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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 27, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 27, 2013

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  1. This is about comics, but what does everyone think of The New 52 killing off Damian Wayne?! Bruce Wayne’s own son…damn.

    • i dont really read 52, but is there a logical reason they’re killin off his son?

      • I think the most logical reason is because Wayne is bound to lose another close to him. He had Todd die, Barbara paralyzed.. The New 52 needs to have something that separates them from the oldies. So they kill his son. Very eager to see how Bruce deals with that.

        • I agree, I’m also very, very interested in how Dick Grayson is going to handle it, if they delve into it.

    • Thanks for the spoiler. :(

      • I agree with you, but take hope from the possibility that it may not even be true…Something about a revelation to the “New York Post” (a pitiful gossip rag, if ever there was one) and the MTV website (not exactly a prize-winning journalistic site ;) ) doesn’t inspire me with confidence in the accuracy of the report.

    • I don’t read comics but it’s messed up that his son is dying. Especially since it’s his biological son too. Batman can’t catch a break.

    • I saw that news listed as some big shocker on the MTV website. Somehow, I didn’t find it to be a massive reveal. Characters, major and minor, die (or, more often, “die”) quite frequently in comics. Damien has been working his way to an early grave since even before the “New 52″ soft reboot. It IS a sad thing, but not particularly surprising.

      This is NOT to say that I don’t find the news interesting…I do. I’m extremely curious to see how the Bat family is affected by this event…and what extended effects might occur in the DC cosmos as a result of whatever distraction/fury Bruce will feel.

      • No such thing as a shocker in comic books. Everybodies dies, everybody comes back, everybody is good and evil, and everbody is related to everybody. It’s the biggest soap opera of all times.

        • Is the WWE not the biggest soap opera of all time? …or wait, what about soap operas? Are they not the biggest soap operas of all time? ;)

    • Personally I didn’t like Damian Wayne to begin with. I like Dick Grayson and Tim Drake but this Bruce’s son just didn’t appeal to me. Besides I think Batman needs a major loss right now anyway just to shake things up.

    • Interesting, I’m assuming that his grand daddy is going to try to recover his body and toss it in the Lazarus Pit. Maybe a whole new war with the League since Bruce “allowed” Damien to die.

    • because there are officially too many robins compared to batmans age in the new 52.
      also damians a killer and batman just allows it.

  2. So, anyone wanna take bets on the nominations for Most Jaw-Dropping Moment of the MTV Movie Awards? I’d pick (SPOILERS FOR SKYFALL, TDKR, AND DJANGO UNCHAINED!):

    -Bond vs. Patrice in Shanghai from “Skyfall” (or Bond getting shot off the train)
    -Bruce Wayne’s final climb and jump to freedom from “The Dark Knight Rises” (or Bane breaking Batman)
    -Django’s massacre in Calvin Candie’s house from “Django Unchained” (or Quentin Tarantino’s death)

    • Um the most jaw dropping moment in TDKR is Batman getting his ass handed to him by bane, and then peaks with Bane “Breaking his back”. I am not one of the Nolan fanboys who thinks he is a god (I do thoroughly enjoy all of his movies), but that fight scene is one of the best of all time. It is realistic, brutal, and beautifully shot.
      Just watch

      Best fight scene of the whole franchise
      And Banes speech is awesome. “You think darkness is your ally” BOOM

      • It was. I enjoyed Bane more in this film but would of enjoyed even more if Bane was Bane from the comics. I hated that mask thing. Each time i went to the theater i couldn’t make out what he says throughout. Even on dvd it seems i gotta watch it with subtitles to know every word he says.

        • i loved bane’s dialogue too but i could bearly understand him throughout the movie…and apparently im not alone…its not just me and WallyWest is it?

          • I could understand it just fine… there was one or two lines that were obscured bu gunfire, croud noise, etc., but over all, it was pretty clear.

          • @ Aden

            I dunno about anyone else on here but i read on other sites people talked how they too couldn’t make out all Bane said. Even my friends & co-workers talked about it. Hopfully next time if they use Bane again he wears a mask which the person can talk through better.

