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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 13, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   January 13, 2012

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    • I would actually agree with this perspective, kind of focusing on the Cap, but I really believe that, since so many characters are in the film, no one will dominate it. I trust Joss Whedon, as he has made some fine films, my favorite being Serenity, but this movie is in danger of being overly campy and unrealistic, if you know what I mean, due to all the characters in it.

    • I though Evans’ portrayal was pretty good (it could have been better though) — but IMO, most of those “weak” moments were only partly Evans’s fault, and partly due to Johnson’s directing and the script.

      About what Joss Whedon’s said: I thought as much… There has been earlier interviews where he said the movie will be mainly about Cap (by mainly I think it’s about 45%) and how he’s dealing with waking up in the new world, but I still think all the other characters will play a VERY significant role.

      I can’t believe it’s less than 4 months until we find out for sure 😀

        • Well, I’ll have to disagree. I don’t think Evans was a miscast (he’s perfect for the role). I just don’t think Johnston is a very character driven director (for instance, in the director’s commentary for Cap: TFA, all he could talk about was the sets/locations used in the movie. Not once did he talk about the actor’s process or anything like that). He wasn’t a “horrible” choice either IMO, he just wasn’t ~right~ in certain perspectives.

          Still, I’m not worried because I’m sure Whedon is the type of guy who could get a great performance out of the actors. I’m positive that in The Avengers, we’ll see Chris Evans doing his best work yet.

          • agreed!

      • I agree with TheAvenger about the script. Rogers receives the serum, a quick chase scene ensues, and then the movie loses its oomph by focusing longer on poster-boy for the military image rather finally being an actual super-soldier. The montage of the stage-show seems longer than the montage of Captain America and the Howling Commandos. That’s my major complaint…I mean besides including the lame love story and handling the aftermath of Bucky’s death poorly (I can’t get drunk, girl walks in, Bucky who?). I wasn’t a fan of casting Evans, but I think he did fine with the role that was given to him.

        It makes sense to focus on Steve Rogers waking up in the new world…after all, he is the First Avenger. I can’t wait to see this movie 😀

    • Upon thinking about this further, being that Cap is so idealistic, moralistic, and patriotic, he would be the perfect “anchor” around which all the rest of the chaos could revolve. Otherwise, the film could become unraveled and splinter off in way too many directions. Evans wasn’t bad in his portrayal…to me, he just looks a little young for the role.

      • Depends on the Cap they will be using. The U Cap is a lot different attitude wise than the mainstream Cap.

        • Yeah.
          That’s why I’m not a big fan of of the Ultimates Cap (he’s always depressed about something and he isn’t really the type of leader that could encourage a team).
          The Marvel U Cap is IMO exactly what a superhero should be like: in the face of danger/destruction he still keeps his head high and soldiers on (as he did in ‘Fear Itself’). He’s a leader. He’s patriotic. And he’s everything anybopdy could ever hope to be.

          • meh being prior service the U Cap is a bit more…. real than his MU counterpart.

            He also carries over the “in my time” attitude which hits home for some people.

            This attitude does not make him any less patriotic or not able to lead. Just a different mindset.

            I like the U Cap more obviously.

            • Me too. The 616 Cap is too much of a boy scout.

              • Ultimate Cap makes Cinematic Cap look like a virgin in a yellow dress with 616 Cap as their waiter/butler.

  1. Vic or anybody, have you heard the latest on Clint Eastwood’s Trouble with the Curve? Is it a done deal? Filming yet? I really wish he would do one last western, as he still appears to be in relatively good shape for an 81-year-old, but I know that is not likely to happen.

  2. On a completely unrelated note, I got the SW Blu-ray set. I was very surprised at how much better it looks. It was amazing to see such detail come out.

    Definitely recommend this.

  3. How do you think of the new American Pie movie looking? And are they making another Van Wilder anytime soon? And I heard something about a Lord of the Rings remake? Hope it not true. I have how Hollywood is making remake to GOOD movies. If you want to make a remake make a CRAP movie and try to make it better. And I also dislike that they trying to make more money by releasing the same movie but 3D. 3D going to die in a few years.

    • Uhhh … they are currently filming The Hobbit. But a LOtR remake? I think you may have been mistaken.

      • I read this comment on the Hobbit trailer on YouTube (not sure if sarcasm or stupidity):

        “Wow, really? This is clearly a Lord Of The Rings rip off. Even the actors are the same.”

        • Ahhh, American Literacy Council take note. Sweet Jeebus.

