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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   February 7, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 7, 2014

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  1. Bettany as Vision. Potential Lilly as Wasp. Potential Ms. Marvel in the future (PLEASE PICK STARBUCK). All awesome news. Meanwhile, do you get the feeling that Snyder and Goyer are recreating the plot from the movie The Producers with their recent casting?

    • No, I feel great about the casting choices they’ve made and am looking forward to seeing how the various characters, both announced and not-yet, interact and feature in the upcoming expanded Dc filmverse.

  2. Open discussion!!! It’s back!

    • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  3. Katee Sackhoff for sure for Ms. Marvel

    • Yvonne straivski ( blonde from chuck) got mrs msrv.

      • I don’t know about her.. I mean she was great in chuck but dexter and I frankenstein Total crap.

    • I do not want to see Sackhoff as Ms Marvel. She has kind of a…Manish… look to her.

  4. I am not sure which ad it is, but one of your advertisers keeps crashing my mobile browser after trying yo open a bunch of windows and redirecting me to android playstore. It does seem to be specific to SR articles.

    Currently accessing your full site (your mobile site seems to have been replaced with a buggy wordpress theme) in androids native browser.

    • Mouse,

      UGH, you’re kidding me… bloody hell. It’s hard to track this stuff down on desktop, but almost impossible on mobile. :-(

      • I was wondering about the wordpress mobile look, too.

  5. So that kiss in the last ep of arrow, was drinking grape juice at the moment then I was like-
    Grape juice everywhere.

    • Lol best.scene.ever

  6. So .. All Hail The King One Shot How awesome was that??

    • Marvel actually rectifying the mistake twist of Iron Man 3. Setting up a new and true Mandarin is awesome.

      • they didn’t rectify anything because they didn’t make a mistake….it was peoples interpretations that are wrong

        • I don’t believe that. They are backtracking.

          • Believe it because to think they’re backtracking is an incorrect opinion.

            • Opinions aren’t right or wrong. They may be irrational, erroneously arrived at, logical, thought out, carefully formed…but they are NEVER (by definition) right or wrong.

              Quite a few people believe they screwed up IM3 and are trying to rectify the situation. Whether or not they DO so…well, that remains to be seen.

  7. Jack Daniel T Honey..

    Where the hell is X men trailer?

    Bat vs Supe WAS moved back to 2015.. right? lol

  8. I wonder if we’ll see the blue-skinned bladedwinged archangel in xmen:apocalypse, or will they intro him as the horseman death, and he becomes Archangel for the xforce movie?

    I REALLY hope the rumors of Apocalypse being a spirit who possess Magneto are false. That would be an epic fail.

    • Bryan Singer already said that those Rumors are false so you can rest in ease

  9. So I posted this on Kofi’s Lego review and he took offense to it and deleted it.

    “Hey what better way to establish a flat-chested Wonder Woman, right?”

    C’mon. This won’t be the last time you here jokes like this one just remember where you heard it first.


    • Just because I find it funny doesn’t mean the next person doesn’t find it offensive.

      • I was just having fun but I get where he is coming from.

    • Why would that be deleted? It’s funny.

    • Reading the responses, I get where he’s coming from with it being a kids movie review. Still funny.

    • hahaha dude that’s awesome!

    • I doubt Kofi wanted the Lego Review to turn into a 300+ comments DC/Marvel flame war.

      I was wondering what you had said.

      • haha yeah that totally coulda happened.

        All in good fun.

        Thanks for posting it Dr! I was wondering what the argument was going on about haha

      • That certainly wasn’t my intention, MovieB… and TBH… I highly doubt that would have resulted.

        • I just worry cuz the DC/Marvel seems like a powder keg to me. People are quick to argue about it. You’re prbly right tho, a massive argument prbly wouldn’t have ensued. I bet there would’ve been a handful of people chewing you out tho haha.

          Reading Kofi’s comment he almost sounded sarcastic. I wonder if he found the joke funny haha… I understand why he’s gotta take it off.

        • Yeah it was funny, no doubt. I can almost guarantee there would have been an argument though.

