Open Discussion – January 20, 2012

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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 20, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   January 20, 2012


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  1. God I love the movies Keep up the good work guys.

  2. The US government has shut down

    • noooooooooooooo….. now im pissed

      • Me too. I hope they don´t shut down Sockshare…

        • sockshare and putlocker are the best, they never give me problems loading and there’s never any ads that bother you halfway through.

          • man,please not putlocker or sockshare,that´s why i have problems with the players since 2 days.

    • Scape,

      Yup. No trial, no nothin’. Just, BAM.

      Welcome to the new and improved U.S.A.


      • Next thing we’ll see is a big fracking TV screen in every major city with the emperor…I mean, president….telling us who used what light bulb and who didn’t properly inflate their tires.

      • I saw it on the (german) news this morning. I really hope those people don´t read SR. Otherwise Putlocker and the rest get closed as well. That would mean I have to wait at least 6 months to keep up with american shows.

        • this were a nightmare,let´s hope not. and enough wrote about this thema,mustn´t stay here.

      • So much for “hope” and “change”. Schools are also closing all over the place, we no longer have much of a space program, and the military is downsizing. The only thing on the increase…recipients of food stamps.

        • The only thing? Guess you haven’t checked the perks, bonuses and handouts that the most wealthy are getting.

          • Yes I have, and don’t forget about those bonuses handed out to heads of companies that have been subsidized by the government, because they are considered “too big to fail”. There used to be a time when people succeeded or failed based on their own efforts. Apparently, that is a thing of the past, and we have to subsidize mediocrity, laziness, and failure. Oh, and there is one other thing going up and up as a result…our national debt.

  3. So has anyone heard the latest on SOPA?

    • if i’m not mistaken, SOPA was pulled, and the one they’ll be voting on on the 24th is PIPA.

      • My understanding is that SOPA is not totally dead – they’re going to “tweak” it and try again.


        • As was expected and it will continue to circulate until one is created and put into law.

          I see it happening in less than a year.

  4. Don’t mean to complain Vic, so please don’t take this the wrong way: but I would just like to know if three open discussions a week is really necessary?
    It isn’t “bad” IMO, but sometimes it is a little irritating (busy with a conversation on a discussion page and a day later, everyone’s moved on the the next one…)

    Like I said, I don’t mean it as a complaint… I’d just like to know if I’m the only one (occasionally) irritated by it?

    • Hey Avenger.. it’s either keep up or keep out:)

      • the avenger is right,one o.d. is enough,and why should he stay off? i´m also in every discussion,but the last o.d. was weird. vic,can it be that you can´t stand me,i know you mustn´t answer my questions that i´ve wrote this week often to you,becausei´ve thought you´re smart and help me trough some questions,but how i´ve saw it you answer all the other people,and not in a short way,more in long discussions. come down from your high ross,to only pick up people where you think they are smart enough to write with them.

        • vic,i´m so sorry,please forgive me,forget that what i´ve wrote! i´ve saw your answer from yesterdays o.d. 2 minutes ago,i was blind before! i apollogize for that with the high ross,please,please,please forgive me good vic. BIG SORRY!

          • murdock,

            I don’t answer every question asked. Actually, I don’t even SEE every question asked. We get hundreds of comments a day and don’t catch everything.

            And as Scape said, I’m a busy guy. I don’t just run two websites, I run a business – plus I’m recovering from surgery and a bad staph infection.


            • vic,i´ve made a great mistake. can´t apollogize enough for this missunderstanding,sorry!

            • Yeah, I’m still waiting on an answer to the meaning of life thingy. 😀

              • Here you go:


                • Of course! How could I have not seen this before?! You’re brilliant! BTW, you need to put away that towel…it’s a deadly weapon. 😎

                  • But I just got out of the shower. How am I supposed to dry myself?

        • Vic has a lot of stuff to do. If he doesn´t answer you doesn´t mean he ignores you or doesn´t like you.

    • If it bothers you so much stay off of them. I love the OD threads Vic.

