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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 25, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 25, 2013

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  1. What’s up ranters. Who do u think would make a good Matt Murdoch / daredevil between these choices? Karl urban,Sam Worthington,or Bradley Cooper .

    • well seeing as karl is the only one of those three who seems to try, him.

    • None of them. I say Ron Eldard

    • Ben Affleck

    • Think if you going to Reboot Daredevil, Urban and Cooper are pushing 40.
      Plus Urban might be at his limit on playing Iconic characters, as with Dr McCoy and possibly reprising Dredd.

      Cooper, he just does not seem to me as Murdoch. To me, Taylor Kitsch. Not to you young, not to old.

      • But he was also Gambit so what are the odds that they’d give him a shot at Daredevil?

        • ?Chris Evans got a shot at two characters, or is that four?

          • Chris Evans has 3. Can’t forget The Losers.

            • It´s actually four. He was also in Scott Pilgrim.

              • I try not to remember that… Darn you to heck!

              • @Scapegoat.

                ATTENTION! THIS IS THE TASTE IN MOVIES ENFORCEMENT! Step away from the computer with your hands up!

                You are under arrest for the following infraction.

                1 Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

                This movie falls under the Istar and Waterworld code of ethics.
                You are in serious violoation of Law THX-1138 Subsection R.2.D.TWO.

                You have violated the user right to discuss great movies, good movies, ok movies, bad movies and awful movies.

                Scott Pilgrim does not fall into any of the these categories. Please be advise of your rights.

                You have the right to support and complain about movies. You have the right to have these movies viewed by your peers as so evaluate your mental well being.

                This is your first violation…Any Further actions about these type of movies will be 5 Months of reviewing Downton Abbey, and 5 years of Probation Listening to NPR.

                Thank you.

                • What was wrong with Scott Pilgrim?

                  Not read the comics but I thought it was awesome!

                  • Same

                    • Same

                • Come on… Mary Elizabeth Winstead in her gothy outfits alone makes Scott Pilgrim worthwhile. She has awesome legs and is not afraid to use them.

                  The fight choreographies are pretty awesome, too, and even put some actual action movies to shame.

                  • Scott pilgrim is one of my favorite films.

                  • I missed it at the cinema and bought it on blu ray, omg it’s amazing!

                    That battle between the DJ’s and Scott looks awesome and blew me away!

                    Its funny, has some amazing editing and great songs, it’s my favourite Michael Cera role! Don’t get the hate?

                    • yeah scott pilgrim is incredible.. anybody who doesn’t admit it isn’t worth his salt.

                    • Well, I see I am going to have to give out a lot of tickets!

                      Scott Pilgrim, a Comic Book turned movie with 8 bit game play!

    • …. Scott Akins…

      • ..I meant Scott Adkins ..

  2. After watching “Looper” for the 3rd time the other day, I have come to the conclusion that the song “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell fits perfectly into the overall plot of the movie

  3. Bradley Cooper. Daredevil needs to have a slender build.

  4. What about Jake Gyllenhaal guys?

  5. I am more than tired of reading rumors. Not gonna lie. Rumor this, rumor that. A close source to Bob over there in production with this knows that these people are attached to this. I understand that rumors are what draw the crowds to these sites but DAMN lol. The comments on this site are great and hilarious to read, but have you ever checked out SR’s facebook responses? Those are more hilarious!

    • @LeatherCheerio.

      Like the rumor you are more like Golden Crisp, than a cheerio???

      <—Running for the hills!

      • My leather Cheerio is not golden and crispy but fruity and magically delicious. Part of a complete balanced breakfast.

        • ewwwww

  6. Ok we go with a cast. I know everyone won’t agree but here it goes.

    Daredevil /Matt Murdoch -Karl urban
    Karen page-Heather Graham
    Ben urich -Michael Douglas
    The kingpin -somebody unknown cause I don’t know anyone currently who could make a good Wilson Fisk

    Typhoid Mary -noomi rapace
    bullseye -woody harelson(hope I spelled his last name right)

    Stick -chuck Norris (why not?! Be kinda cool 2 see chuck in a comic flick)

  7. I saw Dredd on Thursday and I gotta say, it’s kinda overrated IMO.
    Good flick, but for a story so simple (pretty much just a drug bust as Dredd said himself), it felt way too long and dragged out.
    If they had made it a bit more complex and added more substance and depth to the actual story line -not talking about the characters, just the story – it might not have come across as a simple, old school shoot-em-up movie IMO.

