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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 8, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   February 8, 2013

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  1. do you guys have any good noir film recommendations? I’m recently in the mood for those :)

    • Some off the top of my head:
      The Maltese Falcon (Anything with Bogart in it)
      Key Largo
      Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
      Double Indemnity
      The Third Man
      The Grifters
      Blue Velvet
      Blood Simple
      Strangers on a Train
      The Asphalt Jungle
      The Big Sleep (Check out Bogart and Bacall’s sizzling chemistry here. I think this is the film where the ending can leave you confused as to who really did it. Still, it’s a great film)

      • The Third Man is the only one i have seen of those. anything with Orson Wells! :)

      • Strangers on a Train…All I think about is Danny DeVito watching it in Throw Momma From the Train and saying criss-cross repeatedly.

      • thanks a lot! I’ve seen some of those and others are on my watchlist forever :)

      • @$2

        Quote from Darth Vader about your list.

        “Impressive…Most Impressive.”

        • Thanks, Anakin. I was walking a class through a worksheet on context clues the other day, and there was a paragraph about a USCG helicopter pilot saving people stranded in the ocean. Was that you????

          • So many of us over the years have saved many people in the ocean.

            One such event was made into a movie with George Clooney.

            • Awwww! how caome they took ONLY my MOST distructive action ever and made it into a movie. :( starring Edward Norton no less… I even heard they plan to document my exile into space soon… :( as if i dont have enough trouble getting the girls already, what with my green skin…

            • Oceans Eleven?
              Okay, that joke was so bad…

      • @ $2

        Devil in a Blue Dress
        Angel Heart
        Black Widow (1987 version)
        Cape Fear
        The French Connection
        Blade Runner

        • Good list. The French Connection has one of my favorite car chase scenes. Also, just curious. Which version of Cape Fear?

          • I must admit I prefer the original with Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum as Cady.

            Didn’t think that Cady was much of a stretch for De Niro since he’s played so many character’s like that. Can’t remember Mitchum doing anything as dark as Max Cady before so great performance from him.

            And lastly, I’m not really big on remakes, same with Psycho, give me Hitchcock’s original any day.

            • Mitcham had been absolute darkness in The Night Of The Hunter before that…which I suppose could also be counted as a noir in some ways!

    • An excellent modern film noir (neo-noir) is Brick. And as $2 said, The Maltese Falcon, but I do enjoy Dashiell Hammett’s writing…so much that I named my son after him (and Dash is a pretty sweet name too).

      • yes, I liked that one a lot :)

      • Hammett’s writing is outstanding, and I like your son’s name. My son’s name is Brody, and I named him after movie characters in two of my favorite films, Marcus Brody in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Chief Martin Brody in Jaws.

        I had wanted to name him Kal-El, Tony Stark, or David Banner (from the TV show), but my wife was quick to shoot all of those down. I had always wanted to see my son (with the name David Banner) standing up to a bully on the playground, saying, “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

        • That would have been awesome. My wife shot down a bunch of my choices too. Peter, Parker, Bruce, Wayne, Hal, Jordan, Clark, Kent, Lex, Luthor, Barry, Allen, Charles, Xavier, Wade, Wilson…perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned them in that order.

    • Fritz Lang’s M, The Big Heat, While The City Sleeps and Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
      Orson Welles’s The Stranger, The Lady From Shanghai and Touch Of Evil
      Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing
      Jules Dassin’s Night And The City (a British one, but the US cut is better) and The Naked City
      Robert Siodmak’s The Spiral Staircase, The Killers, Criss Cross and The Dark Mirror
      Abraham Polonsky’s Force Of Evil

      Some classics, some better than others, all worth a go.

      • Great list, TBD, especially with Touch of Evil. Some I haven’t seen, so thanks for the recommendations.

        • No worries. :-)

    • Ch Best Of Best them all

  2. Man of Steel, canΒ΄t wait!

    • + Infinity-1

    • Man of Steel releases on my B-day πŸ˜€

      • Awww! how lovely! Im ofically envious. i got some crap girly movie on my birthday…

      • @ Vader’s 501st

        We both have the same birthday.


