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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 4, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   February 4, 2013

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  1. No Man of Steel trailer during the SuperBowl? What the hell is going on? You’d think that DC/WB would want to show off their newest ‘accomplishment’ on a program that millions of people are watching.

    • I was wondering why they didn’t show the MOS trailer either during the Superbowl. Sometimes I wonder about WB /DC. “Sigh”

      • Im not sure ’bout everyone else, but i felt short-changed when it came to movie trailers last night. No MoS, a crappy IM3 trailer, nothing on Thor 2, Transformers 4 didnt make an appearance. The only one i remotely like was Fast and Furious Six, and that was just barely

        • i get the feeling they didn’t show that much of trailers because they figure mostly everyone will see them Online anytime they choose to.but still they have to consider that not everyone has access to a computer or a mobile phone. Hard to believe but true. My girlfriend’s mother doesn’t have either one nor does her brother.

        • What? That Iron Man 3 trailer was amazing and hilarious. And of course there couldn’t be a Transformers 4 trailer, because they haven’t even started shooting it yet. I agree on Thor and Man of Steel, though. They definitely should have made an appearance.

          • Oh right, i forget that it hasnt gone into production yet. *facepalms* Anyways, i think you get what im trying to say here

            • Yup. As I mentioned in the comments of the “Superbowl Movie Trailer” news item: the trailers they show these days aren’t the long awaited spectacle that they used to be.

        • The Star Trek teaser was pretty awesome though.

        • Did you see the price of the comercials? this probably limmited them in MOS’s case… what with the justice league’s hn MOS’s success…

          • I tried to quote the price but got blocked as spam…

            • four million/thirty seconds

    • Sorry but how do you claim MOS is a accomplishment for WB/DC when June is still a few months away?

      • Thats why i put the quotes, i wasnt exactly sure whay to call it. Not to mention Snyder’s pretty proud of himself for making a new Supes movie as if its already come out and did well as a box office and got good reviews. Cocky bastard

        • Even the trailer was worth all the hype. that part where he took off… blew my mind!

        • oh,ok.

  2. Sadly it seem I won’t be able to watch Argo till it comes out on DVD: Ster-Kinekor – essentially South-Africa’s ‘AMC Theaters’ – didn’t receive enough prints of the movie for a decent country-wide release.

    I did manage to go see Les Mis though. I’m not at all a fan of musicals but man, this was a wonderful film. Emotional, relevant, and surprisingly action packed. For some reason “raw” is a word that keeps popping up when I think about the film.
    The acting was incredible (especially Anne Hathaway who gave me chill every time she sang) and the whole movie was tremendously shot and choreographed.
    If I had one complaint it would be that the movie did start to drag a little in the third act, but overall, the ending more than makes up for it.

    I’d definitely recommend this, not only to the ladies, but to the guys as well. And for those of you who’re lucky enough to have a lady in their life, you’ll definitely score some points by taking her to see this great film – I guarantee it 😉

    • chills*

      • I completely agree with you, as a massive film geek I can’t help myself for reading every last bit of information on a movie, seeing teasers and trailers and such, once the movie comes out I see it with a good idea of what’s going to happen, forward guess plot development and twists, it’s annoying!

        With this Les Miserables I knew very little, I saw the trailer which doesn’t tell you much apart from who is in it and how its going to epic, I had no idea what was in store

        My word I was blown away by it, so emotional and engaging, there were 4 key scenes where I was in tears! I agree it was a tad long but I felt like I was seeing something for the first time that was genuinely different

        The audience I was with must have agreed because the movie got a stand ovation something I’ve never witnessed in a british cinema

        Les Miserables for the win!

  3. Has anyone else noticed a billboard showing a large, stylized “Cobra” head? I saw one on my way to school this morning; at first, I thought it was just a dramatic ad for a 2013 Ford Mustang Cobra. The eyes looked wrong, so I’m wondering if it’s a teaser for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie (there was a website a the bottom, which I didn’t catch until I was almost past the sign).


  4. Been writing out my own Marvel movie script called “Peter Parker: Spider-Man”.

    The opening scenes are very reminiscent of Amazing Spider-Man #1, where Spider-Man saves John Jameson from a crash landing (that is the opening sequence which ends with Spider-Man saving John by removing him from the pod and then swinging him to safety in the iconic Amazing Fantasy #15 pose, then cuts to the opening title).

