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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 18, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 18, 2012

Oh, you might notice a ribbon on the upper right of the site today. Click on it (or here, if you arrive after we’ve eventually removed it) and help stop SOPA and PIPA, two bills that are making their way through Congress that are chilling in their effect on online free speech. We try to avoid politics here, but this directly affects the internet and websites.

FYI, we here are anti-pirating, but this is NOT the way to stop it.

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  1. Hey Ranters! :D
    Question: If you could take any book/novel or even comic book and make a film adaption (or TV show), which book/comic would it be, in which format (TV or movie) and why?

    P.S. Vic… Hope you’re feeling better man.

    • “THe Wolf’s Hour” by Robert R. McCammon. Because it has werewolves & nazis in an incredible cool story of bravery, espionage, horror, love and action. My favorite book of fiction of all time.

    • Novel – Any of Jo Nesbo’s novels

      Comic – Batman Absolution or Batman : Gotham by Gaslight(probably directed by Guy ritchie)
      DareDevil man without fear

    • The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I would love to see it as a TV show because I think as seen with Walking Dead and The Game of Thrones that if done right it would make for and epic tv show.

    • Hustler. Oh wait its been done….

      A proper Dragonlance movie done like the World of Warcraft intros are done.

      • Novel – The Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove

        Book trilogy – The Procurater Trigoly

        I’d do those as movies. Harry Turtledove’s World at War books could be a good tv show.

        Comic – Kingdom Come

        • I would also like to see some of Harry Turtledove’s work moved to either TV or the Big Screen. I would also like to see some of Vince Flynn’s novels turned into movies. I have heard some rumblings and hopefully it ends up happening.

    • Novel – Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman
      A teen gets invited to a secret, overnight carnival. Once he enters, he can’t leave until he rides–and survives–seven rides. Each ride is created off of the teen’s deepest fears, and if he doesn’t finish all seven rides by dawn, he loses his soul. My favorite YA novel.

      Comic – Abadazad or The Umbrella Academy (My apologies if a movie is in the works.)

    • book: The Dark Tower series (Stephen King)
      Comic: The Maxx

    • Odd Thomas. I’d like the budget of a feature film but the episodes of TV could be cool, if done right.

    • Manhunt
      I forget the full title but it’s about the 11 day search for Booth after he assassinated Lincoln. I know The Conspirator dealt with the same topic but the book truly breaks down the whole conspiracy and the players involved. And it’s a fast paced, action filled story. It’s been at least 8 years since I read it and I remember hearing HBO optioned it but since then there’s been nothing.

    • Thanks, TheAvenger. I haven’t taken a pain pill in 24 hours (want to be DONE with those damned things!). Problem is while on them you think you’re farther ahead in your progress than you actually are, so it feels like a step back (plus more pain).

      I have a new found respect for people who manage to be cheerful and positive while going through debilitating diseases….


      • Vic,
        I don’t know you or do you know me but I’ll still say that’s the smartest thing you could do. Pain is a terrible thing to deal with and every person handles it differently but pain killers are dangerous in ways that I know all to well.
        I wish ya luck in getting better.

        • Thanks, Kevin.


        • murdock,

          Well I’m a VERY long ways from being “fit” again, but thanks. In regards to your question, hard to tell from what we’ve seen – and we weren’t on-set to see more, so I can’t say for sure.


    • - Michael Moorcock’s, “Elric of Melniboné” (and other tales of the Eternal Champion like Corum, Dorian hawkmoon, Erekose, etc.) This could be bigger than Harry Potter if done right and have more longevity.

      - Roger Zelazny’s, “Chronicles of Amber”

      - Stephen R. Donaldson’s, “Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever”

      - Fritz Leiber’s, “Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser”

      Why? because only only are they some of the BEST fantasy books EVER written but they deserve to be made before many of the less venerable and revered franchises.

    • NECROSCOPE series by Brian Lumley. I’m reading the books again and they’re basically perfect for the big screen or even a series with the seriousness of True Blood. HBO would be a great place for such a series.

  2. Top 10 TV themes of all-time in your opinion.

    Mine (In no particular order):
    Batman TAS
    Mangum PI
    Dukes of Hazzard
    The Greatest American Hero
    Andy Griffith Show

    • Quantum Leap
      Batman Beyond
      Fat Albert
      Welcome Back, Kotter
      Three’s Company
      Johnny Quest
      Land of the Lost
      Thundarr the Barbarian
      The Electric Company (The first show)
      Unsolved Mysteries

      Choosing only ten was tough!

