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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 11, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 11, 2013

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  1. Morning fellow ranters. I’m gonna pose this question today cause we know it will never happen. If you could use any DC character to make an appearance in a marvel film who would it be?

  2. Hey Hey! I always wanted to be the first poster!

    Alow me to use this bully pulpet(as Theodore Roosevelt would say) to announce that Iron Man 3, Star trek:into Darkness, and Pacific Rim are all probably going to suck!

    • Well your not first.
      And they arent.

      • LOL! just spoofing those who make random (negative) pronouncements like this!

        for the record i think they will rock!

  3. superman would be cool but batman would make a better movie/story

  4. Possible Spoilers –

    Just watched The Hobibit for the second time and I have to say I think this trilogy is going to be better than LOTR, everything that annoyed me about the originals has been amended here, Bilbo is a much better hero than Frodo, there is no moaning or gayness, you can see his character grow during the movie, Frodo just got weaker and should have just give the ring to Sam who pretty much does all the work, the story picks up and flows better, the albino Orc is badass and doesnt get slain when you expect him to like the main Uruk hai in fellowship

    The special effects are immense, the chase through he goblin caves is just breathtaking, so is the battle between the mountains, there is a sense of fun and togetherness amongst the dwarves and the ending is optimistic and left me wanting more, I could easily have sat there for another 30 minutes!

    Seriously we have so much more to come, I can’t even imagine what the Battle of the five armies is going to look like!! Was rather negetive when a new trilogy was announced but i couldnt have been more wrong! Been geeking out hard over the hobbit ever since!

    • +1

    • I also agree that the first movie was a great beginning to The Hobbit trilogy. I am baffled that it only got around a 65% by the critics on Rotten Tomatoes, although I believe it received around an 81% by the moviegoers who saw it, and the latter percentage is supported by the fact that it has already made around 850 million dollars worldwide.

  5. Tangled is not as good as people said it was, especially compared to wreck it ralph.

    • Disney animation movies not linked to Pixar peaked with The Lion King IMO

    • The only reason I think Tangled is so popular is because kids love it. I had never heard of it until my niece and nephew wanted to watch it (for the millionth time). It’s average at best but they get a kick out of it.

      Funny the Dr says they peaked with Lion King. I just watched that on Wednesday with my step son who had never seen it. Even on Thursday he was saying, “That was a really good movie”. You don’t get classic cartoons like that anymore.

      • Agree, I have seen that movie over 300 times because my daughter can’t get enough of it.

    • I think with Tangled, it depends on who you ask. My almost 4 year old daughter and 7 year old niece will tell you that it is the best film of all time. While myself who grew up with Nintendo and Sega and my 10 year old nephew who is addicted to the XBox 360 will say that Tangled is dumb and pales in comparison to Wreck-it Ralph. I agree with Dr Kenneth Noisewater about the Lion King which is enjoyable to almost all genders and ages. (I say “almost all” because according to my media theory class in college, some ethnic groups may take offense to how they are portrayed.)

  6. So I was on a cruise ship this week and aside from all the awesome stuff there was to do and see, I managed to squeeze in a few movies between all the events and shows on board.

    -Madagascar 3: It felt way too gimick-ey for me. Obviously it’s a kids-movie, but man! it was loaded with unfunny jokes, a sub-standard and uninteresting story and even the characters were uninteresting this time round.
    -ParaNorman: Kinda boring to be honest… didn’t care much for any of the characters and while the movie did have a nice message/theme, it’s all been done before. Oh, and I’m getting tired of the fat, ginger, best-friend kid that’s in every single “kid” movie… I mean come on people! Gingers have feelings too ‘ya know.
    -Brave: This one I liked. It was heartwarming and felt original. Good voice work, excellent animation and IMO, a nice, timeless story. It definitely stands up to the standards of Pixar.
    -Lawless: I can’t believe this movie got such a good review on SR. Sure, Tom Hardy was good (what else is new?), but everything else was so, so bad! I never felt any connection to any of the characters and the story very nearly put me to sleep. I honestly don’t see the appeal to this movie. Did I miss something?

    • That’s a shame about Lawless (which I haven’t seen yet) because the book was really good. And the same goes with Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. The movie just wasn’t as good as the book.