    • I think it is necessary. Pretty easy to bring an old convo back up in a new OD thread.

      • I think 3 a week is fine. I mean if it was just once a week like before, people would be too lazy to look for the weeks OD and then not much discussion would be happening.

        • Exactly. I remember some of those old ODs where you had to look through 6-7 pages to find a comment.

    • TheAvenger,

      People like these. When it was once a week they got so many comments (hundreds) that people started complaining they couldn’t find the post and could we do more. Now, even with 3 a week we get anywhere from 40-60 comments and even way more.

      If you’re subscribed to certain ones and you’re done, there’s an unsub link at the bottom of every comment email.

      No offense taken. :)



    • i kind of agree with this. though, i am somewhat excited when i wake up early and there’s an open discussion to participate in or read others’ thoughts. but i’d say one every three days would be about right.

    • @INK and Hi-C: I REALLY wasn’t expecting so much hate from you guys… (“keep out”; “stay off”? :()
      It was a legitimate question IMO.

      Let me make it clear that I never said the Open Discussion itself was bad (I love the ODs — one of the best parts of SR), I just thought that three per week can (at certain times) get a little too much (especially when you’re having a conversation with someone).
      I agree that one per week isn’t enough, but personally, I was more than happy with two per week… but if no one agrees with me, that’s fine… it’s no big deal, I’m okay with three (it was never an “issue”, just an observation).
      I guess it’s easy enough to bring back the old discussion in the new OD thread (like “Timothy Longbottom” and “Brandon” mentioned).

      Sorry for bringing it up.

      • TheAvenger,

        I’m fine with you bringing it up. BTW, I know of at least one site that does these daily. :)


      • @ Avenger. I was only messing with you don’t take it personal,you know we’re bruthas from anutha mutha.

  5. Is anyone excited to see Underworld 4 today?

    • I am but can’t see it until next Thursday.

      • Next on my list is Haywire. I hope I like it more than Underworld 4; and judging from Ben’s review, I most likely will.

      • Sorry INK I don’t know why I accidentally replied to you lol

    • I may go watch underworld & red tails tonight so many releases that its tough to pick which ones to watch and to name a few…

      Underworld Awakening
      Red Tails

      • Forgot to add Girl with the Dragon tattoo.

    • Dude I saw it in IMAX at midnight last night and holy crap it was a great movie. It was short running at only just over a hour and a half but since the opening shot it was non stop action and a amazing story. Great installment to te franchise. Kate was made for these movies. They definelty leave the ending open for another one which gets me excited. And def worth the IMAX price.

      • Glad to hear avenger,

        Kate is awesome I’m really looking forward to watching her in action I’ve enjoyed the previous films and glad to see the franchise return.

    • Well, the review here (by Kofi) didn’t give it high marks but Ben gave Haywire 4/5, so Haywire and Red Tails (any review for that yet?) is what I’m looking forward to.

      • I just noticed Ben’s review of Red Tails, and it’s not good (the movie). Oh well, I’ll still check it out.

  6. @Hi-C
    After watching more previews for it, it just doesn’t seem all that good. Although I will probably go see it this weekend.

  7. @Avenger

    Yes I know what you mean, and yes sometimes I do get a bit annoyed also that everyone has moved on to a new discussion and we never got to finish the current one we were having.

    But that’s why I just casually bring it up again in the new discussion.

  8. Saw ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ yesterday and I was surprised at how violent it actually was. As someone with a short attention span I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to sit through this entire movie without once looking away from the screen, the last time I did that was ‘The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford’.

    If the titles long I’m gonna watch.

  9. @Vic

    Any plans for an UNDERWORLD 4 review?

    • BCC,

      It will be up today. Our intrepid managing editor Kofi went to a midnight show so he could review it for us – it will be published very soon.


    • And our Underworld Awakening review is live.