  3. I think these properties should be the next to show up on the big screen.

    1voltron(Pacific rim is kinda taking care of that but the original would be nice.

    3-The jetsons
    4-black panther
    5-Heroes for hire
    6-king Kong vs Godzilla reboot
    7-Shang Chi master of Kung Fu
    8-Michael Myers vs leather face
    9-battle of the planets
    10-shazamm(captain Marvel)

    On a side note they also need to release the long awaited janas Joplin movie. Have a good weekend fellow ranters.

    • I’m going to be honest, even as a kid, I never liked “The Jetsons”

      • @ACW


      • I have to agree. It was the same with the Flinstones as well.

      • I agree… pretty much any cartoon with a laugh track just doesn’t connect very well to me at all. not funny.

    • How about these ones too:

      1. Robotec – a 9 movie deal
      2. Star Blazers – trilogy
      3. Lassie – Something big, like War Horse
      4. Code Geass – trilogy
      5. Johnny Quest – make it better than Indiana Jones
      6. Gears of War
      7. Naruto
      8. Dragonball
      9. Dragonball Z
      10. Space 1999

      • Go buy or rent the two series and you will see that they are different.

      • I always thought DBZ would be hard to adapt to the big screen because of the high speed action, ki attacks, etc. Dragonball can work, though.

        • DBZ shouldn’t be a problem. They had technology to work around that since the first Matrix movie.

          • Apparently, it is a problem. The perfect example? “Dragonball: Evolution”

            • man that movie sucked hard i hated how they did the effects on them & at the end when goku does his special & goes up in the air with it & they were missing a few characters like Krillin Gohan Yamcha

              • Well, Gohan is Goku’s son, and as much as I try to rid all memory of that terrible “Dragonball Evolution” movie, I recall it being based on Dragonball, not Dragonball Z (i.e. Goku wasn’t an adult yet and didn’t have children).

                Anywho, you’re completely right. That movie sucked hard. Definitely one of the worst films I’ve ever seen (up there, or should I say down there, with Project X, The Last Airbender, Catwoman, Elektra, Ghost Rider 2, etc.).

        • I don’t think either one can really work in live action (unless there’s like a 300mil budget or something).

          There are just too many things that are nearly impossible to translate into live action, visually speaking.

      • There’s a HUGE difference between those two series.
        Aside from the characters featuring in both shows, they are very different imo.

      • I forgot about Robotec.

      • @Calypso.

        SPACE 1999?

        Redundant now aint it?

        • Re-imagined to perhaps, Space 2099 or 3099. It was a great show back in the day.

        • I would imagine they would change it to “2099”, at this point, but keep the equivalent concepts based on the “near future” story.

          …but who knows…?

        • space 1999 would be an AWSOME reboot, but not a tv show, and NOT by the Sci-Fi channel. Make it a full length feature film.

    • Perhaps with the new Godzilla they will lead it into a king Kong vs Godzilla reboot. That would be awesome!

      Black Panther is a possibility for phase 3. Heroes for hire, less so. I would love to see both of them though!

      I doubt a Shazamm film will happen anytime soon. DC is trying to get their bigger Heros off the ground with JL.

      • Heroes for Hire will show up in the S.H.I.E.L.D. show I bet.

      • @Helix, the one problem. In Reality, King Kong is not that big. I know, King Kong vs Godzilla.

        But Kong has been anywhere from 6-40 meters in height. Now King Kong, 2006 pretty much got Kong right around the 10-20 meters.

        Pretty much Godzilla would step on him.

    • DBZ
      Gears of War

    • I have always wanted to see Shazam on the big screen. I was hoping he would be one of the Justice League members in the new movie but it doesn’t look like we will see him for a while.

    • @ Rome

      Herculoids, since it happens on another planet. Hard to figure our what they would do on earth.

