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about vic1 Open Discussion   January 11, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 11, 2012

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  1. First Screenrant should get an app for Ipod store and android market and second does anyone know if The Avengers is going to be in Imax?

    • I don’t think it’s going to be in IMAX… if it was, they probably would have shown an IMAX in the trailer.

    • We are actually in the close to final stages of releasing the first version of our iPhone app. It will be very basic, but again remember it will be 1.0. My vision for the app is for users who want to check the site for the latest news over the course of the day while they’re not home. It will have sections for movie news, TV news, reviews and trailers.

      No polls, commenting, links, etc.

      But once it’s out we’ll see how popular it is and will then continue active development on adding features. As soon as the iPhone version is out, we’ll work on an Android version. I really don’t think we need an iPod version because I’ve been told (and seen it myself) that the site looks quite nice on the iPod. :)


      • I visit and comment here on my iPod almost exclusively. Sure I don’t get the layout and pics of the homepage but for reading articles and commenting it’s fine. And I check in at least 5 times a day. I’m definitely interested in a app but I hope I can still interact the same way.

        • Kevin7,

          Once we publish both an iPhone and an Android (and MAYBE a Windows Mobile) app, we will discontinue the “light” web version and people accessing via a browser will see the same version as the desktop.


          • Vic

            Personally, i prefer to not use the mobile app especially when my ipad or iphone is within wifi range.

            • Ignur Rant,

              Well when everything is ready, you’ll get the full version of the site using a mobile browser. Another project we’re working on at the same time is streamlining the code to get the site to load as fast as possible.


          • No mention of iPad?

            • Why would you need an ipad app?

      • **SMACKS FOREHEAD** Why did I buy a Window’s phone? I’ll never get the app.

        Actually, I use my Kindle Fire, Window’s phone via Internet Explorer, laptop, and my desktop computer at work to do all my ranting. I have no issues with any of those now (the Window’s phone website viewing improved after the Mango update).

        • It’ll get even better when Tango comes out Q2.

  2. If Disney is releasing The Avengers like I’ve heard, then it should be in IMAX b/c Disney owns it

    • So when the avengers begins, are we going to see the disney logo on the beginning of the film? lol

      • Have we seen it yet?

      • It’ll be the Paramount logo, followed by the classic Marvel logo (as seen in all the previous films)

    • Owns IMAX or The Avengers? You must mean the movie. A group of investors owns IMAX.

  3. Vic or anybody…what’s the latest on the Farrelly Brothers’ Dumb and Dumber sequel? Is it still going to be their next project after The Three Stooges release? Are Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels still attached? Crossing my fingers…

    • Jeff,

      Haven’t heard, bud. I’m sure the more money is in the pot the faster things will move. 8)


      • hi vic, what is so special watching a movie in imax,what is the difference?

        • Screen size, clarity, sound. MI:4 in IMAX was fantastic.

  4. Speaking of the avengers is it just me or is the marketing for the avengers not as intense as Thor and Cap were? Which disappoints me a buys cuz every poster or banner I’ve seen has been te same images that were released months ago? Trailer was epic there’s no lying there. Just wish we had better posters.

    • Thing is, it’s still about 3 and a half MONTHS until the movie’s released…
      By the time when there’s 3 and a half WEEKS left, you’ll be seeing so many Avengers trailers, clips, images, posters, banners, sponsorship adds (you name it), that you won’t even have enough time to watch all of em’ – I guarantee it.

      We just have to be patient is all…
      (Although, @Marvel: it wouldn’t hurt to release a new pic featuring the Hulk ;))

      • the promo-pics of captain america was last year,this time! in the pics the costume was bulkier and a mix of ww2,the belt boots and so on,and of the ultimate series ,helmet without outstanding wings and so on. before the first real filmpics came out it was a lot different,but for the time very good and realistic and now the look is totally different from the first 4 promo-pics ,less bulkier,more comfortable,boots and handshoes looks great.

  5. What’s your choice for worst movie of all time? FOr me, it’s a tie between The Avengers (take your mouth off the floor TheAvenger; I’m talking about the British spy fiasco :o) ) and Battlefield Earth.

    • Batman and Robin. It’s turned my favorite superhero into a two hour gay joke.

