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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   February 28, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 28, 2014


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  1. Elmos World

    • Na-nah na nah
      Na-nah na nah

      • Mistah Noooo-dle!!!

    • Elmo likes his goldfish, his crayon too.

  2. Good Morning all…

    Happy Friday!! :)

    I usually enjoy reading Kofi Outlaw’s articles, but with yesterday’s article on superhero movie casting, he outdid himself. That article was one of his best and right on point. From the “Superhero movie math x > y” and especially the conclusion, “People won’t pay to see a crappy movie”.  Exactly.

    People that blast casting choices before seeing even one frame of film are like people that complain about the taste of the dinner while still looking at the unmixed ingredients on the kitchen counter. I get how some casting choices can look suspect to some, but let’s wait until we see the finished product before we cut them down. I don’t know how butter, flour, vanilla extract, eggs and water, etc. make a brownie, but I sure like the end result. If we haven’t  seen any finished product yet, how can anybody say any casting choices are bad? 

    You know that old saying that says the two things you should never talk about are religion and politics? I think we can make that three things now and include CBM’s. Two guys in my office had a major “disagreement” when discussing comic book movies yesterday. It actually got loud, lol. Sometimes I think politics and religion might be safer subjects. ;)

    • I looked at it briefly but I listen to the podcast so I knew what it was going to say really.

    • Yes, Kofi’s article was very insightful I read it twice just to get it all in.

    • Yeah, kofi killed it. Especially that last bit about voting with your dollars.

    • If we quit talking about CBMs then what the heck is anybody gonna even talk about on these ODs? ;) haha

      Totally agree though, loved Kofi’s article. I mean I always knew that big movies need a varied cast in order to appeal to various demographics but Kofi managed to put all that in words so well. All the recent casting decisions I would have previously deemed as being “weird” or “unwise” now make sense.

      • +1 I think it’s fun to talk about all of this stuff. If I like it or not, my butt is still going to be in the seats to see these terribly cast movies (my opinion). But it’s a fun hobby of mine to come to screen rant and see what everyone thinks of these castings. :)

    • I only complain about casting *after* I see the movie. Most know that I’m a big Batfan but not a BatBalefan (I like Bale in his non-Bat movies).

      If it’s a CBM movie (or a movie with subject material I like), I’ll pay for it even if it’s crappy.

      But instead of the $8 Costco discount movie ticket, maybe the $2 theater, or the $1.50 RedBox rental… or as part of my Netflix stream. :)

    • “People that blast casting choices before seeing even one frame of film are like people that complain about the taste of the dinner while still looking at the unmixed ingredients on the kitchen counter. I get how some casting choices can look suspect to some, but let’s wait until we see the finished product before we cut them down. I don’t know how butter, flour, vanilla extract, eggs and water, etc. make a brownie, but I sure like the end result. If we haven’t seen any finished product yet, how can anybody say any casting choices are bad?”

      I know I’m a few hours late here… but this is absolute poetry, Antonio.

      • +1

      • @ Dr. Mindbender

        Thanks Doc, I appreciate that. I thought of it when I was making dinner last night, lol.
        It makes sense, it’s logical, but people will still complain.

    • Think of it this way: Snyder is the same “cook” who gave us Man of Steel. Imagine you see a chef walking out of the bathroom after laying a massive turd. Then, he walks straight out into the kitchen and begins cooking a giant chocolate cake without even washing his hands. All of the ingredients, chocolate cake mix, brown icing, ect. may be perfectly appetizing in a different context, but you probably wouldn’t be interested after this particular “chef” has gotten his hands on them, understand?

  3. Ok, so I am a DC fan and I love to speculate about their movies and tv shows so bear with me because I’ll never stop asking questions about WB/DC.

    What do you guys think the DC roadmap will be?

    I’m thinking

    1) Man of Steel (2013)
    2) Batman vs. Superman (2016)
    3) Wonder Woman (2017)
    4) Green Lantern (2018)
    5) Flash (2018)
    6) Justice League (2019)

    I am thinking they will do a Wonder Woman movie because she will be the character that needs an introduction, we obviously all know the basics of Batman (The general public too) so we don’t exactly need a solo Batman movie before Justice League. I have absolutely no idea how they will introduce GL and Flash without movies so I am positive they will have movies. It would be a Justice League movie only three years after Batman vs. superman aka. Trinity or the foundation of the league.

    Tell me what you guys think!

    • One movie every year after 2016 seems so Godsh damnly slow.

      • I think that’s what WB can manage, they are about to have multiple franchises running with Godzilla (if its a success) those new Harry Potter spin-offs and some other potential things they’re working on. Kevin Tsujihara said their DC IP’s would be their biggest priority, but I am not sure that’s exactly the truth.