      Jetson, been floating around hell for almost 20 years. Evidently Viva Rock Vegas ruined the plans.

      Battle of the Planets was being made into a movie, the company making the movie went bankrupts. It was suppose to be Animated movies, and it was being done by the same company that did TMNT. But you have to understand. Battle of the planets is not hard to make. You can do it for US Market, but the rest of the world, Japan, China, and Australia. Will not go for it…Japan will not even mother taking it in and releasing it in their theaters. The reason why, because you called it Battle of the Planets, where as Japan its Gatchaman, Science Team Gatchaman, and you do not know violence in a animated show, till you seen…Gatchaman.

      Captain Marvel, currently last time I checked 2011 had The Rock attached to it, but was in Developmental Hell.

  4. Still waiting for that “Freakazoid!” movie


    “I KNEW IT! (No he didn’t)”

    And of course, one of my favorites: “HUGGBEES!”

    • hahaha love that show. that could be a funny movie. have edgar wright do it (^_^) it would be epic

  5. Am I the only DC fan who, over the last few months, has begun to think that a Justice League movie a bad idea? I was originally for it, but now with all these rumors and there being no green light yet, I feel like they could possibly make an extremely bad quality movie. And ruin the face of DC comics?

    • I just want a good movie. DC has some amazing stories in comics, they’ve always had the power to redeem themselves for their reputation and its the flip opposite right now with Marvel IMO.

    • Personaly, while i think a JL movie would be Awesome, in the time they have before the “release date” i dont think they can pull off a quality film. I would rather see a “Flash” movie and have the JL feature Caville, Batman, The Dude from “Arrow” the WW from the Tv show they have planed for her, and the Flash. Just leave out GL

    • I don’t think such a movie is necessarily a bad idea, but rushing it for a 2015 date so it can compete with Avengers 2 is really stupid

      • well said.. thats also why I’m totally cool with JJ potentially pushing forward the epVII release date. If a longer wait gives me a better movie its totally worth it.

    • I still want the JLA to have their own movie. But, I want it written by true comic book fans. Not who the WB thinks is the current hot screen writer. Look at Damon Lindelof…he had a little bit of success and studio executives brought him in to write too many things and flooded the market so everything is in his style…which got old real fast. Seth Grahame-Smith was writing fiction novel hit after hit so the suits hired him to write Dark Shadows and adapt his own story into a screenplay…then before these films even hit the box office, they asked him to write Beetlejuice 2, both of the films he wrote flopped at the box office…his writing style didn’t transfer mediums very well. Time and time again, studios try to force who’s hot into a situation that doesn’t fit the movie. Like I said, I’d prefer a comic book fan writing these (not you or me…but someone like Kevin Smith…not him either, don’t need any d### jokes involved…but someone who is an established screen writer who has a love for these comic book characters).

    • Why don’t they just get the guys who do all the WB animated TV and DVD’s. Those guys rock! The stories are awesome. They have been putting out great animated stuff since way before Marvel Studios was even an idea. Give those folks some money, and leave them alone for a year or two and I bet we get an Awesome Justice League film at the end…

    • I agree at first I liked the idea but then their was the avengers and I really don’t want to see that movie with different heroes. I have said for a long time that a Suicide Squad film would be awesome and I am trying to spread that around and hopefully get some talk going but people don’t usually respond with any input.

    • there’s also rumor’s that there only going to limit them to 5 hero’s

  6. I wanna throw something out here. SR does a lot of articles on spoilers and potential spoilers, which I never read unless its a movie I won’t watch. Just curious why some people want to know potential endings to movies they haven’t seen yet. It basically ruins it in my opinion. This isn’t a dig at SR because I love this site. Just wondering why people want to spoil the movie for themselves.

    • Just depends on the movie. I’m not one for spoilers for the endings, but villains are just something I’m always dying to know about

    • Spoilers are normally info on the plot. Doesn’t tell you how it happens, just that it happens. It always plays out different in your head then it does on teh screen.

