Open Discussion – January 14, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 14, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 14, 2013

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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m actually really satisfied with the Golden Globe winners

    • me too :) except I don’t believe Girls should even be nominated as a comedy series much less win tbh

      • Well, i’m satisfied for the most part. I don’t believe “Brave” should’ve won Best Animated Film

        • Yeah, WRECK-IT RALPH should’ve won!

          • Agreed

          • agreed!

            • Pretty good winners nice to see affleck win, since he didnt get an oscar nod

  2. Zachary Levi for Guardians Of Galaxy! Make it happen!

    • He’s in Thor 2 already. I doubt its gonna happen.

  3. I watched Dredd over the weekend. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be IMO. It reminded me of The Raid: Redemption, being trapped in the building and all. Even thought Karl Urban never took his helmet off, I kept thinking of home as Bones from Star Trek.

    • Do you read the Dredd comics? I thought the film did a great job of bringing the comics to the big screen. Plus, it was like Urban had stepped right out of the comic books. I loved it!

    • I really enjoyed Dredd, had some very interesting visuals. Then it came to me that Karl Urban would make a great Batman in the Justice League.

      • Exactly what I have been thinking, my girlfriend thinks Urban would be a great Dick Grayson/Nightwing/Batman.

        • He’s almost 43 years old though? I can’t see an old man playing Nightwing.

    • Yes Dredd and The Raid had the same setting. However, for me Dredd came out on top for not having a sappy emo sub story.

      • you guys are all correct. I liked Karl Urban’s performance, I just thought the story could have been a little stronger.

  4. Dunham shouldn’t have won for best actress, and Girls shouldn’t have won for best tv show.

    • There are a lot of things that “should’ve” and “shouldn’t have” been nominated or not nominated.

      I felt Javier Bardem should’ve been somewhere in the nominations for Best Supporting Actor. I mean I’m still a little irked about 2 actors from “Django Unchained” being on there because the one who I thought was brilliant didn’t even win; DiCaprio, while Waltz was good but not great IMO. I also felt Daniel Craig should’ve been nominated for Best Actor instead of Denzel Washington (“Flight” wasn’t all that good IMO), but I guess that category was for Drama so I digress

  5. Only Golden Globes worth anything

    Sophia Vergara’s

    • +2!

  6. who were the winners? I missed it.

  7. So, I went to the Detroit Autoshow yesterday. My sister works for GM.

    Who Knew, I would run into Ed O’Neil.

    And Talked to him for almost half an hour when they unveiled the new corvette.

    • That’s pretty cool that you got the opportunity 2 talk 2 Al Bundy.

      • You mean Jay Pritchett

        • I only know him as Glen, the manager at Mikita’s donuts.

  8. So like two weeks ago, I went down to Chicago and went to this diner theater performance of “Singing in the Rain”. I’m not a huge theater fan, but i thought WTH, its a fun movie so the play cant be that bad, right?…It was awesome! the play wasn’t quite as good as the movie, but it was just as fun! They actualy had rain come down from special sprinklers in the theme song performance! way cool!

  9. Anybody ever watch an actor in in a movie, and have character they play change your opinion or view of that actor? Like every time you see them, u remember them as that character, not for who they are?

    • You mean typecasting? I try not to. I will take the time out to learn the name of that actor

      • No, I mean based on a performance. For example, Kevin Bacon. Every time I see that guy, I can’t help but think of what a slime ball he played in Sleepers (Sean Nokes) and I can’t see him now in another role with out seeing that slimy character. It’s like his performance altered my view of him.

    • Yes, with seeing “Ted” I was finally able to stop seeing Mila as Jackie form “That 70′s show”.

      • I totally know what you mean, I hated Emille Hirsch after seeing him in Alpha Dog, can’t watch that guy in anything now!

        • That was the only movie I liked Emile Hirsch in! Thought it was a fantastic movie.

          • no he was awesome, but the character he played was an evil s*** and it’s impacted is forever imbedded in my psyche lol

          • @ Dr Noisewater and LeatherCheerio

            You two no like Speed Racer? lol

      • Speaking of that 70s show, I can’t watch Ashton Kutcher in anything without thinking of Kelso.

      • Her voice will always be remembered as Meg Griffin though.

        • …shut up Meg

  10. Here is a question for all you ranters…

    If WB were to make a Nightwing movie who would you like in the role for the hero and what villain would he face ?

    • I’m not sure who would play Nightwing, but I would like Mad Hatter played by Martin Freeman as a side villain alongside Penguin played by Philip Seymour Hoffman

    • Joseph Gordon Levitt as nightwing and let’s cast Leonardo DiCaprio as the riddler.

      • I always thought DiCaprio would suit Black Mask. I can’t see him playing someone like The Riddler, a villain who only excels in avoiding the police using his intelligence alone.

        Take into fact that we just got a Joker who is more of a solid mix between Joker and Riddler than just a plain Joker. He was highly intelligent and played a game of mindf**ks and instead of full out chaos, he used organized chaos: crime. Not saying Joker is supposed to be stupid because he’s not, but there is a reason why the 2 villains are different and IMO Nolan failed to realize the difference by saying Riddler would just be Joker phase 2. That’s not true, he just made it that way.

      • Lets grab all of the other actors of Inception as well!

    • In an earlier post above I stated my girlfriend thinks Urban would be a good Grayson/Nightwing/Batman. I gotta say I agree with that because when I saw Dredd I thought damn Urban would be a cool Batman and then thought he would be a good Nightwing, I even went as far to think he would make one heck of Batman as Grayson (post R.I.P., Battle for the Cowl).

