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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   January 10, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 10, 2014

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  1. For those who thought that WW having kryptonian origins was a bad idea I’d be interested in hearing if anyone has an alternate solution to fitting her origins in the current WB universe that doesn’t include the existence of Greek God’s. I’m just curious…

    • Thanagarians !!

    • You could explain it away that the Amazonian characters were humans who separated themselves from society, maybe they even got their hands on Kryptonian tech. At the point where Wonder Woman enters she could be a member of their people who is the smartest and strongest put forward to basically re-enter society to see if they should reveal themselves to the world.

      That way you establish that WW is different to Superman but at the same time you could always have some kind of mystical or super-natural element to explain her powers.

    • I’m just so relieved, that no matter the plot, Diana won’t be taken down by a kryptonite personal vibrator!

      • But Clark still can. #newage

        • #ewww

    • I actually like the Kryptonian connection… although it does kill comic canon.

      I think someone mentioned that the scout ship sent down via the comic prequel to Man of Steel has Kara in it and she somehow is seen as a “god” and then starts the Amazonian race. Diana is a descendant and seeks out Supes because of similar powers.

      Or, just make Kara Diana. So Kal’s cousin is actually Wonder Woman. That should irritate some fanboys.

      • She was in the colony ship, and escaped her pod 10,000 years ago in the film prequel comic, that part is true. The part about her being seen as a goddess and starting the Amazon civilization was just “what if?” speculation.

        Making Kara Diana would be problematic because it’s 10,000 years after she originally landed, so if they did that, it would have to be established that the yellow sun also bestows immortality to Kryptonians, not just super powers.

        All that aside though, the WW/Krypton link was just what-if speculation by a blogger, it’s not actual leaked info from the film or script.

        • @ken:

          I read the prequel comic but wasn’t sure about the timing, 10,000 years is a long time.

          But she doesn’t have to be immortal, she could be in stasis that whole time and only been activated just recently. Or she could have been on earth 10,000 years ago and then either been frozen or whatever.

          It would be interesting to make Kara Diana… I look at the cinematic universe as a type of Elseworlds… similar but not exactly the same as the comics.

          • I say “10,000 years” because I don’t remember exactly how long it was stated in the film, but it was in the thousands. Could be 10,000 but I think they said something like 20,000 years. I haven’t gone back and watched after it was released on Blu-ray yet.

    • Mine is gonna include the gods anyways. The Amazonians were an elite sect of superhumans and part of the Greek population back in the day. They were sent by the gods to bring the Greek to an enlightened age. They wanted to introduce new ideas, philosophies, and a challenge to the patriarchal rule. However, the people rejected them due to various machinations of the patriarch who did not want to give up their position in society to the new one that these Amazonians were proposing. They turned the public against them. They told the people that they do not need these hero types. Their way has always worked. So they prayed to the gods to get rid of them. The gods sent them away from man’s world and isolated them in a form of banishment until man’s world was ready for the Amazonians.

      The way this could tie into the current MoS universe would be this. Obviously the Greek gods are divided in a sort of good vs. evil kind of way. So some of the ‘evil’ gods decide to make a race of their own to counter the Amazonians. That race being the Atlanteans. However, these Atlanteans were initially very antagonistic due to being controlled by the evil gods. They fought against the Amazonians causing much destruction and mayhem to the world. So this further helped the people to make a case to the gods to banish them. The Amazonians brought more harm than good. This would parallel Superman’s predicament; people could somewhat be against him, due to Lex’s machinations, that he brought the Kryptonians and did more harm than good. So all the gods decide on a semi-truce, that both sides would banish the Atlanteans and Amazonians from the normal world until such time the world is ready for them. And that time is now.

      This way would circumvent the need for origins and just focus on their existence in the world rather than their origin. They can address the origin later however they like – other aliens, tie into the new gods, etc.

  2. Ok then. Can it be speculative? For example: If for some miracle Marvel, Fox and Sony agreed to work together to make a joint Marvel Cinematic Universe how would you like it to be connected together?

