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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 16, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 16, 2012

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  1. Morning Ranters! Anyone watch the Golden Globes last night? I was surprised that Bridesmaids didn’t win best musical/comedy. What were you guys surprised about?

    • Spoilers!
      In South-Africa the show was broadcasted live (but it was 3am in the morning over he ;))
      So I won’t be able to watch it till tomorrow (Tuesday).

    • Spoilers Avengers so don’t read!

      I watched and was surprised too. What I was most surprised at was the lack of Ricky Gervais as a host. I missed for the first 15 minutes but I saw him a total of 5 times during the 2 1/2 hours I watched. It wasn’t as funny as he was in the past. I think the novelty has worn off.

      Really surprised at how good the Artist must be and the Descendents with both winning respective catagories and best actors in respective catagories.

      Clooney’s joke to Fassbender was super funny, “You can play golf with that thing”

    • Realy? I thought it was obvious since the artist is one of the most critically claimed movies of the year

      • I wasn’t surprised it won. Just surprised at how good it must be. I’ve seen critically acclaimed movies of the year before and thought they were less than stellar but the lead actor in the Artist is just brillant onscreen and off.

    • ME TOO!!! I turned it off. I couldn’t take anymore Ricky Gervais. That guy irks me…

  2. I watched The Dark Knight (again) over the weekend, and noticed something new for the first time:
    After half of Harvey Dent’s face gets scared in the explosion, he immediately gets admitted to Gotham General right?
    And a while later, the Joker walks in to (basically) convince him to join the “dark side” ;)
    A few hours after that (not even 24hrs) he’s in a scene where he talks to the “dirty” cop (Ramirez) who was involved with Rachel’s death.

    Thing is… in that scene, Dent’s wearing his signature “Two-Face” suit (white on the one side and dark/black-ish on the other).
    Now… if he’s only been out of the hospital for a few hours, how the hell did he have enough time to commission a tailor to make him that suit in such a short amount of time? And we all know he didn’t just have such a weird choice of clothing just lying around in his wardrobe…

    A trivial issue, but still very unrealistic IMO ;)

    • That was the same suit he was wearing in the explosion half of it got burned up,but yea he just put it back on before he left the hospital.

      • come on, avenger. really? haha.

    • Half the suit got burned along with his face; it’s the same suit he was wearing when fell in the warehouse during his imprisonment. How is that anymore unrealistic than it was before?

      • Thing is, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t wearing a white suit when the explosion took place.
        Besides, hospitals usually get rid of burnt clothing.
        And even if they didn’t get rid of the burnt suit, fabric doesn’t just burn on the one side like that (if that really was the suit he was wearing when the explosion took place, the suit wouldn’t have magically stayed intact on the one half – and the burnt half would be busy falling off.)

        Like I said, it’s a VERY trivial issue, but unfortunately, it’s gonna be one of my “pet-peeves” from now on ;)

        • It wasn’t a white suit it was a grey one. When he fell over in the chair, half his face and suit were drenched in gasoline. Immediately after the explosion set his face/clothes on fire, Batman doused out the flames with his cape.

          The only possible unrealistic thing is that nurses/doctors usually cut your clothes off instead of removing when you are in a critical condition, so his shirt should be cut to pieces.

    • What movie did you watch…?

  3. What were the first comic books you ever read?
    I started with the Ultimates and then got into Ult. X-Men & Ult. Spiderman.

    • First one would be Wolverine #1 (Not the Frank Miller ed) and GI Joe.

    • Amazing Spider-Man. Can´t remember the issue though. But it was shortly after Erik Larsen became the regular penciler.

    • It was either an early spidey or uncanny x-men, but more likely SHOGUN WARRIORS or MICRONAUTS.

    • Amazing Spiderman #298.
      Saw the cover at a local book store and Todd’s art just caught my eye. Thus began a 7-year comic binge in which I spent WAY too much money on comics.

    • I learned to read through comic books. I don’t remember the first one, but my dad collected comics and read some of his favorites (Batman, Sgt. Rock, and Spider-Man) to me until I could read them on my own. Great times!

