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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 27, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 27, 2014

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  1. Can I really be first?

    Happy Monday (or close as you can get)!

    • Happy Monday to you too, sir.

      • Yay…



  2. With the Flash TV show coming will the movie still be made?

    • Probably. Maybe After justice League and I hope he will appear in the JL sequel.

    • A Flash film has never been confirmed by WB/DC so the only thing that’s for sure on the horizon is the Flash TV series.

  3. So I just thought of this theory:

    What if WB plan now is to release official tidbits/set-photos of Batman/Superman right around the releases of the next Marvel Studios movies?

    The new Batsuit? Around CA:TWS

    Gal Gadot in costume? Around Guardians.

    Comic-Con 2014: Official announcement after months of speculation that JL will follow BvS and they are being filmed back 2 back. Possible teaser trailer.

    The first full trailer for BvS? Around Avengers 2.

    ^^^Really think about that one. People may actually go more crazy for a trailer these days then they do for the actual movie, so what happens if they drop a trailer that year, in that environment… instead of a movie? What happens if they truly play off of the whispers of “I’m starting to get sick of these Marvel comedies?”

    So, instead of bothering of going head 2 head with Marvel, (which would be futile, and they know it) they play off of Marvel the next 2 years which will continue to build an obscene amount of hype.

    Let’s face it: Batman/Superman gets more internet attention then all of Marvel’s next four films COMBINED. WB can use this to their advantage, and truly capitalize in 2016 after Marvel has basically shot their wad, so to speak.

    ( I believe WB could already be responsible for timing specific announcements right around the release of the Marvel product. Remember the ‘Jamie Alexander meeting with WB to discuss Wonder Woman’ story right around the release of Thor 2? I think the entire point of that ‘story’ was to get people talking and thinking about Wonder Woman and the next DC movie, and what better crowd to go after? )


    • I don’t think WB has to worry about anything other than releasing these movies sooner than later.

      I think it’s a mistake to delay BvS to 2016 (if that’s still the case). And since they have already assembled enough of the group to do a JL movie, they should definitely start releasing back-to-back movies rather than waiting 3 years between each.

      If it were up to me (and I’ll admit that I’m a Bat mark):

      2015: Summer -> BvS: Introducing WW and then a standalone movie featuring Bats or WW at the end of the year
      2016: Justice League and Batman and WW movie (whichever one they didn’t do in 2015)
      2017: Proper Man of Steel sequel and another JL hero movie (Flash, Aquaman or GL)
      2018: Justice League 2 and another JL hero movie

      2 movies a year, a summer release and a winter release… I can dream.

      • You lost me at “proper Man of Steel sequel” bro. I really don’t get that sentiment.

        1. We haven’t seen this movie, who’s to say what is proper and improper about it?

        2. Zack has specifically said himself that the events of Man of Steel are the events that set this entire story in motion, which we will see in the next movie. That’s pretty much the definition of a sequel, or at least an ongoing story.

        I kinda get what you are saying, a Superman sequel with just Superman… but for pete’s sake why ask for something that has already been done? Why against the idea of other DC characters being involved in a movie about the DC Universe?

        Seems like you got Marvel-mind, BigNerd. ;)

        • @ Dr Mindbender

          I agree with both of you. I mean, Marvel has definitely had a good formula the past decade, so I can see why BigNerd thinks DC should go that path. But at the same time, you’re right. DC should figure out their own strategy and stick to that. A lot of people also act like DC has no idea what they’re doing but the fact is we don’t know their plans. I believe they know exactly what they’re planning on doing over the next few years.

          I do like the idea of team up movies though. If I had my way, I’d go from BvS to a Flash movie with a GL cameo. Then go from there to the Justice League movie. That way we know most of the superheroes before the JL movie.

          Then from there we can have a Batman movie, WW movie, Aquaman movie, GL vs Sinestro movie, etc. and move onto sequels.

          Then after a while, we can see Batfleck pass off his knowledge to Terry and get a Batman Beyond movie. Wishful thinking?

        • @Dr. M:

          More like a “superhero-mind”.

