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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 6, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 6, 2013

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  1. So…Chris Pratt came out of nowhere, didn’t he?

    • That he did. So did Emily VanCamp now that I think about it…

      • vancamp should NOT be playing agent 13

        • Why not?
          *Just to make it clear, I’m still on the fence with marvel’s decision to go with VanCamp; I’d just like to know the reason why you’re unhappy about the casting choice – purely out of curiosity.

          • ;)…well i kinda just went with her complexion. she looks a bit young to be cap america’s love interest(im not talking about caps’s actual age)

            • Yeah, she looks a little young to me too.
              Still, according to IMDb she’s 26 and that could be a believable age for a high priority SHIELD agent… a believable age as Cap’s love interest though? I’m not so sure either.

              I hope she does well, but I do have my reservations about the casting.

              • Cap was early 20s in TFA. He didn’t even join till the end of the war.

                • According to his file (in the movie), he was 24 years old when he joined the SSP.

                  • how old is chris evans?

                    • 32

                  • i guess maybe its just evans’ complexion that got me thinkin vancamp looked too young…

    • LOL i will always remember Chris pratt as barry from “wanted”… what a looser!

      Personaly, i will probably watch the movie whoever is cast, just so i can get the full setup for the Avengers 2.

      • you mean wesley’s dick of a friend?

        • Uhh yeah, but i would more call a looser or a backstaber…

          • Sorry, that is “loser”. :)

  2. I am confused about redesigning of transformers 4 from top to bottom !

    • Its so Hasbro can sell more toys. The characters will look different in the next movie: Bumble Bee not being a camaro, maybe a mustang instead. That kind of thing.

      • its all talk dude, sure the (human) cast will be different and there will be some new robots but its still gonna be the same brain-dead juvenile action fest that the other movies have been.


    • I think he can pull it off. I just hope the script and direction is good.

      • that’s kinda reassuring…thanx

        • My apologies for not giving more – I didn’t really have much to say about him except that, from my perspective, he’s never given a terrible performance. I’m sure others may disagree, but I believe that with every role he had thus far, he has at least been entertaining and believable.
          Besides, I think Marvel had requirements for every actor they auditioned for the role of Star-Lord. Pratt must’ve had something that no one else had. They wouldn’t give the role to a guy who sucks or didn’t have what they were looking for.

          • I agree. The thing we can take comfort in is that Pratt is not a big enough name in hollywood to get the role on resume alone. My guesss is he had to work hard to get this role. He would of had to come in and really impressed the director/studio.

            • good point..

  4. Anyone think “I Walk Alone” by Tarja Turunen would make a great Bond theme?

    • being a Bond Enthusiast, (clearly) do you think (like i do) that the first two DanCraig themes just didn’t cut it? i thought skyfall was great, But Alicia Keys was just horrible… i dont eve remember Quantum’s…

      • I thought “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell suited “Casino Royale” very very well, but “Another Way To Die” by Alicia Keys and Jack White was very mediocre and didn’t suit well with the part of the story that mattered to me the most: Bond avenging Vesper.

        • I actually like “Another Way To Die”. I don´t like White´s music (or Keys´ for that matter), but seen from a musicians standpoint, the arrangement was great.

          • It’s not a terrible song, I’m just not fond of it being used for QOS. Had QOS developed a better story for the Quantum organization, I’d probably enjoy it more

            • I admit, I´ve never seen that movie.

        • Heh! yep after reading your comment, i spent a couple hours listening to the Bond soundtracks again. I liked “You Know My Name”
          and “Skyfall” (thought Adel nailed it) but the song, “Another Way To Die” was, as I remembered it, just over the top and didn’t have much to do w/ the movie.

    • I can´t stand her voice. I don´t like operatic vocals on rock/metal songs in general.

  5. does anyone even come to these discussions?? im asking cuz this is my first one…im kinda lost here…

    • Plenty come if we have something interesting to talk about, which we always do.

      • cool. thanx and dont they base the bond movies on ian flemings work?…or are you just wondering?

        • Oh, I’m fully aware. They’ve really focused on the way Ian Fleming would modernize James Bond, which I see perfectly in Daniel Craig’s run so far.

          “Casino Royale” follows the same plot of the book while adding enough excitement to it, “Quantum of Solace” finishes the first mission (roughly made, but enjoyable), and “Skyfall” is Bond vs. time itself to prove that there is only one James Bond and that he will always be there to serve his country.

