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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   February 3, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 3, 2014

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  1. Im batman.

  2. So…. What does everybody think the plot of Batman vs Superman movie will be?

    • There will be this serious guy in a bat suit who kinda has a problem with how this other super powerful dude whos all powerful and wants to be a hero, though not in full control of his powers yet has a habit of wrecking s***.
      And there will be this other rich guy, who has a problem with it, but hed rather troll the strong guy or have him killed.

      • @Cody, will the other rich guy have hair!?!??!!?? :)

        • He may have hair and once his scheme blows up in his face he may not afterwards.

    • Bats will fight supes, they’ll see the bigger threat, find a few sidekicks along the way and fight together to fight lex and foe #2. ending with justice league on the way.

      • That’s what I’m thinking/hoping, but wouldn’t the title encompass the entire film and not just them fighting? That’s like taking Die Hard and calling it Hanging with Argyle in the Limo. I assume the film’s main conflict will focus on the two fighting, right?

    • Lexcorp and wayne enterprise will publicly announce they will help rebuild metropolis etc, claiming the rebuilding contracts etc but behind the scenes they will be bidding for the military contracts to get to study the alien wrekage/”biological sample.. Aka dead corpse”. Lexcorp will prob win the prise for leading research to devise a contingency plan to stop superman. This will be background stuff since its a superman story though. Supes will have to deal with the aftermath of the battle, get an ear ful from bats no doubt. Thinking bats will be the one in that reality that made first contact with paradise island and so act as a guide for Wonder Woman. So when supes vs bats happens, WW will step in. Lex will create doomsday, s*** will culminate in a large scale action/3rd act. Or u know, none of that will happens and something completelly different lol maybe bats, supes, WW and alfred go to vegas get drunk and when they wake up in the morning alfred is nowhere to be found and they have to retrace their steps to find him. Comedy gold is sure to ensue.

      • ACT 1: The movie opens with Lex Luthor giving a speech about restoring Metropolis to it’s former beauty before the ALIEN destroyed it in his reckless battle with his foe only months ago. He even shows a video with John Corben, a man who was trapped under rubble for 3 days and is without legs or his left arm who blames Superman for his injuries. The presence of Aliens is groundbreaking for the world and the military will be creating an entirely new sector called CADMUS and General Swanwick is being promoted to whatever is right below Amanda Waller’s role. They also introduce Amanda Waller and she explains further on the air what CADMUS is an she says “Cadmus is a new sector of the U.S. Government devoted to researching and understanding the genetic codes and physiology of known extraterrestrial life.” Behind the scenes, we see that CADMUS is really an organization designed to take precautions against aliens, and super-humans because if Kryptonians are out there, there has to be more. At the speech we see some people in the press area guess who? Clark Kent and Lois Lane, in the audience we also see Bruce Wayne, who is looking to expand Wayne Enterprises to Metropolis donates $500 million to help with the restoration. Clark gets an exclusive interview with Bruce, and they actually become friends, but when he interviews Lex one on one, Lex blows up on him and goes on this rant about how Superman doesn’t deserve the power he has, he didn’t work for it, and how he shouldn’t be allowed on this planet, of course Lex asks that this remains off the record for the sake of his image.

        • @joshua That’s a great first act.Hopefully the script will live up to the potential of these characters.And I would love to see Lex run for president in a sequel at some stage.

          • Indeed, good Stuff.

          • Thank You! Would you like to see the second act???

            • @joshua Sure would

              • ACT 2 (Batman): Bruce decides that he needs to re-take the mantle of the Batman from Dick Grayson, who is currently fighting crime in Gotham. Bruce and Dick have a meeting in the bat-cave where they discuss Lex Luthor and how much of a narcissistic megalomaniac he is, and how CADMUS is going to be a pain in the a**, even for The Batman. They dig up some files on CADMUS and find out that they have been around for a lot longer than they said and they have multiple projects in development titled:

                1) Project Resurrection (Metallo)
                2) Green Man (Martian Manhunter)
                3) Project Rebirth (Power Girl and Kon-El)
                4) Project Bizarro (Bizarro Superman)

