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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 18, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 18, 2013

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    Well, last night I watched the latest episode of Supernatural. I like the whole idea of heaven brainwashing their angels – sorry for the spoiler :) Overall, this season has been extremely focused on character and has a mature feel to it, you know? Sam and Dean actually seem like grown men. My only complaint is that the main plot is moving slow, but every episode is still enjoyable.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty awesome!

    • JCH,

      I edited your comment. Seriously, a spoiler apology after the spoiler instead of a warning in front of it? Come on.


      • If you watched previous eps it wasnt that much of a spoiler as cas has been manipulated by heaven since he got back.

      • I actually thought about that but sometimes I have these moments when I go against my better judgement. Maybe it was too early in the morning. My apologies.

  2. ^Damn, you really did spoil that for me.

    • Heh, my bad. Luckily that’s not the only thing that happens so hopefully I didn’t spoil too much.

    • Shouldn’t really be a surprise/spoiler if you followed the season up to this point. ;)

  3. I watched Haven season’s finale and it was great. It reminded me a little of IT by Stephen King. Where when the spider starts killing the town falls asleep, but when the town wakes up the spider sleeps again. I can’t wait until next season.

  4. So … I’m slowly but surely becoming a LOSTie. I know, I know. That ship has sailed, no? But I’m partway into Season Two, and I have a whole bunch of burning questions which need to be answered, like, pronto. So…if you have any ideas, comment and let me know.

    BURNING QUESTION NUMBER 1. Why do the boars always run towards people who invade their space?

    I swear, it’s happened, like, 4 or 8 or 15 times. Whenever a survivor sees a boar in the jungle, the boar runs right towards the survivor. It doesn’t run away. It doesn’t get scared. It charges. Now, I’m not an expert in the field of boar psychology, but that’s pretty strange to me. Also, the survivor never gets out of the way in time. If I were John Locke, I’d spend less time brooding mysteriously and more time teaching basic dodging skills.

    BURNING QUESTION NUMBER 2. What’s with Jack’s heavy breathing?

    Family Guy has raised this point on at least one occasion–Jack is always out of breath. Is he trying to be sultry? Does he have a chronic respiratory dysfunction? Or is his heavy breathing perhaps symbolic of…of something? This question had better be answered soon.

    BURNING QUESTION NUMBER 3a. How does everyone find their way around the island so easily?

    I mean, there’s the caves, and the hatch, and the Black Rock, and Sayid’s Honeymoon Suite, and…how do these people keep from getting constantly lost? (Ha. Just got that. Pun. Lost. LOST. Ha. Anyway, where were we?)
    Ah yes. And even if we eventually discover that all of the survivors had microscopic iron shrapnel enter their brains from the airplane, turning them into homing pigeons with instinctual magnetic compasses, that’s bull, because of the magnetic anomaly. Also, I’m pretty sure that would kill them.

    BURNING QUESTION NUMBER 3b. Why are there no beaten paths?

    Now this is really annoying: they keep walking all over there, 40 people, for more than a month, and the place isn’t all trodden down already? Humph. I smell an inconsistency here.
    That’s all my Burning Questions for now. But more will soon surface. Fear not.

    EDIT: I thought of one more burning question.

    BURNING QUESTION NUMBER 4. What’s with Jin and English?

    Here’s the thing. Whenever somebody wants to talk to Jin, they’re like, “Hey, dude, I’m gonna talk English to you all up in here. Even though you don’t speak English. Yeah.” And he, inevitably, is all “WHAAA?”, only in Korean. So what do they do? They say the exact same thing they said before, only LOUDER. Because it’s not like there’s a language barrier–not that at all. He’s just…deaf.

    Seriously. If you’re trying to communicate through a language barrier and you’re misunderstood, you don’t repeat yourself louder. You change your wording and simplify it. You don’t shout at your conversation-mate because he’s deaf.

    • As a once avid Lost fan, I would advise you not to waste your time. The show was great during the first two years, but it slowly deteriorated and “lost” its way thereafter. The ending was terrible, as although they promised to answer all questions, relatively few to none ever were. I just kept watching because of the exemplary acting of Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson, but the show itself turned out to be one of the greatest shams in television history. Still, it has its supporters.

      • Yehbut… Josh Holloway is AWESOME… and he doesnt act in much else…

        wait… am i doing the whole “fangirl” thing?

        • Can’t blame you for liking the show because of a particular actor, as in the end, that is all I remember from it, thanks to O’Quinn and Emerson. If you continue with it, expect quasi answers to some questions, which inevitably lead to more and more questions, which, in the end, are never really answered. Myself and many fans were very disappointed with the last couple seasons. Coworkers and I used to come into the work the following day and roll our eyes at each other, with the sentiment, “Why are we still watching this?”

      • I totally agree. While I can’t say anything about the conclusion of the show, because I never watched it, I can tell you this much about Lost: I really loved the first season.

        I was a rabid fan and made everyone that I knew watch it as well. The second season was interesting too, but I only liked it so-so, because I got a bit annoyed by the constant baiting and switching. They would introduce a storyline that I was really curious about and then just drop it and move on to something else like some kid with ADD. Halfway through season three I stopped watching the show, because the storylines became more and more stupid and contrived, and the show was all over the place without any clear direction.

