Open Discussion – January 27, 2012

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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 27, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 27, 2012

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  1. Good morning Ranters,

    So what would be the ideal line-up for an Avengers 2 movie? (with respect to the comics, please.)

    • Iron Man
      Captain America
      Ant-Man & The Wasp
      Black Panther
      Ms Marvel
      With the villain being someone HUGE (that would require all these heroes to join forces once more)… maybe Thanos or Ultron

    • i always thought it’d be cool to have hulk
      Iron man
      Ant man
      Captain America
      Scarlet witch

  2. If the Skrulls and/or Kree are not in the one coming up, I’d like to see them in number 2; and hopefully they have Pym and Wasp in it. Maybe number 3 can have Ultron.

    • It’s too bad about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, we won’t see them because of different studios. But yeah, the consensus seems to be that everyone wants a Pym/Ultron/Vision storyline. If the “biggies” were busy in their own perspective movies how about…

      Black Panther
      Black Widow

      What if…?

      • What if there was some way to connect the wakanda/black panther/vibranium storyline with the Pym/ultron/vision storyline? Maybe Pym needs the Vibranium and the Ultrons are corrupted by a foe of T’Challa, maybe Klaw.

        I know there’s no chance of seeing a studio make an avengers without the 4 biggies but what if… ?

        • They could easily do a Black Panther/Ant-Man “combo movie”.
          Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne are in Africa studying Vibranium, and an unexpected enemy (Klaw, Man-Ape, etc.) attacks them.
          Que Black Panther to the rescue and the movie takes off from there…
          The protagonists escape and BP tells Hank and Janet that his father was killed by said enemy and has taken over his kingdom…
          In classic Marvel-comics form, Hank and Janet find a way (growth/shrink formula to sneak into) to distract the mass amount of henchmen while BP faces off against the man who killed his father.
          Obviously, the good guys win, and everyone lives happily ever after.
          (Or something along those lines ;))
          Last scene of the movie/after credit scene: We see Pym working in a lab with Vibranium, the camera pans over to the side of the table where a familiar robot head is lying connected with some wires to a computer… the eyes light up (red) in a menacing way… Ultron is born.
          Que Avengers 2′s main villain for 2015…

          Like I’ve suggested a few times: if they follow the same type of story arc that was seen in The Avengers: EMH (tv show), then the movie will be awesome.

          • Yes that would be most awesome.

    • @ Kahless.I rather see Ultron in part 2 & Kang the Conquerer in part 3.

  3. Saw Underworld 4, Haywire & Sherlock 2 (second time) last night. What a great night at the movies. All were great for different reasons but WOW after U4 and HW I am afraid of the female gender. All kinds of arse-kicking by Kate and Gina.

    • You mean you were at the cinema for nearly 6 hours?

      • Yes … 5:00 – 11:15 . . . :)

        • INK is hardcore like that.

    • I saw Haywire and [my wife dragged me to] Beauty and the Beast 3D this week. B&B was not worth the 3D prices.

      IMHO, Haywire was okay. The action scenes were excellent, but it was rather predictable.

      • Like on CHEERS when Clif Claven the mailman got the category about mailmen. He swept it, then lost the lot on final jeopardy. funny

        • I remember that episode. He had the game won, didn’t even have to wager any money, but the topic was Florida, and he thought he knew everything about Florida. He bet everything, and lost. Funny episode.

  4. Hey Vic (hope you’re feeling better man).
    I just thought I’d point out that under you’re “Upcoming Movies” tab, you still have Mission Impossible 4 and Sherlock Holmes 2 listed.
    I’m sure it isn’t “bothering” anyone, but I just thought I’d bring it to your attention.

    • Oh it’s obviously bothering SOMEONE … ;)

      • Doesn’t bother me at all. (If I remember correctly, Vic has said before that he sometimes forgets about the ‘Upcoming Movies’ tab)
        I just noticed it, and thought I’d bring it to his attention.
        What’s wrong with that?

        • You are correct, sir. It’s something I don’t pay much attention to so I appreciate the notification.

          Unfortunately, now I seem to have some sinus infection on top of everything else. Holy cow am I ready to be healthy again…


          • Surgery is enough for any guy, and now you have to deal with a sinus infection as well… I wish you all the best Vic.
            Hopefully you’ll be back to your old self in no time.

          • Hope you feel better soon Vic thanks for all your hard work even during your recovery you still managed to keep the info flowing get well soon.

        • TheAvenger – I was just having some fun man, no worries. That’s what the “winky” emoticon was suppose to suggest.

          • Sorry man…
            Did’t realize you were joking around.

            • I don’t think INK knows what “serious” means. 8-)

              • se·ri·ous/ˈsi(ə)rēəs/
                (of a person) Solemn or thoughtful in character or manner.
                (of a subject, state, or activity) Demanding careful consideration or application: “marriage is a serious matter”.


                • See, I told you he didn’t know what “serious” meant. Serious is a star in the constellation Canus Major.

                  petaQ, you make Megan Fox look like Stephen Hawkins!!


                  • Hell no! Isn´t it enough that Stephen Hawking looks like Stephen Hawking?!

