Open Discussion – January 25, 2012

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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 25, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 25, 2012

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  1. It’s Wednesday. I’m going to see Underworld and Haywire tomorrow night with some buds. Can’t wait!

  2. yes,and another open disc.,can we get the o.d. every day please. that´s not enough 3 times a week!

    • Every day would be tough to keep up with all the comments, IMO.

    • How does that work?
      When I brought this topic up last week, you agreed with me that three per week is too much (if I’m not mistaken).
      Now you want one every day?! ;)

      But I agree with INK, if there’s one every day, we’re gonna have trouble keeping up.

  3. Well can you make a toplist of upcoming movies 2012?

  4. Question time!
    If you could pick ANYONE to have a cameo in The Avengers and TDKR, who would it be?
    I’d pick Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne for The Avengers (technically two people, but kinda counts as one ;)).
    And Robin for TDKR.

    • Clay Quartermain and Jimmy Woo. SHIELD agents.

    • NOT Robin. Good grief. If I had my way, I’d also vacate Catwoman from TDKR.

      • why not robin,they could make him a badass sidekick(where he not lives in wayne manor,he should have his own manor or house,because of the gay-discussion). or a female robin,like in the comic-the d.k.returns.

        • Either you dislike Robin, or you don’t. I believe most, like me, hate him, as he detracts from Batman’s darker, loner image and adds that gay, pedophile stereotype.

          • You should play Batman Arkham City… their version of Robin is kick ass.

        • Wow. I think my initial response was “moderated” out. Let’s see if I can rephrase this, lest I be censored again. I believe most, like myself, dislike the character of Robin, because he detracts from Batman’s darker, loner image and plays into that caricature of him liking boys/younger men. (I hope that phrasing was politically-correct enough to make the grade.)

    • Normally i would say Black Panthor but F**k it,i say Namor so we could get that possible spin-off from him…But then again if he’s in Avenger’s who care’s if he get’s a solo film.Yea i extract, Black Panthor it is.

      • Oh yea i forgot about TDKR,i say at the end of rise’s if Batman does live it would be nice to see in the last scene where Commiss Gordon gives Batman a riddle to solve duplicate of Batman Begins.Need i say more ??????????????

      • but, namor would be freakin awesome. i forget him again,in my list here.

    • Avengers – Thanos
      TDKR – Harley Quinn

    • @ avenger
      Good question. I would say robin would be cool but I’d go with Henry cavil as superman. Think about it the last scene of the movie you see him fly across Gotham. Would be epic.

      As for the avengers I’d say black panther would be cool. So would the red skull.

    • If it is just a cameo (brief appearance), Ultron in the Avengers and Bob the Goon in TDKR. If it is a mystery character that will actually get developed, I’d like to see Black Mask in TDKR and Baron Zemo in the Avengers.

      • Thing with Ultron is, in order to show him, they kinda need to show Pym first (since he created Ultron).

        • Definitely Harley Quinn for TDkR and Jane for The avengers.

          • Jane Foster?

        • I meant a cameo of Ultron. A very short, brief appearance. Picture Ultron being created in a laboratory (Pym’s laboratory but only true fans would know that) and Thor gets smashed through a wall and you see Ultron in the background. No Pym necessary for that and it would get me ultra-excited for the sequel.

          • That sounds completely……. AWESOME! :D

      • Good call on Black Mask.Hopefully he’ll be in the next Batman trilogy or whatever.

    • antman and wasp,or a quest in africa to recruit the black panther at the end of the movie(credits). eehm…and the wish for a o.d. everyday was a little joke.

    • For “The Avengers”: Black Panther (practical), Beyonder (wish)

      For TDKR: Robin and/or Batgirl (practical…remember it’s eight years later, and it could just be the hint of one or both), Prometheus (wish…wouldn’t need the extradimensional home or other oddities from the comics; could have extensive/intensive training and his special helmet and a hidden lair–a great “anti-Batman”)

    • My choice for a cameo in TDKR would be …


      My choice for a cameo in The Avengers …


      • now that is deluxe,spiderman would be amazing,too good,too good! does anyone knows the c.g.i-animated short film-heroes save´d the day-where spidy,iron man and hulk fight against giant robots. freakin awesome short film.

        • Murdok,
          Yea I’ve seen that video on YouTube a while back and it was freaking awesome watching spidey, iron man & the hulk take on the robots was really cool and the animation was amazing.