    • Amazing Spiderman don’t remember what issue it was though, one of my fav. storyline is the maximum carnage story and another one of my favorite issues is when spidey gets the spider armor. Also enjoyed the scarlet spider the impact webbing was really cool IMO. Here are some of the titles I used to pick up …

      Amazing Spiderman
      The Scarlet Spider
      Uncanny X-Men
      The Punisher
      Morbius the living vampire

      These are just a few too many to list I’ve got them stored in a sealed plastic container I may pick out a few to re-read :)

    • The original Wolverine mini-series and Uncanny X-Men…

    • I was very young (I’m 16 at the moment, so it must have been about 10 years ago)… so I don’t really remember what series or issue numbers it was, but I do remember it was a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics…

      Years after that, I started with Marvel U comics and eventually started reading the Ultimates comics and DC comics as well…

        • “What’s the point in being a grown-up if you can’t act childish every now and then!?”

          - Dr Who

          • what do you mean,pedro? i don´t understand what you mean. can you describe it in a way that i understand.

            • He means it´s nice to feel like a child from time to time.

              • thanks scape, i must pay you money if you must correct and translate it the way,that i understand in future! joke! thank you.

              • Yes, thank you, that’s what I meant.

                Nothing wrong with being a 36 year old geek who still likes to discuss comic books, movies, whatever. I’m 48, I don’t think there’s a cut-off date for being young-at-heart. So hold onto that inner-child. Gotta follow the advice of your Doctor (Who).

        • Thanks man, you too.

          I jsut hope that when I’m older, I’ll also still have this passion for comics, movies and TV :D

    • Batman:Death of a dynasty…Captain America:Streets of poison…Spectacular Spider-man can’t remember issue or title…Uncanny X-Men also don’t remember issue.

    • Mine was Top Dog, Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham, Muppet Babies, or some other kids comic book…not sure which one I bought first. It was the mid-eighties, and I was like 6 or 7. They were 75 cents and my favorite thing to buy as a young ‘un. But my first superhero one was Spiderman…but I don’t know the issue.

    • It’s been a few years, but I think the first ones I read and really paid attention to were “Action Comics” and “Ghost Rider”, both of which I loved. I remember also absolutely loving “Batman” and “Detective Comics” and later very much enjoying “Micronauts”, “Crystar, Crystal Warrior”, “Rom: Spaceknight”, and “Dial ‘H’ for Hero”.

      I had and still have very eclectic tastes in terms of both reading materials and movies.

  4. Does anyone have any favorite batman comics they can suggest to me; I want to go buy some but don’t know which stories are best

    • Pharoah,

      I picked up Superman/Batman Absolute Power the other day and the storyline is fantastic and really gets into the Batman character and importance of both characters, especially Batman. Also, if you want a novel type read, Murder at Wayne Manor is a fun read.

    • The Killing Joke and The Cult… both great Batman stories.

      • Thanks guys :)

      • as a kid i´ve collected in the late 70s,early 80s,all of dc and marvel,as i can remember i´ve even had the legendary superman vs muhammed ali comic(but my favou. as a kid were spidy,hulk and iron man. and then i´ve gone to graphic novels. in 92 i bought the dark knight returns,batman:year one!my alltime favourites.

        • I used to love those giant size comics!! I have a few from that era as well .. Spiderman and Hulk at the Montreal Olympics in 76…

          • hello green knight,all the good comics that i´ve collected have i gave my brothers son,or i´ve gave them good friends to read,so many are lost during the time. i was so stupid that i haven´t collected them safety. so many friends and even my brother ,did carred their comics(they´ve got hundreds of classics). the worst thing was that i´ve sold my favourite graphic-novels from batman. since,i think about 15 years i haven´t bought new comics,i just take a look at them in comic stores,now. but the marvel and dc movies are for me now,i collect them on dvd/blu-ray.

    • Knightfall
      Gotham by Gaslight
      Dark Victory
      Year One
      Black and White
      A Death in the Family
      Son of the Demon
      The Man Who Laughs
      Batman and the Monster Men (Matt Wagner rocks!)
      The Cult (Bernie Wrightson also rocks!)
      The Long Halloween

      I know I’m forgetting some other ones, but I hope I’ve helped.

      • Trinity is another good one about the first team-up between Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Okay, I’ll shut up now.

        • Thanks for all the info! :)

    • to pharao, the dark knight returns,batman:year one,the killing joke and some classics from 70s 80s,here in germany the comics were very large-dina 4,and solid. but,i think in u.s.a they were tehe same size.

      • The Din norm is a german thing only.

        • thanks,i thought that there was something about the din norm,now i know!thanks scape!

      • Cool thanks for your help murdok!