    • If it’s major spoilers (which SR usually warns readers about before they read it), then I tend to stay away as well.
      If it’s rumored stuff or minor spoilers, I’ll read if it’s something interesting… especially if the movie’s still a few months away.
      The closer the movie gets to release though, the more I tend to avoid any spoilers and try not to watch the endless amount of tv spots and trailers that give away the whole movie.

      -That’s my experience with the whole thing.

    • Like the Avenger said, the closer to a release date, the more I avoid. Minor spoilers and rumors aren’t a big deal to me either especially when the films are in pre-production. I agree with ACW 007 about wanting to know the villains involved as well as other characters. As for ruining the ending of a movie, SR does mark MAJOR spoilers, and those I tend to avoid unless I’m not planning on seeing the film in the theater. However, just watching a trailer will spoil most films anymore.

      In the trailer, Hulk catches Tony/Iron Man. In the movie, Tony is passed out as he plummets towards the closing portal…will he make it out? will he smash on the ground like a pancake? Hmmmm….I wonder if this is when the Hulk catches Tony?




        • Crap…I knew that I had a one in billion chance that someone hadn’t seen it, I played the with the odds. I guess I shouldn’t have posted that spoiler. πŸ˜‰

        • Okey Jeff, Big Spoilers!

          1) There are like 7 or so superheroes in this one!

          2) There is a big battle.

          3)There is a giant green rage monster by the name of Bulk (or something)

          • I WAS WAITING FOR IT ON BETAMAX!!!!!!!

            YOU EVIL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Im cheap!

            Was waiting for it in the discount bin at K-Mart!

            Now, I am going to have to find a bootleg copy!

            That Professor, Thanks Super!


    • yeah i agree with you guys on every account. Pre production rumors are ok. But for instance, I really do not want to know who the villain will be in star trek so i stay away form those stories.

    • After to watch so many movies you find it is rare that they ever diviate from the establish world/main character, start adventure/story, conflict, resolution format. So for some spoilers are not that big of a deal.

      • I just woke up. Sorry for the misspellings and grammer.

    • I’m a no spoilers person, too. I even try to avoid trailers for movies that I might want to see.

  7. I was really impressed with this week’s episode of Supernatural. At first I thought they were going to put last week’s storyline on hold and come back to it later, but then they did a direct continuation. That makes me feel like the show is maturing and I actually felt proud of the writers!- if anyone understands what I mean. And Ben Edlund delievered another classic if I do say so myself.

    • I just started watching season 3 last night. After finishing up with Dexter and Breaking Bad I gave this show a shot and now I’m hooked! I’m looking forward to reaching some ultimate conclusions but still gonna be sad when I run out of seasons lol

      • Season 3…one of the best. Seasons 4 & 5 are a treat too. Seasons 6 & 7 lose a lot of umph…but if you’re like me, you’ll continue watching because you love these characters. Season 8 (the current one) is slowly returning it to its former state of grace. It’s a rebuilding season in my opinion and has made plenty of improvements from Sera Gamble debacle that was season 6 and 7.

    • Yeah, I really liked that episode. Dead was hilarious again, especially in that scimitar scene. πŸ˜€

      • *Dean, not Dead!

    • Ben Edlund…now there’s one of those screenwriters that the WB should consider for an attempt at a JLA movie. He wrote the Tick…can’t go wrong with that!

  8. I just watched The Incredible Hulk again and realized it dosn’t have an end-credits scene. The part where Stark talks to Ross is before the credits even begin.

    • Actualy, @Helix, i did notice that, and have oten wondered what the rationall behind it was…

      another interesting thing to think about, is this. the Incredible Hulk has only 4 connections to the rest of phase 1.

      1) The Opening Credits
      2) The Sonic canons which are made by Stark Industries.
      3) The “before” Credits Scene
      4) The quote from the Avengers “Last Time i was in NY, I kinda Harlem.