          I like having multiple spandex in movies too, heck, if it were up to me, Batman would be in every single DC movie made. :)

          But I also think that some heroes need to have it all to themselves to properly advance their story. Just because they did Man of Steel doesn’t mean we can’t have another movie that’s just about Superman and maybe how Clark and Lois develop a relationship, or how Lex becomes his nemesis, etc etc. You can’t cover the entirety of who Superman is in just one movie.

          To clarify, I do think BvS is a better way to go than just a Man of Steel solo sequel, but at some point in time, Superman should get a proper stand-alone follow-up movie. Just like Batman should get his own “first” movie in the current DC cinematic universe (they could do a prequel to BvS with a “younger” Affleck playing Batman that leads up to the MoS/BvS timeline).

      • I wouldn’t want two DC movies per year…unless one was a big budget blockbuster and the second was a limited budget indie-type film with lesser known characters.

        I kind of like the wait. The time between Spiderman and X-Men films keeps building up the hype and gets me more and more excited. The anticipation reminds me of my childhood…waiting for my dad to come pick me up for the weekend, but he never showed. Whoa…that went dark. Did anyone else see that coming?

        Hail HYDRA.

        • Sounds like you and Dr Mindbender need to have some therapy sessions together…

            ME: HAIL HYDRA!
            (Repeat lines for one hour)

            ;) That would be therapeutic

        • @Prof:

          Maybe a few years ago, I would agree with you. But at the pace technology and entertainment is moving, and all the competing media, I feel now that more is better.

          Or maybe that’s my mortality speaking. I’m not a young guy any more and if there are 3-4 year breaks between each movie… I’ll be dead before I see the 3rd part of a JL Trilogy.

          And not just my aging, think about how the actors will age if these movies span decades of time.

          Plus, you can reboot all over again every 5 years. :)

          • I sympathize to what you are saying. It would be nice to see more of DC’s properties more often. But I want epic masterpieces per film. I loved MoS. It made me a Superman fan. And the next film I hope will make me a Batman fan again since Nolan’s trilogy wasn’t very good IMO.

            The more time they have to prepare, the better the outcome should be.

            • I loved the old days when everyone knew that a sequel wouldn’t compare with the original. Give us the best story first!

          • @BigNerd

            I prefer quality over quantity. Maybe that’s because I worked at Wendy’s in high school (quality is their recipe). I understand your aging actor concern. However, we’re all human and death happens…Heath Ledger, Paul Walker. You can’t predict the future and the best thing to do is to make the best possible movie at the point of release…and you can’t focus on a single movie’s quality when you’re concerned about the bigger picture and that over-arcing story. Give us the best possible story and don’t hold back. If they do that, I’ll gladly wait 2 or 3 years.

            On a personal note regarding your aging. When the WB cast Ben Affleck as an “aging” Batman, I thought…the guy is in his 40s. That’s not aging! (I’m almost 36)

    • @ Dr. M

      An interesting theory to say the least Dr. but I think you might be giving WB to much credit.

      I think they have bigger fish to fry right now than worrying about how to bite into Marvel’s jugernaught.

      I think there are some internal problems at WB regarding this project which are manifesting themselves in confusing delays, strange reasons for the delay, strange rumors, rumors of in-fighting over the final budget and then possible no delay at all. Nothing seems to be going smoothly on this project. Nolan’s departure was the first strange thing, and others have followed. For example, if this film was allegedly conceived and laid out while MoS was filming, what “vision” are they trying to realize now? There are other examples as well. I really feel that WB/DC hurt their momentum (which was building and exciting) with this delay. In addition, the more this movie is hyped, the harder it will be to live up to that hype, not to mention the risk of over saturation and burnout by fans with these constant stories and rumors everyday until it finally comes out.

      I seriously hope that you are not correct because if WB’s focus truly is on Marvel rather than making the best possible Batman/Superman movie they can, we will all lose and there won’t be a DCCU. In actuality, I don’t think the studios hate or try to compete with one another as much as we think, or nearly as much as the fanboys do.

      I go back to something you said months ago Dr., they are quality control for one another. Let’s face it, there really is no competition right now between the two, but if WB/DC grows, it will ultimately put more pressure on both to produce excellent films. I’m all for that.

      In addition, the sheer number of movies Mavel produces between the WB/DC movies is more than enough to keep Marvel on the front page with the general public, and let’s face it, they are the true target audience, anyway ( as Mavel is fully aware of, hense the “Marvel comedies”), not us nerdy comic book fans. Unfortunately, although we see these movie three and four times, we still are the very small minority and Marvel knows it. IMO, the proof of that is Iron Man 3.

