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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 2, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 2, 2013

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  1. starting new year with hansel and gretel in February

  2. Top 5 things Screenrant should do to optimize their website…



    • I’m going to start off with:

      1) Edit feature

      2) Member login

      3) Film database

      4) Social integration

      5) A plan to take over and destroy Rotten Tomatoes

      Good stuff?

      • LMAO on # 5… Can we take out CBM too? Dislike their guts intensely.

        • SR should be the only one. Because there should be only one!

      • What Leather Cheerio said.

        • +1

          • +1

      • What’s wrong with Rotten Tomatoes?
        They offer a good representation of what professional critics, as well as normal folk think of a certain movie.
        Of course, SR is #1, but Rotten Tomatoes ain’t bad in the general sense.

        Anyway, I’m content with the way SR is now. An edit feature would be great, but things are pretty cool man… if only we could get rid of all the trolls ;)

      • Ha ha, thanks. Here you go:

        - We are working on the final stages of comment editing.

        - No plans for member login at the moment.

        - We HAVE a movie dbase, albeit just for some movies. As a matter of fact, we just added galleries to some pages:

        - Not sure what you mean by social integration.

        - And I happen to LIKE Rotten Tomatoes. :) Don’t really consider them to be direct competition.

        • Ha! Thanks for the reply, Vic! I am also a huge fan of RT and everything they do. But because of their forceful stop of anonymity in their comments, it seems to be less fun. That’s what brought me back to SR after so much time away.

          In regards to social integration, I was thinking like maybe a chat feature. Even something simple like IRC, or a PM feature if there was a member login. I only suggest it because it seems like these threads/comments get filled up with a lot of things that could be better placed.

    • More special list of top 5s and 10s
      and perhaps a top 100 movies list for each writer.

      • Wow, a top 100 list? I can’t even name off that many. I can add my DVD/Blu Ray collection but I can’t pull off a favorite of that extreme.

        • @Leather Cheerio

          Wimp :)

          Come on, 100 Movies aint that hard.

          • I can name a couple hundred movies that I like, no problem. But I wouldn’t call them my favorites!

      • Cody,

        We are trying to get more list posts out on a regular basis, although it’s difficult to think up new ideas that haven’t been done before.

        • Maybe allow the reader to pitch some ideas about list? Just a thought, i can see some problens occuring tho.

    • I like everything Leathercheerio (do you know what your name means?…disgusting ;) ) mentioned.
      Also, I’d add a feature on movies that are streaming on Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Amazon Prime…because that’s how I watch a good portion of my movies.

      • Haha yes I know exactly what a leather Cheerio is! I find it funny. In regards to those services, that’s all we use in my household. I don’t pay for high cost cable services. There was a time when I would for just the summer when Entourage would air but unfortunately that time has passed.

  3. Forgotten Sci Fi

    Two of my favourite S/F films which I don’t see anyone mention whenever the topic is covered:

    Outland – Sean Connery plays a Federal Marshall, the law on a mining colony on Jupiter’s moon IO, quite enjoyed this film. Basically a remake of High Noon, when he discovers a drug operation and interferes he becomes a target with no one willing to help. Quite enjoyed Peter Boyle as the manager of the mine who doesn’t seem to do any work, just plays ‘Astro Golf’ (can’t remember the actual name of it), a virtual golf game.

    Directed by Peter Hyams who is responsible for quite a lot of good films (Capricorn One, The Presidio, 2010: The Year We Make Contact)

    EnemyMine – Terrific film with Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. Gossett plays a Drak, a reptilian alien, the Draks are at war with Earth over territorial claims for fertile planets.

    For me the performances from both Quaid and Gossett are brilliant (Gossett in particular as the Drak), the special effects are excellent as they are pre-CGI and hold up very well, as does the Drak makeup. Starts out as an action film (space dogfight is rather effective) but becomes a bit like Robinson Crusoe or Hell in The Pacific. Two characters, totally alien from each others point of view somehow find common ground, and finally friendship.

    Directed by Wolfgang Petersen who brought us the brilliant Das Boot (also Shattered, In The Line of Fire, Outbreak, Airforce One, Troy, Poseidon)

    Do you have any ‘forgotten’ sci fi films that you like?

    • I really want to contribute to this but I’m not old enough to! Ill try and dig some stuff up though!

    • @Pedro…I love both those movies, and have them in my collection.

      For me, Damnation Alley with George Preppard and Jan Michael Vincent.
      World is in ruins after a nuclear war, and a group of survivors attempt to make their way to a safe zone in Albany NY. The cool feature was the use of the cool looking All Terrain Vehicles. Movie also had Paul Winfield and Jackie Earl Haley.