    Personally I think you could use Days of Future Past to explain why the films are now interconnected. The timeline has now changed which in Marvel means “Explain away all the plot holes” also if we assume the movies where we’re not given a date take place in the year they were made when X-Men takes place Steve Rogers is still in ice, Tony Stark hasn’t made the Iron Man armor yet, Thor is still in asgard, Bruce Banner is still a normal scientist and Peter Parker hasn’t been bitten by the radioactive spider yet.

    in the past Captain America and Wolverine are the only two characters who could have possible met in the entire timeline, Shield wouldn’t be a problem either considering they formed at the end of WW2 and given their nature I doubt Stryker would have shared ANY information with them out of fear of them exposing him (I’d like to think the MCU version of Shield would have a problem with the US Military using mutants as test subjects)

    Or if your more of a DC fan. How should Warner Bros and DC bring together a Justice League movie? Should they follow the same idea of Avengers from here on out or go their own way?

    • On your DC question. The are going their own route. They’re doing a team-up already. The second movie of their universe will have two of their already established characters (one who is being rebooted) and a major character who hasn’t been in the limelight for quite some time. Sure the Incredible Hulk had a single scene with Tony Stark, but this is nothing like that. I say keep introducing more and more characters within their universe, but don’t make an origin movie for every single one.

      I wouldn’t want all the Marvel franchises connected at this point. They’ve worked to hard to keep mutant abilities out of the MCU. Plus, I like having movies like the Wolverine along with Thor and Iron Man. Completely different universes. Just like when I read my comics back in the day…I mean Spider-Man alone had 4 titles going at once.

      2014: Disney has Guardians and Captain America. Sony has another Spider-Man. Fox has Days of Futures Past. Marvel has 4 separate movies between 3 different studios. Some of us don’t have the luxury to see all of them in the theaters and have to wait until the home release (I did that with the Wolverine this year). So, if these were all connected, you couldn’t pick and choose which movies you see in the theater. Iron Man 3 was released at home before Thor was in theaters. Same thing happens this year with Thor and Cap. So, the studios would have to space out the releases and we’d get less movies.

      See what I’m saying? I wouldn’t want these universes connected. I like the MCU, the FoX-Men Universe, Spidey-verse, and WB/DC giving us plenty of material to speculate about and watch on a yearly basis.

        • The small connection you mentioned could have worked at one time, but not now. In the FoX-Men Universe, Stark can’t exist because if mutants existed in Tony Stark’s world, then SHIELD would have known about them and AoS would have more “registered gifted” people on their team. In First Class, SHIELD would have taken Professor X and Magneto’s team to a secure location. The same thing goes with Spidey now…aliens attacked New York and the city isn’t prepared for a Lizard guy OR if the Lizard happened first, why wasn’t SHIELD deployed. They’d have to reboot all these franchise again to interconnect them even with a logo here and logo there.

          DC: I think the Flash should have an origin film, but include Green Lantern. Or have an Aquaman film with a more in depth look at Wonderwoman. Combining the stories seems like a great idea moving forward until they introduce Cyborg or the Martian Manhunter in the Justice League film.

          The independent origin stories worked well with phase one of Marvel. Why? Hulk/Banner was on the run and off the grid while trying to find himself. Captain America was a Cap-cicle. Thor was in Asgard. And Iron Man was the only actual current superhero.

          Phase 2, asks the questions…why didn’t Hulk smash Mandarin? Where was Fury, Cap, Hawkeye, and Widow when London was destroyed? Why is character A helping character B in this shared movie universe.

          That’s why DC should have more than one hero in all of their films. They should help each other. That’s what they do.

          • Marvel more or less wanted to give life to the idea that these were heroes that had nothing to do with each other and have caused some mayhem alone, but could probably work well together if united for a common purpose. Without SHIELD, there wouldn’t be an Avengers team, they would never interact.

            With Justice League, especially in New 52, the heroes run into each other and they put aside their differences on the spot to help defeat a world threat. No one told them about each other, they just cross paths and then set side small conflicts to focus on the big picture. Once the League is formed, there should be more team-ups happening because of everyone’s commitment. Maybe not with Batman, but definitely with everyone else.

            • Yep. That’s what I trying to state. Phase 1 worked well because of the independence of the films, but phase 2 has some glitches because we’re all wondering, “why aren’t other members of the Avengers looking out for one another?”

              Personal note: I still liked the Phase 2 films so far…even if I wonder why Hulk no smash Mandarin.

