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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   February 5, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   February 5, 2014

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  1. Wonder when we’ll see a porper full trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • Seems to me they are changing their strategy a little bit. Normally they release the first trailer 8 months out. We are now 6 months out. It has to come any day now you’d think.

    • I’d imagine the trailer will be attached to Captain America in theaters, so the trailer should be released online sometime in late march.

    • You can find the Comic-Con teaser on YouTube.

  2. Saw jack ryan Monday. I was wondering if other countries (like Russia) make movies where America is the bad guy. And how movies that have countries as the bad guy make immigrants from that country feel.

    • Given the whole Cold War, they have to make a ton of movies where we are the “rude guys”. I loved that line. :)

  3. Took advantage of $5 movie Tuesdays and saw Jack Ryan. I loved that movie! So much fun and the suspense of it for the last half of the movie was awesome. It did make me realize a little something that is missing in the marvel movies. All through out the movie I wondered, are they going to kill off Jack Ryan. There is no real threat or feel like that in the marvel movies.

    • @kyle

      I saw it on Monday and I as well liked it a lot. I’ve always been a fan of counter-terrorism movies and none of the Jack Ryan films has let me down.

      To your comment for Marvel movies… I think the perception or belief that death will come for ANY character, including the villain, is too dark for their tone of films.

      Ill probably be corrected for saying that but that’s just MY OPINION.

      • I’m not sure if “dark” is the right word for it. Maybe it’s just us screen ranters compared to the general audience but we know things like the contracts and rumored phase 3 movies. Always looking ahead. We know Cap will be in Avengers 2 and now the Russos are being brought back for Cap 3. We know they won’t kill him off now. Maybe the general audience might be difference.

      • Been a massive fan of the previous Jack Ryan/Tom Clancy films especially Harrison Fords two films. I came into this with high hopes however it just didn’t live up to the bill for me. The villian was a little bland at times, there wasnt much suspense and the one part there was (car chase) Chris Pine kept shouting at the top of his lungs which made it kind of annoying. In previous Jack Ryan films there was a nice balance between seeing Jack and the villians seperately which built up their stories however in this film it was mainly Jack on screen. Chris Pine, altho a fine young actor wasn’t the best choice in the end IMO. He can play a rogue really well like a young bruce willis but not great at the whole boy scout like Harrison Fords Jack Ryan.

        In the end it was a good film but not as good as previous incarnations and in the spy thriller genre, didnt live up to the Bourne films or Bond.

  4. Caged Heat!! A new tv-show about a Russian cop with anger issues with Ben Kingsly in the role of the aforementioned cop!!

  5. Why dose everyone hate Jesse/Lex and Batffleck?

    • Because people have already made up their minds on what a character should look like and act like and don’t like outside of the box thinking. Part of the problem of having these comic book characters are people already have preconceived notions of what these people should be like. Hard to meet those expectations.

      • Well said. I admit I’m guilty of this, especially with comics and novels. I get a movie in my head as I read, and my interpretation of characters, as I’ve learned, isn’t what everyone else is thinking or the only way it should be on film. Mr. Mom/Michael Keaton as Batman?! I thought that was a very dumb choice. Then I saw the first film and learned to shut up and see the movie before I judge. Lesson learned. So the current choices for Lex and Batman are fine with me.

    • There are quite a few of us who are quite HAPPY with the Affleck/Eisenberg (and, in my case and others’, Gadot) casting announcements.

    • I like all of the casting choices so far.

        • Thanks for all of the positive feedback it’s really encouraging! Those answers are great too they actually make me feel better about my story. I had a Green Lantern story going, but i’ve taken a pause on that, thanks for taking the time to read them!

    • I love Affleck for the Batman role. I think since he has done some directing he has become a better actor. My issue is with the Eisenberg casting. Yes, he has been in some good movies but in 95% of the movies he has done he has played the same character in which he is that loner, awkward, know it all kid. Whether it’s Zombieland, the Social Network, Now You See Me, Aventureland, or 30 Minutes or Less, it’s all the same character. If they are going to go outside of the box, I want an actor that can portray different characters, not the same one.

      • The one character he plays could be a great take on Lex Luthor more intellectual, less physical. What if he was the Oscorp or Thanos of the DCCU.

        • I hope it all works out but right now I have my doubts. He’s going to have to portray a character he hasn’t done before. If we get a character that is the awkward kid then I am going to flip out because I don’t think of Lex as that Zuckerburg type but more of a Gordon Gekko type where the guy is smart but also fearsome in which just a single stare can bring fear to the people he works with.