        At that point I couldn’t stand it anymore and it was obvious that the writers just made things up as they went along without any real plan or layout for the future of the show. Lost was their little incoherent sandbox. You know all those long running soap operas where the writing gets worse and sillier the longer it’s on, with a “shocking” twist at the end of each episode that made less and less sense every time, just because they had to deliver something to hook the audience somehow? Well, Lost was like that, just as a high concept show and with much faster pacing. I never looked back after ditching that show and I never regretted it, even though I really loved some of the characters.

  5. Not a “Lost” fan, but the boar question is answered easily enough: Wild boars are extremely dangerous animals. They’re aggressive and will attack most creatures who enter their areas. Rarely (if ever) do boars run away. Applying the old “fight or flight” standard, boars will FIGHT.

  6. Got a question, is Taken 2 worth picking up on Blu-ray ? The first was awesome but not sure if the sequel was as good as the original.

    • If you thought the first was good then sure go ahead and get the second. It’s not quite as good, but it is what it is and you’ll be entertained.

      • yeah I agree with Tyler’s sentiment about the film. Its not a masterpiece by any means but it is Liam Neeson kicking a** for an hour and a half, and were we really expecting anything more than that? I thoroughly enjoyed it, and though its not as good as its predecessor and I wouldn’t purchase it its definitely worth seeing at least once.

        • @Tyler and MovieDude,


  7. Is there going to be a dc’s lobo movie in 2014.

    • I think it’s in development hell, if a lobo movie isn’t rated R then i won’t even bother lol

  8. So i hear that Darkseid will be the main villain in the JLA movie, but i think they should go someone like Amazo or Brainiac because Darkseid is way too big of a villain for the first movie.

    • starro

      • Double that.

  9. Just watched Django Unchained – in a word, Awesome!!

  10. question… I’m looking to get into some new cool tv shows. My go to shows come back in february (community and walking dead) and I need something to tide me over until then.. Any suggestions? I’ve heard Dr Who and Sherlock are really good.

    • I guess sherlock and dr who aren’t new but I’m open to any suggestions…

    • Arrow is pretty sweet… also smallville, Lost, Sherlock rocks, mentalist isn’t bad…

    • Doctor Who and Sherlock are great. Some people really like Christopher Eccleston’s run and David Tennant’s run, but I find that Matt Smith’s has been the best so far. It’s really best to start at Christopher Eccleston and watch through to where the series currently is (in the middle of Series 7). Plus there’s backstory that carries over into each new incarnation of the Doctor. As for Sherlock, it’s all great, though I feel the first season is stronger than the second. The first episode to me is still the best of the show. At the same time as loving this show, the interpretation of Moriarty, I really do not favor. He just seems to be extremely flamboyant, and that’s not the character I have come to know as Moriarty.

      • Oh yeah I forgot about Arrow I’ve read good things about it. Yeah I wanna start from the beginning if I get into dr who. I mean from eccleston onward. Sherlock would be good too, I’ve actually seen 3 episodes already they’re great. But yeah so basically what you guys are telling me is that I need to get netflix! haha I’ve gotten to a point where I cant mooch off my buddies anymore I should just subscribe.

      • amen to that! Moriarty is sopposed to be dark and broody… not an unbelievable show-off.

        • Personally, as average as the movies are, I do like Jared Harris’ perfomance as Moriarty. He’s also great as David Robert Jones in Fringe.

          • I liked the first Sherlock, but the second lost the charm.

            My favorite moriarty is the one from Jerome Brett’s BBC show.

      • I have only seen the first season of Sherlock. I really liked it all the up to the last minutes. But when…

        … Moriarty started talking I almost spit out my drink and I started looking for hidden cameras. I really thought it was a joke or that a gag reel was running for some reason. I couldn’t take his voice and his mannerisms serious for one second, regardless of what he had done before. I think they ruined the character with their interpretation of him. Not sure I like the Elementary version either, but at least that one doesn’t come across as a clown.

    • I’m planning on watching Kevin Bacon in The Following, which airs its pilot this Monday night at nine on Fox. Bacon plays a former FBI agent who put a serial killer behind bars. Now that serial killer has escaped and has connected with other serial killers, creating a cult that follows his every command. The trailer looks promising to me.

  11. I just had an idea! how about Daniel Craig as the JL Batman! he has the chin…

    • Eh maybe but he’s getting older. I think they want tl go with the youngerish actors. IMO I would maybe say Ian somerhalder is a good choice or joe magnello(dude from true blood) those are my too two for a new batman.

  12. OMG! Tom Hanks and Stevem Spielberg want to produce another HBO WWII mini series, this time it’s gonna be about the air force!

    • I loved Band of Brother. It was the perfect mix of story on the part of the soldiers and the war. The Pacific I felt was to much on the soldiers. I hope the new one has the better mix again.

  13. Does WB/DC plan to make their shared universe as gritty,etc & realistic as possible as Snyder’s Superman? Or does everything depend of MOS’s performance? How old is Ron Pearlman? I think he’d be great as Darkseid or atleast the voice of him if they don’t Michael Ironside.

    • I don’t think it all depends on MOS as JL has a release date. I think DC has done a great job making their comics serious and dark, without having them need to be realistic. I should add that when I use the word realistic I mean true real world as we don’t have super powered people running around. And do not have interstellar travel. TDK movies worked well for Batman. Superman needs some more sci-fi as does JL. I think WB/DC can pull it off, and hope they do.

    • I want a gritty aquaman.

      • +1

  14. Yay! going to see Jack Reacher in an hour!