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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 17, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 17, 2014

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  1. For all fans of DC Comics excited about the upcoming films, I have superb casting ideas for THE FLASH and GREEN LANTERN. Alan Ritchson aka Thad Castle from Blue Mountain State was born to play the iconic speedster. He has the face, build, and most importantly, the slick talking chops Wally West is known for. Just youtube. And for GREEN LANTERN, I think Morris Chestnut would be perfect. He has the mature/serious face and build of a an ex-marine/architect. These guys are perfect and would do their respective characters sooooooo much justice!

    • They will definitely use Barry Allen in the movies, he is the better and more preferred Flash. As for John Stewart I wouldn’t mind seeing him, but I don’t care whether or not they use JS or Hal Jordan but Morris Chestnut could be interesting, I want all unknown actors for these roles but they still need to be good.

  2. Good Morning all…..

    Is it just me, or does Arrow just keep getting better with each episode? It is my favorite show on television right now. I hope they include this Green Arrow and this universe in an eventual Justice League movie whenever it gets made because I think it would be a great fit.

    • I love the show. This season has so far exceeded all my expectations for this season. The writing has been great and the storyline keeps getting better. A definite “must see” TV series

    • Currently my favorite TV show, besides Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice

    • Arrow is tied with Supernatural as my favorite hour long show…Community, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and @Midnight are my favorite short shows.

  3. Rate the MCU!! I rated mine not so much on best movie but on re-watchability.

    1. Avengers
    2. Iron Man
    3. Captain America
    4. Thor: TDW
    5. Iron Man 2
    6. Iron Man 3
    7. Thor
    8. Incredible Hulk

    • For these 8 movies:

      1. “The Incredible Hulk” (simply, a great film)
      2. “Iron Man” (very cool and highly engaging)
      3. “The Avengers” (good, frothy fun)
      4. “Captain America: The First Avenger” (it would have easily been my #1 if the second half of the movie had remained as engaging as the first half)
      5. “Thor”
      6. “Thor: The Dark World” (the two “Thor”s actually can switch places back and forth, depending on what elements I’m focusing)
      7. “Iron Man 2″ (Meh)

      500,000. “Iron Man 3″ (CRAP)

    • For me:

      1. Iron Man
      1a. The Avengers
      3. Captian America
      4. The Incredible Hulk
      5. Thor
      6. Iron Man 2
      7. Thor 2
      8. Iron (Leathal Weapon) Man 3

      Iron Man and The Avengers are neck and neck. Iron Man blew me away totally, but I thought The Avengers was, and still is, the best CBM I have ever seen, IMHO.

      • Word for word what Stark said, for me too.

    • Alrighty, mine would have to go,

      1) Iron Man
      2) The Avengers
      3) The Incredible Hulk
      4) Captain America
      5) Thor
      6) Iron Man 3
      7) Iron Man 2

      I haven’t seen a Dark World yet.

      • For me if looking at re-watchabliity

        1) The Incredible Hulk
        2) Avengers
        3) Iron Man
        4) Cap: TFA
        5) Thor
        Predict Thor 2 goes here – haven’t seen it yet but I know what happens in it
        7) Iron Man 2
        8) Iron Man 3

        If going on quality I’d drop Avengers down one space

    • Mine is just based on how I liked each movie no specific reason, but there is a specific order.

      1. Thor
      2. Iron Man
      3. The Avengers
      4. Captain America
      5. Iron Man 3
      6. Thor: The Dark World
      7. Iron Man 2
      8. The Incredible Hulk

    • 1. Iron Man
      2. Captain America: TFA
      3. The Avengers
      4. The Incredible Hulk
      5. Iron Man 3
      6. Thor: TDW
      7. Thor
      8. Iron Man 2

  4. Cast the following actors as Dc characters
    Hugo Weaving
    Benedict Cumberbatch
    Garret Hedlund
    Brad Pitt
    Daniel Day Lewis
    Leonardo Dicaprio
    Chris Pine
    Lee Byung Hun
    Michael Ealy

    • FUN!!!