    In the following scene, Spider-Man returns to Queens. Quietly, he crawls through the top of his upstairs bedroom window onto the ceiling and removes his mask. Closing his eyes, he falls down onto his bed, tired and in some sort of pain. He lifts up his arm and takes off one glove. Deep markings have welded into his fingers from when he pried open the pod doors, small trickles of blood seep above the edges of his nails. He feels the pain of resisting such wind force. The camera focuses on his face at first and then he weakly rises from his bed and begins to change back into Peter Parker. As this happens, Peter narrates his origin briefly:

    “My name is Peter Parker. I’m a photographer. When I was a kid, the death of my parents led me to live with my Aunt May and Uncle Ben. I couldn’t ask for anyone better than them. As I grew, Aunt May always said I had my father’s brains, but I wasn’t very…physical. Top of my class at Midwestern High, bottom of the food chain at Midwestern High. My interests led me to a spider bite that would change my life forever. It gave me the power to do whatever a spider can along with enhancing my current physique. My Uncle Ben used to preach that with great power, there must also come great responsibility. I didn’t learn that until I let his murderer slip through my hands without care. With this guilt, I have taught myself responsibility.”

    Peter stares into a mirror next to his bed. He grabs the right edge of the mirror and pulls away, revealing an empty residence with a lone trunk. He begins to place the costume into the trunk.

    “My name is Peter Parker.”

    Peter places the mask on top of it all and stares into it’s eyes.

    “I’m Spider-Man.”

    He closes the trunk. The opening credits begin to roll.


    • “Top of my class at Midwestern High, bottom of the food chain at Midwestern High.”

      This sentence sounds a bit, I don’t know, awkward. I know what you’re trying to say, but where the sentence is placed makes it sound weird. I think it’s the overall transition. The sentence stops the flow from the previous sentence before it. Maybe you can rephrase it. Other than that, everything sounds good. I like how you keep his origins brief and to the point. Good luck with the rest of your script.

      • @ Jonathan

        Any favorite power ranger episodes?

        • Sorry it took me awhile to respond, I was at school.
          Let’s see:
          “Forever Red”, “Countdown to Destruction pt 1-2″ (I think it’s a two parter)
          The episode of Operation Overdrive when it is revealed that Mack is an android. That revelation came out of nowhere and it freaked me out hehe.
          The episode of Jungle Fury where Casey confronts Jarrod/Dai-Shi in his lair.
          And the finale of Lost Galaxy, plus the finale of TimeForce. Both had incredible fights. Come to think of it, NinjaStorm and DinoThunder had some good finales too. What are some of your favorites?

          • @ Jonathan

            No problem.

            I have alot but to name several would be from seasons….


            (Power Ranger Punks)
            (Green With Evil) Parts 1-5
            (The Green Candle) Parts 1&2
            (Doomsday)Parts 1&2
            (Return Of A Old Friend)Parts 1&2
            (The Mutiny) Parts 1-3
            (Green No More) Parts 1&2
            (The Wedding) Parts 1-3
            (Master Vile & The Metallic Armor) Parts 1-3
            (Gold AS Gold)
            Forget episode title, but Jason becomes Gold Ranger
            (Mondo’s Last Stand)
            Power Ranger’s Zeo Finale
            Power Rangers In Space- Psycho Rangers Arc
            (Countdown To Destruction) 1&2
            PRLG- (Journey’s End) 1-3
            PRLR- (The End Of Lightspeed) 1&2
            PRTF- (The End Of Time) 1&2
            Power Rangers Wild Force- ( Forever Red )

            Sorry if thats alot,lol.

            • It’s cool, lol. Yeah I forgot about some of those episodes especially “Green with Evil”. Come to think of it, they don’t really do alot of 3,4 or 5 parters nowadays.

              Did you happen to catch MegaForce the other day? It’s a promising start to the season.

              • Nope. Is MegaForce on Disney XD? If so, i don’t get that channel. I noticed they don’t do do alot of 3,4 or 5 parters myself.

                • It’s on Nick. Saturdays at noon.

    • That seems pretty good, i just thibk the whole narration/background thing is a little cliché and cheesey. I really liked the idea of the Amazing Fantasy #15 pose, and not because its my screen name but because that would be a great opener. Raimi never did the pose in his trilogy (thought im grateful cause he probably would’ve screwed that up too) and neither did Webb. You’d think that since Webb is working on making his reboot better than Raimi’s, he would’ve included that. Anyhowww, i think your opening scene idea is pretty cool. As for the origin/narration thing, if you’re serious about your script, try and work the origin story somewhere into the movie instead of the beginning. Mainly because its a little to cliché, but if you and others really like it; then leave it as is.