    In any case, Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby were fantastic and I’m officially a fan of those two now. I’m also convinced now that Urban has to be the next Batman – how could he not be after that great performance?

    • I also caught it an agree. Still a good flick tho

    • The drug bust did get complex, they uncover the site of production and its supplier, get sealed in and have an entire building out to get them.
      plus they throw in a twist with the other judges.
      Because it doesnt build up its twists or be all ooh and aah and you didnt see that comin makes it more grounded and real.
      M night sham has proven that adding complexity/spins/twists at the cost of likeable character, action, substance or just when theyre not needed equals fail.
      I like Dredd because of this and Tron legacy, which also had people complaining the story was too simple/linear.
      I think what your asking for would be somehow to make the character Dredd more tied to this story(with mama or slowmo) that makes it personal but I like that its not, its just his job to do this and he believes in it and he does it which is a character type we could use more of.

      • Dredd remind me of The Raid:Remeption as far as the story. It could have been A LOT better with some tweaks here and there.

        • dredd was in production way before raid

          • really? The stories just seem kind of similar. Trapped in the building etc.

            • dredd and the raid has similar story. but dredd was in production way before the raid. the raid just happen to be released first before dredd.

              • Got it.

      • Nah, I’m perfectly happy with Dredd’s arc (no personal ties – it’s just his job to take them down), and I’m not really saying they should have had plot twists either.
        I would just have liked it to be more than “they uncover the site of production and its supplier, get sealed in and have an entire building out to get them.”

        The movie felt very old school to me – I completely understand that that’s what a lot of people like about it, but IMO, with this they had the chance to make something special (like the way Nolan brought complex themes and depth to the Batman movies) and because of all the praise it got from people, I was kinda expecting that sort of movie (and in retrospect, it’s probably my fault for not loving the movie because of that expectation).

        I agree with Trey though, it was still a good flick and I’ll definitely watch it again sometime.

    • What I loved about the film was how well they brought the Dredd comics to life. It was as if Urban stepped right out of the pages. They definitely stayed true to the source material.

      If they do have a sequel, I would love to see Dredd take on Judge Death!

  8. Philip Seymour Hoffman – Kingpin..

    • Hoffman, way to small to be Kingpin, you have to get someone physically imposing to be Kingping, Michael Clarke Duncan had the size, but did not portray him the way I would have liked.

      Now, someone already familiar with Marvel fans, Tyler Mane, who played Sabertooth, he has the size and look to pull off Wilson Fisk.

      Just not going to find someone the girth of Kingpin to be as mobile as Kingpin really is.

      • Somebody like Dwayne Johnson maybe…or Tom Hardy wearing prosthetic makeup…

        • @Anubhav

          That would be a lot of makeup…A LOT OF MAKEUP FOR HARDY.

      • “Tyler Mane has the size and look to pull off Wilson Fisk.”

        I´d prefer someone who can actually act.

        • Vincent D’Onofrio, maybe.

    • Great choice. Not everything in the comics (needs to or) looks great on the big screen. Still can’t believe people wanted an actor to have added cgi weight.

  9. As long as GL is consulting Star Wars 7 and his core story stays, I’m quite happy that JJ is directing. I thought Super 8 was good. Ps: can we finally put an end to those ridiculous non-fanboys and their “lucas raped their childhood” crap.

  10. I just saw Hansel and Gretel it was a mindless fun, I enjoyed it a lot more than some of the latest comedies to be honest :)
    the G.I Joe preview before it was interesting enough but sometimes the people got a bit blurry during the fights which was annoying. instead of watching two guys fight I felt like I was seeing 2-3 copies of each one of them… but I’ll give the movie a try, why not?

    • Did you see it in 3D?

      • yes. but there wasn’t another option available.. also fun fact, Hansel and Gretel is rated PG-13 here, not R

        • You got gipped on blood and guts!

  11. Saw movie 43, it was one of the worst films ive ever seen. I was ashamed that i wasted my time seeing it.

    • really? there was nothing fun about it, at all? damn, I wanted to see it :(

      • I wont lie and say i didnt laugh at times. Im sure everyone will find a skit they like. But it was just taking every skit so far that it wasnt funny anymore.

        • shame..