      Hugo Weaving: Sinestro
      Benedict Cumberbatch: Oliver Queen
      Garret Hedlund: Booster Gold
      Brad Pitt: Batman
      Daniel Day Lewis: Joker
      Leonardo Dicaprio: Flash
      Chris Pine: Jimmy Olsen
      Lee Byung Hun: Tough one, I’ll go Phantom Stranger
      Michael Ealy: No-brainer – CYBORG!!!

      AGAIN!!!! MORE!!!

    • cody…

      I’ll start from the bottom of your list:

      Michael Ealy–perfect for Mr. Terrific
      Lee Byung Hun–
      Chris Pine–
      Leonardo Dicaprio–
      Daniel Day Lewis–The Phantom Stranger or Etrigan the Demon/Jason Blood (cgi)
      Brad Pitt–Maxwell Lord
      Garrett Hedlund–The Grifter
      Benedict Cumberbatch–Darkseid (cgi) or Dream of the Endless
      Hugo Weaving–The Spectre

      Those final three…I’ll have to think a bit more about the possibilities.

    • Your both wrong because Weaving would obviously be The Question.

      • BLAST!!!

    • Hugo Weaving – Joker, the smile
      Benedict Cumberbatch – has the voice for Darkseid but not the build, hmmm Sinestro?
      Garret Hedlund – no one I can think of, maybe Roy Harper
      Brad Pitt – definitely Aquaman, with his Troy build/hair sort of
      Daniel Day Lewis – Victor Fries, no question, can pull off the emotional punch of him as well as the cool presence
      Leonardo Dicaprio – can’t really picture him as anyone, Riddler? Green Arrow?
      Chris Pine – Flash
      Lee Byung Hun – no idea, don’t know him
      Michael Ealy – same as above


      Hugo Weaving- Sinestro

      Benedict Cumberbatch- Morpheus (sandman)

      Garret Hedlund- Booster Gold

      Brad Pitt- Aquaman or his father

      Daniel Day Lewis- The Joker (Batman is older now)

      Leonardo Dicaprio- Lex Luthor (less physical, more intellectual villain)

      Chris Pine- The Flash/ Barry Allen

      Lee Byung Hun- The Atom

      Michael Ealy- Aqualad

  5. Has anybody here seen the movie ‘All is Lost’ with Robert Redford?
    I’m curious what people think of that movie. I was stunned that it didn’t get any Oscar nominations or even a mention.
    IMO, it was one of the best movies of the year, right up there with Gravity. Redford, IMO was outstanding in it as well, and should have gotten consideration for an Oscar.

    • It never got any showings in my area!! Lamesauce.

      I still wanna see Inside Llewyn Davis too, which has showings but I would have to go out of my way to see them.

  6. Sundance film festival started yesterday. Park City is like 2 hours from my house. I’ve always wanted to go but its like $200 for like one showing just to see a movie a few months before everybody else. It would be cool though, both for the experience and for the offchance that you meet a celeb or something.

    • I’ve always wanted to go to the Sundance Film Festival too, sounds like an awesome event. I always catch the winning short films on Youtube too aha.

      • It would!! I have a friend who’s dad is the head of the salt lake film something. So his dad got him into sundance free last year. He met Michael Cera, Ashton Kutcher, Steve Hyde, others. I was so freaking jealous when he told me. He got to see Jobs early and a few other ones.

        • Lucky guy, seems like dream land aha. My friend and I wanted to go but it’s much too far to pay to go at this time. We live in Quebec, Canada so the travelling cost and ticket would be too heavy right now. One day though!

          There’s a lot of movie stars that have work showing there. I know Joseph Gordon Levitt is huge on Sundance. I don’t care to actually meet any celebs or anything but the idea of folks like Christopher Nolan and Levitt having an association with it makes it all the better.

          • You don’t know the half of it dude!! I’m epically jealous of this kid. He got to meet Johnny Depp on the set of The Lone Ranger too. He doesn’t even care for movies much though. He’s more into sports.

            Yeah last year JGL had his movie Don Jon there, Sam Rockwell (who is the freaking man) was there for The Way Way Back last year, there were a bunch last year that I would’ve loved to see. My friend either met or saw Daniel Radcliffe last year when she went. She was like “I MET HARRY POTTER!!” it was hilarious. He was there for Killing your Darlings or whatever that movie was called with Dane Dehaan.

            There are some great people associated with Sundance. Its mostly Robert Redford’s deal though.