    • @ Josh

      No need to apologize Josh, this is the OD, people can talk about anything and everything.

      I like your line up, but IMO, it seems too aggressive for WB/DC. They are at about a one movie every two to three year pace now, so things would have to speed up considerable for them to match your schedule. I would love a DC movie evey year pace, but I just don’t see that happening, but hey, I’ve been wrong before, (once!) ;)

      As for GL, he may need a total reboot. Flash on the other hand can be introduced through his CW show, IMO, as can Green Arrow.

      I think JL is coming sooner rather than later, with solo movies to follow, especially for the big three. Gal’s contract is for three films, I think, as is Ben’s (?), so some solo movies should be happening in the future. While I do agree Batman doesnt need a solo movie, he is their flagship property and will most likely get one or more.

      • I like the line up as well but it’s never going to happen. They are going Justice League after this and then pending on the success, may branch off but they are going for the big bucks quick.

        • I have NO idea how they could do a Justice League movie only after BvS

          • Really? Because it seems like most of the characters are already in this movie. They are introducing the characters. Rumors of Flash and The Rock as Green Lantern in it as well.

            • I am more than hyped for this movie, but I have NO idea how they will even introduce WW let alone GL and Flash

              • What if the world engine caused some kind of space/time paradox and caused Themyscira to be “warped” to present day?

                The way the world engine worked was bending time and space, after all.

                • That sounds interesting but I am hoping they save the world engine caused damage to aquatic life and Aquaman is pissed off.

        • I think they could be successful with a reverse Marvel plan but I just don’t see how it would work, everybody knows these characters they just don’t know where they come from or who they are. I am hoping we get a JL before 2020 but i’d be fine if we didn’t it’s all about quality not quantity for me.

      • First, thanks for the reply Mr. Stark you are the god of OD

        I think Green Lantern needs a reboot too perhaps based on the story where Hal Jordan turns in Sinestro for subjugating Korugar with his ring through fear and that creates he becomes a sworn enemy to the corps. They should do the movie smaller than Man of steel and the fight should just be the one between Sinestro and Hal Jordan after he finds out Hal turning him in. He then gets sent into the antimatter universe which could be parallel with the Phantom Zone in Man of Steel, He finds himself on Qward with some old blacksmiths who forge him a new ring. I think it could be a cool movie, keep it simple while making a very connected universe.

        I think this is how the scale should be

        Flash, and Green Lantern = $160 million budget

        Superman = $225 million

        Batman= $190 million

        Wonder Woman= $180 million

        At least for the first round of movies.

        • @Josh
          I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think I commented my theory on one of your posts before, but I have a feeling that BvS will feature an already established, world-weary Justice League chronicling a fall out between Batman and Superman and not necessarily their first introduction.
          It would be a cool idea because the rest of the League would already exist but just not be featured.
          Then, Man of Steel 3 could go back and tell a standalone Supes story set between MoS and BvS. (A new way to structure a trilogy) and Justice League could potentially display WW, Flash, and maybe MM’s origins.

          • I like your theory it would make sense even though it would cut out a billion dollar earning JL movie in the making.

            I am still yearning for a new Green Lantern reboot starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan.

        • @ Josh

          Thank you Josh, you are very kind, but I am not the god of the OD, not at all. I’m just I guy with any opinion just like everybody else. There are plenty of good guys (and gals, from time to time) in here with great opinions, yourself included. 

          I love your enthusiasm about DC and their movies, and you have solid ideas, but something tells me that WB/DC, although I do believe they have a plan in place, might be adjusting that plan somewhat after each movie based on the numbers and other factors.

          GL could go that way, or they could introduce the entire JL, then fill in all the back stories in solo efforts afterwords. Marvel’s way worked great for Marvel, but that’s not to say that that is the only way to do a shared universe. There’s a ton of options for WB/DC right now and they are just getting started. The sky’s the limit. IMO they’re in good hands with Goyer as the architect, so let’s see what happens.

          • Me too , David Goyer does great story but they can always have a second writer to do the dialogue and plot direction, I think Goyer works better as a sidekick. I want a JL ASAP but I don’t want it to be messy, I know they have a plan as well it’s all depending on the box office gross of Batman vs. Superman if their two tent poles don’t draw in big numbers that’s scary for them.

    • Wait… you are a DC fan? Never would’ve guessed. :)

  4. Question1: Who is gonna watch The Oscars this weekend?

    I never watch the entire thing but I like popping in here and there and catching the big awards at the end.

    Question2: Any predictions?

    I liked SRs article about who’s gonna win Best Picture. I’m gonna have to agree with them in that 12 yrs will take it. I preferred other nominees but 12 yrs was still an exceptional film so I’m cool with it if they win.

    McConaughey seems to be the front runner for Best Actor but I know most of us on here would prefer Leo to win that one.