          • yes,v.501st,i´ll watch it tonight again. man,about 3months they´re here,it´s so surreal,i´m freakin out. I WANNA SEE THE AVENGERS;YEEESS;CAN`T WAIT NO MORE!

    • Thanos would be a good cameo in Avengers, especially as a button.

      If Batman survives, a riddle about a killer crocodile would be nice.

      • Hmmm as for avengers id like to see wolverine just cause hugh jackman is awesome. And for the dark knight rises… a joker cameo with deleted footage with heath ledger, or nightwing

  5. Here’s a question for fanboy nation, what top 2 or 3 Comic Book Movies since the year 2000 have you seen at the theatre and the audience was the most ecstatic,cheering,& going nut’s through the entire movie?…..My experience was Blade 2…X2:X-Men United…and Iron Man.

    • When people cheer in a movie, it makes me want to die inside.

      • LOL…that’s the best part of movie experince.And looking at you’re picture beside your username it saddens me to remember i never got a chance to see the Quatunm Leap series finale,definatelly a classic show from the 80′s.Please tell me Dr.Beckett finally got home b\c i was starting to feel sorry for him when i was a kid.

        • He didn’t get home. It was all terribly sad. But never fear, I wrote a twelve episode reboot series that brought Sam home and had his daughter travelling through time…

          • Well that’s good to know…you rewrote the ending that is.I guess Sam couldn’t fix someone’s life situation in time.Time must’ve run out on him.

            • Actually he did. he had a choice to make sure that Al had a happy life or to leap home. He chose to help out his friend.

              Quantum Leap officially ended with the line

              “Dr Sam Becket Never returned home”

          • Awesome! I wrote an episode for a creative writing class but lost it in a fire. :-(

            I loved QL and hated to see it end. What happened to SyFy wanting to resurrect the series?

            Sorry if you’ve been asked this a million times, but what was your favorite episode? I loved the one with Beth and was happy to see them complete the storyline in the final episode.

            • If SyFy want to bring it back, I’ve got an entire season written already lol.

              My favourite episode, hard to pick one,

              The Hallowe’en episode.
              Poolhall Blues.
              The rainmaker episode
              The trapeze artist
              Marilyn Monroe.

              And any episode in which Scott Bakula sings.

              • Nice list! Each episode you listed are great ones. And hearing SB sing is always a pleasure. “Somewhere in the Night” is my favorite.

      • Makes me want to start a food fight.

    • There have been some incidents recently (but IMO they don’t really count).
      The one, very embarrassing, experience was during Thor where the titular character gets interrogated by Coulson, as soon as the words “You strike me more of the soldier-of-fortune type, where was it, South-Africa?” was spoken, the crowd cheered (I died a little inside – I mean seriously? Your country’s name gets mentioned and that’s cause for cheering? — I just thought to myself “You Philistines” ;))
      There was also a few incidents during TF3 and Pirates 4 where a group of teenage girls kept cheering, but that was more “sarcasm” than genuine “enthusiasm” IMO.
      I’m kinda like DrSambecket, when people cheer for no reason, I usually feel like dying (or throwing up) ;) — I hate it when people clap at the end… I mean, WHY? The cast and crew can’t hear you! If you really want to show appreciation for the film, sit through the credits! (Hippocrates)

      BUT the ONE exception and only REAL occasion of people cheering at the cinema and I didn’t feel sick, was with Iron Man 1 (especially the last scene with those famous words “I am Iron Man”):
      The crowd literally stood up and started cheering and applauding (as did I)… accompanied by the sweet sounds of Black Sabbath’s instrumental version of ‘Iron Man’, it was probably one of the best cinematic experiences of my life.

      • i just cheered one time,at the premiere of lord of the rings-fellowship…,i hadn´t read the books before,just heard from friends,and in the scene where gandalf lights his stab in the mines of moria and says what great work the dwarfs did, i said(don´t know exactly,if that is cheer)loudly-woow,what is that for an amazing movie experience,from scene to scene it gets better and better-

      • @ Avenger.Now everytime i see Thor and that scene comes on i’ll probably think about you lol.

    • I’m with Dr.Sam on this one. Cheering, clapping, and celebrating take me out of the fantasy world that the movie created and remind me that I’m in a theater and will still have to pay my mortgage at beginning of the month.

      But during the Incredible Hulk, when he said Hulk smash, my friends went absolutely nutzo. And Iron Man had a round of applause afterwards. Also the Punisher: War Zone had a lot of hootin’ & hollerin’ during that opening scene of violent Punisher awesomeness. Rorschach had a loud reaction in the Watchmen too. Man, it happens quite often.