            • Damn, your friends are some lucky bunch. Hopefully we’ll be in their shoes one day aha. My friend actually met Hugh Jackman when he was filming X-Men, one of the chillest dudes he met.

              Sundance 2013 would’ve been a great year to go. I watched Don Jon and The Way Way Back, excellent movies, really enjoyed the both of them. Still haven’t seen Kill Your Darlings, heard great things about it though. Dane DeHann is gonna be huge, really interested to see where his career goes.

              Haha Daniel Radcliffe is forever Harry Potter. I wonder whatever happened to Rupert Grint, I never hear about the guy in any movies after Harry Potter ended.

  7. Been on a mini-Tarantino fest and saw Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained in the last few weeks.

    Funny how I can hate Christoph Waltz in one movie and like him in the next.

    I really don’t like how they left the masked tracker storyline hanging in Django but that’s what Quentin does.

    If Dr. Schultz is so smart, why not just put out that he’s interested in a German speaking slave girl and catch Candy that way?

    Django reminded me that I miss spaghetti/Eastwood Westerns.

    • I LOVE Tarantino!

      Django was one of my favorite films I saw last year. There were so many classic scenes.

      I don’t think Schultz could have asked for a German speaking slave girl outright because Candie would have found it highly suspect. He’s in the slave fighting trade or whatever. If Schultz comes from miles away just for a German slave girl instead of a slave fighter dude then Candie would have seen through their ruse in seconds. He would have known they were coming specifically for Broomhilda and could have screwed them over even worse than he did the other way. Schultz plan in the movie could have gotten them out scotch free, if it hadn’t gone to sh** of course.

      Have you seen Pulp Fiction and stuff? Tarantino’s older stuff is REALLY good too. The only ones I haven’t seen are Deathproof and Jackie Brown.

      Tarantino enjoyed making Django so much that he’s doing another western. Its called the Hateful Eight if imdb knows what they’re talking about.

      • @movieDude:

        What I meant is that he doesn’t approach Candy directly. He just puts it out there that he is looking for a German-speaking girl. He can let that sit as long as he wants as they have time to look for bounties until Candy gets word about it.

        Realistically, Candy would probably accept $1000-$2000 for her (as he said she wasn’t even worth $300) and he would understand why a German would be looking for a slave that speaks German since that is a rarity.

        But of course that wouldn’t make a good movie.

        I haven’t seen Deathproof or Jackie Brown but I have seen Pulp Fiction multiple times. My other favorite Q films are Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill.

        • @BigNerd

          Oh so you mean just put it out there to everyone before going to Candyland and see if Candie takes the bait. That might draw unwelcome attention to Django though.

          Pulp Fiction is amazing, and there are several scenes in the Kill Bills that are SO GREAT. Like the crazy 88, eye plucking, the opening of Kill Bill Vol 1, when she punches her way out of the grave, so epic haha.

          • @movieDude:

            I don’t think it matters if Candy knew about Django. Candy just wanted the money (as you can see by the end), and $1000 on a $300 investment would be enough for him that he wouldn’t care about Django. The only reason he was pissed off was because of the ruse Schultz and Django played on him making out like a fool, and even then, he wasn’t going to kill them for it (which surprised me).

            And what also irked me was that after Schultz “shook hands” with Candy, instead of apologizing to Django, he could have took out the bodyguard since he was looking the other way anyways.

            Just didn’t fit with what we’ve seen of Schultz.

            • Keep in mind that Calvin is racist, ruthless & disturbingly cruel, that’s what we loved about him. He won’t just let one of his slaves walk free to live happily ever after for just $1000 setback. I doubt he’d be willing to let her walk at all.

        • Kill Bill vol. 1 is my favorite out of everything he has done, perhaps because it is one of only a handful of his flicks that is 100% his.

          (Resevoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, which many define as “the definitive” Tarantino flicks, are actually… not entirely his own creation)

          • Very true! Reservoir Dogs is kinda a remake of…. DANG IT! Cant remember the name. But I’m pretty sure its a Departed/Internal Affairs situation.

            I actually didn’t know Pulp Fiction was not entirely his.. Please elaborate! I am curious to know.

            • Resevoir Dogs is a remake of “A Dog Day Afternoon.”

