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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 16, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 16, 2013

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  1. Just finished season 1 of Smallville. I am a fan now. 9 more seasons to go.

    • Finishing all that should bring you up nicely to Man of Steel, good thinking Batman ;-)

      • With the different story lines / plot lines, I might be an angry fan boy who was dumb to read his Harry Potter book before watching the movie and will complain throughout the entire movie saying that this happened this way and ERMAHGERD I can’t believe they left out that entire chapter!

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          • Thanks, Cynthia, but I already pull in more than that every twenty minutes by selling damp matchboxes and inflatable wasps on eBay. Text me for my pamphlet on low self-esteem.

    • I’m working my way through season one of Smallville right now, and so far it’s pretty fun. There is defiantly room for improvement, and from what I understand it does get better as it goes along.

    • stick with it during the middle seasons, it may be a bit of a drag for some people… the last season is really good.

      • thats where I fell off, somewhere in the middle of the series. I watched that show religously for the first seasons tho. Somewhere along the way it got too angsty for me.

  2. What would be your dream movie for you to bring the the big screen weather it be an original idea, an adaptation, or a movie on the distant horizon (Justice League, Star Wars 7, ext.)?

    • I would love to see Kingdom Come brought to the big screen, but I’m not so sure it’s actually possible

    • I have many:

      “The Return of the Mask”
      “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”
      “Mark Hawkins Tries Scamming”
      “2B or Not 2B?”
      “Role of Honor: 007″
      “The Last Laugh”

      Feel free to ask about any of them

      • the mask 2 with jim carrey and the same team from the original!! the original mask is still one of my favorite movies of all time, for that same reason the movie that I hate more than all the other movies in the history of cinema is the son of the mask.. but a GOOD QUALITY sequel of the mask with jim carrey could be really awesome!

        Freakazoid movie would be sooo great! If they managed to translate any of the humor from the show it would be hilarious.

      • Power Rangers?


      • I would love to see a Deadpool long as they do it right and its not half assed like “xmen origins: wolverine”.

      • I always wanted to see a mature power rangers movie! It would be cool if it took place in the real world. Like, the megazords would have to avoid crushing people and stuff :)

    • I want Ghostbusters 3 to happen and pass the torch to comedians like Dan Fogler, Nick Offerman, Melissa McCarthy, and Kal Penn…among others. I wrote a blog about quite a while ago. But if this movie ever does happen, the studio will probably cast Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, and Marlon Wayans as the young Ghostbusters….and I’ll still go.

    • An awesome Justice League movie that was built up for several years with many solo movies

    • well what about adapting these novels to movies?

      “The Integral Trees”
      “The Smoke Ring”
      “Voodoo Space”
      “Whipping Star”
      “The End of Eternity”

    • “Rendezvous with Rama” by Aurther C. Clark

      “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley

      “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson

      “The Diamond Age: Or a Young Lady’s Illistrated Primer” by Neal Stephenson

      “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi

      • “Old Man’s War” will probably make it someday. Rights were bought by Paramount a few years ago and Wolfgang Petersen was working on it with Scott Stuber ’47 Ronin,’ ‘Safe House,’ and ‘Battleship.’ Seeing that two out of three of those movies have went on to be mediocre performers and ’47 Ronin’ has been delayed twice I see them being an iffy choice to make a blockbuster out of the SciFi novel. Peterson made some entertaining movies in the past ‘Air Force One,’ ‘The Perfect Storm,’ ‘Das Boot’ to name a few but nothing in the last six years. Here’s hoping that they find a killer writer to perhaps work with Scalzi to give Peterson something worth getting back in the director’s chair for…

        • It would not take much to get it into a screen play, that book reads almost like a movie. I do think it would be great to work with Scalzi to get it done.

          Here’s hoping.

  3. I watched Green Lantern First Flight yesterday. it was so good! maybe I should have just skipped the movie and watched this instead… next up is Emerald Knights :)
    anyone have any other good DC animated movie suggestions?

    • DOOM!

      Superman/Batman Public Enemies, Crisis on two earths.

      • thanks :) I’ve seen Doom and some of the Batman ones.. yet to see The Dark Knight Returns though

      • I love Crisis on Two Earths and have yet to see Superman/Batman Public Enemies. Have you seen Batman: Year One? I’ve read the comic it was based on and really enjoyed that, but still haven’t seen the movie.

        • I just watched the movie last week on Netflix. It wasn’t bad, but really felt more like Jim Gordon: Year One. I never read the comic so I don’t know how close to the source material it was but there was less Batman than in TDKR.

          • Yeah, the comic was that way too, where it heavily focused on Gordan, and less on Bruce/Batman. Still a good story though.

        • Batman: Year One wasn’t so good IMO.
          The graphic novel is fantastic, but for me it didn’t work as a movie.
          Boring as hell.

    • All of the DC animated films are fantastic! I love them all! <~~~ Fanboy lol

      • lol. then, which ones should I start with? you have to love some of them a bit more than the rest ;)

        • Crisis on 2 Earths is awesome. James Woods plays Owl-Man. I love JL: The New Frontier. It gives you a good idea how the JLA live action can be made into big screen. Wonder Woman is really good too.

