Open Discussion – January 2, 2012

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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 2, 2012HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Better late than never).

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   January 2, 2012

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  1. Sad news, Bob Anderson has died at the age of 89. An amzing fight trainer who choreographed scenes in classc films like the princess bride and modern epics like lord of the rings. May he rest in peace.

    • My name is Inigo Montoya, you killer my father, prepare to die!

      he did the classic swordfight between Inigo and the man in black/roberts/wesley. rip bob.

      oh and happy new year vic and company, and ranters.

    • A true legend has passed he was one of the greats and one of the reasons why I got into stage combat…he will be missed

    • Hmm.. I think maybe it would be better as a miniseries or a tv series like game of thrones (the problem would be the budget). It would be hard to fit The Elder Scrolls universe into a trilogy. But I think I would want each movie to take place in the different lands. First Oblivion, then Morrowind, then Skyrim. They’d have to make a lot of changes and cut out a lot, but maybe it could be done.

    • The Elder Scrolls games already have an entirely fleshed out, cinematically told story. There would be no point in adapting it.

  2. Saw pictures of Erica Durance will have a guest role on Harry’s Law as a woman who thinks she’s Wonder Woman. I loved Erica as Lois Lane in Smallville but I wouldn’t mind seein her take on the lasso and invisible jet.

    • She had a Wonderwoman costume in the one episode of Smallville. She looked… pretty good. šŸ˜‰

  3. Hey so I recently watched the first season of the walking dead on Netflix but I wanna catch up on season two thus far. Does anyone know where I can see those episodes???

      • cool thanks guys I’ll give it a try. I got really hooked in this series. Is the graphic novel better? I just ordered it but the show is great. Effects are great for a tv show.

  4. Saw Sherlock Season 2 ep 1 A Scandal In Belgravia, imo that episode was better then A Game of Shadows! Excellent!

    • Where did you watch it?

  5. Saw this film BOY WONDER the other day and it was amazing!

  6. Any news on the Resident Evil Retribution trailer? Jovovich said on her twitter the trailer would arrive “around the new year”

  7. can someone answer me a question about -the dark knight? who,scarred jokers mouth,was it his father,or was it himself,because his girlfriend was injured in her face by gangsters or pimps,so he wanted to have forever a smile on his face? i donĀ“t understand that since iĀ“ve watched the whole movie,maybe 12 times since it came out 2008. please,someone can hopefully answer it.

      • Yeez dude.
        The screenrant staff can’t reply to everyone’s questions and comments (the discussion page mostly consists of ranters posting messages – not the staff).

        • avenger,youĀ“re allright,you and maybe two others,are the only ones which i read and understand! but iĀ“ve saw it the last days,vic or kofi are answering most of the questions or send greetings. at first,i donĀ“t kiss a…,i had wrote that iĀ“m from germany and that screenrant is a good site. you know,just one Ā“thanksĀ“from them,but nothing came back. one thing at last,i read no more film-reviews here,bye.

          • murdock,

            In the last couple of days I had emergency hip surgery from a sudden infection that was serious enough to cause them to operate that same day, a few days of miserable recovery from pain and the side effects and nausea of pain medication, not being able to take care of myself without help from my wife, and STILL keeping the site going.

            So if you’re so offended that we missed your stupid little question about a make believe character (which you could have googled easily), then good riddance.

            I may block your IP from viewing the site just for good measure Mr “the world revolves around me.”

            And everyone who’s going to flame me: when you have real, serious stuff going on in your life (injury, death of a family member, cancer), fanboy complaints about costume colors and the like seem utterly idiotic.


    • nobody knows how nolan’s joker got that way, and that’s the beauty of the character. he has such a mysterious past. remember he gave an entirely different story when was threatening rachael dawes. we don’t know which is true. and that’s what is soo great about the character.

    • Murdok…

      Traditionally, Joker’s origin has been mysterious, though there have been many attempts over the decades to give him a definitive one. The one most people currently know about is the being-dropped-into-a-vat-of-acid version (illustrated in the ’89 Burton “Batman”), but there have been many versions.

      By the way, cutting down the staff of the site you JUST asked a question (during the holidays when many people are preoccupied with other, more familial concerns especially) will certainly not gain you any friends…or sympathy.

      Oh, and SR’s Top Ten list was of the staff’s favorites, NOT the best of 2011…just their opinions (with which some have agreed, some have not). Pay attention next time you read an article.

      Just a couple of things to consider…

        • Oh, you’re a sweetheart…you keep insulting the very people you expect to answer your questions (“ignore-rant”, “art-rant”). You are also dead wrong that the site does not encourage foreign visitors; we have people from GERMANY, South Africa, England, and various others (I believe Spain, countries in South America, and others). THEY try to be respectful.

          Otherwise, feel free to go explore the many other film/t.v./video game/pop culture sites, but know this: You will experience a great deal of rudeness, immaturity, and backbiting that are, in great part, absent here.

          Good luck…

  8. FYI if you don’t see me around much I had hip surgery few days ago and it really is kicking my ass. Very weak and won’t be around either here, email, twitter or FB.

    Don’t worry, not gonna die or anything – just feel like i wish i would would.

    miss you guys.


    • Get well soon!

    • Relax and get better Vic!

    • Hope you feel better vic take care and hope to see you back soon.

    • Get well soon Vic!

      Because you know what they say … “When the owner/operator of a great movie site is away, the commenters and trolls will play.” :)

      • Hope you get better Vic!

    • get well soon Big Vic

    • That which does not kill you makes you grow stronger. Haha. Get well, internet friend.

    • Feel better Vic! Someones gotta keep everyone in line around here :p

    • Feel better, Vic.

    • Get Well and Happy New Year.

      • Why is there a big empty box hosted with my reply’s? lol

    • Hope you feel better and are kicking trolls out of here real soon!

    • Sorry to hear about your hip, Vic. Heal up soon.

    • Hope you have a speedy recovery Vic.
      Get well soon.

    • Hang in there, mate. Wishing you well.

    • i am so glad that the germans have got the best voice-overs,sounds better then the original voices! even baneĀ“s voice sounds so cool in german-voice-over.

    • Vic, I hope you have a speedy recovery. God bless!

    • Hope you get better soon Vic, we love you! :)

    • Take it easy Vic.

    • mace…

      That was indeed excellent. Thank you.

  9. I just saw the trailer for the grey with Liam Neeson and I gotta say it looks awesome!! I hope its gonna have some kicka** action like Taken that’s my fav movie with Liam after Star Wars episode I :)

  10. Get well soon Vic.

  11. Get well soon Vic

  12. Here’s an open discussion question.

    What’s Vic gonna watch while he’s recuperating?

    I’m guessing old Alfred Hitchcock presents episodes.

    • I’m guessing Dr. Who (it’s even better when you’re on pain medication ;)) – kidding of course…

      When I’m recuperating, I always watch either the original Star Wars trilogy, or a Marvel Studios marathon (IM, IM2, TIH, Cap, Thor) — it always makes me feel better.

    • I say a midget-wrestling marathon.

      • Winner! Best answer. LMFAO

  13. I usually watch tv dvd box sets when im at home getting better.

  14. Hey screen rants writers. Any idea of someone will be posting a thread about your oscar predictions before the nominations are announced? I’m curious to see what you all think

    • Just cause they didn tlike tintin it doest make the amateur reviews…. I didn’t really like tintin its an opinion if you don’t like the review why come on the site. Not many places gave tin tin 5 stars remember that. Ur letting the fact that its your childhood hero cloud other peoples opinions.