              Pulp Fiction he directed, but he wasn’t the one who produced it and the story was co-written with Roger Avary.

              Films that are 100% his creation (written, produced, directed) are:

              Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2
              Inglorious Bastards

                • Y’know, I was completely wrong after looking this up.

                  Movies start to blur together after awhile. Perhaps I got them confused as one in the same because of all the comparisons when Resevoir Dogs first came out.

                  Yeah, I’m old. *sighs*

            • You’re thinking of City On Fire. Reservoir Dogs isn’t a remake by any means, but does borrow a lot from it.

              • Thats it!! Thanks Big Dentist. That would’ve bugged me all weekend.

  8. Is there a Screen Rant company or something? I mean where did they talk in podcasts just in their home? or this is just a website?

    • i think they broadcast out of West Viginia in a nuclear bunker named The Greenbrier

    • Breadman,

      We’re spread out all over. The guys guys Skype together for the podcast.

  9. I know it is a rumor but I have been thinking about if Doomsday is in BvS.

    Would they jump right into the death of Superman on his second outing since reboot. Or do they change the story and power down Doomsday?

    I feel like they should just leave him out of the DCCU for now.

    • I think they COULD use him, but not now he should be a villain for Superman alone, because that’s something he has to conquer and the aftermath could develop the character significantly it depends on how they handle it.

      For BvS they should use some of these

      1. Metallo and Lex Luthor

      2. Bizarro created by lex luthor, after getting a baby that wasn’t fully developed out of superman’s ship that crashed (it survived). Remember they did get his blood and Zod did go to the ship for one last time #jussayin, and if they didn’t plan on coming back why did they show the inside of the plane during the crash and you saw the machines working on the pods.

      3. Brainiac but they don’t defeat him, he escapes at the end but Superman wins the battle. he steals metropolis they get it back though.

      We have to think about villains that would need Superman’s strength, Wonder Woman’s skills, and Batman’s genius to fight.


      • I would love to see Brainiac.

  10. Happy Friday, Scranters!

    Is there a popular/well-loved film you haven’t seen that everybody you know has?

    I’ve never seen The Shawshank Redemption. People always say “You haven’t seen it?!” or “What’s wrong with you?!” I do want to see it; it just slipped by me, and I haven’t set aside the time to watch it yet.

    Also, RIP Russell “The Professor” Johnson. :( He was my favorite character on Gilligan’s Island.

    • I haven’t even read yours but I thought of Shawshank Redemption too haha… I really need to see that one.

      What else…. Oh yeah! I haven’t seen The Good The Bad and The Ugly. I’m a terrible person I know!! I’ll watch it when I get around to it. Its just really hard for me to sit down and watch a western. I always end up liking them but I never have the specific urge to watch one.

      • I know what you mean, movieDude. There have been many movies I never had the urge to watch, but once I did, I was glad I’d seen it.

        And hey, thanks for recommending The Fighter in the previous OD. That’s another one that slipped by me, and I didn’t even know it was a David O. Russell film. I will definitely check it out. (And somebody else mentioned Three Kings as well, which sounds interesting.)

        • no prob man!! lemme know what you think. I really liked that one.

    • @$2:

      I eventually saw these but not until many years after the had been released:

      - The Godfather movies
      - The Sound of Music

      Haven’t seen “It’s A Wonderful Life”

      More recently:

      - No Country For Old Men
      - Zero Dark Thirty
      - The Fighter
      - The Town

      • Wow. I haven’t seen almost all of the films you listed–just The Godfather trilogy and IAWL. I hear NCFOM and The Town are great.

    • The Big Lebowski…i have it sitting on my computer but for some reason i haven’t got around to watching it, my relatives keep mocking me

      • Holy cow. That’s another one I haven’t seen and forgot about. You guys have really helped me out today. I need to write all these films down!

    • The Godfather all of them.

      Should I watch them or is it all hype?

    • I’ve never seen Ghostbusters.

      Just kidding. But I’ve never seen Scarface.

      I had a roommate that watched it repeatedly, but I never sat down and watched it with him.

      I also fell asleep while watching the Deer Hunter on HBO or STARZ or some premium cable company. My wife finished it. She liked it.