      • I’ve read Spider-Man for a while, espescially the very start of of Amazing Spider-Man. This would be the only time the narration would come into play because if you remember, this does tie into the same issue where he rescues John Jameson. What he does is briefly explain his backstory in a sort of monologue and then everything after that is completely fine. A callback, in other words.

        The origin itself has been done twice now. It doesn’t need a full movie or half of a movie to understand it. What I wanted to do with this is cover everything Raimi and Webb (so far) has missed.

        In this, I broke the rules and put every Marvel character in the same universe. The primary villain would be Kingpin, the secondary villain would be Vulture. Does this set up Sinister Six? Maybe, but I have Kingpin in this for a reason: I want Spider-Man to lose, to force himself into retreat before he is killed at the brutal strength of Kingpin. Because Peter does learn from his mistakes and bounces back with a strategy in the next encounter.

        However, I’m having him lose at the end of the film. Spider-Man will check himself into the hospital as Peter Parker. Kingpin attempts to escape New York, but is blocked off at a bridge by the entire police force. Peter planted a Spider Tracer on Kingpin’s vehicle as he drug himself to the hospital and contacted the police from his hospital bed, telling them where Kingpin was headed. So while Spider-Man is defeated, justice is still served to injustice. He wasn’t going to let another criminal get away from him. He had been down that path before

        • I apologize, i wasnt very clear. I meant to work the origin into the story. I agree, i think it would be best for the main focus not to be on his origins. Have you ever seen the Avatar Last Airbender series? In the show they dont come out and tell you everything that happened at the beginning, they slowly reveal bit by bit throughout the series. You honestly dont know everything that led up to the series until the final season. I know you’re working on a movie and not a tv show, but i think that would be a good way to go about. Because this way the audience has a motive to keep on coming for future installments, that is if it ever makes it to the big screen and is a successful box office.

          • I have watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, it is truely a fantastic show. I admire the writing put into it.

            For my series, I want to go the distance in terms of doing Spider-Man’s long journey correctly. I’d like to end it at a story based on “Spider-Man: Reign”, but I also want to take my time to cover the major focuses on Peter’s life from being a teenager to becoming an adult and still having to balance his personal life with the responsibility of being Spider-Man. I’d like to introduce villains like Spot (done in a way where everyone can love him), a suspenseful story where Peter encounters Ben Reilly and has to stop the further production of clones, Secret Wars and the Venom symbiote, etc.

            Theres just so much you can cover

            • If you could pull off the Clone Saga, i would forever co sider you a god. I absolutely love that storyline, i also like your approach on Peter’s transformation to an adult. Raimi’s trilogy did a horrible job of that, and all the tv shows were either him in high school or an adult already. Webb’s TASM has just started so we really cant say much about him. But i really like the direction you’re taking this, its very creative and bold and i truly admire it.

              • Clone Saga has so much potential, I can’t even put into words how much I wanted to see Jackal and Ben Reilly in Raimi’s Spider-Man.

                I feel like Tobey Maguire pulls off the better sense of fear and innocence, or just the dramatic aspect overall, better than Andrew Garfield has SO FAR. I mean, when Garfield’s Peter crouches beside Uncle Ben’s body, the way he spoke and the way he cried just felt so…phony, and the impact of Uncle Ben’s words didn’t seem to carry that same feeling throughout the film like it did in the first Raimi Spider-Man.

                To see Maguire as Spider-Man discovering a chamber of clones, I could just imagine the way he reacts moment by moment.

                • You had me till you started talkin’ bout Raimi and Maguire. Im sorry but im not too big a fan if the trilogy. I mean, the first one was pretty decent; the second could’ve been better; and the third was a cinematic mess. I think that Maguire wasnt the best choice to play ol’ Webhead, but that he sufficed. But you are right about the Clone Saga, there’s just so much you could do with it. Its an amazing and beautifully crafted story and its a shame no one has done anything with it

                • “To see Maguire as Spider-Man discovering a chamber of clones, I could just imagine the way he reacts moment by moment.”

                  I can imagine that too. He´d start to cry, as always.

    • Only way to really get people’s opinions is a finished script. I should know as i worked on more than one since high school & usually get stuck within the middle of what im telling.