                After they find the information they need, Bruce and Dick go to Metropolis as Batman and Nightwing to do some detective work on CADMUS and when they arrive at the location of the base and find many different things in development. As they walk around they see a tank with a baby in it (Bizarro), a big locked vault that has codes that would take hours for anybody’s tech to break but Bruce’s tech is miles ahead of Luthor’s and puts Nightwing to work getting in. Bruce finds a set of stairs to a basement of sorts where you can clearly hear screaming, drills, and someone welding metal. As Bruce descends the stairs he finds Lex Luthor, and Doctor Emmett Vale. They are working on John Corben, they have constructed him a new body out of metal from the World Engine they call it Metallo. The power source they use is new, it was also created by the world engine, it glows green, a dull green with radiation and is completely harmless to humans yet gives off the power to run an entire city for weeks. Nightwing catches up with Batman at the stairs with all of CADMUS’ files downloaded. Metallo with his vision routed throughout the cameras of wherever he is as well as naturally sees Dick coming down the stairs from the surveillance stream and rushes Batman and Nightwing, at first Metallo is winning then Batman pours acid on Metallo’s arm and frees himself and then Nightwing shocks Metallo’s core with his electric staff shorting him out.

                To be continued…

                Dr. Emmet Vale- A man who spent the better part of thirty-five years scanning the stars for signs of alien life. His practice became an obsession, and he began to believe that alien life forms were one day going to invade the planet.

                • That’s great Joshua,you should be a scriptwriter,what about next act?

                  • Thanks for the feedback I have a ton of these story/outlines laying around. I am having trouble with act 3, I need to figure out how to use Superman effectively any ideas?

                    • I’m not sure but going the Dark knight route always works;
                      give him a moral dilemna,where he has to choose from an impossible choice,which incurs the wrath of Batman and empowers Lex further.
                      Not sure how to do that though!

                      you have set up a lot of potential actions scenes in act 2 but I guess a fight with Metallo would be on the right track.

                    • Thanks for the input I am typing it now

                    • @joshua
                      Let me know how act 3 goes.

                    • I have to extend these “Acts” they aren’t long enough and I have more story to tell


                      ACT 3: Lex Luthor calls a meeting with Superman on CNN he wants to make a friendship, to ensure that there are no hard feelings between them. Lex didn’t want to demonize him; he wanted what was best for the country and now, a friendship will benefit them even more. Superman goes to meet him and when he gets out of the limo Superman feels nauseated, similar to how he felt on Zod’s ship. He asks Lex what have you done to me? He replies, that’s a question that even I don’t know the answer to. Metallo’s (who looks like John Corben right now because of a skin suit) eyes glow up green and Lex tells him to just rough him up. The beating is brutal, as Metallo goes toward Superman to hit him a projectile comes out of nowhere a ninja star? It was a batarang with enough explosive to blow up a small yacht. Metallo goes down but only for a moment as Lex has included Nano-technology in his design, which allows him to regenerate his metal limbs. Metallo is back up within 20 seconds and now he is pissed. He uses his mechanical eye with night vision to see where Batman is hiding and shoots a missile over and we see Batman do some cool stuff and he jumps down from the slightly higher rooftop and its BA just know that. Superman is also back up and hovers high enough to X-Ray all of Luthor’s men to find a big chunk of something hidden in Metallo’s chest. He shoots his heatvision at Metallo which doesn’t do anything but make him harder for Batman to fight. We see a melee battle during Superman’s X-Ray thing. Batman is dodging Metallo’s hits and then he finally gets one landed on him and it blows him back, and knocking him out. Superman knows he can’t get close so for the first time he uses his super-breath to blow Metallo back which is harder than he thought but he eventually over powers the machine and takes Batman to the rooftop of the daily planet. We then re-visit the site of the battle and see Metallo watch them escape but Lex tells him to stay back, they already know what they’re up against. With a few things changed basically this scene just imagine:

                    • Actually Len, just watch the video I decided to scrap my version of this act. The video describes what needs to happen better.

