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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 21, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 21, 2013

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  1. Sorry to hear Arnold’s film bombed this weekend. The Last Stand just does not look like a very interesting movie, so I think its failing was probably due more to lack of interest in it than him. Had he started his comeback with something like Legend of Conan, I feel the news would have been different this morning.

    • I think it looks like a fun “mindless” action movie. I was supprised that it bombed.:-(

      • Yes, I agree, but not one that makes me want to go out and spend money on. A DVD rental…for sure.

      • I agree with you on the mindless action genre. I think the football playoffs prevented a large portion of the target audience from showing up. I’m surprised they didn’t wait until next week to release it in the gap between the championship games and the Super Bowl, no watches the Pro Bowl so that would’ve been a much better window for it I think.

      • No wonder it bombed. We’re in the middle of the Oscar season and there’s just too much good stuff out there. I mean I hope it will get back on its feet, but it looks to be the next ‘Dredd’ to me.

    • all the talk about it bombing actually made me more interested in it. I think I’m gonna go see it tomorrow

    • Perhaps people were scared off by Arnie’s performance in The Expendables 2. It seems that during his time as the Governator he has lost all the rudimentary acting skills that he painfully accrued over the decades. Every line delivery was atrocious.

      • I agree, I said this movie will make or break his come back, people have moved on from the kinds of movies Arnie and Sly used to make, action movies like that seem to be relegated to straight DVD releases now, just look at Segal and Van Damme, people actually like to have good acting and a decent story when they got to the cinema and pay a fortune!

        The Last Stand will probably do better on DVD


        Which alternate earth was this on?

        • RUDIMENTARY acting skills. I think he was in is prime in End of Days.

  2. So now i have stopped watching Lost, (Thanks @Jeff W and @TheLostWinchester) does anbody have suggestions for a good, longish (7-10 seasons) show that is already completed?

    • Don’t know your liking. Eureka was a campy, fun little show to watch. I also liked the first four seasons of Fringe. I did not really care for the fifth season, but the first four seasons had their own finale at the end of the fourth year, and the fifth season was more of an add-on, after the producers of the show found out that they were being given one more year to pen. I know that others liked the fifth year, which just ended last Friday, but as with any show, there is a varying degree of opinion about it.

      • Im into action, mystery, suspense, conspiracy… pretty unoriginal. :)

        • Persons of Interest is the best show on TV now that I think would meet your expectations. Best to watch it from the beginning, though, if you can find the first season on DVD or the internet.

          • Yup, Person of Interest is a good show. It’s also actually being shot on location in New York City instead of faking it with composits, which is a plus.

    • “Prison Break” is incredible IMO, I would give that a try

      • The first year of Prison Break was good. It just got outlandish and ridiculous after that, in my opinion. I never really followed “24″, but that had a wide fanbase, so perhaps you, superedje101, would be interested in that as well.

    • supernatural

      • Now there is one I have had my eye on for a while. It looks pretty rad.

        • It’s awesome, especially the first three seasons. Wholeheartedly recommended!

          • Agreed, although I am only on Season 5 right now. Excellent show.
            I also agree with the posters above about Person of Interest. Fantastic show!

        • also

    • Thanks Peeps,this is awesome! now i got enough material for three years. :)

    • i liked lost myself and am sorry you based your opinion on it from others opinions. i thought it was a satisfying ending, but thats me, and i may be in the minority here, but overall i think a lot of fans liked it, at least from some of the comments on fan sites and the official lost forum.
      anyway…Battlestar Galactica is pretty good, i’m half way thru the series. i never watched it when it was a new series. my daughter is hooked on supernatural, and dr who, neither of which interests me.the bbc sherlock series is pretty good as well. it’s only 2 seasons, 3 episodes each, but each episode is a 90 movie basically

      • You may have heard this already/seen it said elsewhere but beware the ending. Overall, it is great television, but for the ending, leaves something to be desired.

        • In case it is not clear, I am referring to BSG.

    • Watch Smallville again?

      • LOL over and over again!!!

    • You should watch Sons of Anarchy. I was a huge lost fan, and Sons is the first show that I have enjoyed as much as I enjoyed the first few seasons of Lost. It is a great character drama, and there is a good amount of action as well. The first three seasons of the show are great.