    • @ the Toy Maker

      I’ve been asking myself the same question. Like I said on Monday, I don’t know this Lex Luthor that Snyder and Goyer have in mind (or WW or Batman for that matter), I only know my perceived version of Lex that I wanted. Just because JE doesn’t fit “My” image of Lex doesn’t make this a bad casting choice. He may be a perfect fit for “their” Lex.

      I made the same mistake going into MoS. I went in expecting “my” Superman and walked away very disappointed. I won’t make that mistake again. It took repeated viewings of MoS before I came to appreciate what they’re trying to do with the character because I was so entrenched in “my” view of him.

      Everybody needs to just relax and let this play out. Let them shoot some fiim, watch it without preconceived notions or dispositions and see what happens. If it bombs or if it’s great, there will be plenty of time after its released to hate or praise it either way.

      Nobody, not the DC hater nor the DC fan truly knows if this is a good casting choice or not at this point, (if they’re honest), because nobody knows what WB/DC’s vision (or version for that matter) of the character really is, so all the DC hate and debate is just ridiculous, unwarranted and pointless.

      Let’s just wait and see what they have in mind.

      • +1

      • Your post here is great. Well said all around.

    • The Eisenberg casting was uninspired. It’s like Snyder said “I need someone to play an arrogant, millionaire jerk. I know- get the guy who played the arrogant millionaire jerk in ‘The Social Network.’ Eisenberg has none of the menace or gravitas to play a character like Lex. The Ben Affleck casting is problematic because it’s Ben Affleck.

    • Because people don’t want to have to change how they think in order to understand something. It’s too much work. When presented with something they weren’t expecting, they generally reject it because they view their own point of view as the universal arbiter of what is ‘right’ or ‘valid’ when in fact their personal wishes have absolutely nothing to do with what could work or what should be done. And this is in all areas of life not just films. Many people truly believe they know best.

      In fact I’d wager that most people out there don’t even know there’s a distinction between ‘what I like or believe’ and ‘what is real.’ An example: you can dislike a band, while simultaneously realized they put out great music. It’s a thought process that not only do most people not realize exists, but the people who do know it exists often choose to reject it because it’s easier to pick a side and stick with it.

  6. How do you all think DC and Warner Bros. will introduce every member of the Justice League? It seems impossible without doing character movies leading up to the team up. Also, if you could make an end credit scene be attached to Man of Steel what would it have been?

    • I really think they are just going to throw them together. It seems ridiculous but outside of little cameos that aren’t more then a minute or so, I don’t see how they can introduce them all.

      • Unless they use Arrow and Flash to introduce them all.

        • I guess that would make sense… But say the rumor on GL is true with the Rock. Would he ever show up on that show? No.

          • Hmmmm, I thought it was Seth Rogan as GL

            • Are you thinking of the Green Hornet? Ryan Reynolds was originally GL but they are going to change that.

              • Yeah. It sounds like the way this is going they will probably bring in Brad Pitt as GL. Nothing surprises me now when it comes to the MOS sequel

          • Then they can put him in the flash movie or just in JLA like with hulk and Avengers.

      • I DO NOT think they should merge the shows and movies but they might.

        We already have our Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman appearing in a movie together so we wll have 3 established characters. The justice league usually has like 5 to 7 members so they could always use Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash from the TV series. They could always use Green Arrow, Red Arrow, and Black Canary as reserve member of the league and only have them appear as supporting or extremely minor roles. The first Justice League could introduce Martian MAnhunter if they have a white martian invasion. Some things seem to make a lot of sense, but I doubt that they will connect the universes. We would also have great story on Green Arrow and Fash because they would be well into their series’ in 2016..Arrow will be in season 4 and Flash, if it gets picked up will be in Season 2.

        • Will they need the flash movie if it gets the show?

          • I swear to the gods, I thought you said “Will they need the flesh movie…” when I scrolled through.

          • If they merge the universe and the show is successful probably not. I wouldn’t see them needing to make one as much as promote Arrow somehow in front of their movies or in them.

    • I think the next MOS will just be JL origins and introduce all the members throughout the film before supes let’s out the battle cry at the end to pull together. I really feel like a credits scene was missing from MOS. I know everyone says they don’t have to copy marvel but marvel didn’t invent the credits scene. A scene like 2 shadowy figures looking at the fight between supes and zod and inspecting the fight and when you pan back you see that one is luthor and the other is batman in costume.