          I’m really pumped to see the next 2, which are said to be linked together. It’s also said to possibly be Craig’s last 2 Bond movies…so thats a little depressing :( but he’s just been marvelous for me at least

          • umm no offense but for me the last BOND movie was a depressing

            • becuz it was kinda monotonous(im pretty sure i didnt spell that right). i’ll be glad when craig’s gone and i cant bear to see the next 2 movies..

              • You spelled that correctly. :D

            • Opinions are opinions, its all good

              • yeah…i kinda lost that composure when i had to come back to pakistan…

          • I agree with ACW 007.. next 2 Craig bonds are gonna rock. I’ve loved first 3. Skyfall has been Craig’s best imo followed by casino then quantum.

      • People even come if we don´t have interesting things to discuss. :)

        • yeah i got that too…<:D

    • Sure. They don’t explode like on some forums, but there is always a pretty good participation. I’d even go as far as saying that the amount of people taking part is just right. Not too many, not too few.

    • They usually range from 70 to 120 posts. So not that bad for having one every 2 to 3 days.

      • I still remember when it was one time per week.

          • I hope you had to google that. You’re both the old farts lol.

          • I was 12 at that date. I guess that really makes me old.

              • I was 7 yrs young.

                • I was…. -2 :) you old geezers!

                  • i waznt even born…i WIN!

    • “Build it and they will come”
      I.o.w. If you get a good topic going, there’ll be plenty of ranters interested in sharing in the discussion :)

      • well so far the only hot topic we’ve had was a question i asked…it was me asking if any one even came to these things(no offense SR)

          • Woops, sorry @aden khan. Didn’t see your reply to my comment further down the page.

            P.S. SR is definitely a nice place to spend your free time. If you’re a movie lover, that is ;)

            • comics and movies

        • aden,

          This is a place for SR “regulars” to come and shoot the breeze about whatever they like. It’s different every time. More like a hang out than a strict topic-oriented thing.



          • Yeah I kinda got that

    • It’s early. People from all over the world post.

  6. Still trying to figure out how thanos is going to fit in future avenger movies if this world war hulk comes off. Certainly hope thanos is a menacing figure with a intimating voice and doesn’t have a voice like he did in the silver surfer cartoon a decade ago. Sounded too much like skeletor.

    • im sooo rooting for WW-HULK…but somthings bugging me: doesn’t anyone think MARVEL might be using the chitauri too much? i mean for their future films and all because so far we know that thanos is going to be in GoTG,avengers2,and he sent the chitauri in the first avengers. movie

      • i was hoping for planet hulk and WW-HULK way before they anounced it…but i thought the avengers movies would be a lead in to that… that would give marvel enough time to atleast try to get back the rights to the fantastic4 and x-men(for marvel’s council of high profile heroes who actually decide to send hulk into space)

        • That is the big thing that bugs me about PH and WWH. Unless they are going to use these films to bring together Fox and Sony(can’t remember if Spider-Man had much to do with WWH) then it will just be underwhelming. And are they going to write out The Sentry or are they going to just say hey here’s a guy that’s like a bipolar Superman. The Hulk is my favorite Marvel guy and I want to be excited about these movies but they make me very nervous as well.

      • I wouldn’t worry about the chitauri since they all died with that one nuclear blast. It’s science. ;)

        • you got it professor

          • WAAAIT…isnt there going to be a case of “there’s more where that came from”??

            • I think the Professor was being sarcastic.

              • oh…okay now i understand what my cousin meant when he said i didnt get sarcasm…

                • Out of curiosity… Are you Sheldon Cooper? ;)

                  • Bazinga!

                    • Gross

                  • that wouldbe awesome…but sadly no… :(

    • Still here. Just juggling this and work. Haha.

      • hey what time is it?? i mean where ever your from

        • Currently 840am.

          • your in asia?

            • Arizona

              • Me too! lol

        • At the time you asked, it was 16:47 or 4:47 pm in Germany.

          • thanx…i guess

    • The open discussion isn’t like a chat room.
      Certain discussions can go on for a day or two, where each individual only posts a message two or three times a day…

      It’s not usually very fast paced, if you know what I mean. Very chilled atmosphere.

      • oh…thakns, and sorry if your from screenrant :D

      • LOL some people. I requested SR to get up an IRC function at the least. Just throw up some captchas and it won’t consume bandwidth as much.

  7. thats it im out….

