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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 22, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   January 22, 2014

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  1. So most of my comments are being blocked on here. WTF is going on? I tried emailing Paul but never got a response. I don’t even get the courtesy of it saying “Awaiting moderation”. Just doesn’t show up.

    • Ever since the site doesn’t remember the name and email anymore (for over a month now, btw.) comments “awaiting moderation” aren’t visible to the poster anymore either, because that would require the site remembering that you posted them. Once they go through moderation they show back up, though, so some patience is required.

      • Ha… Paul just did it. Now it just seems out of context and weird since I did it twice and tried to re-word it.

        Ah well.

      • does it still tell you initially that you are awaiting moderation?

        I’ve posted a few times in response to a Star Wars question on here and it just returns me back to the OD screen and nothing happened.

    • @ LC

      I’ve experienced the same thing. I’m not sure what’s going on with this site anymore, but it’s not running right again. :(

      • There is something wrong with the words or phrase of Amazon

        • Or Prime. Or both of those words.

        • It’s the word P R I M E that is blocking me. What is wrong with that word?

        • @LC & Stark – I see the problem. Last year when Hunger Games came out, people were spoiling that Prim had died so I had to automod the word. The system picks up any version of “prim” so “prime” gets flagged. LOL I’m sorry. I’ve corrected that now.

          Paul Young – Moderator

          • Thank you for looking into that. Hopefully this next one will be as easy.

  2. Daily Batman fix:

    The latest from Kevin Smith on the new Batman:

    “I have seen the suit when I did this Man of Steel/Yahoo fan event when the DVD came out. I was hosting, Zack Snyder was there, Amy Adams, we had Henry cavil from satellite over in the UK. When the show was all done Zack was like “come here!”. He pulls me over to the corner and he whips out the phone and he shows me a picture of Batman, a live action version of Batman. A very familiar Batman, I might add. Didn’t look like any of the cinematic Batmans that have ever gone before. He shows me that picture and behind Batman…Superman in the suit, looming in the distance. Both on a rooftop set they put together for this photo shoot.

    I said “oh my god, that’s the suit? The suit looks amazing, man. What did you get people to model it?” and he goes “that’s your boy” and I look closely and it’s Ben Affleck wearing the suit. The suit… it’s not mine to spill in terms of what it looks like, you’ll see it, they’ll tell you when they want you to know. Any Batman fan is going to be f***ing pleased, I’m going to tell you that right now. Like f***ing beside themselves going holy s*** they did it. It was phenomenal, man and made me happy as hell.”

    • let’s see how long it takes for someone to hack his phone now hahaa

    • LOL, this movie is going to be terrible! Remember, Kevin Smith LOVED Man of Steel AND Dark Knight Rises.

      • Yes…apparently, he has excellent taste. Your point?

        • I got his point…Kevin Smith has terrible taste.

          • …not in terms of MOS and TDKR, since those were both excellent films.

            So, no, his point is lost.

          • Sorry man, but I agree, TDKR wasn’t even close to the greatness that was TDK or Batman Begins. I personally thought it was the weakest of the trilogy. While I thought MOS was okay, I thought it didn’t live up to the hype. It was a good movie but it also had it’s issues. The action was great but when it came to the storyline, it was so-so.

            • That’s fine…My opinion of Smith’s perception of how cool the new Batsuit is does not rely on anyone else’s opinion. He hasn’t always been right…NONE of us has…BUT he has (apparently) seen the actual suit. Considering his love of comic books and Snyder’s love of comic books and Affleck’s (apparently) relatively serious approach to the role (and the fact I DO think the previous two films were excellent), I’m going to trust Smith’s opinion of how great the new suit is until such time as I have a real reason to call his taste on THIS matter into question.

              Not a problem. :)

      • Wasn’t Smith also the one that said Dark Side of the Moon was the best Transformers film of the 3? I thought he said something like that and since then I haven’t really taken his word for anything

        • Quite a few people thought TF3 was the best of the three, including MANY people on this site.

          I was not one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, thought the second was stupid, and found the third a fair improvement over the SECOND, though with the best battle scenes (by that, I mean the clearest filmed, not the blurry, schizophrenic messes of the first two movies).

          TF3, however, was not a particularly GOOD movie.

          That STILL has nothing to do with Smith’s opinion on the new Batsuit.

        • @ JaredDac

          I remember people on here saying they would go for a different kind of Batcostume different from previous films. I even said a costume to make the actor more agile was better idea while others thought previous films costumes work better for a mortal like Batman

          I look forward to seeing both new costumes for Batman & Superman.

          • Don’t get me wrong, I am all in for a new costume but if it’s a costume that resembles that Adam West costume then I have a feeling people (general public) won’t take the film seriously. I am all okay with the Jim Lee design (which is the supposed leaked Batman costume) but as long as it’s mixed in together. If it’s briefs outside of the spandex then I just won’t be able to get past that and therefore will ruin the movie for me. I, for one, loved the Superman costume in MOS because it all felt like it blended together so I just hope it is the same thing with these new costumes.