          • There were definitely a lot of moments where I couldn’t understand what he was saying. After having seen the movie about 4 times now, I still don’t know exactly what he said in some of the scenes :/

            I agree though, the dialogue was awesome. He delivered some of the most memorable lines of the decade imo (like General McFluffernutter said, his “You think darkness is your ally” bit was awesome).

        • I guess I was lucky. I could understand the majority of what he was saying. And I really liked his portrayal of bane.

      • @ General McF, thank you. I really thought I was the only or one of the very few who liked the fights scenes particularly the fight between Batman and Bane.

        I thought it was great, I still get chills when I watch it, no music, just the sounds of the two combatants and their environment.

        On a side not, not all fans who like Nolan believe he is a movie/film “god”, but I really do appreciate is portrayal of my favorite superhero/comic book character Batman.

      • Bane & Batmans 1st fight of TDKR gave me chills for the moment Bane said “Mr. Wayne…” until he broke his back and walked away with his mask.
        IMO it was the best fight scene of the series by far. We all knew what was coming but it was still great.

    • I think the TDKR moment was most amaizing for me, but only because the skyfall moment was ruined for me by the stupid trailer.

      • The train scene? My audience opening day gasped when it happened, even though it was shown in EVERY trailer. You could hear either “Oh s**t!” or “Did she just shoot Bond?!?!”.

        I guess we knew it was going to happen, but the chase build up made it even more intense. Thats why i said the Shanghai fight first

        • Lol, I was sitting in a theater full of seniors… i kid you not, they cheered at Everything. Moneypenny–cheer. Male M–cheer. james walks on screen–cheer. james kills someone–cheer. someone shoots a gun–cheer.


    • I still pick the moment when dark knight himself appears for the first time while rescuing a dude who felt out of bike in DKR.. w/ the blasting score w/ his bat pod coming to a halt.

    • Out of those three, I’d have to go with the Django massacre.
      Another worthy nomination imo, is the “Avengers Assembled scene” in Marvel’s The Avengers.

      Problem is, there were so many jaw dropping moments in movies this year, it’s almost impossible to choose!

      • Very true, I do think that scene is worthy. It all comes down to preference. The scenes I did pick (forgot about Avengers) actually had my jaw slowly dropping because of the way it was all filmed and executed.

    • The most jaw dropping scene is the Hulk “I’m always angry” scene from the avengers. My whole theater cheered on opening night.

      • & General

        That & the scene of the whole group united did it for me. Plus Hulk slamming Loki around & saying Puny God, the audience cheered & clapped first night that i didn’t hear what he said,lol.

        • Agree ! Hulk stole every scene in The Avengers & made the theatre roar with laughter when he smashed Loki up & punched Thor !
          Classic – and proved if you spend big , think big and get a dedicated cast & crew – Superhero Movies Will Blow You Away !

    • The most memorable scene of the year in any movie is Bane breaking Batman. By far.

  3. I find Bane breaking Batman in the comics more thrilling than what is seen in that one scene in TDKR. But thats just me. I wished Nolan could of worked Lady Shiva instead of Catwoman aswell.

  4. Did anyone notice how Bane’s voice sounded kinda like Ra’s Al Ghul’s?

    • not to me.

    • sounded more like sean conery talking though a tube.

  5. Question

    If holodeck technology existed what story’s would you want to play out?

    For me: Captain America(any story), probably something Star-Trek as well, and Toy Story 3.

    • Entire marvel universe!!

    • aw Toy Story would be lovely :)

  6. the first time i watched the avengers and thanos smiled as death’s name came up, i thought it was becuz he was looking forward to the challenge of courting death FIGURATIVELY…not literally…was i alone in this?

    • All I saw was a predictable teaser

  7. quick question:

    • NOt I… lol

    • I’m 17, but I think there’s a 15 year old among us… can’t remember who it is though :/

      • im turnin 14 this march lol

        • Then you’re the youngest I believe… now go mow my lawn!!

          • Roy Munson from Kingpin, “You don’t mow another guy’s lawn!”