                    • ACT 4: After the fight, Superman and Batman know each other well enough, and Superman just X-Ray visions through Batman’s mask while they walk through the sewers to the batcave. Batman decides to prepare one of his prototype suits that is later revealed to be the suit he was supposed to use to kill Superman if needed. The next day Lex releases Metallo in Gotham, and he begins to terrorize its citizens. Superman and Batman now teamed up fight Metallo perfectly using their skills to balance each other out. Superman uses his strength, and Batman uses his tech, and suit to fight Metallo in a less brute force way. Metallo knows he is about to be defeated so he uses a feature Lex added last night, a jetpack and flies to Metropolis where he takes Lex Luthor hostage and forces him to broadcast it. Superman and Batman make their way to Lex Corp and find Lex in his office with Metallo threatening to throw him out of the window. Superman and Batman talk him out of it and they lock him away in a prison that was developed specifically for Meta Humans. The funny thing is that Lex created Metallo to take Superman out and then his creation turned on him and ended up making Superman and Batman more famous for saving the president.

                      I’m sorry man, the story falls apart in these final ACTS I am upset with them but I couldn’t figure out multiple things.

                      1) What the story actually was and how it contributed to the big picture of the DCCU
                      2) How Batman and Superman fight (ZS said that they will have physical confrontation).
                      3) How Wonder Woman could be used in this other than an end credit scene.
                      4) A satisfying ending, the villain seems too small for a movie this big and there is no way to set up future stories with Metallo. I did with the file names but no other characters were alluded to.
                      5) How to include Nightwing in more scenes maybe he should die.
                      6) Jesse Eisenberg will not be this type of Luthor so umm…

                      If you have any suggestions on how to make these last two work better or if you want to finish them please do! Even I want to know how my own story ends haha.

                      If you want to check out my other two stories here are the links:

                      Black Panther:

                      Wonder Woman:

                    • Hi @ joshua
                      Again that’s excellant.You should write scripts or graphic novels.I will try the video later at a desktop pc.Is that the end or is there a post credits scene?

                    • I can’t think of a good one but maybe Superman and Batman go on an exploration mission for steve trevor after his plane crashed only to find an island full of women and it ends on Diana’s face.

                    • 1) What the story actually was and how it contributed to the big picture of the DCCU
                      to me it was about parania,who’s with who etc,and agendas,are people what they appear to be,for better or worse.With regards to DCCU it server as a excellant intro for these characters,I dont know anything about the other justice league characters.
                      2) How Batman and Superman fight (ZS said that they will have physical confrontation).
                      The graphic novel Lex Luther:man of steel covered this really well and has great art/story.
                      3) How Wonder Woman could be used in this other than an end credit scene.
                      Your suggestion below is just fine and a good final crdits scene.
                      4) A satisfying ending, the villain seems too small for a movie this big and there is no way to set up future stories with Metallo. I did with the file names but no other characters were alluded to.
                      I think maybe a separate subplot involving Luther,ie mining asteroids or something new where he discovers some krypton,may help,but two baddies is loads,just make them smarter

                      5) How to include Nightwing in more scenes maybe he should die.
                      Know very little about this character but he’s interesting
                      6) Jesse Eisenberg will not be this type of Luthor so umm…
                      He wouldn’t be my first choice but lets give him a chance and yes he would be too young for your story but its still a very good one.

                      If you have any suggestions on how to make these last two work better or if you want to finish them please do! Even I want to know how my own story ends haha.

                      At the end someone usually has to die,always,but I thing a fall from grace for Luther in the publics eye would be a kind of death.

                      If you want to check out my other two stories here are the links:

                      Black Panther:
                      Will read tomorrow….

                      Wonder Woman:

                      Best of luck and keep writing Joshua.

        • The finding alien technology and government task force sounds close to something else floating around right now. The way they left Man of Steel and seeing how Batman has been characterized as not really trusting Superman (or hardly anyone else), I could see them setting up a scenario where Luthor lulls Wayne/Batman into going against Superman as an alien threat who demolished Metroplois and is a bit aloof (ironic considering Batman and his whole brooding, skulking thing).