  11. Finally saw The Hobbit and I can’t figure out the critics are only giving it 65%on rotten tomato. Also does anyone know when the Incredible Hulk TV show is supposed to air?

    • I think The Hobbit at least needs to be around 75% to 80%

    • The hulk is my favorite Marvel guy. But I hope the TV show gets canned. Any hero that has a current movie franchise out should not risk having a TV show.

      • i agree 100%.

  12. Anyone else annoyed by that AOL pop up on the bottom of the screen?

    • yes. very much so.

      • +1

        • I’ve moved it to the left side.

          Less annoying?

          • Make that the RIGHT side. :)

            • Much better. Thanks Vic!!

            • Cheers, Vic – much better!

            • Got to call off the herd of cows I sent to poop on Screen Rants Powers that be front lawn.

              Fear The Cows.

  13. Just watched the directors cut of Robin Hood again and I have to say its pretty awesome, if any movie is crying out for a sequal then this is it!!

    The directors cut makes for a much more coherent and fleshed out story, the chemistry amongst the cast is awesome with some great banter!

    It’s shame it didn’t do well at the box office and was a disappointment amongst critics, this could have been an exciting series of movies!

    • which version are you referring to?

      • Ridley Scott’s

  14. This is A little off subject but does anyone know what’s happening at the Spike channel. A couple of there shows Auction Hunters and Worlds Worst Tennants were amoung my favorites. But there haven’t been any new episodes lately only reruns. So what gives at the Spike channel.

  15. Finally was able to check out the Prestige and Looper. Looper was good and i liked the twists, though i was able to guess what they were right before they happened, but still another solid film from chris nolan. I still need to check out Insomnia and Memento.

    Looper was also pretty good. the time travel rules were a little different, but they werent really a huge focus on the plot as say 12 monkeys, so it didnt matter to much. JGL did a good job protraying Bruces mannerisms.

    • Looper was one of the best films of the year IMO, and Prestige is one of Nolan’s best. Memento is also fantastic, and Insomnia is pretty good, but IMO Nolan’s worst (although it’s still a very good film, just has some tough competition). You should also check out Following, his first movie.

    • Memento is a great narrative. Insomnia is ok, but I watched before I cared as much about film as I do now, so take that with a grain of salt. The remedy is for me to re-watch it, which i plan to do soon.

  16. I finished Avenger’s Earth Mightest Heroes on Netflix (both seasons). I was disappointed that they never followed up with the Surtur story line. Still, it was a pretty awesome cartoon. Too bad they cancelled it.

    • Best hero cartoon since X-men on fox. My only complaints would be replacing Spider Woman with Mockingbird for the Scrull queen. And I like adult Spider-Man over kid Spider-Man. But loved that they threw a little New Avengers in there (one of my favorite comic events).

    • The first season was great, but the second one had too many guest appearances. It kinda felt forced. Too bad it got canceled. I hope the new cartoon isn´t crap like Ultimate Spider-Man. But since Jeph Loeb is involved, I have little hope…

  17. Anybody else think that this whole gun violence issue is going to effect movies and video games more then it does gun control?

    • I doubt it. I don’t think it’s going to change media or gun control. I won’t get political, but the only people that still think video games cause violent behavior are mostly past 60 years old now. According to that theory because I played Mortal Combat on my SNES and watched Bevis and Butthead, I should have pulled someones spine out and lit myself on fire long ago.

    • Yep. Society always looks for a scape goat and Hollywood and video games will always be the usual suspects.

      • I don’t think movies or videos games cause violence but i do think they make people who aspire to be violent more creative in how they do it, i mean the matrix dress code always seems to be a common theme! But saying that nobody ever brings up the Basketball Diaries which shows Leo offing his school teacher in a day dream!

        A blame the media for manipulating every news story and making these people celebrities!

  18. I got the oppertunity to meet a friend of my friend who as we speak is working on the justice league film, though he couldnt tell me anything except he is testing out certain scenes with animation to get a representation of what the film may look like.

    • Riiiiiight…

  19. i watched a couple of bad films on netflix this weekend. the 1st was called “Hell” another post-apocalyptic tale this time involving the sun cooking the earth during the day making it very dangerous to go out with any skin showing. it was a german language film, and the story was ok and the acting was ok, just needed more story. it just felt too short on the character development.
    the other movie was called “fire with fire” it had Josh Duhamel, Rosario Dawson, and mr yippe-ki-yay Bruce Willis. it said was released in 2012, must have been a DTD. bruce and josh were ok, but, Vincent D’Onofrio as the mob guy villain was just the worst. he has done that schtick to death. this could also be a reply to someone earlier asked about seeing someone in a role, well Vincent D’Onofrio will always be a psycho to me after 1st seeing him in Full Metal Jacket. even on the show law & order: criminal intent, he’s kinda crazy in it.

    • Vincent D’Onofrio has played a few nutters, in The Cell for one and The Salton Sea where he had no nose!

    • I liked D’Onofrio in Ed Wood. Great film!
      And he mad me laugh in MIB.

      • *made

        • Loved Ed Wood. Have you seen Five Minutes, Mr Welles (short film D’Onofrio wrote and directed about Orson Welles preparing for his role in The Third Man)? Kind of a response to Tim Burton for having dubbed his voice…

        • @2$

          “Ever pull wings off a fly? Care to see the fly get even?”

          That line always cracks me up.

    • He made a great Robert E Howard in The Whole Wide World.

  20. Kick ass 2 trailer? Poster?