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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 15, 2014

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  1. happy humpdayyyy scranters.
    i watched “last stand” on netflix the other day. arnold’s acting is just awful.

    …and 1st!


    • Aww c’mon, it was Arnold being Arnold. I thought Last Stand was a fun movie and enjoyed the heck out of it. If you want to talk about an awful movie by an 80′s action icon, watch Bullet to the Head with Stallone. I’m a big Stallone fan, but that movie was just really bad.

      • @Andy S:

        I’m a much bigger Ahnold mark than Stallone but I liked Bullet to the Head more than Last Stand.

        Haven’t caught Escape Plan yet but maybe two for the price of one is better.

      • Nah, it wasn’t just Arnold being Arnold. His acting in The Last Stand was considerably worse than in his last movie before his political career (Collateral Damage). The few acting skills that he acquired over the years must have gotten lost again during his term of office.

  2. I saw American Hustle last night. Part of the $5 Tuesdays with free popcorn. I am not cut out to be a movie reviewer because I don’t get the hype. Thought it was a decent flick but nothign great.

    • That would be really cool. It might entice RDJ to come back more than another solo film would.

    • I think they need to move to team up movies, the solos have been underwhelming. Thor/hulk movie or a ironman/cap or any other fun combination. The highlight for dark world for me was 30 seconds were Loki pretends hes captain america. Also i want to see some avengers in Asgard. Send hulk there, kinda just wanna see Odin lay a smackdown lol

    • And then we could have rumors like: Angelina Jolie in talks to play Ms. Marvel or Sean Connery in talks to play The Tinkerer.

  3. Couple of movies recently seen:

    ‘American Hustle’:

    Scorsese without the caffeine. Reminded me of ‘Boogie Nights’ in style and relaxation of tone. Clear though that Christian Bale is O. Russell’s go to guy. Find it hard to agree with the obvious consensus that it is the hot stuff of the awards season. Just something about O. Russell’s movies that remain very self contained. Which isn’t a bad thing but leaves little to debate afterwards. It was a fun two hours, but the only lingering memory is that of Amy Adams. For obvious reasons. (8/10)

    ‘Wolf of Wall Street’:

    Ah, yes, the “controversy”. Here is the thing. Scorsese absolutely believes in the old fashioned romanticism of the American Dream. He is also acutely aware of how distorted the achievement of said dream has become and how informed the rest of the world has become by this very notion. I am guessing the “controversy” falls into a lack of actual recrimination presented towards the principals depicted. But it is not his job to judge the people involved. His job in this movie is to present how accepted it now is to attempt to acquire fame/money/power at the cost of your very soul. Highlighted none more than in the final scene.

    But we had all this with ‘Goodfellas’ as well, so, I guess it was of little surprise. For what little it is worth, I adored it, laughed out loud many a time and felt sad reminding myself that there is not a hope in hell DiCaprio will get an Oscar.(9/10)

    Hope y’all are well.



      Nice critiques! I just saw both movies and really enjoyed them. I thought the cast of AH did an outstanding job, especially the chemistry between Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Bradley Cooper. I can’t say the film is the cream of the crop because I haven’t seen many of the films catching praise, but it sure was fun to watch. I also grew up in the seventies, so the nostalgia does have me a little biased. This is the first O. Russell film I’ve seen; is Silver Linings Playbook worth watching?

      My favorite scenes:

      1. When Bale’s character had to confess everything to the mayor and how he kept apologizing, saying the mayor was the first true friend he’s had. (If I remember correctly…) I felt sorry for the guy because of the situation he was forced into by the FBI and Bradley Cooper’s hunger to take everyone down.

      2. Jennifer Lawrence singing “Live and Let Die” while cleaning the house.

      You make good sense with your comparison of Goodfellas and Wolf of Wall Street. Throughout WOWS I kept wondering, How much can one man take before the balloon bursts? I thought DiCaprio was excellent. I can see how people can be upset over the controversy, but the world is full of people who never come around unless they’re forced to, and even then, they may not pay the full price for their actions. (Pick a politician!) My favorite scene was when Kyle Chandler was sitting on the subway train, looking at the other people around him. Was jealousy of Jordan Belfort’s success creeping in on him? I thought it was ironic that the good guy of the film seemed to reap no benefit/acknowledgement to taking down the bad guy, while the bad guy has fun in prison and then continues to make money. Only in America?

      • “Is Silver Linings Playbook worth watching?”

        Absolutely. But like O. Russell’s other movies, you’ll enjoy it whilst it is playing but remember little other than perhaps Jennifer Lawrence dancing. Like I said, not a bad thing. Not every movie has to have discussion points.

        “Only in America?”