        • LMFAO

        • You actually read a comment on a Youtube video? I’d rather beat myself with a hammer than read that stuff…

    • aehh the hobbit,yes! but truly no lords reboot,for sure not. i am the greatest fan ot the trilogy,if this were true even,if the movie would be rebooted,maybee in 5-10 years,i would boycott it and would never watch it. that is blasphemie.

      • There will not be a “reboot” of the Lord of the Rings until after we are all deceased. The trilogy was a masterpiece, setting some box office records and winning around a dozen academy awards. No production company would be foolish enough to attempt to redo it for decades to come.

  4. Question for anyone. If they still plan to make a sequel to Killer Klowns from Outter Space, what young actor/actress would you like to see in the film in a role or cameo?

    • Wow! if they make a sequel to that i wanna see another CHUD movie or silent rage with chuck norris.

  5. And why does it seem people have a lack of faith or somthing of The Avengers being good while TDKR will be another masterpiece without a doubt?

    • Because The Avengers is, to quote Joss Whedon, “completely unprecedented”. Something that no one else has ever tried to accomplish before (and to be honest, it’s quite a risk). The last few Marvel movies were good (but for some it didn’t meet expectations) and all the bad press Marvel’s getting lately isn’t really helping their case either 😉
      Personally, while others criticize and bash Marvel for taking such a huge risk, I’m applauding it. Sure, their previous 3 films weren’t as good as they could have been (but that was only because those movies were, in essence, the prelude to The Avengers). All the evidence suggests that this movie will rock. It has a great writer/director and it has an amazing cast. (So I don’t get why some have no faith in The Avengers…)

      While, on the other hand, TDKR will be Nolan’s (they guy whom everybody “trusts” ;)) last Batman movie. The trailer didn’t convince me, but the first two movies were awesome, in the opinions of millions of people (including myself), so chances are, this one will be too.
      And I don’t care that it’s Nolan’s last Bats flick, I’m just hoping the movie will turn out to be good.

      Like I said in a previous discussion: most of these fans want it to be a competition. So they claim to have no faith in one of the movies, because in their warped minds, they think it’ll better the chances of the other one being a success.

      Both movies will be good. The question is, which of them will be GREAT? Which of em’ will be a classic? — Good news is, it can be BOTH, and we don’t have to wait that much longer to find out…

      • Well said

      • ^My thoughts exactly^

      • Great post! As a fan of both DC and Marvel, I would love to see both succeed.

        • @ $2

          Same here.

      • Great points TheAvenger! Now explain to me why everyone thinks Ghost Rider will fail without mentioning Nicolas Cage :)

        • Can’t comment on that… Cause I’m one of those people who think it’ll fail 😉
          I’ll probably still go see it though… (it’s dream of mine for all comic book movies to be successes, so there is still a smidgen of hope from me).

      • Im trying to figure out the risks.

        No really think about it. It is only money. If it fails they just lose the bit they ‘invested’.

        It is not like we all will run away screaming never to see a (Marvel) superhero movie again. Movie fans have proven that with Batman and possibly Superman. And Marvel fans with FF and Ghost Rider.

        Also think about it.. if it fails most times it is the writers/directors and even to a degree the actors fault. We cant blame Batman for Schoomackerlackers debacle.

        What is ‘completely unprecedented’? Bringing a group of ‘specialized’ people together to overcome a common goal? (Expendables and LotR comes to mind) Putting together a superhero team (FF and Xmen come to mind)?

        Completely unprecedented means it will take from nothing. It will be something we have never EVER seen before.

        I am excited for this movie also. Almost as excited as I was for the first Spider Man (and to a degree the Hulk) movie.

        However the people involved need to take some lessons in getting their information out there. One of the few things I can respect and admire from people like Nolan and Jackson.

        Of course we could see something completely unprecedented…. however I really doubt it.

        We will see something most of us have always wanted to see though.

        • @ Aknot

          If a film fails, it could partly be due because of the studios themselves. Im talkin Spider-Man 3, Batman Forever/Batman & Robin as examples. Not that im defending Schumacher because im not but he isn’t sorely responsible how that franchise ended up to be. Warner Bros. had a hand in that themselves. And we all know Sony had a hand in Spider-Man 3’s negative view amongst fans. People i admire would be James Cameron & Bruce Timm despite he doesn’t direct live action Batman,Superman, etc. films.

        • @aknot – It is completely unprecedented because Marvel Studios has made 5 singular character movies to lead up to this collaboration of characters in the Avengers. And they did this in half a decade. That’s a pretty RISKY move for any movie studio.

          • I agree with both of you however still in the grand scheme of things it is not that big of a risk.

            They have had 4 “hits”. To fail on the 5th is not that big of a risk.

            Even if they do it does not parlay into IM3, Thor 2, Cap 2, etc. failing. MOST people will say meh Group movies suck….