    • Doc, does it really matter if they release pics of the bat suit around a Marvel movie? do you feel it’s going to slowdown anyone from seeing a Marvel film? i really don’t think so, if anyone is going to take the wind from Marvels sails it will either be the general public losing interest in superheros due to over exposure or Marvel making shyt movies

  4. Sooo….the Sentinels from X-men DOFP look like Michael Bay’s Transformers when they crash land in earth, before they transform into a vehicle. But purple……not intimidating, not awe inspiring, just plain blah. Sigh….

    • I’m gonna wait to see them in action before saying yay or nay.

    • I agree. It just didn’t really impress me that much. I just hope it’s not the overall finished product

    • They are small for Sentinels. They could be holding back the big guns for the movie itself but, underwhelming at best.

  5. So I watched Oblivion the other day and it really wasn’t as dissapointing as people have been making it out to be I really did enjoy it a lot

    • It just sucks if you’ve seen a certain Duncan Jones film that it stole a major plot point from.

  6. I watched Justice League War.

    • How was it?

    • I saw it as well. Though I didn’t hate it, there is a lot about this film that need improvement before the next JL film.

      I hated how all of the characters, save for bats, Flash, and Cyborg were so annoying, to the point where it almost felt like a parody of the characters. Superman was super cocky, way too cocky than Supes should have been; he doesn’t have a cocky personality. GL was just goofy. You can argue that they were going for a cocky think-before-acting type of guy, but it fell flat for me ad felt more like he was just screwing things up for everyone. WW sounded and acted like what I envisioned a Silver Age WW would be like, that’s not good for this new universe. Shazam was the worst. I felt like they ruined the Billy Batson character. Now I’m not big on comics, but I always thought that Billy Batson was some pure hearted, do-gooder, who, no matter what adversities in his life, never lost his goodness, or something like that. This kid was nothing like that, he was mean to his foster siblings, and super annoying as Shazam. And a thief.

      The voice acting definitely leaves something to be desired about. Some of the voice actors need to be re-cast. Supes sounded a lot like GL from the animated films and series. Gl sounded childish. Already addressed WW. Shazam sounded like a kid. Bats sounded like a guy impersonating Kevin Conroy doing the Batman voice, with a little more work, it can improve hopefully. Darseid was down right terrible. I could barely understand what he was saying, he sounded worse than Bane from TDKR.

      All in all the movie wasn’t bad. There is a lot of potential in it for improvement. The animation was good, and the post-credit teaser was welcomed (we need an Aquaman movie). I get that DC animated movies have turned to a darker and more mature tone these past few years, but I felt like in their attempt to make this film seem mature (with the heroes flirting with WW, the swearing, and the over-testosterone male characters, it seemed more like a teenager’s vision of what mature is. The Dark Knight Returns, JL: The Flashpoint Paradox, and Superman vs. The Elite are examples of how to do mature right.

  7. This weekend I watched 2 Guns, Safe House and In Time.

    I really enjoyed 2 Guns Mark and Denzel had great chemistry and were pretty comedic. I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel with them.

    In Time was pretty good. It was a unique take. They probably could have done more with it instead of turning it into a normal action thriller but I still enjoyed it.

    Safe House was good. It was nice seeing Denzel in a more villainous role (for part of the movie anyways). I think Ryan Reynolds could be a pretty good actor if he would quite taking crappy roles and/or comedic roles all the time.

    • I still want to watch 2 Guns and Safe House. Thanks for your input. Makes me want to watch them now.

    • I also enjoyed 2 Guns… Marky Mark plays a great sarcastic good guy. I don’t remember a Denzel movie I didn’t like (even Flight was okay).

      I know there is a lot of hype about The Raid 2, but I didn’t think The Raid was a very good movie, it’s not any different from those Thai B-movie flicks.

      Who is the next big action star? Seems like we are only getting more of the old guys via The Expendables. I thought Scott Adkins had promise after seeing Undisputed 3 but his recent work is bleh.