      I just saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Jack Reacher. I enjoyed them both, liking JR more. Robert Duvall was great! I haven’t read the JR novels yet but plan to.

      • I was also on a cruise, where did you go? And i love lawless lol agree with paranorman and mad 3

  7. Deadline is reporting that Chris Nolan will be rewriting his brother’s script for ‘Interstellar’ to incorporate some of his own, original ideas as well.

    Looks like it’s a sure thing at this point!

  8. Alright everyone…the wife and I are finally getting a night out (alone) since before Halloween. We’ve been trying this for weeks and finally no one has the flu and we were able to line up a sitter. My question is…
    Django Unchained, The Hobbit, Silver Linings Playbook, This is 40, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, or Gangster Squad?

    I’m thinking we both liked Tarantino’s last film and quite a few before that (she didn’t like Kill Bill). We both wanted to see Argo and This is 40 at one point or another. I’ve heard good things about Zero Dark Thirty and Silver Linings Playbook. I’m a fan of Peter Jackson’s vision of Tolkien’s books…she not so much. And then there is Gangster Squad which does have Gosling in it…and Stone for me, so perhaps it could end with the night with a bang…if you know what I mean. I meant sex.

    • Well I have not seen any of those films but I’ll wish you well on the date night. I know what it’s like trying to get time alone with the wife.

    • I think the better date movie of all those options would be Silver Linings Playbook, but I haven’t seen that yet so I can’t know for sure.

      Out of all those movies I’ve only seen The Hobbit and that was pretty fantastic IMO, but like you said, Gangster Squad has Golsing for the ladies, and Emma Stone for the guys… if you want a movie with a happy ending (if ya know what I’m sayin’) then I’d go with SLP or Gangster Squad.

    • The Hobbit was family friendly and very good; Django was very funny but not sure if you or your wife can handle, uh, the Dr. Manhattan moment (if you know what I mean). Haven’t seen any of the others you mentioned.

    • I’d go with Silver Linings Playbook, I went with my best friend (a guy) thinking it was a comedy in the same vein as one flew over, I was surprised at how compelling, emotional and romantic it was, not what you want to see with your bud!! I’d recommend it tho!

      Just got back from watching Les Miserables, now that is a date movie, if that doesnt clean up at Oscar time then I’d be shocked, epic isn’t the word!!

    • So, date night fell through. The kids’ grandparents couldn’t watch them. Son of a…….

      Maybe next week? I hope. I love my kids, but we need a night out…ALONE.

  9. Watched Dredd last night and really liked it, everyone was right Karl Urban nailed the part.

    • Glad you liked it! I’m picking up the DVD this weekend and can’t wait to watch it again. I’m also going to read some of my old Dredd comics. I guess you could call it a “Dredd”-ful weekend. ;)

      • ::face palm::

      • I picked up the first 2 issues of batman:the dark knight the new 52, I’ll probably get to those this weekend.

      • @$2

        I was ‘dredd-ing’ someone would make a joke like that!


        • ::BANGS HEAD ON DESK::

          • @Jeff W

            Don’t damage the desk now!


    • It was one of my favorite movies of 2012. I’m gonna get flamed for this, but I enjoyed it more than TDKR.

  10. Morning ranters. I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2D this past weekend & was better than i thought it would be. Even though i’ll be seeing it again,id probly give it 2 stars. 2 1/2 stars at the most. It was much better than the original sequel to the original film for sure. Things i question was Leatherface’s age in between 70′s to 2012 or 2013 i forget & moving as quickly still. That & the film being more sympathetic towards him kinda like Jason Voorhees. Overall i loved how it stuck to the original film & stood alone.

    I was hoping a sequel would happen between Texas Chainsaw: The Beginning & TTCM remake involving that hitch hiker & her family. Aswell as that boy & Girl in the trailer. But this film was great.

    • They kinda just ripped off freddy krueger in that your made to feel sorry for freddy thinkin the townsfolk killed him for no reason and hes just getting vengeance but you find out he was in fact a masochistic pedophile.
      This film doesnt work because-*Spoilers*
      *spoilers*-(youve been warned)
      -the family are killers and the townsfolk are just killing them once in for all(who knows how many the family killed).
      Sure the film makes them(the townsfolk) look ruthless but they are dealing with mass murderin cannibals.
      And then to think that a girl would turn on the people who raised her and take care of the guy that slaughtered her friends just cause theyre related ….I mean c’mon.