      • Yes, and i obviously have to take into account your experience writing scripts; but i think that his piece as it is is enough for people to pass their critisicism and opinions. Whats your take on the origin/narration thing? Do you think he should leave it as is or if he’s serious work the origin later into the story?

        • I never claimed to have experience scripts. To be honest i liked some of the stuff he wrote. It’s just some of stuff in the 2nd paragraph that sounds like little much Sam Raimi’s opening of his Spidey films. Id keep it as it is of-course as rewrites can always be done later. I had people like what i wrote about my X-Men film. Not all of it but thought i had very goood ideas wrote down.

          • Oh, sorry bout that. It just sounded like thats what you were saying, and i think the same thing; it does sound similar to Raimi’s films and i woulf very much like to try and forget those. Though, i would like to hear your X-Men idea. If you dont mind that is.

            • No problem. Id like to share it with you to but the problem is id have to find it first because it’s became lost since i moved into my new house & hasn’t turned up yet. All i can tell ya is that Mr. Sinister was the main villain. This was back in 2001 when i started & if i remember i had roughly 60 pages wrote. I had FOH ( Friends Of Humanity) writen in there as mutants are already publicly known. I remember the opening with Xavior being questioned in a private ruling about mutants co-excisting with humans in peace with Senator Kelly present asking questions aswell.

              I haven’t quite decided who were gonna be the X-Men team. I know it would be different from Singer’s version. I even thought very little ideas for sequels if i wanted make a trilogy. But i didn’t want to try & make direct-sequels at the time. I only wanted to do one film at a time & see where the next could take off from. That’s the best i could Remember.

              I even i wanted to do a Batman reboot that would be part of a shared universe, but also wanted to work on Superman at the sametime & couldn’t choose between them.

              Had a idea for a horror film along the lines of the Saw films & past 80’s films but figured people would be against it.

              • Thats actually pretty cool, im glad i can talk to people who actually know what they’re talking ’bout. I hate trying to have a conversation with some one who thinks they know what they’re talking ’bout but they really dont. I swear all you people are secretly successful, retired, producers or something. Like seriously, the things you guys come up with is pretty amazing…

                • @ AmazingFantasy#15

                  Thanks, Same goes for me. I hate people like that aswell & even worse when they can carry a conversation without personal attacks or makin it a really personal debate or somthing as you know nothing but they know everything single thing.

                  Ive seen talented people on the net myself & imo seems like theres more talent outside of Hollywood than inside. I know id like to go to school but when i realized how things worked out there, i guess i decided against it. Unless they allowed me to work from home as id be workin non-stop probly. After one film script treatment of mine has been approved of & is in developement, id be workin the sequel asap depending on how well that film does. But keep myself busy on another project. As a director, id hate to be asked to shoot two films back to back. I always figured that would be stressful. Anyways, id send what i have wrote if i ever find it. Scripts i wrote Weren’t the only things i can’t find as i feared maybe they got thrown out with most of my comics by my mother. I still gripe about it because Days Of Future Past was one of my favorites that were thrown out. It sucks because i also wear reading glasses whenever i read a book or comic,etc. at the age of 30.

                  Have you came up with any ideas for a film if you mind me asking?

                  • Not really, usually when i come up with some sort of movie idea its how a movi could have been made better. But everyone does that. I mean, i’ve thought and really thought on how to do a sort of adaption to the Civil War but i really cant come up with anything. Not even for an animated film. Because you’d have to work from the ground up like Marvel has been and is doing, and i really dont think i’d be able to pull it off. I would love to see the Civil War made into a film, i dont care who does it, just the person would have to be really committed.

                    • I can understand that. I felt that way when i wanted to make my own Batman films. I figured i would watch old ones & take notes on what not works & what could for modern audiences. Samething when i wanted to make my own version of Titanic film because im a big Titanice buff who enjoyed reading, watching movies about the disaster since i was in the 4th Grade. I know i have big shoes to fill with Cameron’s film but still have ideas for my own till this day as they find out more & more facts about the ship’s sinking,etc.

                      I always been intrigued by the Civil War aswell. Same with Gettysburg. I love Barnes & Noble & wished there was one closer to where i lived. I always find a book on whatever subject im interested in like were talkin about.

                    • Btw. I mostly worry about how i could make my film/films different from past adaptions more than making them better. Story is the story imo. People will love it or hate no doubt, or mixed feelings that id accept.