  11. It doesn’t have to do with movies but since I’m a huge music snob, what’s everyone’s top 5 favorite music artists?

    • When I was little mom and dad raised me on classical stuff. I really like George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, John Williams.

      Whoops! I’m getting into movie stuff.

      If I were to go with more mainstream music I would say

      1) Paramore
      2) Zedd
      3) Bruno Mars
      4) Fun (their older stuff is better imho, also when they were the Format)
      5) Coldplay

      But I might give a different answer next week.

      • Aha I just started getting into movie soundtracks. The only ones I’ve listened to is Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings soundtrack and Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel and Dark Knight stuff.

        Nice list, my friend listens to Paramore, great band. Just discovered Fun, excellent band and one of my faves too. I agree their older stuff is better, the ‘Aim and Ignite’ album is what Pop music should be if you ask me. The Format is also pretty damn good. If you have a chance, the lead guitarist of Fun use to have a band named ‘Steel Train’, you should listen to them. You might like it if you like The Format. Glad to see you like Coldplay too, I can listen to them non stop for weeks, maybe months aha.

        My list would have to be,

        1) Coldplay
        2) The Killers
        3) John Mayer
        4) Imagine Dragons (they just blew up)
        5) Fun

        • If Coldplay came to UT I would go man. Even if I had to drive to St George I would go. They’re amazing.

          I also dig The Killers!! To this day I believe that their album Hot Fuss is one of the best albums ever. I could easily switch Bruno Mars out for them now that I think about it. I’ve listened to them for muuuch longer.

          Oddly enough I was debating whether to include Imagine Dragons in my list. I saw them live last year and DAMN that was a good show. I’m psyched to see what new stuff they come out with. At Fun’s concert last year they did a ton of stuff from “Aim and Ignite” it was freaking awesome :)

          Movie soundtracks rock man. I love Hans Zimmer, but if you put a gun to my head I prefer John Williams, Danny Elfman, or Michael Giacchino. My fave movie soundtracks are prbly Harry Potter 3, Speed Racer, Spiderman 2, Batman (Tim Burton’s batman with that ICONIC theme song). I would recommend you check those ones out if you haven’t already.

          • I actually went to a Coldplay concert in 2012. One of the best nights of my life, great sound and they have an intense amount of energy on stage.

            Hot Fuzz has some brilliant guitar riffs, Mr. Brightside is awesome! I think their second album, Sam’s Town, has to be one of the more underrated albums out there.

            I’ll def check those out, man. I’ll let you know what I think!

    • Some of my favorites:

      1. Buddy Holly
      2. Reverend Horton Heat
      3. Concrete Blonde
      4. Social Distortion
      5. Tom Waits

      Others I like:
      This Will Destroy You
      Johnny Cash
      The Ramones
      Peter Gabriel
      Doobie Brothers
      Tangerine Dream

      • Out of the bunch, The Ramones and Johnny Cash are pretty dope, though who doesn’t know that?! aha

    • Right this moment, in no particular order:

      Mr Scruff
      LTJ Bukem

      Film composer has to be Jerry Goldsmith.

    • 1) Prince
      2) Pantera
      3) Pearl Jam
      4) Pink Floyd
      5) The Black Crowes

  12. Hello everyone! And happy Friday!

    I’d just like to say that I prefer the fresh scent of Gain over Tide with Bleach.:-)
    Oh, and I really can’t wait for the Man of Steel sequel.

    Go 49ers!

    • Definitely 49ers!

  13. Sooooo, Lady Sif on AoS! Should be interesting.

  14. I saw Into the Mind last night. Great film with a good soundtrack. Those guys have some major avacados

  15. What are your top 5 superheroes?

    • 1. Batman
      2. Batman
      3. Batman
      4. Hulk
      5. Deadpool

    • Batman
      Gambit (or Beast)

    • Captain America

      Antman(Eric O’Grady)


      Spider Woman(Jessica Drew)

      Crusader. He had a small bit in The Avengers Initiative story, but has made an impact me.

    • 1. Batman
      2. Ragman
      3. Black Orchid
      4. Superman
      5. Ghost Rider/Moon Knight/Wonder Woman

      2-5 may vary over time, but #1 NEVER changes.