    • I was wondering what you said. Clever. I can see why Kofi deleted it but that comment probably fits this thread a little more. Clever though :)

    • Lmao nice one!

    • That is funny.

      I read that the woman they chose for the Wonder Woman XXX movie looked more like Wonder Woman than Gal Gadot does & she can act better. Her name is Kimberly Kane & they’re right, she is a much better choice & actor. Google her, she looks great in the costume.

      Heck the girl in the fan made film is a better choice than Gal.

      Don’t screw this up Goyer & Snyder.

      • Well, I actually support the choice of Gadot because of her ‘real-life bad-ass’ background.

        Right now she is training with swords. I’m not aware of many actresses (if any) in Hollywood who would be able to adequately do that without stunt-double help.

        So yeah, I do not care at all about her cup size. Presentation and presence is what will matter with Wonder Woman, not her body type.

      • Ha…ahahaha…ha ha…f*ck off.

        • metaphorically, not literally, or both.

    • @Dr:

      Yeah, I think he just wanted it to be PG.

      But, I would be the last person to tell Gal Gadot she’s flat chested.

      • Hehe, yeah neither would I-

        1. I don’t care about that, at all.

        2. Judging by those long arms and her military background I bet she has one hell of right cross.

  10. I’m psyched to see The Lego Movie today.

    I’ll catch Robocop next week, or maybe Monuments Men if it strikes my fancy.

    MAN I’m so happy to be through January, that was a rough month.. I feel like I haven’t been to the movies in eons.

    • Ah I’m jealous you’re watching it today. I might only be watching it next Friday ><. I was expecting the movie to be just solid, but from what I'm reading, it's as good as How To Train Your Dragon.

      • Ditto man!! I was expecting a “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” level of critical acclaim, but critics are loving it even more. I’m so excited!!

        • Exactly my thought! I enjoyed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs but didn’t really love it. I’m just glad they hit this one out of the park. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are just getting bigger and bigger as directors.

          • They really are! They’ve got 22 Jump Street later this year. I LOVED what they did with 21 Jump Street.

            PS: I was also pretty lukewarm about CWACOM. Didn’t understand why everybody loved it so much. I thought it was ok. I’m glad everybody says that Lego Movie’s better :D

    • I took a Monday and Tuesday off later in the month for my birthday so I’ll be kid and wife free. I plan on using that time to theater hop and watch some flicks.

      • Nice LC!

        kids make movies hard haha.. I don’t have any of my own but I’ve gone with small children before and it can be problematic.

        I find such solace in the movie theater. It’s just wonderful. The crowds, the screen, the sounds.. Its great :)

        • Once my son is of age, he isn’t even 2 yet, he will be joining me on these ventures. But too young IMO.

          • After listening to a baby (a few months or a year old maybe) whimper through the first half of Django I’m gonna have to agree with you on that haha.

  11. Happy Friday, Ranters!

    My daughter and I are going to catch the Lego Movie tomorrow in 3D (as Kofi suggested). Pretty excited about that.

    I’ve been trying to get on the Arrow bandwagon ever since I binge watched season 1 on Netflix, but I can only go back a few episodes on demand and can’t find anywhere to stream them without buying the episodes. Anyone have any ideas??

    • CW limits 5 episodes for streaming of the current season. It forced me to buy the episodes of season 1 on Amazon.

      I am glad I did. It is my wife and I’s favorite show to watch together.

  12. Random thought: In IM3, when the initiate operation House Party, would that blow up Iron Patriot as well? who is carrying the president? Just saying…

    • No, because Iron Patriot has been modified by the military. Not on the same network as Tony’s other Marks. That is why earlier Tony needed the code for it. #warmachineroxx

  13. I got a better question. Man Of Steel. If the Kryptonians gain power from the suns radiation, and if Zod and his men are wearing suits that filter out that radiation, how the heck can they move as fast and be as strong as Kal-El in the Smallville fight. They might be somewhat faster and stronger on earth because of the earth’s weaker gravity. But Superman has been absorbing solar energy for 30 years. There is no way they could be as fast as him. Not without absorbing the same amount of solar radiation he has. Which they don’t start doing until the mask breaks. Faora punching Kal-El should have the same effect as a man punching an elephant. And Faora trying to beat Kal-El to the punch wouldn’t work either.