          • Yeah, my little story is based on a couple of rumors I’ve been hearing

            • It also sounds a lot like the Avengers set-up for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., just replace New York with Metropolis. I have always gotten the feeling that whatever the cancelled Justice League movie screenplay was planning probably looked too much like the Avengers which is why they scrapped it.

              • It was about Maxwell Lord and The OMAC satellites it took cues from Tower of Babble

                Wonder Woman was Megan Gale
                Superman- D.J. Cotrona
                Green Lantern- Common
                Flash- Adam Brody
                Batman- Armie Hammer
                Aquaman- Santiago Cabrera
                Martian Manhunter- Hugh Keays-Byrne

                it didn’t sound terrible

    • Lex Loser develops internet technology that turns people into rabid babbling idiots. He distributes it by strategically releasing rumors and casting announcements for a movie that is years away from release and hasn’t even started production.

  3. Watching the game last night sucked! Was pulling hard for Peyton but glad UW QB Russell Wilson won in the end. But the game was not entertaining. Thought most of the trailers and commercials were bad as well. The full length trailers for Spidey and Cap 2 look pretty darn awesome but over all disappointed with the marketers this year.

    • Seahawks defence… wow.

      on another note… does anyone know if the tv show ATLANTIS is getting picked up for season 2? I’ve enjoyed the first season, sure it has a cheap xena/hercules feel to it but it’s well acted and funny, mark addy as a braggart comical version of Hercules is inspired.

    • @kyle:

      Agreed, wasn’t really pulling for either team (although wanted Peyton to get another ring) but blowouts are bleh.

      I did like the 24 teasers though… Jack Is Back!!

      • I enjoyed the 24 teasers but did people honestly not know they were teasers for 24 till the end? It seemed like once they showed Kiefer’s face, twitter blew up. Thought the hints leading up to it were pretty obvious.

        • @kyle:

          My bro-in-law thought it was for The Strain. Once I saw the gun being loaded, I knew it was 24. They should have put the clock sound effect with each teaser.

    • Tough for me to watch that game last night (49er fan here).

      I like Russell Wilson, and was originally going to root for Seattle (since I also like the city). I didn’t like, however, what the Seattle fans did when Bowman got injured. That was NOT classy at all.

      As for the ads and trailers, I pretty much agree with your sentiment. There really weren’t any exceptional ads that stood out for me, and the only trailer/movie that looked promising was Cap 2.

    • I agree. It’s no fun watching a game which is a blowout. After a while one just stops watching.

  4. Good Morning all…

    Happy Monday!

    Well the casting news of Jessie Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman certainly was interesting on Friday. I noticed that the comments were over 600 last I looked at that article over the weekend and I didn’t bother to read one of them. I can only imagine the blood bath that must be going on in there with an infinite amount of WB/DC bashing.

     That bashing wasn’t limited to this site only, as you can imagine, but was all over the Internet over the weekend. People just loving to hate on WB/DC.

    My initial thought was “oh no!”, and somewhat still is. IMO, this could either be a brilliant choice and Snyder and Goyer see something the rest of us don’t, considering their new take on Lex, or this is the worst miscast in recent memory. 

    Personally, I can’t decide. I don’t know Snyder’s Lex, just like I didn’t know Snyder’s Superman before MoS, so I’m going to wait and see.  ( I’m doing the same thing with Gal Gadot as WW).
    I want this to be a good choice because I want a DCCU like Marvel has and I know that all of that hinges of this movie.

    Eisenberg would not have been my choice, Mark Strong was my choice. But, that’s from my perspective, not Snyder’s, so I’ll wait. There will be plenty of time to complain (and mourn) after the movie if it’s terrible.

    I would like to know from the regulars of the OD  what your thoughts are on the casting and have a rational and civilized conversation about this. 

    Please don’t let this turn into a blood bath or a “WB/DC hate/bashing” thread, there are plenty of other threads for that, just look around, they are the ones with the highest comment totals.