    • Jeez! – You really had me going there for a second ;)
      I’ve actually never seen The Avengers (the 1998 film) and I’m not planning on ever seeing it either.

      But as to the question: Worst movie of all time? – I couldn’t say really… since there are so many crappy movies out there.
      I try to block most of the bad movies out of my head, and even though I can name a few terrible flicks, I’m too ashamed to admit that I’ve seen them ;)

      • The Happening
        Battlefield Earth

      • @theavenger – What? I thought your screen name was referring to that movie. Now I’m just confused.

        @Kahless – I agree with Battlefield Earth and would add the Garbage Pail Kids movie from my childhood and Vanilla Sky. I’m sure there are much worse films out there, but I don’t run to the chance to watch bad movies.

        • I can’t really tell if you’re being sarcastic or not (it’s hard to know when someone’s being sarcastic on the internet) — but I’m guessing you were being sarcastic though ;)

          • Jeez… I can’t believe I used the word “sarcastic” THREE TIMES in that comment! :O

          • It is true, I was joking. Otherwise, your avatar wouldn’t make sense. Plus, nobody in their right mind would like that movie to the extent of making it their screen name. And nicely done with the multiple uses of the word “sarcastic.”

      • @TheAvenger & murdok,
        Count yourselves extremely lucky. That was the only film I demanded my money back (didn’t get it back but oh well). If someone asks you to watch it, please slap them upside the head and tell them it was from Kahless. :-D

        • Dont know about money but you def can get a a free ticket back from a theatre if u voice a good enough complaint long enough.

        • yes,now i remember,hahaha very bad movie. i remember as it came out 98,everybody thought connery as the villain and for that time two fresh upcoming stars with thurman and fiennes,and a remake that this must be the bomb,but a megaflop!and battlefield earth the movie is so bad,just everything about it ,but very funny movie. you must watch it during a party with some friends and beer,and the laugh won´t stop.

          • There’s no way I would watch either of those films again. Well, unless someone gave me an insane amount of money or they tied me up and glued my eyes open; that second part would torture me to death (death being the best part of it). :-P

            • yeah,hahahaha!

    • Easy- Last Days starring Michael Pitt, or Brothers Grimm.

      Or any film that begins with “Twilight Saga:”

      • 8o)

        I only saw one Twilight film: New Moon. I was told that it was the best out at that time. My only reply was, “Really?” :-D . If New Moon was the best (which I thought was, at best, just mildly OK), then this was a franchise I wanted to stay far away from.

    • Worst movie ever:
      From 1965, Orgy of the Dead. A guy and his girlfriend go on a drive, crash the car, wander into a cemetery, and are captured and tied up, forced to watch the dancing dead, which is just a euphemism for half-naked strippers. The majority of the film is watching topless ladies wiggle and jiggle their goods.

      I was bet to watch this film without fast-forwarding it. I made ten bucks, but man, I lost ninety-two minutes of my life!

      I define it as one of those “so bad it’s good” films. Some of the dialogue is laughably bad, but hey, Ed Wood wrote it, and it even stars Criswell, which is a plus. If you haven’t seen it, you should, just to say you did!

      • You had me at “half-naked strippers”…but you lost me at “from 1965″…but peaked my interest with “watching topless ladies wiggle and jiggle their goods.” I’m so torn.

        • :-)

        • Yeah, I was trying to figure out how this was worse than The Avengers or Battlefield Earth. 8-)

    • The complete Mighty Ducks movie series, as someone who has played hockey their entire life, I’m embarrassed/ashamed that these movies came out. I know they are made for little kids, but my god, at least try to get the rules of the game right.
      I could easily go on for hours about how bad that movie series is, but I won’t waste any of your guy’s time.
      One last thing thought. Does anyone else find it weird that in the Mighty Ducks they go from winning their District championship to winning the GOLD Medal in the Junior Olympics to playing JV hockey?
      Sorry I just hate that movie.

      • Its knuckle puck time! haha love that movie. I believe you have inspired my next avatar.

    • Those resident evil movies are pretty bad,but they keep making them for some reason.

      • Good call with the Spirit, greenknight333. It was so bad that I blocked it out. I change my vote and may need to visit a therapist because those regressed feelings of disappointment are resurfacing :P

        • *repressed – edit button?

      • aTTack of The Clones was deplorable. The only forgiveable thing about it is that it ends.