      • For a while there I thought Sam Worthington was gonna be the next action star. I really liked him in Terminator Salvation, Avatar, and then he was in Clash of the Titans which was more a box office hit than a critical hit haha.

        But recently he hasn’t really been in anything big or good. I enjoyed Man on a Ledge but that didn’t do to well. Then he did Wrath of the Titans which was pretty bad.

        I thought Chris Pine might be the next action star as well but now with Jack Ryan underperforming I don’t know.

        • So many Chris’s in Hollywood but I actually think Chris Hemsworth has a shot at being the next big action star. He is so well rounded. His performance in Expendables 2 was amazing for as short as it was.

          • Haha, that would be LIAM Hemsworth, not Chris.

            • Haha. Holy crap it was!

            • And now that I am thinking about it… I was thinking of Red Dawn remake.

            • This is what I get for working and thinking at the same time.

              • Haha, though I do agree that CHRIS Hemsworth has a shot at being the next big action star. I have liked him in everything I have seen him in so far.

  8. This weekend I watched Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, Muppet Treasure Island, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. I bet you can’t guess who had control of the remote.

    The wife and I finally got to the second part of Doctor Who’s seventh series…which means we had to pay for those 8 episodes because they aren’t available for free on Netflix or Hulu Plus. I’m now 7 episodes away from the 50th anniversary special and 8 episodes away from Matt Smith’s final episode. And I’ve caught up in less than a year. BINGE WATCHING AT ITS FINEST!

    • I hate that since the show really picked up in popularity in the US the episodes stopped showing up on Netflix. :(

      • I’m late to the game. My roommate tried to get me to watch it in 2008, but I didn’t try to watch it until the SR Underground kept talking it up and SR’s Intro to Doctor Who article from early last year. So I didn’t realize that Netflix hadn’t updated…but they do that same thing with quite a few shows.

        Still waiting for season 4 of Archer, Netflix! Get on that. #fixit

  9. thinking about the Flash TV series…

    i assume they will be following the same look and feel as Arrow, i’m wondering how they incorporate these new superpowers..will it look cheesey, how will they do Flash’s suit, is he just gonna be more realistic rocking a red/yellow Adidas track suit? ha

    • @Braille:

      Maybe Roy will give Barry his red hoodie. :)

      • it is the CW so Roy can run around shirtless :D

  10. I saw Donnie Darko this weekend.

    *** MIND BLOWN ***

    I thought it was an excellent film with a creative and unique story, great pacing, a complex protagonist, and interesting side characters.

    Favorite quote: “Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.”

    • I finally watched it last Summer. To me it felt a little…(can’t think of a good descriptive adjective)… Satanic? I don’t know. But it was weird. Donnie is really messed up.

      Despite that though I enjoyed it. It was surprisingly deep. And it was awesome that Maggie and Jake played siblings. That was perfect.

  11. I’ve been kind of curious about seeing that movie, Might just have to check it out now.

    • That was meant for $2 about Donnie Darko.

  12. Hello everyone hope u all had a good weekend.
    Does anybody think The Walking Dead will kill off Glenn or someone else who’s been around since the first season?

  13. The past two weekends I have watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, Eyes Wide Shut, The Butler, Captain Phillips, The Spectacular Now, and Oblivion as well as binge watching Scrubs(for like the 20th time lol)

    quick review of all the movies I watched all very good in my opinion my least favorite were Eyes Wide Shut and 2010 and those were both pretty good movies i would give both of those films 3 out of 5 stars. Oblivion and The Spectacular Now I give both 3.5 out of 5 I really enjoyed both. The Butler and Captain Phillips I give both 4.5 out of 5 stare while I give 2001 a full 4.7 out of 5 stars I really dug that movie but I for some reason can’t get to a full 5 stars but I know I liked it well enough that it is more than 4.5 :)

  14. I thought I would share this with some of y’all this is my friend Caleb Hyles doing a male cover of the song Let It Go from Frozen its pretty amazing so if any of y’all have seen Frozen and really liked the song y’all should check it out and share it with some of your friends hope y’all enjoy!

    • ScreenRant posted this Mr. Freeze version on their GeekPicks last week:

    • That was totally wicked!! Disney should sign this guy up straight away for their next animated movie.

      • Oh I hope they would he also has a fantastic voice for voice acting trust me!