  5. Cumberbatch bichez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Has anyone else noticed that, ‘Looper’ is being held in seemingly really high regard? Don’t get me wrong i’m really excited for it but usually every movie has it’s share of nay-sayers (sometimes this includes me) but everything i can remember reading that involved ‘Looper’ there has been no speculation that it might just be another candidate for the island of failed Sci-fi movies(let alone time travel movies). So yeah, i guess in a way i’m saying “WHY IS NOBODY BASHING THIS MOVIE” but it seems only fair i mean, There’s people saying Ridley Scott’s new movie will suck based on pictures and that if Star trek 2 even attempts to do anything involving Kahn it will fail and i hate to bring it up but Nolan’s track record is also pretty solid IMO and there has been a noticeable growing amount of doubt for TDKR yet the only movie i’ve even heard of from the director of ‘Looper’ is ‘The Brothers Bloom’. Once again, i’ll say i will go into ‘Looper’ with high expectations as well but is the premise THAT solid? or does nobody care? Yeah thanks

    • It’s because no time travel movie has ever been bad :)

      • except for the Time Machine with Guy Pearce and about 20 other ones. But there has never been a bad time travel movie with a hot tub involved…

        • Haha i was gonna say the time machine but decided not to for three factors:
          -Guy Pearce
          -The Morlocks were pretty sweet
          - and i thought “He probably appreciated it”

        • I have to agree with you about The Time Machine, truly horrible remake and considering one of H.G. Wells relations was involved in the production as well.

          Give me the George Pal/Rod Taylor version any day.

          • The Time Machine is one of those unsolved mysteries…how can a movie adapting the same source material make one of the best and one of the worst movies about the same subject?

            • I know, and even the special effects weren’t anywhere near as good as the original.

  7. Just saw the final episode of Sherlock BBC Season 3 “The Reichenbach Fall”. Of course another awesome episode. Put great use to the famous Doyle story “The Final Problem” and Andrew Scott is definately one of the best Moriarty’s ever despite being younger and set in a modern time.

    • Kinda off-topic:
      I remember the last time we discussed Sherlock Holmes, you said you haven’t watched SH2…
      Have you gotten round to seeing it yet?

      • @TheAvenger

        Naaw mang. Unless somebody invites me to go I can wait till it comes out on DVD.

  8. How about this for a discussion: best and worst time travel movies.

    Back to the Future (1st one) and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure are tied for my favorites.
    Black Knight would be my least favorite.

    • Black knight?! lmao i can’t…although i think that movie falls under the ‘Fill in the sunday 12pm-2pm time slot on comedy central’ genre

    • For best:

      The Time Machine (original George Pal version)
      The Final Countdown
      Back to The Future (1-3, it’s like an old serial, what will happen next? Stay Tuned!!)
      Star Trek IV
      Star Trek: First Contact
      The Terminator
      Terminator 2: Judgement Day
      Army of Darkness
      The Time Tunnel
      The Time Bandits

      Anyone ever notice how often time travel crops up in Star Trek?! Seems like if all the writers have “writer’s block” at the same time, “Ooh, let’s do a time travel (or Q related) story. No brainer, story writes itself.

      • BEST
        Does Highlander count. He traveled a lot of time the old fashion way. Also Donnie Darko, Planet of the Apes, and of couse Back to the Future.

        Thebutterfly Effect and Black Knight. Black Knight should of been funny. Its one of those sad family movies tranditions raw comedians shld never do.

        • Now how could I have forgotten Planet of The Apes.

          Also loved the episode of The Simpsons where Homer turns the toaster into a time machine.

          Anyone for some “re-Neducation” ??

    • Back To the Future (1-3) and Star Trek’s time-travel movies are pretty good as well (I’m sure there are more good time-travel-movies… but I can’t recall them now).

      Worst ones though… I’d have to agree with The Black Knight.

      • The Terminator series was also good! (most of em’)
        How could I forget about those?!

        • The Sarah Conner Chronicles? I loved that show. Too bad it got canceled.

          • f…n pro 7, pro 7 is a german-tv-channel!

          • I never got to watch the last season…
            But yeah, that was a good show IMO — never before have I been so turned on by a robot (Summer Glau) ;)

    • Two favorites of mine are Time Bandits and The Final Countdown.

    • I’d have to agree with Back to the Future, with Trek 4 & 8 close behind for me.

      Black Knight was bad but I can watch that over Somewhere in Time with Chris Reeves; that movie was just extremely boring.

  9. I am a big Green Arrow fan seen the piece about the CW show was excited that the guys who wrote the screenplay for the movie where he was in prison are doing it was wondering if anybody else liked that concept or would you rather see a more traditonal approach

  10. I really enjoyed “Paycheck”, “Time after Time”, and “12 Monkeys”, with “Timecop” being a guilty pleasure. BttF is, of course, great too…There are others I loved, but “Hot Tub Time Machine” was definitely NOT one of them…yuck!