    • I actually don’t mind the Eisenberg casting because he can act the rich, smart scheming guy (like in The Social Network).

      My only question is the age difference. In the comics, Lex seemed a bit older than Supes (and Bats) but it seems they are shooting for the same age range between Lex and Clark. The problem here is Jesse looks (and sounds) younger than he is. Maybe if they make him bald (which they could decide not to do), he’ll look older.

      I have no issue with Jesse’s ability to pull off a Lex and I think the casting is pretty good considering he’s another “name” star added to this movie.

    • Like you, I can’t decide.

      When Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker, I thought that it couldn’t work. Guess how that turned out?

      I always envisioned Lex as some self made billionaire type who is essentially a proponent of extreme capitalism and survival of the fittest. I can see Mark Strong playing that character. Jon Hamm even. Just don’t see that in Jesse.

      However, I have been wrong in the past, and would love to see a “different” interpretation from both Jesse and the filmmakers.

    • Like I said on another site I should’ve saw this coming.Everyone in the Social Network went on to star in a super hero movie,Garfield became Spider-Man,Armie Hammer was to be Batman but went on to be the Lone Ranger.Now Eisenberg is Luthor.Im telling everyone now Justin Timberlake will be Flash in JL you hear it from me first.

    • I like the way that you think Stark. You seem to have an open mind and you don’t automatically assume the worst.

      Regarding the casting of Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons, and my general concerns for the casting in this movie…

      I think that Jesse Eisenberg will do a phenomenal job as Lex Luthor. This is by far the best casting news so far about this movie!!! It’s too bad that he will have to shave his head.

      I’m sure that Jeremy Irons will do an excellent job as Alfred. It was smart to cast someone from the UK for this part. Actually, this will be an easy part for Jeremy Irons to play. With such a seasoned actor playing this part, they could actually make the role of Alfred very substantial and significant.

      I’m still wondering if there is going to be any kind of racial diversity in the casting of this movie. (I mean in the really important roles.) Many of the Marvel Comic book movies have quite a bit of racial diversity in the casting. This is especially true for the new X-Men movie, Days of Future Past. But we are also seeing important ‘superhero’ roles for actors of color in Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man.

      Oh well, maybe the DC universe isn’t ready yet to reflect the diversity which exists on planet Earth.

    • aside from not knowing anything about the script and what Snyder’s vision is for the character, the only thing i question is his screen presence…i can’t stand his voice, and he talks like he is a stumbling virgin from the 2 movies i have seen him in…to be fair 2 movies isn’t a lot to judge him on but thats what is running through my head, i still didn’t catch the number of the train that ran me over ha

    • I think the issue some people might have is that type of roles he has played and the amount of gravitas he can bring to the roll. If this version of Luthor is going to be played as a Millenium style, self-absorbed mogul then it could work. There just might be a perception that he does not possess the ability to be charismatic and menacing enough to carry a villian like Luthor. The thing about Hackman and Spacey is that despite not being outwardly imposing they had played hard-cases and psychos in the past so it was easy for people to buy into them as a heavy bad-guy.

  5. Where the eff was the GOTG ttrailer… I did all my peeing and snacking during the game and glued to the commercials waiting for it and went to bed dissappointed. Kinda, go Hawks!

    • James Gunn tweeted last week that there wouldn’t be one. I bet it comes in the next month or so.

  6. I think a movie ad right after their game but before they next show would be great placement. Seems like TMNT and GotG will have big last min publicity pushes.

  7. This weekend I got caught up on several movies; The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Three Kings, Silver Linings Playbook, Jack the Giant Slayer, and Oz the Great and Powerful.

    Wonderstone was actually better than I thought it was going to be. Yeah it wasn’t the best comedy, and I was a little disappointed with Jim Carrey’s role but I still thought it was pretty good. 6.5/10.

    Three Kings was good as well, I thought they did a pretty good job balancing the comedy with the war aspect and what not. 7/10.