      One wonders if Marvel was kinda trying to make it a little seperate from the rest of the Phase One Movies in case it bombed. Also, The after credits scene in IM was added at the end of the film as kinda an afterthought. Maby TIH didnt have the budget to follow suit.

      • Keep in mind that they also didn’t know how the whole shared movie universe was going to take off. They were done filming Hulk when Iron Man came out so it was still a gamble on how shared it was going to be.

        • So true…

        • Yeah. I think TIH didn’t have a post credit scene because at the time, it wasn’t a tradition. TIH was in production around the same time as IM1 so it’s not like they knew how big that scene with Stark & Fury would be.

          Anyway, the Stark & Ross scene is pretty much the after credit scene… even it technically takes place before the credits πŸ˜‰

        • Kyle & Avenger,
          That makes sense, didn’t think of that.

      • SuperEdje,
        There is also a brief reference to Sheild when the army is searching for Banner after he went back to the US. I never noticed it till this time watching.

        Also in The Avengers there is the clip of Hulk fighting the army, but that is more like The Avengers referencing TIH then vice-versa.

        • Didn’t they reference the super soldier serum too and the one success they had with it (which was referring to Captain America)?

          • Yeah, Ross was talking about it with Blonsky and then he refers to it as the “Super Soldier program”.

            That brings up a whole another topic. I’d love to see Captain America more like how Blonsky was portrayed. Why is Blonsky out running and beating up the Hulk and Captain looks like a sissy.

            • When I saw Blonsky fight, I got really excited for the Captain America movie…thinking that he would have a similar fighting style. It’s too bad that hasn’t happened in Cap’s films yet.

              • I really think they need to fix this in the Winter Soldier. I was under the same impression that Cap would be an amazing experience after Blonsky.

                I think in Avengers they were very limited with how what they could do with Captain in the final battle because of how they dialed it down.

        • @Helix Reviews

          Heh! Yep you are right! there are more connections than i thought!

          its tempting for me to “discard” hulk because of the acter change but it is more tied in to the series than i thought!

    • The Tony Stark scene was supposed to be the end credits scene but they moved it up to get more people in the seats due to Iron Man’s success. They changed it last minute because I remember a TV spot came out the Friday that the movie released showing Stark.

      • Just curious, but does anyone else notice that at the end of TIH its Stark and not Fury, but that later on he never mentions anything of ‘the team they’re putting together’ (had to swith around the words for it to make sense) in any of the IM films. In fact he seems rather surprised when approached by agent Colsen,

        • Have you seen “The Consultant” short? It goes into detail on why Stark was there.

          • Actually i havent, would i be able to find that online?

            • You should be able to find it on a youtube :)
              It’s also a blu-ray extra for ‘THOR’.

              If you’re a fan of the MCU, I also recommend picking up the comic book mini-series “Marvel’s The Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week”. It takes place in the MCU and fills all the gaps between the movies – a must read for anyone interested in the movie continuity imo.

                • @The Avenger & Kyle
                  Thanks, im going to go check it now.

                  • Wow, that was pretty cool. Though i thought the slow-mo in the Hammer video was a lil’ cheesey. But, other than that i liked ’em. Thanks

              • I have seen the all of the shorts except Item 47. i want to see that, but you have to get the Avengers Blue Ray…

        • I would Guess with Fury.

          Ross would be a little pissed knowing there was a way to contain and capture Hulk.

          After all, that what the holding Cell Loki was in was originally for,

  9. Justice league !
    joker escapes from prison and hez worse than ever he calls all the super villians and reunites em against JLA

    • So…the plot of “LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes” without Lex Luthor

    • nah, it’s too early for a new Joker imo

      • I welcome a new Joker, Nolan’s version was just did not do anything for me in terms of showing why I love The Joker. It had nothing to do with Heath Ledger, who was great with what he had been given. In all though? It’s my least favorite version

        • @ ACW

          I agree. Though, Ledger’a performance as the Joker wasn’t great nor the image i love of the character, his version was still a good portrayal. Liked him as much as i did Nicolson’S & Bale’s Batman as Keaton’s & Kilmer’s. But still haven’t quite seen the perfect Batman or Joker on screen imo. Still Waiting.