  3. The Last Stand imo was a good film. It had it’s flaws as what film doesn’t but still good i thought.

    • I didn’t mean to imply that it is a bad film. As an Arnold fan, I am just not overly interested in it, due to the commercials for it, or perhaps the premise of it, or even my disregard for Johnny Knoxville. I’ll see it when it comes out on DVD, and I am guessing that others feel the same way. Had he started his comeback with something more interesting…Legend of Conan or a sequel to Predator or Terminator…I would have been there watching him this weekend.

  4. Out of boredom, I muted the sound of the clock tower/subway fight scene between Spidey and Ock from SM2 and played the theme from “Psycho” in it’s place.

    That fits perfectly

    • that’s awesome! I did the same with the corridor scene in Inception

  5. GO RAVENS!!!

    • Sorry…I’ll be rooting for the 49′ers, due to my intense dislike of the hoodlums Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs.

      • Niners have 5 superbowls, and I just feel someone else needs a chance. Also, I live in Maryland. :-)

        • I am a Niners fan, one of the reasons I been absent the past few days, was down in Atlanta at the NFC Championship game.

          And headed down to NOLA Feb 1st with my son.

    • Great Odins Raven?

      • Hey, they need all the help they can get. :-D

        • Ravens do not need help!

    • Super Harbough!

    • Two Evenly Matched Teams, both with good defenses and potent offense. The Ravens have a classic drop back passer in Joe Flacco, and 49ers have, well I do not exactly know how to label Colin Kaepernick, against GreenBay,he beat them with his feet and arm. Falcons, he beat with his arm and accuracy.

      Will be a good game.

      I do not trash talk…..Especially to a Romulan Cabana Boy such as you Kahless.


      • ghuy’cha’!!

        Oh lord, here we go again.

        Hab SoSlI’ Quch!! petaQ!!!

        Jeff, why do you do this to me?!


        Flacco scares me some times. He has the arm for long passes but there were many times when he was the weak link; I guess you can say similar things about Kaepernick. This will definitely be a bowl to remember.

  6. Still not sure why people hate “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” and “Terminator Salvation”

    It doesn’t bug me one bit seeing the post-Judgement Day movies because the franchise itself isn’t straying off course. The concept of time travel is very basic and thats why it works, as compared to “Looper” which had a great story behind itself but ultimately can’t understand what should and what shouldn’t disappear by the end of the movie.

    Terminator 5 is likely going to be the last part of the cycle: Kyle will go back in time, John will re-program the 2 T-800′s to protect John and Kate, and John will die saving the human race. Does it bother me that I know that? Absolutely not, I do actually want to see how John saves the humans from Skynet

    • In my opinion, although T3 and TS were alright, compared to T1 and T2, they were mediocre, and thus, the dislike and hate of them. If they do a T5, I would like to see Arnold in it, but either as a human soldier, whose DNA Skynet steals, or as the engineer/scientist who designs the T800. The franchise has been hurt since T3 and TS, so they would have to make this one big scale.

    • I think people dislike them so much because they were expecting a lot and they weren’t as good as the first two. They were still good movies IMO but not at the level of 1 or 2.

    • Ooooh! i loved T:S i thought it was awesome! not bale though. he sucked.

      • I think you mean he sucks…or maybe just overrated. He’s pretty average. About the only good thing I’ve heard about him is that he gave a good performance in American Psycho.

        • Nahh. he was awesome in Batman.

          • +1

          • And in Equilibrium!

            • i havnt seen Equilibrium. i heard it was awesome, but rather Godless.

              • It’s a good story and the Gun Kata is cool to look at.

              • I wouldn’t say “awesome”, but Bale was very good in it… and like MonkeyFascist said, the fight sequences were very well done too.

              • I thought Equilibrium was great. I didn’t know what to expect going in and was blown away. Great story as well as action.

          • He definitely was an awesome Batman/Bruce Wayne.

          • Still an average performance, although he is the best iteration of Batman yet. At least when it comes to movies.