      But, the fun part…KILLER COCKROACHES.

      Second one, Soylent Green. Charleston Heston, Over populated planet, new food source.
      And one of the most disturbing quotes in movie history.

      And finally, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978. Damn fine remake, one of the few movies where the remake was better than the original, and it was both entertaining and disturbing.

      When you see a dog with a mans face, that pretty much would give you nightmares. I was 10 When I first saw it. Donald Sutherland was perfect in it and the endings…was scary.

      • @Jeff W

        I had completely forgotten about Damnation Alley, I think I only saw that one once but do remember the cocka-roaches.

        Favourite part of Soylent was when Sol ‘goes home’, the scene where he’s lying on the bed, the images of a once fertile Earth and that music . . .

        I remember reading about the original version of Invasion of The Body Snatchers, they apparently wanted to make the ending a lot darker, like the remake, however some bright spark thought it would be ‘to scary’ for 1950′s audience’s so they put in the happy ending. Remake was really good, also enjoyed Leonard Nimoy’s character as well. I just love that scene at the port where Amazing Grace starts playing, really good film.

        Nice choices there.

    • @Pedro?

      Das Boot Brilliant is an understatment. It was a throw back to earlier U-Boat/Submarine Movies, only difference.

      It was one of the few movies that had no weaknesses.

      • @Jeff W (Helicopter Pilot, Thrill Seeker) :) Don’t know if you remember that show hosted by Chuck Connors (the bad guy from Soylent Green).

        Well, brilliant is a good word but yes there are quite a lot of good words to describe it, superlative perhaps?

    • On and off I keep watching ‘Ikarie XB-1′ and ‘First Spaceship On Venus’ for their production values for the time, even though the Ikarie is on string running past the camera which you can see in some scenes. An interesting part is when the Astronauts are investigating a derelict and find records that look like they’re on mini-Cd’s. This is probably 50+ years before their invention. I love throw away tech like that.

      What can I say about ‘First Spaceship On Venus’ that hasn’t been said somewhere before? Came from a Stanislaw Lem story, one of my favorite Science Fiction authors. The book was better but U.S. versions of the film have supposedly about 30 minutes cut so it’s kind of hard to judge…

      • Mini CDs…and boots with soles that light up with each step! Ikarie XB 1 is like a more cerebral bridge between Forbidden Planet and Star Trek, both in terms of the time in which it was made and the manner of space exploration it was depicting. I wouldn’t be surprised if its occasional sense of melancholy and the isolation of outer space weren’t an influence on 2001 as well.

        I’d love to see the original version of First Spaceship On Venus; the dubbed version feels chopped to bits.

      • @the old man

        Must admit I’ve never heard of either of those, might have to look around for them.

    • I absolutely love Equilibrium, yet it seems like almost no one has heard of it. Christian Bale is an amazing actor. He has a wide variety of emotions he has to pull off if the movie should succeed and he does it marvelously. Plus it has some of the coolest action I have ever seen!

      • Agreed, Equilibrium is an awesome movie with some fantastic action sequences.

      • I just noticed Equilibrium on Netflix. I added it to my queue. Perhaps, I’ll watch it this weekend.

      • I saw Equilibrium a while back. Bale is the bomb and pretty much carries the movie IMO. The story has a few interesting points and the action is good as well, but it’s all been done before… it just felt very familiar.

        • +1

      • Best thing about the DVD is the option to watch just the fights on their own. ;-)

      • @Helix Review

        Yeah, sorry, have never heard of that one either. Can’t remember it ever being on an Australian cinema screen.

        Another one to look for.

    • I remember Enemy Mine…that’s the poster that Harry Potter stole from.

    • Pedrosaurus, I just posted this on the last Open Discussion but I’ll put it here as well:-

      The Ultimate Warrior – made in 1975, set in 2012 New York after a worldwide plague. Max von Sydow, leader of a group of survivors, enlists the help of Yul Brynner – in full shirtless knife-fighter mode – to defend his commune against another mob led by William Smith playing a villain called Carrot (I kid you not).

      Phase IV – 1974 movie not dissimilar in tone to The Andromeda Strain about a group of scientists in the Arizona desert studying, and eventually trying to communicate with, a super-intelligent ant colony. Only film ever directed by graphic designer and Hitchcock titles man Saul Bass.

