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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 24, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 24, 2014

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  1. Mortal kombat legacy?

    • Do you get tired of asking that every open discussion? :)

    • Mortal Kombat (1995) is being covered by How Did This Get Made next week. On this week’s mini-episode, they included the full version of the techno theme song at the end of their podcast. I was blasting it in my car while flying down the highway. Good times.

      • I still have that soundtrack buried in a box some place.

  2. Just looking @ the Oscar noms , anyone else think Mud and Rush got unfairly overlooked in multiple catogries ?

    • It was the year of McConnaughey, he was is 3 movies that deserve Academy attention. But, Rush I think was a bit overlooked. Especially with an open slot for Best Picture. It could have also received for Editing and Cinematography.

      • i just watched Rush last night…friggin incredible, i loved the Cinematography

    • I agree. I thought Mud was just one of those performances that just made me a huge fan of McConnaughey. He has really grown on me and I think him and Woody are just great in True Detectives. I thought Rush should has at least been given consideration for Best Picture. The cinematography was pretty top notch.

  3. Happy Friday!

    Anybody hit hard by snow? I’ve been out all week, enjoying time with the family (and watching movies, of course). Therefore, what’s your favorite movie with snow in it? (Even if the movie has only one scene with snow, it qualifies.)

    My choice: The Thing (1982).

    • Batman Returns

      • haha I like your screen name.

    • such a broad topic hahaa

      Empire Strikes Back, Alive, Cool Runnings but my favorite is Mystery Alaska

      • Yeah, I know, but my daughter thought of it and wanted me to post it. Daughter says, Daddy does. :)

        The airplane crash scene in Alive is tough to watch!

        • ha thats funny, i watch my brothers kids cause i work at home and whenever i am surfing this site my niece freaks out at the ad on the right of the screen with Heath Ledger’s Joker clapping

    • Nightmare before Christmas instantly came to mind…

      Also Edward Scissorhands.

      Yeesh. Burton must really dig the snow.

    • Batman Begins. (Unless The Dark Knight had snow in it, but I can’t remember off the top of my head.)

      • oooooh!! I forgot, he climbs up that mtn in the himalayas or whatever so Liam Neeson can beat him up. Nice pick! I can’t remember if TDK had snow in it, TDKR does though.

      • Good call with Batman Begins. I was thinking about Captain America: TFA and the Bucky scene…but I’m more of a comedy guy.

    • Red Dawn… But in the valley here in AZ… What snow? Its 80 degrees out haha.

    • Planes Trains and Automobiles
      Dumb and Dumber
      Groundhog Day

      (I was going to say Ghostbusters, but I think that was marshmallow and not snow)

      • “Those aren’t pillows!”

        • hahahaha classic line :D

      • “You have no outside mirrors?”
        -”No, we lost that.”
        “You have no functioning gauges?”
        -”Not a one.”

    • planes, trains, and automobiles. especially when he’s walking back to the terminal from the missing rental-car.

    • Windchill. Such an underrated movie.

  4. Anyone gonna buy the 60′s Batman show when it’s released later this year?

    • YES.

    • I currently have the 1994 animated series of Batman and Spiderman :3 Jealous much? :)

      • I’m jealous of the Spider-Man half of your dvd collection.. I already got Batman:TAS volumes 1-4.

        • Yes indeed. They are both complete series. Such great cartoons! I also have the very old Batman and Robin, the Adam West one. Such great Batism in that one. Closest to comics we can get. Heck they even have onomatopoeia! POW! SMASH! BANG! BOOM! KAPOOOWWWW!

    • I tend to like to leave shows I watched as a youth as I remember them.

      When I watch them again, they are much worse than my memory paints them.

      Tried to watch an episode of Speed Racer… never again.

    • You bet!

  5. Don’t remember nor thought about it. 4 movies I enjoy that involve snow are

    1. A Christmas Story

    2. Die Hard 2

    3. Batman Returns

    4. TDKR

    • Id like to add Cliffhanger as #5.

