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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 20, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 20, 2014

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  1. Elementary , or at least the episodes I’ve seen, has become the best show on TV right now. And I’ve said it on Twitter so I’ll say it again, “Sherlock” episode one and episode two have nothing on Elementary. Apparently episode 3 does a better job but I haven’t seen it myself so I’ll wait until then to render a season verdict.

    • @Ezee-T:

      I’ll have to agree that Elementary is a very good show, one of the best ones out but Sherlock is also still very good.

      I look at them as separate translations of a modern Sherlock. I think Elementary is a bit more grounded whereas Sherlock has Holmes with almost superpowers (of deduction). I just hope the BBC decides to change their format. Instead of 3 mini movies, I would prefer to see 10 to 12 hour-long episodes but I understand why they do it the way they do.

      I thought the second episode of Season 3 was pretty good and I like how the BBC show is closely related to Doyle’s novels.

  2. Mortal kombat legacy news?

  3. Rented The Wolverine over the weekend. It was okay, Jackman is good as Logan but the storyline was meh.

    I dunno… seems like some of these spandex movies are more suited for home viewing to me.

    Actually, we are probably enjoying movies more at home because BluRay and 1080p looks much better than in the theater.

    Anyone else use Redbox for rentals? We used to rent movies for $4 at Blockbuster (or $15 per month via mail) so these $1.50 BluRay rentals are so cheap and the kiosks are very convenient (when there isn’t a line of people).

    • I’ve been a fan of the Redbox rental system for a while now. Like you said, the convenience is probably the best feature. I’ll usually stop by on my way out of the grocery store to see if there’s anything good and it’s not usually an extra trip to return them either since we make a few regular trips there anyways during the week.

      • @Chiguy:

        Yep. And it’s great that you can return them at any Redbox since we have 2 grocery stores we go to so I can rent/return at either.

        If their Instant streaming service was better and it came with BluRay credits instead of DVD credits, I would sign up for that.

        I do think streaming will supplant physical media, but they have to start charging less for streaming rentals. My cable company (Cox), charges $5 and up for new releases and it’s not even 1080p.

        I think this is where Netflix should supplement their streaming service by providing PPV rentals on new releases. If they charged $2 for 1080p content, I would get that over a $1.50 Redbox BluRay rental. They could probably get away with $3-$4 rentals for non-members and then charge $1-$2 for members.

        • @Both of ya’s

          I actually use Amazon Prime for my HD video rentals. They charge between $2 and $5 for theirs as well as the option to buy a digital copy. On top of that, you can buy the digital copy up to 3 weeks before the DVD release.

          • @LC

            Isn’t Amazon Prime HD only 720p?

            I know Netflix does 1080p streaming, they just need to start doing some PPV for recent releases.

    • I did use Redbox for rentals until I forgot to return them and it cost me about $100 LOL!
      Since then I started to use Amazon Prime for all my rentals. Its no more then $5 for an HD rental for 48 hours. That’s the equivalent and the best part is I don’t have to return it. No late fees! And you can buy/rent new releases up to 3 weeks before their DVD release.

  4. Hey, Scranters! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

    Question: What slow-motion scene is your favorite?

    I like the train station/stairs scene in The Untouchables, where Costner and Garcia are taking out Capone’s men while trying to save the baby.

    Check it out here:

    • Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows
      Chase through the woods/escape moriarty scene
      Not fully slow throughout but in bits for cool effect and just hilarious at the little hansel moment.

      • Great scene, Cody. I really like the mix between slow motion and real time.

        Would you mind tutoring me on how to imbed a video directly in a post?

        • I think sr made it where all you have to do is post the link

        • It seems to happen at random. I posted a link three days ago that came up embedded, but the one below didn’t for some reason.

    • Great scene from one of my favorite movies.
      And it may be cliched by now, but ever since seeing it for the first time as a kid, I’ve always loved watching the lobby gunfight from the first Matrix movie.

    • @$2 – I liked when the Naked Gun parodied that scene :D

    • I liked the use of slow motion with the Slo-mo drug in Dredd.