      Primer – any excuse to rattle on about this one. Shane Carruth wrote, produced, directed, edited, scored and starred in what is, to me at least, the finest film ever made about time travel. Bar none. On a budget of $7000. Tragically, he hasn’t been able to get anything else properly financed in the nine years since, which is scandalous bearing in mind what the studios will repeatedly throw MILLIONS at. He did work in some capacity on the recent Looper, though.

      • @The Big Dentist

        These open discussions come and go so quickly it’s hard to keep up.

        Certainly a lot of SF films coming to light here that I’ve never heard of, probably a bit hard to find them as well but worth browsing for.

        • I find it hard to keep up because I never know when there is a reply to a post of my own lol.

          • True, and the notifications don’t always tell you exactly where the reply is, just the particular blog. You still have to scroll through to find where it is.

    • What about Sunshine? Directed by Danny Boyle, starring Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, and Rose Byrne. It only came out in 2007 but I don’t see too many people mention it in Sci Fi discussions. :)

      • I found it well-made and well-acted, but it tried to have its cake and eat it. It couldn’t decide whether it was going to be realistic or symbolic, a standard spacefarers-in-peril movie or something more profound, and ended up doing none of those things particularly memorably. Could have done without Mark Strong becoming Michael Myers too.

        • I have to agree there, but there seem to be a few films which don’t know which direction to take.

          Knowing is one of the most bizarre films, thought it was some kind of paranormal related film, ends up being, well just too strange.

      • @boogoo – Sunshine is a great film. It’s ashame more people haven’t seen it.

    • Also have to include Silent Running and Darkstar.

  4. Spent my New Year watching #JGL in Looper and the Dark Knight Rises. Then, my wife made shawarma.

    • This reminded me of the day I saw The Avengers in theaters. After watching the scenes after the credits, the wife and I had a craving for some food. Since she was pregnant at the time, we had a limit to what we could eat. I wanted sushi, she obviously couldn’t. So we stop at “The Greek Pita” to try it out. Now being the typical American that I am and ignorant to the world, I had no idea what a “shawarma” was. But sure as $#*t I did try one!

      Random, I know. Had to share.

      • Shawarma wasn’t my favorite food…it wasn’t my least favorite either. Your story makes me wonder how much shawarma was sold after the Avengers release.

        • I didn’t know what Shawarma was until I saw The Avengers (I’d say the movie definitely bumped up sales).

          It’s pretty good (not great though) for those who haven’t tried it. That said, I like my food spicy so let’s just say it didn’t “sit well” afterwards… if you know what I mean ;)

      • This was my first experience with it.

    • Was it in a partially destroyed New York City?

      • Tempe, Arizona. The lack of tall buildings, one could say they were there and all fell down due to an invasion?

        • Which would beg the question.

          What would Peter Parker be like as Spider-man in cities with less than 10 tall buildings.

          “High Atop the 3 story roof top, Spiderman is in battle with..Electro.”

          Would be boring if one of them fell 3 stories to their broken bones!

          • As a kid, we used to joke how boring it would be for super heroes like Spider Man in PHX. They’d clear the city in 10 seconds. Or metro area is undoubtedly one of the largest in the country when it comes to square mileage but we never had a reason to build up. Just out.

        • One of my Sisters works and lives in Tempe.

          • I also work in Tempe. But I live in east Mesa. She’ll understand lol.

  5. Okey, so i saw The hobbit for the second time on Monday, and I had three beefs with it. Please don’t mistake my meaning… I loved the movie and thought it was awesome… I just found three things wrong with it.

    #1: The rock giant battle. If they had been bashing away at each other for the last couple of years, how come they had not disintegrated? They took huge chunks off each other…

    #2: The swords… Gandalf and Thorin’s sword should glow blue… elfish blades after all… (plus, shouldn’t they have some blood on them? Especially after killing hordes of goblins?)

    #3: The conversation between Galadriel and Gandalf… She says (with dramatic music) something to the extent of “If you are ever in trouble, call me and I will come and help you” any other Tolkomaniacs seeing what I am? Battle of the five armies… Gandy in trouble… calls Galadriel… and…. HALDIR shows up. Gosh I hope not.

    • Haha ur concern was disentigration? Though a very logical point. My problem was how on earth did they stay on at that point, i think middle earth still follows the same physics as real life for the most part.

    • Okey, 1~ Thanks @Trey, at least someone reads the garbage i post.

      2~ I just talked to my brudda and he and i worked out this awesome idea about what the next Hobbit film film will contain, and since it is very involved and long, I will wait till friday to post it… till then, writhe in suspense.

      and 3~ i saw this on RT’s feed:

      “Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored for Guardians of the Galaxy
      ‎Today, ‎January ‎02, ‎2013, ‏‎10 hours ago
      He’s rumored for pretty much everything at this point. ”

      LOL. Says it all.