        I genuinely believe the point Scorsese is making is that if America likes to promote itself as the place of the ‘American Dream’ and believes itself to be that influential in the world, then others are going to follow. In a sense, critiquing the example it is setting. But that is just my interpretation, Sir. In these times, everyone is struggling for money and we would all investigate any avenue to ease our financial concerns, whether it be people as singular or countries as a whole.


      • @ $2

        Dude Silver Linings is definitely worth seeing. You should also see The Fighter, I actually liked that one more than Hustle or Silver Linings. See The Fighter man!! I watched it shortly after seeing Hustle and it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.

        My fave Hustle scene was prbly the Science oven, all the times Louis CK talked about ice fishing, when Bale freaks out at his wife for spilling the beans and she has that “power of intuition” speech. That was reeeeeally funny. The whole theater was in fits.

        My fave WoWs scene was definitely when he bribes the federal agent dude on his boat. The whole scene, the dialogue, kicking them off the boat, throwing hundred dollar bills at them. I LOVED that scene.

      • Check out 3 Kings,Russell’s first film,which is still my favorite

  4. I’d love to see thoughts on fox’s announcement about the end of pilot season and what that means for television series developement going forward.

  5. I finally went to see Anchorman 2 last night and it was WAY better than I thought it would be. I was surprised that I laughed as much as I did, especially after reading the review here on Screen Rant. I wasn’t a HUGE fan of the original, but I found that I enjoyed the sequel just as much. It was silly, yes, especially near the end, but it’s a Will Ferrell movie. What would you expect?

  6. Very 1st post. Although, I have been a fan of this site for the last two years. I visit screen rant atleast once a day and very much enjoy a majority of the articles.

    Anyways, I’ve recently seen Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones and Lone Survivor.
    I am not a fan of Military type movies and would not initially choose to see one in theaters. With that said, I thought Lone Survivor was well done and kept me engaged the whole time. It’s one of those movies that asks you to validate your life. I also really liked the tribute to the soilders. At certian parts of the movie I couldn’t help myself from thinking what it would be like if these soldiers had special powers. This is the kind of tone I would love to see a comic book movie in. I know it will never happen but I just think it could be really amazing.

    Simon says Paranormal activity had me cringed in my seat for most of the movie. This was mostly due to suspense because I did not feel that it was as scary as the first two films. I did enjoy the movie and it kept me entertained.

    Thanks for great articles everyday screen rant!

  7. Anyone else hear the rumors of a possible Planet Hulk movie? Trying not to let my hopes get up, but how awesome would that be!

    • They been floating around for a while now, though Feigne denied them for what its worth. Personally dont understand the planet hulk appeal. He’s not “hulk” people want to see for most of it. Its gladiator but with hulk and random aliens. Think the cartoon was good enough, live action? Willing to get money it doesnt get made anytime soon.

      • I watched the animated Planet Hulk movie and it was atrocious. The story, the characters, the dialog, the twist which announces itself from the get go, it’s ridiculous. Planet Hulk represented the worst aspects that are being associated with comicbooks. It was childish, dumb and boring. Quite the opposite of the live action Marvel movies, really. It wouldn’t work unless the completely changed everything about it.

  8. Would you rather have the DC comic TV shows be in the same universe as the Man Of Steel (only taking place elsewhere) or to be cut off from the Movie Universe entirely?

    • I’d much Rather they be their own thing. DC tend to do more one offs I find with their characters in general so seem to be more open to reinterpretations provide the core characters are ostencibly the same. Look at batman and the many one offs he’s been given that fall outside either the “classic” or new 52 continuities.

      Otherwise, for Marvel it works because you have direct involment from the marvel higher ups and Whedon. Arrow being at CW and the Gotham show being at Fox I wonder how much control they have over at DC, they seem more hands off.

      And as far as the agent of sheild show.. I don’t find that its added anything good to the MCU to be honest but we’ll see, still early..

      • Is it just me or does every Agent of Shield episode have at least 5 friggin cumulative minutes it seems of various shots of Coulston’s jet.. Flying, landing, taking off, turning… Gawd. Its like, “hey look guys, movie quality cg over here… (Whispering) that we blew on that one model”. At least in say Star Trek shows when the enterprise was shown it was a quick setup shot or seemed to make sense for the show when they showed it in full. Maybe it’s because a spaceship > than a plane. Idk, just find it annoying when they just linger on it in the show.

    • Since the shows would have nothing to do with the movies anyway, due to budgetary and contractional concerns, and the only connection would consist of on-the-nose namedrops, Agent of SHIELD style, they should keep it completely separated. Anything else would be just an annoying distraction and add nothing to the shows, again, just like Agents of SHIELD. Movies and TV shows are two completely different animals that just don’t mix well, or don’t mix at all.