        • Under The Red Hood is my favorite Batman one

        • @Tereza:
          ScreenRant did a list not to long ago about the best animated superhero movies. They pretty much forgot (ignored?) the Marvel movies, but there are some great suggestions for DC animated movies on there.

          Some of my favorites would have to be ‘Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm’, ‘Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker’, ‘Batman: Under The Red Hood’ and ‘Justice League Doom’,

          • thanks a lot!

      • @LeatherCheerio.


        Fanboy! Tell me something the rest of us didnt know! :)

    • Batman: Under the Red Hood is one of my favorite animated movies ever! Batman/Superman: Apocalypse is also a great one!

      • thanks! they can be watched separately right, not connected in any way?

        • Right, they are both stand alone stories. :-)

        • Correct.

    • Almost every single dc animated original is really good. I would strongly recommend Under the Red Hood.

    • How about Superman/Batman: Apocalypse? The final fight scene is fantastic! And be sure to see B:TDKR. I was skeptical of Peter Weller voicing Batman, but I thought he did a great job. Also, there’s Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batman: Year One, and Wonder Woman.

    • I agree with everyone’s suggestions DC has some great animated films. I’m looking forward to Batman: the dark knight returns pt2. One of my faves is Batman: mask of the phantasm.

      • “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker” is also a great one

  4. The Question of the Day at work:

    What are your favorite and least favorite Nicolas Cage films?

    Favorites: Raising Arizona, Birdy, and Kick-A**
    Least Favorite: G-Force

    • Didn’t we already do this? lol

      • Holy cow, you’re right! And I didn’t even catch it! Jeez. I’m sorry, everyone. When I told the guy who creates the questions, he did a facepalm and apologized. Then I grabbed him by the throat and said if he ever did it again, I’d shove his head in his monitor.

        Okay, seeing that he’s 6’3″, practices MMA, and could snap me like a vanilla wafer, I just accepted his apology and walked away.

        • Don’t apologize, you’ll break the internet.

    • He was in G-Force??? Hmmm…

      Favorites: National Treasure 1 & 2

      Least: pretty much everything else…not a big Nic Cage fan

    • Favorite: Leaving Las Vegas
      Least Favorite: all his other movies

  5. Anybody have an update on whether Josh Holloway made it into the marvel movie he was rumored for? i think it was Captain America 2… i realy liked him in lost, and im kinda dissapointed that he hasn’t done much else(Except the last mission impossible)

    • I’m guessing he’ll be the secret, as yet unnamed, villian. I’m thinking he’ll be revealed as Zemo, or maybe Marvel’s planning on saving him and making him Peter Quill for Guardians.

      • Same can apply for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

        • oh I much rather see him than Josh Holloway in those roles to be honest! Captain America 2 sounds like it’ll be stuffed with characters, which worries me a lot

          • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau looks just like Peter Quill but John Krasinski (as Jim Halpert) acts like Peter Quill.

  6. I checked a couple of scenes of the Dredd Blu-ray (UK version, 2D) and I’m not pleased with the image quality. Blown out highlights and grainy blue blacks look like some amateur was in charge of the mastering process. I don’t remember it looking like that in the theater. But then again, those crappy dark 3D glasses always make it hard to judge (hehe) the overall image quality. So perhaps somebody already screwed up while shooting the movie.

    • I complained about the picture quality when I saw it and blamed the projectionist, a lot of it appeared out of focus and poorly filmed, I guess I owe him an apology!

      • I’ve watched the movie on Bluray twice since getting it. Looks good to me.

        • Here is a screenshot from an exemplary scene that shows the full blown grainy blue shadows. It’s an actual screenshot with a camera so it’s far from ideal to demonstrate, but you’ll get the picture (hehe).

          Here is the same shot but brightened up a bit in order to make the black bar at the bottom of the image:

          Usually proper deep black levels in a movie should look almost the same as that bar at the bottom, but as you can see in the screenshot shadows in Dredd look far from it. Not in all scenes, mind you. The amount of blue and graininess of the blacks is quite inconsistent throughout the movie.

        • INK! Where in the world have you been?! I haven’t seen you around here in a while. Glad you’re back.

          I assume since you watched Dredd twice that you liked the film?

        • Okay, I’ve posted a comment with two screenshots (photographed off the TV) to demonstrate the problem with the blue and grainy shadows, but it’s “awaiting moderation” for 20 hours now. Perhaps making the images public would create some copyright issue, I don’t know.

          Anyway, if you wanna check for yourself please have a look at the scene with the two judges standing in front of the tile wall near the drug kitchen (I don’t have the timecode ready right now). Have a good look at the shadows that these two judges cast. If your TV is set up properly and you aren’t watching sitting in a brightly lit room you should be able to see that these shadows aren’t black but have a dark blue tint and that they aren’t solid, as they should be, but very grainy. It’s really hard to miss.