  8. im here cuz i really dont have anything better to do(and im not degrading SR when i say that)and i just thought that this could be a fun pass time…

    • It is a fun pass time. And I asure you, you´ll come back.

      • yeah…now i just wish i had visited these discussions earlier. im not going to be able to use the internet for roughly a year…because i live in one of the shittiest parts of one of the shittiest countries on the planet…you guessed, it its pakistan.

        • My neighbor is from Pakistan. Nice guy.

        • So, how´s the pop culture in Pakistan, I mean movies and comic books?

          • were gettin NOwhere with the comics…but you could say were making some progress with the movies…

            • So, are you a comic fan? If so, how do you get them?

  9. Heya Vic, is there a reason my comments keep getting blocked as spam? it has happened about 15 times in the last couple of days… is there a list of words often used by spam which should be avoided? :)

    • holtreman’s the avenger?? or rome??

      • No…Vic is Vic Holtreman.

        The Avenger is The Avenger.

        rome is…Rome.

        (we try not to guess eachother’s mild mannered alter-egos):)

          • A fellow Williams, eh? Not like it isn’t common or anything lol.

          • Ha! you sound like the batman from the SuperHero Cafe Shorts put out by HISHE. ever seen them?

          • Hehe, that’s awesome and I totally wouldn’t hide that name. :D

    • SuperEdje101,

      Sorry, I don’t know. I don’t personally moderate any more. We have multiple levels of spam filters and sometimes valid comments get flagged, which we have to approve manually. Moderated comments are checked a few times a day.

      • Whew! i thought i had been banned and they wanted to break it to me gently. :) Thanks Sir

    • @SuperEdje – I’m not sure why it happens. I try to go through pending comments as regularly as I can (I work a 12 hour day job as well) but sometimes things get hectic.

      Feel free to tweet me when it happens again – @MoviePaul – and I’ll go check it out as soon as I can.

      Paul Young – Moderator

      • Thanks Paul,

        I’m not on twitter, but I suppose it doesn’t matter much anyway…

        If I get blocked, I can just rephrase! :) I guess I am kinda spam… after all, I am advertising my own little personality cult!

        (Visit me on Youtube and you will receive a lot of money… subscribe and you get more) :P

        Yours Truly,


          • I know, I Know… Im not on FB either…. when i get outa school… right now, almost all of my time goes to studying or ScreenRant! May it’s shaddow never decrease! (Tolkien quote)

  10. Heyy, has anyone here ever thought about the DC/Marvel crossover as a film? Even an animated one? Just curious, you know…….

    • Not a story so much as just fantasy crossover battles:

      Superman vs. Galactus
      Mr. Freeze vs. Doc Ock
      Green Lantern vs. Magneto
      Nightwing vs. Spider-Man
      Batman vs. Iron Man
      The Joker vs. Loki
      Bane vs. Rhino
      Wonder Woman vs. Whiplash
      Deadshot vs. Hammerhead
      Clayface vs. Sandman
      Man-Bat vs. Morbius
      Ra’s Al Ghul vs. Mandarin
      Darkseid vs. Hulk
      Lex Luthor vs. Green Goblin
      Maxie Zeus vs. Thor

      • Were those the actual battles? I’ve never actually read them, just looked them up online and stuff

        • Oh no, you just asked if I found interest in a Marvel/DC crossover story or film. I just said I’d love to see one hero or villain from Marvel and one hero or villain from DC fight each other. That list is just the battles I’d LOVE to see :)

      • Wait hey ACW 007 are there existing comics of these battles? If so let me know where to find them cuz I would love to check that stuff out.

        • i’ve seen only a few…but 007 could you tell me too?

    • it would be better as a game

      • I dunno maybe, i do want to play the new DC game Injustice Gods Among Us. That looks pretty epic

    • I’ve long been wanting a DC /Marvel crossover animated film. To me its the one project they have have left to do together. Not gonna hold my breath on that one cause both of these companies are really competitive with each other these days. Still I want to see this happen.

      • I´ve read the Avengers/Justice Leage crossover a few weeks ago. And boy, was that boring and predictable. The only thing that kept me reading was George Perez´ art.

  11. Is it that screen writing as a profession has taken such a bad turn that all hollywood can do is retread old characters or is it all just a cash grab? If all of us 20′s to 30 somethings are of a generation where we crave customization and individuality, you’d think that movies would be able to reflect that and provide new material. Looper may have had its flaws but it was something new. Drive may have been too far in one direction but it was fresh and different. All I need from a movie is to be entertained…but when I walk into a theater with preconceived knowledge of a character or a group or whatever its just not the same. Thats not to say I dont appreciate things like Fast 5 or future installments…but a Hitman remake?

