Open Discussion – January 23, 2012

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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 23, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   January 23, 2012

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  1. Question:
    We’ve all seen trailers, we’ve all seen fan-made trailers, and usually, fan-made trailers suck, but was there ever a case where you thought the fan-made trailer was better than the real trailer with actual footage from the film?

    • Do you have the link to that aquaman fan-made that’s supposed to be good?

      • Just search “Aquaman trailer” on youtube…

        • Was that fan-made, or was that the trailer for the Aquaman pilot with Justin Hartley and Ving Rhames? (That’s the only Aquaman trailer I’ve seen. Unless there’s a new one.)

          • I just saw the fanmade, it’s mostly clips from the aquaman tv show pilot – 2006.

    • i hate fanmade-trailers,but in 2008 the dark knight f-made was not bad.

    • and the green lantern with nathan filion,but the trailer wasn´t amateurish,they´ve put some money in it.

    • Assassin’s Creed: Beautiful Lies, this fan-made trailer is really awesome I am recommend to watch that on youtube just search “Assassins Creed Beautiful Lies”.

  2. Someone told me that this is the most depressing week of the year, statistically speaking.

    The deep dark of winter.

    So what tropical movie is the best to watch to keep the winter blues away?

    One Crazy Summer
    Spring Break
    Weekend at Bernies 1 & 2
    Cat on a Hot tim roof
    cool runnings

    • tin , not tim. not so much tropical , but really sweaty.

      • Depending on your state of mind and your tolerance for adult themes, I’d recommend these in order of quality. Some you’ve probably never seen…

        ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ 2001
        ‘The Endless Summer’ 1966
        ‘The Sure Thing’
        ‘Joe Versus The Volcano’
        ‘Private Resort’
        ‘ski School’

    • Winter Light (1962)
      Dancer In The Dark (2000)
      Grave Of The Fireflies (1988)
      21 Grams (2003)
      La Strada (1954)
      Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
      They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969)
      Requiem For A Dream (2000)

      Oh wait…. sorry wrong list… 😉

      Keep the winter blues away by having a positive outlook on life. No movie is needed.

      • Haha! For me 21 Grams is like a night of drinking. I love it in the moment but afterwards I’m in bed curled up in a ball.

        • Definitely stay from “Biutiful” and the earlier movie that inspired it, “Ikiru.” Both are very good movies though, but most people I know say they’re tough to watch, particularly “Biutiful.” I was able to watch it twice in less than 24 hours, but I will say one definitely has to be in the mood for it.

          Wait, what was the question again? :)

          • *That should be “Definitely stay AWAY from…”

    • Pitt Man,

      Find an Elvis Presley movie with a beach location. 😀


      • girl happy. oh yeah.

        • I’m not a big fan of Elvis movies, but “Viva Las Vegas” is a very fun, light-hearted flick. And Ann-Margret is cute, hot and curvy.

    • It’s only the most depressing week of the year for Niners fans and Ravens fans. Us Giants fans are doing pretty d*mn good!

      • Go New York Giants!

      • Since I hate New England, go Giants!

  3. Avengers < 4 months = :

    • 94 days to be more specific 😉

      • Where’s that SR countdown meter? 😀

  4. :)

  5. I hate to say it, but I may have to break down and see this Ghost Rider reboot just to hold me over till the Avengers….I know, pathetic man I am :-(

    • I’m looking forward to it.

    • I don’t think you’re pathetic. Spirit of vengance looks awesome!

    • I enjoyed the first one as a popcorn flick, and I will be seeing this one, too.

    • There´s two things making me not watch that movie.

      1. Nicolas Cage
      2. A burning skeleton pissing fire. It´s not so much about the fire thing, but how can a skeleton take a piss? Without a… you know? A wang?

      • How can a skeleton talk without a tongue, or move without muscles? Answer: Supernatural

  6. Did anyone catch the 1st episode of spartacus vengeance ? If so what are your thoughts on the new guy in the role of spartacus, as for me I didn’t really like his performance for one and he’s also scrawny imo I know it was hard to replace Andy maybe after a couple of episodes I’ll get used to this new spartacus.