          • p.s.: of course, while I was typing that comment my other one went live. Timing is everything. :D

            • Yeah I know Timing is everything, like that time I spent 13 months overseas for the Coastguard without my wife or kids in Puerto Rico and my wife got pregnant…WAIT…WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Posts containing more than one link are flagged up as possible spam. Ironic that you get put on hold and these “as donald sed i c an nit bileve my neybors cat mayde $45000000000 in 8 minitz here s wot i did” ones seem to be sailing through just fine on a daily basis.

            I should be getting the Dredd DVD this weekend – I’ll keep an eye out for those dodgy shadows.

            • TBD,

              I didn’t get the chance to thank you in the previous forum for the link to the Vincent D’Onofrio Orson Welles short film. That was great! Thanks for posting it.

              • My pleasure, glad you liked it!

  7. New episode of Arrow tonight, I can’t wait!!!

  8. Just got finished watching Daredevil this morning. I remember going to see this as a kid in’03, I loved it then and i love it now. The hate for this movie is unreal to me. The problem for me was that we didn’t get to spend much time with the villains. But Elektra on the other hand was a train wreck. Did anybody like Daredevil?

    • I watched it the other day too, still entertaining an fun imo. the first half was dragging a bit, but it’s definitely not that bad

      • Yeah I really dont understand the intense hatred people have for Daredevil. By the time I saw it my peers had beaten it down so hard verbally that I wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised. Its a fun movie. And I love colin farrell as bullseye.

    • I have the directors cut, imo its better than the theatrical version.

      • same here :)

    • I like the movie. The only complaint I have about it is the playground “fight” scene. A blind guy jumps around like a ninja, and no one wonders how he does that.

    • I thought it was fun, but not great. I hear the directors cut is better so I plan on checking that out.

  9. Last Resort starting to get interesting. Too bad they took so long to setup the premise; otherwise, there would’ve been a next season.

  10. So i went to see the hobbit for the Third time…this time with my girlfriend. Predictably there was all the “OMG kili is so cute! fili isnt bad either! did i mention that kili is cute?”

    Question: Can anyone else hardly wait until Fili and Kili get killed off in the Third movie?

    • One of the highlights for me was when the dwarves are dining in Rivendale and the funny looking one, says in the gayest of voices ‘I don’t eat green food, have you got any chips?!’

      Been quoting that line ever since haha

      • LOL! yes that and the line, “Im noh afraid! I’ll give that dragon a taste of dragon steel, Jight up his jaxxy!” Repeating that over and over!

        • Heh… Dwarvish steel!

    • Spoiler?!

      • Not if you read the book! anyway, PJ changes so much they probably wont die. ;)

    • aw come on! so many fangirls will cry.. probably including myself! lol

  11. Anyone seein mama this weekend as well?
    I hope its a monster and not a ghost.

    • I think it’s sort of both. The trailers and commercials I’ve been seeing give away a lot of what the monster/ghost looks like though.

  12. Anyone catch channel 4 (in the uk) ‘s Utopia??? I was quite impressed despite that is British!

    • The opener was good, and gets extra marks for featuring feral Scotsman Jamie from The Thick Of It and Tyres from Spaced. What did you mean “despite” being British..? ;-)

  13. Hello screenrants staff, do you guys cover sundance at all? Would be curious to see what films to look forward to.

  14. So, been watching a lot of Blue Bloods to try to catch up so I can start watching Season 3. Anyone else think Tom Selleck would make an awesome Commissioner Gordon in the Batman reboot???

    • hes no gary oldman who imo played gordon flawlessly. But for a reboot he would be a great choice

      • @Trey

        I know it’s blasphemous to say anything not completely praising about the Nolan Batman movies, but while I love Gary Oldman, he is a great character actor when it comes to the crazy psychopaths or a villain. See The Professional, Fifth Element, Dracula, and Air Force One. For me, in the Batman movies, he was a good Commissioner Gordon, but really, just very very normal… Which wouldn’t be a bad thing except he doesn’t look anything like the Commissioner Gordon we’re all used to seeing from the comics or the animated series. Older, more of the gruff personality… Tom Selleck’s character in Blue Bloods is pretty much Commissioner Gordon but more religious, lol. Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordon is more like a different take on the character. Still good, but it’s not like how people would have imagined it would be translated to film before Batman Begins came out…

  15. Paul, I’ve noticed an outbreak of spambots on the site lately, including two on the recent Russell Crowe thread – one of which looks like it’s trying to appropriate a Screen Rant link. I only mention it because usually none of it gets through SR’s filters and that particular one seems to be crossing a definite line.

  16. Saw a report that Henry Cavill is dating Gina Cerano.
    Wonder if they met on the set of Man of Steel…

  17. Just found out there is a Walking dead escape coming to Well Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

    My Wife did not even ask, and signed us and a couple of friends up and already purchased the tickets!

    Even my Mom is going to participate.

  18. Vic,
    Thanks for moving that AOL videos box to the right side. Much better!