      • yeah especially when Lena is falling

        i also liked 300 when they mix it between slo mo and regular speed during the battle

    • I’m with the Professor and Alexx on Dredd and The Matrix lobby scene. Then there’s 300, Scorcese’s use of slow motion in the Raging Bull fight scenes, and Sam Peckinpah’s final massacres in The Wild Bunch and Cross Of Iron. Also the man-ape using a bone as humanity’s first tool to smash a tapir’s skull before tossing it skywards in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

      Another favourite of mine is Simon Pegg and Nick Frost pretending to shoot each other in slow motion, and then putting this to good use to avoid a potential mugging in Spaced. Also includes a very brief Matrix lobby scene fantasy, appropriately enough. Starts at 2:57:-

  5. Does anyone else hope they do something with that Wolverine costume they showed in the deleted scenes of Wolverine? Hugh Jackmen is cool, but he does need a costume, the trench coat didn’t do it for me and the leather jacket is getting old. If Cap, Spidey, and Batman can pull it off, so can Wolverine. The leather costumes in the first X-Men movies were exceptable, but no the greatest.

  6. Good morning all…..

    To say I’m disappointed by the delay of the release of Batman vs Superman would be an understatement. I’m wondering what the real reason behind the delay is. From everything I saw and read, Ben did not injure or break anything, so what’s up?
    It makes me wonder if there is something wrong behind the scenes. Disagreement over the story or script, etc. If this movie was truly “the plan along”, even while MoS was filming, then why do they need more time to “realize their vision”? Wouldn’t that be the first thing you get nailed down? I would actually feel better if the delay was do to an injury, that I could understand.

    Part of me wonders if they didn’t really plan to release it at all in 2015, but wanted to grab the spotlight from Marvel at Comic-con, and chose that date knowing full well they had no intention on releasing that year, nor a plan in place at all. It would explain the ladt minute makeshift Batman/Superman logo displayed at Comic-con.

    I recall something similar happening after the sucess of the Avengers and Thanos was revealed in the button scene, when WB/DC announced a Justice League movie where the JL would square off against Dark Sied, in an effort to steal attention from Marvel. Then all of a sudden, that didn’t happen and it all went away.
    My confidence in WB/DC is shaken, not to the point of where it was two years ago, but shaken none the less, and I truly believe WB/DC has lost its momentum and that any good buzz from MoS will be long gone by 2016. WB has been making comic book movies a lot longer than Marvel Studios, and yet Marvel seems to be better at it, and seems to still have their act together better than WB. That surprises me a great deal.

    If Marvel does come strong on their spring date in 2016 with either an Iron Man 4 film or something else equally strong, look for Batman vs Superman to be “delayed” again until who knows when.

    I don’t know what’s up over at WB/DC, but I really think there is more going on here than any of us know. I truly hope WB/DC is not back to making up as they go along again.

    • I also went into a deep depression when I heard the news about the delay (although not as bad as Patrick Bayard when he found out Bale would not be Batman).

      Everything that they are citing for the delay sounds like a rewrite to me.

      I really think the studio execs have it wrong. Now more than ever, society has moved to this “instant gratification” mode and they should try to capture dollars as soon as possible.

      I understand that many would prefer quality over expediency but I still think that BvS could probably have a bad script and still make bonkers at the box office.

      I’m probably in the minority but I would prefer they stick to the original release date, cut the movie in two (to “realize their vision”) and have the second part out a year later.

      If they are going to delay it another year, they might as well make it a full on Trinity movie and then give Superman his own stand alone sequel to Man of Steel.

      • I was also disappointed to hear about the delay
        But perhaps they have decided to go for the full Trinity movie option rather than BvS with a little bit of Wonder Woman thrown in and they are doing a rewrite in order to do that
        If that’s true then the delay could be to give the film makers time to bring WW into the story properly, especially since they have got such a good candidate for Wonder Woman in Gal Gadot

        I do hope that after this movie though they increase the output to something like a movie every year/year and a half cos at the moment they do seem to be dragging their feet a bit – although if the quality is MoS or better then I don’t expect (or need) 2 movies a year, personally I think that the quality of Marvels offerings has been good but not great when they do 2 films a year
        would rather they go for slightly less but trying for a higher quality as opposed to trying to do to much and settling on a lower quality – I do like Marvel films but they don’t seem to be trying very hard to be exceptional

    • Here is my simple but quick reply, Tony. (Im on lunch break)

      I would rather wait for a better movie than have a mediocre at best movie. No matter what they do, it will be visually amazing ala Michael Bay. But if they can make the story truly incredible, I will wait forever.

