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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 13, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 13, 2014

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  1. So I am digging the new mobile website since it does allow you to reply… but…

    By the 5th or 6th reply there is no ability to read the comments anymore. Its either the layout or the template itself. It looks pretty funny.

    • Yeah I am not a fan. Checked it out for the first time last night and stopped trying. Went through twitter to find the link I wanted.

      • Slight improvement over the last one.. Last hmm how many permutations had this site gone through in a year? Lol agreed though, they need to fix the reply issue (its a layout, css issue). Also prob keep the article splash page to like 100 words or fixed sized box then add the “continue reading” option for click through. Dont need to have 90% of the article on the main mobile page.

        • The mobile site has always been problematic for us. I listen to complaints and I try to find improvements. Since I’m a bit of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy, I tend to throw out the new attempts live on the site and wait for feedback. :)

          I’ve fixed the home page excerpt issue, but now it’s only showing a few posts per page there. This is a work in progress, folks – we are not some big corporate site with a team of developers working full time. :)

          Any other feedback is appreciated, though!


          • Who needs a big corporate staff when you have the best editorial team in the business. Keep it up Vic!

          • Overall its nice and clean, logical add placement, loads fast. The smaller boxes for the post on the main page are better, gives just enough, figure out how to include more stories per page and your in business :) (I think it’s a small template tweak in the wordpress settings telling it how many posts to well post).

            The commenting issue that pushes the replies nothing more than a vertical string is just how the template codes for the allocated space given for text to fit within the mobile screen size, not sure how to fix that one, could be a inherent limitation of the template, perhaps tweaks to the indentation, padding, column width or some other css text attribute might help.

            Anyways, you guys always provide fun articles, this is minor stuff.

            • To fix the “skinny” comments issue, go landscape. :)

              • Ha. Ill chalk that up to user error. And order a better phone with a larger screen. I guess Ill get the Galaxy Note.

          • @Vic:

            What about the retention of commenting name/mail/website information?

            Is it a browser or WordPress issue?

            • Bignerd,

              That may be a server caching issue.

              • Can it be fixed?

    • I sill “rationalize” it that as a stand alone movie, it’s a pretty good flick. Forget everything else, source material, part of the MCU, etc; it’s a very fun movie.

      But part of the MCU, it is disappointing.

      • ^^ I agree with this word for word.

        If it was a movie that had nothing to do at all with a shared universe or anything established before it, then it is entertaining and funny as hell.

        A great movie, but a crap Iron Man/MCU movie.

        I feel the exact same way about The Dark Knight Rises.

        A great movie, but a crap Batman movie.

        Count me in the group that is THRILLED that Batman is getting rebooted this soon based more on his comic book roots.

        • Hmm never thought about it like that. Agree with you guys 100%

    • @Hic-C
      I am glad im not the only one who saw it. The whole vibe of Iron Man was Lethal Weapon. The Boat scene at the end reminded me so much of LW2.
      Not a Bad thing but it helps to know that It may be the director’s signature just lie John Woo and his Birds… :)

      • He should’ve included his lines from Predator then…

  2. new archer tonight.

    • You ever watch Frisky Dingo or Sealab, Cody?

      Both shows are Adam Reed and Matt Thompson (creators of Archer) and they both get lots of winks and nods during Archer episodes.

      The finale last year was based on Sealab.

  3. Saw “2 Guns” over the weekend.

    I like Mark Wahlberg when he plays those smart alecky type characters or the one like his early “big” role in “The Big Hit”. I can actually see him take over as a younger Stark if RDJ decides not to continue.

    Had Denzel done a bad movie?

    Intelligence was only okay. We’ll see where it goes. Person of Interest is still awesome.

    • I loved his role in The Departed.

      • Me too. My favorite role he has played (next to the Funky Bunch, of course ;) )

    • I love hte idea of Marky Mark taking over as Stark but by the time Avengers 3 comes out (2018 at the earliest), Mark will be 47. I’m thinkng they’d want someone younger.

    • I’ve seen a lot of Mark lately (saw 2 Guns last year and I recently watched The Departed, Ted, The Fighter and The Lone Survivor) and I agree, he’s a lot of fun as the smart aleck. Well… I think he’s fun to watch period. He’s a good actor.

      Denzel? Idk about straight up BAD movies but I thought “Out of Time” was rather boring.

  4. I heard that Bill Paxton is joining Agents of Shield for several episodes….

  5. Glad to hear Gravity is coming back to theaters!
    if you didn’t see it the first time around, take it from an internet stranger, it’s worth every penny!
    We saw it in IMAX 3D which was amazing! I imagine normal screen 3D would be fun as well:)

  6. I’m not a huge fan of anime, but my friend got me to watch Sword Art Online and I love it! Just curious on whether anyone else has watched it?

    Also, I start a new job today, wish me luck!

    • Good luck on your new job. Hope its something you enjoy and can eventually turn into a career.

  7. Who would love a Matrix 4, and what would the story involve? Also i was thinking about the Terminator films. What are the motives for the Machines after they kill all humans? Interesting thought, what if they tied Terminator together with the Matrix? just kinda thinking of some film ideas.