    • If you mean theme songs…the original Battlestar Galactica should be in there. Hill Street Blues was a good one.

  3. @ The Avenger. I’d say Brian Lumley’s Necroscope books and the Space Wolves Warhammer Novels.

  4. To reboot Eragon. Great book but they mess up the movie BIG time. Also maybe the Alex Cross books but WITHOUT Tyler Perry. Keep Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross.

    • I despise Tyler Perry. He is an embarrasment and single handedly destroying black cinema. He does nothing to improve black image. I cant wait for the day ppl run to the streets and start burning all his movies&tv shows.

        • @Hi-C

          I would never hate a man for making his money but I do not respecr how he attained it. All his movies make black people loud and stupid and especially paints black males in a negative light. His TV shows disgust me. They are as bad as black face. They are step backward from everything good sitcoms like the Cosby Show, Family Matters and Good Times have done for black image. Even modern shows like My Wife & Kids and Everybody Hates Chris & Proud Family did an excellent job of keeping up the hunor and posituve black image. Tyler Perey is a clown and embarrasment.

    • I was wondering what ever happened to the second part to Eragon?

      • Since Part One tanked, nobody but the fans were interested…

  5. The tv themes…Miami Vice has to be in there i’d say.

  6. Screen/Game Rant Staff,

    I’ve been meaning to ask this for some time now but how does the staff feel about doing an Open discussion on the Gamerant side of the house?

    • Why is it necessary? You can talk games here were more people will see it.

      • Well probably because Games are Games and Movies/TV are Movies/TV?

        They have different sites (Gamerant) for a reason so why would you merge the two here?

        • My thoughts exactly…

    • HelghastUser,

      That’s been asked before – I don’t know that we get enough comments on GR to justify it, but I’ll mention it to the editor over there.



      • Hey vic

        I’ve always wondered why game rant doesn’t have one either. Sometimes I need opinions on games an don’t really have a site to post it on.

        • mighty avenger,

          I think we’re going to give it at least a test run on Game Rant since it’s been requested here more than once.


          • awesome thanks Vic.

          • I appreciate the consideration. I to sometimes want to ask/say something but there is no proper forum to put it out on. At least if we do a test run we’ll know for sure if there should be an Open discussion tradition in the Gamerant section of the site.

  7. So how do yall (including Vic) feel about this Stop Online Pirating Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act ( PIPA)? I see the negatives but are there any positives coming from these bills getting passed.

    • No. No positives in the long run. It is a detriment to free speech, especially on the internet. It must die.

      • I’m with Ink

        • Me too.

          • Me three.

      • And its marks the end of free internet porn. oh what a travesty.

    • Funny thing is it is like the Govt and Phones in cars.

      If people could be trusted and were responsible stuff like this would not come down the pipe.

      As it is peoples cant be or have shown they can not. So “Big Brother” has to step in.

      I find it hard to believe there are no positives. Every-time something like this comes up people scream really loud about how bad it is. Yet no one seems to think it can do any good.

      What I find humorous is Wiki (and others?) shutting down to prove a point… What point is that? People rely on the information so you are going to take it away for a day…. I dont really think information on on the OSI model via Wiki is at risk….

      Why not work with it? Sorry when I can hope on line days before a movie is coming out and watch it there is an issue. (both internally and externally)

      There is a difference in Free Speech and what you are legally allowed to say, write and provide.

      • The problem Aknot is government rarely holds themselves to their own limits they impose. Would I like to see piracy halted? You bet. But the problem lies in what the government could do later with these laws in place. And with this law they could take over the internet and tell us what we are allowed to see and what we can’t see. It isn’t always about the here and now, sometimes the future must be taken into account. And the future, in this context, with this bill, is bleak for all of us.

        • ;) I added my not fully supported right before you posted.

          I do feel though that there needs to be some type of…regulation.

          However it needs to be agreed upon and smart as the Govt does not own the Internet.

          This great thing called the internet has exploded by leaps and bounds at an alarming rate. Some people just cant handle it.

          • Agreed.

      • Oh and I don’t FULLY support it. However it is something that has merit and in order to battle certain issues the Internet brings needs to be looked at.

      • In short: if this bill passes… the future looks pretty damn terrifying.

        I for one understand why they need something like this in place, but like Vic and INK said, they can do some scary stuff in the future if this passes.

        And people shouldn’t think that this only affects the US… if something like this gets implemented, people from all over the world (like right here in South-Africa) will be affected (substantially) IMO.