              • I haven’t seen Thor 2 yet for personal Thor hatred reasons, but I’ll take anyone’s word for it being good.

                • Just because I liked it, doesn’t make it good.

                  I watch Agents of SHIELD and Revolution…NO ONE should ever listen to my opinion!

                • It was action/comedy. You could sort of sense when the studio intervened changing the direction/tone of the movie midway through the movie. The director likely wanted to go in a different direction. The main villain was pretty hollow. Thor’s development was secondary to Loki’s. But if you’ve got time to spend, you can watch it for Loki, the comedy bits (which I personally found took away from the movie), and Cap’s cameo. It has that disconnected nature of the Phase 2 movies, where other heroes don’t help nor Shield.

  3. The Legend of Hercules
    Rotten Tomatoes = 0% Imdb= 4.4

    it is really that Bad ?

    • I can’t answer your question… but you should watch Jeremy Jahns review of the movie on youtube. It’s freaking hilarious and may just give you the answers you seek.

  4. Good Morning all….

    @ Vic

    @ Paul Young

    What is the current status of this website? Is it still under going a re-design of sorts? Is it being upgraded?

    I ask because it doesn’t seem to be working right in a lot of ways. It crashes very frequently, both on the desktop and the mobile site, but especially the mobile site.
    Commenting is becoming very frustrating, especially on the mobile site. Constantly having to re-enter our information for every comment is very frustrating to say the least. It’s to the point now that many of us comment much less than we used to.

    I have watched this site grow and improve many fold over the course of the many years that I have been a regular on here, and I have never seen the site in worse shape for this long before.

    Please take note of this and let us know what is going on. If you’re still remodeling and having problems, that’s fine just tell us so we can be more patient. If that is not the case, please take note and address these issues so the site is more user friendly again.


    I did email Vic personally about this about two months ago. At that time he said everything would be resolved in about two weeks. Nothing has changed.

    • I agree with Stark. United we stand. Entering our screen name and email address on every single comment, we fall.

    • I tweeted @ScreenRant about these issues too… no response.

  5. YES! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Revolution returned this week.

    Ok. AoS reminds me of Chuck. It’s a show that I could live without, but I enjoy it because it is there.

    I’m not sure why I keep watching Revolution. But I like how the writers did an over-correction for Charlie. She’s too na├»ve and innocent…let’s toughen her up for season 2. Wait, now she’s a half step away from being a serial killer. Let’s try to focus on her morality and see if we can find a midway point. Classic bad character writing. Still, I liked how they flipped the script with the description of entering Mexico.

    Also, Brooklyn Nine Nine, the Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, and Community…now that’s some good comedy. YAY! The winter hiatus is ending!

    • See this is the annoying part of being in the UK. All the american shows give no clear indication of when their coming back and the air dates range from one day after the US to no exact date/time.

      Agents of Shield is coming for us UK viewers in March. MARCH. By then the US would have seen the whole of season 1 of the show. Which annoys me since I visit a lot of US sites which by the time I get to watching AOS won’t before with spoiler warnings for the show.

      • I’m sorry JamesF. That’s rough. They’ve had a lot of AoS spoilers on this site this week. But, I honestly don’t know when anything returns. I see that Hulu Plus added it to my queue and say “YAY!” my show is back.

        Speaking of that. Anyone know when Arrow and Supernatural return?

        • I avoid all the recap articles but this time it’s Channel 4′s fault since they want to air all the episodes at once and didn’t factor in that the date puts them two months behind everyone else.

    • @Prof:

      I’m with you on Revolution. Charlie is cray-cray… spent too much time with Monroe. I think I just watch it to see their take on a dystopian future.

      Person of Interest is so awesome. They didn’t really take a long break and where they are going with their storyline is very interesting. I prefer their new female agent (Miss Shaw) over the old one and it’s nice to see Buffy’s Amy Acker again.

      I’m also DVRing Intelligence, Almost Human and Elementary. The only comedies I watch are Modern Family and Big Bang Theory.

      It is nice to have TV back but I forgot how many shows I watch and am falling behind already (and CW’s shows haven’t even started yet).

      • I loved Person of Interest but stopped watch midway through the first season. We cut the cord to cable and CBS avoids Hulu Plus and doesn’t put that show on Netflix.