            It is not like only 1 movie out of the 4 was a success and the other 3 bombed.

  6. I was just wondering if there was going to be DVD/Blueray breakdown for last weeks releases…i was wondering if the boardwalk empire season 1 blue ray was worth buying

    • Lose the “e” in “Blue” there kyak.

      I know it’s nitpicky but it may save you some grief later down the road in a less friendly forum.

      • thanks bud! ya idk why i spelled it that way lol

  7. Has anyone picked up a copy of the directors cut of the expendables, if so is it worth picking up on Blu-ray or should I just pass on it.

  8. Vic –

    I know you’re still recovering, but any word on a Haywire review? I’m really looking forward to it and would your guys/gals take.


    • INK,

      Ben will be reviewing it. Will be published day of release AFAIK.


      • It looks like everything Salt wanted to be.

    • I’m predicting 0 stars for that one…

  9. You know, people are soo concerned about argue over whether or not TDKR or The Avengers will be the most anticipated of this year. I say forget both, Prometheus is my most anticipated.

    • And everyone skips over G.I. Joe too. Actually, I’m excited for so many movies this year. ALL the comic book ones (including Spidey, Ghost Rider, and Dredd), Prometheus, the Hobbit, Men in Black, Skyfall, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Total Recall, Looper, World War Z. I don’t know if my wallet will be able to handle this. Plus, I’ll have to take my daughter to the Lorax and other kids movies. I’m going to go broke.

      • I agree. It’s gonna be a fun year at the movies! Here’s my list … so far:

        January 2012
        20 – Underworld Awakening
        20 – Red Tails

        February 2012
        10 – Journey 2
        17 – Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance

        March 2012
        2 – The Lorax
        2 – Hansel and gretel WItch Hunters
        9 – John Carter
        23 – Hunger Games
        30 – Wrath of the Titans

        April 2012
        13 – Cabin in the Woods
        13 – Three Stooges

        May 2012
        4 – Avengers
        11 – Dark Shadows
        18 – Battleship
        25 – MIB 3

        June 2012
        1 – Snow White and the Huntsman
        8 – Madagascar 3
        8- Prometheus
        15 – Jack the Giant Killer
        22 – brave
        22 – Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Killer
        29 – GI Joe Retaliation

        July 2012
        3 – Amazing Spiderman
        13 – Ice Age 4
        20 – The Dark Knight RIses
        27 – Neighborhood Watch

        August 2012
        3 – Bourne Legacy
        3 – Total Recall
        17 – Expendables II

        September 2012
        21 – Dredd

        October 2012
        5 – Taken 2

        November 2012
        2 – Red Dawn
        9 – Skyfall
        21 – 47 Ronin

        December 2012
        14 – Hobbitt
        21 – World War Z

        • I’m looking forward to alot of those as well, but if I was given the choice to see any movie early, I would go with Prometheus

          • If i had to pick only one film for 2012 it would have to be TDKR .

  10. Oh yea, Happy Friday The 13th everyone.

  11. If i didn’t have to work tonight, id be watching all of the Friday The 13TH movie tonight,lol. There’s a lake called Crystal Lake in Iowa, i wonder if anyone will dress up like Mrs. Voorhies or Jason tonight.

  12. did anyone watch fringe tonight? i was shocked to see jones make a come back!!! he is an awesome villain lol excited for next weeks episode. i was happy they made a dream sequence of the walter and olivia we’ve come to know and love. :)

    • YES!!! Oh my goodness it was an awesome episode!

      • Jones makes the episodes he’s in!! lol

    • Wait!! Fringe is back?

    • I hope not but I’m beginning to fear this may be the last season of Fringe. :(

      they need to move it back to Tuesday or Thursday!

      • Ratings wise, it’ll probably get cancelled. But if they keep sneaking ads for Nissan in the show, they’ll make money and networks like money.

        I was so glad to see it back on the air and with such a good episode. I can’t wait for next week

  13. So what does everyone think of the news that there might be a new Green Arrow tv series?
    I personally would have rather had a JLA series but I’m open to the idea of their being a GA series. At least it’s not one that’s been done before, I don’t think?

    • Could be good.

  14. I just finished the FarScape series and I really don’t understand all the love this show got. Sure, some episodes were pretty good but on the whole, I wouldn’t put this in my top 10. And what was up with that ending?
    ****** SPOILERS AHEAD *******
    Crichton finally destable the wormhole to earth, he proposes to Erin, and then they are killed??!! Horrible conclusion.
    ***** END SPOILER *****

    There are many who loved this show, but I guess it just wasn’t my cup of tea.