    I predict Blanchett for best actress.. LOVED her in Blue Jasmine

    Lawrence will take it for best supporting actress even though I preferred Sally Hawkins performance in Blue Jasmine.

    Gravity will clean up in the technical awards and then Cuaron will prbly get Best Director as he deserves. Heck I think he should’ve won for Children of Men a few years ago. The man is a fantastic director.

    I always like seeing which animated film wins. I’m rooting for Frozen, I want it to win best original song for Let it Go as well. It always impresses me when I’m entertained by a cartoon. Most of them dissapoint me these days.

    • @ movieDude

      Like you, I’ll pop in and out. I’m not a big Oscars guy. I do think that ‘All is Lost’ and Robert Redford got a raw deal from the academy. IMO, Redford should have at least received some consideration for Best Actor.  IMO, ‘All is Lost’ was phenomenal and certainly on par with  all the nominees for Best Picture.

      • @ Stark

        Yeah when noms came out everybody was saying Rush and All is Lost got snubbed. Still need to see both of those.

        Dude it seems to me like you enjoy more sparse slow building movies (among other movies obviously). You’ve recommended All is Lost and The Road to me, which both have action elements but are more dramas or character explorations than anything. I like that!

        Did you ever see Monsters? Its by the guy thats doing the Godzilla reboot that comes out in a few months. You might like it. Its slow and more character driven than you would think based on the title. I thought it was really cool.

        • @ movieDude

          I have not seen Monsters, but on your recommendation I will.
          I love movies of all kinds really, CBM’s, sci-fi, action, drama, you name it. I like it when a movie sucks me in and I’m genuinely interested in the characters and what happens to them. Both ‘The Road’ and ‘All is Lost’ (among others) did that. 

          • @stark
            I was just thinking about The Road yesterday. I read the book a while ago. Really good film. I need to check out All Is Lost.

    • @ MovieDude

      Normally I’d watch The Oscars but this year I’ll be taping the broadcast because True Detective and Shameless are on and I’d rather watch those. :)

      My Predictions…

      Best Picture – 12 Years a Slave

      Best Director – Alfonso Quaron

      Best Actor – Matthew McConaughey

      Best Actress – Cate Blanchett

      Supporting Actor – Jared Leto

      Supporting Actress – Lupita Nyong’o

      Screenplay – Her & The Wolf of Wall Street

      As for the rest I think Gravity will clean up in the technical awards.

      • I think those predictions are pretty spot-on. Maybe not WoWs for adapted screenplay though. Its not that I didn’t like it, I just don’t know if the academy will pick it.

        • @ movieDude

          Of all my picks I feel the least confident about The Wolf of Wall Street.
          The odds are probably in the favor of 12 Years a Slave but I’m rooting for TWoWS to win something and I think this is its best chance.

    • @movieDude
      I’ve always been a die hard Scorsese fan, and Dicaprio fan too so I’m a bit bias and want Wolf of Wallstreet for best picture. Although it wasn’t necessarily the year’s best. I still havent seen 12 Years… Mconaughey for actor though. He really nailed it this year. Cuaron for director.

      • @SteveRogers

        I need to watch more of Scorcese’s stuff. I have several of his more well known films ready to watch I just need the time to sit down and watch them haha..

        I really liked WoWs, Shutter Island, and The Departed (pronounced De-pah-ded). They were truly great films. Goodfellas was incredible too. I gotta watch Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and some of his other stuff.

        • Mean Streets with Keitel and De Niro. and Taxi Driver…

  5. I want this!!! :)
    (or at least I want to drive it once!!)

    • You can’t see anything when you drive it though haha.. Leno drove one on his “Leno’s Garage” thing once and they had like zero visibility.

      I do agree however. Lemme drive it at least once :)

  6. My mom is a Liam Neeson fan, she sees all of his movies when they come out, and she wants me to go with her to see Non-Stop…
    But, The Wind Rises is playing! ! I think Miyazaki trumps moms on this one.

    • So psyched to see that one. Maybe tomorrow I got plans tonight..

      Which Miyazaki is your fave? My faves are Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Such great animated films.

      • @movieDude
        Aw man that’s a tough one bro, I love em all. Princess Mononoke has to be my all time fave though. It was my introduction to Miyazaki films. Castle in the Sky a close second. But Spirited Away was the most beautiful to me. I like Porco Rosso, My Neighbor Totorro, Nausicaa. Tales of EarthSea was awesome. All of em really….yaa you just helped me make up my mind, I have to see Wind Rises, haha Liam Neeson can wait.

      • @movieDude
        Secret World of Arietty was really good too, based off that old book The Borrowers. I’m kinda pissed though because there’s no way Wind Rises will beat out Frozen for the best animated Oscar.