      We’ve waited this long, we can wait longer.

  7. So just saw ‘A Scanner Darkly’ last night. Pretty solid movie, weird as heck though aha.

    • I read the original Philip K D!ck novel years ago and wondered how on earth they were going to tackle it convincingly. Ended up being one of the most faithful PKD adaptations to date, with a most entertaining performance from Robert Downey Jr that people seem to have forgotten about.

  8. Have any of you seem the show Misfits? I believe it is a Hulu original show. I’ve seen up to the first episode of season two and it is really engaging. It can be very dark and also comical. It’s worth checking out if you are not easily offended.

    • The first two seasons were great – the third completely ran out of steam and ideas by the end, in my opinion. I haven’t even bothered with the fourth.

  9. Anybody heard that WB plans to release the complete 60′s Batman television series onto dvd boxset finally sometime this year? I look forward to adding it to my collection if if the confirmation is true.

    • I saw that and someone had commented online about it being available Bluray but i saw no reference to it being in Bluray.

      • @ jon

        From what I read, no mention of Bluray. Only that the complete series been confirmed to be released sometime this year. & some other site both said the samething. Even Wikipedia I think made it aware. People just have to check on the subject for updates.

  10. finally got to see American Hustle i should have seen it before Wolf i think…it felt empty and the characters had no connections i felt (other then Bale he killed it)…i loved the look and feel of everything but kinda felt like empty calories

  11. So I’m finally catching up on my DVR of Almost Human and I just had to say that the “life-size Ken Doll” moment was hilarious.

    • I caught up with that show this weekend. I agree. That moment was very funny.

      • Obviously they would not design the androids that way based on the rest of joints so it was meant for surprise which it accomplished because that’s the last thing you would expect to see.

        I was actually thinking Legos mini-figures but the “life-size Ken Doll” description was apt and the ensuing conversation was funny too.

    • +9000. I freakin’ love Almost Human. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy actually make such a fantastic pair (I SHIP IT, lmao).

  12. For some reason, I saw the Lone Ranger. I do not recommend it.

    • @Prof:

      I liked Lone Ranger, saw it in the theater, but that had the benefit of audience reaction.

      Maybe it won’t be as good at home.

      My critiques: It should have been called “Tonto” and they made the Lone Ranger a wimp.

      • My issue was the first half hour to hour was almost a horror/supernatural type movie…SPOILERS

        my daughter was frightened as the bad guy cut out and ate another human’s heart…I was frantically covering her eyes and trying to shut it off. We decided that this film wasn’t family friendly and finished it after the kids were sleeping.

        Cannibal rabbits? What was that about? Then, midway through the film. It becomes more like the Pirates films with action and adventure that the whole family can enjoy…and those movies have a supernatural element that is not a guy eating someone’s heart for no reason whatsoever.

        The final goofy scene with the music playing was what I expected and wanted for a Disney film like this. The first half of the movie was too weird to let my family watch it all the way through. The film suffered because it didn’t know what genre it wanted to be. I would have liked it to stick to the family adventure western genre.

  13. BvS getting delayed is disappointing but the movie will be better because of it. It would be nice if DC was releasing a movie in 2015 but maybe there will be news at comic con.

  14. Hey guys. Isn’t the new episode of the underground podcast supposed to be online today? The show rocks.
    PS. My stitcher app is freezing for some reason, which is why I can’t see any updates.

  15. Anybody see this article?
    Wasn’t this what was depicted in Thor? A tree connecting the universe’s parts.

    • pretty cool…i wonder if E.T. is home

  16. Can I get a zombieland 2 please?

  17. Hey check out my version of What a black panther movie could look like!


  18. Don’t know if this made the rounds online, but fan favorite, action hero Shia LeBeouf in his quest to retreat from public life got into yet another bar altercation, this time in England. The grainy, 70′s snuff film quality mobile phone footage showed Shia deliver the weakest head-butt ever to some guy who was heckling him, and then shows the tough action icon nearly crying at the bar about how he is just a normal guy….

  19. Does any-Scranter remember that link Vic gave us for all the open discussions?