        • I’m guessing most of laughs were only “shock reaction”-laughs though?
          (Not the type of funnies you’d laugh at again if you saw the movie a second time?)

          • Yeah shock laughs exactly, but shocking as in “wth who could think lf this”

  12. Robert Maillet as Kraven the Hunter, anyone?

  13. Question of the Day at work:

    Who would be the worst choice to sing a James Bond title song?

    The Wiggles?

    • @$2

      I will see your Wiggles and raise you 4 Teletubbies.

      • Chris tucker.

      • I see your tele tubbies and raise you dr teeth and the electric mayhem.

        • @ LeatherCheerio.

          WHOA!…DONT YOU BAD MOUTH DR TEETH AND ELECTRIC MAYHEM!…I will hunt you down with my heard of Diarrhea infected Cows!

          And you know I will.

          Fear the Cows.

    • Katy Perry :D

    • Me.

      • Hey, how’s your music going?

    • Justa Beaver; I hear you feel violated if you use it’s real name

      • hehehe

    • hmmm Slayer?

    • Eddie Murphy

      “She likes to part all the time!”

      Remember that one (with Rick James of course)??

    • I’m all in with Roseanne Barr…

  14. @SR

    I’m guessing that reviews for both HANSEL & GRETEL and PARKER will be online this morning sometime?

    Its interesting to note how much of a contrast there is with both movies (HANSEL & GRETEL in particular) between the professional critics and regular movie goers based on the RottenTomatoes website.

    • true, the rotten tomatoes score is pretty low (17% or something) which surprised me. the movie is really fun and it didn’t take itself seriously, I don’t see why some critics should take it seriously hah

      • Most reviews say its lacking wit, even if it doesnt take itself seriously you need some wit and charm to pull it all together. Im seeing it tonight so ill be back to post an opinion

  15. Hey Ranters,

    So earlier this week I was visiting my parents and my mother told me about “Luther” and that I need to watch it on Netflix. Needless to say, I was hooked from the beginning and watch all 10 episodes in 2 days.

    My question is this, I haven’t heard a whole lot about Luther’s new season, but does anyone know of Alice will be back or is she gone for good? I mean the way the story goes I feel like it would be difficult for her to stick around, but I hope she does. I really enjoyed her character and was a little upset when she took somewhat of a backseat in season two. Anyways, if anyone could answer my question that would be great. Also, are any of you Luther fans?

    • I saw a picture of Alice with short hair with the words ‘Guess who’s back’. it was floating around tumblr.. I’m not sure how true it is, but it’ll be weird if they don’t have her in the 3rd season as well. her dynamic with Luther is amazing

    • Luther is a phenomenal show that got me hooked on idris elba

  16. Just got round to watching Moon on blu ray, what a movie!!

    Loved everything about it, can’t believe it only cost 5 million dollars to make, it looks amazing!

    They should give Star Wars to Duncan Jones

    • I loved that movie. It took a page right out of the classic 70′s sci-fi movies that were more about ideas than action.

    • Great performance from Sam Rockwell and a fine achievement on such a low budget, but I guess I was expecting the outcome to be more…existential than literal. Thought the ending was ridiculous, and who makes a harvester whose only means of access is by driving through its debris cloud of rocks and dust? That’s an accident waiting to happen if ever I saw one! I enjoyed Source Code more, though that seemed to come in for more criticism.

  17. Anyone watching the premiere of Spartacus tonight ? Any thoughts on who won’t make it till the end of this final season.

    • Thanks for the reminder, I completely forgot it was tonight. Probably have to DVR it since the Pens play tonight, x-games, and Gold Rush.

      As for who won’t make it til the end… I’m gonna say Agron dies and my wildcard is Gannicus dies late in the season. (Even though he is my favorite character on the show)

  18. Has anyone else noticed a problem with the site when viewed with Internet Explorer 8? The program loses the site, tries to recover, then loses it again. Explorer 8 eventually closes if you persist. Only noticed this today by the way…

    • Looking into it, thanks.

    • @ The Old Man.

      Go into Internet Operations
      Uncheck boxes for diable script error
      Uncheck Boxes for diable script error
      Check the Box that says disable script debugging.

      I had a problem like that, and I did the above to remedy.

      Also, I downloaded Firefox and find it a lot more stable. FYI

      • Thanks Jeff W I think Vic took care of it, haven’t had any trouble since.