    Silver Linings Playbook was really good. I’m not sure whether I like this better, or the Fighter. 7.5/10.

    Oz the Great and Powerful wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. I usually like James Franco but he was a little annoying at times in this film. 6.5/10.

    Jack the Giant Slayer I actually liked more that Oz, it was a better fantasy film in my opinion and I’m sad it did so poorly while Oz did so well. 6.8/10.

    • I still need to see Three Kings!! I’m slowly working through David O Russell’s stuff, and Scorcese’s, and the Coen Bros films… It’s a lengthy endeavor.

      PS I agree with you about Oz. They should have called it Blah’s the lengthy and predictable. Jack was better, but still not as good as it should have been. I want Maleficient to be good but I fear it’ll be like Oz, Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, and all the other forgetable fantasy reboots that have preceded it.

  8. Happy Monday, liking my new job so far!

    I was thinking we were getting some more X-Men footage, as well as a Guardians of the Galaxy trailer but oh well :-(

    Anyways, everything looked pretty good last night, I’ll need to see more of Marky Mark and the Autobots.

    Did anyone get a lot of snow this past week?

    P.S. RIP Mr. Hoffman

    • Congrats on the new job!

  9. I’m not familiar with the comics but I wonder how much of a coincidence it is that the latest episode of Arrow and the game Batman: Arkham Origins featured a very similar Suicide Squad recruiting scene in prison, with the Bronze Tiger on the show, and with Deadshot in the game.

    • The Suicide Squad recruits captured and detained prisoners only. Ammanda Waller leads them and their first mission is a hoax. After being caught and tortured by their “enemies” some of their recruits show their loyalty and tattle on the U.S for making them participate in the mission. Once the government finds out who are loyal (or crazy enough) they put them into the Suicide Squad.

      Sorry, just thought I would fill you in on a little comic book knowledge. I hope they have a Suicide Squad movie or TV show but I rather doubt it because their would have to be some major computer animation unless they went with the Arrow approach. If they had it all “realistic” then they could have: Captain Boomerang, Bane, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, El Diablo and Black Spider as their team.

      • Thank you for the info. Sounds like an interesting concept that could make for a kick-ass movie.

        I was just wondering, because these scenes were virtually identical. It’s as if Warner wanted to give us a hint that something is coming. ;)

  10. Is anyone else addicted to True Detective?

  11. Very disappointed that they didn’t show the Guardians of the galaxy trailer last night. Would have been the perfect time to showcase a unknown property to millions upon millions of viewers during the biggest event which takes place once a year and not one fricken trailer for a very highly anticipated movie that has most of us curious.

    Disney / Marvel kinda dropped the ball on this one, but we’ll see if Guardians can still get some positive hype. Really wanted to see that trailer last night though. Damn!

    • highly anticipated for some…the general audience doesn’t know the GOTG and the Superbowl is mainstream America, it’s like putting a commercial for a underground music group that doesn’t have a pop sound but out in left field…you will peek more interest with a property that is well known, thats why all the big companies advertise the mainstream products, you don’t get anything groundbreaking

    • I have to say it was smarter to put Cap 2 on the SuperBowl. That kind of advertising costs millions of dollars and is too risky for Guardians. Especially since people would forget about it by the time it came out. It’s smarter to have Cap 2 at the SuperBowl and then Guardians trailer before Cap2. That way the dire fans have to see it and it will start a huge buzz.

      • Thats whats im thinking , when the marketing start for GotG, it will be late but all out balls to the wall type approach. Known properties you just have to maintain the IP until they ramp up prior to release, however with new properties, they tend to hit hard and fast with the marketing to get maximum exposure and then release the movie at its saturation point to get the most ticket sales before the Ip fades from the gen audiences consciousness. Since GotG is end of summer, we will prob be limited to a teaser and trailer in the spring and only after cap will the marketing really take off (prob have the second trailer paired with Cap).