  10. Resident Evil: Retribution’s trailer look terrible, i`m getting tired of Milla, they should bring original characters from video games I know some of going to argue that you would whether play the game than see the movie if wanted real characters. Wonder how Assassin’s Creed movie will be like if they don’t follow game’s story and start it with Daniel Cross? It will bomb be because they didn’t follow Desmond’s story! Resident Evil 6 looks to be really awesome and better than movie! Resident Evil 6 vs Resident Evil: Retribution = Resident Evil 6 wins!

  11. looking forward to that underworld 4 review. any news on world war z, deadpool, or zoolander 2?

  12. I would like to say thank you to the Screenrant commenters for not being complete #*%&s like those on sites such as youtube. I know there are some disagreements here and there, but for the most part the “regulars” here at SR are pretty respectful.

    • petaQ!!

      Well, you did say most of the regulars were respectful.


    • I totally agree with foopher though there are times when there are disagreements from ranters on here the regulars are very respectful screenrant is a great site, vic and the staff at screenrant do an amazing job so I’m sure we all agree thanks for all your hard work to vic and the team at screenrant for keeping us informed on all the movie, tv, news and more.

      • ^ Agreed.

    • Thanks, foopher. We’ve been criticized for “censorship” (which I always find funny). What we do is to try to keep this a civil place for discussion where people shouldn’t have to worry about being flamed.

      I *still* have on my To-Do list requiring sign-in (becoming a member) to comment here, but it’s a very, VERY big project.


      • I think I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate what you guys do.

        • Thanks, foopher. :)


          • You are very welcome.

  13. How do I get rid of the Stop Sopa protest on my screen? I’m not American so I’m not signing the petition for congress! It’s doing my head in!

    • Nat,

      I was just going to have it up for a few days. I’ve just removed it.


  14. I’m surprised there is no more news about the 2 juggernauts this year. Not complaining, just surprised.

    I asked this on another Open Discussion but got no answer: What was so good about FarScape? I finally finished the entire series last Saturday and I wasn’t that impressed. In fact, I was actually angry with the dumb (I felt) ending.

    • Holy cow – I just realized we haven’t posted a Dark Knight Rises article in EIGHT DAYS!!!!

      Where are the “too much TDKR coverage” complainers? Huh? Huh?



      • sorry,baby can i hold you tonight(songtext/chapman). no,for real vic,i will read correctly before i write back. a last sorry,sorry,sorry for that!

      • Well I was just going to ask a question about TDKR so sorry to anyone who’s tired of it ;)….
        Has anyone heard if WB plans on releasing the Prolouge any time soon? I remember TDK Prolouge being able to view “legally” not long after it was shown in theaters.
        Sorry to my fellow Ranters who are tired of the subject….

        • Kevin7,

          I don’t recall the prologue footage from the last film ever being released online – of course I could be mistaken.


          • My memory is fuzzy so maybe I watched it “illegally”.
            Who’s knocking at my door???
            Fed’s already here.
            Gotta run…..

        • I love Batman so I enjoy the coverage.

    • I just started watching Farscape a few months ago. I’m on episode 3.6.

      Yeah it started out really cool but kind of waned around mid-2. Moyas crew seem a bit directionless right now. It’s disappointing to hear that the ending fizzles.

      • I suppose I can’t blame the writers for the lame ending; it’s obvious the writers had more to tell. When you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  15. put and sock are okay,at moment.

    • Hopefully it stays that way. There´s still one episode of Sherlock I need to watch.

      • I can’t wait to see season 2 of Sherlock. I dragged my feet for some reason and didn’t watch season 1 until a few weeks ago. Such a great series. Without spoilers does season 2 hold up?

        • It even gets better! The public becomes aware of Holmes and he becomes some sort of celebrity.

  16. I see the Expendables 2 thread has been closed; I can’t say I disagree with that decision….it was devolving pretty fast.

    • I gotta say… a little part of me really wanted ‘Red Tails’ to be good :(
      I read the review, but the movie doesn’t release in SA for another few weeks or so… but now I don’t think I’m even gonna bother to go watch it.