                    • Hahaha! :D

    • Well I have to say I’ve heard nothing but great things about Chronicle from those who’ve seen it. I’d say it’s probably a much more realistic treatment of what would happen if a group of teenage boys suddenly got superpowers than expecting the average teenager to suddenly turn “noble” and fight crime. And yes, I know there are “good” teenagers out there – I’m a father of one. 8)

      Although those kids had BETTER get a comeuppance by the end of that flick or I’ll be highly annoyed.


    • Well, so far, Rottentomatoes have only good reviews, so you may be out of luck.

  5. I was saddened to hear Robert “Juan Epstein” Hegyes passed away. Welcome Back, Kotter was one of my favorite shows growing up.

    Juan Epstein’s Mother

  6. So what movie do you guys think will be the bigger blockbuster: The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises?

    • Oh no you didn’t just start that!

      • OT – My heart says Avengers, but my brain says TDKR.

      • Yeah… And I thought she was a nice girl…

    • Prometheus. :)

      • Hotel Transylvania 8-)

    • They will both flop. Neither one of these dregs will get even half their money back. Twilight will be the biggest hit. :-D

      I’m with INK on this one. I have a soft spot for Avengers but my wittle pea brain is saying TDKR will be the biggest hit.

    • Truthfully I don’t know I am of course looking forward to both I guess I will just have to go with TDKR, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if The Avengers is a bigger hit. I personally don’t care which one is bigger as long as they are both good.

    • Why?
      Why would you start something like this HERE?! ;)

      Anyway, my heart and head lies with The Avengers.
      (My heart will forever say “Avengers!”, but the only reason my brain doesn’t think “DKR!” is because I hated the trailer…)

    • Avengers. TDKR. Avengers. TDKR. Avengers. TDKR. Avengers. TDKR. Avengers. TDKR. Ghost Rider. Avengers. TDKR. Amazing Spider-Man. Avengers. TDKR. Amazing Spider-Man. Ghost Rider. Avengers. TDKR. Amazing Spider-Man. Too much awesomeness…brain overload.

  7. haha ya well as much as I love The Avengers I think TDKR will be bigger

  8. What movies does everyone plan on seeing in February?

    • I plan on taking my wife out on a romantic date to Ghost Rider the weekend after Valentine’s day. I plan on signing divorce papers shortly after that ;)

      • haha good call I will probably be forced to see the vow around Valentine’s Day

  9. Here is a question for everyone, if there were to be a crossover involving Marvel & DC which two characters and who would they be teaming up against as your choice for the crossover team up…

    My hero choices
    Captain America

    Facing off against
    Dr. Doom
    Hugo Strange

    P.S I know it’ll never happen just curious as to who everyone’s choices are.

    • CA with Batman is good; their banter would be great.

      Superman & Hulk vs. Darkseid & Abomination
      Black Panther & Cyborg vs. Venom

      • Kahless,
        Those are great choices as well sups & hulk against darkseid & abomination would be one epic battle.

    • Iron Man and Batman
      Facing off against Dr Doom (minions included) and Mr Freeze (minions included)

      • Danm you took mine! But i would choose Luthor over Freeze but not bad at all.I’ll come up with another.

        • Luthor is a better choice… can’t believe i didn’t think of that :P ;)

    • SPiderman and Batman vs Joker and Goblin.

      Serious vs Joksters

      • *Jokesters :)

    • Heroes: Iron Man and Batman. Because:

      Bats: “I´m richer than you.”
      IM: “No, I´m richer than you!”
      Bats: “No, way! I´m richer!”
      IM: “Ah, whatever. Where´s the booze?”

      Villains: whoever is stupid enough to go against Iron Man and Batman.

      • Paul McCartney’s ex-wife & the chick who broke up the Beatles.

        • Yeah! Hopefully they´ll kill each other. It´s a win/win situation.

      • ROTFLMBO!!!

    • Deadpool hired by Alfred to take out the Joker and the rest of Gotham’s villains. By doing this, Bruce is able to retire, and Alfred kept his promise to Thomas Wayne.

      I’d also like to see Hulk fight Doomsday.

      Lastly, I’d want the Flash and Spider-Man to team-up against Venom and Reverse-Flash.

      • My second choice would have been Spidey and Flash… good call man.

        • Wonder Woman vs. Rogue

  10. Superman & Spider-Man vs Loki & Killer Croc. I know i know…please no applause, thank you.

  11. A kingpin movie would be cool

  12. batman vs punisher- neither have super powers, just skillz

    • Bats would beat the Punisher in a matter of minutes (IMO) ;)

  13. Those are some great team ups, how about a what if vs battle with no restrictions to what universe the character is from …

    My choices

    Darth Maul vs Wolverine
    Blade vs Deadpool
    Selene vs Venom
    The Punisher vs Deadshot

    • Batman vs. Black Panther
      Wolverine vs. baraka
      Hulk vs. darkseid

    • khal drogo vs. conan the barbarian

      both would die bleeding from fatal wounds. such bad ass characters. :D

  14. So… Chuck’s done! :( Which leaves me with heartache (it was a great show) and lots of questions…
    One of them being: now that Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah)’s biggest role of her career is finished, what is she gonna do next?
    IMO, I think she should play Carol Danvers in ‘AKA Jessica Jones’ — who’s with me?