          • Look what i found! :(

            According to Batman on Film, a source has told them that the next scheduled Batman film wouldn’t likely hit theaters until 2017. They are also saying that it could be even later than that. WB’s, not so subtle plan, is to introduce the new Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie. The Justice League movie is scheduled to hit theaters in a couple years in 2015, and the plan is to splinter off solo movies after the fact. Batman-On-Film has had a pretty reliable track record when it comes to information regarding all things related to Batman being on the big screen. Their source is not named however, and is just being called “A Friend of Batman-On-Film”. Whatever the case may be it looks like Warner Brothers is shooting for a 5 year gap between The Dark Knight Rises, and The Caped Crusader’s next solo film.

        • Ah, if you think Bale sucks, you should watch The Machinist and The Fighter, the latter for which he won an Academy Award. He’s a good actor, but his character in TS was not well written.

          • Ahh darn it, yeah i forgot about the machinist. he was awesome in that.

          • I have seen The Machinist. I don’t see what was so great about the performance. It’s notable that he lost so much weight for the part, but that doesn’t equal a great performance.

      • The biggest problem with TS was they spent too much time trying to make Worthington’s character likeable instead of Bale’s. Plus they ruined the whole twist of the film through the trailers.

        • Bales performance in the fighter is amazing, watch the film then videos of the actual guy you will be blown away.

    • Yeah, Terminator 5 needs to be the final film. I just want to see how everything ends and that’s it for me.

  7. Hi ranters!
    It feels like forever since I got a chance to post on SR, but I have been watching some pretty good movies lately.

    Gangster Squad: IMO a fantastic “noir”-esque film. I think it’s one of those movies people will like when they watch it first time round, and grow to love all the more over time. The acting was superb (especially Sean Penn) and the characters all grabbed my attention immediately. The story felt very familiar though, but that’s probably because I’ve been playing “L.A. Noire” on the ol’ PS3 recently. I’ve heard a few complaints that it’s too campy, but IMO there’s a good balance between the serious moments and the more… cinematic/wacky moments (8/10)

    Jack Reacher: Never read the books, but the movie was… okay. Cruise was very good and I love the character, but the rest of the cast was bland and the supposedly scary mastermind villain was incredibly underwhelming too. The action and fight scenes were good for me, but there were way too many “plot conveniences” though – it really distracted me from the story, which already felt a little dragged out (6/10)

    Django Unchained: WOW! This is by far one of Tarantino’s best films IMO. The story was fresh and entertaining and I loved all the little references to movies like ‘They Call Me Trinity’. Whaltz and DiCaprio stole the show, but Foxx was pretty good too (I assumed his performance was average since he isn’t being nominated for any awards, but having seen the movie I kinda feel he deserved at least some sort of nod). The music used in the movie was awesome as well. Can’t say the one-or-two rap songs really fit with the western genre, but somehow it didn’t feel too out of place either.

    Next up this week is Argo and Les Misérables!

    What movies did you guys watch lately?

    • Oh, forgot to rate Django: 8.5/10

      • I thought Django Unchained was awesome, Sam Jackson stole the show for me! The last 15 minutes felt a little stretched and it good have easily ended after the awesome blooded splattered showdown, just a minor gripe tho

        Les Miserables is phenomenal, I went in to see it not knowing a thing about it and was completely blown away! It got a standing ovation from myself and the crowd I saw it with!

        Argo was a decent movie and entertaining, I just don’t understand all of the awards buzz around it, I’ve seen that type of movie done better, it was a tad forgettable, I prefered The Town

        Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln are next on my list, think I’m going to need lots of coffee for those two lol

    • I saw Reacher on Friday and thought it was pretty good. Tom Cruse was his
      own distastefull self, but it was probably the best I have seen him in.
      Robert Duvall was the high light for me… his character was witty and
      gritty. There were a lot of one liners, but at least they were farely
      original. In scope it was a little pretentious. the end makes Jack
      look kinda like Superman, which is a little too big for itself. unless
      they make a sequal… then it would fit.

    • I saw gangster squad and its definently a crowd pleaser, but not near the untouchables imo. Couldnt stand ryan goslings voice, and the film lacked development, while being to much style over substance. Still had a blast with it

    • I quite enjoyed the Gangster Squad, but I found Ryan Gosling really annoying in it. His voice was really squeaky and I found his acting really wooden.

  8. What do you think Jurassic Park 4 will be about?

    • Dinosaurs.

      • Jeff, would you like to go one step further and say dinosaurs in a park perhaps?