    • “If all of us 20′s to 30 somethings are of a generation where we crave customization and individuality, you’d think that movies would be able to reflect that and provide new material.”

      The problem is that those who run the studios are in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. They crave stability, routine and safe bets. That’s what movies reflect. ;)

        • “If only…” Yeah, if only Zuckerberg was interested in art instead of making more money.

    • Theres still original stuff out there man, you just gotta look for it. You dont have to look very hard either. I mean Looper was super tight and original and it was pretty well advertised with a wide release and everything. Also last year I thought Wreck it Ralph was real original and fresh, I saw Warm Bodies this weekend and thought it was hilarious and different. I mean the zombie genre could be considered by many as being pretty stale now but they threw the unconventional romance into the mix making for a pretty fun movie. If we time travel back to 2011 I thought that flick Source Code was super sick and new.

      But yeah like Winchester says studios want safe bets, stuff thats tried and tested.

  12. Been watching the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series with my son….. Nova was one of my favorite superheroes when I was younger.
    I would love to see a Nova movie ? What ya think?

    • I dunno, i’ve never been to crazy a fan of Nova. Not to randomly change the subject, but do you like the Ultimate Spiderman series? I didnt like it all that much

      • It’s okay. Some parts are cool. Some of the joke stuff is annoying. My son loves it though. Keeps him quiet for 22 minutes!!

        • I forget the official name of the series, but do you member the Spiderman series in the 90′s?

          • Yes! I think it was simply called “Spider-Man”, pretty much the BTAS for Spider-Man. That show was awesome :D

            • I know, it was the best. I watch it every once in awhile on Netflix, i love the guy who did Peter’s voice.

            • Agreed. The 90′s Spider-Man Animated Series was great & wished the whole series would be put out on dvd.

    • maybe they should debut him in one of the GotG movies…

      • That’s pretty much what I’d like to see happen.
        He can make his silver screen debut in a GotG film, and if people like the character and want more, then Marvel can go from there!

    • I watched the first five episodes of that Ultimate Spider-Man show. And I thought “Okay, so that´s withdrawal symptoms feel like.” I was so damn pissed, I can´t even describe it. They (and with “they” I mean Jeph “I managed to f*ck up the whole Ultimate Universe with one mini-series” Loeb) took a great comic book and turned it into the most ridiculous cartoon ever. A five year old kid with Down´s Syndrome could have done better. That show doesn´t deserve it´s name.
      And now they´ve canned Avengers: EMH and are gonna replace it with another cartoon that´s set in the same continuity as Ultimate Spider-Man. I just don´t know what´s going on in their minds.

      • *heroin withdrawal symptoms

        • probably

  13. With rumors that RDJ might retire from his Tony Stark role after The Avengers 2……

    Which actor do you think should take over??

    My choice is Josh Brolin

    • whoooooa…RDJ’s retiring???!!!?? OMG, OMG iron man was like one of the best cast…characters how the hell did you know he was retiring???

      • Well, this is a rumor, for one.

        However, RDJ is pushing 50…actually, he’ll be 50 by the time Avengers 2 is released. Theres only so much you can do and only time itself can determine things like that.

        Or he may not want to go any further, I don’t know

    • No one should take over. RDJ totally made Tony Stark his own and I don’t see anyone replacing him anytime soon. It just wouldn’t feel right, no matter what. I say: if RDJ does retire, kill off Iron Man.

      • The way I see it, when RDJ gets too old for the stunts and action stuff, Stark’s role in the MCU can shift. He can hang up the iron suit (so to speak), maybe let Rodey become Iron Man and then Stark can become director of SHIELD or get some sort of high-profile gig for the government – like in the comic books.

        IMO Tony Stark is a character that can age with the actor. They can easily work around it – as long as the actor’s willing of course.

        … so here’s hoping the actor will be willing for a few more movies!

        • Since he made a sh*tload of cash with the franchise, I guess he´ll stick around till Avengers 3.

  14. I don’t wanna start a mass debate again about Prometheus……
    But has anyone heard or know about what is happening with the sequel. Is it happening?
    What would like to see in the sequel?

    • The next one should be called ‘Paradise’ David and Elizabeth find a planet they believe to be the home of the Engineers. It’s a paradise world with an organic city at it’s center. The city is huge intact but abandoned. While exploring it Elizabeth runs out of food and is forced to eat the fruit of a tree which puts her to sleep.