  15. So I got all caught up with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals over the weekend. Loved how they did a little cross over with Klaus and Caroline and then Matt with Rebecca. I get the feeling that the whole witch thing will tie into VD as well. So far The Originals is turning out to be pretty good.
    I also caught up on The Tomorrow people. My only thing is didn’t Steven have powers that was ahead of everyone else? If so, why is he getting handled by that new trainee he is partnered up with? Also it seems like at times they move away from the whole “find my father” storyline. I would have expected to at least have them found out some more secrets into his father’s whereabouts. Either way it’s not a bad series.
    Arrow has been great. I love that Roy is now getting more involved. Are we going to get a Red Arrow or something else? It seemed like they were dropping hints at him becoming RA but who knows. Season 2 has been impressive to say the least.
    Cw is starting to put out some good series now which is great. Arrow so far has been a slam dunk and if The Flash has some good writing like Arrow then they are going to have something special.

    • @Jared:

      There are only a few of us VD and The Originals fans here.

      If you saw the 100th ep of VD, you saw that ending coming. And shouldn’t Bonnie know what happened?

      As for The Originals, they have too many things going on. I think they need to settle on a season long storyline and stick with it.

      Regarding The Tomorrow People, as far as I know Steven can access his powers even when there are dampeners and he can stop time. I don’t know why that isn’t delved into more but I guess they are saving that for later. They didn’t really stop looking for his father, Steven knows he’s in limbo but they say his body is destroyed (at least that’s what Jedekiah says but we know that probably not true).

      Seems like everyone likes Arrow now.

  16. Anybody on SR watch Archer?

    I started the series like a week and a half ago and I’m on season 4 already haha.. This is almost as bad as my Breaking Bad binge last semester.

    It’s freaking hilarious. The writing constantly impresses me. It hasn’t dipped in quality yet.

    • HA! I posted above earlier that Netflix needs to release season 4 of Archer.

      I loved the first 3 seasons. It’s so funny that I’ve watched it three times.

      The rampage episode when he had cancer is still one of my favorites.

      • hahaha I love that episode! I love the part when he’s interogating the factory guys and he keeps putting his arm up “Survey says?” before shooting their kneecaps off. I just realized that sentence makes me sound like a very violent person haha..

        Luckily my friend owns seasons 1-4 and he kindly lent (past tense of lend? idk…) them to me. So I have season 4 ready to watch later this week. I’m so psyched!!

        • haha just found another one of my fave quotes from that episode on imdb…

          Sterling Archer: And everybody else, shut up, and watch “Terms of Enrampagement”.

          Cyril Figgis: Why don’t you call it “Magnum, P.U.”?

          Sterling Archer: It’s a working title! Idiots!

          Malory Archer: Liked him better when he had cancer.

          Sterling Archer: First of all, WHAT THE SH*T, MOTHER?

        • Lucky you!

          I, on the other hand, am waiting for Netflix. If they don’t hurry up, this might happen:

          • Just watch “Terms of Enrampagement” (working title) a few times. It should help :D

            I love that he takes his chemo right in the middle of the mission. Classic Archer.

  17. What does everyone think about the rumor of Jake Gyllenhaal being cast as Dr. Strange?

    • I would’ve liked Sam Rockwell, but Marvel wasted him on Justin Hammer. JG would be cool though.

      • Rockwell was wasted in that role. He’s such a good actor. I liked John Cusack if they went older…Gyllenhaal for younger. I really hope they don’t hire Depp…or Keanu like Kofi was pushing for on the podcast.

  18. Everyone post your favorite subtitle for the Man Of Steel sequel!!!!
    Mine is;

    Man of Steel: Fear of Hope

    • Man of Steel: Disputed
      Man of Steel: Knight Terrors
      Man of Steel: The Bat Cometh
      Man of Steel: Knight Knight Time
      Man of Steel: Brokebat Mountain
      Honestly, these are just as bad as the actual purposed titles. I hope they put a little more effort into it. The Blackest Hour and The Darkness Within just aren’t doin it for me. But in their defense I cannot come up with anything better than what already exists. Worlds Finest.

      • 1) Batman vs. Superman (it’s already well known as this)
        2) Man of Steel: Trinity
        3) Superman/Batman: Epic Subtitle

        Those are the only two good ones I can think of