        Let’s just hope they come to their senses…

      • However my Big Brother statement is true.

        Again I will use cell phones and driving as an example.

        People are up in arms because of the hinted ban of ALL devices. Well guess what people had you not done what you did the Govt would not be stepping in so heavy handed.

        However every day you can see people on the road doing everything on the phone from texting, talking, email, directions etc. Swerving, driving slow etc.

        And this is young and old alike, rich/poor, etc.

        So the big hand comes in with an all encompassing sweep of everything which I will venture to guess will get dropped down to non hands free devices. However it got peoples attention.

        Just like this “bill” that apparently snuck up on most of you. It is a heavy armed all encompassing sweep that will fail. However the fallout of it will have repercussions. Much needed repercussions.

        Maybe it will get people to think twice about DL ‘stuff’. Maybe it will make people think twice about hosting ‘stuff’. What ever it is things will change.

        Im all for freedom… I served and in a way still do. However when that freedom infringes on someone elses rights we have issues.

        I was thinking about this the other day…. It can never be figured out but I was wondering if we didnt have ‘piracy’ would crappy movies and the such still get made? I mean if everyone had to pay to see it (or play it or listen to it) what the effect would actually be.

        “Gov’t wants to waive all Miranda rights of citizens if they’re accused of being involved in terrorist activity.” Im all for that. However they need more solid evidence then just accused. You no longer are a citizen you are an enemy of the state and as such should forfeit all your rights.

        And where are you getting they will use that device without consent? Just on random people… ANY tool can be used incorrectly or can be thought it is being used incorrectly…. gee file sharing anyone? Heck they can wiretap, GPS scan, track your credit card… all without your consent but it doesnt mean they do……

        • Aknot,

          We have given up so much by now that it seems normal to have so many infringements (as indicated by your comment). Not a slam, just an observation.


          • Sad thing is Vic I dont disagree. If everyone could/would act civil and the world/US was a place it was centuries ago (with regards to the way people people treat people) we wouldn’t need Govt to step in and infringe.

            • Aknot,

              “we wouldn’t need Govt to step in and infringe.”

              That’s a trap, bro. That is the attempt to create a Utopian society, which, given man’s nature cannot be done. We’ve all seen enough movies and read enough books we’re it’s been attempted, haven’t we? Always ends up in the least possible freedom for the individual and the most control by the gov’t.


    • Seeing how the US Government handles everything else, I can’t say my confidence level on this issue is high. One big question is how would they enforce this and would it affect foreign websites and IP’s? What is the US Government going to do, block US citizens from accessing websites from other countries? Sounds like China or North Korea.

      And the fact that a big company will have the government eliminating websites seems like big money and government having the upper hand against regular citizens. How is a website owner going to legally fight these accusations and with what resources?

  8. Hey guys I also only see negatives to that bill being passed. Like aknot said we do rely on this information.

    On other notes is anyone else excited for underworld this weekend. I plan on seeing it at midnight in IMAX.

    Also I just finished the hunger games finally the whole series and I can now say that the hunger games has moved up on my anticipated 2012 releases. In really excited for it and it’s sequels which weren’t as good as the first book but still excited none the less. I think that the sequels failed to keep the originality of the first hunger games.

    • Won’t get to see it this weekend but a bunch of us are going next Thursday to see Underworld and Haywire. Should be a fun night at the movies.

      • oh yeah that will be a great time. I actually can’t wait for underworld it will be nice to see Kate back in the series. Though the prequel was a great installment it lacked Kate’s presence in a franchise that was made for her

  9. I appreciate how the site took some time to add the “Stop Sopa” so others could learn about the two awful bills (the other being PIPA). So thanks for that.

    • This is another issue…. (not you Blue but you brought it up)…

      Joe User does not stay aware with what is going on around him or her. They live in their own little bubble until someone else screams about it.

      This has been at least (in its current state) 3 months in the making. A lot of people are hearing about it for the first time today…….. O.O

      • I agree Aknot. There are many things that are brewing in government that people are unaware of and it is scary.

        • I’ll admit, I didn’t know about it until a few days ago (obviously I knew they were working on something like this, but I had no idea they were so far along in the process, and that it would have such negative affects.)

          What I can say is, even though I’m not a US resident, the moment I found out about it, I’ve been reading up on these two bills as much as I can, and I just wish that I could make a contribution to stopping it from being implemented as well….