    • Forgot about 12 Monkeys, brilliant film. I wouldn’t have classified Paycheck as a time travel movie though, yes “Spoilers ahead” . . . . . there is a machine that allows you to see into the future, but really he’s just had his memory wiped and has to figure out what’s going on. It’s no more a time travel movie than Minority Report is, they can just predict future crimes.

      But I enjoyed Paycheck as well, nice to see Aaron Eckhart as a villain for a change, and a good side-kick role for Paul Giamatti.

      • Pedro…I count “Paycheck” as a time travel film because it allows images from the future to be seen in the past. Though not a human transporter (or material–organic or not), the machine at the heart of the plot DID transmit ideas/history that had not yet happened. It was as much a time travel film to me as Gregory Benford’s TIMESCAPE was a time travel novel (a brilliant book involving communicating through time). Great film, indeed :)

        • Well then I think it should be in a different category, the operative word being “travel” to me intimate’s that someone, or something, is moving from one time period into another, hence travel.

          You say it yourself “Though not a human transporter”, would that make Nostradamus a time traveler then? Although he saw many future events he unfortunately wrote most of them down in a way that they can’t be interpreted (or can be interpreted in different ways) until after events have happened. He did that to protect himself, but none the less I still don’t see how it’s time “travel”.

          I see Paycheck as more about changing time, or changing the time line, Aaron Eckhart’s character was using it to his own advantage, but in seeing the future he wasn’t just seeing it but changing the present in a way so that what he saw actually came to pass.

          There was another film, can’t remember which one now, but one of the character’s observed that the event of seeing the future mean’s that you change it because you have seen it. And I hate to bring up Yoda but he said (about the future) “Difficult to see, always in motion is the future”. And Anakin’s dream’s, they in effect brought about the changes which would make them a reality. If he hadn’t seen the future would he have turned to the dark side?

          So as mentioned I’d put them in a separate category as they really aren’t about travel.

          But that’s just my take on it.

          • I suppose we’ll simply continue to view the film’s “definition” differently. I say that the film IS a time TRAVEL movie precisely because things (in this case images/visual evidence) DO travel back in time. IMO, we are complimenting the film by being able to view and understand it in multiple ways…a la “Inception” to a degree. :)

  11. Being Human returned to SyFy last night. I’m so glad that show is back on the air. It’s friggin’ awesome.

    • I’m going to have to check it out “B”.

      • The 1st season is streaming on Netflix. The British version is on there too but I haven’t watched that one.

    • Top Gear is my sh*t. Dude funny and the features/challenges r always cool. Im a rascar driver in my own head.

      • Which ‘Top Gear special’ has been your favorite to-date?
        IMO, their Polar Special is still the best (followed closely by the Botswana Special and their trip to South America).

  12. This may have already been mentioned by someone else but has anyone else noticed the switch between the film world and the TV world that several predominantly big screen actors/actresses have made? Seems like a sizeable number of formerly big screen only actors/actress have switched to the small screen.

    personally I believe its because of the economy and trouble getting big screen jobs especially with the temptation of a steady paycheck (even if its a smaller one) from the TV world. Anyone else know anything about this>

    I’m also curious if anyone familiar with the film industry and with inside connections knows if the movie schedule for 2013 and beyond is lighter then in previous years? I know there’s talk about doing this and that over the next year or 2 but I mean definites, films with actual schedules on paper and commitments.

  13. Some more time travel related movies/TV shows

    The Philadelphia Experiment
    Quantum Leap
    Time After Time
    Seven Days
    Peggy Sue Got Married
    Cyborg 2087
    The Time Travellers Wife
    Cat Weazel
    The Time Tunnel
    Terra Nova

    I did think about Sliders but that’s more about travelling to alternate universes rather than through time.

    • I loved “Seven Days”…apparently one of only three or four people to feel that way. I’m surprised you forgot to mention “Voyagers”…Jon Erik Hexum (RIP) as a time traveller, a la QuL or DrW. It was a really fun show…nothing extraordinary, but A LOT of fun.

      • I’ve actually never heard of Voyager’s, but that’s nothing new. There are lots of shows which don’t get aired here in Australia.

        Someone told me about a spinoff show from Babylon 5 called Crusade, about some kind of virus released on Earth, they go off into space to find a cure. I’d never heard of that either, probably because it was so short lived it never saw the light of day over here.