            • lol Adam West costume? Where has that been brought up at all in terms of the next version of the suit? you seriously made my day.

            • The kind of costume I had in mind wasn’t Adam west’s or Batman himself wearing briefs unless they had Superman go back to wearing them aswell. I figured Batman’s costume would be like Captain America’s sorta. Enables him to be agile & suffer cuts more often aswell bullets to the arms or legs.

              • Yeah, I’m curious to see what he says about why he brought up the Adam West costume. should be interesting.

              • The new “leaked” Jim Lee version of the Batman costume has the old traditional spandex with breifs look which I am fine with as long as they make it more like the MOS type of costume. My concern though(and most of the people who commented on the “leaked” costume) is that while it looks good on paper/comics, it might not look good on the big screen. Adam West was more or less a comparison of what not to do as far as costume, LOL

  3. Out of curiosity, who decides what shows receive weekly reviews and coverage here at ScreenRant? I ask only because it seems that a series like ‘Intelligence’ or ‘Person of Interest’ would be geared toward the site’s readership more than, say, ‘Bones’ or ‘Banshee’ have been.

  4. I don’t know about you guys, but I can wait for the Super Bowl. And not because of the teams or the halftime show, but because of the dozen trailers that will be airing that day. Any takes on what movie trailers that hopefully will debut on Super Bowl Sunday?

    • I don’t know… with the extend of marketing bombardment these days my interest in Super Bowl trailers has pretty much waned. There is rarely anything new to see there. The only good thing about last year’s superbowl trailers was the Iron Man 3 Extended Look, and not because of the footage but because of the pun clip with Downey Jr. in front of it.

      • Argh! It happened again! Winchester! Not Wincester! I really need to press the H key harder! 😀

      • I agree. Maybe 5 years ago it would have been the spot to catch new trailers but for the last couple of years there hasn’t really been anything new and when there is a new trailer, it has already been leaked online before the Superbowl even starts. The IM3 extended clip was already online the morning of the Superbowl on Traileraddicts

        • Yeah but that doesn’t really mean anything. Of course a trailer might get released online same-day as the superbowl, that doesn’t mean showing it during the superbowl has no point. Anything shown during that game hits a lot of eyes, and a huge portion of that audience don’t go poking around online for the latest trailers.

          Showing a trailer/ad during the game can do a lot for a brand or a film, especially something not widely known like Guardians of the Galaxy. Comic book nerds know about it, and even then I know a lot of comics nerds just in my circle of friends who don’t know anything about that comic. Premiering the trailer during the superbowl is a great way to do it, it helps them build some awareness in the general audience.

    • There’s way more to look forward to TheLostWinchester. For example: The Guardians of the Galaxy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction.

      • Yeah, these could be interesting, provided they are more than teasers. The Superbowl teaser for the first Transformers was pretty lame, for example. Just these faked Mars rover images that had nothing to do with the actual movie.

    • My biggest beef about the super bowl ads is that they are all available online prior to the game. Not so much on the trailers though.

    • Wait, theres a game going on during the Superbowl?? I thought it was just for trailers?!


      Should be a good game, but to be honest its the trailers that really draw me in. especially since my team lost to seahawks two weeks ago >.<

      Im rather excited to see the new transformers spot! And (fingers crossed GotG!

    • The only thing that puts me off this is the Iron Man film done recently in anime style. Techno something. Not seen it yet but haven’t come across any fan whos enjoyed the story or voiceovers in that film. Is this again Japanese dubbed into English like that one?

      • Rise of the Technovore. It’s entertaining, and not what I would call “bad” by any means.

    • “I know lots of people dislike anime”

      I dislike it when the source material is not anime. (if that makes sense)

      It is a style (IMO) indicative of the source and doesn’t work well with comic hero’s with an established reference.

      It would be like John Byrne doing Goku. Also a lot of anime lacks creative style in the sense that it all looks the same.

      All my opinion. I will more then likely wait for this on Netflix.

      • I find anime very inventive and it’s the best at depicting action. Unless you are very familiar with anime or manga, the asumption is that it is all the same, but the more you get into it you soon realize it really isn’t. Agreed, there are certain genres that share themes and styles, the same can be said of wesern comics and the animation derived from it. While every DC animation looks the same, because of it all being “Bruce Timm-ized”

        But I understand when it’s just not your cup of tea.

        • Oops *western*

    • Hey, that clip is pretty cool! I mean, except for the whole voice-over sounding like the Honest Trailer narrator…Other than that, video is pretty sweet! I’m a fan of both anime and US animation. As long as the work is awesome, then I’m going to watch it. 😀

  5. Finally got around to watching The Town. I felt like I was watching “Heat 2: Boston”.

    I can see why people are not concerned about Batfleck… although it would be interesting if he gave Wayne a Bahstan accent.

    And why is there no uproar that Will Arnett is playing Batman in the upcoming Lego Movie? #Batnett

    • I watched The Town last week too. I gotta say I was impressed. Batfleck wasn’t too bad. I still need to see Argo but my faith in Affleck is growing.