      David unable to revive her continues to search and finds a machine that has a sarcophagus at it’s center and an intake chute. Once he figures out how to operate it he enters the machine and emerges as a perfect human. Adam is now his name. Once Elizabeth awakens she realizes she now knows the truth about the Engineers which she gained by eating the fruit and looks for David/Adam. Elizabeth wants to return to Earth and save humanity but Adam refuses to take her or allow her to leave. She seemingly goes along with his plan to seed a perfect mankind on this new paradise but Elizabeth uses the great machine to change herself and learn how to pilot the space craft and kills or perhaps tricks Adam. She then journeys back to Earth maybe with Adam in tow to save humanity. How’s that..

    • i havnt even watched it because all the s***** reviews it recieved.

    • Very much so. He’s a bit full of himself, but I like what he does. His realistic approach to gun handling could be beneficial for the franchise.

  15. Question of the Day at work:

    What is your all-time favorite game show?

    My favorite is Starcade, an arcade video game show from the early eighties. I have a poster of the show in my classroom, and my students are always trying to figure out what games are pictured. Long live old-school games!

    • you being on SR says only one thing: AWESOME TEACHER

      • :)

        I also have my Marvel and DC posters up. I tell the kids that before the end of the school year, they have to name every character’s real name and super hero name. The two most commonly missed are Dr. Strange and Zatanna.

        • Even I don’t remember zatana…didn’t spell that name correctly

        • just remembered(did i spell that correctly?)why i dont remember zatanna…i dont read DC so much

    • Id have to go with Supermarket Sweep…

    • Jeopardy! Always fun to test and improve my intelligence :)

      After that, I’d say Family Feud

    • Ford Boyard. Back when shows like that weren’t scripted and fake as hell it was really exciting and fun to watch.

      • *Fort Boyard

      • aweosme!! I used to love Knightmare as a kid then when I grew up thought I’d be good on The Krypton Factor lol

        These days Takeshi’s Castle still makes me laugh

        • Krypton Factor was pretty cool as well.

          • oh i forgot The Chase which is on now, love it!

        • Yeah, Knightmare was cool. What about The Crystal Maze!!

    • Price is Right
      The New Family Feud with Steve Harvey.
      And an old one called Street Smarts.

    • @ $2

      I just have to say my favorite game show is the whole wide world is The Running Man, lol. Just had to say that.

  16. What do you think the chance are of getting a brief spider-man cameo in the avengers 2. I realize the movie rights are owned by Sony, but it would be awesome. I am a huge fan of marvel comics, and the addition of spider-man makes every story arc that much better. I’m not saying we make him a main member of the team. But if New York is under attack again, maybe spidey swoops in at an opportune time and saves some civilians/helps out a fellow hero, drops a good zinger and peaces.
    I mean in a perfect world I would get a big screen interaction between wolverine and spider-man. Because it doesnt get much better than that.

    • if there are any chances of that happpening i hope they cast spiderman as the toby mcguire one

      • Sorry but i disagree, i cannot stand Maguire as Spiderman. I like Garfield better, plus (disregarding my opinion) they cant do Maguire ’cause it wont make sense for him to Spidey in Avengers 2 and Garfield as him in TASM. Also, theres the fact that he’s part of Raimi’s trilogy which was cut off and never finished. But it would be nice to see the Webhead in Avengers 2, maybe it could happen if Sony and Disney figure out what to do about all this sh*t as to who owns what.

    • We are living in a world where studios might just sue the arachnids called “spiders” for using a name of one of their intellectual properties, just in order to maintain strict brand separation. A cameo is highly unlikely. These guys would rather sell their kids than making any amends to competing studios.

      • how smart you are

      • Heh! So true! does Sony own any other superhero lines? Fox has been rumoring a F4/Daredevil/Xmen universe, but if Sony started a third multi-hero universe , that would kinda turn me off …

        • I think Sony only owns Spidey and Ghost Rider… and after the miserable POS that is and forever will be ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’, they wouldn’t dream of trying to use that IP again.

          • LOL. it would be fun to see Andrew Garfeild get the “Penance Stare”… :D

        • Isn´t Daredevil back at Marvel Studios? Or was it FF? I can´t remember which one.

          • Wait, it´s Daredevil.

      • Actually, there were talks between the studios to include the Oscorp tower in the background in Avengers. But it was already too late, since the the effects were already done. That´s where that Spider-Man cameo in the Avengers rumor came from.