      • So you’re thinking they will pull a Justice League War?

      • But they did not have a batman and luther when MoS came out.

        • To Joshua, I do but definitely not just like it. I think it’ll be a superman driven movie that will introduce us to most if not all the other justice leaguers before they finally get together right at the end of the movie. I think this movie will be more akin to public enemies style just with everyone else getting introduced.

          To toy maker, I realize they probably didn’t even have affleck or eisenberg in mind when MoS came out but using shadows, not showing faces and just giving the audience the notion that some other people are paying very close attention to what supes did in metropolis without showing faces could’ve been a powerful set up.

          • I would love public enemies but there are obvious reasons why it wouldn’t work. They could do the story-line without all of the villains just have them fight Metallo and then have the Kryptonite meteor crisis going, I think that would be a good movie.

    I was just wondering how you liked it

  8. Off the beaten path here…

    Was anyone else pleasantly surprised by last night’s Agents of SHEILD episode. I actually thought it was well done. I feel they’ve had a couple of very good episodes thus far. The rest, I watch but at some level have some disappointment with.

    I actually liked the mid season cliff hanger. But, last night? For my money… Best episode yet. Here’s hoping this is an upwards trend for the remainder of the season.

    • The last two episodes have been a major improvement with last nights being the better of the two. A nice Abomination name drop and you could tell some thought in effort went into it. Unlike the earlier episodes this one was more of an over-arching plot and Deathlok should be cool moving forwards.

      • Although we have another 4 week break. So one step forwards, two backwards with 2 episodes over 6 weeks.

    • Yeah, I just watched it. Was glued to the screen. Loved it.

      It’s everything that a comic book show should be… but yet still pretty grounded without hokey super-suits. Tragic, action packed, tugging on the relationships.

      Good stuff. Can’t wait for more.

    • I was very happy with last night’s episode. To me it probably was the best episode to date. Hopefully this is the tone of the show from here on out. Coulson telling Ward off was one of the best parts yet.

  9. I wonder if the Claryoiant on Agents of Shield could be the Leader, with the reference made of Blonsky being held in Barrow, Alaska by Coulson. Could they be trying to throw us in that direction?

    • Your definitely not alone in thinking it could be the leader. It definitely feels like the claryvoant will have ties too someone we already know of. My own personal opinion is it maybe asgardians causing trouble on earth, or if you’ve seen the all hail the king one shot yet I’d say who it could be but I don’t want to spoil it for you or anyone else.


      It looks like the ten rings could be behind this, the one shot definitely hints that the ten rings are more than a terrorist organization and that they’ve been around since the Middle Ages. That’s my front runner personally for the time being.

      • You really shouldn’t have posted that… but it being said, it definitely is a possibility.

        Someone powerful is up to this, and boy are they nasty.

        • Well I did post that I’d say a spoiler in all caps but my apologies either way. Honestly it would make sense if it was them especially after the one shot. In the same light the one shot definitely gives a HUGE feel to it like an IM4 or avengers 3 style feel to it that might be introduced in AoS. They could be building there army to start messing stuff up big time.

  10. Just wondering what qualifies a show to be reviewed on SR. I was just wondering because this site seems more geared towards people who would watch Almost Human more than Teen Wolf, Castle or Bones. Of course, I could be totally wrong but the comments counts seem to favour my theory.

    • Something that might be a good thing to do would be to pole the shows that which we want to be reviewed. Maybe Sunday night, setup a pole for the rest of the week?

  11. I watched the Marvel One Shot “All Hail The King” yesterday. Gotta say, it was pretty cool…

    ******kinda spoiler******

    If you hated The Mandarin twist in IM3, this might just redeem it for you…

    • Where can you watch it? Thor2 hasn’t been released on DVD yet has it?

      • not sure about everywhere but in Canada it’s in 2 or 3 weeks…it has popped up on torrent sites

        • It’s available for digital download on amazon, vudu and target ticket etc…

      • I grabbed it off of Amazon yesterday. $20 for a non hard copy is steep but I couldn’t wait.

    • The one shot is definitely the best so far, the way they addressed internet outrage was totally hysterical as well. I’m curious if this means were getting the real mandarin for IM4 or if we could see the ten rings religion take up hydra, aim, hammer ind, and whoever else into there plans to cause major disaster for the world in avengers 3. Also if they confirmed the ten rings have been around since the Middle Ages what’s the possibility Loki or some other ancient had a hand in there creation.