        • @SteveRogers
          I’ve only seen the stuff that Hayao Miyazaki directed. But I looked up Tales of EarthSea and it looks legit. I’ll have to watch that one. Arietty is on my list too but it evades me. Arietty was just Ghibli though, not Miyazaki.

          Yeah I love them all too. The first one I saw was Spirited Away. I was extremely confused by it haha.. I saw it when I was 11 or 12 and couldn’t make any sense of it. For a while I dismissed it until a few years later when I saw Princess Mononoke and LOVED it. That prompted me to rewatch Spirited Away which I liked a lot more the second time (prbly cuz I was older too) and then all his other films.

          PS: if mom is paying for the Non-Stop ticket then maybe you could go to that and The Wind Rises tomorrow? Sry for flip flopping haha I just barely considered the “not having to pay for the ticket” factor. With ticket prices ranging from $10-$20 that’s an important factor to consider.

          • @movieDude
            You’re right, I was thinking Ghibli and not Miyazaki as director. I like how his films have a way of growing on you the more you view them. There’s a film called Summer Wars by Mamoru Hasoda that’s excellent. If you’re into Japanese animation it’s worth checking out.

  7. Two questions:

    1) What happened to the Almost Human reviews?

    2) I just finished Season 1 of Bates Motel….. Amazing. I came on here to read what fellow Ranters had to say and noticed that there were no reviews past episode 4. Did you stop reviewing and if so, why?

  8. It’s Oscar time so let’s have a poll.

    Of the winners of the last decade what do you think is the best (not favorite) Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress?

    My picks:

    1. No Country For Old Men
    2. Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood)
    3. Charlize Theron (Monster)

    • @movieDude
      I’ve always been a die hard Scorsese fan, and Dicaprio fan too so I’m a bit bias and want Wolf of Wallstreet for best picture. Although it wasn’t necessarily the year’s best. I still havent seen 12 Years… Mconaughey for actor though. He really nailed it this year. Cuaron for director.

    • @tyler
      Cool poll.
      Film- Slumdog Millionaire or No Country
      Actor- Jamie Fox (Ray)
      Actress- Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

      There Will Be Blood was awesome. Paul Dano was amazing in it.

    • Best Picture – Return of the King

      Best Actor – Sean Penn (Mystic River)

      Best Actress – Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

  9. 1. LOTR:ROTK if you’re counting 2003, if not then The Hurt Locker
    2. Daniel Day Lewis
    3. Jennifer Lawrence

    #3 is mostly cuz I haven’t seen like any of the other best actress movies.. Jennifer Lawrence was AMAZING in Silver Linings tho.

    • Loved Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings (and everything else she’s been in). I think a lot of performances where actors play “normal” people tend to get overlooked. If you aren’t an alcoholic or completely insane or in a period piece or didn’t lose a ton of weight for a role it’s hard to win. I was glad to see Jennifer Lawrence break this trend with her win last year. *I know she was kinda crazy in this role but still…

  10. I bought a few weeks ago at Target (only store it’s sold) and finally watched the DC animated “JLA Adventures” film “Trapped in Time”. I enjoyed it. It was not DC’s best, but I liked the character portrayals (the guy who voiced “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” voiced THIS Batman), and the characters used and featured were diverse and, overall, interesting…There WERE some interesting omissions (Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, for example) AND some intriguing inclusions (Toyman, visually stylized similarly to the Alex Ross “Justice” version, and Dawnstar and Karate Kid, of LSH fame, as examples). The film had basic, as opposed to particularly stylized or unique animation models and movement. The Legion of Doom provided the antagonists…complete with Vader-like-mask base rising out of a swamp, a la “Superfriends” (along with an amusing blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nod to that series) and Hall of Justice. Superman wore his 52 outfit, but Batman wore a blue-and-gray, yellow-bat-emblem-accessorized, lightly armored suit, while Wonder Woman wore a…different (not bad or “changed”, just different) costume. Aquaman’s outfit actually had no sleeves…

    The film moved along at a fairly good, consistent pace, and the story it told was “new” (I say it that way because it DID remind me of a previous storyline from both one of the previous animated series and the comics. I enjoyed many of the detail touches, as well. The ending was, well…not. It threw me off a bit, but I’m curious to see what comes of it.

    Overall, I quite enjoyed it but have never seen ANY mention of the film’s release here or even on the other CBM site I like to check out.

    I am curious if anyone else had seen it, and what opinion that person (if any there are) held about it…

    • Sigh…excuse the two or three odd grammatical errors. Typing is ONE of my banes.

  11. I seen it through a friend’s copy. Was ok I guess.

  12. Between the original Robocop trailer & the new Robocop movie’s trailer,which do people on prefer? I liked the original,especially when music from The Terminator played throughout.