  11. What do you guys think of a modern or post apolcolpic robin hoof

    • Interesting idea. I have to say though the post apoc films are starting to become over saturated like vampire and zombie films.

      • Yeah a modern take may look too much like arrow, but I was also thinking a steampunk version of Robin Hood

        • I’d like to see any kind of Steampunk live action movie.

    • Who would he steal from?

      Think about it, Post Apocalyptic World, would mean there is nothing of value left, what could be viewed as valuable to some, would not be to others. Money? I think the monetary systems in the world would collapse?

      Valuables, Water, Food, Books,etc..etc.

      Robin Hood Steals from the Rich and give to the Poor, but in that world…everyone is poor, and if you give to the poor, who decides if 1,000 people get food over 25 people not getting food?

      Rob from the Poor and give to the Poorer?

      • Wasn’t the mariner a sort of Robin Hood type in Waterworld?

        He robbed from the floor and gave to the poor? Haha I’m laughing hard to myself ;-)

      • if it’s post apoc like “The Road” there is no one to steal from. Post apoc like “Mad Max” there is still some stuff to steal.

  12. I finished reading “The Forever War” this week. If Ridley Scott puts his all into it, than is should make a great film.

    The story is not so much about a war than it is of the soldiers being at the whim of reletivity. I’m surprised hollywood has not made a film like that already. But it’s not the 1970′s anymore and modern sci-fi is more about CGI.

    • There are a couple of related books which are interesting, Forever Peace and Forever Free.

      Forever Free is a direct sequel, I enjoyed it up to about two thirds of the way through, I didn’t like the conclusion of it though.

  13. Intrestingly, one of the 2013 movie i am looking forward to the most is Paranoia. it has Liam Hemsworth, Oldman, Harrison Ford,and Lucas Till (Havok; X first class).

  14. I watched Wrong Turn 4 the other day. What a piece of crap, that movie. It´s almost a 100% remake of the first movie, but instead of a shabby hut in the forrest, it takes place in a sanatarium in the forrest…

    • @ Scapegoat

      No kidding. I haven’t brought myself to buy the 5th film yet despite reviews saying its better than the 4th was.

  15. What’s the deal with that highly annoying AOL Related Videos bar at the bottom of the site? Is that new? Can it please stay closed when I used the closed button?

    • There is A LOT of advertising on this website, and that appears to be the latest. I understand that people have to pay their bills, but all these promotions do get annoying.

    • Amen. I was going to post something about this as well. I realize that the bills need to be paid, but this new expanding ad is really annoying.

      • +1

    • To all who complains about ads. Use Firefox and download Adblock Plus. I havent seen any ads on this site.

      • Downloaded it and I still get the expanded ad on the bottom, even after rebooting Firefox.

  16. Im not a woman but I try to understand, but I dont ryan gosling appeal as

    if someone could explain to me.

    • Ryan Gosling played Noah in The Notebook, the ultimate chick flick, his character is probably every girls dream romantic (falls for girl, builds her a house, she goes off with the wrong guy he wins her back etc) and so holds a place in all their hearts, then he’s pretty charming in Crazy Stupid Love and seduces Emma Stone with the Dirty Dancing lift, another essential chick flick, so he’s done pretty well in the girls movie night in market, hence women love him!

      • And my favorite is stomping a guys face to soup in “drive”

        • Hahaha would you like a bread roll with that sir?

      • aah I see, i never watched the notebook.

        • It’s actually a pretty good movie, if you don’t cry at the end then you missed something or have a heart of stone!

          Think Good Will Hunting ‘it’s not your fault’ it’s that level of sad!

          • I personally was not moved by that whole “It’s not your fault” moment in Goodwill Hunting. So, the kid’s a mathematical genius, but he couldn’t figure out cause and effect?

            • +1

            • Its not your fault that you weren’t moved.

          • My sister can never shut up about The Notebook.
            ‘Never seen it myself, but maybe I should give it a watch next time I get the opportunity…

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