        Many thanks Vic.

  19. Doesn’t look like there will be a Dredd sequel after all. Why else would they do this??
    Too bad.

    • That’s okay. At least we have high-quality sequels to look forward to, like Grown Ups 2. *sigh*

  20. So no recap on the “Last Resort” finale?

    At least this series got an ending… although a bit abrupt and cheesy. It’s actually hard to see that premise lasting more than one season anyways.

    There were some people who I think should have died but didn’t… boo.

  21. Ok here is my non movie or tv related life equation.

    Wife went shopping for dinner, she asked me what I wanted, I said Fish.

    So she goes to get some salmon…and she smells the fish…then makes a bee line for the closest bathroom.

    :SIGH:: 5 Kids, 4 Pregnancies and each one , the warning sign was Return engagement of previous breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    This one, would put The Oldest at 26 and newborn…sigh.

    Anyone got a spare room willing to rent out?

    • 5 kids? And another on the way? Holy Ba-jeb-us! I’m prepared to do a home vasectomy with only 2 of them at home (and the three month old sleeps a good portion of the time).

      I mean…congratulations!

      • @Professor.


        She is not to pleased with me right now.

    • Congrats man. But just so you know, the permanent fix is not bad at all. Just make sure to take 3 days off your feet afterwards.

  22. The Shield show posted this on their Facebook Twitter social media whatnot page…check out the blog. I’m not able to watch videos at work, so let me know if it is worthwhile.

  23. Just watched the latest ‘Arrow’, and the only thing I’m finding interesting now is the Island stuff. Wish they set the first season on the Island.

    The single episodes are no where near as strong as the overall season arc they are working towards. These one dimensional villains and forced drama is killing me. Hoping “Vertigo” makes a decent villain.

    • I’m getting tired of the villains as well.. I had some hopes that they’ll change them or at least try to give them some personalities, but not anymore. I doubt I’ll watch second season if it continues this way

    • Im actually really likin Arrow and see no probs.

  24. I’ve been trying to get into Arrow, but as aside from occasional little things, like the “IT desk girl” I confess that it is boring me. And in a dull sort of way.

    • I watched the first episode and that was enough for me, didnt like the rushed ‘say as much as you can and fit as much plot into one episode as possible’ style it was going for, this guy has been missing for years and in one episode, he has come back, had a party, designed his suit, become a crime fighter and took out some bad guys along with arguing with an ex and some other crap

      I like my tv shows to take their time to build up tension, suspense and have a story that’s going somewhere which this clearly didn’t seem to have

      I hope SHIELD goes for the Breaking Bad style of tv show and doesn’t copy this poorly edited crap!

      • Yeah, that’s called establishing the setting. Every fantastical show throws a lot at you the first episode. ‘Arrow’ tis doing a wonderful job of building tension but the one shot villains and the sister are the weakest part of series.

        And if you think SHIELD is gonna have anything close to what Breaking Bad has than you really have lost your mind.

        • yeah I get that man, it just wasn’t for me, I tried watching Person of Interest and that did the same thing, I didn’t like it

          Breaking Bad is my favourite tv show ever, can’t wait to see how it ends this year!

          I like how it had a plan from the outset, a beginning, middle and end in sight, some shows just go on forever until the ratings fall, obviously SHIELD will be totally different but telling the story in a similar way would be much more entertaining IMO

      • I want to like Arrow. I keep watching it, but it seems as if my wife wants to watch it more than me (she thinks Oliver is dreamy). Maybe now that Fringe is done, I’ll have an opening in my schedule to watch this more frequently. I still haven’t watched the last couple episodes, and the few before that, I fell asleep during and the wife had to give me a recap.

        I highly doubt the Shield series will capture that Breaking Bad vibe. That show makes you feel like you are on drugs and need your next fix. I watched it on Netflix and would watch an episode before bed (after the wife and kids were asleep) and then would watch another one in the morning (before they woke). I still haven’t found another show that hooked me like that on Netflix. Does anyone have any suggestions to check out?

        • I agree man, it really is something special, will be sad when it’s over!

          I really enjoyed Mad Men, Jon Hamm as Don Draper is awesome

  25. To the peeps with kids for gods sake hug them and be thankful also Time Crimes was phenomenal it’s on netflix.

    • Time Crimes was excellent.