        • Im pretty sure that Sony still owns the rights to FF because they plan on making a reboot. I think thats why Galactus wasnt in Avengers or isnt (for now) going to be in future sequels, cause they stil own the rights. As for DD, i think Marvel owns the rights to him again.

          • Yeah, I was kinda confused. Then I remembered the shared X-Men/FF universe they´re planning. So it´s Daredevil who´s back at Marvel.
            BTW, it´s Fox who owns FF, not Sony.

            • Hmm guess my info on DD was wrong… was he ever owned by Fox?

              • Yes.

            • Oh right, forgot that for a moment. Dont i feel like a moron

  17. Check this new SyFy series out, Defiance. In a post apocolyptic world, humans and aliens live on earth together but there’s something worse out there.

    • I saw the trailers for it, it looks interesting but now in days I can’t stand the SyFy channel much. The influx of reality shows & commercials has killed alot of the love that I once had for the channel. If it weren’t for ‘Lost Girl’, ‘Being Human’, Yearly Twilight Zone marathons and the occasional guilty pleasure low budget weekend movies; I wouldn’t even bother passing by the channel..

  18. Face/Off is a one of a kind reality show, as its gone on its showed less and less of what goes on in the house instead of playing up drama. Now it could be that there is none but in earlier seasons there supposedly was. But I like to think that its because the show has an actual point and knows the audience prefers the effects work.

  19. Fight club was on last night and I recorded it on Dvr, many people say its overrated yeah and I dont want to but man is there somethin to it. The use of the camera, the shooting, the lighting and scenes are shot so well. The black comedy and gritty action and interplay between nornton an pitt plus carter and even the extras are solid acting. And the fact that it was adapted and differs from the book especially where the ending is concerned and chuck(the book writer) himself likes the films ending more.
    Ive been meaning to get it on dvd for awhile now.

    • Big fan of finchers work, i love fight club, seven and zodiac

      • Me too, but I still haven’t seen Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I despise Facebook and have no desire at all to watch a movie about it, not even by David Fincher, and TGwtDT seems to bleak and bland to really interest me.

  20. I’m really looking forward to Die Hard 5!

    • That depends on what age they would be going for. Hopefully not too young. Arrow’s Colin Donnell (Tommy) could work.

      • …for Han Solo, I mean.

        • It said the Han Solo flick will take place between 3 & 4 maybe mid 20s early 30s? How old was Han in A New Hope?

          • He was in his early 30s. But I don´t wanna see a Han Solo “prequel”. It will ruin his mystery. Just like when Marvel published Wolverine´s origin (the real origin from the comics, not that POS movie).

            • Yeah, that’s always the problem with prequels.

          • He was 35. So that should be okay.

  21. Beside rhino & Electro who else should be in the next amazing spiderman i’d like to see venom again the venom in the raimi version sucked they coulda done more even with sandman in the raimi version sucked they rushed the origin story of both of them but my bottom line is i’d like to see venom & sandman but who would you want?

    • carnage

      • Don’t expect to get the Carnage you’d want to see.

        • they shouldnt even be making another amazing spiderman movie…making the FIRST one was a major mistake…

    • I´d love to see the Ultimate version of Venom. Peter´s dad created this suit that can cure cancer, and Connors used Peter´s and Richard´s blood to create Carnage. That´s how Gwen should die if they don´t use the Goblin.

      • i’d love to see that to but the USM goblin is sicker also & one of the awesome facts of the version of the green goblin is that he can shot fire balls from his hands just picture that in movie & how much damage that could cause

          • you know how epic that goblin would of been in the first trilogy

    • No more Goblins. I find the Goblins to be the most uninteresting Spider-Man foes.

      I’d like to see the sinister six. I think that is what would be the Avengers equivalent of Spider-Man.

      • yeah but in the comic series & the show on cartoon network they did the sinister six & they got beaten by the black spidey while peter was asleep & they got locked up & once they got release they came up with a new sinister six team so with the amazing spiderman the new trilogy they’d have to keep it going for a 4th movie for the new team of them

    • Scorpion, Hydro-Man,Mysterio

    • Ezekiel and morbius

      • Ezekiel and morlun*

  22. also if they were to continue this farther more then 3 movies i’d love to see the clone saga happen if acter [Garfield] that was one of the classics spiderman comics also i’d love to see the comic turn movie spiderman back in black when eddie brock is in the hospital due to cancer & he think’s he got rid of venom but he never did & then at the end of the comic eddie kills himself by jumping out the window also in future spiderman movie’s i’d also love to see the scarlet spider also a spiderman 2099 movie what are you’re thought’s & what spiderman comic should be based on a series of movies & how many sequels should it have?