    R. I. P. Andy your presence is truly missed in the spartacus series :(

    • no vader,please not,but if you saw it and say that,i´ll trust you. poor a.w. ,but let´s see how the episodes are,no one can replace him but he´s dead now.

    • Liam looks as skinny as Andy to me.

  7. after seeing all the hype on rockstars max payne 3 coming out later this year, it got me in the mood to pop in my old dvd and re watch it… and to my surprize, as i never checked after the creds for anything before…( nowadays, i always check.. after watchin fast five )

    they left it open for a 2nd part… makes me think…. they need a new max payne movie!!!!!!!!!

    and a blade reboot :)

    • Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 is going to be awesome and movie sucked, Walhberg shouldn’t have been cast as Payne it was wrong decision any ways if they make another they should recast everyone and in Max Payne 3 he looks like Alan from The Hangover Part II after he shaves his hear…lol.

      • And a Spawn Reboot.

        • yes,how could i forget that. spawn needs a reboot,first one wasn´t that bad,but with todays c.g.i technic it would be awesome and zack snyder would be the perfect director i.m.o. .

          • Snyder does scream Spawn to me as well.

  8. Im here to tell you the next Batman trilogy will suck except for the first one.However the Justice League movie’s will be epic and make the Avengers look like a Power Rangers episode.They will make a new Punisher movie and finally get it right this time….Just Kidding….That is dead in the water & it’s not coming back,but the new Daredevil movie’s will more than compensate for that loss.I finally get my He-Man movie that i wanted in 2015 followed by a good Thundercat’s movie.Comic Book Movie’s will be better this decade then the last,although micheal bay is still around and is working on Transformers 10.SIGH…Now i must get back so i can watch Back To The Future in 3D.Godspeed

    • And what numbers should I play for the lottery tonight? Hey, do you also know when the world is going to end? (I’d like to plan accordingly.)

      • You already missed it; this is your punishment. 😛

        • ^ Bazinga

    • Will there be a sequel or prequel to “Showgirls”? Or both?

    • Oh I’m sure you are “Hi”, I just doubt it is from a fruit”ish” drink.

      • LOL…Actually the only thing im HI off of is life my friend and Charles is my first name so that’s where the username comes from.

    • There’s no shame avenger. I still buy toys. Not to play with them just cuz I need te team on my desk next to my office bobble heads. Lol I love the toy line.

      • I was still buying transformers when I was 16/17. It was however, a top secret mission to get to and from the toy department without being seen by anyone I knew.

        Now I buy toys when I want. That’s right, whenever I want! No shame.

        • ME TOO…I just got a cool Silver Surfer statue from “Time Masters” in St.John’s when I was home for a visit over the holidays.

      • @mighty avenger,
        Been playing Uncharted 3 for the last couple of days and you were right the visiuals are spectacular love the gameplay and the story it really draws you in its like watching an action adventure film its AWESOME :)

    • yes my good-the avenger-,but they show him in one pic from above,and in the team pic he´s too far away.(hope i´ve described it not too failse)

    • I still buy some every now and then star wars transformers & marvel they are some cool toys out there :)

  9. i have feeling in my stomach,that the avengers will be a great flop,i hope not,but my feelings aren´t good now.

    • Dont make me do it Murdok…m…m…meh! Have no fear like Daredevil, not the one on the big screen tho, Avengers will lay it down like a lady of the evening.

      • meh, hahaha,no man it was just a feeling for a second,now my hopes are high,my seventh sense said it will be great. greetings to agent 0 from general murdok.

    • I don’t know if it will be a great flop, but I do think the movie will be safely mediocre, just as most of the previous Marvel movies are.

    • Nah, man, that feeling is for The Amazing Spider-Man. Avengers is going to be awesome.

      • Nah The Amazing Spider-Man is gonna be far from mediocre. They have the most too proove. They are gonna pull out the major guns for this film. Either its gonna be huge success or fail miserably but its def not gonna be mediocre. It cant afford to be.

        • Everything you said there applies to The Avengers just as much (if not more).

  10. i would absolutely kill for quentin tarantino to finally release a DVD set of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. the complete, 240-odd minute version of the original film. i know they planned on it a few years ago, but is anyone else interested in this or heard anything?