  10. Has anyone heard any news on the Uncharted movie just finished going through both Uncharted Drakes Fortune and Uncharted 2 Among Thieves and I must say it was an epic adventure, I think if done right it’ll be a great movie the story draws you in and after finishing the 2nd title I found myself wanting more definately picking up Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception ASAP :)

    • Vader,

      Last I heard they have a director and were finishing up a solid screenplay and script. I totally agree with you of done right these movies could be grey and have the same cinematic feeling that games present. I think that a solid cast a nd a great director is what it’s going to come down to.
      What’s your dream cast? And pick up uncharted 3 asap. I’ve played through it about 3 times.

      My dream cast is
      Jensen ackles as drake
      Liam neeson as sully
      Megan fox as Chloe
      Jenna Fischer as Elena

      • Thanks Avenger,
        And will do on picking up Uncharted 3 ASAP the visiuals in the previous game were awesome .

        Here is my dream cast
        Nathon Fillion as Drake
        Kate Beckinsale as chloe
        Harrison Ford as sully
        ?????? as Elena
        Peter Jackson -Directing

        I’ll get back to you on my choice for the part of Elena
        P.S. Avenger have you seen the PS3 commercial with characters from their more popular games Drake is standing by the bar and I gotta say he looks the part imo.

        • no problem vader

          I wish they would have some more news though like a hopeful release date. I do know that naughty dog is overseeing the film project. Soo that makes me happy as well.

          I like your cast as well. I love Kate. And Harrison ford I didn’t even think of I like him.

          And I have seen thy commercial. I did think that guy looked te part. He looked good.

          If you thought the visuals were good in amoung thieves then jut wait till u see them in drakes deception. Some of them are mind blowing and I would get distracted just looking over the landscape.

            • Vader,
              Ooooh Olivia Wilde would be a good choice. Good call.

              And I agree how the gameplay felt more cinematic and I really enjoyed that aspect of the game. I think that is a big part of the games that make them what they are is the cinematic feel.

              And I love te ending to uncharted 2. Sully is great. I love the clown conversation between drake and Elena. Classic moments in gaming.

      • Liam Neeson doesn’t really look like Sully IMO.

        I’m not so sure how good an Uncharted movie would be…
        So far, movies based on games have been terrible, and I don’t want to see a good franchise going through the mud just because they wanted to do something different.

        If they do make it, I’m sure people will go see it though: it’s basically a modern Indiana Jones IMO (and who didn’t love Indiana Jones?)

        P.S. I’M the mightiest Avenger! – I’ll stop now ;)

        • I chose Liam neeason because he is badass like sully is lol :)

          I think a uncharted movie would be epic and good comparison to Indiana jones. I think that if Indy could work then a good strong story and a good director and a great cast then a uncharted movie will be epic.

          Well you might be the avenger, but I’m the mighty avenger. Boom lol :D

        • I agree Avenger,
          It’s the first thing that came to mind on the modern day Indiana Jones when I played Uncharted the first time.

  11. does somebody know when spartacus-vengeance is on starz? r.i.p a.w.(real spartacus)

    • @ Murdok,
      The premier is on Jan. 27

  12. Good news! Abduction is out on DvD and BluRay! How many of you will rush out and buy a copy of this crap movie?

    (crickets chirping)

    Yeah, that’s what I figured.


  13. Man, can I get that Gunslinger series, though?!

    • sully,

      That’s fine, buddy.


  14. Anyone else dislike the idea of a PG-13 Rating instead of going with the R-Rating for The Expendables 2 all on account of Chuck Norris, I’m not liking it at all I really liked the first Expendables movie and I was looking forward to the sequel till today.

    • exactly my thoughts,vader! thanks,for spartacus news!

      • Your welcome Murdok.

  15. I can’t believe there’s less than 100 days to go until The Avengers hits theaters…

  16. I am impressed that The Avengers plot details are still so hidden. I can’t wait for May. also, I really hope they continue the multiple film arc towards the sequel. here’s my hopeful road to Avengers 2.

    Iron Man 3 (2013)
    Thor 2 (2013)
    Cap 2 (2014)
    Antman (hopefully)(2014)
    Black Panther (hopefully)(2014/15)

    Avengers 2 (2015) with T’Challa, Hank & Janet, and of course Thor, Cap and Iron man. Maybe no Hulk, but a new Hulk movie the same year as Avengers 2 with the LEADER and Grey Hulk!

    • I think they´re doing it right. They keep up the interest and suspense. Not like the other movie about a dude in a black rubber S&M outfit, that already spoiled us half of the movie in set videos, pic and what not.

      • Yeah but come on.. whats really to be spoiled?