        • you baby :D

      • I’m also 17, will be 18 in October. Have the same birthday as Roger Moore, guess that explains why im a Bond fanatic :)

        • Whoa, I thought i was one of the youngest on here, but im 20. so i guess not.

          • Amazing how maturity can decieve the age of a person

            • And the Avatar… I thought you were DCraig’s age. ;)

      • lol @Avenger, always pegged you as 30something…

        • i agree with edge but also that you talked like you were an SR consultant…and committed. ARE you? a consultant i mean…wait… i dont think i shud be askin that Q in this post….oh well.

          • I’m an old soul lol ;)

            And no, I don’t work for SR or anything like that. I’ve just been around for a while (a regular ranter since Dec 2010).

            As for being “committed” I really don’t know how to respond to that, cause I think I might be misunderstanding what you’re saying…

            • i meant february 3rd’s open discussion…i said that it might be lame(kinda) and you got all fired up…

              • no not 3rd’s…some other around early feb..

    • How about we do a who’s the oldest…so I feel better about myself.

      • OK guys.. I will take the plunge here.. I am 39..

        • 37 with 38 just around the corner on April 1st.

          • Is that an April’s Fools joke? ;)

            • Oh, do I wish it was a joke.
              Growing up and to this day I’ve been subjected to every April’s Fools Day joke or prank you can imagine.
              I’m a good sport about it now but I won’t lie, as a kid it drove me nuts.

          • Nice…I turn 35 the day before April fools…which happens to be Easter this year…or Game of Thrones day for some people.

          • @Kevin Do you happen to live in Texas? i know someone who meets your description. :)

        • 39 and still a proud geek.

          • me 2 man!!!!

      • Turning 30 in April

      • 42.
        Call me Dad.
        Or Professor X.

        • Hey now! There is only one Professor here!

        • I was born in 1961 you do the math.

          • your shitting me…your old enough to be a grampa?lol

          • Math? I’m American ;)

            • And I’ve just spent the past 5 hours of my day doing math (as of the time of typing this, it’s midnight in South Africa)

              AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR MORE F@!#$%^ MATHS!!!!! :(

        • hey art teacher… are you a guy or a girl?becuz your picture says girl but what you said about callin you dad got me thinkin…maybe your….
          lol ;)

          • My avatar is Johnny the paperboy from 1985′s Better Off Dead, one of my favorite comedies. My name is a quote from the film.

            Male. English teacher. And would a little punctuation kill you?! ;)

            • HAHA! Yeah I’ll never forget that line either. As he falls down the mountain lol.

            • hey lay off…im just in my teens…

    • 31 here

  8. Watched Raid Redemption last night for the first time.. was ok.. but not so super great like SR pod cast was mentioning.

    I recommend movie “Man from no where” (korean)

  9. i wasnt goin to watch ASM2 but now that i see the new mask…i think im goin to-even if it DOES look too much like a ripoff of the origial(and better) trilogy.

  10. Anyone catch that Robot Combat League show on SyFy last night? I watched it, it wasn’t bad. Was wondering what anyone else’s thoughts on it were.

    • i missed it that show. I hope they come out with Real Steel 2

  11. I watched Thor again last night. That is a good movie all around. Very underrated IMO.

    • I really liked Thor. Of course I wish it had more action. But I think we will get all we want and more in the sequel.

  12. Has anybody seen the Hurt Locker? I am watching that and imo, it is one of Renner’s best performances.

  13. 14 and the most EPIC scene this year is when all the avengers “assemble” and then kick a**

  14. Can anyone help me clear up something. I know the movie will be out in just a couple of months anyway but its one of those small bothersome things people seem to love to argue and correct people on. The new, mostly goldish colored suit that we’ve seen Tony Stark using in all the main Iron Man 3 trailers, is that the mark 47 or the mark 42?

    People on this site always tend to say 47, other people say 42, and frankly its outrageous how many sources I look up that can tell it either way. So does anyone have anything definitive that could settle that so fanboys with no wait-and-see policy will get off my back.