  6. U.S.S Enterprise starships.

    Which one is in your generation.

    Do not go with the advancement in technology, want to know which one you like and why?

    Me, NCC-1701 Refit. Something about the updated styling that says “Do not even think about messing with me.

    Not so Hot NCC-1701-D. Nice ship and all, but Saucer section always looked out of place, like Popeye’s forearms.

    • With you on both: the original’s a classic, but the refit resolved the slight tendency it had to look like a collection of random shapes thrown together, without altering it beyond recognition.

      D looked good from certain angles, and like a mutant duck from others.

      E’s probably my favourite – mean and beautiful, stylish and aggressive. C deserves a mention as well for its no-frills simplicity.

      B, though, resembled a bathtub designed by Philippe Starck. Horrible.

  7. Who Is More Awesome?

    Daniel Radcliffe or Elijah Woods?

    • Harry > Frodo

    • Neithern

    • Neither one is someone I’d consider “awesome”, but I’d much rather hang out with Radcliffe than Woods (plus Radcliffe is desperately trying keep his career moving forwards and into other directions – props to him for that).

      • Elijah seems to be moving his career forward and in different directions, too.

  8. Who are your top 5 fav film characters of this year and top 5 of all?

    • This year hmm… in no order
      Calvin candie
      Forrest bondurant
      Billy (sam rockwell in seven psychopaths)
      The pirate captain (pirates band lf misfits)

      Idk all time

    • 2012:
      The Hulk (The Avengers)
      Iron Man (The Avengers)
      Django (Django Unchained)
      Dr. King Schultz (Django Unchained)
      Snow (Lockout)

      Of All Time:
      Indiana Jones
      The Terminator
      Ace Ventura
      John McClane
      Hans Solo

      Narrowing the all time list to five was tough, that is probably not my top five but they are pretty much the first five characters that i could think of that i love.

    • A) Thor
      B) Giovanni Ribisi in Ted
      C) Chuck Norris in E2
      D) Colin Farrell on Total Recall
      E) Josh Brolin in MiB3

      1) Indiana Jones
      2) Forrest Gump
      3) Batman (MK)
      4) Riggs
      5) Edgar Frog

  9. Dont know how many people have already done this, but here is my Top Ten List of 2012:

    1. The Avengers
    2. The Dark Knight Rises
    3. The Expendables 2
    4. The Amazing Spider-Man
    5. Skyfall
    6. Battleship
    7. John Carter
    8. Men in Black 3
    9. Premium Rush
    10. Django Unchained

    Honorable Mentions: 21 Jump Street, Chronicle, Man on a Ledge, The Bourne Legacy

    Worst Film of 2012: One for the Money

    Still Need to See: Looper, Chinese Zodiac, The Hobbit, Jack Reacher, Taken 2, Total Recall, Dredd

    • 1. Perks of being a wallflower
      2. Dark knight rises
      3. Life of pi
      4. Les miserables
      5. lawless
      6. Seven psychopaths
      7. Looper
      8. End of watch
      9. Pirates! Band of misfits
      10. Django unchained.

    • rises would be on mine except for the sad fact that out of all superhero films made it shows the titular character the least in this case, batman.
      Sure you can say there was a lot of bruce wayne but that just means a lot of christian bale and I wanna see batman….man.
      And it also doesnt show a lot of bane after he takes over, and the reveal villain who wasnt much of a reveal and just the stupidity and focus on the cops(especially john blake) and that its overly long.
      but here I am ranting again…

      • My biggest problem with bane was nolan tried to hide his backstory and give us little information on the mask and his life. Which worked wonders with the joker, but i wanted a straight forward bane.

    • I’m not doing this because there are still quite a few movies I have yet to see.

      • Yeah, I might have to update my list in a month or so as i know i will be seeing about 5 more 2012 films either in theaters or as they come out on DVD. Overall there is about 15 films i still would like to see from 2012.

    • Hmmmm, I don’t think I can even name ten movies, my memory is really bad but I’ll say these are some of my favorites:

      Cabin in the Woods
      Jack Reacher
      Bourne Legacy
      Aaaand Resident Evil: Retribution as a guilty pleasure, don’t judge! :)

      I haven’t seen Django Unchained or Life of Pi or some of the other Oscar-y movies so I’m sure my list would change and grow.