      • HaHa you know as good as Dark Knight was you could hear a pen drop through the entire show,even when bruce was about to turn himself in and was joking with alfred saying im telling them this was all your idea i was the only one laughing in the audience & i felt like i did something out of turn.Very intense & serious crowd indeed.

  6. Avengers : Vision Cameo
    TDKR : Deathstroke Cameo…I’m dreaming I know..

  7. Someone stole the feet from my penguin. So I made him a surfboard out of blue tack.

    • A doctor specializing in skin disease will dream that he has fallen asleep in front of the tv. Later he will awaken in front of the tv but not remeber his dream.

      So you agree?

      • If all the animals along the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en… would fall… on the same day.

  8. Has Screen Rant ever thought of having a foreign film/tv section? Some of us cinephiles don’t mind reading subtitles and it would be cool to have an American movie site cover what is happening abroad. If not, could you recommend a site? I get tired of Googling, “Top Ten French Horror”, “Top Ten South Korean Action”, etc. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  9. How about a remake of “The Guyver”?

    • That alien suit thingy mah bob jiggy.

  10. Here is the link to marvel heros save the day hope vic doesn’t mind me posting it enjoy.

  11. I’ve just been over at for some info on when SH2 hits BD/DVD (it’s May 14th BTW), and out of curiosity, I searched for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, and guess what…
    Even though the actual film hasn’t been released yet, it somehow already has a 8.5 (out of 10) rating from 3 people. I then searched for The Avengers and found the same thing (except that there was only one person who rated it)

    Saying a movie will be good before it’s released is one thing, but I can’t believe there’s actually fanboys out there with the nerve to go and rate a movie before they’ve actually seen it.
    It really is sad IMO.

    • Unfortunately, it happens all the time. If you go to and wanted to see the ratings for a particular movie or book, there are people who rate it either high or low (even when they haven’t even seen the movie or read the book) depending on their particular leanings. For instance, the book Ameritopia written by Mark Levin has gotten horrible ratings from some people just because Mr. Levin is a Conservative, or it gets a good rating from Conservatives who haven’t read it. Some people don’t seem to care about honesty.

    • Wow that’s crazy I didn’t know why anyone would want to do that, but good news about SH2 I missed it in theaters, definitely want to see it when it comes out on dvd and blu ray.

    • Sherlock Holmes 2 has a video release date? I went there (wife loved the movie) but and the German and French ones come out (April 27 and May 25th) but nothing on the English version?

      Did you see it some place else by chance?

      • There’s no US release date yet.
        On, I usually search under the UK results (because the UK release dates are often closest to the South-African release dates)
        Anyway, on, it says May 14th in the UK.

        I’ve been over to for you, but they don’t have a date yet either…
        I’ll keep an eye out and as soon as I see the US release date, I’ll let you know.

  12. Hi,

    what do you think of the following?

    Remake of the belgian movie Loft (2008).
    To be honest, the belgian trailer in 2008 was way better, and the movie here was epic…
    I hope Hollywood does it justice…

    One a sidenote. Both director (Eric Van Looy) and an actor (Matthias Schoenaerts) are returning…

  13. The powers that be should do an article on ‘Great, would-be generic actors whose careers were saved by these roles’ and include like Aaron Eckhart(generic role/awesome role) and Timothy Olyphant And possibly Sam Worthington in ‘the debt’ or if ‘Man on a ledge’ ends up being awesome(plzzz be awesome)but NOT Channing Tatum..even if G.I and 21 jump street are cool..the damage is DONE.

  14. who else wants to see more information about MIB3 I want to see this but I am not sure what to expect.

    • Don’t need any new info.
      The trailer already gave everything I needed to know.
      No I just want to see the movie :D

      • true true I am looking forward to it as well it seems to be flying under the radar, but its one of my most anticipated movies this year.

  15. I looked at the Avengers trailer again yesterday & noticed that was Stark who was thrown out the window by Loki not Cap.He’s not playin around, Hiddleston already said he’s certified nasty & a bad mofo in this film going 1 on 1 with every avenger kicking ass not even bothering asking questions later.He also said at comic con his favorite throwdown is with the Hulk.Which brings me to somthing else i read,it was said Loki would have a sea creature under his control in Avengers which means there would be a Namor cameo,but the person who leaked it work for vxf or something, said he was kidding,only b\c i think he knew he could of been fired for runnin his mouth.I also think Loki will control the Hulk at some point, along with Red Skull in the mix.It’s too many hero’s for Loki to be the only villain by himself Marvel will have a few secret ace’s up his sleave & Namor is one of them.