  6. My Ergo Proxy dvds came in the mail.

  7. Any updates/information on American Gods? I heard it left/got dropped by HBO a few months back and nothing since.

    • Last I heard was that it’s in limbo right now. Hopefully it gets the green light but we shall see

    • Thought that it was in Limbo until Neil finishes the second book or at least get back to it since he’s busy with comics lately.

      Personally, Neil should just pen the second season and so on then adapt it to books like he did with Neverwhere.

  8. Cloak and Dagger, if they’re not ever going to get their own movie I think that would be great a multi-episodearc in one of the Netflix Marvel miniseries….

    • What if any studio has the rights to them?

      I really enjoyed when they would team up with Spider-Man.

  9. I finally watched the original Robocop this week. I loved it, and I highly doubt the nerfed pg-13 remake will do it justice. I’m hoping its fun though! (the remake that is)

    MILD ROBOCOP 1987 SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!

    That scene when he gets shot up at the start?! HOLY CRAP!!! I was shocked at how utterly brutal that scene was. You just watch him get torn down and he can’t do anything about it. It’s so tragic. The remake changed his origin story to a car bomb thingy at his house (see the trailer) I don’t think the car bomb route will have as big of an emotional impact as the original.

    • I also just watched the original RC this week. I really liked it. One thing that I want the remake to tackle is RC’s family. I thought that was a missed opportunity in the original.

      • The remake is totally gonna tackle that aspect. You see it in the trailers. It could be interesting or overly dramatic and corny.. Judging by how long its been delayed I hate to take a guess which one of those is the case.

        Robocop is self aware in the new one. He remembers his past life and stuff. Have you seen the trailers? I feel like I’m spoiling it for you, which is what trailers do these days haha.

        • @movieDude:

          Are you sure he is self-aware when he first wakes up? Looks like the original where he doesn’t remember who he is until later.

          • @BigNerd

            I can’t be totally sure but I’m just going off the shot from the trailer where he chokes out Gary Oldman and he’s like “What did you do to me?!”

        • Yeah. I saw the trailer twice at the cinema now. That’s why I thought it was also in the original. Its a good sign that the remake doesn’t look like a scene for scene copy of the original. Its just a bit disappointing that the remake is pg13.

      • @ geex

        In Robocop 2, Robocop confronts Murphy’s wife. After having a hard talking to with OCP’S lawyers & being convinced it’s better he does bother with his former wife & son.

    • I’m getting to the age where my childhood movies are all getting the remake treatment. Don’t ask me why my parents allowed me to watch Robocop as a kid. But I really have no excitment about this remake. I will not say that I won’t see it, because I do eventually watch everything. But so far remakes of my childhood favorites have fallen flat.

      Conan: Didn’t even get a half hour in before I turned it off.

      Turtles: TMNT was meh.

      Clash of the Titans: Pretty much shot for shot remake so…Why? Oh yeah $$$

      The Thing: I thought it was a remake but turned out it was a prequel so it was ok.

      • Is it just me or are they remaking like EVERYTHING from the 80s and 90s right now?! Its nutzo.

        I’ve seen a few of the remakes you mentioned…

        I also thought TMNT was very meh. So much stuff in that movie was just plain lazy. It could have been a lot better. The animation, the writing, lots of stuff.

        I never saw the Clash remake. It looked kinda lame so I skipped it. I saw a few clips of the sequel. The clips had the chimera which was cool and the cyclops that looked a bit off.

        • I liked Wrath of the Titans much better because it was an “original” story (more a mish mash of Greek Mythology). But I love Greek Mythology so despite it being corny I thought it made a good popcorn flick.

        • Everything except – Master of the Universe and Thundercats – just a couple that I wouldn’t mind getting a good update/remake at least until they get round to those there is the originals
          Slight addendum if the choice is no remake or michael bay remake – no remake all the way

  10. Ok…just for fun.
    Marvel has been hiring a lot of current NBC primetime actors in future Marvel roles (Chris Pratt – Parks and Rec, James Spader – the Blacklist, Thomas Kretschmann – Dracula)

    So, using only actors currently employed on NBC primetime…cast some future Marvel Roles.