        1. Earth is threatened by Loki and an army.
        2. Heroes that usually work alone are banded together.
        3. Heroes have personality issues that may hinder their team.
        4. They get over it and defeat the bad guy….. only to find something more sinister lurking for part 2.


        1. Batman ages 8 years and is out of the picture.
        2. Harvey Dents push is working.
        3. Bane comes in and ruins it.
        4. Batman is needed.
        5. Batman defeats Bane.

        Oh and Catwoman is there somewhere.

        Im just saying unless there is a “hidden” villain (not counting Red Skull) it will play out almost like every comic book we have ever read.

        We will find out before it runs. Its just how long until someone slips…

        Also im not a spoiler person… I could know the whole movie back to front and still enjoy it.

        • Personally, For The Avengers there is more excitenent in seeing all the heroes on screen together more so than the plot. But that excitment is lessened knowing that crap cinematic Cap is involved. I would be all too pleased if Cap got a mini-reboot like Bruce Banner with a background as a tough heroic American super-soldier.

          As for Batman, its Nolan and nothing is ever what it seems. Im positive the plot will have serval suprise left turns and Catwoman has s much larger part in the story.

          • Ignur (and please take this a little lightly) is there anything upcoming you like or dont have issues with.

            I come in here all happy read some of your posts and want to kick my dog. :D

            I think Cap will toughen up and be a little more like his UM counter part. He is low man on the totem pole so to speak and has a lot to prove.

            • Hahaha Clearly you must own a poodle.

              You see I dont think Cap dhould have t toughen up. He spent 2.5 years in one of the most bloodiest wars. Cap SHOULD be tough enough. If anything. iwould expect to see Cap with some form of post traumatic stress disorder b/c its his first real downtime since the war and of course a Man out if time feeling.

              Upcoming Movies I Like:
              The Grey
              Act of Valor
              Chronicle (Really rooting for the Black Guy to live – we have such short cinematic life spans)
              Avengers (Still have my Cap complaints but thats b/c I like the character)
              Men in Black 3
              GI Joe Retaliation (Although have major concerns)
              Amazing Spider-Man (Support everything but the suit)
              The Dark Knight Rises
              Bourne Legacy
              Total Recall
              The Wettest Country in the World
              The Gangster Squad
              Works War Z
              Djangi Unchained
              Lincoln Vanpire Hunter
              and of course Twilight Breaking Moon Pt 2

              • **Kicks Dog**

                Cant believe I forgot The Hobbit and 47 Ronin.

              • Actually I have a cat but didnt want my man card removed…. it is my wifes though… :D

                I can actually say now that you mention it Chronicle is pretty high on my list also.

                Hopefully it will be a beginning middle and end. No chance at a sequel etc. I want to see a good movie and let it rest after that. Chronicle has that ability.

                I concur on the black man comment…. btw watch Killer Elite, he only gets shot in the leg.

          • Come on man…
            Most people liked Cap in TFA, just because you have major issues with it, doesn’t mean the Avengers will be less exciting for everyone else.

            Just remember: new writer, new director, great cast, plot 5 years in the making finally unfolding… there is every reason that The Avengers (Cap included) will turn out to be awesome.
            Because, like we’ve discussed MANY, MANY, MANY times, the main reason for Evans’ (arguably) not-up-to-standard-performance, was mostly due to the script and Johnston’s (non character driven) directing — please just keep in mind that we now have Joss Whedon doing the script and directing…
            I.e. this won’t be Cap 2.

            P.S. Personally, I’m much more excited to see how the plot will unfold than seeing all the heroes together on-screen (granted, I can’t wait to see Iron Man busting up some bad guys ;))

            • Captain America TFA was awesome imo but everyone has their own opinion, im pretty sure The Avengers will be epic just like TDKR :)

            • @TheAvenger

              I said “Personally” and stated Cap’s character as the reason why Im less excited for The Avengers. Im a fan of Wheadon (more as a writer than director) but I dont think his involvement gonna magically change the character that has been portrayed on screen. It’s gonna be a lame character doing cool stuff. Thats why I am for a mini retcon of the character like Ruffalo’s Banner looks to have gone through. Make Cap as tough as Tommy Lee Jones character was.

  17. Hey for those of you who are regulars, I am Beta testing our upcoming iPhone app. If you have an iPhone and are interested in checking out version 1.0 and giving feedback please respond here and I’ll select a few of you to check it out.



    • No love for Droids? :(


      • Im down.

      • Aknot,

        iPhone first, then I’ll get a Droid app made.