  12. I was really bummed to see the news about Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

    He was one of those actors that was just exciting to watch. He brought his A-game in every movie he was in. My personal favorite would have to be his performance in MI:3. He was utterly terrifying as Owen Damian the arms dealer. Best scene for me has gotta be when Cruise is interrogating him in the plane and he’s like:

    “Who are you? What’s you’re name? Do you have a wife? A girlfriend? Because if you do, I’m gonna find her. I’m gonna hurt her. I’m gonna make her bleed, and cry, and call out your name. And then I’m gonna find you,and kill you right in front of her.”

    It’s a great little villainous monologue but his subtle delivery made it PERFECT!

    He was such a versatile actor too. Even in smaller roles like the butler in The Big Lebowski, or the washed up friend in Along Came Polly. He was always great!!

    I look forward to seeing other films of his in the coming weeks and months (Synedoche New York, Capote, Before the Devil Knows you’re Dead, Moneyball, The Master). His performances never cease to amaze me.

    I’m gonna miss him. RIP.

    • I also a fan of Hoffman’s ability.

      I just feel bad that because of an addiction, he ended his life and stranded his children.

      Even the most talented and successful people don’t have perfect lives.

      • Before this I didn’t even know he was into drugs.

        Same deal when I heard about Heath Ledger.

        It’s just so sad :(

  13. Hello everyone,

    This is my question. The X-Men movie that they are just starting to work on is called “Age of Apocalypse”. Question Part 1: Assume that Bryan Singer, the director comes to you and asks you for a short list of which characters you would like to see in this movie, what would you say? Question Part 2: He tells you that this new movie “Age of Apocalypse” will feature both the X-Men team from the first 2 X-Men movies (let’s call them the originals) and the “X-Men First Class” team. He asks you what percentage of screen time should be given to each team. What would you say?

    This is what I would say.

    Part 1: I’d like to see the following characters: Jean Grey, Cyclops, Havoc, Lorna Dane,Sunfire, Thunderbird, Bishop, Storm and Wolverine

    Part 2: Screen time: The Original 65%; First Class 35%.

    What do you think?

    • Part1 : I would like to see Jean Grey, Lorna Dane, Emma Frost, Storm, Archangel, Scarlet Witch, Gambit, and Rogue.

      Part 2: I would like to see the new cast have 70% and Old cast 30% we need a fresh movie with a taste of the originals.

  14. I watched a bunch of movies this weekend.

    The “better than I expected” award goes to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

    The “lived up to the hype” award goes to Fargo. I’m pleased to have finally watched that one, it was every bit as good as everyone told me it would be.

    The “holy $hit that was weird” award goes to A Serious Man.

    and finally the “you’re a versatile actor Christian Bale!” award goes to American Psycho

  15. I gotta say that was one of the lamest Superbowl movie trailer lineups in history this year. Am I just spoiled for information or was there nothing too interesting in there, except for Captain America 2, of course? Does anybody really care for Transformers 4, for example? I don’t. Not really, anway, and that teaser looked mediocre at best.

  16. Good morning everyone

    Was it me or did this years SB commercials feel like they were the worse they’ve seen. It felt like that for me. Maybe there was one or two commercials that were funny or great but nothing really memoriable.
    So moving on to trailers. I thought the Cap 2 trailer was just amazing. I just got really excited for the movie and can’t wait. The Transformers trailer was just eh. I think I just need to see more to see if it sways me one way or another but right now I am just thinking it will be one of those wait until Netflix type of movies. Spidey 2 hasn’t really don’t anything for me. Rhino looks horrible, Electro looks too CGI for me. The Goblin costume is what I think really upset me and a lot of my friends. It just looks horrible. The first spiderman movie was okay and I could have just done with waiting until it hit netflix but instead I went to see it on the big screen. It was okay but also felt like I could have saved my money and right now I am feeling the same but this time I will more than likely just wait until it goes on Netflix. It just didn’t impress me.
    I was sad not to see a TMNT trailer or a GOTG trailer. I thought they would at least do a small 15-30 second teaser to get people amped up but nothing. I hope these 2 movies do well but who knows. These 2 are a coin toss for me(thrown by Broadway Joe, LOL)