    • You are taking in effect a normal absorbtion rate and if it gets capped at a certain level or not… :P

      • But there is no cap to Superman’s energy. He once flew into the sun and came out a literal god. He is essentially an unlimited battery. And besides that…Zod and his men never started absorbing any radiation because of their suits.

  14. Just google all star superman #12 to see what I’m talking about as far as the cap is concerned.

    • MOS was not the same as the comic. Hence the same limitations do not apply. Also, the Kryptonian suits do not cut off all absorption, and the cells of a Kryptonian body seem to be exceedingly efficient. Plus, the Kryptonians, being trained soldiers, would still have an equalizing factor…even without the extreme speed.

      Seriously, is complaining about the DC filmverse going to be your mantra now?


  15. Fine, but if they were absorbing solar radiation…which makes the helmet pretty pointless…they sure seem aware and nonchalant about having these new powers out of nowhere then surprised when they get them when the helmet breaks. I was just asking a question. Didn’t know that wasn’t allowed.

    • Of course, it’s allowed…in fact, encouraged. However, this, along with your question at the start of this thread…along with other comments you’ve made on other threads DOES make it seem like you just want to find reasons to whine about DC and how much better Marvel seems…NOT a good look.

      • I have only 2 issues with DC. Two. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and even most of The Dark Knight Rises I love. I love and own all of their animated features. JL: Doom being my favorite. I am addicted to Arrow and have been thoroughly disappointed by Agents Of SHIELD. Man Of Steel and the steps its quasi sequel have taken is the TWO things I have been frustrated and confused by with DC. I’m kinda worried about X-Men Days Of Future past too. Could be convoluted and I always worry when a director gets a crazy budget. Excess can kill. Again, I have no particular hate for either company. I want them all to do well. I brought up the MoS question because it was something we were discussing at work and couldn’t figure out.

        • Fair enough…

          I’ve just been getting irritated by all of the “DCvsM”/”MvsDC” crap that’s been taking over so many of the threads, as well as the complaining, seemingly WITHOUT ANY SENSE OF HOPEFULNESS that constantly vomits itself into so many of the recent discussions.

          It’s disheartening, to say the least.

          • If that MvsDC crap irritates you so much then don’t bring it up in here & stop being so hyper sensitive to ANYTHING critical said about WB/DC.

            • Jeff…

              Sticking your nose into things again, I see. A hobby, perhaps? Check out the comment(s) ABOVE mine to see to what I was responding. As it turns out, DJ was commenting for a very specific reason, so I backed off…but explained my reaction. I’m betting he and I are fine…even with your obnoxious intrusion.

              • @ Archaeon

                What am a-whole you are.

                I didn’t realize you owned the OD, AS WELL AS all the “WB/DC articles” as well.
                Man I feel sorry for you.

                • Dear, sweet, polite Jeff…

                  I neither claimed nor pretended (not wanted to do such) any ownership or authority of or in any of these threads. I merely expressed my sadness at a growing trend. DJ and I are okay, judging by the way our back-and-forth ended. At the moment, it seems YOU are the one among the three of us having any problems…except that YOU were never part of our discussion…which makes your poor attempt at an insult that much more pathetic.

                  Good luck with that.

  16. Given the amount of comments each article receives, I think a better comment system can be used. Why do we to enter our information for every single comment instead of a log-in format? And there is no way to know if someone has responded to your comment unless you search for (and find) your original comment buried amongst the others. Use Disqus or something similar please.

    • @ Black Pegasus

      While I admit that Disqus has gotten better I hope Screen Rant never uses it. Sure, as most of us have said for years a edit or like option would be nice but one of the many reasons I like commenting here is because it’s simple and you can comment easily through the mobile site. Commenting on Disqus through mobile is a nightmare.