    • I think that, after the trilogy ends, they should do a TV show as canon. Hire lesser known actors and focus more on Peter instead of Spider-Man. Just like they did with the Lois & Clark show in the 90s or Smallville. If there are shows like Terra Nova, with enough budget to create CGI dinosaurs, it should be possible to make a Spider-Man show happen. Because, IMO, the thing that makes SM so great is the interactions between the characters, it´s alomst like a soap opera. Especially Ultimate Spider-Man. Every time I re-read the original USM run, I kinda skip the fight scenes and go right to the “Peter sections”.

      • I wish i could agree but there’s a problem that what would
        the show be about that’s an interesting idea if they were
        to make a show about that it should be about peter parker’s
        final day’s as spiderman & at the end of the season or
        whatever peter parker would get conered by venom like in
        the USM comic & video game they would have one last grand finale
        fight with peter almost beaten to death & venom on the verge
        of killing him but the scarlet spider appear’s for that last
        episode to save him & take care of venom then season 2 if it were
        to happen they could focus on peter & mary jane & they could
        start making there family but peter would still have his spider
        powers so his daughter would also have them so then at some point
        she would become spider girl continuing her father’s legacy
        but also it would be hard to focus on that kind of story but this
        is the truth peter get’s mary jane pregnat & they have a daughter
        & she becomes spider girl so even if they some how worked a script that had a story in the end peter would have to suit up again

        • I think it could work, just like Smallville worked. I like the way you think, but you´re thinking too far into the future. They should focus on Peter, just like the way Smallville focused on Clark. They could have Spider-Man, but conventrate more on the soap opera aspect and character development.

          • so like before the origin of spiderman something like they’d focus parker’s kid & teen year’s or they could do an alertent version of peter where he never became spiderman & someone else & if they were to do something like smallville wouldn’t they still have to come up with a small origin story like they did with clark on smallville?

  23. Carnage is the sickest of’em all but it would make it complicated because carnage is one of spiderman’s toughest enemies & didn’t he defeat spiderman at one point & if they were to make a spiderman movie with carnage as the main only villain then what i think they should go through is the maximum carnage series also if they were to add carnage they’d have to find a way to get venom in the picture because venom doesn’t like carnage either

    • Although we know its not going to happen, i would still like to sse the Green Goblin and in the future (i know its a long shot but still) Morlun, which would create ‘The Other’ storyline. Then from there once Spidey’s back alive, that opens the door for an Avengers crossover ’cause fhats when Spidey gets his Iron Spider costume from Stark. And that my friends paves the way for a Civil War, Planet Hulk, and WWHulk storyline. Like i said, its a long shot but i think if they played the cards right it would work. And if Disney and Sony would stop being such stingy, greedy, corporate bastards and finally come to an agreement…..

      • what about the proto goblin wasn’t one of spiderman’s enemies at one point also they should be more creative & use some of the villains we haven’t seen on the big screen yet i know there in talks for rhino & they confirmed electro but what about vulter, shocker, carnage, mysterio & ect when are they gonna get there chance like the cancelled spiderman 4 they had uncle ben’s killer survive & come back as mysterio & for days later when the movie was still delayed they cancelled it but villains we haven’t seen who would you like to see on the big screen/crossover

    • Venom is the reason Carnage exists, he’s the spawn of Venom. What makes him such a pure being of evil is that the Carnage symbiote latched onto a psychopath who loved killing people for fun.

      So before we can consider Carnage, Venom must come first

      • i know that & like i’ve said many times before also in the cancelled spiderman 4 they had carnage & they had acter jim carrey playing that person as carnage but they dumped that movie but even when carnage did exist even if it’s venom’s fault venom tries to get of carnage even though carnage is spiderman’s enemy

        • The whole Jim Carrey as Carnage was a rumor. The only villain that was confirmed to be in SM4 was Vulture, and I believe Raimi picked Ben Kingsley to play him (almost made it into SM3, actually)

          • Actually, John Malkovich was supposed to play the Vulture. And Carnage could work without showing Venom first. Like in the Ultimate series. And since Peter never found Ben´s killer, it´d be fun to have Cletus Kasady (aka Carnage) be the killer. That´d add even more drama to the whole story.