        Elementary and Intelligence both look like shows that I’d be interested in…but again, the CBS thing.

        I’m 3 episodes back on Almost Human. I’m working on catching up.

  6. It has certainly been a while since I’ve been back here.

    • Wow. I mentioned you’ve been missing on the last OD. Do you have Robert Palmar with you?

      • Unfortunately no.

        I’ve been busy with my senior year, the weather has made everything hectic and I’m in the middle of a lot of college applications/dealing with admissions. They also blocked Screen Rant at school this year so I’m not as frequent as I used to be (I used to get on SR whenever I could).

        This is one of the rare days where I’m able to be here so I’m taking advantage of it.

        • Not cool school. You don’t block SR.

          The weather has been crazy. It was -25 (temp, the wind chill was -45) on Monday and then this morning it was 20 degrees. It’s like almost tropical. I started my car in shorts this morning. This week…between weather, flu, and co-workers on vacation…I’ve been in the office answering phones and avoiding real work. It’s been pleasant.

          Mission to Mars is one of the worst movies ever (just to keep this post related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself)

          • I hear ya. I’ve dealt with heartbreak and some serious life questioning over the holidays so I’m not really myself these days. It’s been rough.

            “Racing Stripes” is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Either that or “The Cat in the Hat”

            • Frankie Muniz is a national treasure! ;)

              Oh no! heartbreak sucks…even more at this time of year. I understand more than you know. My first wife left me a week or so before Christmas in 2006…actually it was the week of finals. So yeah, my grades took a hit that semester. Even after remarrying in 2010, Christmas always bums me a bit and reminds me of that icy…we’ll say witch.

              However, the last couple years with my new family and my daughter actually being old enough to love Christmas has really helped with my healing.

              So what I’m saying is…it gets better. Wow, now that’s some sound advice. Look out Dr. Phil. Professor Procrastination is aiming for your job.

              • It’s more or less a very bitter end to what I thought was more. There was definitely some exaggeration in the end, she called me an “extreme stalker guy who did too much”. Even though I only greeted her once a day, didn’t come to her house or workplace, and gave her 2 simple holiday gifts that didn’t have “I love you” plastered all over them. Everyone sided with me in the end and agreed that there was nothing I could do.

                If anything, this summoned a lot of creativity in me and I’m beginning to sing more often. I am quite a good singer, great singer actually, but I’ve never pursued it as anything more than a hobby. Last week, I did a rock cover of “The Monster” by Eminem ft. Rihanna, a song I’m connecting to more and more each day (except for the whole drug recovery thing).

                I’m not really down or anything, more or less just frustrated with a lot of things.

                Aside from that, “Racing Stripes”. Yeah. Terrible

                • Yeah that’s the problem with being accused of something like that. It seems the more you try to convince the person you’re not doing it the more they believe you’re doing it.

                  • It was very abrupt, she didn’t really show any progression of frustration or feeling uncomfortable. One day, she told me off and then shut off all connections with me.

                    I would make it worse if I tried to talk to her now. I’m fine where I am, I have my acting stuff and my camera to keep me occupied.

                    • @ACW 007

                      Dude a girl did that to me back in May. We were dating and she suddenly stopped communicating with me altogether. She finally contacted me 2 weeks later and she said she was going through some stuff but that she wouldn’t do it again. But she kept pulling stuff like that so I ended up breaking it off a while later.

                      Chicks can do weird stuff sometimes man.

                    • Yeah, it’s strange.

                      We weren’t even dating. I was so close, but then she did that and I just stopped trying.

                    • in the words of Sheldon Cooper “Got your back jack, b*tches be crazy”

                    • Don’t sweat it man. If you’re like me you don’t feel like you’ll get over it, but you will. It just takes time.

                      In the meantime I recommend a high dose of Tarantino and Wes Anderson, they helped me through the aforementioned breakup quite well :)

                      Its a joke but I seriously watched Wes Andersons entire filmography and some Tarantino films for the first time right after May haha.

                • @ACW 007

                  Its good to see you back on SR! Personally, I think The Core is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I was SO UTTERLY BORED I considered slitting my wrists to make it more enjoyable.

                  As far as that messy heartbreak/breakup business goes, its very rare that that sort of thing goes well for both parties. I do wish you luck going forward.