    • DC:

      1. Superman
      2. Batman
      3. Wonder Woman
      4. The Flash
      5. Green Lantern


      1. Spider-Man
      2. Nova
      3. Scarlet Witch
      4. Professor X
      5. Storm

      This list changes all the time though except my DC one that’s always the same

    • 1) Dr. Peter Venkman
      2) Dr. Raymond Stantz
      3) Winston Zeddemore
      4) Dr. Egon Spengler
      5) Louis Tully

      For Real…
      1) The Tick
      2) Spider-Man
      3) Deadpool
      4) Spawn
      5) Batman

  16. Also, deep question for the weekend, what are your top 5 fictional characters across any medium?

    • I have never had a permenant “top list” for anything. But as of right now.

      Brienne of Tarth, from A Song of Ice and Fire (the books, only seen season 1 of the show)

      Tali’Zorah vas Normandy, from Mass Effect

      Captain America

      Hero Protagonist, from Snow Crash

      Willie, from Bad Santa aka Billy Bob Thornton

      • permanent*

    • In NO particular order:

      Thomas Covenant (excellent 6-book fantasy series)
      Death (“Incarnations of Immortality” 7-book fantasy series)/Death (“Sandman” series)
      Dream (“Sandman” series)
      Santa Claus

      Honorable Mentions/Possible 6-10 (in no particular order):

      Luke Skywalker/Vader’s apprentice (“Star Wars”)
      Aragorn (“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy…mainly the films)
      Bugs Bunny (“Looney Tunes”)
      Eeyore (WINNIE the POOH)
      Snufflupagus (“Sesame Street”)

    • 1) Dr. Peter Venkman
      2) Dr. Raymond Stantz
      3) Winston Zeddemore
      4) Dr. Egon Spengler
      5) The Tick

  17. Just catching up on my DVR of The Blacklist.

    Does Lizzy get almost blown up every other episode?

    Spader’s character is great… but how the FBI just lets him walk around like that is beyond me.

    • @Joshua:

      I like your list of movies.

      But they should all be packed into 2015-2016.

      I’m not patient enough to wait 4 years to see all these movies. :)

      • Neither am I, I think they could do it if they magically filmed Wonder Woman as they were filming Batman vs Superman and released Wonder Woman in like November. Or do it before BvS to explain her presence but that’s impossible. I’m just excited to see what they will unveil at Comic-Con if they do a big announcement.

    • Despite its flaws, I own the GL movie and enjoy it. But for WB/DC to risk a solo film before JL is not worth it IMHO.

      I think GL should get his behind handed to him in the begging of JL by whom ever is the main antagonist is. Then from there let it lead to the team needing to form up.

      • Now, THAT’s a risk! Use the JL villain to draw attention to a previously failed franchise name, that would draw the crowds if they advertised it right. I think GL could have the best movies, I enjoyed it for what it was but they’ve stated that MOS was the absolute beginning of the new universe so GL is out of the question.

  18. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

    Should I watch it if I’ve already seen and enjoyed Iron Man 3?

  19. Another year to wait for Batman Vs Superman. 2016? This better be worth the wait.

  20. Anyone surprised about the Batman vs Superman movie?

  21. Im not. I felt they were rushing the film. Atleast 2016 has one big film to look forward to while 2015 is already crowded enough. Im looking forward to Antman in 2016 but doubt it will top DC’s two heroes.

    Anyone heard about the 60′s Batman tv series finally coming to dvd box sets? So far it seems its been confirmed by WB the complete series will be released sometime this year. I hope it comes out for my collection.

  22. Not exactly related to SR but I have seen it happen on this site…

    Has anyone noticed the trend of people leaving comments on an article or page without reading the content or watching the video? It’s really obvious when it happens; they will ask a question that was answered in the content, or make a statement that is unrelated or wrong.

    I realize it’s not a “new” trend but it does seem to be getting worse. I see it a lot on FB comments, where it’s clear people are responding to the headline or the thumbnail instead of reading or watching the whole item.

    it’s not important, just wondering if it bothers anyone besides me.

    • Yes, it bothers me very much

    • Yes, it is very annoying. SR integrated the Facebook comments at one point (for a day or two) and that was my major complaint. I’m glad they removed that. I can put up with a few nimrods that don’t read the content (it still annoys me though), but we had an overflow of them on those few dark-dark days.