  11. Charisma Carpenter just tweeted this ~~ Yes”@jamielarr: @AllCharisma are u in the new expendables film???” i don’t know about the rest of you but she is damn sexy and this movie needs some of that

  12. The Avengers is going to FLOP!!! THE DARK KNIGHT RISES WILL RULE 2012!!! The Avengers crapped their pants when they saw THE DARK KNIGHT RISES trailers!!!

    • And here folks, we have another single minded person who can’t comprehend a simple truth: IT’S NOT A COMPETITION.
      Both can be good mate, and both WILL most likely be good. I’ll be seeing both, and every single movie-goer I know will be seeing both.

      • I was actually going to skip both, and make up for them with repeated viewings of Prometheus :). Jk, I will see all three. But I know for my own personal taste, anything with an acidic cardiovascilur blood system will take the cake.

        • You must be quite fond of Kathy Griffin than @Sully.

  13. Was stuck in jury duty most of the day gladly I wasn’t picked saw the pics for iron man’s new armor and it looks wicked I can’t wait for the release of the avengers, question what’s the longest you’ve waited in line for a movie ?

    I waited in line almost 8hrs for TF3 was 1st in line for the midnite show and it was worth it.

    I will definately be at the midnight premier of …..

    The Avengers
    The Dark Knight rises

    • 8hours for Transformers 3?

      • More like 4hrs did a couple of things till like 4hrs to the start of the movie so yea I guess its not really 8hrs I just wanted to make sure I got a good seat at the theater :)

        • I like your intensity. You deserve some sort of fried dessert or small star destroyer.

    • 3 hours for X-Men 3….and I’ll never make that mistake again. 😀

      • The most was 4 hours for Jurassic Park and the same for Independance Day..I don’t wait in line to see a movies anymore..I get my tickets well in advance online and I get to the theaters about an hour early and get in line…

        • Last movie (and first) I ever waited for was Spider-Man 3.

          • Ow.

    • I refuse to wait in line to see a movie. That is just silly.

  14. God i’m so tired of being the late guy on these threads. Anyway, second episode of seems to get worse (First half of the first episode was better than the second, was better than this episode IMO) it looks like next week it’ll start to pick up. And of course if they make it past the first, 4? episodes of a show that’s when they start to work in the main story arcs right? i’ll keep watching nonetheless but it’s starting to look bleak.
    On another note, i watched the first two seasons of justified and absolutely love it.

    • Gotta agree dude, that is NEVER going to happen. Like Sony would EVER let Disney/Marvel have rights like that.

  15. Now i have watched quite a bit of television n now after watching too many procedurals i think they stay interesting upto the 3rd or the 4th season but after that they become stale ain’t that right.

  16. Has Awake got any premier dates yet???

  17. Has anyone heard about Jonah Hill dating Dennis Hoffman’s daughter..saw it on a tabloid the other day..just throwing it out there!

    • Its a power move, that has multiple pay offs in different positions.

  18. I have a good question for everyone: Why is it that people complain about spoilers, but never realize that every piece of news is a spoiler? Example: When Christopher Nolan revealed the villain in the new Batman movie, that was a spoiler. The only way to avoid them is to stop reading sites like this one.

    • no,a spoiler is ,if they show or tell the most important scenes from the movie. from a character,you know that they´ll be in the movie and if the first pics came out you see how they look,and every geek knows the origins from the characters from the comic-sources. but that doesn´t mean that they haven´t changed the background of the characters(that must stay secret,or you read the spoiler,that´s your choice).

      • Yes, but revealing ANYTHING about a movie is a spoiler. The villains are a key piece of the film. When you reveal something that important, then it’s a spoiler.

        • yes,but you know,for example,the dark knight they show the joker-play-card at the end of batman begins. or other movies too,they say which characters will be in the movies(maybee they hold one or two secret characters behind),who knows if in t.d,k.r won´t be a secret villain or hero,it could be. and the marketing for avengers is also,we know that loki is in there,but maybee they show more villains or heroes. and this secrets are spoilers,i.m.o. .

        • I agree with you, but you’ve gotta give some insight into what the movie will be about. Say there’s a movie coming out called “This is a movie”, and that was the only thing you knew about it. Would you see it?