      • Crap… I forgot a spoiler tag for my post and not sure how to edit/delete it. Can someone delete it or tell me how to edit the post?

  12. SKYE!!!

    • Now she looks like a Disney princess, a gut-shot, comatose princess covered in blood……

  13. Most comic book movies are afraid to kill the main characters and instead throw in a side character death. Bucky in Captain America 1, Coulson in Avengers, Cyclops in X-3, John Wraith ands others in Origins Wolverine, (etc) I would try to always have new characters leading and the group growing and changing in new ways from film to film so boredom would not set in, but it is Marvel. I want to see less Wolverine and More X-men in the films, i like Wolverine but too much makes him boring.I want more Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Gambit/Rogue, Nightcrawler, Archangel, Sinister, Psylocke, Juggernaught, Sabretoothe, and Blob. I also want another Hulk solo film with The Leader, Inhumans, and Namor. when these get made I will be really excited. I feel I will be 60 if and when this will actually happen tho.

    • my last post was a little bit negative and I wanted to say that it does seem like fox might try and create a new time line with the X-men characters I mentioned above but we will have to wait and see where DOFP kind of leads. Inhumans seems like it might become a new Marvel film as well as a Hulk solo film ever since Hulk stole the spot light in Avengers. Leader is such a great villain if handled right could be a very memorable opponent.

  14. My buddy asked me to help him with his blog content. So I would love a few opinions from people who are willing to give them. For those who watch the Game of Thrones TV show and have not read the books.

    For what reasons have you not picked up the books to continue the story?

    • For one, I can barely follow the TV show. I need a map and guide to dummies on who is who on that show to just barely keep up.
      Half the time I have no idea what they are talking about.

      I love the TV show but for book, I would probably get stuck on first few page and never advance.

      • Thanks, that’s something I had never thought of before.

  15. Does anybody think X-Men DOFP will make more money than any other X-men movies? I think it will make 500 million at the box office. Just because all the characters that appears in it. The Avengers showed us that people love crossovers.

  16. Wow
    So what do you all think about Jude Law as Barry Allen/The Flash?

  17. Looking for some house appliances on sale now that lame superbowl is over.

    Waiting on 4K 39 seiki to go under $250

    Where the hell is KICS ass x-men trailer featuring sentinel??

    Waiting for Raid 2

    Has Bat vs Sup move back to 2015 slot yet???

    Any James Cameron news?

  18. Blackknight16 I think it will do pretty good, not because of the big cast, because most of the Original cast Rogue, Iceman, Storm, Colossus (etc) will die or have very small roles, as well as the seventies characters Havok, Toad, Quick Silver, and Ink. The main characters will be Wolverine/Magneto as always ,and Mystique, Beast, Prof X, Trask, and William Stryker. They will lead into Apocalypse and there Wolverine and Magneto will once again be the main focus. They will also probably have the future characters like Bishop, Blink, Sunspot, and Warpath in the X-force film. What will really bother me if they do this is We will not see Cyclops, and others we really have been waiting to see shine on screen Gambit/Rogue relationship was very interesting, Archangel/Sinister/Apocalypse story line, Nighcrawler, A better Juggernaught/Blob join Magnetos Brothehood and go up against the actual X-mens Colossus, Cyclops blasting Sentinels, Cyclops blasting Wolverine I mean Heroes do fight on occasion, Sabretoothe and Wolverine have a really bloody battle, Jean, Scott, and Storm recruited by Xavier, and one of my favorite characters join the first class cast Beak. Most of these things are what most fans really want to see happen and we will never get them. But to stay positive maybe we will in the next sequel Apocalypse, we just have to wait and see where the Days of Future Past is going to leave off.

  19. The GIF of the Joker slow clapping that shows up next to all SR’s texts is hilarious. It’s as if he’s giving his own, slightly mocking approval of whatever the news of the hour is.

  20. Does anyone watch Banshee?

    Saw some ad for it while watching TV and decided to check it out.

    A bit crazy but it’s almost like an amped up Justified.

    The Job character is hilarious.

  21. I was thinking it would be cool to see The real Mandarin release The Dragon Fin Fang Foom from Thors world into Earth, and have him using Asgardian tech based Rings as his powers.