  17. Well, the leaked audition tape for Eisenberg is now out there. Wow, if people had doubts before, the audition tape isn’t going to help the case, LOL.
    “Lois, I’m here to steal you away, POW” LOL
    Wow, talking about the sky falling, DC fansite is going in a frenzy now that this came out calling for Snyder’s head, LOL. I understand the doubts in the casting, which I even have, but you can clearly see the guy is just making fun of the character. Nothing big, just fun.

    • JaredDac…

      I truly hope you are kidding. Surely, you noticed the “leaked” video is on the “Funny or Die” website…in other words, NOT real.

      Thus, you MUST simply be trying to be funny…right?

      • Yes it’s fake, but as one of the articles on DC fansite states, in an already divided fanbase about the movie this whole “leaked” tape didn’t help things out. Even though I have my doubts about the guy I still found it funny and saw it as what it was as someone picking fun of the character whereas others on the site took it to another level

        • @JaredDac

          I agree with you. I was reading some of the DC message boards too.The DC fan base is shattered over this whole movie. It’s going to have to be perfect to satisfy all of them. This movie can’t possible do that. IMO, this whole project is kinda ripping apart at the seams under the weight of the project.
          We’re gonna have to wait another 10 years for them to do this all over again to get it right. *sigh*

          • I liked what one person said:

            When the Dark Knight casting announcements were made people were divided over the Ledger casting but for the most part that was the only issue people had at the time. It all worked out great in the end but that’s because for the most part people felt good about the story being told, Bale as Batman, and the overall plot. With this MOS sequel you already have people divided over Ben Affleck which wouldn’t be a bad thing but you throw in the division of fans of Gal Gadot and now Jesse Eisenberg and all you are asking for is disappointment. I am a hardcore DC fan since childhood and always will be but to say that unless the film is perfect people(I) will be satisfied is rather unlikely. It’s one thing to take 1 or 2 chances on an actor or a storyline but with 3 actors just to start off is risky if you ask me.

  18. Anybody excited for the Olympics?

    Go Canada Go

    we Canadians only enjoy the Winter Olympics because we suck at most summer sports :D

  19. Screen Rant staffers,

    you guys should do a piece (or maybe put it on the podcast?) about how you guys got started on the site, maybe some history. I’ve been a regular reader of the site for years but I still only know little bits about you guys from your conversations and sidementions.

    I know you’d probably rather make all content about the movies and not about you, but lets face it you guys are ‘characters’ or ‘personalities’ facing an audience, and the audience that is your demographic likes to know know the how/why/when on things.

    What do you think, SR? How about the fans reading this? What’s your view on my idea?

    • Vic posted an article about this sort of thing for the 10th anniversary of the site.

      • I read it when it was posted. Very light on the details I’m talking about, and more of a general overview of the site itself.

        Thanks for the suggestion though :)

  20. Anyone excited about Vikings Season 2 and paired with Hannibal Season 2?

  21. Has anyone watched any of the Amazon Pilots yet?

    I’ve only watched 2 (The After and The Rebels) but I’m not a fan of either.
    The After has an interesting enough premise and could turn into something good but the pilot wasn’t all that great.

    The Rebels was just terrible. It was a chore to even finish the half hour.

    I’m going to give Bosch a try tonight. I’ve heard it’s the best of the bunch.

  22. How come we didn’t get a S.H.I.E.L.D review this week?

    • ah I found it…nevermind! hehe

  23. So I was reminded why I seek out pirate streaming movie sites on the internet this afternoon.
    So I planned to go to the theater at 5:35 to see the lego, it was the earliest time after my college class I could go see it.
    So I wait around for the time and when I finally get there
    …its sold out(it should be noted that this town has two regal theaters a big one and a small mall one, this is the mall one which is why it can possibly even sell out because I could go easily to see Des. of smaug in the large one, no problem)
    the next showing would be two hours later.
    so I dont live in this town but 40 minutes away in a smaller town.
    so after all the trouble…..I was like, whelp…nope, and went home.
    Wasted afternoon of waiting, disappointed anticipation.

    • Not that i condone such alleged activities.

  24. Might be relevant:

    • Thats very interesting, follows the rumors, but could always be a savvy liar.

    • WOW