    Joel McHale – Doctor Stephen Strange (1st choice)
    Rob Lowe – Doctor Stephen Strange (2nd choice)
    Sasha Roiz – Baron Zemo (Captain America 3)
    Shakira as the Enchantress & Blake Shelton as the Executioner (Thor 3)

    • I about died of laughter on the last choices. I am all for Shakira as Enchantress…oh boy, I already see her next to Thor. The Seductress will rise like the Shakira! :D We can only dream me and you Professor, can only dream…*sighs*

      • LOL! I’m glad someone else liked those.

    • I could totally see Rob Lowe as Dr Strange. Joel Mchale would be too hard for me not to see Jeff Winger haha..

      On that note what have you thought of season 5 of Community thus far? Are you caught up? I’m a fan!! I think its pretty awesome thus far. My favorite of the season either has to be cage-ing or the one with Pierce’s lawyer dude.

      • Gosh dang it I said “thus far” twice!! …. thus far.

        • Thus far, it’s blown away season 4. I haven’t seen last night’s episode…if there was one. I watch everything a night later on Hulu Plus.

          I loved the Cage episode. The lawyer one was pretty good too. But, my favorite was the butt-crack bandit…basically because now I know where to deposit my change when my wife bends over.

          • Oh yeah the buttcrack bandit!! Loved that one. I read online that the episode was a David Fincher tribute or something. Of Finchers stuff I’ve only seen Fight Club so I prbly missed a lot of the references.

            Season 4 was pretty weak. I picked it up for $8 on black friday to complete my collection but I doubt I’ll watch it nearly as much as the other seasons.

            There was a stellar episode last night! You’re in for a treat :) That makes 6 episodes, thus far…

      • Actually, I was thinking Rob Lowe could be the next RDJ, but he’s probably too old. If age wasn’t a factor, I’d recommend John Cusack for the role…even though he isn’t on NBC.

    • Joel McHale as Eric O’Grady

  11. Saw Devil’s Due last night. Everyone associated with that movie, except perhaps the actors, should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Come on Tyler!! You should know better!

      You might wanna just avoid movie theaters till January is over. Most releases this month are pretty bad. Some of the Oscar Bait is good though.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong. I knew it was going to be bad. I just didn’t know it was going to be that bad. And some of it was just such lazy film making. But, it did have Matt Saracen in it so that was nice.

  12. So on the subject of BvS and a Marvel film being released on the same day. In the instance that they do release on the same day I don’t really consider this a bad thing. I don’t think that I would be the only person that would be planning a double feature day with my friends. It possibly could be a record breaking box office weekend in the case of total revenue not just for one film.

  13. I, Frankenstein Screen Rant Score Prediction: 1.5 Stars.

    • Looks like a 2.5 to me. I think it’s bad but not as bad as GU2 or The Devils Due, LOL

  14. Yeah I’m sure I Frankenstein is going to suck, but the question is on the level of underworld or even worse! Lol

    Has anybody seen justice leagues war yet?!?!?!!! Just saw it and its pretty good!!! Straight 7\10. Some jokes fall flat and a lot is crammed in plus the given negatives voice acting ect. But still its a strong effort and a great addition to the “pantheon” of DC animated movies plus a hidden teaser at the end!!!!

  15. Is marvel building up to civil war? I saw that easter egg in the first avengers. anyone know anything?

    • It does look like they are going to do something Civil War inspired. However just like any written media converted to visual, it will loose much of the personal emotion. On top of that Spider-Man not being involved at all, as well as most of the New Avengers have not even been introduced. And something I just thought of, RDJ only has Avengers 2, and 3 left on contract. I doubt they would “James Bond” the Iron Man actor part way through the Civil War story.

      It will be interesting how they go about it. As regulars will know on this site I am a fan of the movies not following canon, so I’m sure I’ll like it.

  16. Where did the “more news” control go from the bottom of the Latest news area? If I have to hunt down all of the TV stories and the Movie Stories seperately I may as well stop coming here.

  17. any news on Hottub time machine 2? Waiting on a trailer.