        While The Spirit was bad it had Paz Vega. Cant hate anything that has a scantily clad Paz Vega.

        • Sad thing is attack of the clones should have been the best of the prequels instead it ended up being the worst.

    • Going Postal is beyond terrible. Karate Dog a close second.

    • On this worst movie subject, earlier tonight I saw the trailer for “Honey 2.” Without actually seeing the entire movie, I’m sure we have a contender for #1 worst movie.

      • Honey 2?! Did Honey make enough money to even think about a sequel?

  6. Bryan Cranston to make a 3 episode guest apperance on Archer. Somebody call Kenny Logging cause he just walked into the DANGER ZONE.

  7. You guys should check out the Facebook page for the Halo: Faith movie, the fan-made trailer that was released a couple of months ago. They recently posted a picture that would be of interest to any Bioshock fans here…

    • Old old old old old news, brother.

  8. Worst movie ever is probably speed racer

    • That was a bad movie… (but i wouldn’t say it was the worst movie of all time)

    • I actually kind of liked Speed Racer. Aside from going schizo from the colors, a fat guy beating ninjas, and the idiotic acting, the movie wasn’t bad. :-)

      • Oops! “Awaiting moderation”. I guess I shouldn’t have used the “I” word. :-D

    • Oddly, I didnt think it was a bad movie. It has a sorta cult feel to it. IMO it captured the sillyness&camp that was the show.

  9. Oh and the first “Hulk” movie.

  10. Just wanna say I just got an iPhone and I love the screenrant “app” for it’ I had a droid before and it didn’t even compare

  11. THe first episode of ‘Sherlock’ season two is impressive.

    • Nice. Thanx. Avengers: EMH has some of the best story arcs.

  12. Hey guys!
    The question I want to ask isn’t really related to anything about movies or tv shows, but more about games… (so Vic, I really hope you don’t mind):

    I’m in the process of buying a new laptop (the Dell Vostro V3750). It comes with an i7 processor (2.2Ghz), 8GB RAM, Windows 7 Pro, 8xDVD drive and nVidia Geforce GT525M 1GB graphics…
    Now, my question is, will I be able to play the newest games like Battlefield 3 on it? And if so, how high will I be able to run it? (i.e. on low settings, or could I play on medium or even high settings)

    If any of the tech-y ranters could be able to help me out, I’d really appreciate it :)

  13. Star Wars TV show.

    So is this a good idea? Well Lucas and Rick McCallum are seemingly trying to figure out how to do it for 5 mil. an episode.

    Ideally, yeah. Star Wars Tv sounds great, especially if it picks up post-return of the jedi/episode VI, and we can see new stories with some of the material from the novels if possible. (Boba Fett’s escape from the Sarlacc from – Tales from Jabba’s Palace novel), and the adventure’s of Han and Leia’s twins. Give Han Solo a chance to get his ballas back in the Correllian Wars. However, if the TV show is anything like the prequels, eps I, II, III…? Nobody wants that. Perhaps if the Farscape creators were hired to write and direct some episodes if could work.

    I miss the glory days though, in the theatre back at the opening of Empire… when Vader whooped luke, sliced him arm off and said, “I am your father!” whoooooooo… blew my mind.

    • What?! Vader is Luke’s father??!! Thanks a lot! Why don’t you just destroy my childhood and tell me the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause aren’t real!! :-D

      • Sorry.

        The ewoks should’ve been wookies all along.

      • They aren’t real but the tooth fairy is,drop dead fred told me so:)

  14. I’ve got to say that I’ve watched the Avengers trailer at least 20 times in the past couple of days just hoping that by some chance I’ll get to see some Hulk SMASH!!! Action but alas I am left with only a glimpse of the emerald behemoth. May can’t get here soon enough

  15. I just saw the movie trailer for “Haywire”. Here’s a thought that I’d like to share with every movie enthousiast out there: a 100 pds 20 something girl, even if trained by the Navy Seals, will NEVER be able to kick the a.. of many 200 pds trained men! So, Hollywood, stop the non-sense! Avengers, Hanna, Resident Evil-Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux, Underworld, Kill Bill, Blade Trinity, Lara Croft-Salt-Wanted-Mrs Smith, Charlie’s Angel… And the list goes on and on! That’s not even funny anymore!