        • Dinosaurs in a park eating humans. :-P

    • I think they should have the dinosaurs get to the mainland somehow and stark taking over. Then for JP5 you could have a “post-apocalyptic” feel in an abandoned city with dinosaurs.

      • Id love to see a suburban sprawl be swarmed with carnivores.

      • Good lord no “post-apocalyptic” Jurassic Park.

    • jeff goldblum splaying his fingers outward, and with a dramatic pause, “…what?”

  9. So I watched Thor again this weekend. Got me thinking of the journey of phase 1. IM, Incredible Hulk, IM2, Thor, Cap, Avengers. After some reflecting, does anyone else think they are rushing phase 2? You have IM3, Thor 2, Cap 2, Guardians, Avengers 2. I would have liked them to bump out Avengers 2 another year so they could have two more stand alone films. Would have built the hype more.

    • who cares?! just get them out already! the earlier, the better! unless they suck, of course.

    • Hell no! At this point, the vast majority of audiences look more forward to seeing these guys team up than another round of superhero origin movies of characters that they have barely heard of.

      Disney are aware that The Avengers is their main money maker under Marvel, and you can bet they’ll make sure its released as soon as humanly possible.

  10. No.
    It took them about five years to complete Phase 1

  11. gosh! can’t wait for thor 2 to come out! any updates on that? so sad that i only have 1 movie to look forward this year, unlike last year, which was 4.

    • Only one? I have 20:
      Die Hard 5
      GI Joe 2
      Iron Man 3
      Star trek 2
      Fast & furious 6
      Man of steel
      World war z
      Kick ass 2
      Despicable me 2
      The lone ranger
      Pacific rim
      300:rise of empire
      Red 2
      Sin City 2
      Enders game
      Thor 2
      Catching Fire
      The Hobbit 2
      And Anchorman 2

    • I’m eagerly waiting for an update on Thor 2. A trailer would be awesome, but even an official poster would be nice too.

      Anywho, kinda shocked to hear that you’re only looking forward to one movie this year. There are a lot of great flicks coming out in 2013.

      • And Wolverine! i left it off the list above, but i am looking forward to that one to! i NEED a trailer!

      • Hopefully there will be a teaser at the SuperBoul.

      • Yeah really, i think there is currently almost 40 movies on my 2013 list that i am looking forward to!

        • dammit, u guys! wish i were just as interested as u guys are in those movies, but sadly, i am not. :/

          • What kind of movie are you interested in? most of mine were action.

            • I like mostly action films, and sci-fi, some comedy. And usually ill watch almost anything that certain actors come out with, like jackie chan, will smith, liam neeson are some of my favorite stars.
              here is my list of 2013 films i am looking forward to:

            • Looking at my list, the odd one out is Despicable me 2.

              I shamelessly love those little minions. So freakin cute!

  12. With the sucess of LotRs and Thor 2 coming out this year and exposing the general audience to Dark Elves. Will we one day soon see a trilogy about the legendary Dark Elf Drizz’t from the best selling Forgotten Realms Book Series and D&D fame??

    Many years ago there was talk of Wesley Snipes in that role but his time has gone by. I would love to see this series on the big screen. Any fans out there?

  13. Anybody watching the Young Justice show on Cartoon Network. In the newest season it sucks to be one of the heros. It seems they are losing more than they are winning. Anyway I wish they could get my favorite Teen Titans on the show. I mean Starfire,Raven and Cyborg that would be cool to have them there.

    • Yes the show is quite good I just watched the latest one.
      I believe Static Shock is soon to make an appearance.

      • Although its weird that there seems to be very few justice league members as compared to villains, especially since the main 5 are off world.

    • Young justice is the best cartoon on television right now IMO. Sure seems 2 have a lot of plots 2 follow but that’s what makes The show cool and interesting.

      Wish Marvel would get their act together when it comes 2 cartoons. I’m still pretty annoyed that they canceled Avengers EMH.haven’t seen Avengers assemble yet. I would like 2 see Marvel make a cartoon based on the old comic from back in the day featuring the Thing and various guest stars from around the Marvel universe.

      • Agreed. YJ is fantastic. I thought EMH was great as well even though the animation was not as great. Still needto see season 2. Enjoyed EMH and the portrayal of Loki much better than the movie Avenger’s where he just seems to be everyone’s pawn.