          • I liked the Joker in the Dark K ight Returns, i thought he was pretty good. Although i love Hamill, im glad they didnt use him because Hamill’s version of the Joker is too crazu whereas in TDKR (not Nolan’s film, the animated movie with no correlation to the trilogy) seems calmer, more composed. I dunno, just my thoughts

        • If there is going to be a new joker soon then they need to base it on the actors laugh, chin, triangular smile and a pointy nose.

          • Heaths joker was the most well written villian ive ever seen on the big screen imo

            • I have to say either Hannibal Lecter or Darth Vader

  10. Season 3 of Smallville is almost finished. I can definitely see why all of you say it drags on. Its almost as if the episodes were created because they couldn’t think of anything better at the time. 10 seasons worth of an origin story that we all know the ending to. The series is on sale right now on Amazon for $150. I’m really tempted to but it since the lovely US government of ours cut of Saturday from the USPS and that’s one less day of Netflix to deliver. Even at 3 discs out a time, I see this waiting game will cost more in the long run than buying it. Decisions…

    • I didn’t think about Netflix deliveries. I just thought about the positives. NO BILLS on Saturdays!

    • The Saturday cutoff doesn’t start until August. Amazon would have plenty of time to deliver the set before then πŸ˜‰

  11. What if a Star Wars spin off had three Jedi and a clone from the old republic frozen in carbonite because they were being smuggled off Coruscant because they were escaping order 66. When the ship they were in was destroyed buy a Star Destroyer. The wreckage and carbon frozen Jedi were floating in space for 16 years. The Jedi crash land onto the planet Mustafaar. Which melts the carbonite allowing the Jedi and clone who did not receive order 66 to be forced to survive in a different time era.

  12. I’m a bit surprised that SR hasn’t covered the new SyFy series, Continuum (or covered the returning shows like Being Human and Lost Girl)

    Anyone watching these shows care to share their opinions on what they think about them?

    • Is that the British Being Human or the US one?

  13. do you guys think Justin Lin would be a good director for a Heroes For Hire movie if it every get made.

  14. If there going to be doing spinoff films [Standalone] of star wars they have HAVE to get it right the first time even with yoda they can’t mess up even once if i stand correctly we all love yoda [am i right?] they are also doing [standalone] films for han solo & boba fett but i’d like to see what happen to him after the return of the jedi i’d like them to continue his story not a younger version of him

  15. Also they should focus on a standalone/spinoff film with Darth Vader because in between some episodes Darth Vader under-took his on student behind his maters back & he hid [Starkiller] from his master for quite awhile so they should do a standalon/spinoff based off the [Force Unleashed 1] because that was an epic game & Vader himself was epic & they should do a sequel/prequel based on the [Force Unleashed 2] & focus on the clone of [Starkiller] & have a second ending for this movie because if they have this tech to make that type of game then they have that tech for that type of movie

  16. & hopefully for standalone films they will focus more on anikain skywalker more before he becomes vader there was more to the clone wars then what we saw in episode 2 & rehire the acter to reprise his role as anikain skywalker because he did a really good job as anikain & they should also rehire the acter that played obie wan

  17. What ever happened to Robert Palmar? I miss his posts.

  18. WB and DC are a bunch tools. so simple follow the Marvel Route and that would get more people excited for JL. Origin movies of Flash, WW &a reboot of GL are essential, But What will get every fan boy excited is a Batman vs Superman or a Batman & Superman movie the summer before Justice League. That would be huge…..

  19. Can someone please clarify the star trek into darkness situation?

    Will this be available in 15/70 true imax in 2d ??
    I dont’ want 15/70 quality to be distorted by 3d.. (or is that even possible?) Can someone w/ experience please talk about it??