a piss poor job of hiding the flying wires

    • Looks like your weekend was awesome! I wish I had that kind of time nowadays lol. In regards to SG: SG1, its like Star Trek in terms of a continuation of stories. I found SG: Atlantis much more fun. I think it was that cast that sold me though.

      I love all the Superman films and how terrible 3 and 4 are. I watched the first one today again. I still think its hilarious that Superman can rotate the earth backwards and turn back time. That’s worse that traveling at the speed of light and whipping around the sun.

      I agree with everything you said about all of those movies listed. If that was your first time watching Last Action Hero, Id really like to know of your response to it.

      • I thought Last Action Hero was really good. I know some parts were supposed to be intentionally over-the-top and cheesy, so going in with that knowledge made it a lot more enjoyable than if i went in expecting a serious take. But yeah, i found it to be another classic arnold movie. 7.5/10

        Ever heard of Ultraviolet? well i got this and the other 3 films for free when i created an account. I actually got 10 free digital copies, but some of them are chick flicks and i probably wont watch them.

  13. I watched 2 movies this weekend. Jurassic Park and Bryan Singer’s original Xmen. Both were really good to see again. Pstew and Ian Mcklellan (idk spelling) really kill it in that movie, not to mention Hugh Jackman as wolverine. Also, I the effects still look really great (on bluray mind you) in jurassic park that movie holds up really well. The initial trex scene is mindblowingly good.

    So anyways nuff said about that, but I’ve recently been rewatching great movies from the 90s and later 90s that I love (toy story, iron giant, men in black) and I’ve had alot of fun. Anybody have some suggestions of some other great movies from my childhood that I could return to?

    • Haha. I’m a bit older than you, and the great movies from my childhood are The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. These movies are still great for kids, and actually, being in my 40’s, I still love to watch them myself.

  14. Flipping channels decided to stop on Buffy. The original…… I saw Ben Affleck. Pretty shocked.

  15. How complicated would it be if marvel, fox & sony were to get together to make one big company strictly for adapting huge stories (ex-secret wars, civil war, avengers vs x-men) or bringing certain teams to the big screen? (new avengers, midnight sons)

    • I thnik the lawyers and payroll would take years to work that one out. I think the first Secret Wars would be the perfect story for it though.

    • How complicated would it be?

  16. i think more comics should be adapted to tv shows. you can include a lot more of the stories i a series just like a comic book. plus you have appearances from some of the lesser know heroes and villians. after watching shows like heroes and smallville i think it would be really cool to have something like x-men on the small screne. or even a proper superman series (maybe a sequel series to smallville?)

    • A heroes for hire show would be cool, you can introduce characters like black cat, daredevil, moon knight, misty knight. They work with heroes for hire sometimes

  17. Eagerly awaiting today’s podcast!

  18. Just found this out and I’m sure screen rant will report on it shortly. They’re cancelling young justice and green lantern after the season is done. Now that really sucks!! Screw cartoon network!

    • Screw all animated comic book adaption tv shows

      It seems that’s what Disney and WB are doing: getting rid of all the good, quality CB shows with great stories for more brainless “kid-friendly” crap like Superhero Squad and Batman the Brave and the Bold.

      I wish the future kids of the world the best of luck.
      I grew up watching Batman:TAS and Justice League on tv, but if I look at the horrid shows that my cousins, nephews and nieces are watching on CN, Disney and Nick, I feel so sad for them… :(

      • I, for the most part, enjoy the Brave and the Bold, but I totally get what you are saying.

  19. Paul Giamatti has entered negotiations to play The Rhino for Spiderman 2

    • Oookay. What next? Charlyne Yi as The Thing in the Fantastic Four reboot?

      • I have no idea… i just saw it. true story!

  20. Regarding the Marvel movie universe, how many phases are they planning? And do each of these “phases” end with an Avengers movie or will we see West Coast Avengers or other incarnations of team-ups? I’m just curious what their long term plan is. I mean if they already are sketching out Phase 3 movies when Phase 2 hasn’t even had it’s first theater release…then why can’t they say a Black Panther movie will happen before phase 8?

    • I think the plan for now is 3 phases, kinda like film franchises are initially planned as a trilogy. but hopefully if phase 2 and 3 are still popular enough, we will get a stage 4 with some of those other heroes. and by then maybe the storylines for thor and iron man will be done so we can get black panther and another hulk. though i hope for those 2 in phase 3, but well probably get thor 3 and captain america 3 for phase 3.

      • At first I thought they planned on a trilogy of phases, but then I thought “then what?” Rebooting it all? I hope that isn’t the plan. I’d prefer them to continue the phases with lesser known properties and not force the sequels to big name ones so often…do the opposite of what they did with phase 1 and those two Iron Man movies. If you can’t get RDJ signed on at a decent price for more solo films, then move on and perhaps get Iron Man to just cameo in the team up movies. I’d like to see Guardians 2, Hulk 2, Ant Man, Dr. Strange, and a SHIELD movie for phase three. Save the 3rd Thor and Captain America for future phases and do a Black Panther and Ms. Marvel movie at some point in there.

        • maybe they will continue to have phases after three, but maybe they will slow down a little and only have 1 maybe 2 movies a year instead of the 2-3 now (even though we havent gotten 3 a year yet there has been talk about it)

          • I’d like them to go a different route in future phases and not always culminate with a team up movie. Maybe kick off a future phase with a few new additions (Black Panther?) or a sequel to an earlier character (Dr. Strange 2?) then in the middle of this phase, do the Avengers team up film and begin the exile of Hulk storyline. Then end that Phase with Planet Hulk.

            The possibilities of stories are endless…well, sort of. Without X-men, Fantastic Four, and Spidey rights…some story lines are hard to create. I just hope Marvel/Disney isn’t planning to do 3 phases then reboot and start over.

  21. Finally saw MIB3, much better than MIIB, Josh Brolin was brilliant and they did a great job of keeping the K and J chemistry going really well. And the story was quite good too, I had reservations when I heard originally that time travel was involved. Seems like they just throw in a gimmick when they don’t have any other good ideas, but it worked well and was enjoyable.

    Interesting that they killed off Zed, glad the worms (although fleetingly) and Frank the Pug weren’t in it (apart from the giant portrait in J’s apartment.

    Come to think of it, why the hell does he have a giant picture of Frank the Pug on his wall?! Weird.

    • Who doesn’t have a giant picture of Frank the pug? I thought that was decorating 101. 😉

      I saw this movie a few weeks back. Better than I expected, but I didn’t expect much. It is better than #2, but pales in comparison to #1…in my opinion.