                  You’re in highschool?! I thought you were in college dude. Congrats on graduating! That’s awesome.

                  PS I hated signing up for colleges too.

                  • Haha, a lot of people think I’m in college. Even the people who know me in person. Doesn’t help that I look older than what I actually am (18, 19 in October) and I have a really deep voice, but it’s whatever.

                    I’m currently undergoing some physical changes for a fan film based on The Killing Joke. It’s going to be quite a twist because of the fact that I am playing both Batman AND The Joker, it’s to symbolize how similar they are even if they are completely different. I just got done filming the Joker scenes, now I’m training my body for Batman.

                    • Nice dude! Post links when you guys are finished I’d like to see it.

                      and yeah obviously I haven’t met you in person, just the way you wrote your comments and stuff suggested to me that you were further along than your average high-schooler.

                      Sidenote: that sucks about your school blocking SR. If my work ever blocks it (I’m at work right now haha) my SR time will decrease substantially.

                    • Awesome!! I’ll have to watch it after work though. They don’t block SR at my work but they do block youtube… :/ haha all the links come up with a “Content blocked by your organization” message.

                    • @movieDude – HAHA they do that to me at my day job too! :D

                      Paul Young

                    • @Paul Young

                      HAHAHA I think that just made my day :)

              • Well if it makes you feel any better you could see what she did as something that helped you find someone who actually loves and cares about you. I know too well about being caught up over things that happened in the past but if that hadn’t happened you might still be caught in a loveless marriage right now,

                Not sure if that helps I have a habit of making things worst sometimes but I mean from what you’ve said you’ve got a happy family right now so wasn’t that a good thing if it led to what you have now even if it did feel horrible at the time (that woman has TERRIBLE timing, who breaks up with someone before an event like Christmas?!)

      • Or Patrick Bayard?

  7. Does anybody think that The Rock could be playing Amazo? And Would you want to see a live-action Amazo?

    • Why Amazo? Amazo’s kind of unrealistic in the universe that they’re going for. He copies other character’s abilities. Think Metallo would be slightly more realistic and would lead to a good progression. That progression being Lex first tinkers around to build Metallo and tries to control it while trying to build Brainiac a body that Lex can control. A first run so to speak.

  8. Yesterday, HBO announced Game of Thrones returns April 6th, with an actual trailer ( not teaser) airing this Sunday before True Detective. I was already planning to watch TD since it looks awesome, but now I have even more reason to watch. Hopefully TD can hold me over till GOT’s return.

    Oh, and they announced Boardwalk Empire is done after next season. I don’t watch so I don’t really care, but I’m sure many Screenranters will be upset.

    • I was able to escape spoilers for the red wedding until I actually reached that point in the books. I was really exited and wanted to talk about it. So next time I saw my brother in-law I was gabbing about it until he told me to stop because I ended up spoiling something for him (he has not read the books) oops. Funny thing is, he’s the one who loaned me the first 4 books.

      Not trashing on people that don’t read books, I just thought it was a funny circumstance.

      • That is a funny circumstance.

        That reminds me… My brother is an avid GOT fan. He’s seen all the episodes up to this point, and read all the books and short stories that have been written thus far. He read them before the series began and thought it was very funny when…

        (GAME OF THRONES SEASON 1 SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

        I don’t know if this is necessary, even people that haven’t seen the show know this spoiler. But they started marketing season 1 with commercials and previews and stuff and everybody was excited that Sean Bean had this new show!! My brother knew that his characters dies shortly into the series. He thought it was funny to see all the reactions leading up to that.

        • I didn’t start reading the books until the show got popular. I had heard all the hub bub about Sean Bean’s character but it didn’t really ruin much. Martin does a great job of making you think you know where things are going and then throwing a brick wall in your face at last moment.

  9. Watched “Fast 6″ last night. They really aren’t trying anying more when it comes to the between action scenes. But it’s a Fast movie not Dr. Zhivago, so meh, was worth a red box I guess. I feel like the opening of the movie did a disservice to the actors to show how young they were in the first movie.

  10. I’m re-watching the Paranormal Activity films in preparation for seeing The Marked Ones.

    The mom from Paranormal Activity 3 is almost as hot as Katie Featherston’s character.

  11. Please fix this site !!! That is all …