      • This wasn’t meant to be a response to Kathless’ comment.
        (Dunno what happened…)

  17. Saw The Grey in an advanced screening the other day. If anyone’s interested, here’s my brief take on the movie.


    That word pretty much describes the movie. Not a good or bad thing, just the best way to describe the movie. It’s a survival movie and overall was pretty well made. The action scenes in the movie were very intense, gripping, and even terrifying. So it’s definitely well made. And the characters were also very well-defined. They seem like believable characters in the positions they hold, and they do kind of transform from these despicable scum of the earth characters to where you kind of understand why they are like that and I even started to like some of them as the story progressed.

    But back to bleak, the thing about this movie is that I felt they needed to give the audience a glimmer of hope to keep us wanting to go on until the end. I understand they didn’t want to make a happy-go-lucky movie, but they did need a few more “moments of triumph” in the movie to give the audience some hope. The way the movie is, it was basically one tragedy followed by another tragedy. There was one moment of triumph in the movie. But that was pretty much it. They ALMOST had another moment of triumph, but then it ends in tragedy. It kind of brought you down watching that movie.

    But if none of that bothers you, you will probably still enjoy the movie. I liked the movie overall because the story and characters were definitely well written in my opinion. But I do think the ending left a bit to be desired…

  18. How come screenrant never did a review for the series premier of the firm?

    • Jay,

      Because there are far more TV shows out there than we have writers and we have to pick and choose what we decide to cover.


  19. I have a proposal, i’m not sure how long it’s been since Vic did a review but i think once he’s all healed he should do one of his choice..for old times sake 😀

    • shacasha,

      Ha ha – I do believe my reviewing days are over, buddy. :)

      Honestly, I don’t even get out to see a lot of these films (maybe once I’m better, as you say). I can tell you that 9 times out of 10 that Kofi, Ben and I agree within about a half star when judging films.


      • Ahh that’s too bad..Well maybe for a special occasion like say..Phantom Menace in 3D, If you make it to that one perhaps we could get a few paragraphs of the O.G ripping it to shreds??

  20. Just caught an advanced screening of Spartacus Vengeance, I was flipping through the channels and came upon it just as it was about to start and it was AWESOME!!!!!

    • good to hear! spart. is my favourite series,and band of brothers.

  21. Anyone see Coriolanus? Would like to see it, but it’s only in limited release here…

  22. After watching The Matrix Revolutions this morning. I had a thought… If the final fight between Superman and Zod in MOS is even remotely like the final fight between Neo and Smith, then MOS well be epic as hell. Anyone agree?

    • No. The final fight in MR was the only thing I liked about the film, but that’s NOT Superman.

      • I dont know, I think itd be pretty badass. How is not Superman? I mean minus all the martial arts stuff. It would be pretty wild to see that I think

    • i think the fights in air or on land will be groundbreaking,for sure there will be c.g.i,mo-cap,epic fights that will change the superhero-genre revolutunary.also in the c.g.i.technic.

  23. anyone see fringe last night? i was shocked to see nina at the end. does this mean she’s evil now?

    • I was too! The past two episodes have been nuts!

      • I know!!!!! Do you think we’ll see a more sinister Nina this season than we have before? Obviously she has her own agenda

      • I know!!!!! Do you think we’ll see a more sinister Nina this season than we have before? Obviously she has her own agenda.

  24. I guess this thread is a ghost town on the weekends.

  25. Underworld Awakening was AWESOME!! watched it last night Kate was awesome as expected runtime was a little short with it being an hour and a half, left me wanting more but by the looks of how it ended left it open for a sequel :)

  26. watching American Pie 2 on the television..cant wait for American Reunion!

  27. So I was on YouTube fetching the Avengers trailer for th 40th time and I happened to come across a video that said aqua man 2012 trailer or something to that effect. So I watched it and it looks really good, I guess my question is since when is there supposed to be an Aquaman movie or tv show that looks halfway decent thanks. 😉

    • It’s just another fan-made trailer…

      • But a good one.