  5. I was skipping watching all the SuperBoul trailers till the SuperBoul but then I was sick last night…so I’m gonna hafta look them up anyhow…:-/

    In other news I watched Hellboy 2 last night and thought it was a serious step up from the first one, a lot of fun! Hopefully Del Toro can get a studio to back him for Hellboy 3!

    • Helboy 2 was awesome. i am almost sorry Del Toro did not direct the Hobbit. that might have been cool!

  6. How awesome is it that there may be a Planet Hulk live action blockbuster in our future. Wheddon said he was taking the characters to a darker place, and the Hulk losing control at the end of avengers 2 forcing the illuminati to make the hard decision of tricking him into space and banishing him from earth seems about as dark as you can get.
    This can work because this makes Hulk the Hero of the Planet Hulk film. He is angry and feels betrayed by his “friends”. He starts a war with with the ruling class of his new planet, and makes some new badass friends. And he seems to have found a new home, and is happy. Then att the end of the movie after another tragedy, Hulk decides to return to earth along with some of his new friends to take revenge on the people who sent him away.
    This could make an amazing avengers 3 storyline. Because you are taking the heros from a previous film and makeing them the bad guys. This will make sure the audience knows the enemy and may sympathize with them going into the film (kinda like with loki, and we all saw how well that worked the first time)

    • @Wade, go over to the Hulk articles and read Ace’s take on the Planet Hulk film. Its really good, though there’s a better description he wrote either on the latest GotG article or the Antman/Doctor Strange article. Im not sure which it is, but i think you’d like it. Look it up

    • I’d love for that to happen! Then maybe they could do the Skarr son of Hulk storyline aswell!

    • @ Wade

      It like a big book, wonder what all will be store by end of the next chapter.

  7. 1. It looks like Arrow will be back for at least a second season. A new toy line based on the show is in the works as well.

    2. No Man of Steel trailer during the Super Bowl, to me, is a bad sign. WB/DC blew it on that one. Why can’t theses guys get something right for once?

    • If what SuperEdje101 says is true then I don’t blame them. 4mill for thirty seconds is abso-friggin-lutely ridiculous.

      I don’t have that much knowledge of American marketing techniques, but I’m sure they can use that money a lot more efficiently and get the same end-result.

      • Heh! yeah, dont take my word for it… i got the info off Wikipedia…for all that is worth.

        Some good news, the next man of steel trailer is slated for April(acording to my reliable sources…)

        • Nah man, I trust your word. And 4mill actually sounds pretty accurate to what I’ve heard as well. This year they really went bonkers with their commercial rates…

          • Its very true, and a superbowl trailer isnt necessary. DC/wb will ramp up their campaign in due time

  8. If The Wolverine does well, Would anyone be interested in Wolverine sequel that features X23? Knowing shes a popular character in the comics & not exactly a clone of Wolverine, i think it would be interesting to see her on film & have a hate then later love/hate relationship with Logan.

    • I’d been interested in seeing omega red introduced in a sequel.

    • It would be interesting to see X-23 on the big screen.

    • It would be interesting to see X-23 on the big screen. I would be down for that!

      • Me too. I guess the thought crossed my mind after watching X-Men Evolution with her debut appearance in season 3 & her & Wolverine takin on Omega Red in Season 4.

        • I’ve that show!

          • Me too, not as much as the 90’s X-Men animated series but still enjoy it. Only thing is it ticks me off that WB never released season 4 onto dvd volume set.

        • Love
          that show!

  9. Super Bowl Sunday is the best night to go out for dinner. We were one of only two families in the restaurant and had an entire section to ourselves. The waitress stood across the room, and whenever I needed something, I would motion to her, and she’d come over. We felt like royalty.

    I’m glad to hear the SB was nail-biting fun for all who watched it.

  10. 49ers lose. Bah!

  11. Why is everyone surprised that there was no MOS Steel Superbowl Spot.

    I said it before, and I will say it again. WB/DC Revenue is no where near, Disney, Paramount or Even Fox. They have had money issues for years, not even the Dark Knight, which accounted for 35% of their gross revenue for movies last summer. That says a lot.

    Justice League Movie? Do not hold your breath for big name stars or over the world action.

    • @ Jeff W

      That’s a understatement no doubt. Im not holding my breath for Justice League just as i didn’t for The Avengers because what can we really expect even when the time nears closer?