    • I meant up their sleeve.

    • You only noticed that now? ;) — Anyway, yeah, Loki throws Stark out of the window of Stark tower (I’m pretty sure it happens right after the part where Loki says “I have an army” and Stark responds with “We have a Hulk”)

      P.S. Red Skull isn’t going to be in The Avengers.

      As for the sea creature rumors: might be true, might not… might be an alien that looks like a sea creature… only time will tell.

      • don´t dream too much fellas,i´ve heard from a good source,that there will be only a battle between loki with hulk(under lokis control) against the rest of the avengers. that was it,no skreels or scrulls or namor,just the things that i´ve described. if it were so like you all and me too,speculate the movie must have a playtime of 4-5 hours.calm down everybody. and to ´the avenger´dude if i write something,then these things are from sources in the internet,i´m 20 years older then you,and not a little kid that i must lie or something.(you know the jackman/aranovsky discussion)

        • Well, no offence, but these “sources” of yours are wrong my friend.

          First of all, there was footage from the movie where Loki says “I have an army” – so of course there’ll be more villains — these were set-photos of alien tech for crying out loud.
          Secondly, Hiddleston (the guy playing Loki) has said himself that he has a fight scene with every Avenger – why would he lie?
          And thirdly, Ruffalo (the guy playing Hulk) has said that he’s a good guy in the movie and won’t be fighting against the Avengers (that might be a lie, but it’s still the official story)

          I must be honest in telling you that I take great offence that you think that just because I’m younger than you, means that I don’t know WTF I’m talking about.
          I’m one of the biggest fans of these movies/comics out there: I’ve seen every interview, every article… every single bit of info is common knowledge to me. So believe me, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to these movies and the comics that they spawned from.

          I never for a second believed that you were “lying”, I just think that these “sources” are wrong (the internet is a messed up place) – You’re welcome to post your “sources”, to prove me wrong, but until then, I’ll stick to what I know to be the actual facts.

          • i don´t said that you don´t know much,because you´re young,i´ve only said that i´m too old that i would write things like that without had read or heard it before.and believe me ,i read your comments always because you describe everything good and have the better sources,because i´m out that age to collect and buy comics since years,but i´ve said it before the things that i´ve read in my lifetime is enough for me to be fascinated from the marvel charac. till the end of my life. this one wolverine debatte has stand months ago somewhere(i can´t remember the source now),so believe me i´m always happy if younger fans give me informations and news or describe characters,that i´ve never heard about. that´s what i´ve want to say to you my friend,sometimes i´m also a little bit jokin´,please don´t take some things too serious. i can learn from you you can learn from me. eachothers respect is a important thing.

            • I can agree with that.
              All I ask/recommend is that one shouldn’t believe everything they read on the net… because a lot of the stuff on most websites are false.
              Stick to sites like Screenrant for reliable info… personally, when I read something on screenrant I KNOW it’s true (except if they say “rumor” of course ;))

              P.S. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, but on the “Which Studios Own Which Marvel Characters” comment section, I posted a link to Screenrant’s article on the whole Aronofski-story (I think Kofi’s article on the subject sums it up pretty nicely)

              Hope there’s no hard feelings though…

      • @ Avenger.Those camera shots go so fast i thought he had Cap around the neck & threw him out the window.Plus when Starks say we have a Hulk i believe that’s in the foreign language trailer i don’t understand & if not boy have i been watching the trailer put together by someone on mars.

  16. Finally saw girl with the dragon tattoo and it was awesome, went into it not expecting too much and when the film ended I was like wow great movie.

    • you´ll laugh vader,but i´ve seen the oscar-nominated movie-the artist-,and his has really imprest me,don´t know why,but it is so,there is something cool and magic on the film. and the g.w.t.dr.tatto is the bomb. i love some noirish and dark atmosphere movies,and fincher made another masterpiece of work besides his movies seven and fight club.

      • I haven’t seen ‘The Artist’ yet, but I’ve seen footage and talk shows that featured that little dog who stars in the movie (name’s Oggy or something like that?) — I just can’t get over how awesome that little guy/gal is… (If only my dogs were as well trained ;))

  17. If anyone else agrees that when TDKR is said and done instead of a reboot I think it would be cool if at the end it would end with events that would lead in to like a nightwing spinoff and leave the completed batman trilogy alone with no need of a reboot.