  10. Finally got round to seeing Life Of Pi tonight. It was very, very good.

    I’m still taking everything in at the moment, and I’ll admit I’m a bit confused with what story to believe and what happened to Richard Parker at the end, but yeah, it’s definitely a must-see in cinemas.

    I haven’t read the book, but as a movie it works very well. The story and visual effects were exceptional and the acting was very good as well.

    It’s one of those movies where I guess you have to watch it more than once to really -get- everything, but with Django, Argo, Les Mis, Gangster Squad still on my Watchlist, a second viewing will have to wait till it hits DVD.

    • Glad you enjoyed it here is my interpritation after seeing it twice.


      The reason i got that people believe the story with the tiger is because what really happened was a horid story of canabalism and murder. When it happens with animals it becomes an uplifting story of a man surviving against impeccable odds, on a boat with a tiger. As for the tiger he was pi in animal form. Pi’s dad taught him that animals dont have souls, their eyes reflect your soul back at you. So the tiger best represented pi and his actions and attitude.

      • That’s a very good and interesting view of the story.

        After having done some thinking, I think I prefer “the one with the tiger”, but not because the second story is too gruesome and disturbing, although I’m certain that plays a major role in some people’s interpretation of the film.

        I’m certainly not blind to the second story being very believable (and it makes sense for Pi to want to make something else up if the second story was indeed true) and usually I tend to have a very skeptical and almost pessimistic outlook on things like this, but for me, I prefer to “believe” the first story because it in turn is about belief. It’s very hard to explain (as is the whole concept of “belief” and in some respects, even God), but as someone who believes in God and has seen one or two miracles happen, as well as having experienced loss and pain, I don’t think the first story (“the one with the tiger”) is so far fetched.

        Those who have faith and believe in something greater, I think would be inclined to believe the first story as well (because it’s part of what faith in God is all about – believing in something greater than ourselves, something greater than we could possibly imagine and something that we can only truly believe if we have absolute faith in it).

        In any case, it was a wonderful film and I love movies with ambiguous endings. In the end the only “true” ending is the one the viewer WANTS (or needs) to believe, based on his/her personal life experiences and personality – and I absolutely love seeing that in films.
        —END SPOILERS—

        Anyway… I also finally got round to watching ‘Searching For Sugar Man’ and you were right, it was a good watch. (Shame on you Yanks for letting such an amazing artist slip through your fingers! ;))

        • Very good points, as someone not as religious i could see how faith and belief can lead towards a diffrent outlook on the film. As for sugar man… we failed :\

        • I had only a little interest in this before, but after reading your comments I am definatly more interested. I am a Christian, so the themes of spirituality and belief in stories interest me even though I often times disagree with some of their conclusions. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to check it out!

          • I think its a movie most everyone will enjoy its a little slow but didnt ruin the experience for me.

  11. Anyone a fan of reading screenplays? I just finished reading django unchained screenplay and i must say it was quite diffrent from the film. In perticilar the 2nd half of the film. Id say it was more serious and all aroind a better version imo. Along with some extremely tense and memorable scenes.

    • Never got around to doing that but the concept sounds really cool. But isnt that no different than reading the book? I know the screenplay is different then a book but what I mean is… isn’t it as disappointing as reading the book? People always complain that so much was left out or that it wouldve been better this way etc..

      • Idk this was the first screenplay ive read, and it was after i saw the movie. The screenplay fixed most of the problems i had with the film. But tarintino was smart to leave somethings out.

    • The only screenplay I’ve ever read was The Dark Knight Rises’, which was very interesting for me.
      I’d love to read more, but I don’t know where to find them online (or if it’s even legal to download them)!

      • Any signifigant changes in the dkr from the screenplay?

  12. I finally brought myself to watch Rock of Ages yesterday.

    Usually I can’t stand musicals, because they pretty much always are very, very, very campy and I tend to get embarassed by proxy for the actors, but since I love classic rock music I gave this one a shot and I must say I really enjoyed it. I liked how it didn’t take itself too seriously and how it had a bit of fun with the cheesiness of musicals (the “I Wanna Know What Love Is” scene comes to mind). Also, Cruise did a much better job than I would have expected.

    On the downside it was way too sleek for a rock movie. The voices are too clean, especially Sherrie’s (auto-tune much?), and the image quality of the Blu-ray is way too good for the subject matter. I know it sounds silly to complain about great image quality, but some grittiness, film grain and less popping colors would have been more suitable for Rock of Ages.

    • That is one I also would like to check out but can’t seem to get around to it. Its definitely one I would like to sit down and watch with the wife but we barely have any time together as it is so its hard to fit in a movie sometimes.