      “We’re gonna wing it! …. Its a bat-pun.”

      -Batman- Will Arnett

      haha he’s gonna be awesome.

      • I haven’t been able to figure out why people are knocking Affleck so hard, when he’s only had a couple bad films, and those weren’t really due to the actors involved anyway. Most of his work has been in the range between “good” to “great.”

  6. Thoughts on recent developments of Star Wars VII? I know its hard at this point to even tell what it’s going to look like but I’m getting excited. I’m a huge Abrams fan and I can’t wait to see where he takes the franchise. Questions, comments, concerns? :)

    • @junior – Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer, and Harrison Ford – all concerns.

      I’m worried about this. These three had their moment and Jedi was a perfect send off for their characters. I think that they would have been fine in secondary roles, but the rumor is that Abrams and Kasden rewrote the script to have the original characters as major roles. The first two aren’t that good at acting (I’m sorry, but they aren’t) and Ford seems like a grumpy old man anymore. It’s like when Bill Murray said something like “nobody wants to see old guys chasing ghosts” when he was asked about Ghostbusters 3 and his involvement. Nobody wants to see these three as the main characters again.

      J.J. Abrams is the only person who could turn a Star Wars fan into a Star Trek fan and then make that same Star Wars fan absolutely frightened about the future of the Star Wars franchise.

    • @junior – Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer, and Harrison Ford – all concerns.

      I’m worried about this. These three had their moment and Jedi was a perfect send off for their characters. I think that they would have been fine in secondary roles, but the rumor is that Abrams and Kasden rewrote the script to have the original characters as major roles. The first two aren’t that good at acting (I’m sorry, but they aren’t) and Ford seems like a grumpy old man anymore. It’s like when Bill Murray said something like “nobody wants to see old guys chasing ghosts” when he was asked about Ghostbusters 3 and his involvement. I know I don’t want to see these three iconic characters as the main story again…hand off the torch and move on.

      J.J. Abrams is the only person who could turn a Star Wars fan into a Star Trek fan and then make that same Star Wars fan absolutely frightened about the future of the Star Wars franchise.

  7. This is a test. Amazon Prime.

    • @LC – I have no idea why your comments are being moderated but I’m looking into it. Feel free to email, tweet or DM me when you try to post a comment though and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

      Paul Young – Moderator

  8. Yeah is Star Wars VII gonna have Darth Vader? I know he died in episode VI but maybe they can somehow bring him back in some form. It really is not a Star Wars movie without Darth Vader.

  9. Also, site related question:

    I visit here sometimes on my iphone and the mobile version seems to have random “skins”/themes, whatever people call that nowadays. Is there a set style? The one that popped up the other day looked like something along microsoft’s “metro” boxey style. It looked good except for only getting 5 stories a page. It would be a nice style to stick with.

    Also, the King Games hi-jacking seems to have stopped. For some reason Screenrant was the site I visited when the App Store would just randomly open for NO reason and want me to download Pet Rescue or some other game made by King Games. Although, I think that stopped once I deleted Candy Crush.

    • Zipper,

      We put a new template in place for mobile on the 12th. We are tweaking it a little bit here and there, but the look shouldn’t change radically. As to the redirect, that was annoying as hell and I think I finally found the source of it. Do let me know if it pops up again via the contact form.

      As to the site not saving user info for commenting, we employed an additional caching system for site performance a while back. I just emailed support to look into this issue. Again.



    • @Zipper – I’ve read about other people having Candy Crush redirect issues all around the net. I deleted the Devil-Spawn game a few months ago. I had to once I was about to pay them $5 for digital donuts :-\

      Paul Young

      • That redirect was pretty bad. Every time it would happen, it would open up my Play Store and then all the apps would start updating and bogg down my phone. Wasn’t very fun.

        • This is a test. Play Store.

        • This is a test. Bogg.

          • apps.

        • I give up. I have no idea what I posted there to make me auto modded. But at least I am good now.

  10. I’ve found out that the site’s style always changes and it can get a little bit annoying. I like the brown version rather than the white template, but I can’t figure out how to change it permanently to brown. Computer, not mobile.

  11. Anyone gonna buy the complete series of the 60’s Batman television show if it indeed gets released later this year?

  12. If the Bat costume is what I think is that could be done despite what others said, stick to the previous Batcostumes than I hate it when im right.

  13. Hah, I just had to explain to my cousin that Sony doesn’t actually own spider-man, they currently own the film rights. he’s a movie and comics nerd like me and all this time I thought he knew how it worked. He thought Marvel no longer owned the character.

    • @P P

      If you have been auto modded, it won’t tell you like it used to. So you don’t even get to see the comment. That’s what’s been happening to me. Email or tweet Paul and he will get to it asap.

      • Thanks LC. I see now that two of my posts have appeared now. I’m done complaining. I love the site’s articles, but the commenting glitches lately make me not want to post anymore.