            • Actually,

              Ben Kingsley was supposed to play Iron Fist and Jet Li was supposed to play the Vulture..

            • what are you’re thought’s on the spiderman 2099 having his own movie & would he be able to hold his own movie for future sequels or would sony ever consider something like that because what i noticed with sony there digging through classic spiderman stories & don’t get me wrong most of them are great stories but some of them aren’t that great but they need to start branching out into the different version’s of spiderman like spiderman of the year 2099, the scarlet spiderman, cosmic spiderman, spiderman back in black or something like aveging spiderman, untold stories of spiderman, spiderman the lost years, spiderman legend of the spider clan.

              But they also need to get into the mulitverse of spiderman
              like spider girl & spider women there’s so much more to do
              with spiderman then these classic stories tunred modern sony needs to start branching out to these versions of spiderman & give them a chance at there own movie.

              Also do you like it would be possible to the clone sage in the amazing spiderman in this new trilogy but i know it’ll never happen

          • Kigsley wouldv been an awesome vulture

          • yeah but they also had black cat but they changed black with vultress & carnage was in talks to appear in the movie which coulda led to spiderman 5

            • i think i’d prefer SM5 to the current amazing spiderman franchise…it’s a whole different level of s***!

              • but if you think of it the [Raimi Version] of spiderman they did something different sure they didn’t follow the comics very much they followed them very very little but they made there own version of spiderman & they were in talks of vulture,black cat,carnage & other villains for spiderman 4,5 & 6 if spiderman 4 didn’t get cancelled the other 2 would of been more sucessful but the reason they cancelled it wasn’t because of the story wasn’t because raimi wanted this vaillain or that villain it was because toby was getting paid more then the movies itself if they would of made spiderman 4 toby would of made 50 million dollors & that’s prolly more then the cost of that movie being made the bottom line is spiderman 1 & 2 were great stories they nailed the script they nail the people just great spiderman 3 was the worst movie made to date but raimi was going to have full control for the last 3 spiderman movies [4,5 & 6] & they would of been perfect with spiderman 3 raimi wasn’t in full control the script was bad & it was to emotional & peter went emo like da f*ck but the other bottom line is that raimi tried something different with spiderman & everyone liked it till they saw spiderman 3 till this date i know millions of people who enjoyed 1 & 2

  24. [Scapegoat]

    I wish i could agree but there’s a problem that what would
    the show be about that’s an interesting idea if they were
    to make a show about that it should be about peter parker’s
    final day’s as spiderman & at the end of the season or
    whatever peter parker would get conered by venom like in
    the USM comic & video game they would have one last grand finale
    fight with peter almost beaten to death & venom on the verge
    of killing him but the scarlet spider appear’s for that last
    episode to save him & take care of venom then season 2 if it were
    to happen they could focus on peter & mary jane & they could
    start making there family but peter would still have his spider
    powers so his daughter would also have them so then at some point
    she would become spider girl continuing her father’s legacy
    but also it would be hard to focus on that kind of story but this
    is the truth peter get’s mary jane pregnat & they have a daughter
    & she becomes spider girl so even if they some how worked a script that had a story in the end peter would have to suit up again

  25. if anyone agree’s though i’d love to see the spiderman of 2099 get his own movie & same as venom i’ve heard stories that a sol venom movie is in the works & it will tie in with the amazing spiderman but they were saying the same thing about the cancelled spiderman 4 movie & it’s still in talk’s nothing has happen & in the USM show that’s on t.v now spiderman is apart of the avengers sure they can do that for a t.v series but disney & sony studio’s have to be stingy greedy bastards they can’t come to an agrreement for a spiderman/avengers movie crossover & even the producers & marc webb are interested in the idea but what they said is that they are going to wait for the right story for that to happen but as for right now andrew garield is the better spiderman & if they can do the crossover moive while andrew garfield is spiderman that would be awesome but do we see that happening anytime in the near future or far future or at all & what’s going to happen after this trilogy ends what’s next for spiderman because they rushed this reboot if this one ends after the next 2 are they going to rush it again or are they going down the batman direction where they wait for a few years speaking of the batman reboot it was said they wanted to reboot that movie in 2016 then i read somewhere else they pushed that date further back what i think should happen they should intrudoce the new next batman before the JL movie comes out i know it sound’s early but how could they continue in the same direction as nolan did no one can copy that movie style better then nolan himself