  8. @Jellyfish – Good luck!
    @X – I’d love a 4th movie. I want to see how they handle the cgi with all the new developments over the past decade or so. And also, I’m a huge fan of Keanu, and i’d kinda like to see him make a comeback as a “top dog”.
    Don’t really know if i’d like to see a crossover between the Terminator and Matrix. No specific reason for it, but of they did do it, it be interesting to see if it failed or became a hit. (Though, to be honest, I think they should reboot the Terminator Franchise)

    I saw Hercules: The Legend Begins, and — wait for it — it sucked big time! But the funny thing is, that others in de cinema I was watching it, were happy with it. The LOVED it even. It just goes to say that for most people the acting, the plot, the narrative or any other ingredient needed to make a movie AT LEAST good, doesn’t matter. They just go there for the action, even if it’s crappy. But hey, to each their own.

    • @Anomandor:

      “Though, to be honest, I think they should reboot the Terminator Franchise”

      If I grant this wish, how much will you pay me? And I will title it “Terminator: Genesis”. :)

      • @BigNerd: Haha. Knew someone was going to point that out ;)
        But seeing as Arnold will be returning, it isn’t a reboot, now is it? Still, hope they do make something worth spending your money on.

        • @Anomandor:

          You can reboot with the same actors. The 21 Jump Street movie reboot had Johnny Depp, Peter Deluise and Holly Robinson in it. :)

          From what I read, it doesn’t sound like a full reboot. There was even a rumor of Robert Patrick in it as the template for the T-1000 (which would be cool).

  9. I would really like to see a matrix prequel/sequel kind of showing Morpheus, Trinity, and The Neo talked about by the Architect, as well as the film leading into what ever happened after the machines left Zion. Did Agent smith destroy the Matrix, by taking over everyone in the matrix, then dyeing by Neo? I mean the Machines need people to survive. Yeah Terminator/Matrix could be kind of lame i just saw a way they could actually tie them together but they are better as their own things.

  10. One other thing how did Neo have powers outside the Matrix? Was it another matrix or was Neo actually part machine?

    • @X:

      That’s where The Matrix jumped the shark… or rather mindstopped the Sentinels. It was never really explained other than that Neo had the ability to interact with machines in the real world. And when you didn’t think it could get worse, in Revolutions, they made it so that Agent Smith could take over real humans. Bah. Should have stopped after the first movie.

  11. Okay, I just finished Elysium. It’s actually not as bad as I’ve been lead to believe. If I compare it to other movies in its genre it’s by no means the worst, it’s not better than District 9 but it’s definitely better than Prometheus. I think Oblivion wins my best scifi movie of 2013 and Elysium is a close 2nd.

    • In everything besides originality Oblivion was good. I liked Elysium better. It was preachy, sure, but it was more unique.

    • I think Pacific Rim and Star Trek were better scifi in 2013.

      Honorable mention to Riddick.

      • Agreed!!

        Except for Riddick… Haven’t seen that one yet so I can’t have an opinion about it.

        • @movieDude:

          I think it’s out on DVD tomorrow.

          If you liked Pitch Black, you’ll like Riddick. Chronicles of Riddick… not so much.

  12. @Jellyfish
    SwordArt Online is a great series if you’re kinda new to anime. It’s not too over the top, the visuals are beautiful and the action is awesome. Not to mention the love story is nicely done. I recommend it to any anime watchers.

  13. I’ve always liked Family Guy but I can’t stand the spin-offs. I was thinking it’d be awesome if the Smiths (American Dad) moved to Spooner St. Cleveland moves back. And Quagmire gets a spin-off, he finds out he has a son (either nerdy or a womanizer) and they fly around the world looking for girls. That would be awesome.

    • I always thought Adam West should get his own spin off.

  14. here is another question in Terminator Salvation when do they create Time travel and send the characters back in time from the past films? and what is the machines motivation for killing of humans and what happens after they do?

  15. Did anyone else hear that Michael Douglas is playing Hank Pym in Ant-man?

      • just confirmed it! like 3 or 4 minutes ago..

        • I pulled off the scoop!!

          Procrastination – 1
          Professional Journalists – 0

    • Then who is Paul Rudd playing?

      • Ah… Scott Lang… I should read before I type.

  16. Does anybody think TASM 2 will make more money than any other super hero movie this year? I think it will come in 2nd after Captain America 2.

    • I’m honestly not sure how this will play out this year. I think Cap’s April release might hinder their profits. And then there is the X-Men…having all their characters from both franchises join up in one film might make them the franchise to beat.

      Still, I think Spidey will top the list……just because I’m a huge fan of that web head.

      • TASM2 will kill Cap2 overseas. Spiderman is more accessible to foreign audiences. Captain America has America in his name. He’s more appealing to Americans than to foreign markets.

        I know Spidey is from Manhattan (which is located in America) but hopefully you see my point. The box office numbers for TASM1 and Cap1 prove it.

        • I had to abbreviate my reasoning a lot but hopefully it makes sense haha..

          • I get it and it makes sense.

  17. Does anyone have an explanation why films “compete” with each other for BO results? What I mean is, why do they have one film slated 2 to 3 weeks after another major blockbuster?

    Wouldn’t it be smart to have a release date at least a month or longer away from the summers giant blockbuster?

    And why the summer? Unless they are expecting to bank on underage kids during the day for multiple viewings, I just don’t get it.

      • In the article, he touches on everything that I mentioned in the first page. Its inflated. 2015 is going to be terrible for studios’ expectations because some of these are 2 weeks apart. For me, its not about having the money to see a movie either. Its about getting the time to get a babysitter back to back weekends.

        • I agree LC, but I don’t think the studios care about us (parents). They only care about our dollars, and they’ll get those from the parents of teenagers.