  9. Won’t see the next Friday The 13th film if it doesn’t have Jason in it. And if it’s made like Part 5: The New Blood, still won’t see it if has a imposter Jason.

  10. Who do you think will make more BATMAN vs Superman or Avengers: Age of Ultron? And Why do you think so?

    My guess is BvS because Batman draws an insane crowd and people will go see it because they love to have Ben Affleck until he’s awesome.

    • *hate

    • I say Avengers2. BvS won’t win just because Batman is in it. That logic doesn’t really work. Nolan’s trilogy didn’t make the big bucks until the sequel came around. Batman Begins was a modest success by CBM blockbuster standards. Heath Ledger’s performance and premature death put TDK in the spot light and it and the follow up TDKR made bookoo bucks.

      I remember telling my friends to go see Batman Begins and taking my copy to their houses to watch it with them. It wasn’t one of those movies that EVERYBODY saw like The Avengers was.

      Don’t get me wrong. I think BvS will make more money than Batman Begins or Man of Steel, but I don’t think it’ll match Avenger’s numbers.

    • More relevant question right now. Best super hero movie of this year? Spider-Man, guardians, or capUSA?

      Best and highest grossing?

      I think I will enjoy all three immensely and won’t be able to pick out a best (but guardians could be epic-awesome so it’s a dark horse to be best movie period of 2014)

      I think spidey will win the box office. Super popular and bankable.

      • How it will go

        1) TASM2
        2) Cap2
        3) GOTG

        How I want it to go

        1) GOTG
        2) Cap2
        3) TASM2

        I want the studios to take more risks. GOTG has fans psyched cuz its new its risky, it could be reeeally awesome!! I want GOTG to make tons of money so studios will take more risks and make more original CBMs and other movies.

      • I think it will go

        1)Amazing Spider-Man 2
        2)Captain America: The Winter Soldier
        3)X-Men: Days of Future Past
        4)Guardians of The Galaxy

        • Holy crap I didn’t include X-Men DOFP!! Why didn’t I include DOFP?! Yeesh, that throws off the whole thing.. Idk where that movie will end up.

          I want it to make the most actually, I love Singers X-Men films and I’m really psyched to have him at the helm of an X-movie once again :)

          Wow… cant believe I forgot about DOFP.

  11. Thoughts on Person of Interest?
    The machine bypassing Finch and messing with Reese directly… hmm, new protocol maybe? Hersh asking Shaw about how she likes the new team. Though asking about the dental plan would have been funnier. (Maybe I’ve been reading Deadpool too much)

    Agents of Shield is starting to lose me. Yes, the gratuitous shots of ‘the bus’ is excessive. Thought the whole two engines at the back were pointless and wouldn’t work in the real world… but for VTOL, you would need them.

    I thought Sky would have been more important to the son of Coul finding out how he’s not dead. [Though in Marvel, dead doesn't mean dead. (see Jean Gray in X2)]
    Fitz & Simmons are the most human characters on the show. I was hoping that was going to be Sky. They’ve dropped her whole ‘rising tide’ sub-plot.

    Are they stealing Coulson’s mojo faster than Guerrero (Human Target season 2)?

    Would adding Deadpool to the cast help? Wouldn’t he be paid in bags of money with dollar signs on them? How many deaths could Wade have? How many by Agent May herself?

    These exciting questions, won’t be answered next time…

    • @Chad:

      Person of Interest is great.

      I like Shah better than Joss, her character is much more interesting and provides good humor.

      The Machine has interacted with Reese directly before. Finch landing the plane was ridiculous. No Root or Fusco this episode, too bad. I was hoping Leon would become a more recurring character but I guess not.

    • POI was great last night. I hadn’t read the episode summary so it was a nice little “aha!” moment when I realized it was the Machine and not Finch who moved Reese around. I think this episode was hurt though by the fact it followed the Endgame Trilogy arc plus the awesomeness of Lethe and Aletheia. But it did get Reese to come back to the team, so I’m a very happy camper! Seriously, with this show, even the mediocre episodes are other shows best.

  12. Batman vs Superman will surely make more money. It’s two of DC greatest characters facing off against each other for the first time in a live adaptation.

  13. Can we move up DK vs MOS to 2014 already?

    Hoping to see some awesome and NEW trailers during superbowl.
    4k TV as super monitor!!!!

  14. My favorite film by Russell is his first film 3 Kings……

  15. Agents of SHIELD mentioned HYDRA! It only took 12 episodes.

    Hail HYDRA!

  16. So the rumor is John Hamm as the sorcerer supreme.. Screenrant.. Is there any meat to this rumor??