        • I also enjoyed EMH versions of the Enchantress and the Executioner which is why I’m disappointed that they won’t be appearing in the Thor sequel.

    • I watch young justice and new episodes of batman the animated series. Young justice is a good series. I recently found out the Hub shows new episodes of Batman the animated series on Monday’s.

    • Ive been buying the DVD’s as they come out. The first season is cool. The second season comes out this week I think so it’ll be delivered to my house soon. But I do like it. Teen Titans Ive never seen but the series isn’t that expensive so Ill probably pick that up once I finish watching Smallville.

  14. Finally finished Smallville. Very good show. Had a good finale to. I wouldve like to see more of “Superman” at the end but otherwise it was a very solid series. I think it would be cool if they made a superman mini series or TV movie with Tom Welling and all the rest of the regular cast.

    • how would you rate it? I started watching it a couple of days ago and while I’m not yet hooked, it seems cool :)

      • oh, IDK, i would probably give it a 7.5/10. The later seasons get better than the earlier seasons, once you get introduced to more characters from the DC universe and Superman universe.

        And i was never a big superman fan to begin with so now the show has me wanting to see the christopher reeve films. I just bought the first two but have yet to watch them.

        • oh I watched all Superman films again and was pretty annoyed by 3 and 4, 2 also has some stupid moments.. but maybe that’s just me hah

    • I’m sure there were legal reasons as to why the producers weren’t allowed to show Welling wearing the full suit

      • Nope, the producers and especially welling didn’t like the suit.

    • I have 2 discs left on Season 2. Its going good for me. I like it all. I came into watching the show not expecting to see a “Superman” show. So its cool for what it is.

  15. I recently saw Dredd. What an awesome show…here’s hoping others will see it and we’ll get a sequel.

    • Agreed. I love the day in the life style for the movie.

      • Hopefully i will be seeing it soon when i get enough money to buy it. College is stealing my movie money!

    • Yeah, Dredd really tanked in the theaters, but it has turned out to be a sleeper hit on the home market. It was in the 1st place of the Amazon Blu-ray charts for quite some time and it’s still hanging in 10th place right now. Perhaps there is hope yet.

      • I went to see Dredd at the cinema and really enjoyed it, went to go and buy it on blu ray but was put off by the price and lack of extras, although it was quite violent i thought it may have had a harder cut, I mean it takes a lot for movie to be classified 18 this days so thought it would be worse, never mind, will wait for it to go on sale

        • At first I wanted to skip it in the theater, because of the whole 3D thing, but then I figured that a hard R reboot movie with Karl Urban in the lead would have a hard time at the box offic. I gave in and did my part for the ticket sales. After I came home from watching it I immediately pre-ordered the Blu-ray, something that I haven’t done since Drive. Dredd really is a perfect throwback to the good old uncompromising science-fiction/action breed, like RoboCop and Co. They (almost) don’t make ‘em like that anymore. It’s an instant cult classic.

  16. RIP Michael Winner – director of the Death Wish movies

  17. For all my comic book nerd brethren, Chris Evans was on the Doug Loves Movies podcast for the 2nd time. When he is on these podcasts, I like him a little more.

  18. If they could do Batman Arkham City movie and keep the look and tone the way its done here it would be awesome. This trailer is what the next Batman movie needs to be!!!

    • True dat.

  19. Anybody else notice the link for the Wednesday, January 30, Open Discussion brings one to THIS (January 21) page?!?

    • Yeah it has, luckily I haven’t got much to get off my chest lol

    • You know what this means, right?

      We have to send ourselves BACK TO THE FUTURE!

      (points towards screen dramatically)

    • Sorry about the glitch, fellas – it’s been fixed and there’s a sparkly new one set up for you. :)

  20. Has anyone seen any articles or stats on how well The Hobbit did in 48fps?

    I know there are some strong opinions on both sides about it, but I’m looking for actual ticket sales in 48fps as opposed to 24fps, since at the end of the day that’s probably what studios are going to be looking at in order to decide to let more film makers go ahead with it or how widely to release the next film in 48fps.

    • Well, I know that my theater pushed the HFR version into the 3pm slot, which is reserved for niche movies that don’t have much of an audience. Only the regular 3D and 2D versions are still being shown at prime time.

  21. :)